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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it transfers the temperature a lot more. let's get you started with a look at the day planner today. because that threat for showers and storms will be with us. not an all day rain but the threat here noon, 68. a few showers. 5:00, 71. maybe a couple of storms again. right now, we're at 65 and cloudy at reagan national. looking at live doppler 9000 hd, we've got some things to talk about here. we'll go in first, east of town, relatively quiet. north of town, this thunderstorm here in eastern montgomery county, this is showing signs of weakening. north and east of laytonsville. a little bit of lightning and thunder with that. extends back toward rockville and fairfax county. lighter showers around potomac, maryland. clearing out in prince william for the moment. fauquier has lighter showers as well. then a new thunderstorm. this one now producing lightning and thunder between dolby and anbar headed toward riverside and may be welcome here in the next 15 or 20 minutes as it crosses into charles county. that's about the heftiest thing
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we have to show you. mid to upper 60s. 65 in washington. 67 in southern maryland and along the bay going into the low 70s. monika? >> we're getting word of a serious accident north of town near hagerstown, eastbound 11 at i-70 just east of 81. be aware of that. i'll keep you posted on that situation again right near hagerstown on the northside. here's what it looks like on the beltway closer in. you've got the slow traffic on the outer loop. let's take a live look at connecticut avenue. just ahead at this point, word of a couple of separate accidents between route 355 and georgetown road, a couple of cars spun out as well. wet roads and heavy rain that came down earlier. let's go back over to 270 or the beltway in college park. this is where you're going to hit some delays. heading over into silver spring, the lanes are open in this stretch and on the south side of town as well. let's take you over to the next picture. across the 14th street bridge on the northbound side of 395,
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it will be the slow traffic around duke street. an accident just reported eastbound on pennsylvania avenue near the sousa bridge and that's blocking the center of the roadway. coming up in my next report, an update around the area at 6:12. back to you, surae and andrea. >> we're following breaking news out of montgomery county. a woman is found dead inside her home and now her 11-year- old son is missing. >> this story has been unfolding over the last few hours. kristin fisher is live in germantown with the very latest information, especially on this amber alert. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. homicide detectives have been on the scene here since 10:00 last night. and they're still here working hard. they've identified the victim, the mother, 51-year-old jane mcquain. her 11-year-old son, william mcquain is still missing. that's what the amber alert is for. joining me now to talk about this case is captain paul starks with the montgomery county police department. thanks for being with us.
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let me just start by asking you how did you find out about this woman? >> well, at about 2:15 yesterday afternoon, a friend of hers reported her missing to officers out of the second district in bethesda. they took the report and provided that information to detectives in the fifth district in germantown. after they received that report, they came to her residence, knocked on the door, received no answer and then made their way in through the sliding glass door with is i acance from fire rescue. -- with assistance from fire rescue. >> when did this happen? how did she die? do we have any information about that at this time? >> well, we are investigating this death as a homicide. but we have to wait for the medical examiner to provide us more details on that. the time line is something that we're trying to work with as well. this investigation is still very fresh. we're hoping with daylight hours, business hours, we'll be able to contact more family, friends, business associates
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and narrow that time line down. >> hopefully some of the people might be able to shed light on her 11-year-old missing son, william mcquain. what do we know about him? >> that's the other important issue. first of all, it anybody believes they know where he is or they see him or that vehicle, we want them to call 911 immediately. don't take any action. let us get there and resolve the situation, determine what it really is. we don't know. we have to determine what that time line is as well. right now, the report is september 30th, that was the last time he was seen. we want to confirm that as well. >> ten days ago. any idea in terms of motive, suspect? >> it is still very early. detectives are keeping a wide open scope. they want to look at every possibility right now and not miss a clue or not miss any information that will help them resolve this crime quickly. >> ok, captain paul stark, thanks so much for being with us. i want to go over one more time, the missing vehicle. it is a vehicle of the mother
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that we found dead here at the seneca knolls condominium complex in germantown. her vehicle missing, black 2011 honda crv with maryland tag 5ag9405. if you have seen this vehicle or if you have seen 11-year-old william mcquain, you're asked to call montgomery county police crimestoppers, 1-866-411- tips. surae, andrea? >> thank you, kristin. so sad the little boy is missing and has lost his mother. kristin fisher live this morning in germantown. they will be counting up the damage from this house fire in beltsville, maryland that happened just after 1:00 this morning at the maryland farm condominiums along cherry hill road. it began in the kitchen of one apartment and spread. fortunately, no one was hurt. bullets fly inside a california hair salon with deadly results. eight people were killed and a woman is in critical condition after a gunman stormed the shop and opened
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fire. >> police caught 42-year-old scott decray shortly after the shootings. he was dressed in full body armor. authorities say the suspect's ex-wife worked at the salon in seal beach, california. investigators say the couple was in a custody battle over their son. warned her and said he was going to do something like this. >> seal beach, california had its last homicide four years ago. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder is facing a subpoena, a congressman wants to know what holder knew and when he knew it in a case dubbed fast and furious. that was a gun tracking operation which allowed the illegal sale of guns from the atf in hopes of tracking mexican drug cartels. republican congressman darrell issa wants to review the communication about the operation between the justice department and the white house. no comment yet from the justice. and the would-be underwear bomber will be sentenced to prison in january.
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umar farouk abdul mutallab pleaded guilty yesterday to hiding a bomb in his underwear then trying to detonate it on a flight from amsterdam to detroit. it happened on christmas day two years ago. he said it was retaliation for the killing of muslims worldwide. d.c. mayor vincent gray is asking the city council to review a law that lets police arrest you just for driving with expired license plates, even if your plates are from outside the district. we told you about this crackdown last week. several people from maryland, virginia, and other states have been arrested. city council chair kwame brown says the council could take up the changes by next week. nothing worse than being away for a month and you land back in the city. you get in your car to go to work and you forget your tag is expired then the police locks you up. that's not what this was -- what this bill was intended to do. >> the crackdown got a response from senator jim webb.
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the virginia democrat wrote an open letter to mayor gray suggesting the city had better ways to spend its money. 6:08. jessica doyle is back with another "your money" report. >> you have another report out on the safety of children's booster seats. >> if you have a child between the ages of 4 and 8, you know what this is. this is a booster seat. the booster seats are designed to help boost your kid up a tad so that adult seat belts can do their jobs for the little ones but a new study shows some of the seat boosters may be doing some harm. in fact, the institute -- the insurance institute for highway safety says half of children's car booster seats aren't good enough to fit properly with safety belts. they do work pretty well. children age 4 to 8 are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash than those using only seat belts but our partners at "usa today" report if the seat belt isn't properly fitted, children can hit parts of the vehicle in a crash. they can even have internal
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organs sliced by these belts. four booster seats made by evenflo and two by costco were rated so poorly that iihs recommended consumers do not use them. you can see them right there on the screen. but some seats are doing really, really well. the iihs applauded harmony juvenile products with all five of its seats being named a best bet. this is the eddie bauer model. this was also a best bet. there were 31 rated that were considered a best bet. that's good for consumers. what you want to make sure that the belt crosses evenly across the child's shoulder and sits evenly across the lap. if the booster is not doing that, it is time to buy another booster seat. >> very good. >> more research in looking specifically for those. >> very critical if you're
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looking for the first booster seat. >> thank you. >> thanks, jessica. >> southern maryland and the eastern shore of maryland, they're running out of phone numbers so a new area code is coming to help out. it will be area code 667. it will be added to people already dialing 410 and 443 numbers. existing numbers won't change. it will affect people in anne arundel, calvert, carroll and howard counties. the new digits will be in place by next march. that will be 667. all right, the time is 6:10. there is a lot more coming your way in the next half hour of 9news now. >> in four minutes, the latest on the alleged terror plot by iran aimed to be carried out here in washington. there are some who think that iran needs to pay. >> a big vote by metro could change up service in virginia and hopefully make things better. >> up next, howard has our thursday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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6:13. live doppler 9000 hd. showing the storms up around howard county and montgomery county. storm coming out of king george into charles county with all of the red. lightning out of that one, that thunderstorm moving up into charles county as we speak. a few showers and storms around. we'll see a day where it won't rain all day. the threat for showers and storms on and off. high temperatures only into the lower 70s. andrea? >> thank you, howard. this morning, saudi arabia says iran must pay for its alleged plot to kill a saudi ambassador
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here in washington. this he didn't care if they took out innocent americans as part of the plan. >> the plot has some americans calling for action against iran as well. gary nurenberg has the story. >> technically, it is an act of war. we need to take a tough response that raises the cost of this behavior to the cost where they wouldn't consider doing it again. >> the administration is consulting with allies on appropriate u.n. security council response and has imposed new sanctions on an airline. we're committed to holding the iranians accountable. >> the interest office here on wisconsin avenue, they and the rest of the world are still waiting to see what the administration means when it says holding the iranians accountable. >> we're clearly focused on working through economic measures, sanctions as well as diplomatic measures to isolate iran. >> it would be a mistake to rule out a military response because you know, endless ticky-
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tack sanctions are not going to impact the iranian regime. >> jim phillips of the conservative heritage foundation. >> i was the -- after the nuclear program, that's what they value the most. air strikes on their nuclear weapons program. >> what would be the result of that escalation to us in the united states? >> well, i think the initial result would be chaos on the world oil markets, much higher oil prices. and unfortunately, very adverse economic consequences. >> not an administration option so far but -- >> in this arena, we take no options off the table. >> delicate line, be too soft and encourage iran to do this or something like it again, blow up a nuclear weapons facility and risk blowing up an economy that is struggling as it is. gary nurenberg, 9news now. all right, the white house is getting ready tonight for a big state dinner. the guest of honor is south
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korean president. this is video from a state dinner in january. china was honored then. this dinner will be a mix of business and fun. the business talk about a big trade pack between the u.s. and south korea. the fun, the dinner will include a live twitter feed from the ceremony. >> all of the guests will come in doing that? >> that will be the red carpet? >> that's the fun. >> it is a new age, howard. >> it is still raining. new age or not. >> bus stop forecast. it is cloudy, cool. showers, drizzle, fog. visibilities in some spots down a half-mile. with temps in the upper 50s to upper 60s. sunrise not for another hour or so. our day planner today, mid-60s to start. upper 60s by noon. highs in the low 70s.
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might make mid-70s south and southeast of town. winds east to southeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. the threat with us all day. look at the satellite and radar combined. it has been relatively quiet east and west of us. right up and down the i-95 corridor. we've been seeing the showers and storms this morning. up to the north, we're seeing less activity but coming out of -- over toward riverside, heavier thunderstorm pulling in toward charles county. this will track up just along 301 through charles county and up into prince george's county as we go a little bit later into the rush hour. 62 in rockville this morning. columbia also 62. andrews has had dense fog and 64. upper 50s in loudoun county. 63 in fairfax. national, 64. humidity, 100%. with the drizzle and light rain going on right now and a north- northeast wind at 6 miles per hour. weak area of low pressure helping to keep us a little busy this morning.
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we'll watch that pull north and east. at the same time, cold front tracks in from the ohio valley. here we are this evening. still with scattered showers and storms around. tonight into tomorrow morning, a little quieter. this front tries to rush a little behind it. midday on friday with showers and storms. then this will get out of here by late friday. winds shift northwesterly. that dries us out and gives us a good weekend. today, showers and storms at times. 72. back in the 60s tonight. low 70s again friday with a few more showers and storms ending late. saturday, sunny, cooler. 66. sunday looks great. got outdoor plans this weekend? maybe going to see the great race there out at great meadows, the big horse race going on this weekend. 75 again on monday. >> nice to have something to look forward to. >> i'm definitely giving it the yellow light if not red pretty soon. we have a very serious accident on the northside of town. here's what the beltway looks like. some of the interstates. you can see the heavy traffic.
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i just got off the phone with sergeant howard, washington county sheriff's office who tells me this is a fatal accident on route 11, just east of i-70 with a single vehicle involved there. just getting on the scene trying to figure everything out. be aware of that right near hagerstown. let's take a look at 270 live right now. heavy traffic from about route 80 down to 121 and then again through rockville. an accident on the northbound side at montrose road on the shoulder. back over now to the beltway in college park. look at how heavy it is. both loops of the beltway. we've had the rain and the fog on the east side of town. slowing things down here on the outer loop heading into silver spring. a live look at the northbound side of 395 here at the 14th street bridge. overall delays on 95 to the occoquan river. off and on through 395 through landmark. more on the accident up in hagerstown at 6:25. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, monika. it is 6:19. next in sports, texas moved one win closer to the world series
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welcome back. 6:23. howard here with your weather first. live doppler 9000 hd this morning, we've had some showers and thunderstorms. drizzle and fog. half-mile visibility out toward dulles. look at the storms coming out of king george into southern charles county now. they're pretty heavy there. heavy downpours in montgomery county. a lot weaker but still around
6:24 am
derwood, a heavy downpour going on there. today, showers and storms at times. not an all day rain. temperatures will struggle to get into the lower 70s. surae and andrea? >> thank you, howard. in sports, the texas rangers can win their second straight american league pennant with a victory today. >> they now have a three-games to one lead in the alcs. game four last night in detroit, the rangers led 3-2 in the 7th. that's when the tigers brandon hit a solo home run to left. the game was tied at 3-3. it went to the 11th inning. texas catcher napoli broke the tie with an rbi single to center. nelson cruz would seal it with a three-run homer. rangers win 7-3. game five this afternoon in detroit. the last time, the last chance for the tigers. >> over in the national league game three between the cardinals and brewers, st. louis scored four runs in the first inning capped off by david and his rbi double to right. the cardinals bullpen didn't give up a hit over four innings. st. louis tops milwaukee 4-3
6:25 am
and leads the series two games to one. game four is tonight. just two games into the season and the capitals are ready to take on the rivals, the penguins. d.c. skates up to pittsburgh. the caps are unbeaten so far this season. well, d.c. united playoff's hopes aren't looking too good. the team was in vancouver facing the whitecaps. the goal in the 46th minute was the game winner. united falls 2-1. d.c. hosts chicago this saturday. it is 6:25. next, another check on our breaking news. a woman killed in germantown and now her 11-year-old son is missing. we'll get a live report. also, a real failure to communicate. ahead, the latest on the blackberry e-mail outages affecting millions of people. >> right now, monika has a quick check of traffic. >> we're looking at a map. fatal accident happened near hagerstown, route 11 at i-70. take 68 to 632.
6:26 am
more on that, the rain and the fog coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. she notices when my skin's rough.
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showers and storms, plain old drizzle and fog like we've got around in other areas this morning. our day planner -- excuse me, live doppler 9000 hd you're looking over toward welcome and heavy thunderstorm moving off toward the northeast there. this is going at about 25 miles per hour. waldorf, get ready. temperatures aren't going to be moving much at all today. they'll be moving off toward the northeast at about 25 miles per hour. and let's just get moving on the weather computer. expecting temperatures in the mid-60s at 9:00. by noon, upper 60s, east to southeast wind. about 5 to 10 miles per hour with readings, the bigger picture anyway, temperatures only in the low 70s for highs. look at the showers and storms we had in rockville moving into howard county. those have diminished. heaviest ones in southern maryland. looks like in spots at least for the next couple of hours, we'll be a little bit on the damp side. that wet weather and fog causing problems with the commute. monika samtani is inside with your timesaver traffic.
6:31 am
>> you're right, howard. we're specifically talking about the northside of town with a fatal accident. that's why i've given it the red light. i'm going to take you straight to a map and show you what's going on closer to hagerstown. i was on the phone with authorities. route 11 at i-70 is where the accident happened. single vehicle accident with authorities on the scene trying to assess the situation. in the meantime, i suggest you take route 68 to 632 to get around it. let's take a live look at the beltway in college park. it is 6:31 in the morning. you'll have to deal with this for about a half hour on the outer loop. the stretch westbound over into silver spring. about 30 minutes for that ride. we'll take you over to the dulles toll road at route 28. howard tells me although you can't see much here, it is about a half a mile visibility with the fog now in this area west of town. we'll wind a live look at 395 and 95 where you've got slow traffic basically beginning in dale city, springfield and here on 395, it will be the beltway up to seminary road.
6:32 am
at least for now this morning, fingers crossed, i'm not hearing about any big traffic problems on 395. before i go, i have a commuter alert. it is a big day for the feature of metro. today, metro will vote on proposed changes to the orange and blue lines. the change would reroute some of the blue line trains from front cone ya springfield across the yellow line bridge to l'enfant plaza. that would ease the orange crush east at rosslyn by allowing more orange lines from vienna. it would improve the commute of more than 108,000 riders a day. they'll vote on new station names and changes to its iconic map. if you had gone online a little while ago, you were allowed to go in and vote and have your say on the changes. i did it! >> shorten some of the names. >> that's with a they're going to do. >> monika, thank you. >> now to our breaking news story we've been tracking all morning long. a woman is killed in her
6:33 am
germantown, maryland home. >> the woman's 11-year-old son is missing. kristin fisher is live in germantown to give us an update on what police are talking about right now. >> you know, montgomery county homicide detectives have been on the scene here at the seneca knolls condominium complex in germantown for almost eight hours now. they first arrived here after getting a call from the victim's male friend. he called police saying he hadn't seen her in awhile. was worried about her. they found her body in her bedroom. we don't know how she was killed. her body did show severe trauma. now, she has been killed. her name, 51-year-old jane mcquain. her 11-year-old son is now missing. that's what the amber alert is for. let's take a look at little william mcquain described as being five feet tall, 85 pounds, light skinned black male. he was last seen at his home on
6:34 am
september 30th. that's 12 days ago. we asked captain paul starks at the montgomery county police department why it had been so long since the last time somebody saw this little boy. take a listen. >> we're trying to reach out to other people to see if they've seen him since then and again, this investigation is still very fresh because trying to get information overnight is a real challenge. we hope to be able to contact more people during the daytime hours today and find out more details. >> now, those more details may come from the victim's missing car. it is described as a black 2011 honda crv with maryland tags 5ag9405. if you have seen that vehicle or if you have seen the 11-year- old little boy, william mcquain, call montgomery county police crime stoppers at 1-866-
6:35 am
411-tips. as we go on, we begin almost hour nine this homicide investigation. the big questions that are still out there are who would want to kill this 51-year-old mother? who are the suspects? what are the motives? those are all questions that montgomery county detectives are still trying to answer. we'll be keeping you updated with the very latest on our web site at surae? >> thank you, kristin. hope to get some of the information out there in germantown. >> arlington county police are working with the fbi to investigate a very interesting discovery. some weapons parts and pipes were found yesterday along patrick henry drive at interstate 66. police say parts of weapons were found inside the pvc pipes but no explosives were found. the fbi says a gun was found as well. virginia's senate delegation wants to give tax incentives for communities and developers to rehabilitate substandard school buildings. democrats jim webb and mark
6:36 am
warner are behind the plan to use the federal rehabilitation tax credit to spruce up schools. two powerful republicans house majority leader eric kantor and governor bob mcdonnell both of virginia think is a great idea. in the past, communities were reluctant to use the money because of legal hurdles. a two ton piece of the national cathedral pinnacle damaged by the august earthquake will be moved later this morning. moving the chunk of stone will make area damaged more stable until the stone work can be repaired. the cathedral will eventually get an inspection from the same team of rappelling engineers who inspected the washington monument. now, listen to this. the city of harrisburg, pennsylvania, is filing for federal bankruptcy protection. that could seal the deal for a state takeover. the city council voted on the matter at harrisburg's mayor has come up with a recovery plan of her own. the state offered several plans to help bail out the financially strapped capital city. all of them were rejected by the city council. the city council is roughly
6:37 am
$300 million in debt. jessica is back with another "your money" report. >> all right, people are starting to get itchy about their blackberry including here at channel 9. >> that's right. for days, it has been a real tough run for blackberry users such as yourself. we've had service outages. users preventing folks from making calls, going on to the internet. we do have some good news this morning. operator research in motion says blackberry services have improved significantly in europe, the middle east, india and africa. here in the u.s., they're progressing as well as in canada and latin america. they blame the outages on a failed switch and an inoperable backup system. the price of your favorite snack foods could be going up. they're planning to raise prices on gatorade and single serve bags of frito-lay snacks. it has raised prices on snacks this year. pepsico is trying to offset
6:38 am
higher commodity prices. >> have you recently broken up with your hairdresser because he or she was too darned expensive. you're not alone. a new survey finds a quarter of us have left one or more service providers in order to save money. 26% found a less expensive provider. 23% decided they no longer needed the service and, for example, nearly 20% now cut their kids hair and 15% are cutting their own hair. >> you don't want to see that. >> that could be kind of ugly. >> when it was longer, trimmed. did a great job. >> he's a keeper. >> he cooks, too. what more can you expect? thank you, jess. >> well, who is the hottest female tv chef? yes, that woman. paula deen at least according to maxim magazine. the 64-year-old comfort food expert says her buttery recipes are a turn john making men
6:39 am
hungry for bacon fried sticks of butter. no reaction from de, n herself. she thought it was a great idea. second on the list, policy mochmy and then gianna. >> early morning storms are moving out of here. howard tells us if we'll see more of the showers later on today. >> here is a live look at northbound 395 in alexandria. traffic is slowing down through duke street. monika's next timesaver traffic report is seven minutes away.
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we're back at 6:43. check out these beautiful shots of the leaves starting to turn fall colors. photographer kevin king captured this along the georgetown waterfront. not too much fall color just yet but you can tell is on the way and it is going to be ok, right? and i did want to mention that the new safeway, the county executive ike leggett is cutting the ribbon on the store at 7:45. it opens to the public this morning at 8:00. bradley boulevard. right there at bradley and what's really neat is they have beautiful fall leaves as part of their decorations. >> georgetown might have a lot of color yet. north and west of town, there is a lot of color. upper montgomery county, we're pushing near peak. >> i love when i go over chain bridge and you can see the tops of the trees. it fell. >> it fell. >> no big deal. >> like a falling leaf. >> let's get going with a look at the bus stop forecast. we've got rain falling this morning in the form of showers and drizzle. we've had thunderstorms in
6:45 am
spots. temps upper 50s to upper 60s. patchy dense fog. that's definitely going to slow you down. sunrise in about half an hour. our day planner today, the threat for showers and storms on and off today. not an all day rain but damp, upper 60s at noon. winds east to southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. you can see during the last few hours, the showers and storms that have been bothering us, in fact, new ones now. they're south and west of richmond. locally, on live doppler 9000 hd, the showers and storms that were north of us, they have weakened. still wet weather across parts of montgomery county into howard county now. north of olney, looks like still have one little hefty downpour here east of laytonsville. but south of town into charles county now, in fact, on both sides of the river from quantico east, almost to la plata, look at the red showing up. check the lightning a moment ago. this wasn't producing lightning in the last five minutes, this could ramp up. this is coming off to the north- northeast. dale city, woodbridge over to
6:46 am
accokeek, fort washington, marbury, you'll watch this area of heavy rain move through you in the next 30 minutes. temperatures, they're holding anywhere from around 60 in leesburg and lovettsville to the mid-60s in town. upper 60s south. baden is 66. here in town, 64. and unfortunately, it looks like the threat for showers and storms will be with us today, tonight and friday. but a front comes through late tomorrow. that clears us out for the weekend. keep the rain gear handy. low 70s today with scattered showers and storms. 60s tonight. 70s on friday with a few more showers and storms. by saturday, sunny. little brisk. 66. sunday looks great. 72. monday, still looking good. make it a three-day weekend with a high of 75. monika? >> thank you so much, howard. unfortunately, i've got the red light and that's because of all of the road conditions we have and also a fatal accident up in hagerstown. first of all, let's go over to some live pictures. 270, if you're planning to head on 270, it will be slow out of frederick. i'll get to that in a minute.
6:47 am
on the outer loop at college park, it is jammed from route one past 95 all the way to georgia avenue this morning. although the lanes are open, it will take you a half an hour just in that stretch. let's take you now over to 270 if you're planning to head southbound from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide, it will be slow from about route 80 to 121. the accident i've been talking about is up in hagerstown on route 11 at i-70. i just got off the phone with sergeant howard. he said go ahead and take route 68 to 632 which will help them a lot. 95 on the northbound side, overall, delays coming up from dale city most of the way up toward springfield and then again on 395 from the beltway up to the edsall road and seminary road areas where you get to the 14th street bridge. if you're planning to take trains by the way, the brunswick line, 872 is running 15 minutes late and camden line is 25 late. i'll have more on area roadways at 6:58. surae, back to you. >> thank you, monika.
6:48 am
by the way, it is national seafood month. that's a big deal in our area because we have such great food because of the bay. well, this morning, we're joined by chef paul deeario from bone fish grill in alexandria to cook up this wonderful seafood dish with salmon. let's talk about that. >> thank you for having me. we're making a pan asian sauce for the grilled salmon. we'll start with a quarter cup of olive oil. >> ok. >> we'll take a quarter cup of fresh ginger. >> ok. hear the sizzling. ok. so i can stir this, right? >> get that so it is nice and aromatic. you can smell it. in a bowl, we'll take a cup of ketchup. >> ketchup with asian? >> a cup of oyster sauce. >> oyster. >> yep. we're going to take a quarter cup of soy sauce. a quarter cup of water. >> ok. that sounds simple so far. >> three tablespoons of lemon juice. >> ok. what we're going to do is whisk
6:49 am
that up. >> that's for the sauce that goes with the salmon. >> yeah, absolutely. we grill that salmon nice. we're going to add that in. >> oh, it smells so good! >> i love that ginger. that ginger, mmm! i love the smell of fresh ginger. >> ok. >> keep stirring that up. make that nice. we're going to simmer that for about five minutes and add a half a cup of sugar. >> ok. >> we'll stir that in real good. we'll get that nice and mixed up. >> let's talk about some of the seafood. it is a great month or great time. >> absolutely. great food and healthy eating. >> absolutely. bone fish, we have fresh seafood that is brought in every day, hand cut by our management staff. just having great, fresh fish and it is healthy. and now what we're going to do is to finish this off, we'll take some rough, chopped cilantro. ok. and cilantro is my favorite. nice, pungent. and we're going to fold that
6:50 am
in. ok. >> gives it some color, too. >> gives it that nice flavor. >> ok. we're going to finish this through the break and we'll come back in a few minutes. we'll have a check of the news before you go when we come back. and we'll have much more cooking to come.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:53. light showers at reagan national. heavy showers quantico, east into charles county right now. maybe even a little lightning and thunder with that. on and off showers and storms at times today. high temps in the lower 70s. andrea? >> thank you, howard. today is thursday, october 13th. here is a check on the news
6:54 am
before you go. police have issued an amber alert for 11-year-old william mcquain. they believe he disappeared from his home in germantown overnight. his mother was found murdered inside the home. police have not released information on any suspects. we're waiting for a police report after a man was struck by a car crossing the street overnight. it happened along new york avenue at first street in northeast. a man was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition or if he was in a crosswalk at the time. d.c. mayor vincent gray is urging city residents to join in a voting rights march this saturday. liberal activist ralph nader is lending his support. the mayor wants to draw national attention to the city's lack of a voting member in congress. now, it is time to answer that question of the morning. it is all about halloween. according to a new poll, what is expected to be the most popular celebrity themed costume this halloween? is it lady gaga? charlie sheen or amy winehouse. >> surprisingly, the answer is b, charlie sheen. i think it is because his costume wouldn't cost a whole lot. what is his costume?
6:55 am
>> all right. thanks for participating in our contest. >> it is 6:54. one more check on the weather and traffic is next here on 9news now. and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs... including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c.
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it's the easy, great-tasting way to help support your immune system. airborne. in fast-acting effervescent formula, and new super-convenient chewable tablets!
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. seven-day forecast has showers and storms around today. right now, quantico, woodbridge to la plata, pretty heavy thunderstorm moving northeast. we'll see a few more tomorrow as well. the weekend looks great. 60s saturday. low 70s on sunday. monika? >> we'll take a live look first in college park. slow from route one, it is jammed over to georgia avenue. 30 minutes there. let's go to 270, off and on
6:59 am
delays frederick into clarksburg. fatal accident in hagerstown at route 11 and i-70. over to 95 northbound, 40- minute ride from dale city to springfield. >> waiting on some jobs data right now. right now, we're looking lower which is great. >> the chef from bonefish grill will finish up the salmon. >> we grilled our salmon. we'll finish it off with our pan asian sauce. >> look at that finished product. >> beautiful. >> i love it! that's it for us. "the early show" is next. as the chef finishes plating. look how beautiful it is. they'll have the latest on the alleged iran assassination plot. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on weather and traffic. >> you can check in on news of the day all at >> we'll be back tomorrow at 4:25 and andrea, what is up


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