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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 15, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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little bit like william shatner. not too much but a little bit. geoff: why are you doing it? craig: sometimes you talk a little bit like william shatner too. geoff: it is weird but -- you can call me bones. [laughter] craig: ok. bones. can you do anything about this? geoff: damn it, jim! i'm a doctor! not a bricklayer. craig: i know. i would like to thank danny devito and the lovely olivia munn and of course the fabulous ladies and gentleman of the moulin rouge of paris. if you get a chance to go to paris, please go there, it is $1.50 well spent. [laughter]
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off you go.
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we want some answers, just the truth. >> you sold my mom's grave. a local woman visits her mom's tombstone, only to realize, she's been had. get out, never pleasant words to hear, especially when it's your own congressman, telling you to get out. and the salahi scandal. a breakup involving a rock star. looks like the party's over
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for the white house party crashers. >> their private breakup now unfolding on the public stage. all the dirty details snaking their way from a sheriff's office down in northern virginia. websites all over the world, right to your living room even as we speak. >> that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: some people would argue that this was the reason behind it all. >> mr. salahi is upset. >> reporter: a swarm of photographers outside tay -- tarig salahi's house. >> she left upon her own free will with a friend. >> reporter: the latest chapter in the story of tariq and michelle salahi. they crashed a state dinner at
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the white house. >> mr. and miss salahi. >> reporter: since then, it's often seen that the salahis have lived their lives in 15 minute increments of fame. on various television shows. and being in several controversies and lawsuits. just yesterday, the salahis were advertising that tv personalty, montel williams would be celebrating the opening of their vineyard. the trouble is, montel said he knew nothing about it. and later, tariq claimed his wife had been kidnapped. a position he held onto, until faced with the facts from the sheriff's department. salahi's lawyer denied that the kidnapping claims were to gain
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publicity, which they did. >> there will be no comment from mr. salahi henceforth. >> reporter: if it was a publicity stunt, it sure was an effective one. this latest salahi saga was one of the hottest stories online all day long. >> i wonder if it turned out like he hoped. right now, the rain is falling all across parts of the d.c. metro. what is it looking like overnight, and what about that morning commute? we've got some answers. >> it's going to be wet for some of us in the morning. we have showers and thunderstorms diminishing. but they're still hanging on out to the west. we will start with live doppler 9,000. we do have some moderate rain, nothing severe, but we have moderate rain from frederick, back up into warren and into montgomery county. the lightning strikes, a lot of lightning with this. we have reports from loudoun
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fire department that there are two house fires from lightning strikes from these storms. in addition to the severe weather and flooding, you've got to take lightning seriously. when you wake up, some of us will have wet roads. 65 to 70 at 7:00. still in the upper 60s and low 70s by mid-morning. we'll come back and talk about some crazy changes for tomorrow afternoon. and right onto the weekend. thank you. residents of fairfax county's huntington community feel like they've been treading water for years, waiting for the governor to fix their recurring flood problems. with government budgets under siege, that fix seems unlikely. gary was there with the harsh reality. >> reporter: that harsh reality may have to be the destruction of this neighborhood. congressman james morean saying homeowners having to sellout and move out, may be the
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answer. >> reporter: the discarded furniture and junk on the streets of huntington are evidence of what happened inside homes here during last week's flooding. >> we had to throw everything upstairs. everything. this is not the first time. >> so now what? obviously the second time in five years, we've had a 100 year storm. >> reporter: residents at a community meeting were told they had two options. >> if if am given less than what i bought for the house, i would be financially devastated, and bankrupt. and i will do everything within my power to make sure that country happen. >> reporter: others see it as the only viable solution. >> your property value will probably be worth more if you go to market, than you would get now.
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i think if we do this as an organized community, if we do this together we can get a great deal. we do this individually, you can forget about it. >> reporter: it is unclear what direction this community will choose. what does seem clear, it's going to flood again before there's an answer. the supervisor said if there is a deal with the developers, that deal would require those developers to make certain that residents of the community had access to any new housing. the clock also ticking for dozens of families in woodbridge. first, they lost their homes in flood waters, now they face getting kicked out of a shelter this friday. we're talking about the families who lived at the holly acres mobile home park. last week, 7 feet of water came rushing through their word. the flood ripped apart homes and left a mess of mud and muck. prince william county placed many of these families in shelters. >> i said this is your home
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now. i don't have any more home. >> even the shelter won't be home for much longer. the county says it is running out of money. it's asking for donations and looking for landlords with places to rent to help these families get pack on their feet. new at 11:00, prosecutors in prince william county say they will pursue felony charges against the teenage driver involved in an accident. christopher suarez hit a deer and then slammed into a tree. two 15-year-olds died in that crash. the driver and three other teenagers were hurt. nobody was wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident. also new at 11:00, former wizards player, javaris crittenton will return to face murder charges. he is accused of killing julian jones in a drive by. atlanta police say crittenton was fuely aiming at the person walking along with the mother of four when the shooting
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happened. last year, he pled guilty to a gun charge after that locker room altercation with then washington wizards teammate, gilbert arenas. the university of maryland police need your help to find this guy. he is a person of interest in a sexual assault case in college park. this one happened on september 9 in the leonardtown apartments near the university of maryland. officers say a woman woke up to find a man beside her in bed fondling her. she screamed, he jumped up and ran away. if you know anything about it, call the cops. college women are becoming the victim of abuse at an alarming rate. there isn't any clear reason why it's happening. >> we have not been doing research really on dating violence in young people. >> reporter: until now. the survey sponsored by the liz claiborne country took a poll of college women across the country. >> the findings are what we
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hate to hear. it's happening at very high rates. >> reporter: the survey looked at three different types of abuse. physical, sexual, and e emotional. the findings show 43% of college women experience violence or abuse in a relationship. more than 1 in 5 say they were hit or sexually abused, and more than 1/3 don't know how to get help. >> the statistics are scary also. sexual is one of the most underreported crimes, so the statistics probably aren't accurate, and it's probably worse than we think. >> reporter: according to her, the stigma of being abused keeps victims from speaking up. however, coming furled, and speaking about the abuse is the number 1 key to getting out of the relationship, according to experts. they call it forming a support group. >> i think most people find that once they talk to one person, it gets easier to, you
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know, bring others in, and get them as part of your team, who are really backing you up. >> reporter: in all, the research didn't include data on college men being victimized. experts say it does happen. a man shoots a mother point blank in the head, killing her, and then takes his own life, all before the eyes of that woman's 10-year-old boy. that's what police say happened this morning in the 14700 block of shiloh court as investigators stood over the body of brandy jones. distraught family members in disbelieve had to be led away. the child was not hurt. the islandty of the suspect in the killing has not been released. a maryland cemetery providing anything but solace for the families who have plots or have loved ones buried there. that from lynda cox. she visited a few days ago. when she got there, not only
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did she find the property woefully neglected, she discovered another person's headstone on other mother's burial plot. she believes they sold the plot she bought for her in 1994. >> i couldn't lay her to rest beside her husband, and that's wrong that's not there. >> i can't die. it's upsetting. it's upsetting. we want some answers. just the truth. >> apparently so does the state of maryland's office of cemetery oversight. the cemetery's previous owner already in jail, convicted of fraud. the next owner is also facing charges. recently, the property went into foreclosure. still ahead tonight. >> get out, get, out, get out. at that point, i thought we
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were going to die. >> drama at dulles, moments before a flight takes off, an emergency evacuation unfolds on the tarmac. what forced the chaos that caused a supreme court justice to jump from a plane? that's coming up.
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new information out of fort detrick in frederick. tonight, they're adamantly denying any kind of cover up. the base hired outside investigators and the army corps of engineers to go out through archives across the nation and figure out if anything might have been done over the years to contaminate the base. at least 80 neighbors have filed claims with the army, alleging that contamination has contributed to making them sick. she's the u.s. supreme court's oldest justice,
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battling cancer for two years and today, ruth bader ginsburg had to jump out of a plane. don't worry, she used the slide. a pilot on the united 586 noticed a problem with the engine, and ordered 179 passengers and 6 crew off. jody was one of the people onboard. >> i recall a feeling that there was an imminent emergency. she got everybody moving. there was some panic at that point. when we got to the ground -- >> only one person was hurt while exiting the plane on the emergency slide, and nobody else was injured. she snorted cocaine, smoked pot, slept with her husband's business partner, and had a one night stand against glen rice. all of those allegations raised in a new book about sarah palin. so far tonight, no comment from palin or her camp, but she may have to confront all of this,
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if she does enter the race for president. the book is called the rogue. searching for the real sarah palin, it's due out next week. you survived a hurricane, the earthquake and the flood, now a brand new menace. are you ready for the mosquitoes? that is a breeding ground for the tiger mosquitoes and all of its pesky cousins. what can you and i do about this? first of all, clean out your gutters, turn over any containers, get rid of any standing water, that sure would help. >> how many times have we heard you say that? >> here's the good news, at least it's mid-september, it's going to be cold and get rid of them. until then, get rid of the standing water. we had big storms from loudoun county and frederick county westward. we will zoom in to a couple of
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the storms, mainly light to moderate rain with these storms. still some lightning though. keep that in mind, loudoun county reported two house fires. a little moderate rain around urbana. light to moderate rain to damascus. we go will further south and west across the river. this is one pretty heavy storm kind of straddling route 66. we'll put the radar into motion and show where the storms are going to go in the next hour. you will see them drift slowly, generally to the northeast. most of it will stay north of the district tonight. if you're in montgomery county or fairfax county you will see some lightning.
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we have thunderstorms to the west. that is the second front that will usher in cool air. that's why we're keeping showers and storms in the forecast through tomorrow afternoon. the morning commute is going to be wet in some areas. i can't promise you in all areas. coming up 95 north toward d.c., you will probably be dry. coming down 270, you might encounter wet roads. the best chance for thunderstorms will be in the morning. then the thunderstorms will turn to showers in the afternoon. we'll begin to pick up the winds, begin to decrease in clouds in the afternoon. it's going to turn a little chillier. fall preview is on the way, big time. the coolest air of the season is on our doorstep. overnight, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. milder than the past couple of nights. a shower or thunderstorm possible. low of 65 to about 70. winds southwest 10. the direction should tell you the front is still to our west. in the morning, mostly cloudy. a thunderstorm possible.
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again winds south at 10. the front still to our west. the winds pick up tomorrow, you know the front is through. highs near 75. the winds kick out of the northwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. high temps pretty uniform because of the clouds and the showers. 76 in arlington. 76 in springfield. maybe 74 downtown. 75 in waldorf. 73 in fairfax, reston, sterling and toward middleberg and manassas. fairfax, 73, or 74. downtown, 74. mid- to upper 70s in southern maryland. with the winds kicking up, a small craft advisory in effect tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. the next seven days. showers and thunderstorms in the morning. cooler, than in pretty good
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shape, once the front clears. clouds will come in late on friday. only 69. on saturday, just a slight chance of a shower. these lows are downtown lows. if you've got 50s there, in the burbs, you know it's going to be the 40s. >> feeling like fall. >> want to get of the pesky mosquitoes. feeling pretty good about the starting running back. >> yeah, a nice pickup for them. we stole him this off-season. the cardinals gave up on tim high tower, now he plans to make them pay. what hes had a in store for -- what he has in store for his
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chances are you didn't pay much attention to harrisburg, or syracuse this year, unless stephen strasburg was making a rehab start there, but there was another guy named brad peacock, after he went 15-3, with a 2.3 e.r.a., he got promoted. making his first start tonight in new york. they say he's got an awesome curveball, and josh sateen would agree. 5 shutout innings, 2 hits for peacock. the offense? they didn't need much. jayson werth scores ryan zimmerman. two outs, two on for jose reyes, look at rick ankiel, saving the ballgame, with a walkoff diving catch, if you will. the nats blank the mets.
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2-0. maryland coach, randy edsall said we're going all black this week against virginia. how do you like the matted helmet? if you got fired from your job and then just two months later, you were working for another company and had the chance to stick it to your old boss, would you be licking your chops to do it? if you said no, congratulations, but you're probably in the minority. hightower would love to stick it to his old company, and he will have the chance on sunday. now the alexandria native wants to illustrate their mistake. >> i am going to have a hard time sleeping. i'm going to want to live here and prepare as much as i can. i want to win this game, and we're going to win this game, but i want to win this game.
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this one means a lot to me. laron landry still limited today with that hamstring injury. time for you to vote on our candidates for d.c. game of the week. among them, mcclain at fairfax, year 2 for natalie randolph, she will take on beliu. as great as it feels to catch a foul ball at a major league game. it's a lonely feel when you drop an easy one. as that guy, he even brought his glove and couldn't catch the can of corn. look at the giants broadcasters, they felt his pain and had a ball delivered to him. now go practice catching some flies at your local ball field. >> i thought they were going
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