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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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spotter had seen it and now a doppler indicated tornado. winds, we could still see winds over 80-miles per hour. here's the deal. i'll try to give you places where it's headed. oak shade at 5:00, if i name a suburb or something you know, know somebody that is there, give them a call. opal at 5:04, and looking at casanova at 5:13. they just got rid of the tornado warning for now. i would not let your guard down if i were in midland or bealeton. this is a severe storm. winds upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour. still take this seriously. auburn at 5:20. everything is pushing off again to the northeast anywhere between about 28 and 32 miles per hour. so, the tornado warnings have been lifted for now. we're still under a tornado
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watch though until 5:00. so that's something else we have to worry about. in fact, we'll talk about the tornado watch right now. it covers most of the metro area. essentially from the north down to the south until 11:00 p.m. so it covers, for example, gaithersburg, it does not cover frederick technically, but if you're in frederick, i would take heed. the watch itself, montgomery county south, over to the bay. that includes prince georges county, anne arundel county, and back to the west. especially out toward loudoun county and fairfax and fauquier county where in fact we have already seen the storms develop. this watch goes until 11:00 p.m. there's also some lightning with these storms. that could be just as dangerous as a tornado itself. so please take cover. when you hear thunder, go indoors and a lot of lightning on the west side of 95. all right. so we'll go back to live doppler. again, no warnings at this time.
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if you are in bealeton or midland, take cover. these storms are going to cover 66 in the next 30 minutes or so and don't be surprised if we reissue the tornado warnings. go to our website, for the latest. if you can fill out a storm report, do that at for now, back to you guys. our other top story, a mother found dead in her germantown home. authorities are looking for her 11-year-old son. >> we have late breaking news of an arrest in her death. andrea mckaren and scott broom. scott. >> i'm here at montgomery county police headquarters. we are expecting a detailed briefing at 5:30 on this case. we'll be bringing that to you live. in the meantime, here's what we know. the man who was arrested in north carolina according to law enforcement sources is jane mcquain, the victim's estranged husband. his name is curtis maurice lopez.
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he's a suspect now in custody in charlotte, north carolina. mcquain's car was also recovered in charlotte earlier today. so far, there has been no sign of the 11-year-old missing child, william mcquain. he's an 11-year-old student at martin luther king middle school in germantown who loves football and baseball. a boy who has not been seen since september 30, according to montgomery county police. then yesterday afternoon, his mom, 51-year-old jane mcquain was found dead in her condo on briar cliff terrace in germantown. >> later in the evening, detectives came to her resident. they were able to climb into the balcony section, come in the sliding glass door. that's where they found her deceased in her bedroom. >> with the 11-year-old mising, an amber alert was issued. this morning the car was recovered in share lot, north carolina, and a suspect, curtis
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lopez was arrested on a murder warrant. lopez is jane mcquain's estranged husband, but not the boy's biological father, according to one of mcquain's close friends who has been in contact with 9 news. investigators have not said how long mcquain may have been dead inside her condo. residents of the condo complex offer few clues. >> this is kind of scary. >> really very quiet neighborhood. very nice. people are nice. haven't had any issues. this is shocking. >> and again, huge anxiety here because police have reported to us again, that child has not been seen for going on two weeks. last seen on august 30. so the child still missing despite the estranged husband being in custody in north carolina. amber alert is out. the child described as a light skinned african american boy, 5 feet tall. weighs 85-pounds. they are looking for him tonight. reporting live in rockville, scott broom, 9 justice 9news
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now. >> william mcquain is a 6th grader at mlk middle school. hasn't been seen since september 30. and this is a school that within just the last few hours began explaning his disappearance to the students, the parents, and the staff there. andrea mccarren spent the day at the school now and joins us live with some details. andrea. >> reporter: well lesli, we now know that william mcquain last attended classes here on friday, september 30. we have more information on why the school did not report him missing earlier than when police went to his mother's home yesterday. but first, i want to tell you about an interesting phone conversation. i just got off the phone with one of jane mcquain's close friends who tells me that she and suspect curtis lopez, her estranged husband just took a trip to the beach together a few weeks ago. bringing with them curtis lopez's stepson, william mcquain, jane mcquain's son.
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also this friend tells us that jane was a wonderful friend, a wonderful mother. he said quote, if you wanted help and you wanted a friend, jane was there. she was both strong and strong willed. as you mentioned, lesli, the school is notifying the parents and staff members of little william's disappearance. in fact, just this afternoon, they sent home this letter. basically it describes the amber alert and how the school community should keep william and his family in their thoughts and prayers. interestingly, it does not mention jane mcquain's murder. now, the big question, why didn't the school notify police earlier? we're told by the montgomery county public school system spokesperson that there is a procedure in place. when a student is absent without a note, a parent is called. after a parent is not respond,
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they go person by person down that emergency contact list. they could not talk about specifics, but when i asked, he was missing seven full days before his mother's body was found. all they could say, we followed procedure. a procedure is in place. we are doing everything possible to help police. we are also primarily concerned now with finding william and the well being of the students and staff here at martin luther king, jr., middle school. we're live in germantown. >> andrea, really quickly. the school reported william mcquain missing eventually. is that the tip that led police to the house to discover his mother's body? >> reporter: it is my understanding it was not the school that contacted police. however, the school system did tell us that they did make an effort to contact the family as
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early as the top of this week. they were looking for the little boy. that's all i can tell you for now. >> andrea mccarren, sad development out there for sure. no doubt it's been a rough couple of days for metro riders, but today, metro unveiled a plan they say could make you ride a little smoother. delia is live at the metro station with both the benefits and the pitfalls of the new plan. delia, tell us about it. >> all right lesli, here's one big benefit. six new yellow line trains here at the plaza, but this new realignment plan that opens up the way for the silver line to dulles, it does have its drawbacks. the changes promise to get you to your destination faster. >> i'm actually partial, because i do ride the orange line when i do ride metro and i usually come to lafont, so i'm all for it. >> and it's welcome news on the heels of some major delays, even this attempted suicide, which shut down the orange
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line. metro's second busiest. the realignment makes room for the line, here's what you can expect. six additional orange line trains each hour in both directions heading to roseland. some blue line trains will be shifted to lafont plaza and become six new yellow lines. >> if anything that stops people from driving, i'm all for it. >> addressing the every day. during the peek period experiences. >> but critics say the shift maxes out our system, putting 26 trains through tunnels at roseland. the more train, the bigger the backup and in rare cases like tuesday's suicide attempt and even during rush hour. >> 26 trains per hour is reasonable. >> and another drawback, wait times. they stand to shorten their commute 16,000 or 6% may wait 12, even 18 minutes for a
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train. >> it has to move. it just can't be more trains. it has to keep rolling. >> he has a good point. metro unveiled a brand-new map that shows all these changes. we'll take a look at that. plus, we'll hear some other ways to simplify our system. all that coming up new at 6:00. for now we're live in southwest, delia, 9news now. >> thanks a lot, delia. topper, we're going back to you for more information on the tornadoes. >> yes, we thought they extended the tornado warnings until 5:30 and now included prince william county. again, this is pretty serious situation. we have a report, actually, this same storm tearing off a roof in louisa county. and that's where this started. louisa county, which is south of orange, which is just south of culpeper. touched down near james madison highway and blew a roof off a structure. it was vacant, so no injuries down there, but we got that reported on a tweet. so this is a very serious
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storm. it really is. i can't emphasize that enough. so if you are in that area we talked about, midland, catlit, hopefully you have taken cover. the storm has a good bead on manassas and to the east. it is pushing off to the north, northeast at a good clip. you don't have much time. it will cross 66 here in the next 20 minutes or so. so here's some of the areas, bristow at about 5:14. lake jackson at about 5:16. and the storm itself is moving off at 22 miles per hour. has a 90% chance of hail no. surprise there. oftentimes storms that contain tornadoes will also have hail. but if you are in these areas, you need to take cover. long view at 5:19. georgetown south at 5:22. this is where we are concerned. that's manassas right there and it's moving just through manassas, probably have hail right now in parts of manassas
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and again, movement is north, northeast at 22 miles per hour. we will track these for you and look ahead to the weekend. again, tornado watch covers the entire metro area until 11:00 p.m. we'll be right back.
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a grand jury has indicted alexis simpson. the jury agreed she planned to kill domonique frazier. simpson is charged with first- degree murder. a federal jury convicted three men accused of bombing quantico. prosecutors say these men were part of a small group that planned to carry out an attack against the u.s. military. three other men associated with this plot pleaded guilty earlier this year. a store side memorial has now been set up outside a southern california hair salon where a gunman killed eight
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people and critically wounded another person yesterday. that suspect is scott. he was arrested a half mile from the salon. he was involved in a bitter custody fight. she worked at the salon and one of those killed. >> this is a small, tight knit community, and this is one of steel beach's tragedies. >> that system came wearing body armor and carried several guns. the occupy protest is around the world tonight are gearing up for an international day of action on saturday. in d.c., they are trying to build some numbers. bruce leshan is live on freedom plaza. they were able to disrupt a hearing on the hill with the defense secretary today, bruce, i guess this is all about their antiwar stance. >> yeah, that's right. and there are not huge numbers of protesters here. but they are hoping for much bigger numbers on saturday for that, what they are calling the day of action. and they are pledging every day
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to disrupt the big institutions in washington from congress to the big banks. all right, so we had a little technical difficulty with that story, but we went out and there were people gathering around the city. the folks here out on freedom plaza and on mcpherson square. we went out to dc jobs or else and which is community folks pushing for more jobs for d.c. residents. all these folks hoping to come together and change america. but we'll see how it goes. derek, let's take it back to you.
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>> we appreciate it. thank you sir. a massive chunk of the washington national cathedral is now 30 stories below where it rested yesterday. the portion of the of it was hoisted down. >> a ten minute construction job with two way radio directions. >> all right jimmy, you can go on and swing left and put this baby on the truck. >> this baby weighs two tons and is part of the highest, most visible points in our nation's capital. national cathedral. >> the nay majority of the damage is way at the top. all of that shaken. >> when three pinnacle tops were knocked off. a fourth pinnacle was knocked off of alignment. they rotated. >> where they rotated, those
5:18 pm
are two courses of stone that are damaged. there's about ten pieces of stone above it that have to come off in order to get to the two portions of stone that have done this. >> just like this chunk of three pieces facing removal today. three of 45 that will be removed on all four pinnacles, and that's not counting the additional 160 pieces that must come off. >> once we get this stabilized, then we can catch our breath and start totaling up exactly how many stones have been damaged. >> he says today's fog is not a problem. >> the crane operator can't see what is going on anyway. even on a sunny day. he is working blind. the way he is sitting, all he sees is the trancipt. >> communication that safely lands with one swing of a crane in the rain. >> thank you. >> brittany morehouse, 9news
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now. >> the same repellers who inspected the washington monument will climb the cathedral. they are going to be inspecting damage. the cathedral is expected to reopen november 12. when it comes to picking a booster seat, there are now new ratings to help you pick a safer one. the insurance institute for highway safety, which is funded by the insurance industry is out with its list of 31 best bets for just about any car, minivan, or suv. the ratings are not based on crash tests. they are based on how well the shoulder and lap belts fit, which for the booster makes all the difference. the shoulder belt should come across the middle of a child's shoulder and then the lap belt should lie flat on top of a child's upper thighs, but not on their abdomen. i have right here the britax frontier 85. there is also the bubble bum, which is the first inflatable car seat tested by the group. that got high marks, along with seats from eddie bower, graco,
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harmony, and ricaro. we switch over to the not recommended list. four from evanflo, two from safety first. they also have some seats that make the best bet list too. half of all booster seats are risky for children. now experts with safe kids, which is an organization that works to prevent injuries in children says parents should use these rankings as a guide. the best test is to see how your child fits in the seat. how it fits in your car, whether it works with your price point. to check out the entire list, go to our website. top, i understand you have some more weather alerts. >> we have a tornado watch covering the metro area until 11:00 p.m. we still have the warnings in effect now for fauquier county and prince william county. i think you're okay, but if you are in the city of manassas, you need to take cover. we'll come back and track these storms and look ahead to the
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weekend. are your medical and prescription costs too much to handle? >> when you go to buy a house, you negotiate the price. >> negotiate your medical bills. learn the best strategies and how to compare costs. lesli foster reports. the healthcare haggle.
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all right, we are still looking at the tornado watch for the entire metro area. just got a call from a weather watcher. he saw a rain wrapped funnel on old auburn road, not too far from catlit. couldn't tell if it was hitting the ground or not and it's on 28 headed toward manassas. let's start with live doppler 9,000. again, tornado warnings in effect still for fauquier county and prince william county until 5:30. frankly, i think you're okay now in fauquier county. everything seems to be north of you up in prince william county. we have to watch this system, too, north of fredericksburg. as it moves up 95. that could actually form into a funnel cloud or possibly a little gust. so here we are. that's where the eyewitness came and again, it is now headed up toward manassas. it's going to cross 66.
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heavy rain across 66. red indicates rain fall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. in addition to the tornado, strong gusty winds, possibility of flooding. we have frequent lightning with these storms. this is something to watch. this is around quantico. right around 95. this is going to move north up toward woodbridge. we'll see if that ends up producing anything that could possibly be a tornado. we'll zoom in a little more. this is very heavy rain around 28, around manassas. hopefully you have taken cover. basement, interior room. you want to stay away from windows and we're looking at the activity pushing off to the northeast at 22 miles per hour. and again, this same storm did rip off a roof down louisa county earlier this afternoon, but no injuries. back out a little bit and put this into motion over the next hour. where are things going to go? holds together pretty well. that's what i'm worried about. the one at quantico could really flair up and move through fairfax and vienna.
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so if you're in that area now, you have an hour. you'll see a severe storm and possibly a tornado. so we'll keep you posted. again, we're under a watch until 11:00 p.m. and it covers most of montgomery county, does not cover frederick. it does cover leesburg and loudoun county and points south. covers all of the eastern suburb as well as southern maryland. st. mary's county, calvert county. all will be covered until 11:00 p.m. we'll watch the tail end of this storm as it moves off to the east and may reform another tornado. we'll widen out the radar and you can see a lot of lightning with these storms and that is something else we have to take seriously. you have to go indoors. when thunder roars, go indoors. stay away from windows as well, because thunder is a dangerous thing as well. we're looking at the possibility of some hail with these storms. had no reports of hail, but there was hail in one of the
5:27 pm
storms earlier, so that's another tell tail sign and we are kind of concerned about that as well. i'm going to go back to doppler and i highlighted this. i'm concerned about this area. showed you just a minute ago. this could become the next cell that produces a tornado. so again, fairfax county, fairfax and reston around 1:23. get ready. we might see this warning lifted up into fairfax county. i say this over and over again. it's always good to know your county geography, because storms generally move northeastward. most tornadoes occur between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and 90% move northeast. if you know what counties are southwest of you, you can get a jump on things. fairfax county, southwest of you is prince william county. prince william county is under a warning, you may be next. a tornado watch until 11:00 p.m. showers and thunderstorms. some could be heavy. some could be severe. 58 to 64. winds out of the south at about 10. next three days, we're looking at breezy conditions tomorrow.
5:28 pm
showers and storms are possible tomorrow. probably one more batch of showers and storms. 71, but setting the stage for a fantastic weekend. we have the dog walk on saturday. skins game on sunday. weather will cooperate. >> get this out of here. >> trying. >> thanks. we are standing by right now live for a press conference and update in rockville from police chief, jay thomas with regard to the jane mcquain homicide and the missing 11- year-old boy. as soon as that press conference begins, we'll bring it to you. in the meantime, we'll take a break. we'll be back in a minute. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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[ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] welcome back. we now take you live to rockville. montgomery county police chief on the murder case involving jane mcquain and her missing 11- year-old son. >> in the area of miss mcquain's residence and was seen removing property from the residence and loading it into the victim's vehicle. mr. lopez was contacted by detectives last night in connection with miss mcquain's disappearance. this was prior to detectives discovering her body. once detectives determined that this was a homicide, mr. lopez,
5:31 pm
based on his inconsistent statements became a person of interest. an amber alert was activated for miss mcquain's vehicle and her son, william. based on the amber alert, charlotte meche mecklenberg. based on additional investigative information, a warrant was obtained for mr. lopez for first-degree murder and he was arrested at approximately 9:30 this morning as he was leaving the econolodge. 11-year-old william mcquain is still missing. he is described as a biracial male. approximately 5 feet tall, weighing 85-pounds. our focus and our priority now is locating william mcquain. we're asking for the public's help. if you have any information with regard to the where abouts of william mcquain.
5:32 pm
contact the montgomery county police department at 240-773- 5070. the major crimes division of the montgomery county police department. this is -- these are pictures of william. our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez and we did not. so we are asking for the public's help in locating 11- year-old william mcquain. >> is it true she may have been dead for as long as two weeks? >> not two full weeks. we have information that we believe she was alive at least
5:33 pm
through october 1 or 2. maybe even beyond that. we are trying to confirm that information. but i think it could be anywhere from 10 to 12 days. >> to the best of your knowledge, why did it take so long for the report to be filed? >> i don't know. i don't have any information about that. >> usually when a child is missing, it is noticed fairly quickly. >> i don't have any information why no one reported earlier. we'll -- that's all going to be part of our investigation. but i wouldn't speculate as to why we didn't get any information earlier. >> we spoke earlier, can you talk about where this young may be? the man is not telling you where he is. what are you hoping tonight? what are you thinking? >> well, we could speculate about where the young man might be. my hope is that he may be with
5:34 pm
a family member or a friend. perhaps has no idea that what occurred with his mother. but as time goes on, it becomes, i guess more and more of a long shot that that's the case. we are still hoping we can find william and we are asking for the public's help. if they have any information at all about the young man to give us a call. >> mr. lopez, not being cooperative? >> i have no information about what information he has given our detectives at this point. >> you say that witnesses saw him removing things from her home and her car, did anybody see him, the boy in that time frame? >> i don't have any information about that. the only thing the witness talked about was him removing property from her residence and loading it into her vehicle. >> since the last day?
5:35 pm
>> we don't have any at this point. but again, we just started this investigation last night and there's more and more information coming in and we are hopeful that if we get the word out, we'll get more information. >> can you talk about why he became a suspect? explain a little bit about? >> that's one of the things i don't have more information that i can share at this point. still when -- at some point the warrant and statement charged and that information will become public. but at this point, we are still hopeful we're going to get more information, so we don't want to jeopardize that by putting out too much information in terms of what we have. the warrant has been issued for first-degree murder, yes. >> montgomery county police chief is outlining his investigation. looking for 11-year-old william
5:36 pm
mcquain. he is still missing after his mother was found dead. they made one arrest in the case. a man named curtis lopez who was found in an econolodge in charlotte, north carolina. let's get over to topper shutt because the tornado warnings have come back and they are in fairfax county now. >> very serious situation. prince william county and fairfax county under a tornado warning until 6:00 p.m. let me show you live doppler 9,000. if you are in dumfries, dale city, lake ridge, lorton, frankonia, you need to take cover. this is a dangerous situation. this is a tornado possibly on the ground. it was a funnel cloud in fauquier county. we had an eyewitness confirmation. it blew off a roof in louisa county. so this is a very dangerous storm. my hunch is, skipping up in the clouds, coming back to the ground, up in the clouds, and back to the ground. it may not be a continuous path, but this is a big-time
5:37 pm
storm. this is fairfax. centerville, you need to be taking cover. vienna, go to interior room or basement. we talked about this last time. the cure computer picked up this storm. so you know folks going out 66 x it's going to be a mess. going out 50 is a mess. once you get to shantillly. we have a very serious situation here in the metro area. storm moving north, northeast at 24 miles per hour. and it is again, affecting the following areas and neighborhoods. try to give you a timetable. here's the deal. station hills at about 5:38. center heights at 5:39. lewis park at 5:40. cobs corner at 5:40. willow springs at 5:41. and lincoln park at 5:42. this is a big-time dangerous situation. i'll try to give you more neighborhoods as well. let's see here.
5:38 pm
we have leehigh village at 5:44. that's west of fairfax. we have shirley gate park at 5:45. just get to south, it's going to be on 2:36 just south of 66 in germantown, with a j. that's at 5:48. i'll jump over 66 here and this is mill at 5:50. so if i'm ringing out anything that rings a bell or know someone that lives there, take cover. a basement or interior room, please, if you're in vienna, take cover. this little neighborhood on 5:23 at oakland. those are the areas we are most concerned with. tornado warning in effect for fairfax county, prince william county, and for stafford county until 6:00 p.m. this storm capable of producing a tornado. we know it has been on the ground at some point in time. we know it has winds over 80
5:39 pm
miles per hour and also has some hail. what i'm going to do is put on the winds here and see if i can pick up exactly where the winds are. these are going to be to the radar site, away from the radar site at 35 miles per hour. toward the radar site at 5 miles per hour. we see some rotation south of centerville with this particular storm. that's what wind sheer is all about. wind sheer is about varying wind speed and directions over a relatively short distance. and that's what creates the whole thunderstorm to actually rotate and as it rotates, then it can drop down the funnel cloud. we see these rings here. this is indicating sheer. any time you see the rings on the radar and you can watch this on your cable. you'll see -- looking exactly the same panel we're looking at and that indicates the possibility of a tornado. so again, tornado warnings for fairfax county and for prince william county and stafford county. i'm most concerned now with this particular area just south
5:40 pm
of shantilly, back to burke, and just now north of manassas. manassas you're in good shape except for heavy rain. and really prince william county, you're almost clear of the severe weather. it's going to be confined right in this little box inbetween fairfax and centerville. so this is the deal. interior room, a basement, away from windows. i'm telling you, this is a serious situation. sometimes we'll get doppler indicated warnings and we won't be as concerned. i'm really concerned with this. we have confirmation of damage south of town and we have confirmation of at least a funnel cloud. i guarantee you there's damage right in here, south of 66. west of 123. again, this is a little box. down to burke, including fairfax over to centerville, up to shantilly. probably straddling i-66 at
5:41 pm
this time. i-66 westbound is going to be a mess. more so today, and out 50 and out 7 is also going to be a mess because of this storm. i can't emphasize this enough. you have to take cover. take this seriously. if your kids have after school activities, i would tell them to go inside. tell them to go inside the room. hopefully they know that. don't try to pick them up now. you don't want to try to out race the storm. just sit tight. send them a text. tell them to go away from windows. maybe taking practice or something. they'll be fine just to go inside, away from the windows and you'll pick them up when the storm passes. the storm is moving at a pretty good clip at 30 miles per hour. so vienna, you have time. reston, great falls, i'm going to move northeast following the storm. these cities are all possible targets. at the very least, you're looking at rain fall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour and gusty winds. that's the very least. the worst case scenario, a possible tornado. so reston, get ready.
5:42 pm
great falls, get ready. know your geography. if you're in western montgomery county, get ready. because head toward you, pennsylvania toe mac, potomac. you have a little bit of time. you still have some tables and chairs in the summer, maybe bring them in. you don't want things flying around. that's what causes injury. that's what can break windows and that's why we tell you to stay away from windows. i'm going to zoom back out. we'll get your perspective over the entire metro area. i think if you are now in prince william county, you're fine. you're in pretty good shape. the main concern here is fairfax county. that's where i'm really concerned about. i'll zoom in. so if you know your geography. once you jump the river in fairfax county, you're in montgomery county. if this storm stays together and the computer indicates that it will, you're probably going to see a warning in montgomery
5:43 pm
county. gaithersburg, west of i-70. if you know someone going home, they'll be okay, they'll beat the storm. what i don't want folks to do in fairfax county is to pick up kids, go pick up kids maybe at the neighbor's house studying or race to the school to pick up the kids if they are in after school activities. it's not worth it. you don't want to be on the roads. you don't want to try to outrun a tornado. you want to stay put. keep yourself safe. send the kids a text and say get away from windows, we'll be there when the storm passes, you will be fine. this is a very dangerous storm. i haven't seen one like this in a while and i know we're going to have wind damage with this storm. right now around centerville, that seems to be the point of greatest concern right now. between centerville, okay, and fairfax. this is hail just to the south and to the north of 66. so this is probably the biggest concern right in this area.
5:44 pm
this is 654 and this is 620. if you know where that is. and then this is 7100. that's reston parkway, i believe. so i'm going to zoom in here. this is probably where the greatest threat of wind can be found. right between centerville and fairfax. there's 654 and we have 123 over here. so if you're in this area of fairfax. fairfax proper anyway is getting moderate rain. but off to the west, this is a big time storm. now the good news is, hard to see these little ticks. what that indicates is wind sheer, at least 50 knotts from point to point. good news is, when there's four tics, it's aboveground. i have seen this. it's been anywhere from 1 tick, which is generally on the ground, level 1. closer to
5:45 pm
where you can actually get damage. if you have the four ticks, then it's aboveground and chances are, you're not going to get any damage. it can come back to the ground at any time. so those are some nuances that we look for. the sheer markers went away. i'm going to go over here and we're going to zoom up and show you where the hail is. there is definitely some big time hail and that's telltale signs of a big storm with hail. you have some hail right now. no doubt about that. and how happily named as we are in autumn. let's move north. we're looking at hail pretty long area. pretty broad area. this is fillinggame drive right here. some hail. and this is poplar tree road. there's some hail. on either side of this, there's some rain. the red indicates rain fall
5:46 pm
rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. all right? so that's pretty heavy. and flooding is also a concern with these. louisa county fire department is on the phone. got time? time. scott, are you there? can you hear me? >> yes, sir, i'm here. >> we had reports of a roof blown off a structure on james madison highway, but no injuries, can you confirm that? >> yeah, that's correct. i'm at the scene right now. one of my medics witnessed a funnel cloud touch down and take the roof off this house. >> it is a house? >> what kind of structure? >> it's an old plantation home that was under restoration, but not occupied. built in the 1700s. >> part of the roof off? what do you see? >> the whole roof is off the
5:47 pm
attic. it was a livable attic is exposed and the big columns on a plantation house are ripped off the front of the house and thrown around like pickup sticks. >> could you send us a picture of that? that would be something to see. but again, no injuries. >> no injuries, no casualties at this time as far as we know. this is the only place where the tornado touched down. >> okay. so this is all the damage you know and no power outages, no accidents, anything like that? >> no, we have had crews check the apparent path of the tornado and found no other damage, no power outages. but i have been in the field for a while. but it looks like as of now, it looks like an isolated strike. >> we appreciate it. from louisa county. thank you very much. so that is confirmed, plantation roof gone, but no injuries. nobody was living there.
5:48 pm
that is great news. all right, so here's the deal. i'm going to go back into fairfax county. fairfax county again tornado warning until 6:00. prince william county, you're still under a tornado warning until 6:00, but i think with the exception of this southeast corner down toward woodbridge, i think you're okay. we have two storms we are following. we'll look at this storm. this is the storm we're most concerned about. it's moving north, northeast at 22. and here are some of the neighborhoods that it could impact. centerville farms at 5:48. ring off one of these neighborhoods, take cover or send someone a text to take cover. the good news is, the sheer markers are gone. that makes me feel bert. i'm not letting my guard down just yet. lincoln park at 5:49. glenn at 5:53. so this is the storm we're concerned about between fairfax
5:49 pm
and shantilly. it is going to move between reston, possible damaging winds are, it's raining like crazy. it's going to move between reston and vienna and great falls and eventually cross the river and go into western montgomery county. at the very least, we'll have heavy rain and possible flooding in western montgomery county as this storm progresses to the northeast at a good clip at 22 miles per hour. maximum hail could be as much as an inch and a half. quarter sized hail. and even in parts of the district. this storm will clip us with heavy rain and possibly strong, gusty winds. the entire metro area is under a tornado watch until 11:00. it doesn't go up into frederick, but again, tornadoes don't know where to stop. so i would take it seriously even if you were as close as frederick. glenn at 5:53. just updated. those are possible times of this particular storm and as we
5:50 pm
mentioned, hail pretty much a given with these types of storms. heavy rain and flooding also a big possibility. great falls, reston, vienna, fairfax, shantilly getting hammered right now. i'm going to move further north. try to get ready. gaithersburg, rockville, even bethesda and poolsville. this is the next area where the storm is going to move. so we're going to draw a box here around leesburg. and back into bethesda and include vienna. that's the next area where the storm is beginning to hit. the potential any way of potential rain. tornado warnings, no, not good news. tornado warnings are in effect for fairfax. i thought they dropped the one in prince william. if this stays together, they'll have to issue a tornado warning for montgomery county. i have no sheer markers right now. i just have heavy rain, frequent lightning, i'll send
5:51 pm
it back to you guys for now and if it changes or if they issue the warning for montgomery county, we will certainly keep you posted. a busy evening here in the 9news now weather center. >> we'll take a quick break and come back on the other side.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
a rash of burglaries in
5:54 pm
falls church has folks out there on edge and peggy fox is here to tell me police are scared of these guys. >> they are scared of these guys because they are brazen. they are kicking in doors, breaking windows and taking expensive things, like computers, anything that they can stick in a bag and get away. >> lauren chin headed out to costco one evening, leaving his house mate asleep inside. a thief walked in the back door. >> someone broke into my house and took away my touch pad. i just bought that a couple days ago. >> how much was it? >> around $400. >> it's one of at least ten burglaries in falls church in arlington county since september 2. most of them occurred between 6:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. they hit occupied and unoccupied homes. they kicked in doors, broke windows, cut screens, and ignored an alarm and got away. >> if you are kicking in the
5:55 pm
basement door or a front door, a double dead bolt lock. that's brazen. >> thieves have taken all sorts of expensive things. anything they can carry in a backpack, bag, or pillow case. >> it appeared they were taking high end jewelry, expensive electronics, you know, some passports and a weapon. >> most of the burglaries happened around the east falls church metro station. the thieves are using metro as an easy get away. >> i feel like it's opportunistic being close to the metro. people coming in and out quickly in the neighborhood is most likely the case. so it does concern me. >> now police are saying that people really need to be on the alert. obviously make sure your doors are locked. make sure your doors are locked in your car. keep the lookout for people carrying bags, even pillow
5:56 pm
cases. so keep your eyes open and be aware. >> sounds like the officers are looking for civilian help. >> we'll take a break and be right back.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
we have a severe weather alert. let's go back to topper shutt. >> tornado watch covers most of the metro area. montgomery county south, all the way to the bay and south until 11:00. we have tornado warnings in effect for fairfax county and prince william county. here's a look at live doppler 9,000. my hunch is, i think you're going to be okay in prince william county. a couple things i want to point out.
5:59 pm
a couple heavy storms. they are going to produce very heavy rains and also possibility of some small hail and also some of the storms have moved across 95. so you folks in charles county and southern section of prince georges county, even waldorf, i would keep an eye to the sky with this tail end of the thunderstorms. we do have a pretty good chance of hail. reports of hail, and this storm south of springfield has some big time hail. no doubt about that. this is state highway 644, just to the south of springfield. we're on the west side of 95 here, and also right around pohick road, there's a little bit of hail. springfield, get ready. rush hour is going to become more fun than it normally is this time of night and this time


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