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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 7, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: i can't believe you aw when the drawing of the cat got
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eat twin drawing of the shark. tonight we learned something very important. we learned to introduce geoff peterson as the next president of the united states. geoff? geoff: ladies and gentlemen, i give you deeds, not pants. that's all i got. craig: that's it? that's terrible. geoff: i haven't written the whole thing out yet. craig: do that thing -- bone you can trust. geoff: a bone you can trust. craig: in your pants, everybody. [applause]
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. this is 9news now. it was an unprovoked attack with a crowbar that shattered a man's jaw right in the middle of a dupont circle area and tonight there is anger. >> anger because he tells us police have ignored his case for days leaving him wounded and
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bewildered. delia gongalves has the story we will only see on 9. there is some language that some could find offensive. >> he hit me so hard but he said pray for your life [ bleep ] . >> reporter: daniel's jaw was wired shut. ct scans showing multiple fractures to your jaw, a torn cheek and severed nerves. >> my jaw was all the way down here and they struck me a couple times. my ear was still ringing here. and there was a lot of blood coming out of my mouth. >> terrible for a mother to watch somebody else go through this. >> reporter: daniel's mother has been caring for him in her rockville home administering a cocktail of meds. >> in case of choking or suffocation so they can cut their own wires. >> reporter: to add to their trauma, the family has returned to the crime scene to look for clues, they say something police never did. the first phone call they received from a detective was
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just yesterday. >> i felt we were left hanging and that this was just not a priority. and then here he is damaged maybe the rest the his life. >> reporter: the key to solving this crime lies right here at the scene and inside the one or two surveillance cameras that could have captured the assault. >> finding out more information on the footage which would be interesting to see. >> we did all of the detective work. all they have to do is follow up. >> reporter: in rockville, delia gongalves, 9news now. >> a police spokesperson says the investigation will include getting that surveillance video. however, they could not explain why the victim was not contacted until four days later. closure and justice are words you might use when a guilty verdict comes down in the murder of a 2-year-old child. but those are far from the mind from the family. today they found carmela dela
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rosa guilty of throwing her granddaughter to her death. she had pleaded not guilty but the jury didn't buy it. when the verdict was read, there were tears in the courtroom but no sense of victory. >> i thought the case was a difficult case from both sides and so nothing really surprises me in the jury system. i'm disappointed. >> she was really a mean and angry person. depression played a role, but it wasn't an excuse for killing a child. >> they recommended 35 years in prison. a judge will issue a formal sentence come january. tonight a heart wrenching question. how did a baby end up unresponsive and in the hospital. >> they found the 11-month-old inside a car but it was not parked in front of anybody's home. brittany morehouse joins us live to explain. >> reporter: vienna police are heading up the investigation, but by now we know fairfax county detectives are involved. i spoke with the baby's mother who is right now at children's
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medical center at her infant's side where the baby boy is fighting for his life. now, police tell us he was being taken to vienna to reston by a caretaker. by the time they arrived, he was unresponsive. he was flown to children's medical center where he remains in intensive care. at this point we don't know the nature of their investigation. all the police will tell us at that point is that this is an active case. reporting live outside vienna police headquarters, i'm brittany morehouse, 9news now. a jeep runs over a man in dc and kills him. tonight police say this was no accident. right now officers are looking for that burgundy jeep or one that looks like that and it would have heavy front end damage. it all went down this afternoon. police say two men got into a fight and then one of them jumped into that jeep and ran over the other one. the driver actually jumped the curb just to hit the victim, and he killed him. then he drove off, but not
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before hitting two other cars. nobody else was hurt. well, their presence is loud and robust and their wish list is long. well, tonight thousands of protestors pledging to occupy dc in hopes of affecting change are staging an overnight sit in down at freedom plaza. ken molestina is live there right now. and, ken, the big question tonight is, of course, as it's been all along, what do these folks really want. >> reporter: . >> reporter: yes, derek, this is all part of the same movement in new york to occupy wall street. those effects are now being felt here, specifically these folks want an end to war. they want to tax more of the rich people in this country, the people they claim are rich and they want more jobs. thousands marched on to washington's freedom plaza with their signs and chants. the protestors are hoping to send in their message. >> i would like to see health care for all.
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>> we want war to end. >> you're making money to the point where you're taking it from other people, that's not good. >> reporter: there's a laundry list f of demands they claim are interrelated. >> we're spending all of our resources killing people in afghanistan. killing people in iraq. doing strikes in pakistan. that directly affects jobs here. that directly affects health care. >> reporter: the movement to occupy d c and wall street by this group has been compared by many to the same tactics used by the tea party to pressure republicans. and for those who want more taxes imposed on the rich, you might be in their bulls eye. >> it's one of the greatest concentrations of wealth in the world, and it's not just washington dc. it's montgomery county, bethesda, chevy chase, mcclane and fairfax county. >> reporter: back out live here, a look at freedom plaza. the protestors right now have quieted down for the evening. a lot of them sort of winding down and putting their signs down and resting up.
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they have been able to obtain a permit by u.s. park police to stay here until sunday. however, there is a caveat there. if they are found to be sleeping here, then they will be woken up because that, of course, is a vieltions of the law. we're live -- violation of the law. we're live. >> thank you, ken. tonight dc police need your help to find a missing child. the 9-year-old kalista kelly was last seen yesterday. police think the little girl may be with her mother, cynthia kelly, but is not the child's legal guardian. she was wearing a tan skirt, blue shirt and a black coat. you can see her picture there. if you have seen her, call police. we have an update now on two sexual assaults near the metro station. a third crime, an armed robbery might have been the work of the same man who attacked the women. all have taken place near silver road, all three within the past month and all three involving a
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man carrying a gun. women in this area are understandably on edge. >> it's terrible that you can't even get on a train and do what you're supposed to do and go about your merry way. >> are you watching your step closer. >> i am. definitely am. looking over my shoulder. >> police say they, too, have stepped up patrols in the area and they're making hard to make an arrest. gannett ceo has resigned. madrey magner has been named chairman of the board. president obama says unemployed americans need help and they need it now. >> this is not a game. this is not the time for the usual political gridlock. >> fielding questions from reporters today, the president defended his hitting the road to sell his $447 billion jobs bill. he insists he tried to find middle ground with the republicans but that got nowhere.
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the president says he will continue to take his case directly to the voters, but republicans believe he's really only focused on campaigning for reelection. not on helping the nation's economy. >> i would love nothing more than to see a congress act so aggressively that i can't campaign against them as a do nothing congress. >> gop lawmakers are pushing back against the president's proposals to raise taxes. the president is asking his congressional rifles to come up with -- rivals to come up with something better if they don't like his idea. detectives are questioning a man whose behavior mid light rattled passengers. a man from saudia arabia paced the cabin and then tried to open the cockpit door in the air. another passenger grabbed him and took him back to his seat. here is another passenger on door, a doctor from bethesda. >> it was concerning rather than
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threatening. and i think once the guy was in his seat, none of us were going to let him get out of it. but we also weren't going to overreact and tackle someone to the ground and get him tied up. none of us thought that was necessary. >> the plane landed safely in indianapolis. the young man through from saudia arabia to cutter before arriving in the u.s.. he speaks little english and was not on any terrorist watch list. they have filed no criminal charges at last check. the parents of a missing 10-month-old girl have stopped working with investigators. they had said the baby was abducted from their home sometime monday night or early tuesday after her mother put her in her crib before the father got home from work. well, since then they have been making emotional pleas for the little girl's return. but police say they're surprised the parents have stopped cooperating in this case. >> from an investigative standpoint, we've enjoyed their
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cooperation so far. it's been very beneficial. >> in a statement read to reporters by the sister, we want the public to know we have never stopped cooperating with police. a chilly forecast. your wakeup weather takes you down into the 50s. we'll warm it up tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. i'll have full details and your forecast coming up. still ahead tonight, when you're on facebook or twitter you know people see what you post, but who is watching may alarm you. >> insurance companies. they're charging customers and cancelling plans for posts
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. the next time you post something on your facebook or your twitter account, you may want to ask yourself what would my insurance company think about this. you see, that's because we found out that they may be monitoring your social media pages and could even use what you post to
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raise your premium or even deny your claim. kurt nordman never dreamed these pictures he posted on facebook would create such huge problems. it shows him drinking beers with his buddies at the beach but the investigators paying his workmen's comp benefits were watching his account and soon after that insurance company cancelled his payments, cut off his medical benefits and kurt had to delay surgery to repair his shoulder. >> i was extremely surprised they could just go on your facebook and pull these pictures out. >> more and more insurance companies are social media mining. depending on your privacy settings, they can see every tweet, facebook photo. and if they think you're a risky type of person, you can find yourself paying higher premiums or if they think you're faking an injury, you could face coverage cancellation. >> insurance fraud costs the insurance industry and consumers
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about $30 million each year. >> private investigator steve davis is hired by insurance companies to root out suspicious claims. the first place he checks is social media accounts. he's found pictures of this guy, apparently pulling kids around on an atv while collecting disability insurance for an injury. and this woman is tagged in photos taking helicopter flying lessons, yet she was claiming to be severely injured. >> if you're going to claim that you have a severe injury and you post pictures of you doing something crazy, then shame on you. you shouldn't have those pictures on you and shame on you for committing insurance fraud. >> this is my mri report. >> meanwhile, kurt fought his insurance company and won. he does have this warning. >> be real careful. >> the key first of all is don't lie. secondly, make sure your privacy settings are all up-to-date. for tips on how to change your
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privacy settings, you can go over to our website a woman in iowa tonight says she is alive tonight because of her 4-year-old son. she collapsed because of low blood sugar. >> were you scared. >> a little. >> but not too scared to call 911. >> yes. >> my mommy doesn't feel good. i think i need to call 991. no. i think i need to be super hero. she's not feeling good. she's going to drink some juice but -- >> how old are you? >> she passed out. >> how old are you? >> four. >> four. >> yes. >> do you remember one and one nine. i pushed the phone. >> he sure did. now, sometimes he gets the numbers a little mixed up. but he got the 911 right that time when his mom collapsed. she woke up to find paramedics around her and she is doing just
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fine tonight. sky9 flew over a mobile home park heavily damaged by all of the flooding last month. now home improvement contractors have gotten the okay to come to the rescue. he has donated money for the project and plans to give back any leftover funds to people misplaced by the flooding. the good news is our weather has taken a turn back to summer. but check this out. it is weather taking a definitive turn towards the wintery. that is a storm that hit northern california. dumped a foot of snow high in the sierra mountains. half a foot further down the slopes, i'm fantasizing ski wise. unfortunately they tell us it's all going to melt because the warmer temperatures are going to come back. >> you fant size away. >> looking at the calendar, we're going to have plenty of time for skiing later on. a little sunshine. a little warmth. >> how does the weekend look?
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>> the weekend looks great. a lot of folks are going to have columbus day off, so the extended four day forecast. but for us for today, we saw temperatures a little bit below average. many of us stayed in the upper 60s or even low 70s. we were very hard to reach in the afternoon. current temperatures have dropped off signaturely. we are already -- significantly. we are already plummeting down. the lows are going to make it down into the 40s for some locations. this is what you need to know getting up and getting going tomorrow morning. it will be cool. so grab that jacket if you step outside. we'll see milder temperatures for tomorrow. not a significant warmup, but we'll add a couple of degrees into the afternoon. in the meantime, the warmer weekend is something definitely to look forward to, especially if you have that extra day off. we can't keep the rain off for too long. the extended forecast is going to bring back a little moisture but no snow for us. thank goodness. overnight we're looking at clear
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skies and calm winds. that allows our temperatures to really drop down. we're talk about the middle 40s for the out lying areas, especially off towards the hills of virginia. and then as we get a little closer out towards the suburbs, we're talking about the upper 40s and 50 in town. the light winds are going to prevail throughout the day tomorrow, but i think we'll have enough sunshine to get us quickly out of those 50s. i would say about the 10:00, 11:00-hour most of us will start moving in towards the 60s. so here is how we look for tomorrow afternoon. sunny and pleasant. definitely a great day to get out and enjoy a midday walk. maybe take your lunch outside. low to mid 70s. going to feel quite nice with low humid. here is the temperatures across the board. i'm expecting 75 through manassas. we'll see close to 74 from baltimore -- from washington national airport up towards the gaithersburg area. we'll also see some warmer temperatures down towards the south. here is how we look. the day planner for tomorrow, definitely a jacket as you move
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on out. mostly sunny skies. we might see patchy fog early in the morning, but it will be sparse. most of us will be okay for the morning commute. by the 5:00-hour, you're going to need the sunglasses and the jackets will be history as we move into the middle range 70s for most of us. the next three days are looking fantastic. lower to mid 70s for friday. we'll push the upper 70s. very close to the 80-degree mark by saturday afternoon. but sunday definitely hitting the lower 80s. and we'll see 80s as well into monday. the seven-day forecast is holding off on the rain opportunity. there will be another front coming through, and you can see it clearly here when the rain begins to fall tuesday night into wednesday and then hibd the front our -- behind the front our temperatures are going back down. 80s this time of year always a treat. >> it is. >> and i'm looking at the next week, is that thunderstorm action that's coming around? >> we're going to get some thunderstorms moving on in. not severe weather, but enough
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to hear a little rumble. >> a little thunder. >> okay. going to enjoy the weekend though. >> absolutely. sounds great. well, it has been seven very short years filled with a lot of really great memories. he's always brought us the best highlights and he even made us laugh most every night. on our off camera. >> tonight we take a look back at what has been by far the best sports in town
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and the time has come for us to say our goodbyes at least on our to brett haber. >> before we do that, we have to take a stroll down memory lane and you have to know that just because brett covers sports does not necessarily mean he's good at sports. [ laughing ] >> it's a whole different thing. take a look. >> do you need a hug? >> i thought you would never ask. >> there is topper. [ laughing ] >> he has a little extra small shirt there. don't get cocky, because if you stumble, if you fall, a giant
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headed john mccain is going to pedal up behind you and steel the rains. [ laughing ] >> you're going to try to be funny again. >> can i have a bathroom pass. >> your humor never works. >> hector, you can get me to shak's house. >> it's him. shak. you got any tickets to the game? donald. >> i'm not sure what just happened. >> 65. >> you're letting him do this, rookie. bring it, city boy. go. is it one, pearl two. >> pearl two. >> i'm six feet, maybe six foot one if i wear my stiletto heels. that means you're 6'8". so look into the camera and tell the people of washington that you're 8 or 9 inches taller than
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me. >> he's on his tip ee toes right now. >> that's not true. >> get the front foot in on the breaking stuff. extend the arms. don't step in the buckets and you'll be great. the push is on to avoid -- i can't do this. teddy. teddy. do you believe this is the year the street finally ends. can you comment on the accusations that jefferson and lincoln are on the loose. when we're done, can you teach me how to make an afghan? >> absolutely. >> cool. >> one minute. >> we'll be right back. >> that is some kind of code thing. >> it's a shawl. >> i thought it was a dog. >> it's also a dog, but i wouldn't wear a dog. [ laughing ] >> i want to say something before i leave. the last seven years have been a joy for me. i work with all evidence to the contrary the most talented and
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committed professionals in all of local news. their creativity has constantly inspired me and there is no jokes there. i owe our sports team more than they'll ever know. thank you, guys. leaving this place was a hard decision for me but also an easy one. hard because i'm stepping away from a great place and great people. but easy because i'm going to do something i love. i'll be a host and play-by-play announcer for tennis channel. also an editor for washingtonian magazine. i'll be here in dc. the decision was easier because after 20 years of working 3:00 p.m. to midnight, now i get to see my family. homework time, dinner time, bedtime is now our time. and that is a big no brainer. thanks dc for the love, the support, for all your eyeballs and for being our home. you will remain our home forever. we're not going anywhere. and thank you guys. thank you. and excuse me. i'm going to give you a hug. but i was going to give her a kiss which is better. >> all right. >> sugar.
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>> thank you. >> all the best. many good things to come. >> we never knew exactly what was going to happen on here. but i always knew haber could handle it. you are the man, sir. >> we will be right back.


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