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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 3, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm jessica doyle in for j.c. hayward. we begin with the latest on the killing of terrorist leader osama bin laden. u.s. officials are trying to decide whether to release graphic photos of the fatally wounded bin laden. they want to prove he's dead.
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however, there are concerns releasing the pictures could cause more strife within the muslim community. danielle nottingham takes us inside the compound where osama bin laden lived and died. we're now getting a look inside the compound where osama bin laden lived and died. at the compound, special forces found computer hard drives, dvds and documents. analysts are studying the intelligence for crews of any future attacks by al-qaeda, including retaliation for the death of their leader. >> one of the concerns is that al-qaeda may accelerate attack planning that was already underway. >> reporter: the white house is still considering whether to release photographs of bin laden's dead body. >> any type of photographic or video material that we have, we're looking at it carefully to put it out, make sure it is in the right condition. also, to understand what the implications are of such release. >> u.s. lawmakers are asking how the terrorist leaders could live in an affluent pakistan
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suburb undetected for years. >> we need to understand exactly what it is the pakistanis knew and didn't know as far as the situation that unfolded this weekend and then the years leading up to that. >> reporter: pakistan's president denies his security forces sheltered bin laden. the pakistani government was not told about sunday's raid and the obama administration says it is looking at whether bin laden had a support system there. on thursday, the president will travel to ground zero in new york to meet with families and honor the 3,000 people who died on september 11th. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. today, cia director leon panetta is briefing lawmakers in washington on the top secret mission. the death of osama bin laden is bittersweet for the thousands of men and women wounded since the fight in afghanistan and iraq began, retired staff sergeant joe lost his legs when an ied exploded in iraq. he said he was pleasantly surprise when he heard u.s.
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special forces took out bin laden. he wonders if the country's leaders have learned something from the costly wars. >> i think that if definitely we would have kept to focusing all our efforts and to finding just this one guy and not get sidetracked with ten years of war in another country, maybe we would have caught him sooner. >> joe has moved on in life. he's now working at the fish and wildlife services. he says he's not letting his injuries define him. while the goal of killing osama bin laden has been accomplished, the concern that al-qaeda may seek revenge increase. the heightened state of alert continues across our nation and here in the district, surae chinn reports from union station. >> reporter: from the air to the ground, law enforcement is trying to keep us safe as we conduct our daily travels. >> i feel safe. >> union station is extra vigilant. >> i always feel good on the train. i like the dogs and the way they do things here at amtrak. >> reporter: on capitol hill, an increase in heavily-armed
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guards, stepped up patrols at the pentagon and heightened security and more scrutiny at our airports. >> more than what i normally see on a regular basis. >> reporter: d.c. police chief cathy lanier says keeping the district safe will take all of us. >> this fight, it is not just police and intelligence and the military. we really need our community to step up their game and report anything they see that's out of the ordinary. >> i always keep my eye open. i think as they say in the security video here, suspicious behavior, not suspicious people. i keep my eyes open for people who are doing odd things. i'll keep my eyes open and probably more. >> metro is asking passengers to report suspicious behavior and any packages unattended. that goes for buses and rail, too. homeland security has not issued any new or specific threats. cia director leon panetta says osama bin laden may be dead but al-qaeda is not. and terrorists will most
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certainly want to avenge his death. he says we must all remain vigilant. at union station, surae chinn, 9news now. president obama made it clear in his speech sunday night the united states is not at war with muslims. that has been a message leaders have struggled to get across since 9-11. we went to see a national islamic center in the district hoping to get some reaction to bin laden's death but not even the imam was willing to talk to us on camera. >> can you talk to me about osama bin laden? what's the reaction? >> nothing to say. >> can you tell me the reaction? >> reporter: some muslims told 9news now off-camera, they feel they've been unfairly targeted since september 11th. they're not sure if the killing of bin laid-change that. you want to keep it here with 9news now and cbs news. we bring you all of the new developments in the story as we get them. we have a special section at for more on bin laden's death,
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you will see it right at the top of our home page. >> loudoun county police are investigating what they call a murder suicide. they found two people inside the home of 800 block of birch street near west poplar road. someone called 911 after hearing gun shots around 6:00 this morning. police found a husband and a wife both dead. an elderly woman was also inside the home at the time of the shooting. she was not hurt. at this point, investigators are not releasing the names of the deceased. the inmate accused of attacking a guard and making his escape from a detention center in laurel is back in police custody. 18-year-old trevon carey was arrested by d.c. police. he's accused of breaking out of the new beginnings development center and attacking a guard there. carey remains in police custody. prince george's county councilwoman lesli johnson was scheduled to plead guilty to corruption charges tomorrow. but wednesday's hearing has
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been canceled. who can forget the federal raid last november of johnson's home in mitchellville when county executive jack johnson was also arrested and charged. federal officials say the couple plotted to destroy evidence from a pay for play scheme. prosecutors and johnson's attorney are not saying why tomorrow's hearing was canceled. prince charles is coming to washington. he'll make a few stops around the city today. he is slated to visit common good city farm, an urban farm that grows food for low income d.c. residents. he will meet with president obama tomorrow. we suspected it was only a matter of time but prices at the pump, yeah, they have topped the $4 mark in the district. regular gasoline is selling for $4.41 at the exxon station on wisconsin avenue northwest. it is not that much better at the sunoco on 21st and p street northwest. regular gas now selling for $4.28 a gallon there.
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according to aaa's fuel gauge report, we're well above the national average. that is $3.96. the national teacher of the year is being honored at the white house. here is a live look at the ceremony right there on your screen. michelle shearer is on the left of president obama. she's speaking right now. she is from frederick county, maryland. she teaches chemistry at urbana high school for 14 years. she was named maryland's teacher of the year last october. congratulations. it is official! scott pelley will take over as anchor of the "cbs evening news" starting june 6th. he will replace katie couric. in a statement, cbs calls pelley one of the most experienced reporters in broadcast journalism. he will become both anchor and managing editorrer the "cbs evening news." pelley will continue to report "60 minutes." still to come when the news continues, a historically african-american church in the
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district is going green. and find out why some hope this could lead to parishioners doing the same. in less than an hour, u.s. navy seals took out osama bin laden and hauled his body away. up next, we'll have a blow-by- blow of how it all went down.
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now, back to our top story, the death of 9-11 master mind osama bin laden. the u.s. navy seal who carried out the mission to kill the terrorists are being hailed as heroes. today, we're learning more about their dangerous mission.
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>> it was a 25-man platoon in two helicopters backed up by an additional 55 man doughs and two more choppers that finally killed the illusive bin laden. this surveillance photo shows his compound in friend ration for the mission, the seals trained on a full-scale replica built at bagram air force base. it was a mission so secretive, the seals were not initially told who the real target was. >> once they hit the compound, they had already simulated that a number of times. >> it was just after 1:00 a.m. monday morning, pakistan time. two blackhawk helicopters desended on bin laden's compound. the second team close behind. as the seals roped in, one of the helicopters stalled and made a hard landing. from halfway around the world, the president and his national security team watched the mission unfold in real time and in silence, the president sat stone-faced. vice president biden at his side fingered his rosary. the seals first cleared the smaller building of the complex
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killing two men then moved to the main building where bin laden and his family lived. bin laden's son was killed. a woman was used as a human shield. bin laden was one of the last to die. this was the scene from the aftermath inside bin laden's compound. he was killed with two shots, one above his left eye and one in the chest. cia director leon panetta on a video screen narrated the events. geronimo, geronimo was bin laden's code name. it meant enemy killed in action. a navy seal pulled the camera from his pockets. took a photo of the lifeless terrorist and uploaded it to analysts who fed it to a facial recognition program. it all took less than five minutes for the next 35 minutes, the team secured the body and loaded up bin laden's computers and hard drives. >> that was whit johnson reporting. 23 children and nine women were in the compound when bin laden was killed. they were turned over to
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pakistani authorities. anny is up next with the forecast. how is it looking out there, anny? >> it is warm and bit humid but we do see the possibility of some severe spring storms coming this way. i'll let you know when after the break.
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a new record for the number of tornadoes hit if a single day. the national oceanic and atmospheric association says 312 tornadoes were recorded during a 24-hour period last week. the storms killed 340 people in seven states. they're blowing up a levee in missouri, the goal to save the town of cairo, illinois. local officials tried to stop the blast saying it would flood farmland, however they say in the end, they really didn't have a choice. >> if it works and it is for the good, then you know, like i said, my people and the citizens will make do. they're good people and we'll get through this. >> breaking the levee means flooding about 133,000 acres of farmland and 100 homes in two
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missouri counties. florida avenue baptist church is making history this morning. it is becoming the first african-american church in d.c. to go solar. the ten kilowatt rooftop solar system should reduce the power bill and carbon footprint. it is hoped it will show church-goers the virtue of going green. space shuttle "endeavour" won't blast off until next week at the earliest. nasa says it needs more time to replace and test a faulty us for a box which forced officials to scrub the launch. "endeavour" is making its final voyage before nasa ends its shuttle program with atlantis making one last flight in june. >> it looks gorgeous outside. >> really nice. in fact, you can feel the sun heating things up this afternoon. but it is humid outside. things will be changing late this afternoon and also this evening. where we do see the potential for some severe spring storms impacting our area. we'll break that down for you in a moment.
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first, here is your day planner for the rest of today. so, through 6:00, it will be fine. we're not worried too much about showers and thunderstorms yet generally through the area. 80s by 3:00 partly cloudy. winds coming up from the south helping pump in some of the warmer air. by 9:00, we could see out toward the west of us, some cloudy conditions, showers and thunderstorms arriving. here is a look at the doppler radar where it is quiet right now. lots of sunshine and boy, it is feeling warm out there. it feels kind of nice. right now, we're looking at nice conditions for today. still warm. but this is a system we're watching. it is going to impact our area probably late this evening and during the overnight hours. also, we want to talk about a coastal flooding advisory in effect until this evening. generally waves one to two feet with this onshore flow. we're worried about some minor flooding of low-lying areas. so, we're watching the areas in green for the potential of some minor flooding.
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our wind gusts, so, the winds out of the south are helping bring in some of the warmer air. d.c., out of the south at 25 miles per hour. 25 for culpepper. orange at 30 miles per hour wind gusts. we'll continue to be breezy this afternoon. temperatures, mid-70s for arlington. already 79 in college park. and 78 degrees in rockville. a wider, broader view shows us, this is the cold front right here. behind it, look how much cooler it is. 49 in chicago. and here, we're talking mid- 70s. we're going to get some of the colder air by tomorrow. enjoy the warmth now. here is a look at the future cast. i pause this tonight at 7:00. d.c. for now, dry. but we do see the showers and thunderstorms arriving in the shenandoah valley and then into the evening hours. we'll see that really pick up. especially by midnight and overnight. again, the chance for some severe thunderstorms slight at this point. generally west of 95. tomorrow morning, also, widespread rain, showers so that morning commute will be
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wet. by noon, this stuff pulls away. we'll clear out and dry out but it will be much cooler and at least 20 degrees cooler. so, for the rest of today, partly cloudy, breezy and warmer. a slight chance for some thunderstorms. we're watching that. highs will be 80 to 85 degrees. south winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. generally, near mid 80s around d.c., farther south, warmer. 86 manassas. 87 in culpepper. hagerstown, lower 80s for you. so far tonight, showers and thunderstorms likely. but late. could be severe. if you do see our hear some thunder and lightning, put on tvs. we'll keep you posted on any warnings. i see the tornadoes are a slight possibility as well. lows in the 50s overnight. southwest winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. generally, low 50s for d.c. 49 for hagerstown, cumberland. 47 degrees. next three days are shaping up. today's warm and breezy. the storms and showers come in tonight through tomorrow morning.
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then we'll be partly sunny by wednesday afternoon and cool. look at that. 59 degrees. thursday looks nice. mostly sunny. mid-60s. here is your seven-day forecast. we should be low 70s for this time of year. by friday, we'll get close to that. upper 60s. for the weekend, looks pretty good here. low 70s for saturday and sunday, a slight chance of showers and monday at this point looks dry. jessica is back with wine in our kitchen. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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really rolls up his sleeves to help keep our business growing. he's done hands-on research to better understand our growing cash flow needs. rich, i am very excited about what you've put together. and with the strength of the largest bank headquartered in the dc area, he's able to fiercely protect our bottom line. plus, he always looks for new perspectives on the club to help us grow. 75 by 16! [ laughs ] [ all ] what's in your wallet? hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. a bottle of red, a bottle of white. why not both! we're joined by scott
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greenberg, the vipe guy who joins us to talk about the flavors we often find in a bottle of wine. >> have you wondered how flavor gets into wine? >> often. >> i heard a reader say how did cherry get into my wine? it is only grapes but it is interesting to find out how the flavors do get in there. real simple, the flavors of grapes, as long as it is not fermented, once it gets fermented, the hidden flavors of other fruits are unlocked. they explode into the glass. that's how we get different flavors like apple, nectarine and white wine and strawberries, blueberries in red wine. >> we're excited to try some of the flavors that you're talking about here and to try out the wine. we're starting with whites. >> we are. >> let's do a quick experiment. this is a chardonnay from napa valley. just take a little bite of apple. >> all right. >> happy to do so. >> then i want you to try the
12:26 pm
wine. think about how the apple tastes. then see if you can pick up the flavor in the wine. absolutely. >> kind of cool. >> now, there is no apple in the wine. but due to the fermentation process and how it breaks down the sugars and reforms them, you get apples. >> it smells delicious. >> it smells delicious. >> want to try it with red? >> why not. let's do it. >> this is a peep pinot noir. this is an anderson valley. i probably should have said this is the free mark abbey. so, we're doing both 2009s. >> what are the flavors you're more likely to find in a red? >> in a pinot noir, they tend more toward strawberry, blueberry. in cabernet sauv ignore nen, you'll get into blackberry and black raspberry and in shiraz, you'll get a touch of black
12:27 pm
pepper. that's typical. >> i'm going to try it with the smell itself. can we do that? >> a little strawberry. >> it definitely brings it out. >> right. >> i want to ask you, we're swilling right now. >> we are. >> swirling. >> can you do it with white as well? >> you can. what happens is there is alcohol in both white and red, get released as you swirl, get into contact with the air as you swirl. it release the aroma. you always want to use a big glass that you can get your nose in or at least my nose in. i think that's a beautiful, perfumy flavor. >> one last question for you, scott. this time of year, people tend to drink white. is it ok to do the reds in the spring and the summer? >> i say drink reds all the time. drink whites all the time. there are no rules. you drink what you like. i do tend to gravitate to the whites during the summer. >> not so bad for making a little sangria, too, with the red. >> you're welcome back any time.
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>> my pleasure. >> now, you can check us out at at 5:00. we're back then. this is 9news for you for noon. j.c. will be back with you. you can check us out 24 hours a day at thanks so much and have a great afternoon!
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