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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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suffer to see an e-mail from my mom who is not even here. >> cassie's husband sent an e- mail to the hacker pleading with him to stop. >> this e-mail addresses to my wife's mother who passed away two years ago. please stop what you are doing. >> they tried to shut down the account. >> everything you would have on an e-mail account to prove you are that person, i have of my mother's. so you would think they would just shut it down so it will stop. >> they called yahoo! and asked the company to close the account. >> one of those endless nightmares of push this number, push this number and push this number. >> finally someone from yahoo! told them they needed paula chase's death certificate which they are still trying to get. and still the e-mails keep coming. some of them on scene and graphic. from the account of a woman who never drank, never smoked, never even cussed. >> christian lady and see some male enhancement and an e-mail from her.
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kind of devastating. >> now i just got a call from yahoo! the spokesman was reluctant to talk specifics but the company is working with the familiar three close the account. cassie woods says help consists of calling with the fax number where they can send a death certificate. yahoo! needs a death certificate even though you can google paula chase's name, benton, louisiana, get her obituary up right there and if you look at public records you can actually see her listed on the social security death index as deceased. but despite all that the account still open and the e- mails still going out. >> how painful. okay, hopefully it will be resolved soon. we do have new information tonight on that blonde bandit police have called one woman crime spree. sky 9 was over bethesda yesterday when the officers arrested stephanie schwaab after she robbed another bank in mclaine. >> she appeared in court for the first time today and we are
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learning tonight she has confessed to at least two of her crimes. peggy fox joins us live from alexandria with the story. what did she say? >> well, after her arrest yesterday, federal agents took her to their facility in manassas and that's where she confessed to both the carjacking in tyson and the bank robbery in springfield. today when they brought her into the courtroom by herself, she didn't have representation. she looked around the room as if she was expecting to see somebody she knew but nobody responded. >> today in court, stephanie schwaab appeared to be wearing the same purple sweater she on yesterday when she was caught by police after crashing a stolen car along old georgetown road in bethesda. her arrest happened after the bb&t on old dominion road in mclean was hit by a female bank robber believed to be her, a former ms13 gang member. the last heist in a series of bank robberies that started on
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november 18 when a virginia commerce branch was hit. the next day a young woman matching the description of the bank robber car jacked a woman outside the neiman-marcus store at tysons ii. schwaab accused of robbing a bb&t in springfield on november 22. the one bank robbery charge comes from that incident. court documents say schwaab confessed to that bank robbery and to the carjacking. >> now in court today, judge john anderson asked schwaab if she had money to pay for an attorney. she said no. so he told her that an attorney would be appointed. he told her that she boo re-- would remain in federal custody and will be back in court at 2:00 p.m. monday where they will hold a probable cause hearing to see if there are grounds to keep her on these charges and also a bond hearing. we will be back monday. reporting live, back to you. thank you. well, could we have another campus cover up on our hands?
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five female students are suing howard university after they say the school ignored their complaints that a staff member was sexually harassing and assaulting them. we are live outside howard campus with details on this one. >> the staff member in this case we can tell you has been found gimenty already. the students say not only did his assault and his advances continue over time, they say it also got bold and aggressive. i must warn you, that some of what you are about to hear from the brave young ladies could be disturbing. one of the hardest thing for kay had to do was break the news to her parents. >> it was hard. i think because it makes it real that they have to worry about it. >> that news, her nightmare, a work study supervisor at howard university library sexually harassed and assaulted her. >> told know take off my clothe sms asked me to kiss him. he reached over to me and
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hugged me and was rubbing against me. he had an erection. >> mercedes saw me coming out of his office crying and that's when she reached out to me and asked what happened and i explained to her what had happened and she confided in me and told me what happened with her. >> when i saw that happened to her, i was like, that's it. >> that's when the girls realized they weren't alone. three others all had similar horror stories now all five are filing suit against george and howard university. >> three university employees or officials and nothing was done. >> we have someone on campus that is literally a predator. we have to stop it. >> the suit alleges he first assaulted september 2010 and after the student reported harassment to staffers, the -- he continued to prey upon students for another seven months. >> do we think there was a cover up here? >> there may have been a culture there with him.
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i cannot say definitively we do know that these young ladies were probably not the only ones. >> i expected so much more. they let me down. >> we can tell you that he was sentenced to 120 days behind bars back in july. he is now on two years of supervised probation. later this afternoon howard university released a statement saying they have a strict sexual harassment policy and as soon as the police report was filed, they placed him on administrative leave, fired him as soon as he was convicted. thank you. the western part of nation is battered by powerful hurricane strength winds. pictures are amazing. southern california particularly hard hit. the worst santa ana winds in years are packing gusts of 100 miles per hour. warnings and advisories up in six states. look at. that that gas station was mangle bid a large stree that was uprootedded by the wind. >> a big loss for the employees
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and for us and everybody else especially now during the holiday season. it will be closed and we will lose a lot of revenue. >> it was insane and frightening. we haven't had winds like this ever that i can remember. >> the danger isn't over yet. meteorologists say powerful guests are expected to continue through tomorrow. our meteorologist is on the lighting of the national christmas tree. that was incredible video hard to imagine those wind gusts. >> big area of high pressure in the rockies. what that does is the winds come down the rocky mountains and accelerate and heat up there hot winds and they are over 100 miles per hour. in fact i have an unconfirmed report of 130-mile-per-hour gust. hurricane force is 74 miles per hour. let's talk about that real fast. we are live. and running a little behind in the fro program. 37-mile-per-hour wind gusts in san francisco. 37 down toward san diego. and we were looking at -- these aren't too bad. 29-mile-per-hour wind gusts up
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toward the sierra. not so bad. let's talk about what you can do when you come out here. it's for everybody. tonight you have to have tickets but live music on the pathway of peace every day through january 1. weekdays 6:00 to 8:30 and then weekends 4:00 to 8:30. just come on out. temperatures in the 40s. but it's not too bad. in year's past we had wind and rain and snow flurries. this isn't too bad. 49 officially downtown. in the mid-40s in the burbs. and satellite pictures we are generally clear across the board. if you are headed out tonight, clear skies. it's going to be cold. two blanket night. temperatures in the upper 20s and upper 30s downtown. now behind me is the air force airmen of note. carson daily has not come out yet. this is the traditional beginning of the holiday season here in the nation's capital and it's a wonderful time.
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actually keith, pan over there. we have a new tree this year. you might not remember but the tree fell down february 19 in high winds and that's a new colorado blue spruce from new jersey. go figure that that's only 27 feet. looks like it's been hitting the eggnog a little bit. when it's lit, it will look niles. not as majestic as the one since 1978. that was over 40 feet. this is about 27 feet. you see the white house there. in 1923, calvin coolidge walked out the door from the white house and walked down here and lit the tree. number 2500 electric bulbs of red, green and white on the tree and that started the tradition 89 years ago. we expect to get going here soon with the ovation pro-- progtion. we will keep you posted. it was going to be around 5:15. we will send it back to the studio for now and keep an eye out for the president and first
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lady. >> love that tree hitting the nog. >> coming up, people around the globe are marking world aids day. the man suspected in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is back home in the u.s. and he is talking about those accusations. we will tell you what he said. >> as -- but first, we are away from the national christmas tree. we will stay with this and we will have it for you after the break. ñó
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millions of people across the globe are commemorating world aids day today. 30 years after the disease was
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identified. to mark this day, a red ribbon is on display outside the white house. 1.2million americans live with hiv with 50,000 new infections each year. and get this, 3% of d.c.'s residents are hiv positive putting it at epidemic proportions within the district. heather has more on how world aids day was marked around the world. >> young military cadets in southern india rushed to hand out fliers in a campaign to mark world aids day. >> hundreds of marched through the streets of bang will -- to raise awareness. >> this young girl says i hope everyone will learn about this disease so we can help stop it from spreading. >> sir elton job lit up the sidney opera house and called for a new war on aids. >> to get the funding necessary to actually kill this disease once and for all. >> this red ribbon is the universal symbol of aids
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awareness. people wearing these across london to show support. >> i think they should be talking about it as much as they do in africa. i know it's a bigger problem there but here we are thinking it won't happen to us. >> this year alone greece has seen a 50% rise in hiv infections. especially among intravenous drug users. doctors say the economic crisis is causing many drug addicts to use dirty needles. south africa has more people living with hiv than any other country and an estimated 5.6 million. these children living at an aids orphanage in johannesburg were infected at birth and are getting treatment to increase their chances of survival. advocates say their main goals are to increase education and prevent transmission and to create an aids-free generation. heather for crbs news, london. >> we have made progress against this killer. but aids has taken the lives of more than 25 million people and more than 33 million live with
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hiv right now. well, it is a merry moment for many of us. we are waiting all year long for this. president obama about to officially kick off the holiday season right here in washington, d.c. >> and topper is on the lift for the lighting of the christmas tree. awhile ago you said the president and first family had not arrived. are they there yet? >> they just arrived. carson daily introduced them. we were a little bit behind schedule but not crazy behind schedule. we will actually do weather first and here is the deal. we have a great night. let's talk about what you can do when you come down here because there are things to do. metro is the best way to get here. federal triangle, mcpherson square. you can park along constitution avenue between 15 and 17 street and i think it's after 6:30 on the weekdays and then all day on the weekends it's free. temperatures, with are in the 40s. not bad and not much wind. 49 downtown. 47 in rockville and 48 in
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resten and 48 over in davidsonville. satellite picture, radar combined, generally clear. i can't see a cloud in the sky. we are in pretty good shape. because of that, the temps will fall quickly tonight so clear skies and two blanket night. 28 to 38 with light winds. lows, well, some areas will be in the upper 20s. you have the gaithersburg up to 70 or -- upper 20s in gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas and sterling. downtown around the beltway we are looking at throw mid-30s. maybe 32 at andres and 31 in bowie. tomorrow we are looking at a bright start in the morning. mostly sunny and cold. you need a jacket and sunglasses. 20s and 30s to start. good news, light winds and then by afternoon plenty of sunshine. pleasant a little bit milder now on friday. high temperatures near 55. winds will pick up a little bit at 10 to 15 out of the northwest. high temps is about average.
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or even a hair above average. 50 in gaithersburg. 54 downtown. 52 in arlington and 53 up in toward resten and fairfax. 55 at andrews and 54 in bowie. so here is the deal. the next seven day is a fantastic weekend for the first day of meteorological winter which is comprised of december, january and february. 54 tomorrow. a little chilly on saturday. skins on sunday near of 0. a great day. and bb&t classic at verizon center. monday we are in good shape. but we are dry and temps around 60. showers on tuesday with a rain and maybe leftover rain or snow shower on wednesday. back in the upper 40s and then we are beautiful again next thursday. temperatures go back into the mid-50s. we will come back here live. i will send it back to the studio in a moment. we will take a break and come back to the 89th lighting of the national christmas tree.
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>> it's sounding good behind you. the man accused in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba proclaims his innocence. >> we take you out with yahoo!'s top five internet searches of the year. number five, j-lo. yeah. number four is katie perry. kim kardashian known as 72 day woman comes in at number 3. casey anthony is number two and yahoo!'s stop of 2011 is not even a person. it's the iphone. we will be back.
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surprise visitor at a downtown shopping center. another one of these deer deals. this one comes crashing through the front window right there yesterday. the doe runs through the parking lot and goes airborne. this is surveillance video and shows the animal leaping up into the window right in front of a delivery truck.
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there head first through the hospice window right in the middle of the shopping center. >> i never seen a dear here, no. i never seen anything like that. i hunt. i never seen a deer right here downtown. >> that deer made it there from rock creek park. was pretty badly hurt and they had to put the creature down. they did. no patients in the hospice at the time and the employee who works closest to the window said i had just gone to lunch. >> from the deer to the snake. really turns poisonous inside a tax office in india this week. an angry snake charmer dumped three bags of poisonous snakes. we were talking 40 snakes including four deadly cobras. snake charmer wasn't playing. that sent workers rushing to get out of there. some people jumped on tables. police eventually captured the snakes. the hunt is still on for the
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charmer. >> that speeded up bureaucracy. >> it's called one of the largest marijuana busts in u.s. history. >> so far authorities have arrested six people after discovering the most elaborate and sophisticated drug tunnel ever found along the u.s./mexican border. federal agents say the tunnel was used to smuggle marijuana from mexico to the u.s. and links warehouses in tijuana and san diego. it even has a hydraulic lift and electric rail cars. u.s. officials say the message to drug cartels is clear. >> if you build it, we will find it. and when we find it, we will destroy it. >> authorities say they recovered 32 tons of pot worth about 53 1/2 million dollars. >> whoa. >> that's a tunnel there. >> is it a merry moment. and a lot of russ happy about that. >> president obama is about to officially kick off the holiday season here in washington. >> and topper is back out out for the lighting of the
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national christmas tree and what's going on now? >> well, we have -- talking about when this will be protected forever. and we are look agent the first family is going to be here a shortly and i want to remind folks to come down here after this is over is that there is a pathway of peace here and little live trees just 56 of them, 50 states. one from the district of columbia and five for the u.s. territories and it's lit from dusk to 11:00 every night through the first of the year. it's really a great time to come down and romantic if you want to bring the sweetheart down here. it's really nice and it will be here through january 1. again, this is a tradition that's going on since 1923. and probably bears repeating that the tree that we were so attached to that was planted in 1978 fell down. the wind storm just knocked it down on february 19 of this
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year. and it was replanted with a new tree, new colorado blue spruce from new jersey this tree is only about 27 feet tall. the one that blew down was 42 feet tall. it will grow. it's live so that's a good thing but it was a shame losing the tree earlier in the year. but it is a fantastic event. after the tree is lit, unlike in pageant's past there is a lot of activity and acts and music after that. we will stay with it right on through the k6 show because we have all kinds of acts. rodney atkins is here and we have other good musical acts after they light the tree. first lady and president are here. they are about to take the stage and they will like the tree in about i would say five minutes, probably under five minutes. only about 27 feet and it's a nice looking tree. we will see what it looks like when it's lit and that marks the beginning of the holiday season here in the metro area.
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which is good. let's go to the stage right now. the 44th president of the united states of america, barack obama! [cheers and applause] >> it's nice having your own band. please have a seat, everyone.
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merry christmas. merry christmas. thank you secretary salazar for that introduction and for your hard work to preserve and protect our land and our water and our wildlife. i also want to thank minister rogers for the beautiful invocation as well as neale mullhillen and everyone at the national park foundation who put this outstanding event together. i like to thank carson daily and big time rush and all of tonight's performers to kick off the holiday season here at the white house. for 89 years presidents and americans have come together to light the national christmas tree. this year is a special one this year we have a brand-new tree. last one stood here for more than 30 years, until we lost it in a storm earlier this year.
5:28 pm
but we all know that this tradition is larger than any single tree. and tonight once again we gather here not simply to light some decorations, but to honor a story that lights the world. more than 2,000 years ago a child was born to two faithful travelers who could find rest only in a stable among the cattle and the sheep. but this was not just any child christ's birth made the angels rejoice and attracted sheppards and kings from afar. he was a manifestation of god's love for us. and he grew up to become a leader with a servant's heart who taught us a message as simple as it is powerful. that we should love god and love our neighbor as ourselves that teaching has come to
5:29 pm
encircle the globe. it has endured for generations. and today at live at the heart of my christian faith and that of millions of americans, no matter who we are, where we come from or how we worship, it's a message that can unite all of us on this holiday season. so long as the gifts and the parties are happening, it's important for us to keep in mind the central message of the season and keep christ's words not only in our thoughts but also in our deeds. and this season of hope, let's help those who need it the most. the homeless, the hungry, the sick and shut-in. in the season of plenty let's reach out to those who struggle to find work and provide for their family and this city of generosity let's give thanks and honor to our troops and veterans and their families who
5:30 pm
have sacrificed so much for us. let's welcome all those who are happily coming home. this holiday season let us reaffirm our commitment to each other. as family members. as neighbors. as americans regardless of our color or creed or faith. let us remember that we are one and we are family. so on behalf of malia and sasha and michelle and our grandmother and chief marion, i wish you all the happiest holiday season. the merriest of christmases. god bless you all and may god bless the united states of america.
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with that i will invite the entire obama clan up here to light the christmas tree. i need some help. there is a lot of technical aspects to this. come on, guys. we are going to start counting down here. we have the switch right here. everybody ready. and this is the new tree. i know it's not as big as the old tree. but it's going to take time to grow. we will fill it up with spirit and start a new tradition right now. we will start counting down. five, four, three, two, one clasp.
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... >> that's a good looking tree. right here, everybody. >> 89th annual lighting of the national christmas tree. it's a beautiful tree and nighter -- nicer when it's lit. in tree. came from new jersey, colorado blue spruce and in the ground. it's a live tree and it will grow for many years to come and it is very nice. very, very nice. the program will continue. we will come back in and out with musical acts and talk about the tradition of christmas here in washington and christmas on the elips. it's a wonderful time of the year with temperatures in the upper 40s and clear skies. pretty good deal. that's it for now. i will send it on back to the studio if you want to hang with this musical act if you can.
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>> thank you for sharing that with us. all of those lights still sparkling. the national christmas tree has been lit. thank you. gary girsono -- giordano back here in the u.s. says he had nothing to do with the disappearance of robyn gardner. >> he has not been seen in his gaithersburg, maryland, neighborhood. that's where scott broom is reporting live tonight on reaction to his first public comment since being released tuesday night. gary giordano says he has nothing to do with disappearance of robyn gardner of frederick and appearing with his three sons on abc's good morning america. he explains why he bought so much travel insurance. >> i have a house, a large house and if i go traveling and i disappear i want them to be
5:34 pm
covered. i maxed out on everything. >> giordano says gardner was on the policy as a companion and got the automatically same coverage. gaitersburg resident refused to say what happened in the moments leading up to gardner's disappearance august 56789 giordano's house here in gaithersburg and apparent fascination of security security remains a secureiousty. residents telling 9 news they are not only concerned about gardner's disappearance but allegations in 2010 that giordano choked and secretly videotaped and harassed other women he met. he was investigated but never charged. some neighbors are now worried about the expected home coming. >> there is i understand signs posted if you walk on this property you subject yourself to being videotaped and i guess a lot of women have visited that house and a cup of coffee in the kitchen or what else
5:35 pm
could be videotapes. neighbors are still here tonight. aruban prosecutor said he was unimpressed by giordano's interview performance today. giordano made, quote, unclear and contradictory statements and he reaffirms that aruba does plan to extradite giordano back to their country when they have enough to charge him. but now the giordano here in the u.s. no doubt his lawyer will fight that extradition every step of the way. reporting live in gaitersburg, scott broom, 9 news now. pressure building around him. thank you. the occupy d.c. demonstrators who were hit by a car last month turns out they jumped in front of that vehicle. according to the police chief who appeared on wtop radio. she says there was more than one vehicle involved in the
5:36 pm
confrontation outside the d.c. convention center. one of those cars was trying to get through mall gap in the crowd when the protestors moved in front of it. their injuries were not serious. no youth curfew in montgomery county. the panel said the teen curfew idea from county exec is based on fear instead of facts. >> the community does not support a curfew. the fraternal order of police doesn't support a curfew. they will be the people who largely enforce it. montgomery county civic federation opposes the curfew. they represent the neighborhoods and young people. the curfew has failed to gather significant public support. so after all of that input the full county council is scheduled to take a closer look at the youth curfew bill next week. switching gears to the economy and tough times have
5:37 pm
take an toll on our entire country. but a report released this week by the census bureau shows the number of children living in poverty in the d.c. area is soaring. the stat 12:00s are heart breaking. one out of every three children living in the district is poor. kristen fisher introduces us to one of those kids who's christmas wish is something many of us take for granted. >> i love you mommy. >> it's easy to see why diamond whitaker will do anything for her son trenton. >> i will work hard for whatever it is that my son needs so he can stay in school and can be somebody in life. >> but getting to school is a daily struggle. >> yesterday i didn't have no money but i made sure i brought him to school. >> dom is dying to go back to school herself shesm has been out of a job since july and sleeps every night with her son on a friend's catch. >> i have until the end of december to find a place to stay or basically we will be
5:38 pm
homeless. >> with is why on tuesdaydom camped out in the cold and rain for 17 hours trying to get subsidized housing. on a year long waiting list. another dead end. >> i feel left alone. i feel like it's just me and my son against the world. >> ask her son what he wants most in this world and he says. >> now diamond's son is just one of 21,000 school aged children living in poverty in the district. it's a number that has jumped 5% in just three years. but that's nothing compared to montgomery county. the number of school aged children living in poverty there has nearly doubled since 2007. i'm not surprised. >> bob woodson with the center for neighborhood enterprise. there is a moral and spiritual katrina that's visiting this city and others around the country that we must respond to with the fame fervor. >> i want to be a better person for my son when he gets older i'm proud of my mom. >> hue much you love me?
5:39 pm
>> in washington, kristen fisher. 9news now. >> if you want to learn if you can help single mothers likedom and her son we will have a full list of resources on our website, coming up, calls pouring in to 911 because of this arizona billboard. >> up next a cheerleader takes a nasty fall during a time-out during a college basketball game. >> we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the special edition of 9 news now. that's rodney atkins serenading
5:42 pm
the crowd after the lighting of the christmas tree. we got to see it live with the first family flipping the switch. >> all right. >> now we go to caught on tape because it's a little scary in east lansing, michigan. 20-year-old cheerleader, doing this all the time. tossing her in the air. look at this, when she comes down, nobody catches her. she fell on her face and they had to cart her off on the stretcher. all signs are she will be fine. she gave the thumb's up when she was being wheeled away. >> check this out a police cruiser gets crushed by a fallen tree. dash camera video shows the huge tree break off and then crash down, here it comes, through the windshield and it happened last week in mission, kansas. that tree shattered the cruiser's windshield. left quite a dent and the officer behind the wheel was not injured. to arizona now and what looks like a person hanging on
5:43 pm
for dear life from that billboard. while putting those christmas tree lights up folks this is one of those creative tunts -- stunts. as you can imagine, the billboard generating a lot of buzz. we had a lot of fun. a lot of press and people calling and texting. i mean they came by and were polite and said you got to take it down. >> i can imagine it might be a distraction. dangling man -- the stosh owner says he will take him down tomorrow. >> it is a person. >> guy is getting hungry. >> the world's most expense of comic book has set another record. it's the first issue of action comics featuring super man. this is his debut and sold for $2.16 million at auction. no word yet on who could afford to buy it but the speculation is that the comic book had been
5:44 pm
owned by actor nicholas cage. only 100 copies of action comics number one are believed to even exist. this is the third time this particular comic has set an auction record. comic book as you saw there originally sold for ten cents when it was printed in 1938. sadly i was not alive or else i might have one. >> that's paper. all that is paper. interesting. coming up, batteries not included. we will tell you which double- as will last the longest in your holiday gifts. topper. >> well, the tree has been lighted. rodney atkins left the stage. kermit the frog is coming up. we will come back and talk about the weather for tomorrow and weekend weather which includes weather for the redskins game.
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digital cameras, remote control and toys may be some of the items on your holiday gift giving list. when you load up your carts don't forget the batteries. for the best double-a batteries, the energizer advanced lithium four pack for $11 its tops for your digital cameras. then to power up those remote controls and toys, the $7 durasel ultra-advanced alkaline sold in a set of four get high marks. you need just a few batteries to power up today's hot holiday toy of the day. this behemoth -- as we call it. >> it is cute. >> it's the big action construction site. its action packed. it's fun, three and up. this is the big feature. you ready? so you push -- wait.
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come on. there we go. you turn the truck on. wait. no. it's supposed to go in there. >> they go in there. and now, wait. >> you know what? don't buy this toy. >> wait a minute. >> i practiced earlier. >> then obviously -- >> actually practices this in the newsroom. >> every time i have a toy segment there is one toy that goes kind of crazy. anyway, it's supposed to go up on the elevator and then go around and then the elevator brings it back down. about $60. you can find it cheapest at wal- mart for $50. that's why i told you not to touch the toy before the segment. are you making it work now? >> got it to work. >> we have to get out to topper. >> i need topper to help me out. >> don't buy this toy. >> i'm not going to buy that toy either. i'm with derek on this one. some have been good.
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listen, we were live here. the tree is lit and the first lady and kermit are reading was it the night before christmas scb twas the night before christmas and the tree is beautiful. it's a new 27 foot tree from new jersey. it's a colorado blue spruce. old tree blew down last february and was replanted in march. >> let's talk about the seven day quickly. we were looking at a beautiful weekend. our first weekend in december is fantastic. 54 tomorrow. a little chilly on saturday. 50. we have a northeast flow and near 60 on sunday for the redskins game and the bb&t classphic you want something indoor. then rain and showers on tuesday. cooler on wednesday with maybe a leftover shower and mid-50s on thursday. so that's it. live from the elips. the tree is lit and holiday season can begin. it's been a busy day at verizon center. >> live with news on both the caps and the wizards. i didn't expect to say that any
5:51 pm
time soon. >> exactly. it's been a lot going on here today. the caps hosting sidney crosby and penguins tonight. but first the nba, the doors at verizon center opened to players. we got a look at the players today. they hit the practice court, running, shooting around. roger mason, jr., brendan hayward. andre black. a lot of former wizards, current wizards, local guys here on the floor. now they can't have contact with coaches or trainers. this is all players but they glad to finally be getting back to basketball. >> i feel it's great to be back in the nba facility. all the guys are excited. jittery. just happy to be back at work. >> happy to be back on the court. fans are waiting for it. my mom telling me she can't wait to see me play again. >> i'm excited to be back playing. you only get certain a years to play and don't want to lose any due to a lockout or squabble over money. campus to open december 9.
5:52 pm
we have the zamboni coming out here next to us prepping the ice for tonight's big game. caps, pittsburgh and the rival, sidney crosby back on the ice. their first time face-off against crosby this season. two goals, nine assists so far in six games. i spoke with mike earlier. he said there is little more excitement to this game now that crosby is back. >> i hope it's tonight. we need a win to get some confidence and get going. >> great to get the first one out of the way for him and move on. i think if we play well and do that, i think there is a process to get a win and as long as we do the small things along the way we will get him the win. >> coming up at 6:00 we will talk more caps plus bruce boudreau has a new job. we will tell you where he landed in sports. from the verizon center, back to you guys in the studio. >> i want to say we did get the truck working. it's a little tricky but the
5:53 pm
truck does work. >> it does. great toy. sorry the demo didn't go well. >> happens sometimes. coming up, why a group of parents is upset with the dim that otherwise is popular around here. >> new concerns tonight that your cell phone may be tracking your every mofn. but up next the nomination for this year's grammys. we've got them.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
the stars and the snubs are the story. >> they were announced in a concert right here on crbs and lee has the list. one night, one hour. this year's grammy galaxy was echecktic mix. everyone from lady gaga. to the bold moves of -- both in the running for the best album of the year. >> but it was can yeah west who got the most nods. seven in all. >> followed closely by bruno mars, the foo fighters and a british sensation adele. there were no winners of the nokia theater last night. just a chance for those
5:57 pm
nominated to remind recording academy what this premade of. it's time to remember past artists. like song writers nick ashford and jerry lebert with a captivating tribute led by usher. >> beyond those who were nominated there were those who didn't make the top list. neither taylor swift who won last year nor tony bennett who was the oldest person to ever hit number one this year made the cut for best album. whatever suspense was built up will have to wait until february when the winners of the 54th grammy awards are officially announced. lee cowan, cbs news. album of the year or for adele's 21 foo fighters wasting
5:58 pm
light, lady's gaga born this way. bruno mars and rhianna. five female students suing howard university because of what they say happened behind closed doors. they say the university failed to protect them from a predator. we are live on campus with our top story to tell us what happened. >> that staff member is from woodbridge, virginia and served jail time for the crimes he committed here at the school starting last september and ending this april when the girls filed the police report. i do have to warn you, some of the details from one victim we spoke to are pretty graphic. >> is it a story she wishes not to remember. >> told know take off my clothes. asked me to kiss him. he reached over to me and hugged me and was rubbing against me. he had an erection. at that point i pushed him away
5:59 pm
and he sat down and told me to sit on top of him so he wouldn't touch me. it just went on and on. >> but telling her story about sexual harassment and assault by a howard university staff member because she fears there may be more victims out there. >> do we think there was cover up here? >> there may have been a culture with the him. i can't say definitively we do know that these young ladies were not the only ones. >> what he did to her was an extension of what he did to me. >> five young ladies are suing the school for allegedly ignoring their report that their work study supervisor at the library continued to harass and assault them for serven month. >> edid tell the director of the library which will be his ultimate supervisor. she act like she did not care. she didn't have any compassion for the girls and did nothing. >> a spokesperson says once the police report was filed, they placed him


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