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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the early october snow and tonight's freezen temperatures are combining for dangerous road conditions across the region. hello, i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us. snow, sleet and rain have been falling across the washington area. tonight, temperatures are dropping. we've got team coverage for you, this unusual october snowstorm. from western maryland. to parts of virginia to the northeast states but first we
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will go to annie on the weather terrace. >> you can see the cold air mass that has been left behind. once the storm went on through. dropping lots of snow in some locations. and in fact here on the weather terrace, i see a little bit of snow, even on our patio furniture. here is a look at some of the snow that has fallen. cascade maryland, a lot of snow. in maryland, in clarksburg, thanks to harold sending in those pictures for us today. snow totals around the area. here is a little sampling. maryland, in frederick kahn, check that out. almost a foot of snow fell today. clarksburg maryland getting three inches officially. and gaithersburg a half of an inch. barryville virginia three inches and winchester, virginia, five inches. inside the beltway, a trace to less than an inch. we have now a freeze warning in effect. the entire dc metro area. overnight into early tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and here is a look at doppler radar. around dc, we are now cleared out. clouds are also clearing up but you can see the storm dropping
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in snow around new york and parts of the northeast and rain along the coast and right now, temperatures are falling, 36 in downtown. and 32 in winchester, and martinsburg, 37. and overnight, we're expecting clear and cold and breezy with ice patches possible and lows 36 to 34 degrees and here is a look at your wakeup weather for sunday morning, with the temperatures, they will be very cold, chilly. with the 30s and 11:00, 37 and 42. and lots of sun. and the full forecast coming up including halloween, a little later. but first back to you, bruce. >> one of the hardest hit areas, western maryland. trees are down. power is out for hundreds in hagerstown. right now, roads are slick and some streets are freezing. scott broom is in frederick county tonight, and how bad is it? >> snow in october. snow before halloween. it is mind-bending tonight. and take a look at this. annie was talking about the freeze warnings. it is starting to freeze right now. this used to be gushy wet snow. and it is frozen.
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quite hard. and here along 270 in frederick. and that's the recipe of course with some ret r-wet roads for some -- with some wet roads. we know there are a number of accidents to unfold around the region as bridges freeze because of this effect. and all of that crunchy snow is up in trees that still have leaves on them. that is the big problem with the power outages. a lot of people are coping with that tonight. in boons broe maryland tonight -- >> i can't remember the last time something like this happened. >> david miers is shoveling heavy wet snow with a head lamp on, because there is no electricity otherwise. >> of course, with the leaves still on the trees, i knew this was trouble. >> everywhere you look, there are broken tree limbs, and people with flashlights. like douglasback. >> i have a house that is heated by electricity, so it is going to be freezing tonight. >> crews are working to clean up downed limbs and plow and salt the streets. just up the highway, crews from
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allegheny power are working an overnight shift to restore power. there will be a lot of work to do. on dangerous rural highways, like here at route 40, state police are guarding an intersection where the traffic light is out. hoping the wet pavement doesn't add to the danger by freezing up. they've got auxiliary power on at some stores but not enough to run the gas pump here. we need gas. everything is out. the gas light came on about 30 miles ago. and now there is no power at een of the three gas stations we just tried to stop at. >> it is unbelievable. >> i'm 46 years old and never seen it snow in octoberer. >> and i'm a years old and never have seen it snow in october, not here in maryland. 19,000 customers are out at this hour in maryland. 20% of the customers over in washington county in hagerstown are out of power tonight. and this stuff is wet snow here
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in frederick. right along 270. it is freezing up. and sort of turning no slabs of ice. so that is a serious issue on the roads this evening. reporting live, in frederick county, scott broom, 9 news now. >> scott, thanks a lot for that. the snowfall started early this morning around frederick. brittany morehouse reports travelers were surprised by the 3-6 inches. >> take a good look at these images. because the beautiful blanket and these crystal shimmers, it is all brought to you by mother nature, in october. that's right. october. >> i don't want to stall. >> for this west virginia couple, a few hours into their road trip to laurel and they're thinking -- >> what are we doing out here? and i hate the snow. it makes for a bad hair day. >> i'm surprised. we have more snow here. and we came over to hagerstown -- >> there is no editing to this kind of weather. you just got to take the snowflakes and soggy shoes and
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adjust so says joe fin, one of a group of six who woke up this morning at a camping site in green ridge. >> we woke up to more snow that this here. and all of the trees were leaning over. we were running out of firewood. it is time to leave. >> when you get on 270 from dc, you can see how location matters when it comes to snow. we're at the frederick exit. in the middle of the afternoon. a gas station where the snow is about half an inch. further northwest of here and it gets really bad. >> some people have no power to the hotels because i think the snow is getting too heavy in the trees. >> we're seeing several wrecks. >> six on the left and two on the right. one was upside down. the other was kind of sideways and the six that came, i don't know how they turned around and got down the median. people were going too fast. >> maybe winter 2011 is going too fast to make the entrance. >> brittany morehouse, 9 news now. the first snow brought at least a couple of inches to leesburg virginia. that's where kim is, and how are
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people reacting to the snow out there. >> reporter: they're doing better now because the snow stopped. take a look at the snow that is left behind. we're talking more than just a dusting, folks. this all stopped at 6:00 earlier today. but again, you can see all the snow left behind, in this area, it was like this everywhere around this area. the plows were out in louden county. even though we're still in october. all morning long, and into the afternoon, the skies opened up. and dumped snow everywhere. the snow covered farms in louden county, as far as the eye can see. the horses didn't seem to mind. and neither did some of the people nearby. >> i love it. because i love snow. >> some people don't seem to mind the early snow but others including myself really wish it would just go away. >> i just don't really care to work in it. >> matt icen says moving boxed goods into these conditions is dangerous and frustrating.
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>> pretty slippery but i just take my time and do what i got to do. >> it has been more than 30 years since snow has fallen in the washington area in the month of october and now even percival area high school students say they also got a bone to pick with the early snowfall. >> it is kind of sucky because we had homecoming today but it got canceled. >> because of the snow? >> yes the homecoming at wood grove high school has been pushed back to next week. again, it is a very cold night out here, bruce. so all of the snow that you see on the ground, more than likely, will be here again tomorrow morning. we're live in leesburg, 9 nous now. >> ken, thanks a lot for the heads up. there was a steady snowfall at times in northwest washington and it didn't stick or seem to bother people out having their coffee in places like wisconsin avenue northwest. tonight the streets have cleared throughout the city. but watch out for icy spots throughout the night. and in the morning. and we want to thank you for the snow photos today. keep them coming. and be sure to check them out on
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our web site, don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter and we will be covering snow-tober all weekend online. today's weather had many of the 100 occupied dc protesters inside their tents in down town washington. earlier this week organizers made an appeal for tarps and warm clothing but despite the threat of inclement weather they're prepared to stick it out demonstrators say no matter what the weather. >> i am taking it one day at a time. i have a plan to put newspaper on the bottom of the tent but i have to keep the corner dry. >> i am a little wet. it is raining. and we expect to be wet at times and we will deal with it. we're trying to stay warm, brother. >> i drove by there tonight. everybody seemed to be inside those tents. demonstrators say they may build a temporary structure that would allow people to go inside and warm up but it is unclear if police would allow it.
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about 2,000 wall street protesters clashed with police in downtown denver. seven people were arrested. and protesters say people tore down some of the tents and fired rubber bullets at a man in a tree. denver police say one of their motorcycles was tipped over and a squad car was tagged with graffiti. >> now, we respect their constitutional rights to do what they're doing. unfortunately, at a certain point, they went up on to the state capitol grounds in an area that they were told to evacuate. they chose not to do that. we at that point had to step in with the state police. in order to push them back off that property. >> today marked the fourth consecutive week the protesters gathered in the denver area. >> in afghanistan, the suicide bomber rammed an explosive filled vehicle into a nato bus today. killing 17 people. 12 of them americans. nato says it is the deadliest strike against the u.s.-led coalition in kabul since the war began. the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack.
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and carnage took place as nato and afghan leaders were meeting to discuss shifting security responsibilities to afghan forces in the country. >> we at the moment in time where it is time to think about reconciliation. and reintegration. this is not the moment in time to kill innocent people. >> today's blast occurred on the very same day that a man wearing an afghan army uniform killed three australian coalition troops in southern afghanistan. >> the main hall of union station is closed tonight for repair work. the area will remain closed until sometime monday morning while crews repair the ceiling damage. and that damage happened during the august 23 earthquake that shook the entire washington area. trains are still running and it is business as usual for the rest of union station. and that includes the parking garage we're told. family and friends remember the germantown woman and her young
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son who were killed last week, and today's service took place at cedar brook community church in clarksville maryland. 51-year-old jane mcquaint and her 11-year-old william were found in separate locations. the estranged husband, the stepfather curtis lopez is charged with the death and suspected strongly in williams' death. still to come on 9 news now, this saturday night, ghouls and goblins at the white house. we will take you there. and the east coast is digging out from a nor'easter tonight. millions have lost power. stay with us. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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powerful nor'easter, dropped heavy snow, downing trees and cutting power to millions all the way up to new england. near allentown pennsylvania. homeowners trying to keep up with the trees piling up in their yard. >> in 30 years, i don't think we've seen a pre-halloween snowstorm of this fer os ty. >> i don't think there is a single block that i didn't have to go around a lane of traffic or broken down trees. >> a foot of snow is expected in some parts of the northeast as the storm marchs north. because of the power outages, and dangerous travel conditions,
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governors in new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts have all declared states of emergency. the cold and wet weather didn't stop people from participating in the 25th annual dc aids walk. the walk benefits the witman walker clinic and donations brought in nearly $900,000. that money will be used to buy comprehensive health care, to those affected by hiv and aids. according to the whitman walker staff, one in 20 adults in the district of columbia has hiv. it is the end of a lineup of popular dc sight-seeing service. tour mobile is shutting down on monday after 42 years in the nation's capital. it had provided tours for up to 800,000 visitors per year. the national park service opted not to renew the company's contract and the bart service says tour mobile had been in quote tough financial straits. and trick-or-treaters at the white house this evening, little ghouls and goblins were from
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local elementary schools, many of them children of military families. and the white house north lawn was lit up and decorated for halloween. when we come back, what to expect sunday morning, before heading out.
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you've heard it, everybody. it is not supposed to snow in october. >> the last time we had snow in october, 1979. more than 30 years ago. definitely for the record books. >> okay. >> so now, the good news is, that system has definitely moved well out to the northeast. still snowing in parts of new york and into massachusetts. but we're now looking at clear skies, which means temperatures are plummeting. now here is a look at the weather video on the weather terrace earlier this afternoon. when we had the rain from earlier today turned into snow and some of it is still left out there. and right now, we have a freeze warning in effect. so it includes the entire dc metro area. and this is overnight, till tomorrow morning, at 9:00, so especially watch if you're crossing the bridges and overpass, and there could be slick spots possible. and right now temperatures are 33 in arlington. and 36 in college park. and 35 in beltsville. and in great falls at 33 degrees. and it is going to continue to
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drop. now, the entire northeast is also sewing cold air. from pittsburgh to new york and albany, where the cold air mass has been left behind. with the storm system, and a lot of it has now moved up to the northeast. and right around the dc and mid atlantic area, we're now seeing clear skies, which is allowing for the temperatures to really drop. right now, in downtown, 36, but when you factor in the wind, can you talk about it, the wind chill, in october, it feels like 29 under partly cloudy skies. all right, so watch for some patches of ice and heading out early tomorrow morning. freeze warning until 9:00 and chilly but sunny, sunday, and monday, still cold. but it will be dry. as you start the workweek. and so overnight, clearing and cold. and still a bit breezy at times. watch for some slick spots and lows 26 to 34 degrees. and sunday morning, mostly sunny, with a cold start, and you definitely want your jacket and sunglasses and maybe gloves and scarves, and temperatures 20s and 30s and starting out today. and afternoon, mostly sunny, but chilly, and nice.
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and highs will be near 50. southwest winds at 5-10. highs for your sunday, late afternoon, and it will still be chilly, upper 40s to 50s, and arlington, 50. and rockville, 49. and gaithersville, 48 degrees. here is how the sunday breaks down. a cold start. chilly at noon. only in the 40s, by 5:00, mid-40s to lower 50s. here is the next three days. halloween looking pretty good though. low 50s. and still cool. and i think the rain should hold off for most of the trick-or-treaters. but we do see some increasing clouds late monday, overnight into early tuesday morning. where we could see some showers. and otherwise, tuesday, we do start to dry out once again, lower 50s, under partly cloudy conditions. here is the seven-day outlook. a chance for some showers, tuesday morning, and then wednesday, upper 50s. and thursday, right around closer to average. 64 degrees. and friday, even milder yet. 67. and saturday, 64 degrees. and partly cloudy conditions. so we will start to get closer to average, and actually be at
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average, by the latter half of the week, and i think halloween, though, looking pretty good and cold and trick-or-treaters you want to definitely layer up, bundle up, but it is going to be dry for most of them and want to mention, bruce, congratulations i heard you are the recipient of an award this evening saving hearts for generations, awards dinner. there were you. we were there to catch you getting this award. congratulations. >> thank you very much. big surprise. my whole family was in on it. they will pay for that. [ laughter ] >> well deserved man. >> thank you very much. >> the association of black cardiologists gave me that award. >> i read your book. it is awesome. >> really? >> i have yet to read. it i'm getting it next. >> get it. >> what is the deal with the terps? i. >> -- i will tell you what, they need a shock to the system because they're struggling. >> just when you thought things are bad in college park, they get worse. a record setting day by one player and let me give you a hint. he was not wearing maryland
11:23 pm
colors. notre dame tells navy enough is enough. and one of the best offenses in football tomorrow. sports is next. [ speaking french ]
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. were you crying?
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35 degrees and miserable. the setting for maryland, and the 3-11 loss record. and it had the feel of an intra-squad image. only 10,000 fans braving the elements and even the camera was a little water logged. it was nasty out there. and apparently maryland didn't bring the tackling gear. bc's finch, 234 yards rushing. a career high.
11:27 pm
and what can brown do for you? the tip and the pick. shawn sylvia going down the sidelines. pushed out of bounds. and later, alex ammondone anybody around? anybody? apparently not. bc rushed for 372 yards. one bright spot. daniel bryant using his legs, with the rush here and hooking up with adrian cox, and o'brien 14 of 35, but not enough. bc wins in the top 28, 28-17. how the tide has turned since labor day night. maryland beat miami and now they've lost six of seven. and they've been outscored by an average of two touchdowns in those six losses. quarterback daniel brian last season, acc rookie of the year, has been benched twice. only win since the miami game, defense one-aa towson. virginia tech on upset alert today in durham. in the red zone. logan thompson, the scramble and the jump pass. to eric martin.
11:28 pm
the hokies were up by 15. or i should say the hokies were 15 point favorites. it didn't happen. until john ogles by push it good. tech surviving. they get the win 14-10. what a week for west virginia. they're headed to the big 12 next year. that is some snow right there. watch desmond bailey. snow apparently not a problem. show me the suction cup hands. there they are. a pretty sweet play. and that pulled the mounties within three. and gino smith has legs and knows how to use them. and west virginia eeks out a win 41-31. navy looking for a three-game winning streak against notre dame and i will tell you they had a tough go of it today. notre dame, seven rushing touchdowns and jonas gray had three of them. that's one of them right there. and the midshipmen could not tackle michael floyd and six catches for 121 yards and running over navy defenders like bowling pins. they win it 64-14. to hockey. washington vancouver was supposed to be the stanley cup matchup last season and canucks
11:29 pm
held up their end of the bargain and we know what happened to the caps and they have gotten off to a hot 7-1 start and vancouver and the is a dean twins, a little slow out of the game are gate and tonight they meet at rogers arena, british columbia, the setting, and remember, he hadn't scored early now. and he is taking care of that. and that's a bomb. and that's the fourth of the year. and then in the second period. his 100th power play goal. it is 3-3 right now. and heading into the end of the second period on to the third. so that could be a good one coming down the stretch. to pwaurblgs -- basketball, players and owners not able to agree on the revenue split. vasquez, maryland terrapins, he is talking about what he is up to while getting ready to go back to work. >> i play with the national team had. a great summer. it was a great experience for me. so i just have been enjoying that and finished that about a month ago. and i took two weeks off a
11:30 pm
little bit and now i got back into working out and getting better. >> all right. chris cooley, and tim high tower done for the year. and williams with a bad ankle. and atagway had a bad knee. and fletch wer a bad hamstring. he looks like he can go as well. this is a beard group of redskins heading to -- a battered group of redskins heading to tomorrow. and buffalo has the third most points in the nfl. more than 31 points per game. and also going to be playing with a pumped-up quarterback, ryan fit fitzpatrick was taken care of in the payday department as in a new contract. and redskins defensive coordinator jim haslet knows him well. >> you know, i know he is really smart and knows where to throw it and when the ball comes out of his hands, he knows what the coverage is and he knows what is going on. >> you have to have a good job of not being frustrated and you
11:31 pm
can see the defensive line to not be frustrated and keep the pressure on him and the sacks and the pressure will come and one important thing to get our hands up. >> sports plus at 11:30 tomorrow. and steelers and patriots at 4:00. and the redskins early. a big day tomorrow. >> you have the marathon tomorrow morning. >> bundle up for that. a cold start for that. at least it will be dry. lots of sunshine. don't forget the sunglasses. layer up for the marathon. and halloween not too bad. i think the rain should hold off. but also cold for the trick-or-treaters. >> thanks for watching. more on we will see you tomorrow. bye.
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