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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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for spotsylvania county. this storm is much weaker now. on the west side of 95 running through fredericksburg. it is a heavy storm around route 3. it will produce some flooding, but no warning on that particular storm right now. so the watch continues across the entire metro area until 11:00 p.m. that goes almost up to frederick, not quite. over to the bay down into southern maryland and out for our friends to the west. i got a couple e-mails here. we are taking to louisa county, first. this is the plantation house being renovated. roof now in the backyard. maybe it's the front yard, i don't know. the pillars are down. no one was in the house, but this is what happened about 4:00, 4:10 this afternoon. just literally ripped the roof right off the structure. it's fairly impressive. up in pennsylvania toe mac, heavy rain, ominous looking clouds. this is two miles west of the village on false road and
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tremendous rain. a lot of street flooding in potomac with this storm and pretty good winds. no damage from the winds we have reported, but heavy rain. now everything pushed off to the north in howard county. i was talking to you about this. this was sent to us from jesse sessions and he said just sat right in the tornado in centerville, virginia, at union mill road and route 29. about 25 minutes ago. this came in at 5:55. he pulled over, which was smart. he said crazy torrential rain, penny size hail. sideways trees, grocery carts flying down the road. my jeep was swaying. scary. thank you for that. that was in centerville. i'll come back and show you a picture of the funnel cloud in just a few minutes. derek, back to you. >> glad things are starting to calm down. we turn to our other breaking news. montgomery county police released new details about the
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murder of a woman in germantown and the on going search for her little boy who is still missing out there somewhere. 9news now reporter, scott broom has details from police headquarters in rockville. >> our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. >> chief tom major announced details of the arrest of a suspect in the disappearance of 11-year-old william mcquain. and the murder of the boy's mom, jane mcquain found dead in her germantown condo late yesterday with no sign of the boy. curtis maurice lopez, her estranged husband and stepfather to the boy was arrested at a charlotte econolodge this morning. >> we were hoping we would find him with mr. lopez and we did not. >> according to witnesses, mr. lopez was recently seen in the area of miss mcquain's resident and seen removing property from the residence and loading it into the victim's vehicle.
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once detectives determined this was a homicide, mr. lopez, based on his inconsistent statements became a person of interest. >> 11-year-old william has not been seen for two weeks. but no one reported him and his mother missing until yesterday. in rockville, scott broom, 9news now. >> more arrests tonight for some of those occupy protesters right here in washington. can't really understand what they're saying, but the capital police don't need to. they just arrested seven of them after they arrested testimony of leon pinetta. >> we won't stop. >> we want jobs. scores of local activists taking a lesson from the occupy wall street protesters, blocking trucks at the $70000 million center construction site. their argument is too few d.c. residents have been getting jobs there. clark construction insists that
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41% of workers there have been d. c. residents. no doubt it has been a couple of days of rough commutes for some metro riders, but today, metro unveiled a plan that could make your ride smoother in the future. delia with more from lafont plaza. >> the changes promise to get you to your destination faster. >> i'm actually partial because i do ride the orange line when i do ride metro and i usually come to lafont, so i'm all for it. >> reporter: and it's welcome news on the heels of major delays, even this attempted suicide, which shut down the orange line. metro's second busiest. the realignment makes room in 2012. here's what you can expect. six additional orange line trains each hour in both directions heading to roseland. some blue line trains will be shifted to lafont plaza and therefore become the new yellow line. >> anything that stops people
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from driving, i'm all for it. >> the capacity issues that anyone experiences. >> shift maxes out our system, putting the tunnels and trains. some fear the more trains, the bigger the backup and in rare cases like tuesday's suicide attempt, and even during rush hour. >> 26 trains per hour is reasonable. >> another drawback, wait times, 108,000 passengers stand to shorten their commute, about 16,000 or 6% may wait 12, even 18 minutes for a train. >> it has to move. it just can't be more trains. it has to keep rolling. >> metro also unveiled a brand- new map today showing all of these new changes and shows a silver line to dulles. take a look yourself and go on to our website. outside lafont plaza, delia. >> that was delia reporting. we move on to a rash of burglaries in falls church and
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arlington that has police on alert tonight. the thieves have been kicking in doors, slashing screens, and breaking in windows and they have been hitting occupied and unoccupied homes, even houses with alarm systems. police say they strike between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. police believe they are putting the goods in backpacks and bags, even pillow cases and jumping on the metro rail. most of the burglaries have happened right near the east falls church metro station. if you're kicking in the basement door or a front door that a double dead bolt lock, that's brazen. >> indeed it is. so, police say you need to be alert. you need to lock your door and report any suspicious activities in your neighborhood immediately. burger lovers have a new place to sink their teeth into their favorite meal. it's not any old burger. celebrity chef, bobby flay on
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hand to christen bobby's burger palace in college park. he says the restaurant out on route 1 will feature a wide variety of burgers that salute america's flavors and traditions. >> i just want to say from my partner and i, we are excited to be part of the college park area and especially the building here and a great development for this area. also being part of the university of maryland community, we are so excited. everywhere i go in the last couple of days, lots of students from the university of maryland are like, when are you guys opening? and so the answer is now. >> and you cannot possibly have too many burger joints. at least that's my philosophy. brought more than 50 jobs to college park. cont have too many jobs either. we have more stories for you tonight. there's a job fair tomorrow, in fact, at the west field shopping center in annapolis. more than 50 employers are
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hiring. applicants need to dress professionally. the job fair will be held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the food court. that mall is in annapolis. and the curtain has gone up on a brand-new safeway in bethesda. there was a grand gala to mark occasion. it is a vast improvement over what they used to have that. in addition to its many upgrades, there's lots of seating. you see, they are hoping that this bethesda store becomes a smaller version of the social safeway down in georgetown. >> a two ton section of the national cathedral now safely on the ground after being lowered 300 feet via huge crane. that is just one of many sections of the building that had been damaged in august. 160 pieces in total will eventually be removed from the structure. today's early morning construction job was focused on
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the southeastern pinnacle of the tower. they used two-way radios. >> we can catch our breath and totaling up exactly how many stones have been damaged and how many we need to replace. how many we need to repair. that will allow us a little breathing room once this is done. >> all right, it will be done soon and working on this, actually won't be done soon. still ahead on 9news now. the defense does an about face in the trial of michael jackson's former doctor. we'll tell you about the surprise shift. plus, a southern maryland man just judged to have one of the worst bedrooms in america. so then why is he so happy about it? those stories and a lot more coming up. stay with us. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag.
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the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag tonight, clinic owners are petitioning the governor not to sign the new law. john from lorton has a new
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solution. suppose women who doctors authorized an abortion go to the hospital. if it is really unsafe for clinics to perform this procedure, then go to the hospital where it is safe. this isn't too great for the clings, but it solves the safety problem. john, the other side of that would argue it does not solve the access problem. a clinic is cheaper, faster, and easier than the hospital and the abortion right folks say safety is not a big issue. and then there was this on good old d.c. council member, marion barry who complained a d. c. government contract to cut grass should not have been given to a white maryland contractor. yesterday i said barry is not a racist and not against white people, but he does favor the interest of blacks. i called that a subtle distinction. john said yeah, way too subtle. some people want to believe that individuals who are themselves, members of a minority cannot be racist. it's short sided of you to put yourself in that category. that type of subtle distinction
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that you see in marion barry could be used to defend all sorts of racism. as long as they can be seen with the subtle distinction of simply being in favor of white people. it is a sad and simple truth that marion barry's comment is racist. first of all, anybody can be a bigot. so, was his comment racist? sure on its own i'll give you that. my point was, having known barry for years, i don't think he meant it to be. that takes us to the subtle distinction i also talked about, it's all about the power of one group over another group. back in the day, being in favor of white people meant black folks were left out. from barry's perspective, he is trying to help people that are struggling to make up ground. you may sit in a different place, hence the conversation. all right, topper has more of our unsettled weather when we come back and we'll have more
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for you. stay with us.
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now to the trial of conrad murray. the doctor accused of killing michael jackson. prosecutors begun to call their final witnesses. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter, accused of overloading jackson's body with a powerful anesthetic to help the singer fall asleep and of course that ended up killing him. on the witness stand, a sleep expert testified it was
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unacceptable for murray to use such a drug for that purpose. >> in standard practice, particularly in a home setting without appropriate monitoring, it is absolutely incomprehensible. >> starting sometime next week, dr. murray's defense team will call its panel of experts trying to counter what more than 50 witnesses testified to over the past three weeks. and a state department dinner just getting underway for the south koreaen president. you are looking live at the white house where folks are arriving for the gala. distinguished guests will be joining the president and first lady. addressed the joint session of congress earlier in the day and his visit comes one day after the house and senate passed a free trade deal with south korea, columbia, and panama. a father of five is literally over joyed tonight. his family just won a national contest for having one of the worst bedrooms in america.
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now normally that wouldn't be much to brag about, would it? the reason his bedroom is so bad is because a tree destroyed it during hurricane irene. lindsey mastis explains the rest of that. >> joe says he and his family are lucky to be alive after this tree crashed through the bedroom of his house. >> we normally be sleeping there. >> but that night, his wife insisted the family stay downstairs. when the tree came down. >> we heard a really loud crash and the whole house shook. >> this tree that fell in his backyard was the tallest one here. you can tell by the roots just how massive this tree is. the roots are 14 feet wide and the tree itself was nearly 80 feet tall. >> the children counted the rings and they counted about 400 rings. >> there's a lot of work to do and now he has some help. he won a national contest on facebook sponsored by angie's list. it's called, is your bedroom a
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nightmare? the prize is $5,000. >> five children, three of them very young. our bedroom is the center point of the family and we need a safe bedroom. >> he had to rent a house in the meantime and there's a possibility he'll have to give his house up. >> that's a load baring wall. >> this is the family's first home. they moved in six months ago. still, he is looking on the bright side. >> hundreds of people every day voting for us. it was really amazing, really touched the entire family. >> in maryland, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> now from hurricane damage, yeah, from hurricane damage to tornado damage, top? >> well, this just in. video, possible video of this tornado and this is looking around quantico. look at that. you can see some debris in that. it is crossing i-95. >> wow. >> who brought us that video? >> it came to us from one of our facebook friends. look at the -- wow, that's incredible. >> that is really something.
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man. >> looks like a storm chaser almost. >> it does. good job. thanks for all the comments on facebook, it was a team effort today. let's start with live doppler 9,000. we are going to get that posted on facebook on our website. live doppler 9,000. it's a little better, a little calmer. we'll zoom into eastern montgomery county and howard county. this was just right around university of maryland. a little bit ago. heavy rain toward laurel, pushing up to the north across 37. i know the sirens were going off at university of maryland because they thought it was a tornado. there was no tornado in that storm, it was just heavy. again, no damaging winds there, but very, very heavy rain. now we're going to go down south and seeing a second line develop from fredericksburg south down to spotsylvania on the west side of 95. this is all training parallel to 95, moving north, northeast
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at 22 miles an hour. we're going to watch these very carefully. right now, some heavy rain with those particular storms. i'll widen back out and put this into motion. what's going to happen in the next hour. we'll take you in time and have good storms from front royal to winchester. now we'll put this into motion. where are they going to go? they are going to go due north up to leesburg. these are going to go to manassas. you have been clobbered once. they don't look as heavy, but insult to injury, these storms move north up into winchester and the panhandle of west virginia. tornado watch continues until 11:00 p.m. i don't think they're going to cancel this. they are going to wait for it to expire. manassas, all of our friends to the south. everybody over to the bay and down into southern maryland as well. so possible tornado. this is e-mailed to us from charlie. and this is looking on old auburn road. 603 out in virginia and
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fauquier county and that is a funnel cloud. it's not down all the way, but that's the same storm that produced this tornado. and it's not often that our tornadoes stay on the ground for any length of time. it's common for them to skip back up and come back down and that particular shot is back up in the clouds, which is where we like to keep it. tornado watch until 11:00. more thunderstorms tonight. some fog late tonight after midnight and more thunderstorms tomorrow. probably 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. is the window of storms tomorrow. good news is, high school football games look okay. grab a sweatshirt. it's going to get cooler and windy behind the frontal system tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms. some heavy, some severe. winds out of the south at 10. tomorrow morning, showers and maybe a thunderstorm late in the morning. 50s and 60s. pretty mild. the showers and thunderstorms will end. becoming partly sunny. highs around 70. winds will kick westerly at 10 to 15. that will dry us out. we'll usher in cooler air for
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tomorrow night. sweatshirt at the games, please. all right, your day planner. 58 to 64 to start. maybe a sprinkle, but the best chance for showers and storms at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. 65 to 70 at noon. the good news, fantastic weekend. got the dog walk on saturday at potomac. 70, 74 milder for the redskin game. spectacular. next seven days, looks like this. 77, even warmer on monday. 80 as we get into tuesday, some showers and thunderstorms possible late and it will cool down again. we're looking at temperatures in the 60s on wednesday and thursday of next week. >> cool nights, warm days. >> thank you, sir. by the way, tornado warning signs went off all across the university of maryland, college park campus this evening. that sent thousands of students in the basements as it should, right top? and the dorms and the academic buildings. we got the all clear.
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no tornado, no damage that we know of, and no injuries. good news. >> that's right. >> 9news now is brought to you in part by your local toyota dealers. toyota, moving forward.
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that's our report. i'll be back here tonight at 11:00 along with anita brikman. we show you how to negotiate with your doctor to help keep your costs down. don't forget, log on to
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. the new shots of ashton out with demi. can their marriage be saved? >> the divorce rumor today as ashton's alleged other woman speaks out. >> we ended up being alone. that's when he kissed me. >> plus is their age difference tearing them apart? and can famous older women keep their younger men from straying?


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