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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. let them see the evidence. let them judge it for them sells. >> should he or shouldn't he? pressure for president obama to release proof of osama bin laden's death. plus torture in the bin laden tape. is it justified. also, topper is tracking big temperature changes and your morning commute may be wet. this is 9news now. >> it has been barely 48 hours since we learned of the death of osama bin laden at the hands of navy seals. call it the fog of war, but the facts on the ground seem to be changing. >> here is what we know right now. osama bin laden was unarmed when the navy seals burst and shot him to death. his wife did not die but the white house says she was shot in
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the legs. tonight the same navy seals are back here in the united states. >> aside from the word of his killings, no other proof has been provided of mission. questions over the legitimacy assassination are now circulating. >> ken molestina spoke to washington yins about that and he is live now with more. >> reporter: you know, derek, many washington yins that i spoke to had many opinions on this issue. and while thousands were quick to react to the news of his killing and celebrate throughout the country and here in washington, many are still saying we'll believe it when we see it. >> tonight i can report to the american people -- >> reporter: by now, we've all heard the president's words. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> reporter: we've all seen the digital animation of how the raid on the compound has believed to have gone down. navy seals repelling off of
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blackhawk helicopters before shooting him to death. the information about the event provided so far by government officials has been sufficient for many who were quick to celebrate. but others say they simply need more proof. >> i don't know. it leaves a lot of questions. it leaves a lot of answers open. i need facts. >> a lot of presidents have misled during the past. it wouldn't surprise me if he's misleading us. >> reporter: george washington university homeland security experts beliefs bin laden has been killed, but he says it may not be a bad idea for president obama to take an extra step and quell the doubts. >> i'm not certainly saying he has to release some of the evidence but some would be good. >> reporter: proof could be an authentic picture or video of bin laden's body or maybe some of the images that were seen from the situation room when the raid took place. >> a great example of what the
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president could be doing and let them be the president's advocate. >> reporter: you know, the people that we spoke to, the skeptics, also say that right now is the time for the president to ease any of these doubts to avoid any conspiracy theories and to also avoid a controversy like he had surrounding his birth certificate. now, by the way, a new phrase has been born by those who want to see proof of bin laden's death. they're being called deathers. back to you. >> thank you, ken. talk about physical, those navy seals who got osama bin laden officially seal team six doesn't exist. unofficially it's based just south of virginia beach on the way to virginia. sometimes called the quiet professionals, the seals have led the way in counter terror raids throughout afghanistan. they also captured manuel moreaga and rescued a man from somali pirates. >> the seals do this for a
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living. these special ops guys are incredibly trained. they don't do anything that is super special. they just do everything they're supposed to do. the blocking and tackling ex exceptionally well. >> one of the unusual things about the bin laden mission, we heard about it. well, there is some uncertainty tonight about whether torture helped to provide key information that led to osama bin laden. and gary nurenberg has been looking into that one. gary. >> reporter: derek, you use the term key information. the key information here was really identifying the curier who was providing shelter to bin laden. torture may have played a role. >> give me your name. >> reporter: abuse work repeatedly for jack dour on 24 and it may have worked in real life. he was found at a compound of a
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cure a courier he trusted. in a 2010 poll, 58% of americans said water boarding should be used to get information from the underwear bomber who tried to blow up a plane on christmas day 2009. >> talk. >> reporter: opponents can see the practice can work, but also say. >> the u.s. spent millions of dollars and many lives were loss pursuing a false lead that another detainee provided. it was based on an absolute false hood. >> reporter: she refers to one that claims that provided saddam hussein helped lead washington to invade iraq. but in finding bin laden. >> obviously there was some valuable information that was derived through those kinds of interrogations. but i guess the question that everybody will always debate is
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whether or not those approaches had to be used in order to get the same information. and that, frankly, is an open question. >> reporter: well, he's right about that . but it is a question that in a world of terrorism we will likely revisit repeatedly in the days and years ahead. >> well, didn't the defense secretary say there was no water boarding? >> reporter: he said that earlier today, but he said no water boarding by the military. >> what we call a qualifier. thank you, gary. we appreciate that. just one person seriously injured in the 9/11 attack at the pentagon still works there today. and tonight john yates says the man who murdered dozens of his friends and co-workers got the justice he finally deserved. >> i always knew that we would find him. i always -- i never lost faith. >> yates was watching the coverage of the attacks on the world trade center when the high jacked american airlines flight slammed into the pentagon. all 64 people on board the plane
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and 125 people in the building were killed. somehow yates crawled his way through the heat and black smoke to his door that led to the pentagon courtyard. >> i was thrown through the air. i remember everything in the room went instantly black. the floor burned my hands. i was standing in the middle of five people and i'm the only one that survived. >> he was burned over nearly 40% of his body with second and third degree burns. he lost 24 friends and co-workers that one day. because his injuries were so is he veered, he could have retired for -- severe he could have retired for workers comp. had he quit, bin laden would have accomplished what he wanted. news that osama bin laden was killed doesn't stop the fact that people are missing. nothing represents that more than section 60 at arlington
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cemetery. >> there are more than a thousand soldiers buried there. brittany morehouse shows us why it is called the saddest acre in america. >> reporter: a few times a month jessica oatman and her family visit her brother, sergeant paul dumont junior. >> tell me about him. >> he's amazing. >> reporter: and it never gets easier. >> he's the father of seven children. and he was killed august 19th, 2009. we miss him. he loved the outdoors. he was big into off roading and camping. he was just a great family guy. he was married for one year. celebrated his one-year anniversary and died ten days later. >> reporter: now 20 months later, she sees the evidence that more families must face the
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same pain. >> actually when we came, my sister and i did reach across america and it stopped at this one. >> reporter: this one will soon be this one and this one. she says it seems like a never ending replacement. >> all of these families have lost something and every stone here is a story. so when you see all of these names, you know that they have a story behind them. >> reporter: stories that she now knows intimately. jessica is a professional photographer who donates her free time to picture the fallen. >> for families that can't get here as often and we turn it into a print for them. >> my 8-year-old when we found out we were coming up there, they made this for him. >> reporter: section 60 may be called the saddest acre in america, but for families of the fallen, it's often the most comforting place to be. >> everybody comes and visits. there is flowers. there is flags. there is families. if you come, you see families and bring picnics and blankets
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and chairs. they hang out with daddy, brothers, sons and daughters. it's just really hard. and i think they all have a story. they all have a family. they're missed. and it doesn't get easier. it's been 20 months. >> reporter: 20 months of tears shed for paul, shed for his friends, shed for all the men and women dying every day. shed for all the soldiers buried in section 60. ♪ taps playi ♪ >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9news now. . ♪ taps >> family paying the price of war and the problem is they keep right on paying. >> they do. the dumont family met brittany in arlington the morning after we learned osama bin laden was killed and they were happy it heard the news but it made them wary of the safety of the soldiers over there. >> we don't want to see anybody
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new at 11:00, right now about 1,000 people are in the dark in montgomery county. the power went out around
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bethesda and silver spring around 10:00. police say a manhole cover exploded and caught fire. this is in the 7400-block of wisconsin avenue. no word if anybody was hurt. we're going to bring you up-to-date as we know more. no power out there in bethesda. osama bin laden's death has sparked reaction all over the world. some in the arab world are mourning. and most of america is celebrating. this while we all try to make sense of what happened and what will come next. derek asks did we do the right thing? >> anita, i'm just going to come out and say it, did this country stand what amounted to an execution squad after bin laden. and though our collective rage and grief has barely dimmed since 9/11, was it in our best interest to kill him? the questions are uncomfortable but i'm asking them anyway. not only was there no fire fight but the man 55-year-old was unarmed when they shot him in the head. the white house spokesman said
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bin laden in taking him alive. everybody would surely know it was him and interrogating that could have been an intelligence bonanza. and putting bin laden on trial would have diminished him. no longer a monster. just an evil heinous old man. but only because we as americans are better than he deserves. and then we could have executed him. the horrific murder at the athletic store has questions about security systems. an increase has occurred after the killing happened. they did about a dozen upgrades along bethesda road, including adding panic buttons. >> a panic button is more or
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less like calling 911 without telling anybody. you push the button and the tops are coming. no siren. no bells or whistles. >> before the murder, there was the discovery channel hostage situation. another murder of an employee at suburban hospital. the best course of action businesses can take against outside threats is getting to know the police and having them stop by the business when something just doesn't seem right. well, right no police are looking for two men wanted for robbing an armored car in prince george's county. this all went down in front of the 7-11 and atm on martin luther highway. police say two men wrestled a gun away from the driver, grabbed the bag of money and took off. officers say a tracking device in the bag led them to the 4400-block of east street in southeast dc and that's where they found two other bags of cash and three guns on a rooftop but no suspects. well, as the borg would say,
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resistance is futile. they have decided to comply with the federal program that it really doesn't want to comply with because it's pretty much powerless to fight it. under that program, police have to send fingerprints of all jail inmates to an agency. that will help them track down illegal immigrants, but it also undermines trust in the police force. >> how safe can we be if tens of thousands of people who are honest hard working residents of the county are too afraid to call police. >> nationwide the fingerprinting program is credited with helping in more than 100,000 deportations. okay. so $0.05, $0.10. $0.20. how much is it going to cost you to bring home four bags of groceries. retailers and food areas raised prices. the new law is modeled on the tax imposed in the district last year. of course if you bring in your
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own bag, nice and noisy, no charge at all. there is one tax you can't blame on the british. prince charles tonight is wrapping up day one of a three-day visit to dc. this afternoon he attended a reception in the halls of the supreme court. then he got his hands dirty. well, a little bit. come on. he visited a neighborhood vegetable garden in dc's park. tomorrow the prince speaks at georgetown university and he'll meet with president obama at the white house. >> he went to a lot of expertise with that shovel. >> yes. >> he turned it around. >> he's a prince. >> he's a prince. >> what do you want? >> that's what he does for a living. >> his fingernails are clean. we're looking at showers. the thunderstorms are moving in. it's going to be a wet commute tomorrow morning. here is live doppler. you can access this on our website heavier activity is now pushed through. actually much of montgomery
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county, fairfax and loudoun county. we'll zoom in a little bit and see light to moderate activity around this hour around loudoun, chantilly, also the east side of gaithersburg and 270 over towards damascus. where will this go in the next two hours and will we see any intensity? probably. do you see manassas, that is moderate rainfall. that is going to cross over 66 as we get into the midnight hour and 12:30 as well. so just prepare for a wet commute tomorrow. outside story, well, here we go. wet start wednesday. no doubt about that. the other shocker tomorrow, much, much cooler. we were 81 today. we'll be lucky to be 61 tomorrow. dry evening commute. there is some silver lining there. you'll be able to drive home on dry roads tomorrow as we get partial clearing late. i think we will see the sunset as the rainfall moves out from west to east either late morning or early afternoon. but we'll stop the future cast here. 6:00 in the morning there is
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rain everywhere. albeit light to occasionally moderate and nothing severe in the morning. just wet roads. we put this into motion and look what happens. by 12:45, 1:00, it is east of i95. that's good. it moves out pretty quickly. it will actually cross over the bay and move on out to sea. and then we're going to be left with sunshine. and then folks west of the divide, believe it or not, could see some wet snowflakes tomorrow as colder air moves in. this is -- if you're watching hd, that is snow and mixture. that is really unbelievable for this time of year, but not uncommon out there. as far as we're concerned, though, we will see some dryer air move in much quicker tomorrow afternoon. now, tomorrow night, cloudy, breezy and cooler. maybe rain and showers. the cold air is moving in and going to squash all of the thunderstorm development. lows 50-55. rain tapers off tomorrow night. temps in the 50s. winds northwest at 10-15. so you'll need an umbrella in the morning and a light jacket
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probably all day. by afternoon, partial clearing. breezy and cooler. there is your dry commute home. high temperatures around 60. so highs tomorrow we're looking at generally 61 in fairfax. 61 in rockville. maybe 62 downtown if we're lucky. maybe 61 over in bowie. all right. we'll break it down for you. 50-55 tomorrow. some rain and showers. by noon maybe a shower. but we're kind of clearing out a little bit. 60. and then clearing out a little bit by evening. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. all right. next seven days, thursday we're going to have clouds around. keep it dry. upper 60s. upper 60s friday. some clouds come in. maybe a shower. not a wash out. maybe a thunderstorm for mom. not a wash out but warmer. mid 70s. then we're back up near 80 with a few storms next monday and tuesday. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> all righty then. we'll be back. i guess the caps are facing an early end to their season? they lost their lead late in
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tampa tonight. brett haber is there. >> oh, brett. come on. >> brett. >> reporter: i hear the ex aspiration in your voice. 27 seconds, guys. that's how quickly this game went south. it appeared to be a sure capitals win and it turned into a horrible defeat. caps now in the deepest hole there is. full highlights and locker room reaction. 9 sports as the caps try to dig out live from tampa next.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> reporter: and welcome back to tampa , everybody. they had it. three goals for the capitals in the second period, including one on the power play. and with 15 minutes to go in the game, the caps had a lead. and you could smell that first whiff of doubt coming from tampa's bench. and then in less than the time that it takes to play the jeopardy three, it all went very, very wrong. first time the caps have played a road game in 13 games and they came out a little shaky. first period caps turn it over along the boards. shawn skates in. gives it up.
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gets it back and scores. no chance for nuvie. ovechkin gets stopped. that's his offense. that's where he eats on the doorstep. we're tied at one. now 11 minutes later, they would be tied at two and the caps get 1 minute 26 of five on three hockey. if they couldn't score on that, bruce boudreau was going to jump in the ocean. he didn't have to. third goal of the period and the caps lead 3-2. but it all went south in the blink of an eye in the third. first they beat nuvie to tie the game at three and then 27 seconds later the centering pass off ryan malone's skate. they reviewed it. they upheld it. 4-3 lightning and that's how it ended. caps squander a late lead and now are down three games to none. >> you can see it's like they're flipping a switch. it's like when they're down then
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it's just like, oh, they know they're going to score. >> it's just they win three, we can win three. it's a battle. >> it takes everything we have. we can definitely come back. i know we can. i think everybody knows we can. we have the personnel to do it. we just have to put it altogether. >> reporter: but here is the history you don't want to hear. only three times ever in the nhl playoffs has a team been down and came back. if the series ends tomorrow, so will bruce boudreau's tenure with the washington capitals. we certainly hope not. some other sports tonight, nationals beginning a 9-game roady in philly. first homecoming game for jayson werth. shane scores 3-1 phillies. werth tries to rally the troops in the 9th. complete game five hitter for
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hamil. nats fall 4-1 tonight. but that was nothing compared to what the twins francisco lereanod did for the white sox. how about the first no hitter of the season. he walked six batters but held chicago without a hit. first twins no-no in 12 years. all right. time to pick your dc high school sportsnet game of the week. we have lacrosse baseball on the menu, including the montgomery county grudge match between whitman and johnson. also wilson baseball looking for the 19th baseball title. vote now and a big day for tennis fans in our area. andre agassi are coming to our area. it will happen september 23rdrd. michael chang to play as well. that's it from here. caps in a different situation. their stanley cup hopes circling
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the drain. we are live in tampa. sorry about this. >> great job under tough circumstances. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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and that is 9news for tonight. >> letterman is next. good night, everybody.
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