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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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management is allowing federal employees to take unscheduled leave or telework today but those employees must notify their supervisor. >> the city of fair hasm has put liberal leave in effect for all employees but city government offices will be open on time. we'll bring you school delays or closings as we get them in. you can check any time at >> a lot going on. monika will have your traffic in a moment. first, howard is going to give us an update on what we're seeing outside. >> a lot of freezing drizzle out there. we've got slick spots out in the metro. up toward western maryland, you've had some honest to goodness freezing rain during the overnight. that has accumulated. near a quarter inch in old town, maryland. gotta watch out for that. looking at the computer first. we'll start there with a look at the day planner this morning. we're expecting some snow, freezing drizzle, freezing rain through the 9:00 hour in spots. 30 degrees. midday, 34. we're not going to move much.
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34, 35 under cloudy conditions. this moisture has been streaming in from the west- northwest. live live doppler 9000 hd, lots of freezing drizzle being detected. the light pink. i'll step out of the way. some of it is a little heavier mist. even out toward loudoun county and charles county and fauquier county, we've got areas of drizzle. too light to be detected by the doppler. up north, this is where we've got the bigger problems we've been talking about for the last hour or so. anne arundel county coming in with a two hour delay. north of them, 15. that's a light to moderate freezing rain. then as you go back toward hagerstown and williamsport, clear spring down toward hedgesville, watch out. light to moderate freezing rain with temperatures there in the mid to upper 20s. we're at 30 degrees up to around 34, 35. monika, over to you. i'm happy to say i'm starting off with good news this morning. roads have been pretreated.
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traffic is light. you're good to go if you're headed out early to work this morning. take a look around town. no problems to report on the beltway. we'll zoom into the beltway on the northside of town. take a live look over at university boulevard. lanes are open between 95 all the way around to 270. maryland state highway has about 1400 trucks out right now and all of the roads have been prefeeted. you're -- good to go. we'll take you to 270. coming in from frederick, the snow emergency plan is in effect in frederick county. keep that in mind through germtown, a live look through route 118. no problems through father hurley boulevard. as you can see, traffic is very light. volumes are good right now if you're headed out the door early. we'll take you over to your travel times. 7100 to the beltway, 10 minutes. from 674. the beltway from 395 up to the toll road is 13 minutes.
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our live look in the district at fox hall and canal in my next report at 5:10. >> thank you, monika. >> while very few of us have seen any wintry precipitation this morning. most local transportation departments aren't taking any chances. >> now, we have spotted some trucks already treating the streets and others parking along major highways. 9news now reporter kristen fisher joins us live from the salt zone in alexandria with more. kristen, are you seeing any trucks moving around there. >> reporter: actually, you can see we do have a salt check here. -- a salt truck here. not doing anything just yet. but he's here picking up salt and is going to be heading out on the roadways. right now, vdot is really focusing on the bridges, overpasses, the places that freeze first. now, joining me now is actually steve shannon. he's the area manager here for vdot. steve, thanks for being with us right bright and early. i know you guys have had a busy
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couple of days. let me start by asking you what kind of presence are we seeing on the roadways right now from vdot? >> we have approximately 1600 pieces of equipment out now. that's the prince william loudoun, fairfax and the interstate. we've been out all night obviously since we actually had 1600 pieces of equipment about 7:00 last night out on the roads. we're out. as you stated, we've treated the bridges, the ramps, any hills in the subdivisions and areas such as that that we call hot spots. they've all been treated. we're in good shape right now. >> people hitting the roads right now in the northern virginia area, what can they expect to see as they make their way into work or take their kids to school. >> the roads are wet right now. that doesn't mean there aren't going to be icy spots in some areas. for the most part, the roads are just wet. >> in the middle of this friesing mist we're feel -- freezing mist we're feeling right now. let me ask you, you know, how are you guys doing in terms of
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just manpower? i mean you've had the snowstorm last week. you have what's going on right now. you also have to pace yourself for more possible sleet and ice coming in tomorrow. >> it goes with the territory. >> just as we do each winter, last winter was no exception. this one is certainly not an exception. we work 12 hour shifts. my crews are out. we started working yesterday morning 8:00 on our 12-hour shifts. we'll work through the week if need be. the guys are motivated. they know it comes with the job. >> you know what you're doing. >> thank you, steve, for being with us. jessica, surae, back to you. we'll be out here all morning. >> thank you kristen and steve shannon with vdot. >> as utility companies gear up for this storm, maryland governor martin o'malley is demanding better performance from pepco. he appeared live last night on 9news now. >> if the lines are more vulnerable in the area than
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pepco should be better than the other utilities in terms of customer communication and terms of bringing in the mutual aid crews. >> pepco says it is bringing in crews from some southern states for this new storm and there is legislation in maryland's general assembly that could fine utilities when they can't restore power in a reasonable amount of time. >> fairfax county police are trying to piece together exactly what happened inside an apartment complex in hyber will valley. a man was found dead inside the home along the avenue. police are questioning one person at the scene. they're combining or combing that apartment for clues. so far, police have not released the victim's name or cause of death. coworkers can't believe their colleague is the man police shot and killed during last friday's bank robbery hostage drama. montgomery county police have now identified that man as 43- year-old carlos garcia. he used to work at the
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ingleside retirement community in northwest washington. coworkers describe the native of nicaragua as a nice man who showed no signs of mental problems or distress. one of the coworkers tipped them off when arcia didn't show up at work for two straight days. it is time for another your money report. investors will continue to watch the situation in egypt today. yesterday, a spike in oil prices sent energy stocks higher with exxon mobil leading the way. the company said it earned $30 billion last year. checking the numbers on wall street, the dow stands this morning at 11,891. it finished the day up 68 points. the nasdaq climbed by 13 and the s&p 500 rose by 9 points. the white house has been dealt another legal setback in the fight to keep healthcare reform intact. a federal judge in florida has found the law is unconstitutional. a federal judge in virginia has also found the law unconstitutional. plus two other judges have
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upheld it. most americans would be required to purchase health insurance by 2014 as it stands now. with the disagreement in lower courts, the case will almost certainly wind up in the u.s. supreme court. so, if your power was. >> the for awhile after last week's storm, will you get a break on your power bill. the local utility companies say yes. that is if your power was off, the meter was not rubbing. however, you will still be charged the entire monthly distribution fee that varies from about $5 to $9 depending on which utility company you have. obviously not a lot of money but certainly a nuisance to be paying that fee if you didn't get service that entire month. >> it is almost like the utility needs to be held accountable no matter whether it is 5, 10 cents. it is telling them a message. >> today to be the pivotal day for protestors and the government in egypt. >> we'll take a look at what's happening there so far this morning coming up. >> plus, evacuations in part of japan this morning when a volcano rumbled back to life after hundreds of years.
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freezing drizzle out there. howard and loudoun counties have both announced they're going to go two hours late. we'll have the complete list coming up shortly. it is at the bottom of the screen and also at looking at live doppler 9000 hd, we'll look at the day planner first. temperatures this morning, 30 degrees. with a little light freezing drizzle or rain this morning. then cloudy with temps in the mid-30s. quick look at doppler before we get to traffic. you'll see we've got some freezing drizzle scattered about the area. watch out though, northern and western maryland, you've got some honest to goodness freezing rain. time for traffic. here's monika. >> if you're travelling in the
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district, we'll take a live look here at fox hall road and canal road as the sign says, use caution. you may find some slippery conditions. roads have been treated throughout the metropolitan washington region. we'll take a look at virginia roads and some incidents popping up there next at 5:19. making news now at 5:11, we're waiting to see just how many people turned out for the planned one million man protest in egypt. thousands of protestors started gathering tuesday morning on cairo streets already lined with army tanks. they plan to march from a central city square to the state television offices and then on to the presidential palace where they want hosni mubarak to step down. he's ruled the country since 1981. windows shattered this morning as a volcano erupted in southern japan. reports have debris from the volcano shooting up more than a mile in the air and hot rocks triggered a few small forest fires. hundreds of people have been
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evacuated. the volcano rumbled to life last week about 300 years since the last time it was active. >> a pilot disrupted the evening commute in hackensack, new jersey, by landing on a highway. pilot made an emergency landing on interstate 80 after reporting trouble with a fuel line. he didn't hit anything and no one was hurt. the plane belongs to the prosecutor's office in bergen county, new jersey. we're going to be seeing more precipitation as the day goes on. but what kind of precipitation? howard has details in his full forecast at 5:14. >> at 5:23, the wizards try for their first road win against a tough opponent. we'll have more on how local agencies are preparing for today's storms. mary! hey!
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before we get to your weather, we're getting more school announcements in maryland. schools in anne arundel, carroll, howard, and montgomery counties are opening two hours late this morning. >> in virginia, loudoun county schools are opening two hours late and in west virginia, grant county schools are opening two hours late. and hampshire county, schools are closed today. we're seeing a little precipitation there on the deck. >> some light, freezing rain. it is enough to cause a glaze out there and a little schapper
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alert right now. those of you who park outside, i almost took a fall when i was walking in. you didn't see it on camera but i hit the wood. it is slightly elevated. that right leg went out from under me. but i'm nimble. i'm ok. i'm ok. don't be too alarmed. let's get over to the weather computer. we'll talk about the moisture coming in. it hasn't been a lot. it doesn't take a lot of freezing drizzle to get a glaze out there. that's one of the reasons we're seeing the school delays. up north, you see the heavier, the darker pink and purple colors. some light to moderate freezing rain. that's what really has been coming down. let's go over to live live doppler 9000 hd. we do have quite a few areas of freezing drizzle right around the metro. while you see it here, it is really most areas on and off. southern maryland, i know prince frederick is quiet at the moment. weather watcher down there telling me not much going on. temperature around 31. bowie with some light freezing drizzle. this is also going on down at
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fauquier county and prince william county. down into parts of charles county. frederick county, monika is going to talk about that. morgan county, west virginia, you're closed. but the freezing rain is now up in pennsylvania, route 15 from green castle, back into hagerstown. smithburg over toward camp david. williams sport and a little bit west of there on 68 and 70. clear spring and spotty freezing drizzle between hancock and bath on 522. on the weather computer, we start with your bus stop forecast. we will have some spotty freezing drizzle, some freezing rain north, spotty. temperatures in the mid-20s north, low 30s south. sunrise, 7:14. it sets at 5:29. as far as today is concerned, we're looking at -- i'm on the wrong side. temperatures low 30s at 9:00. 30ish. still some freezing drizzle and rain. mid-30s is best we'll do.
5:18 am
34, 35 with light northeast to easterly winds. maybe 5, 10 in spots. 25 gaithersburg. obviously any of this drizzle is freezing on contact. low 30s down for the tappahannock airport at 32. with the clouds, 28. feels like 28. winds are calm and the humidity down 93%. that big storm coming out of texas. we'll be watching the moisture as we go through the afternoon. first, the morning. lift to the north this afternoon. we'll be generally cloudy with that colder easterly flow. here comes the big storm by tonight, 11:00, it is still in illinois and indiana. we've got moisture headed this way. some rain by tomorrow morning. 4:00 a.m. with some frozen precip. i-70 points north. look at western pa starting to get in on the rain. moderate to heavy rain for the morning rush. still a little bit of ice far north. tomorrow afternoon looks a lot better. as far as the ice, yesterday if you were with me at noon, you saw this show, a decent amount of ice, now it looks like it will be for the pennsylvania
5:19 am
border north. if this holds, things won't be that bad at all wednesday morning just wet. that will be bad enough. 35 today. 40 for tomorrow with the morning rain. 39 on thursday. friday looks fine. we're watching the coast for rain/snow mix on saturday. monika? >> i just got a call from maryland state highway, kim in the office told me that traffic is really just moving too fast. upper montgomery county and frederick county where they've encountered several accidents where the roads look wet. they may be icy. that could be the cause of the accidents. they do have about 1400 trucks out all around town. 300 or more in the upper montgomery county and prince george's county areas so they have been pretreating the roadways but you still want to use caution as you head out the door. let's take a look at 270, whether there was an accident on the northbound side of route 270 at route 109, now an accident on the westbound side of i-370. you can see the slow traffic forming on 270 right around 109
5:20 am
as well. we'll keep you posted on both situations over here on this side of town. let's take you over to a map in burtonsville, an accident westbound route 198 at peach orchard road. closed at 198. take cheney as your alternate route. in virginia, vdot did head out and pretreat the roads as we've been hearing from kristen fisher. you should be ok on 66 and 95 and 395. more in my next report. >> the wizards take an early lead but could they hold on for their first road win of the season? >> plus, georgetown is on a roll after starting the big east schedule so poorly. highlights next in sports. >> it is time for the question of the morning. >> as the economy improves, many financial experts say they expect to see a spike in this. what is it? a, divorce, b, home sales or c, new jobs. if you think you know the answer, most on our facebook page. the answer is coming up later in the show.
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5:24 am
drizzle. then noon and 5:00, close. highs around 34, 35. georgetown downs another foe. >> brett haber has the highlights in your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. ironic that the super bowl steelers arrived in dallas yesterday. the same day the wizards arrived there for their game with the mavericks because the steelers established their greatness by going 7-1 on the road this year while the wizards established their whatever you call it by going 0- 23 on the road. take 24 last night against the surging mavericks. this is ye and this is not good. mavericks go the other way. jason kidd to shawn marion. former wizard stevenson was talking smack before the game and he backed it up with that three-pointer. mavericks erase a 9-point deficit and this in the final minute, kidd not exactly a jump
5:25 am
shooter but he knocked down three of those three-pointers. wizards per the script, fall 102-92 last night. georgetown coming off their big win against seventh ranked villanova. nice ball movement here. look at freeman. he gets the ball. he buries the ball. georgetown by 11. first half. they're down 2 with three minutes to go until chris wright, look at that scoop. just chucking it up there. we're tied at 55. hollis thompson breaks that tie with that three. hoyas survive 62-59 now 6-4 in the big east. they started 1-4 in the big east. that's a quick look at sports this morning. super bowl teams arrived in dallas yesterday. super bowl media day today will have full coverage tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. for now, i'm brett haber. >> the countdown has begun. the push is on to begin the second winter gridlock event in less than a week. >> area road crews are fanned out to pretreat roads ahead of
5:26 am
any precipitation and how is it looking out there right now, monika? >> it is a little tough right now on 270 because of two accidents. one northbound at route 109. another one on the ramp from westbound i-370 to southbound 270. we'll update you on these and other incidents at 5:25. r ] diane was already
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and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a nursing degree can do for you. with four northern virginia locations, one is closer than you think. >> mike and andrea are off today. >> thank you for joining us. first, our closings...
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monika samtani has our traffic in a moment. but first, we're going to start with howard bernstein and weather first. >> a couple more closings. queen anne county, 90 minutes late. garrett is closed. garrett is closed as well. washington, one of my guys from the chat room gave me that one there, they're closed. >> we're expecting a little bit of precip this morning. some freezing drizzle and some freezing rain up north. but as we head toward midday, generally a cloudy day. temperatures around 34, 35. and that will set the stage potentially for a little bit more rain or freezing rain later on tonight during the overnight period and a wet start to wednesday. looking at things on the big picture, you'll notice the moisture moving from the west to the east. more so up north here in western maryland, a little sliver of freezing rain and sleet. now along the pennsylvania/maryland border up toward hagerstown. look at live doppler 9000 hd, we've got quite a bit of
5:31 am
freezing drizzle in and around town in spots here. watch out for slick areas. monika has been talking about that this morning. before i go, quick look at temperatures. you'll see we've got mid-20s up north to 30s down south. everybody below freezing. only thing falling is forming a glaze. we've got some issues. here's monika samtani with more timesaver traffic. >> i've got a request from maryland state highway. please slow down. what looks wet may actually be icy. we've seen several accidents in upper montgomery county and in prince george's county. be aware of that. maryland state highway tells me they have over 300 trucks taking care of you this morning. we'll take a look at 270 first of all on the northbound side of 270, an accident at route 109. this is southbound, just your normal slow stuff as you head southbound through hyattstown. the other accident is on the ramp from westbound i-370 to southbound 270. now, over to a map. west of burtonsville, an
5:32 am
accident closes westbound route 198 at peach orchard road. you might want to take briggs cheney. be aware of the accident on the westbound side of route 198. now, we'll take you over to your travel times if you're planning to head over to 66... the toll road from 6:74 to the beltway is 7 minutes this morning. we'll update you on everything you need to know on 270 coming up. back to you. surae and jessica? >> thank you, monika. this morning, government agencies and utility companies are acting to prevent a repeat of last week's storm chaos. >> after restoring power to the final customers affected by last week's customers, pepco has called in extra help. you're looking live at the fairgrounds where they usually have the out-of-state and pepco's own gathered there to get their marching orders. that's where 100 mutual aid assistants are gathering
5:33 am
waiting to see where the icy precipitation will cause problems today. >> we did spot a few flakes falling late last night in annapolis, maryland. of course, the places likely to take the biggest hit are north and west of the district. where lower temperatures could lead to a greater amount of icing. >> road crews got out early to try to minimize the effects of today's storm. our cameras spotted a vdot crew pretreating the northbound hov lanes of i-95 and springfield. some of the vdot trucks will be making stops at the salt dome in alexandria this morning. that's where we find 9news now reporter kristen fisher. how are things looking? a little quiet right now. >> yeah, you know, exactly, surae. i know in maryland, as you were just saying, they're dealing with certain issue toss, some accidents and icy conditions on the roadway. here in northern virginia, we're looking pretty good. overnight, vdot has had about 1600 trucks spread out across the northern virginia area. they've been salting the
5:34 am
roadway ahead of this winter weather. and you know, so much so, i want to share with you this tweet here from addison huber. she says snowplows staged every half-mile on i-66. vdot appears to be preparing for the an ok lips. sure, we may not get too much icing this morning at least but just imagine what would happen if we did get some severe weather event and they were not out here. especially since less than a week ago, we were dealing with that nightmare evening commute last wednesday when all of the snow fell. so, so far, so good in virginia. the trucks are going to stay out on the roadway. they're treating bridges, overpasses. focusing on those areas that freeze first. before treating the other sections. but looking really good out here. jessica? >> thank you, kristen. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray is looking at ways to draw more people to up-and-coming parts of the city. >> we're really experiencing a
5:35 am
renaissance. we want to make sure that we don't have any situation that deter people from wanting to live in this area and shop in this area. >> council member harry thomas took the others on safety watch of the neighborhood around north capitol street and florida avenue. officials are pushing for more streetlights in the hopes of attracting more businesses and residents to the community. >> parents who hope to send their children to charter schools have a big deadline looming today. new school applications must be turned in by 5:30 this afternoon. applications must be submitted to the d.c. charter school board. >> the crowds in cairo, egypt are growing quickly with organizers calling for a million man protest. the protestors hope to force the ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak who's been ruling the country for nearly 30 years. terrell brown reports on the crisis. >> reporter: protestors camped out in the heart of cairo overnight, ready to hit the
5:36 am
streets today in force. organizers are calling for one million people to march and demand the ouster of hosni mubarak. army tanks are in place but there are signs his military support may be slipping as well. on egyptian television, they promised not to fire on peaceful protestors and admitted people's concerns are legitimate. hoping to ease the growing unrest, mubarak appointed a new cabinet monday. he also asked his vice president to open talks with the opposition. still, that wasn't enough to quiet protestors who defied the government's imposed curfew yet again. >> the obama administration didn't seem impressed either. monday, white house press secretary robert gibbs dismissed his cabinet shake-up. >> this is not about appointments, this is about actions. that's what i think people here and people around the world need to see. >> the obama administration has sent a special envoy. frank wisener is there to meet with officials including mu,
5:37 am
bar. >> i've been there. they're some of the most wonderful people. they're just tired of being treated horrible. >> the u.s. state department has evacuated more than 1200 americans so far and expects to fly out roughly 1400 more in the coming days. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. the northern half of the country isn't the only place getting snow. so are some states that border mexico. plus, the library of congress takes possession of one of the rarest maps in north america. >> live from new york, it's tuesday morning. >> ok, it's not live but we're not at the anchor desk and there is a pretty darn good reason. we'll tell you why, coming up. [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond,
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it's easy to spot a capital one bank. ♪ ♪ ♪ the most branches and atms in the dc area. one near you. [ all ] what's in your wallet? cloa. we're still dealing with some freezing drizzle here in town. that's a lot of places we're
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dealing with this freezing drizzle leaving a little glaze and certainly, you're going to have to scrape your windows if you park outside. as far as today's concerned, the freezing drizzle light rain will be this morning. by midday, we're looking at cloudy skies. maybe even midmorning. temperatures won't be moving much holding 34, 35, looks like more rain tonight. we'll talk about the freezing potential for late tonight, wednesday morning. when i see you in a few minutes. monika is back with timesaver traffic. >> we've got two incidents. an accident at route 109 and a new one northbound 270 at i-370 as well. southbound, your lanes are open. watch out for icy conditions especially north and west of town. we'll have more on maryland incidents in my next report at 5:39. back to you, jessica. >> thank you, monika. >> a commuter alert this morning about red-light cameras amount new study out today from the insurance institute for highway safety finds such cameras reduce the number of deadly crashes. the arlington based institute compiled data from 14 large cities including washington
5:41 am
where red-light cameras were introduced between 1996 and 2004. they found a 24% decline in the number of fatal crashes. >> the first map printed in north america is now at the library of congress. library officials accepted the donation from washington businessman david rubenstein who bought the map at an auction last year. he's loaning it to the library of congress for five years. the map was published in 1784 just months after the end of the revolutionary war. it is expected to go on public display this spring. a good friend to have. >> that's right. >> the shuttle "discovery" is one step closer to making its final mission this morning. >> plus, with another storm moving in cities in the northeast, folks are scrambling to find more places to dump the snow they
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in west virginia, berkeley, grant, hardy and jefferson county schools are opening two hours late while schools in hampshire, mineral and morgan county are closed today. now, howard bernstein is here. he's brought his hat that i think makes him look at indiana jones. >> spotsylvania county, virginia, closed today. down south, we've got it closed. >> good to have something like this for a morning like this. >> going to need it. >> you need a hat that keeps you warm. if you're ever reporting on snow, you need something with a brim. it looks better on tv. >> weatherwise. >> someone else just passed that to me. i'm just passing it along. pay it forward. weather watch, we've got light freezing drizzle out there. some freezing rain up north created slick spots.
5:46 am
no joking matter here. if you're on the roads and you hit the slick spots, it is going to do a number on you. the good news is has been fairly light. scrape the windows with the glaze on it. we've had the freezing rain up in western maryland pulling in more toward pennsylvania. live doppler 9000 hd, obviously freezing drizzle down toward spotels vania as well. showing up here into charles and anne arundel and charles county. elsewhere, the radar beam is slightly elevated. the further we get away from college park, the campus, we start to shoot over the top of the drizzle which is very low in the atmosphere. and fauquier county, two hours late. two hour delay. however, up to the north, we're seeing that freezing drizzle turn into freezing rain in pennsylvania. here it is, route 15, emmetsburg up to gettysburg out west though, as you head toward green castle, it becomes
5:47 am
spottier toward hagerstown. they've had the glaze from the overnight. back on the weather computer, your, many areas going on time or two hour delays. we still have the spotty, freezing drizzle rain. mid-20s to the lower 30s. warm spots down south. sunrise, 7:14 setting at 5:29. for today, still at 9:00, can't rule out drizzle or rain. 30 degrees but it looks light whatever we're going to be having. midday temperatures, 34. maybe 35 for a high. perhaps 5, 10 miles per hour. temperatures are running in the mid-20s in the cold spots like york and gaithersburg and frederick. 30, pax river air station and also in fredericksburg and culpepper. winchester, 28. hagerstown, 27. had a report from old town, maryland. one of the nice ladies in the chat room saying they've had a quarter inch of build-up. temps in the upper 20s here in washington. officially cloudy at reagan national. it is drizzling here in
5:48 am
northwest. there is a storm. it is really dumping on texas and oklahoma. about to move to missouri and illinois. chicago is going to get hit hard. northern indiana, big stripe of ice from southern indiana, ohio, parts of southern pa, new jersey, where they could have an ice storm of a quarter inch to half an inch. this is going to just miss us to the north. we'll put our future cast in motion. clouds here, precip lifting north. another batch of moisture coming in tonight. 11:00. we'll turn the rain on again. frozen precip, i-70 north where we'll have again winter weather advisories posted there. the ice moves up to the north. we get rain in the morning. by midday, it is out of here. we're looking a lot better. by wednesday afternoon. could have moderate to heavy rain. slight chance it will be frozen north. 35 today. 44 tomorrow. with the morning rain. but milder in the afternoon. maybe even a little sun. thursday and friday we are dry. a mix maybe finishing as a little snow on saturday.
5:49 am
monika? >> you know, you look out the window this morning. you might think it looks ok. i think road conditions are a little bit deceptive. what looks wet may be icy. we've had several accidents on 270. we'll take you there first on the northbound side, two of them at i-370 and at route 109 have been cleared. a new one on the northbound side of i-270 right near i-372 as well. be careful on the northbound side for some reason, southbound all lanes are open as you pass down through father hurley boulevard. let's take you over to a map. an accident on route 28 at georgia avenue. north of aspen hill has finally been cleared. we'll take you west to burtonsville. westbound route 198 at peach orchard road. a second accident in the clearing stages. be aware of that for your travel plans west of burtonsville. we'll take you over to the district at third street at k street southeast. where there is fire activity, we'll keep you posted on that situation. third and k southeast. if you're commuting by train,
5:50 am
all trains are running on full- service and on time. metro, vre around marc. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. we told you earlier that mike and andrea were on assignment just this time for storm coverage. >> they might see a lot more snow today because they're in new york to meet the new early show team. mike and andrea join us now live. >> look at them. >> with more on the big apple adventure. you guys look fantastic. >> you know, it is the lighting. >> how is it going? >> good morning. it is going very well. i looked out the window this morning as well. i was looking for snow. there isn't any snow. slick street conditions here. but so far, so good. >> and it sounds as if -- we were listening to monika's report, there are accidents on d.c. roads. up here, we got a chance to watch their on-camera stuff here. very big task to cover the
5:51 am
roads. just like it is in d.c. >> couple of pinouts this morning but nothing like what monika was talking about. we're in good shape of so. >> we can't see the weather back there. what's the weather back home? >> a little drizzly but more important, we want to know what you guys are doing there. explain to the folks at home what you guys are doing up in new york? >> look at our new digs. how about this? we talk about early morning show, wake up early, we're here on the early morning show set, the cbs set. we're going to be talking to erica and chris and jeff and marysol and find out how they get ready. we know what we do in the morning. the things they have that we don't have like the makeup. >> had our makeup and hair done for us this morning. >> and food, it was good. >> we're going to spend time with our extended family. we'll welcome into the whole cbs network of families. we'll have more on that coming up. >> we're looking forward to it. >> we miss you guys. >> we miss you, too.
5:52 am
>> we'll be back later. >> just make sure you don't get stuck in the snow heading your way. >> no, no problem. we'll be there with you. >> that's right. >> we'll see you later. >> well, making news at 5:51,. >> there's plenty of snow in the southwest u.s. snow started falling yesterday afternoon near albuquerque, new mexico. and more snow is expected there both today and tomorrow. plus forecasters are predicting the coldest temperatures there in 20 years. the problem in hoboken, new jersey, is that there is already too much snow from the weekly storms they've been having. now, city officials have declared some streets off- limits to parking. upsetting a lot of residents and some other towns have designated their city parks as snow-dumping areas so they can place their snow and have somewhere to put it. >> the shuttle "discovery" now on the launchpad for its final mission. nasa crews rolled out the spacecraft out of the assembly building at cape canaveral last night. after several delays. "discovery" is scheduled to launch february 24th on a
5:53 am
mission to the international space center. and we'll have answers to our question of the day when we come back. >> plus, arlington cemetery with a plan to keep its recordkeeping back on track.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. it is 5:56. by 8:00 this morning, we're looking at still a couple of pockets of light freezing rain. temperatures upper 20s to low 30s. we'll get perhaps, 35 midday. while the computer wants to push us, i think we'll hold at 34, 35. more precip is going to be moving in tonight. here we ared a midnight. a few more problems by tomorrow morning. surae and jessica, back to you. >> time now to answer our
5:57 am
question of the morning. >> as the economy improves, many financial experts expect to see a spike in this. the answer is a, divorce. during a bad economy, many couples will elect to stay married because they often don't have the money it takes to file for divorce or to legally separate. >> an audit on the state of arlington national cemetery, years of poor recordkeeping led to the cemetery losing track of who was buried where. lindsey mastis has more. >> we're literally one spilled coffee cup away from potentially destroys the records. >> burial records were written down. >> a manual system with paper and pencil. >> on 3 by 5 cards. >> the remains from stored in urns with simply a paper record attached to it.
5:58 am
and the reliance on handwritten notes, handwritten maps. >> three months ago, the army allowed a private business group in. the northern virginia technology council representing 1,000 tech businesses did an assessment for free. what they recommended is this. digitize records. create a culture of accountability. create an automated system to plan funerals and track remains. army national cemetery's program executive director katherine condon says the cemetery has already begun starting with the moment families call in. >> on december 13th, we established a call center at arlington cemetery where we're now -- where we have all of the phone calls that are coming in so that we're able to touch the customers where before, people were put on hold for hours and hours and we really never knew how many people were actually trying to get in contact with the cemetery. >> senator mark warner says the cemetery also used to rely on
5:59 am
only one fax machine. >> ridiculous process of trying to assemble your documents. when in reality, a lot of the documents already existed within the dod or v.a. computer systems. >> lindsey mastis, 9news now. the cemetery plans to digitize all of its records and put them in a database but with more than 300,000 people buried at arlington since the civil war, there's no estimate on how long that will take. you are now watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm surae chinn. >> i'm jessica doyle. mike and andrea are on assignment this morning. before we get to weather and traffic, some closings and delays for you. >> in maryland, three schools are closed. these schools are on a two-hour delay... in virginia,


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