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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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(buoy bell ringing) boa vista: we still don't know what derek was hit with. we didn't find any weapon at the scene. maybe derek here can help us out with that. boa vista: damn, those are some nice abs. this guy must have lived at the gym. where did he find time to squeeze in all the women? always time to squeeze in women. especially if they're paying. (scoffs) a lot of coagulated blood. probably suffered an intracranial hemorrhage. my guess is he would have bled out if the propane hadn't gotten to him first. got a little something in this wound. would you do me a favor and hand me the magnifying glass and tweezers, please?
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gracias. mm-hmm. yeah. are those dandruff flakes? maybe from our gigolo joe. his dandruff could have fallen onto the vic when he attacked him. care to take it to trace? thank you. the flakes are pvc plastic. but i can't think of anything made of pvc heavy enough to fracture a skull. what if it were part of a weapon? hmm? this may help. the flakes are coated with water and glycerin. why would that be on the outside of a weapon?
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it's not what's on the outside. it's what's on the inside. hmm. i'm totally lost. okay. when i was a little, my dad used to take me to the derby. i loved horses. and i would always beg him to buy me a horse. so my dad bought me a snow globe with a stallion on the inside. so, you're saying that the flakes we found on the body is actually snow from inside a snow globe? exactly. it's the water-glycerin mixture that makes the snow float. what if these leaked out when derek was hit on the head? what kind of guy brings a snow globe to attack someone? could be a woman. you know, joe did say that a lot of women give gifts to the gigolos. maybe one of the women bought it as a gift but ended up using it as a weapon. ♪
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really? ♪
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got paris here. vacation. perfect place to pick up a souvenir. right? "la tour d'argent, musee d'orsay, louvre, claudine cadeaux, bon marche. wait-wait-wait. go back. was that claudine cadeaux? it's "claudine's gifts." "maison du chocolat... uh... a boule de neige." "snow globe." that's the snow globe! whose statement is that? boa vista: it's gretchen, our housewife. ah! (sirens wailing) (indistinct radio transmission) i told you it's not here. i gave the snow globe to derek. he kept it in the cabana. anyone could have hit him with it. well, if that's the case, ms. cambridge,
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then you have nothing to worry about, right? caine: eric. sticky. (indistinct radio transmission)
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this hammer's got some white flakes on it. i'll bet you this was used to smash the snow globe. where's the trash? mrs. cambridge? do you recognize that? it's a piece of a snow globe. and can you tell me how it got that way? gretchen: i... uh... i, uh... i hit derek on the back of the head with it. you hit him on the back of the head? that's... that's strange, because derek was actually hit on the front of the head. mrs. cambridge, you are clearly covering for someone. gretchen: no, no, listen, you have to believe me. i'm telling you the truth. it's me. it's me. enough! enough.
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all right? no more lies. i suspected you were cheating on me, so i waited until you left the house, and i followed you. it couldn't have been you... you weren't... i came back from my business trip a day early. gretchen: that was amazing. derek: good night. caine: and that's when you confronted derek. i thought i could convince him to stop seeing her. just leave my wife alone. well, maybe if you paid better attention to her, she'd stop coming back to me. where did you get this? gretchen gave it to me.
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(groaning) steven: i saw you buy that snow globe when we were in paris. i just assumed it was for me. (sighs) and when i saw it at the cabana... i lost it. all those nights alone... all those endless business trips... i thought you stopped loving me.
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steven: i never did. i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. don't. mr. cambridge, one more question. did you break the valve on the fireplace before or after the attack on derek? i don't know what you're talking about. i didn't go anywhere near the fireplace. take him. i believe him. so do i. well, if he didn't cause the gas leak, that leaves one question. who did?
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♪ that's made of leather. simmons: that doesn't belong in a fireplace. are those traction ridges? they are. it's from the sole of a shoe. yeah, the killer must've left it behind after he kicked the valve. so we find the shoe that matches... we find the killer.
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borrowed technology from ferrari to develop its suspension system? or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system? magnetic ride control -- pioneered by cadillac, perfected in the 556-horsepower cts-v. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
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coming up tonight, they go into the bye week 3-1 after a win over the rams.
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we'll have locker room reactions. they are all in the national political spotlight and an unbelievable sight at the small festival when a plane crashes into a ferris wheel. we'll see you tonight after csi miami.
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(elevator bell dings) delko: h... i got something on the propane leak. based on the flow rate and the size of the cabana, it would've taken about two hours for the propane to become deadly. yeah, but there was no guarantee that derek would stay in there the entire time. okay... maybe the killer didn't plan to suffocate him. well, that's true, because i think they were counting on him to light the fireplace, to cause an explosion. that's a good plan in theory, except the victim
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would have smelled the gas and decided to leave. unless the killer knew he wouldn't. well, hector romero wouldn't have had a motive, then. 'cause he was making a lot of money off derek. he certainly was, which means somebody else knew about the propane. (sirens wailing) hang on a second, folks. we posted bail. they said i could leave. why do you want to talk to my dad again? i don't want to talk to your dad. i want to talk to you. you run the day-to-day operations at the hotel. yes, so? so, you would know that the propane was odorless. let me see your shoes, please.
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they're clean. they may be, but the foot isn't, is it? you just weren't wearing these shoes last night. you had open-toe shoes on? how do you know that? because you have frostbite. boa vista: it's from exposure to propane. from when you kicked the valve on the fireplace. (grunts) (gas hissing) want to tell us what happened? derek and i were seeing each other. what?! you were with that gigolo? i knew what he was, and i thought i could handle it. but then i kept seeing... those checks. here, babe. this should cover the rest of this week's rent. hmm.
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busy week. oh, i'm sorry. sorry enough to quit? we've been through this. i know. but um... i'm falling in love with you. me, too. i'm gonna hit the showers. (groans) luisa: i knew the next girl he brought in here, he'd light the fireplace and they'd both die. (grunting) caine: i hope you're satisfied.
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take her, please. come on. no, no. no, no, no. dad? ♪ ♪
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♪ (sinister laughing) that's not funny, walter. (cackling) come on! not funny! it's funny. no, it wasn't. thank you, walter.
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who saw this coming? the washington redskins hold on to win in st. louis since neither are sitting in first place, ahead of dallas and philadelphia. hello everybody, i'm bruce bruce -- bruce johnson, thank you for joining us this sunday. they could have been 4-0 had they been able to beat dallas
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last month. >> yes, that's the good news. and the 3-1 start is something that we would have liked to have been taking. the bad news is over the last three weeks the redskins offense has been averaging just over 18 points per game. while they did win this afternoon, it may have been against the worst team in football and certainly it was not convincing. not a great day for them at quarterback, though we did have a couple of moments, this is one of the big one, second possession, santana moss gets both out there, jumping out to an early 7-0 lead. a huge game for this man right here, who had been glued to the bench weeks one through three. he wasn't today. 135 yards on 19 carries including 20 on that touchdown. redskins lead 17-0 in the third, but the rams got within 7. they had a chance to draw even after the pick to james. the skins defense responded with only 7 sacks in the game. 17-10 final skins, 3-1.
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>> you know, you need to hold them, to get the ball in great field position, and you know, to come out of the end zone, to make some plays like we have. and that really says a lot about everyone. when you get a victory, you know, you need to appreciate the way that you get those 17 points. and so yeah, no doubt that we could improve and move over there. >> by the end of the day, we need to win. we know that we'll look out there and be hard on ourselves. we need to play better. we want to. we will enjoy this. they are happy about the win tonight, and not necessarily on how close it was against a very bad team and not thrilled with what he has been on in the last couple of weeks. much more when they join us on sports plus right after this newscast. it sounds like we will be talking about the quarterback change anyway. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. turning elsewhere, an outpouring of support for the victims of the devastating flood last month. he tells us tonight that most
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of the victims are still piecing their lives and their homes back together. >> so much was situated. >> a little more than three weeks after the holly acres trailer park was taken on by flood waters from tropical storm lee. >> we had seven families losing everything. 40 of the families that live here, they are still homeless. >> so they have lost all their furniture, all their household items, clothing. >> reporter: which is why today a benefit program was held. >> i have lost everything. >> and she says that the flood destroyed just about everything that she and her family owned. this is to raise funds for the family. >> she is with the wood bridge worker's committee, which organized today's fundraiser. saying many of the families have received donations of clothing and furniture from
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various charities. right now, many of them still need money. >> according to them, every penny donated will be given to the victims of the floods, who says that the workers committee will continue accepting donations for the foreseeable future. matt jablo, nine news now. >> another chilly night that means a chilly start for monday morning. we'll go over to meet i don't know ann ann with a look at what we can expect as we go back to work. >> you definitely need a good coat, an umbrella, maybe a scarf as you are headed out the door tomorrow morning. we're seeing very chilly temperatures once again. they are dropping. live doppler 9000 hd, looking at areas of light rain and some showers. nothing too intense right now. out to the west, we are seeing some light shower activity. some of these are actually turning into a mixture of snow and some rain, basically west of the divide. right now, temperatures in the
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upper 40s downtown. 45 in gaithersburg and mid-40s were winchester. for the rest of tonight, cloudy and chilly with some light rain, hey, you differently need your blankets tonight. lows in the 40s. west wind at 10 miles per hour. for your wake up weather tomorrow morning as you are starting off the workweek, the temperatures are in the 40s, it will feel chilly, it is not even cold for some folks that are out there by 9:00 and still only 44 to 49 degrees, don't forget your umbrella and a good jacket for tomorrow morning. i'll let you know when we dry out and see more sunshine and pleasant temperatures a little later, bruce, back to you. >> thank you. passengers will soon be paying more for a taxi ride in d.c. last week, they announced plans to remove the $19 cab fare. it means the meter keeps running no matter how long you ride, which is on top of any surcharges, extra bags, or additional passengers. a $1 gas surcharge, that remains in effect until november.
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they force the city to shut down a part of 10th street northwest. it all happened around noon today. and dpw was able to make repairs and reopen that street. there should be no impact on the morning commute, we're told. now, maryland and virginia are grabbing the national spotlight. today, the democratic governor was critical of the republican candidates, appearing on the cbs broadcast facing the nation. o'malley said that chris christie would bring tremendous entertainment value, but little substance should he enter the race. >> whatever the entertainment value that he might bring to the race and certainly tremendous entertainment value and basically if you like that there. but you know when it comes to being effective, creating schools and jobs and opportunities, his record in new jersey, they have not been a record of governing for effectiveness.
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he is now reconsidering his decision. in the meantime, the virginia governor has strong criticism from president obama today, appearing on nbc's meet the press. mcdonald said that the president has not been positive enough about america, saying he's been anti-business. it is very much anti-business. i mean, doing business in china. the president of google is saying that all the regulation from washington is stifling innovation. well, i don't think that this is the right approach to be able to recapture the american dream. we need to be more positive about what a great nation we've got. i don't hear that from this white house. >> the governor says that president obama should not blame others of his jobs bill that is not well received in congress. it could come tomorrow, and an appealed verdict that would free amanda knox from her prison in italy when she has
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been serving time for murder. the former college student was convicted four years ago of killing her british roommate. tomorrow, knox and her former boyfriend will address the jury to once again proclaim their innocence. the prosecution's case began unraveling this summer when the judge ordered the scientific panel to review all the evidence. concluding that the dna evidence in the case was unreliable. we've got an update for you tonight from yemen where al qaeda chief's bomb maker is apparently still alive. they have said that the bomb maker may have been killed early friday alone with two american-born members of al qaeda. the top officials in yemen said that he was not killed in that u.s. drone strike. local families are mourning the loss of a husband and a father killed in afghanistan recently. he was injured by rocket fire when insurgents attacked his unit. the 32-year-old soldier died a day later. his wife and the couple's two
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young sons live in virginia. tune arrangements are still spending, but they said that he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. in australia, some scary moments with the ultra light plane crash into a ferris wheel as horrified parents watched from the ground. happening 200 miles north of sydney. the plane was leaking fuel as it dangled from the ferris wheel, more than 30 feet aboveground. they were trapped, along with some children who were on the ride when the plane crashed. they might have realized that. >> yes. and to go out, then i was like no. [ laughter ] >> we found out that we had kids in the one next to us, and to get the kids out there.
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no one seriously hurt. we're told that it took more than 90 minutes to get the trapped children to the ground. the pilot and passenger were brought down to safety as well. still ahead on nine news now this sunday night. >> just set up whatever support and modification for our son to go to his home high school. the battle may be over for where a down syndrome kid will hope for school. we'll have that story coming up. >> i'm scared, our mommy is in trouble. our mommy is passed out. >> also tonight, a little boy making all the right moves to help save his mom. that story coming up next. stay with us.
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