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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  May 1, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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born in the u.s.a.! ♪ ♪ >> we're had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican, every news outlet that has investigated this confirm that, yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii august 4, 1961. >> president obama released his original long form certificate of live birth this week. it states that barack obama's place of birth is honolulu,
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hawaii. the certificate includes signatures from the attending doctor, the local registrar, and the president's mother. it also includes the name of the president's father, barack hussein obama. this week's release of the long form certificate is intended to snuff out the so-called birth claim, namely that, president obama is not a u.s. citizen. a recent national poll says that 25% of americans say they do not believe, and 18% of americans say they do not know, whether the u.s. president is a u.s. citizen. both groups are nicknamed birthsas. president obama included this jab this week. >> we got better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we've got big problems to solve. and i'm confident we can solve them. we're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and
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carnival barkers. >> some say the "carnival barkers" words are intended for donald trump, the entrepreneur, mr. trump had demanded that president obama furnish his official birth certificate. and mr. trump congratulated himself on so doing. >> today i'm very proud of myself because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. we have to look at it. we have to see, is it real? is it proper? what is on it? but i hope it checks out beautifully. >> question, why did president obama wait so long to squelch this controversy, partial-birth swell pat buchanan? >> he already put out a certificate of live birth, hassled by a bunch, and then donald trump began pounding it
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and pounding it and saying, where is the original birth certificate? and the issue metastasized. three they say they don't where he was born. it was beginning to meld into the independents and damaging obama there belatedly after a lot of people in the center said, for heaven's sake, release the birth certificate. this is a tremendous victory for donald trump. >> why did not he do it after the first round. >> i think he feels it was beneficial. >> he didn't want to dignify the issue? >> that could have been it. but let me say this. donald trump won this battle hands down. he grabbed this issue, he went to the top of the polls among republicans, then he gets the president of the united states forces him to march into the white house press room and reverse a decision he took two and a half years ago. >> eleanor, you knocked down negative stories right away. >> it's a basic political rule. why didn't he knock it down
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right away? >> first of all, the state of hawaii does not release this long form certificate. he had to send his personal lawyer over there in order to get a copy made, and he had to get -- ask future a special exemption. it looked like a joke among fringe people in this country, and there was no reason to take it seriously. it was independents who everybody seeks in the electorate were repelled by this, and you saw the republicans basically winking and nodding, saying we have taken him at his word he's a citizen. but kind of suggesting maybe not, because they like this feeding the activist element within their party. so it was working for both parties. but pat is right, it did seep into the mainstream of the electorate. and i remember when the swiss vote veterans word truth undermined john kerry's
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campaign, thinking people couldn't take it seriously. so i think the president came in at the right moment, and i don't see how this is a big victory for donald trump, who was proven wrong in all his innuendo about the birth certificate. if the republicans want -- >> is the controversy now closed? >> i think so on the birth certificate. but the rumors about obama's birth certificate began out of hillary clinton campaign, out of the democrats. the whole issue was never about the birth certificate, it was about other things. first of all, the fact that barack obama was never properly vetted by an adoring, drooling, lapdog press the way every other presidential candidate of both parties has been in recent times. the other point that i want to make is that we are a results oriented society in america. perhaps the biggest reason bill clinton was able to get away with perjury and obstruction of justice is he was delivering a
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booming economy for the person people and so the sideshow of the lewinsky scandal was considered irrelevant. these questions have been percolating now nor a while because obama has not been able to deliver economically for the american people. high unemployment, now high inflation. very weak economic growth. if this economy were booming all of these questions would have receded into the background. >> hold on. okay, donald trump on the current state of american media. >> the press is very protective of president obama. very protective. and they're not protective of me, but they're protective of president obama. >> is donald trump right? >> well, perhaps to some determining i just want to go back to why he didn't reveal it earlier, why -- frankly, was insulting. i think there's nobody else in this country who would have had to go through what obama went through, and it had i believe a
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racist component to it. i don't think the press has necessarily protective of president. it seem to be off the charts kinds of charge. so i don't think -- lot of people didn't take it seriously. it was though something that was seeping into the mainstream, and because of the way donald trump was focusing on it. so i think it was right for him to do it, but i think it was insulting. and if i were he, would you have felt the same way. >> i agree. i think it's insulting to not only barack obama but a lot of black people in this country who wonder what kind of -- this president has to run. but i also don't like slandering the hillary clinton campaign here. they didn't question the authenticity of the birth certificate. that comes out a mark penn memo say he couldn't believe that the country would elect someone who had come out of the american experience because he spent so much time abroad and so forth. they never went -- excuse me, excuse me! they didn't go counsel me get i >> if there is that degree of complication. >> let me talk about the
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protective press. we heard the word racist, and they're saying donald trump is racist because he wants do see obama's test scores. george bush got a 1206 on a aptitude test because the new yorker magazine dug it up, knocked it and laughed at it. they found out what al gore scores were. they were 1350. they dug up john kerry's scores. but somebody asked for barack obama's scores and it's racist? when barack obama admitted himself he benefitted -- [everyone talking at once] >> you know why they're asking? because you went on television and said it's affirmative action all the way. >> obama admitted it on national tv! >> hurray. if affirmative action turns out a u.s. president -- [everyone talking at once] >> because he's an g at once] >> to your point, there's a lot in obama's origins and past that still remains murky.
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>> why? >> like what? like what? >> you name it! the draft records, the medical records -- [everyone talking at once] >> who paid for his education? >> do we have a right to know all this? >> yes! >> we do? why do we have a right to know? >> he's the president of the united states and the reporters used to go after all this information! [everyone talking at once] >> these are the legitimate queries? >> they've always been legitimate queries. >> do you think -- [everyone talking at once] >> at this stage two years later -- [everyone talking at once] hold on, please. what is the impact of this story in the international press? and the way it's playing it up abroad? say in pairs or london or berlin? >> i don't want to say i'm totally familiar with all of these responses. but i do think it will be seen in many parts of the world as part of an american history of racism. >> no, there's -- i saw the
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headlines from britain. they say the america's losing its senses and all this other stuff. they think it's ridiculous we're going into the birth issue. >> the man was elected, get over it! [everyone talking at once] >> ask how he paid for his college education! [everyone talking at once] >> he's an imposter? come on. >> that's what the questions are designed to further, the notion that he somehow snuck into office -- >> here's the question -- this is the first political bloodletting of campaign 2012. so who trumped whom? did obama trump trump, or did trump trump obama? pat and. >> trump forced the president into the press room, to get his birth certificate, said bring it back, and obama brought it back! trump won it hands down. >> you think it was a -- foregone conclusion that president obama would have to reveal -- >> nobody ended the argument,
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would guess yes. on television, please reveal it and get it out of way. >> you think he brought it alive -- >> i think he deliberately kept a it alive. i don't know y but he kept it alive too long and it gun to hurt him. >> do you think he knew all along that he could produce this birth certificate on call, and he was saving it in order to direct the press to cover this and not cover say this weekend, like bernanke? >> no i think he was holding it off for some reason, i'm not sure which. people said it's an embarrassment, why should i do this? but he held it too long, three weeks ago he should have done it. >> three weeks ago or two days ago, it was a degrading thing for this president to get involved in. i'm glad he finally did it and lanced the boil. but people who would never vote for him anyway won't s -- [ever talking at once] >> easy to deal with, and the way you deal with is just to release the document. >> that's right. >> it's not did -- >> why didn't he do that?
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why did not he do it in the first round? >> he 14 have done it a lot earlier and never been the kind of -- >> anything else -- >> yeah [everyone talking at once] >> he should have released it a long time ago. failing that, the press should have investigated his past, which they still resist doing. and the third reason why all of these questions continue to percolate is because obama's policies seem fundamentally antithetical to what this country get in the first place. >> talk about a pile of end wento! >> it's the truth! >> i think it was benefits for donald trump, as pat says. but i don't think itand i said >> i'll get back to you. >> i think maybe in the slightly longer run, that trump will be trumped by obama. >> hear hear, right. >> when we come back, tank toeman. [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
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whenever gas prices shoot up, like clockwork you see politicians racing to the cameras, waving 3-point plans for $2 gasp there's no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices right away. >> but the president says in effect that he cannot perform magic to drive down the price of gasoline. this week the average national price of a gallon of gasoline reached $3.87. that's 24 cents below the all- time national average, which peaked in 2008 at $4.11 per gallon. mr. obama says
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question, what does president want? to wane america off oil? >> that's an eventual objective but we're not getting there any time soon. and frankly, gas prices rise -- gases too -- rise this time of year and they come down because it's the driving season and it's in speculation involved and gas tanks have to convert do different kind of blends. and then you have all the turmoil in the middle east. and it's a question whether that's an excuse or
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explanation. but i thought the president is right in calling on the congress to eliminate the subsidies to the oil companies, exxon's profits went up 69% over the last time last year. and boehner looked like he would go along with it, until -- religion , look who agrees with the president that tax big oil comp cancelled. >> we're in a time when the federal government agrees >> what do you think about that. >> $4 billion. >> peanuts. and exxon makes in profit 8 cents on the dollar. >> poor things! >> but here's the problem. the president is right, john, the overall problem is that all the oil producers in the country, many of them have peaked and started to diminish the supply, and coming on to the world demand is china and india and brazil, and these
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emerging countries. the pressure of demand on supply is going to grow. we're never going back. i think to $3 or $2 a gallon gasoline. or the oil prices is not going to 50 a barrel. >> why is china giving tax subsidies for the purchase of cars? >> well, the chinese are doing right now going around the world to venezuela, buying up in advance enormous amounts of oil and they're playing for the future in the united states should do the same. >> and not only doing in venezuela, they did in in iran. they have huge energy investments and holdings in iran. >> sudan. >> and one of reasons they're so close to iran, and they are developing a long-term plan. the problem we have, we don't have a long-term plan or a short-term plan. we have a tremendous amount of energy available within this country or in -- and we're not allowing people to go after it. and we're sending hundreds of billions of dollars abroad. it's one every most insane programs that this country has, and it's totally counter- productive to the consumer and to the government. >> the last time gas hit $4 a
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gallon, nancy mel blind it on the two oil men in the white house. she has yet to make any remarks about this time around, with gas for dollars 4 a gallon. this administration has made it very clear, they want cap and trade, to reduce our dependence on oil. but they wanted that supplanted by this huge new tax on consumption, energy consumption, on the american public. if they had gotten the cap and trade through that, would have been tantamount to the largest increase in the history of the world. when that failed, they tried to replant it as green energy -- >> have you noticed that the oil rigs in the gulf are disappearing and moving off the coast of brazil, and that means -- international -- >> it is exactly right. >> is that compounding -- is this denial -- compounding the whole problem? >> it is. the united states is very foolish. we're in a competitive world a lot of countries going after
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their oil because it's an enormous supply of revenue. the united states shuts itself in whether it's up in alaska or florida or off the gulf coast. the united states is just pulling itself -- john, the whole thing is a paralysis of policy. >> that's why donald trump says he would just take the oil. >> exit question -- will lie gas prices derail the economic recovery? pallet buchanan? >> i hated to say it, but 1.8% growth in the first quarter has already been derailed. >> the economists said it's a stall but they don't believe it's off the tracks. we had terrible weather and we did have the rising oil prices. but i'm not ready to say we're sinking back to where we welcome. >> well, anemic rate is practice threat, and if you exclude inventories, it's only .8% growth rate, and look, these high gas prices are eat into whatever income americans have left in their pockets. and the chairman of wal-mart this week said our customers
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are actually running out of money much earlier in the month than they used to. this has potential to send this economy back into recession. >> what about that, high energy prices and high food prices? you think it will derail the economy? would it, a double dip? >> there's a real risk with with a double dip. help you have a 1.8% increase that's equivalent of a double dip. the economy should be growing at 7%. let me say this. high energy prices, high food prices will take 150 to $200 billion out of the consumers' pockets this year. when the consumer sees that every day or every week when he has to fill up his car, it really affects his willingness and ability to -- and confidence to spend elsewhere. so it's undoubtedly affecting the consumer and in a very negative way. it's a last thick we need now. >> will it negatively impact unemployment, making unemployment rates worse? >> for sure. if you have a -- the consumer is 70% of the economy.
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if the consumer who is spending very little now continues to spend very little, it's going to affect unemployment, it's going to affect the whole economy, and we could slide if not into a double dip in the decline, you'll have such a weak growth in the economy -- >> we'll be right back with predictions. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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first prediction, trump as peaked, yes or no? >> not just yet. >> yes, he's fired! don't discount don al trump. >> the answer is no? >> no. >> yes, he has. >> no, he has not! bye-bye! xóp
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