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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 25, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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veet burial. mow more gadhafi is buried somewhere in the desert. a grus yop find, and this sensor that could solve a decades old cold case. and a hiker being lost for nearly more than a week in the canadian wilderness. this is the "cbs morning news" canadian wilderness. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, october 25th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs and good morning, everyone. libya's interim government says moammar gadhafi's corpse was buried in a secret grave.
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he was buried with his son and an aide. his body was removed from a walk-in freezer. it had been there since its capture showing clear signs of abuse. that triggered calls for investigation. it's reported that gadhafi's son, his long time heir apparent is in libya travel, a false passport trying to flee. the search continues for hundreds of people missing after sunday's devastating earthquake in turkey. more than 366 people are known to have decided, most buried when scores of buildings collapsed. at least 1300 have been injured. thailand is reeling from the worst floods to hit that country in nearly 60 years. flood waters are now affecting bangkok's airports shutting down all domestic flights. other parts of the capital are having flooding problems. the death toll has risen to more than 360 from the nationwide
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flooding that began in july. hurricane rina is building in the western caribbean. it became a category one hurricane wednesday. forecasters say it could get stronger with wind speeds of 120 miles per hour later this week. rina is expected to turn to the north hitting cozumel and cancun as early as thursday. texas governor rick perry unveiled his proposal for a 20% tax rate and president obama is in california this morning. next stop, with colorado, as he pushes his own economic initiative. yesterday was. later this week, he announces his measures on college plans. >> these are part of executive actions that the president is taking. they require no congressional approval and they effectively allow the president to blame republicans and congress for taking no action. president obama made a surprise stop at a los angeles restaurant to greet voters and grab a bite.
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>> i'm going to have the chicken. >> reporter: he's in the middle of a three-day western swing aim at raising campaign cash and pushing his economic policy. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. where they won't act, i will. >> reporter: at his first stop in las vegas monday, the president announced a new order to announce homeowners. about a million people with government loans could refinance if their home is under water if they've paid their mortgage for six months. economists announce more will need to be done to fix the housing market, but every little bit helps. >> it might be unsatisfying that we kaevent solve the crisis in one big move, but that's what we've got. it's going to take a lot of small step toes turn this around. >> reporter: tomorrow in colorado, president obama is expected to announce another initiative to help college students. these initiatives allow the president to work around
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congress where his jobs plan is stalled. this morning, rick perry will unveil a new tax cut proposal. perry's proposal will compete with herman cain's 9-9-9 plan which includes a national sales tax and mitt romney's plan which could tweak the current tax code. the states for this trip for president obama are all states that he won. colorado and nevada in particular are swing states that went republican republican in 2004. sue soon, thank you so much. herman cain begins a nationwide radio campaign today. but it's an ad on his youtube page that is causing a bit of a stir. it features his chief of staff. >> we need you to get involved, because together, we can do this. we can take this country back. >> the ad includes a close-up of
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block smoking while a woman sings "i am america." some have suggested the ad is a hoax or the work of a hacker so we decided to contact the campaign and ask for ourselves. they told us it's a real ad and they're getting a lot of positive feedback. two north caroliincomnorth are being charged. a 15 was walking out of the school what she was charged in the neck. the suspects, one 18, one 15 brought a rifle to school and are in court today. authorities in maine hope they've gotten a break in the case of a woman who disappeared 28 years ago. katie wardell was 23 years old when she went missing in 1983. his former boyfriend died last
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week ago. his relatives found a skeleton inside a freezer at a storage garage he has rented since 1982. >> julian told police the last time he saw her they had a fight and he dropped her off at a motel in new hampshire. lawyers in conrad murray's case will continue his defense today. karen brown reports. >> reporter: michael jackson's long time personal physician took the stand for dr. conrad murray's defense. dr. allen metzger told the jurors jackson had problems for more than a decade and had asked for intravenous medication two months before his death. >> did he happen to intention name for this medicine? >> i think he used the word
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juice. >> the defense hopes to show that he was so desperate for sleep he could have injected himself with propofol. dr. metzger visited with him in april 2009. >> i think his fear was that this was a big obligation. >> reporter: during that same time period, jackson called on a nurse practitioner to help him sleep. >> i said, well, you have a concern about something? he said identify just been tired. >> reporter: earlier in the day, prosecutors rested their case after calling 33 witnesses including medical experts who painted dr. murray as inept and said he was solely responsible for michael jackson's death. but the defense grilled dr. steven shaffer. >> you had no information at your disposal that dr. murray -- >> reporter: dr. shaffer spent four days on the stand and told the jurors that the only
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scientifically basis for jackson's death was that murray gave jackson too much propofol. coming up, fast food brings back a fan favorite. plus, the hpv vaccine, should boys be vaccinated for the virus that caughts cervical cancer? halloween again? nice mummy costume. can't anyone do anything origina.ahhhh. edible arrangements bouquets. they're so fun it's scary. call, click or come into the location near you.
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now the vegetable juice, with more than 10 times the sodium of cranberry juice. we have a winner. more troubling news this morning about hpv. an advisory panel to the centers for disease control will vote today on whether men and boys should be vaccinated against again tile waele genetile warts other diseases. hpv is now linked to another disease. two weeks ago, doctors told michelle lapelle that she was invekted with a strain of the human papaloma virus that could
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cause cancer. >> nobody wants to find out either that they have cancer or they're close to having cancer. >> new studies show a link between hpv and cardiovascular disease. >> women with the cardiovascular strain had a two-fold risk of heart disease. >> even with women who did not have other risk factors such as high cholesterol, smoking or diabetes. >> 20% of people with cardiovascular disease do not have typical factors. doctors hope pinpointing the cause to hpv will help save lives. >> we have to identify new factors that could lead us to prevent heart disease. >> reporter: michelle says she has a healthy heart, but will pay closer attention from now on. >> now that we know this, it's something to be on the lookout for. >> she is now hpv free and has regular checkups to stay
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healthy. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. cbs money watch time now. net flex suffering backlash over raising its prices. ashley is here with more on that. good to see you, good morning. >> good morning, terrell. japan's nikkei dropped about 2 is 1% while hong kong's hang seng was up 1%. today's housing market, investors on monday were encouraged by attempts to corral its debt. the dow gained nearly 105 points while the nasdaq added 152. netflix shares dropped nearly 20% on monday after it reported losing 800,000 subscribers in the third quarter. many customers were outraged as the company drastically attempted to raise prices as part of aen attempt to spin off its streaming service. airfares are going up again.
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united, delta and continental have added $5 to ticket prices. other carriers have not matched. if they don't, the increase will likely be dropped. airlines have tried to raise prices about 20 times this year. christmas is still two full months away, because holiday retail price war is raging. walmart says it will give gift cards to shoppers if they find something at wall smart but find it somewhere else cheaper. and sears is vowing to bet a competitor's price by 10%. the steve jobs biography is already selling. orders shot up 35,000% after the apple co-founder died. and back by popular demand, the mcrib is making a mccomeback. mcdoned ald's says it is bringing back a fan favorite
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until the middle of next month. the barbecue sandwich has been on and off the menu. terrell, i can tell you, i have never had the pleasure of a mcrib. >> i haven't had one, either. but i know people are losing their minds over this sandwich. >> i'm more of a happy meal kind of girl. >> a big mac for me. >> i knew it. >> ashley, thank you so much. we'll take a quick break. coming up, your tuesday morning weather forecast and in sports, the rangers are one step closer to their first world series win. [camera shutter clicks] picture this... ...great deals on your best buddy's gifts at petsmart.
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but the whole tooth. pronamel iso-active helps protect against the effects of acid erosion. here is a look at the weather. 71 with showers in chicago. 88 and sunny in dallas. in los angeles, mostly cloudy skies, 68 degrees. time now for a check of the national forecast. latest satellite picture shows a nice, clear patch over the southeast and southern plains. in the northern plains, overcast skies and scattered showers are on the move. the west coast might see a few clouds pass by and it's cloudy in the northeast. later today, colder air heads to the central plains. 24 hours ago, temps were in the 80s. showers are likely to head to the coast. in sports this morning, the texas rangers are one game away
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from winning their first ever world series. adrian beltre got the power, launch ago monster shot in the six to tie the game against the cards. then in the eighth, casher mike napoli doubles a wall. rangers take down the cards, 3-2. on monday night football, joe flacco in the fourth, she shut down baltimore's offense the whole game. the jags won the game on four field goals, three for over 50 yards each. the jags stopped the mighty ravents witness 12-17. basketball is about to lose two more weeks. nba commissioner david stern will announce today the season will be canceled until the end of november. the two sides are stuck on how to divide revenue. no new plans are scheduled or
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on the "cbs morning news," here is a look at today's weather. expect a big dip in temperatures as a storm system sweeps through the midwest. central plains will be in the 50s and 60s. snow will come with a cold wave, but several inches falling over the colorado rockies and wyoming. get another look at this morning's top stories. moammar gadhafi was buried this morning with his son and a top aide at a secret location in the desert. his body has been on display since he was captured and killed last week. president obama is on a campaign west coast swing. yesterday in nevada, he introduced an initiative for mortgage relief. the crab of a jet fighter is
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being investigated in colorado. the single seat f-15 went down yesterday. these pictures, the jet can be seen falling from the sky and crashing. the pilot was able to eject and was not injured. and an amazing survival story this morning, a canadian hiker was missing north of vancouver, british columbia. he was finally rescued after ten days lost in the wilderness. deborah has the story. >> reporter: it's a popular site for hikers, especially in the fall if it weather is perfect, as it has been recently. that's what brought michael san leraunt here. but what started as a simple day hike turned into a story for survival. for ten days, he was lost in these mountain wes no food, no bottled water and no cell phone. >> a search effort was launched after his car was found here abandon. the problem was, he was nowhere close to where he started his
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hike. >> i could hear them. they didn't hear me. then on the third day, i started hallucinating. >> reporter: they searched in the air as well as by foot. >> i'm quite sure he saw them, but he could not raise the alert. it may have been because he couldn't yell because he was so dehydrated. but i can tell you one thing, he had written on his forearm all his information just like, when uven my body, this is who i am. so he had resigned himself that that was going to be it for it. >> reporter: another day out here, and searchers say san leraunt would have died. but another member of the rescue team who happened to be hiking on her own time found him. a helicopter got him out. san laureant has frostbite on his feet, is dehydrated, but is otherwise well. deborah goebl, cbs news, british
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> >> >> >> >> >> good morning welcome to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck.
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mr. howard, you have got our weather today. howard gave me this tie and i want people to understand this is a fine piece. they should work that in and you can clearly wear that better than i can. it was a long tie. >> i didn't know ties came in long. >> weatherwise, showers yesterday evening and that has led to a little bit of fog this morning. we start our day planner with sunshine most of the time. 51 now. we are going to dip a little into the upper 40s. 51 by 9:00 and 61 at noon. finish the day 61 at noon. the showers came through. pretty quickly yesterday evening, long gone out of the atlantic. fairfax toward lowdon county
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prince william toward stafford, king george over toward culpepper. we are seeing visibility in spots. culpepper, orange, warrenton, even college park reporting a little bit of fog. we still have a good almost three hour of darkness still to go. we are likely to see that expanding. in the low 40s with the fog developing at culpepper and orange. leesburg here in town, sitting at 51. in the mid-50s, by the way. 6 packs river. good tuesday morning monika. >> good tuesday morning howard. >> reporter: i know it was a very tough commute for virginia drivers yesterday, but we are off to a good start today, with the exception of construction not causing any delays, right here between dale city and route 123. the two right lanes blocked
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there. we are looking good here between the beltway landmark and the 14th street bridge. down to our minneapolis, there are no issues. crossings are looking good all in the corridors. we'll take a last live look. they cleared up construction early on the outer loop on connecticut avenue, all construction's been cleared. you are good to go westbound on 4 between 95 and 270. we'll look into the district coming up at 4:35. the trial in the lululemon case is not over and already prosecutors want photographs. >> norwood is accused of killing jayna murray in bethesda back in march. the blows were too numerous to count. and murray's spinal cord was
4:29 am
severed. day two of the jury selection in the case starts later this morning. lawyers questioned about half of the 300 people in the jury pool yesterday. a violent morning at a nursing home in rock hill ends with an elderly couple dead. 80-year-old albert ballard shot and killed himself. witnesses at village nursing home helped investigators. no one else was hurt in this. we are learning details now about a memorial service for a mother and son. jane and william mcquain will be remembered this saturday at cedar brooke community church in clarksburg, maryland. their family is asking donations in their name to be made to the dwelling place, this is a group that provides housing and support services to families in need in


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