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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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be the case this afternoon. highs 70 to maybe even 75 west of town with a 5:00 p.m. reading right about 70 degrees. satellite and radar showing the clouds and we've been watching moving in from the west overnight. they look a little thicker. there's no rain with these in spite of rain here. there are some showers in pennsylvania. all of this is moving to the northeast so we will see some sun later on. 49 in lovettsville. 52 leesburg to sterling to centrevillement also laurel it's 50. we're 57 now and our high temperatures this afternoon look to be in the lower 70s. pretty nice day ahead. monika? we're going to look at a live picture from sky 9 to start thing off right now. on 395 northbound at edsall road, where we've been telling you about ongoing police activity right here on the ramp to edsall road. it remains blocked as you can see and our wonderful susan tells me that this could remain this way for about another hour. let's take a look at the delays
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this causing northbound on 395 live. if we can go to the traffic camera? v dot camera maybe, northbound 395 very slow. there you go at edsall road. all the way up toward the police activity. you can just about see the flashing lights here causing this delay and if you need to get to edsall road. go up to duke street to get around this. again, very heavy out of springfield now northbound on 395. i'll keep you posted on that situation. let's go to a graphic now. if you're planning to head southbound on 270 it's right now getting slow out of urbanna. -- frederick to urbanna then again in the rockville area. all lanes are open. to the north side of town. no problems here university boulevard through silver spring with the lanes open. in my next report an update on 395 at edsall road. back to you guys. at the top of the hour, the stories happening today. polls open at 7:00 in the special election in prince george's county.
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democrat derrick leon davis and republican day gardner are vying for the seat 6 seat. polls are open until 8:00 tonight. one of the leaders of this winter's revolution in egypt is here in d. c.. 20-year-old mahr created a pro democracy youth movement and be speaking this afternoon at the arab american institute in northwest. today the walter reed convention center hosts the national senior league we're bowling championship. a local team is playing for the title from montgomery county. bowling begins at 1:30. also today the d. c. council is taking up some emergency legislation. >> right now police can arrest drivers from the district or other states for having an expired tag. >> kristin fisher is live. >> reporter: you know the reason why is because what this
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law means is that you could be arrested and then you could be issued a criminal citation all because your tags have been expired for more than 30 days. believe it or not the law dates back to 1937 but only been implemented over the last # years or so. they're simply enforcing the laws on the books they say and that critics need to take it up with the legislators. mayor gray is open to reviewing this law but he's also said that this nation's capital faces unique safety concerns and that vehicles without proper registration are a potential threat. so where exactly does the mayor stand? there's a good chance we'll find out later today but one thing is for sure. many people are outraged over this including virginia senator jim webb. he wrote a letter to mayor gray two weeks ago that read quote --
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>> reporter: well, the mayor responds about a week later saying quote -- >> reporter: so what would that option be? well, the mayor has hinted at doing some things like many other jurisdictions nearby already do and that would be impounding a vehicle that has tags that are expired. but you know, the issue is really going to be addressed and taking center stage right here today at this hearing and d. c. council is going to take up a vote to temporarily repeal this law that would go into effect immediately if it passes today. that vote will be taking place right here at the wilson building just after 11:00 a.m. mike? >> hotly debated once again. thanks kristin live in knot west washington this morning. hearings begin today on a plan to hike the gas tax in
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maryland. if governor o'malleys his way the tax would jump 15 cents per gallon which would mean the state taxed 38.5 cents a gallon. the governor wants the new money to glow to a program to rehab roads and schools in the state. the man suspected in the murder of a jermantown, maryland woman could return to our area at any time. curtis lopez waived his right to an extra hearing yesterday in a north carolina courtroom. he's accused in the murder of jane mcquain. her body was found last week. police are still searching for mcquain's son, 11-year-old william mcquain. teams have spent the last few days searching all over the county for the boy. police may find him alive. children may take the stand today in the trial of this woman. susan lee burke. she's accused of choking and kicking and punching students in silver spring. at least seven students have made the accusations. burke denies all of the
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charges. so who do you blame for the bad economy? the occupy protests are aimed at wall street but most americans point their fingers at uncle sam. 78% of the people say wall street bears a great deal or a fair amount of the blame for the economy. while 87% blame the federal government. only 11% say uncle sam gets not much or no blame for the situation. well, those american hikers freed from iran last month are joining the occupy movement. shane bauer and josh fattal and sarah shourd spoke monday about a protest in oakland, california. they say they support the protestors calling for economic reforms. 6:06. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> you've seen all of the companies "like" us on facebook. facebook this, facebook that. apparently not being too friendly. >> if you believe the hype you have a problem with the company, ooh, i'll put it on
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facebook. everything's going to magically be fixed. we'll all live happily ever after. uh-huh, no way. more often than not you're going to be completely ignored. a study finds that only 5% on brand pages ever get any kind of answer but there are some businesses that are doing a better job than others sort of. the telecommunications and airlines sectors had the high estreated of answered wall posts but even those were pretty low at 28% and 26% respectively. retail came in third with a rate under 20%. on the flip side. some media industries the worst result responding to just 1% of wall posts. the automotive industry around 2.5% and a category called fast moving consumer goods very sexy, that came in third place. those are items like soft drinks, toiletries and grocery items. little disappointing, you think you can put it on facebook and
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you will get a quick response. >> somebody would be paying attention. >> our facebook page however is very interactive. >> we are very interactive and there are some things that will be more effective in terms of complaining. if you complain for example on twitter there's a uk study that show that is 25% of the tweets will get some sort of response but a lot of the time the corporate accounts are run by pr agencies outside of the company. even if you're getting a response you may not get the kind of response that you're looking for. real quick, take it old school in a new way. write a letter and make it an e- mail. write a letter to the ceo of the company, that's going get a response and last case you can complain to the better business bureau or write up a complaint on a site like yelp. you are very likely to get a response to that. >> make sure you have your account number handy. that was my problem with exxon
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mobil. >> thanks jess. the new facebook look has been out for a few weeks speaking of facebook. we still hate it. >> yeah. >> u sad to gallup -- "usa today" and gallup asked what they thought of the new timeline setup. out of daily users 56% dislike them. compare that togas 36% who like them and surprisingly the poll found 13% of daily users get this -- they didn't even notice the change. all the pop-ups that come in -- it's a mess. >> ity if they didn't complain on facebook? >> that's right. >> that's it. >> they know facebook isn't paying attention to those complaints. here's a look at what's still to come within the next hour of 9news now. >> in four minutes the latest in the week long series on fighting diabetes. we'll learn the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and when it comes to preventing the disease, there's an app for that. and preventing your cell phone bill from getting out of control. at 6:36. who will be watching your minutes.
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. up next though, howard has another check on the tuesday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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6:12. you'll need a jacket in spots especially north of town where we have some 40s. a mix of clouds and sunshine becoming partly to mostly sunny midday 66 and by 5:00 nice at 70 with highs today in the low 70s. see you in few with ising looed
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is the weekend. -- a look at the weekend. a look from sky 9 on the northbound side of i-395 at edsall road where is ramp is blocked with police activity for over an hour and remain so for a while. we'll keep ufos on this situation coming up. mike? there's a massive prisoner swap going on this morning between israel and hamas. one israeli soldier in exchange for more than 1,000 palestinians. >> he's master sergeant gilad shilat. it's one of the stories making news now. he's returned to israel. it happened an hour ago. he was apptured five years -- captured five years ago. the palestinian prisoners have returned to a heroes' welcome in gaza. the uk is freezing the assets of five men connected to the plot to pill a saudi -- kill a saudi ambassador in the u.s.. two men were charged in the
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case supposedly part of a larger plot by iran. richard branson rappeled down the side of the new space port america. it will be the launch site for commercial flights into space. now here's jessica. thank you andrea. saturday morning, thousands will lace up for the national capital area stepout walk at nats park. andrea, mark and yours truly are emceeing this year's event to raise awareness of the disease and another colleague joins us this morning. jeff fitzgerald is a biocentury producer here at wusa9. thank you for getting up early and talking about this. now your own diagnosis was a little bit complicated. tell us about that. >> for me it started in the summer of 199 #. i was enjoying the summer and began to notice i was thinker city all the time and -- thirsty all the time and i was playing a lot of o reck
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national football. it got real for me when as a passenger in a car i woke up and realized i couldn't see the street signs. things were very blurry. a short while later i was diagnosed at a type 2 diabetic. i was taking oral medication and in 1998, a new doctor said you know you probably should have been diagnosed with type 1 and i was put on insulin at that time. since that time i've been a type 1 diabetic. i don't know if i'm a type 1 and a half or how that plays out. >> tell us about the difference with type 1 and type 2. type 1 is more difficult to manage right? >> type 2 is more prominent. type 1 is insulin dependent. type 2 is noninsulin dependent and i think you obviously have to treat them different because insulin you know enters into the whole equation very differently than oral
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medication would. for me it was an interesting switch. living in the first part of that one way and now being on insulin. i know if everyone knows what the pump is but it's a very cool little device. it's a size of a pager. it's a mini iv 24 hours a day, a very thin tap into the body. and it helps me manage well. >> jeff, you sometimes have to take your blood sugar upwards of 20 times a day you told me and you manage things on an iphone application? >> first of all, the 20 times a day was back when it was very challenging. the first insulin would not come up as fast as i wished it would. but the -- these days i'm using an iphone app to do it with and using blood wise and there's a number of great apps in the app store to manage it with. if you do a search on diagnoses orinase lins you -- diabetes or insulin you will find it.
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>> committing every day to fighting the disease is a great way to tackle. >> i want to reingauge like everyone else. >> you can take part too this in weekend's diabetes park. registration begins at 8:00. the walk begins at 10:00. join us, we're the daddies' girl team on saturday. you can learn more going to and now we're going to go over to howard. and the weather looks pretty good for that saturday morning by the way but chilly. temperatures likely down in the 40s. the bus stop forecast today. not too bad, we've got 40s and 50s out there. sunrise at 7:25 under partly cloudy skies with more clouds north than south. but a lot of the clouds we have, the high thin type. upper 0s by 9:00 and upper 60s by noon. by 3:00 look at that 71 going to be a great afternoon around here and still looking decent at 6:00 p.m. as temperatures fall back into the upper 60s. the clouds we're looking at this morning, been coming in from west to east. high thin ones not raining
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south of winchester but some real showers are up in pennsylvania this morning and a bigger picture you can see how we've got the area overcloudness and showers -- of cloudiness and showers up to the north. then we'll see improving conditions later this morning. 50 in cumberland and 48 in winchester with 46 in pax river. steven crush junction is in the mid 40s up there while it's low 50s in bowie and 55 also in frederickburg. national another degree, 57. cloudy skies although as i've been telling you high thin clouds, you can see the moon through them and the winds are calm at the moment. the cold stuff is in the northern plains and the rockies. this is going to move east over the next couple of days behind this storm system through the mississippi valley. this one comes tomorrow and all the moisture down in florida that's going to come up toward us. so expect a wet wednesday and then a cooler finish to the week. today, we're looking at temperatures very confidentable
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around 7 the -- comfortable around 72 for the high. periods of rain and showers on wednesday. thursday though we're clearing out. breezy and cool around 60 and then check this out the rest of the week. friday through sunday, i think highs stay in the upper 50s. the nighttime lows are at the national airport. that means 30s and lots of 30s in the suburbs. a traffic update and here at 6:19. here's monika samtani. an an hour now, this situation northbound on 395. you're looking live from sky 9 on the northbound side at edsall road. police activity blocking the ramp to edsall road and again authorities tell us that's going to be this way for at least another 45 minutes to an hour. up to the scene northbound on 395 it's actually jammed like this from springfield up toward edsall road. you might want to plan early. the beltway at van dorn street, it's going to be one of the options. go ahead and take the beltway to van dorn and up to duke
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street and also take it to back lick road and up toward braddock and route 236 to get around it and avoid 395 if you can. a look now at a map. now there are no problems heading up to the 14th street bridge. by the way metro wheaton escalators are open. you have a shuttle bus service available for you. vre 302 out of fredericksburg is canceled. therefore 304 will be overcrowded. metro is accepting vre tickets this morning. coming up another look at 395 at 6:25. thank you monika. it is 6:20 and next in sports when we'll learn who will be the redskins' starting quarterback sunday. and things aren't looking good when it comes to ending the nba lockout. right now before the break, let's get another look at the question of the morning, it's confession time for parents --
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>> well, our facebook friend kim weighs in -- >> keep the guesses coming. boy, we had a great conversation about that recently, we will answer the question of the day coming up at 6:48. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:24. your weather first on this tuesday morning. little bit cool out there. a few 40s most of us in the low to mid-s right now. but -- 50s right now. but we've got a good day ahead. tomorrow though get the rain gear ready. partly to mostly sunny today. by midday upper 60s and highs this afternoon into low 07s. mike -- 70s. mike? coming up in sports, mike shanahan going to announce tomorrow who the starting quarterback is going to be.
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>> he's figuring will it be rex grossman or john beck getting the start neck week? >> shanahan is going to go over the tapes with his coaches before he makes the announcement. grossman was booed off the field after throwing the four interceptions. john beck came in and made it a game. he hasn't started an nfl game in four years. neither qb had anything to say publicly on monday. monday night football last night the jets hosting the dolphins, first quarter, new york's darrelle revis intercepts matt moore. goes the length of the field. 100 yards for the touchdown. jets win 24-6. miami 0-5 on the year now. >> wow. tonight, the washington capitals look for their fifth straight win to start the season. they host the florida panthers at verizon center. the panthers are in second place behind the caps. the puck drops at 7:00. a federal mediator will now get involved today in the nba lockout. both sides will meet in new
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york city. the lockout is now entering his 16th week. the first two weeks of the regular schedule have been canceled and both sides remain far apart they say. it is 6:25. and it's only october 18th. but learn which local city is getting into the christmas spirit in a big way starting today. and blackberry is doing a little giving. trying to make up for its big outage last week, ahead, how it's making nice with customers. quick check of traffic now. monika? over to you. a live look from sky 9 on the northbound side of 395 here at edsall road. police activity locking the ramp to edsall causing major delays. i'll have more on this coming up in my next report, your watching 9news now -- you're watching 9news now, we'll be right back. ♪
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we are back at 6:30 and this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look at cross the potomac from arlington into the district. the 14th street bridge is right there in the middle of the careen and you can see traffic -- screen and you can see traffic is definitely building at this time of the morning. mostly clear skies and 57 degrees right now. >> brisk and beautiful. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane, meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> it's a nice morning out there in spite of the fact that we have high clouds giving us a
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hazy start. the moon is visible through it. a really pretty sunrise with the high thin clouds. later on a good, good day. expecting sunshine today in spite of the early clouds. highs today 70 to 75 west and southwest of town. the clouds moved in overnight some showers up in pennsylvania. from the turnpike north you can see it there approaching philly and scranton this morning through williams port. we've got some 40s in spots like win chester and frederick and cumberland. low 50s at andrews and la plata. here in washington we're at 57. so some sun today. not a bad day at all with highs in the lower 70s but we turn wet and breezy tomorrow. those details coming up in about 13, 14 minutes. right now we throw it inside to monika with more on your timesaver traffic. i'm going to start off with a map this morning around. i've been telling you about a police chase that ended in a crash right here northbound on 395. just above the beltway at
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edsall road. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live from sky 9. heading northbound on 395 this ramp to edsall road has been closed since the 5:00 hour. and what it was was a controlled police chase that ended in a planned crash. if that makes sense. so they caught the person they needed to catch. there were minor injuries and the driver was transported to the hospital and he will be fine. in the meantime the investigation continues and let's take a look at the backup northbound on 95 here in newington. in fact it looks like this all the way from the prince william parkway crawling up to the scene. you want the plan early and plan your alternate routes to get around this situation because i think it's going to be there for a while longer. let's end with a live look on the east side of town. there are no problems here route 50 in new carrollton. by the way there's about accident this one just reported southbound vw parkway before 397 and that's in the left lane. i'll update you on 395 at 6:45.
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mike and andrea somewhere? just under 30 minutes the polls will be opening in prince george's county for a special election to fill a spot. >> the winner today will fill the seat that was held by leslie johnson. the district 6 race pits democrat derrick leon davis against republican day gardner, they won last month's primary. polls are open until 8:00 tonight and we'll have the results for you tonight an 9news now at 11:00. excuse me, president obama heads to emporia, virginia today to push his jobs plan. he made stops in north carolina yesterday. the president is hoping to win support for his proposal. during a stop at a north carolina high school, the commander-in-chief pressed congress to pass his jobs plan. piece by piece. >> we're going to chop it up into some bite sized pieces and give them another chance to look out for your jobs instead of looking out for their own jobs. >> the president contends any no votes would be vote against americans. many republicans however see
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the president's bus trip as a taxpayer funded campaign trip. the president's jobs plan will be the focus of republicans on the campaign trail. they'll square off tonight in their latest detate. this time in las vegas, nevada. seven of the eight gop candidates will be there. former utah governor jon huntsman is sitting out because nevada moved its caucus to an earlier date than planned. circle the calendar for january 3rd. that's when iowa will hold its first in the nation caucuses. they were originally planned for february but with other states moving their primaries and caucuses to earlier dates iowa moved too. nearly four years ago then- senator barack obama won the democratic kaw sus and mike hug key -- caucus and mike huckabee won the gop caucus. right now if you're expired don't drive in the district. that's because police can legally throw you in jail. today the city council is trying to put a stop to that at least temporarily. kristin fisher is live outside
6:35 am
the wilson wilding with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, today the d. c. council will be voting on a temporary legislation that would immediately repeal this law. a law that right now allows d. c. police to arrest you, jail you, and potentially issue you a criminal citation all because your tags are expired. now we dill stone know exactly -- still don't know exactly how many people have been arrested as a result of this law and how often they're issued a criminal citation but over the last few weeks there's been enough of the arrests to incite outrage among many d. c. drivers including chairman and senator jim webb. he even wrote the mayor a letter calling the law a waste of financial resources but triple a put it more simply -- they just called the law ridiculous. >> we're not talking about a misdemeanor. we're not talking about a flagrant violation of traffic laws and you are throwing people in jail for three to six hours because you say it makes the streets safe?
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>> reporter: safety, that's the other side of this argument that this law enhances public safety. that especially here in the nation's capital vehicles without proper registration pose a potential threat. but whether or not those arguments will win out will be determined here at the wilson building when this hearing gets underway at 11:00 this morning. mike? >> thank you kristin. live in northwest washington. little scary to think about what other laws might be on the books too. sources tell 9news now a key staffer in mayor gray's office is going undercover. howard brooks is looking for information in a probe on gray's 2010 campaign. brooks was named by sulaimon brown has a person who gave him money. brown says he was promised a job. our bruce johnson caught up with mayor gray about this on monday. >> reporter: have you been stepping before the grand jury? has your attorney talked to prosecutors? is there anything you can share
6:37 am
with the public on this? >> i have not been called and i don't know the extent to which my attorney has discussed any of this with the u.s. attorney's office. >> reporter: have you drawn any conclusions in your mind as to possible irregularities? >> no, that's why we called for the investigation. >> lorraine green the chairwoman of the gray campaign also denied any wrongdoing in this. 6:37. jessica doyle is back and she's watching your money. >> she says now someone else is watching the minutes on your cell phone. not just you. >> that's right. the government. >> what? >> yeah, that's the situation here, okay. so what's going on is i'm sure this has happened to you or some of the viewers. you get your cell phone bill and it is unexpectedly high because of extra usage problems. those days of cell phone bill shock could be coming to an end. wireless carriers and the fcc have announced a program that will send alerts to warn you if you're about to exceed your plan's limit. an fcc study found one in six
6:38 am
mobile users have seen unexpected overages. >> there's always been a simple technological solution to this. send out alerts, text or voice, as consumer is approaching their limits. and let the consumer manage their bills. >> exactly what's going to happen. the carriers have voluntarily agreed to this deal. notifications will start by october of next year. though at&t says it has always offered the service 689 the alerts weren't necessarily do away with overages. so you couldn't use your blackberry for a few days? making amends, yep, there's an app for that. blake berry maker research in motion will give away $100 worth of free premium apps to customers. it's an i'm sorry for the outages that affected people last week and also provide a month of technical support for some premium customers. i don't know if that's enough. >> they've been in trouble trying to compete recently
6:39 am
anyway. probably not a good thing. >> bad timing too with the iphone 4s coming out at the same time. >> exactly. >> oh man. >> we'll see how that does. >> maybe a better phone would be better than a couple of naps. >> mmm. >> thank you jess. just a thought. just a thought. >> just saying. 6:39. howard says going to be a nice day. sunny skies and highs in the 70s. however, big changes are coming. he'll tell you when. and here's a live look at the beltway and university boulevard in silver spring. the outer loop, it's crawling and it's getting worse. monika's next timesaver traffic report is seven minutes away. thanks for choosing channel 9. here's what's on tv tonight --
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we are back at 6:43. with some amazing video out of lubbock, texas. this is called is haboob. basically a dust storm. 55-mile an hour winds brought this in monday afternoon. and it went from light to dark in just a matter of minutes. besides leaving a mess, thousands of people lost power and dozens of trees were knocked down in this. that's actually video we're watching right now believe it or not. >> i experienced one of these once. i was in oklahoma city and all of a sudden i looked to the northwest and i ran in and shut the garage. temperature must have dropped 15, 20 degrees. >> the temperature goes down too. >> the cold air was coming in with it and yeah, kind of scary. >> big winds come down like and in our case it was the cold air coming in. lited up all the dust. remember the drought conditions are going on in texas boom.
6:45 am
>> haboob. >> haboob. >> you get that going on book in the '30s in the dust bowl when the conditions were ripe for it. today. sunshine expected and nice afternoon before a big storm moves in tomorrow. could get windy along the coast especially late tomorrow and tomorrow night. the bus stop forecast, looks okay. we've got a few clouds out there this morning. especially north of town but it's dry and it's cool. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s and still a half hour until we get light out there with the sunrise. day planner today. 57 degrees at 8:00. 66 at noon. we're looking low 70s at 4:00 p.m. winds will turn northeastly to easterly and by 8:00, we're back into the 60s with highs today low 70s. so very, very comfortable but that's not going to last after today. a cool start. emailed finish. clearly grab the sunglasses. rain gear though tomorrow and after that some sweaters and sweatshirts and jackets to finish out the week as colder air moves in behind the storm on wednesday. this morning showers are up in
6:46 am
pennsylvania. we've got lots of high cloudiness across the region although the moon is still dimly visible. they're not thick clouds, could be a pretty sunrise. lovettsville at 47 the cool spot. we've got 57 reagan national. annapolis at 58 this morning and down in the northern neck, we have low 60s coming in from there. 57 with the clouds. dew point's 53 and right now anyway national has light winds but that's all going to change tomorrow as the storm system two parts of it. one from the midwest here and the mississippi valley, picks up the tropical moisture. this is going to lift to the north and the combination will mean wind and rain for us on wednesday. i think our wind here in the metro could be gusting over 20 though to the bay and especially the ocean some of the winds could be gusing over 30 and maybe over 40 at ocean city. the forecast then looks good today. highs in the low 70s, partly to mostly sunny. tonight, we're down in the 50s and low 60s and we don't recover much tomorrow.
6:47 am
67 with the breeze. thursday, breezy. colder still 60 and much chillier for friday and saturday and under. highs in the -- sunday. highs in the 50s and nighttime lows in the low 40s in washington. thiamines 30s in the suburbs and -- that means 30s in the suburbs and some frost over the weekend in the northeast. live from sky 9. ongoing police activity here at 395 at edsall road. the result of a police chase that ended in a crash that was planned there. we're going to take a look at the delays on the northbound side of i-95 which begin before newington and it looks like this all the way up to springfield and to edsall road and this means that you definitely need to plan early. otherwise you will deal with this on the northbound side of 95 and 395. let's go to a map. just got word of a new accident on the eastbound side of the dulles toll road right here at the beltway be aware of this. just going to see the traffic slow down. 66 normal slow traffic out of manassas as you head for the beltway. and we'll end with a live look
6:48 am
on the beltway north side of town. here's the outer loop leaving 95. normal slow stuff to silver spring. 270 slows off and on father hurley boulevard to where the lanes divide. back to you. the same engineers who carpet saided tourists by -- captivated tourists by rappeling down the washington monument are now doing the same thing at the national cathedral. >> they are looking for damage caused by the earthquake back in august. >> yesterday was the first trip down the side of the tower. the cathedral suffered some damage during the quake and then incurred additional damage by hurricane irene a few days later. so how is rappeling down the cathedral different than the monument? >> with all the ornamentation we're going to be crawling around and touching and feeling, it's more entertaining for us. >> and the inspection is about
6:49 am
to take two weeks. the coo need ideal is set to reopen to the public november 12th. well, you still have about 10 weeks left to get your holiday shopping done starting today, however, it is already beginning to look a lot more like christmas in one part of the region. the city of frederick, maryland. in fact. will begin putting up christmas lights, 1500 strings of lights will go along market street, patrick street and the carroll creek and the park. the most of the electricity is paid by donations from city residents and from businesses. it is 6:49 and we have 67 degrees here in northwest washington. it's time to answer our question of the morning right now -- >> and the answer is b., naming them what they did. >> hmm.
6:50 am
>> we won't go there. >> moon unit zap pa? >> apple. >> we won't go there. a check on the news before you go is up next. state farm. this is jessica.
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6:53. some high clouds out there now we'll be seeing more sunshine midday. highs today in the low 70s with the drive home temp very comfortable at 70 degrees. today is tuesday, october 18th. here's a check of the news before you go. a 5-year-old will survive his injuries after falling out of a third floor apartment window yesterday. this was at the tanglewood apartments in silver spring. police say a friend of the boy's father was watching the child at the time and left him
6:54 am
alone. gary giordano will stay in a jail in aruba for now. he's a person of interest in the disappearance of 35-year- old robyn gardner. the two traveled there together but giordano doesn't know how she vanished. who will be the quarterback this week? rex grossman got pulled sunday after throwing four interceptions, john beck looks pretty good. they visit the carolina panthers on sunday. "the early show" begins in junction six mist -- just six minutes. >> jeff glor with a preview. >> president obama talks about jobs in north carolina some republicans say he's campaigning on the public dime. we'll get the latest on that and also preview tonight's gop debate as the herman cain surge continues. we'll talk about that if changes the way the debates unfold. also what could be the end of bill shock when you open your cell phone bill and see how far you went over the limit and didn't know.
6:55 am
we'll look at new rules that warn you before you spend too much. coming up here on "the early show." it is 6:54. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns.
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6:58 am
one more thing before we go. we talked about old laws from the 1930s in d. c., you can be arrested and put in jail. there are a lot of laws on the books that are kind of goofy. >> we found a couple of them. this one is very important. if you're in iowa and you are a one armed pianist, you cannot
6:59 am
charge for your concert or performance. >> chicago, illinois, it is illegal to continue eating your meal if the restaurant is on fire. >> absolutely. and this is a hard one. in idaho i know it's really difficult to imagine this but fishing on the back of an elephant is prohibited. >> come on. >> howard? >> that ruins my whole vacation. 72 degrees this afternoon. nice, tomorrow though wet and windy and then much cooler as we head into thursday, friday and saturday. i have a question, is there any other way? northbound 395 here's edsall road. the ramp remains blocked with police activity. delays before newington. >> futures are looking mixed. i can't compete with elephants. >> "the early show" is next. why they had to do a strip search at a scrabble tournament. >> monika and i will be back at 7:25 and don't forget,


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