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tv   CBS Evening News With Russ Mitchell  CBS  May 8, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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amazing race. "csi: miami." season finales of amazing race and "csi: miami" on america's number one network. at the top of the hour we welcome everyone to charlotte, north carolina and the wells fargo championship. the beautiful quail hollow club. just south of downtown charlotte. here is what it looks like. lucas glover last won at the u.s. open in 2009 is in with a round of 69. sabbatini, 65 is one back. and this is glover. what a down in two it was from over the green here at 18. now he must wait. one of his closest friends and college teammate, jonathan byrd coming here, having to make 3
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to force a playoff. there have only been two 3s on the day here at the 18th. is there one more to come? david feherty, you have been out there walking with these two for quite a while. you could see someone holding up a homemade printed shout out there. thank you seve. david feherty, jonathan byrd on this putt what, do you expect from him on this stage at this moment? >> i think you expect him to make it. i know lucas glover is. that is for sure. it is downhill. there is not a hole lot. maybe a little right to left,
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nick. nick: it should be, yes. >> there is a hint of drift the other way. >> depends. nick: he might be just far enough down the green. it is a tough read. it is one of those where we have those baseline probabilities. i believe that percentage goes up when you have a go at it, david. you get so focused and into it. there is no choice. this is it. you make it and carry on. you miss it, you head to the locker room, pack up and go home. >> a good deal richer one might add. but that is not really what they are thinking about at this stage. >> it is that focus, giving it 100% clear vision.
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it definitely went left to right. more than likely it could be a little left edge. actually he is go to get a nice help back into this putt from pat perez. there we go. he has a little wander over. if pat can get it there for him. jim: he did not give him enough chance to really get a look at it. nick: gave him a little confusion. pat do you mind having another go? just go ahead and finish, please. jonathan, 33 years old. five times a win or tour
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including two since last october 24th. we showed you the win in vegas where he closed it out with the ace in the playoff and won the season-opening event over in hawaii. the champions of a year ago that gathered there. nick: that is the most important thing. you have to see the last four feet. imagine that there is a gutter there. you are going to get the ball ahead to the gutters and feed it out to the hole. it is tough, isn't it. from this camera angle it looks like it is going right to left. and from behind the green i know how it falls. it all depends.
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it could change completely this putt. jim: 14'2". knock it in, we have a playoff for the third straight week on tour. yes! and welcome to the clemson invitational! nick: my goodness. how impressive is that? luckily lucas knew it. he is not even budging or stirred or shaken by that one. that was impressive. the speed that putt or the lack of speed, that putt went in. perfectly judged. how quick was that? >> how prophetic was lucas?
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inoue he is thinking why did i open my mouth. you see what happens when you are a nice guy and you pull for others? jim: this is why. you never would have said that, would you? pretty special. nick: that was a great moment. that is an impressive hole. the way both guys played. lucas' drive would check him out on that one. but those seven shots from those guys were very impressive. jim: now is the awkward time where we still have to finish up. and you have a lot of fedex cup points on the line and a lot of money. you are just trying to get out of the way here without too much carnage. perez may have hurried that a
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bit. this is for his bogey. zach johnson. we go way back. byrd and glover. you can just stay put. heading back to the tee here shortly. they both holed big putts on the final green. glover for par. and then byrd taking aim at a 3. after lucas casualally mentioned to peter kostis that he is going to make birdie.
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they talked about playing together late sunday afternoon. and that they will after he hole this is one for the tying birdie. >> if that putt was a foot longer he would have missed it right. watch lucas eyeing it. >> told you. called it. nick: there we go. called it. jim: i tell you, that was a major championship type moment, that putt holed by jonathan. of course the pga championship is coming here in 2017. you saw him pause there. a hug with his wife, amanda.
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a pair of clemson tiger teammates go to a playoff. the wells fargo championship. ñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñyñy
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>> mesm sis racing, 1,100
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people have been evacuated so far and extra police put on patrol to prevent looting. in an exclusive 60 minutes interview president obama says he believes osama bin laden must have had some sort of support network in pakistan. and former secretary of state rumsfeld weighed in over the enhanced interrogation techniques. he believes they worked and he believes it would be a mistake to stop them. russ mitchell, cbs news, new york. jim: luke donald and brandt snedeker. snedeker was in with a 4 on the third playoff hole. donald had to hole that chip and nearly did.
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brandt was on his way to his second victory of his career. last week the zurich classic of new orleans, webb simpson and bubba watson. another good one. that belonged to bubba in the end. his mom was there. she encouraged him to play in that tournament. very emotional, as it always is with bubba in wins. they are go to head out to the 18th very, very shortly. byrd, -0. this is lucas' first playoff. sabbatini takes third. bill haas is fourth. kevin na fifth. perez and zach johnson share perez and zach johnson share sixth.
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jim: tonight on cbs, here is the lineup. president obama on "60 minutes." the season finale of "the amazing race."
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only cbs. nick, take us through this 18th hole. we saw lucas drive it wildly. somehow he got out of there with a 4 and byrd made 3. nick: they are trying to play this fade into that kind of area there. you can see the creek. all running down. this is really coming into play big time this week. hole location on the front left-hand corner, brutal hole location. falls off in every direction. jim: for the week it was the toughest hole again. there is no surprise, 32 birdies surendered for the week but only three on sunday with the front left hole location. this is the tee shot today.
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nick: that was definitely over the top. and hit it way up the hill. had to have a spectator mark the ball and then help the spectator to his feet. jim: johnny harris there with the sunglasses. >> you are going to pick. you go in the order that you pick. >> ok. >> guys, good luck to you.
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jim: these two were at clemson down the road in south carolina from the fall of 1997 through the spring of 2000. d.j. trahan on the same team with them. charles warren. part of that great clemson part of that great clemson program.
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>> starts to the right. not coming back. jim: there is a bunker over there. >> and that swallowed it. nick: unfortunately it is not too far to the green from there, about 175 yards. it all depends on the lie. lucas has to deal with that picture from 45 minutes ago. >> he has to erase that one, nick. you know how many times that you miss it right. nick: yeah. there is always a reaction. jim: he has been staying in a house off of the 15th fairway this week. a house that is owned by a
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former clemson university placekicker, rich davies. had all of the clemson players over to the house for dinner. you have seen these two having lunch together the last two days. nick: totally different. jim: glover in the fairway. byrd in the bunker. there it is. first hole of the playoff at quail hollow.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. jim: here is a little snapshot from the days of
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yesterdayeryear. you can see lucas. you can see jonathan. back right of that picture. the tigers roar echoes. that is the clemson university alma mater as they are getting a charge out of what they are seeing here. when you make the exit off of interstate 85 to go to campus, you have these orange tiger paus that can lead you all the way there. it is really impressive. you feel that you need some out here dotting the fairway at 18. depending how it works out, if lucas wins he moves to 27th. and jonathan off of second place points would be ninth.
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>> it is not bad at all. there is no lip read that will bother him. i have him a little under 190 yards left. but the thing is that it is a little bit above his feet. nick: the sand, he has to be very careful he does not hit that. if he did, obviously it would go left. >> but his problem if he had one on the inward half has been leaving it to the right. it does not fit with this particular lie. this would encourage a pull. nick: only two guys in the field with no gloves on. >> yeah. can't afford a glove.
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nick: i am hoping the tour draws these two, lucas and byrd with tommy two gloves next with tommy two gloves next week. jim: look who is watching the playoff, zach johnson. zach finished tied sixth here. he is taking it in.
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>> he has a 5-iron. nick: wow. that is a big difference from 20 minutes ago. i would advise him middle of the green. it would really make sense. i can't see how you get close with a 5-iron. >> he has pulled it. >> it can't stay there, can it? jim: it is in the hazard officially. but man, how will you play this shot? remember, we saw bill haas in that same bunker. it drew basically the same shot pattern. pulled shot left. expect in this case --
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nick: he has one chance. the super lob that hits the flagstick. lucas knows a door has been seriously opened for him. >> 167 yards and an 8-iron in his hands. the question is has he changed his target from what he envisioned before? jim: that was a confident swing. >> out to the right and drawn back. jim: that is in good position. lucas glover, advantage in the playoff at charlotte. e next i'm. i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed.
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[ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪ jim: we are back in a playoff at the wells fargo championship. another memorable event here at quail hollow. and how did this one avoid the water? so easily it started to bounce right here. caught a thick patch of grass and settled in inches into the hazard. so, not able to ground it, the club that is. nick: yeah. going for the super lob.
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that is one option. the other may be super brave. that would be seffo the day. just chip it across with a little 5-iron. >> there is only one of him. nick: only one of him. jim: if you can knock it in to close out a playoff, why not. nick: he has a good angle. at least he knows that if it goes past it won't hit that false front and go right off of the front of the green. >> there is really no in between. you have to get it dead right or you will be 30-40 feet away. nick: yeah. and he is a great chipper. he focuses on trying to chip it in. it is all about just sliding that club underneath.
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it is slike a scything action. there is no wrist break. keep the arch of the clubface as wide as possible and slide that leading edge underneath and feel the ground gently with the bounce of the club. >> he got the bounce first. nick: such a steep downhill lie. jim: he will still be away. this is a hard thing when you can't ground the club in the hazard, do you not have that feel for what you are trying to just catch it at the right spot. you don't have that advantage. >> so difficult to make yourself get your angle.


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