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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  December 3, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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verne: we welcome you back inside the georgia dome. l.s.u. 28-10 and let's step back and take a look again at the current b.c.s. stand. l.s.u., 1,000%. unanimous number one. alabama, unanimous number two, follow bid oklahoma state. big game against oklahoma only the. gary: and everybody is telling us that it's almost a given that alabama can't be passed by oklahoma state. they have too big a lood.
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eric reid was 35 yards deep before that snap. verne: oh! wow. malcolm mitchell took a hit from kevin minter, number 46. gary: those little checkdown passes are going to get a little scary. you as an offensive player now have to be ready when you're getting the ball thrown to you. that was helmet-to-helmet right there also. to get your head around fast and know that l.s.u. will likely be playing zone so they're going to run to the ball. verne: aaron murray for the day 14-32. they needed a little bigger game out of him. and they need something out of their rung department. here's murray. well, jerry palm is wildly regarded as a b.c.s. guru and this is what he said --
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and so it would appear -- go ahead. gary: in the first half i kind of felt a lot of people were watching and saying well, maybe an offensive team would be a better matchup with these guys. now i think they're saying no, you have to have a defensive team to stop these guys. i think the more people watched the more they said if you don't have a strong defense to stop them you have no chance. so it went from well, let's look at oklahoma state. alabama might be the only guys. verne: georgia played so well defensively, particularly in that first half but just got worn down. gary: they don't have enough depth. those two long punt returns, that was the end of the game. verne: montgomery comes from
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the right side. murray, and his receiver slipped and was hit at the same time so they're going to call ryan baker on this one. gary: baker was jamming. verne: crowell gets into it. now here come a couple of flags. gary: see if they're offsetting or not. verne: crowell, number one. now he's going to get an ear full from mark richt. gary: see the jam, bottom of the screen. ball was in the air, easy call. then isaiah crowell just -- a little bit to talk active for me. verne: and here comes the other flag. gary: remember when he talked to malcolm mitchell yesterday?
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we were talking to he and aaron murray, ben joins and aron white. we kept asking questions and mitchell didn't say a word. we looked at him and said do you talk? referee: two fouls on the play. pass interference, defense, number 2. that penalty will be enforced at the spot of the foul, automatic first down. following the play, unsportsmanlike conduct, number one of georgia. 15-yard penalty, first down. verne: well, you have to -- you got a sense, just talking with various people in and around the football program at georgia that there's a little unhappiness with isaiah crowell. gary: mark keeps saying he's young and had everything come easy to him at the high school level. he's got to learn to play at
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this level. some guys it takes another year. verne: and after both of those infractions, it's first down and 10 at the 23. murray. across the middle. caught by orson charles. brandon taylor was up on top and hatcher. gary: as they go no-huddle. you know, alabama lost a game and everybody says why should they get the shot and a lot of arguments either way. but everybody else had a chance to pick up the baton and they didn't do it either. wisconsin, boise state, virginia tech, oklahoma state, oklahoma. they all had a chance to eliminate alabama and they didn't do it. verne: a pass to malcolm. and he's got a first down. moves out across the 45.
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gary: and that's exactly what the georgia players should be telling each other. we might not win this game, but let's finish this game. we got here. they're a good team, granted, but let's finish the game. what a run by malcolm that time. verne: yes. first down 10. murray. nobody open. now he's got a man open but he one-hops it at the 45. that was intended for chris conley. well, consensus seems to be a rematch is going to happen. take a look at their b.c.s. resumes between alabama and oklahoma state. they're getting ready to kick off tonight against oklahoma. gary: one more game. they have an opportunity. will the voters look at them
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enough or was that big game, the game of the century, enough for everybody to want to see it again? i personally think we need more. it's hard not to let alabama play. the rules are the rules. in 2006 with michigan and -- verne: ohio state. gary: at least there was a florida to match a good ream against. oklahoma state has some matchup problems. verne: got him again. rasco. the fourth sack for l.s.u. gary: he's about their 209 defensive lineman that they play. third string. verne: and that will bring up third down and 17. gary: see, when you've won five championships in a row, you're going to stand it. when you're in an offensive conference -- oklahoma state was third. if when you're an a defensive
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conference -- but 107th? you have to make a statement. nobody believes oklahoma state can win. verne: it was intendford chris conley and he got mixed up with simon. gary: now, this is not my system, but it is the system. end of this play and the catch was made by the ball boy. verne: odell beck ham jr. -- beckham jr. fourth down and beckham is back at the 20-yard line. oh, that will be effective. very effective. comes to rest at the 6-yard line. gary: that's the one they needed to start the third
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more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. can you smell those savings? fresh cut christmas trees are arriving weekly. verne: 8:08 to go.
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l.s.u. dominating now, leading 28-10. continue looking at a comparison between alabama and oklahoma state. gary: you can see there's just more that people will look at. offensive team vs. a defensive team. remember, if oklahoma state does beat oklahoma tonight, the computers will put them at number two. so it will be the voters, the way it should be who decides who plays. verne: there are two polls that matter in the b.c.s. the a.p. is not one of them. it's the coaches' poll and the harris interactive. up the middle. kenny hilliard. he might have a future as a collegiate football player. ogletree with the tackle. gary: l.s.u., they couldn't run the ball at all in the first half. you can see georgia is just not the same team. they had the heart cut out of
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them. those turnovers, those punt returns just changed their whole self-image. that's why todd grantham was pounding the ball. he knew you, he could feel his team losing the intensity. verne: that was a 17-yard gain and hilliard now, six carries for 44 yards. there's the option pitch. hilliard again. another first down. boykin. well, the a.p. pulled out of the b.c.s. i can't remember how many years ago. said no we're not part of it and they do crown their own national champion and other the years we've had splits. gary: yeah, remember the u.s.c. one. they were playing michigan in that game. oklahoma lost to get into that game. u.s.c. wins it and a.p. decided to give u.s.c. half the championship. i've advocated that l.s.u. has
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done enough already. if alabama beats them that'll each have one win. i've advocateed that l.s.u., on the basis of what they've done in the regular season, has earned at least a share of the title. verne: kenny hilliard again. a gain of 15. gary: one of the few teams that still run the toss and they run it inside. todd grantham said that really gist his linebackers problems. they see the toss and they overrun it to the outside and it's cut back into the middle of the play. verne: 6:35 to go. there was todd grantham on the georgia sideline. gary: and this l.s.u. team has beaten three teams ranked in the top three this year. verne: up the middle we go, alfred blue! at way for the touchdown for
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louisiana state! gary: what a fantastic year this team has had. mark richt's team gave them everything they had early, but this time stampley couldn't even find anybody to block. 35 is going all right, who do i block? nobody. and blue ran right back hum. verne: now he has become the leading rusher in the ballgame. here's alleman's extra point. 48 yards for alfred blue. he's the third team tailback. hey ladies. enjoying the film?
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verne: :1 to go, 35-10 l.s.u. now time for the play of the game, presented by napa auto parts and with the call, jim hawthorne of the l.s.u. radio network. >> there's the snap.
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l.s.u. wants to set up the run and a great punt. mathieu is going to have a chance. at the 49, 40. comes to the outside. 45. he's at midfield. past a man, 40. he's cutting back the other way. he's at the 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, he may go home and he does! holy cow! 62 yards for the honey badger. verne: and he does leave you looking for adgettist, doesn't he? -- adjectives, doesn't he? number seven. and there's the other side. gape yeah, but georgia played a tough game. they gave it everything they had. they catch a couple of those balls in the first quarter -- l.s.u. had 35 points with no first downs in the first half. verne: that's right. sam montgomery with with south
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carolina. spurned the offer to attend the university of south carolina. hairston's kickoff taken by boykin. and he's brought down near the 15-yard line. well, i want to say high -- hi to a young man on the sideline. here is l.s.u.'s best offensive lineman. and he broke an ankle in august. hasn't been able to play a single down this year but helping out on the sidelines and he must have wistful feelings ago -- about missing what is going to be an undefeated regular season. girlfriend yeah, as -- gary: yeah, as verne told you, he was their linchpin on the offensive side. they're rotating guys now. verne: aaron murray, 16-37 on the.
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well, gary, we've all discussed and cussed the b.c.s. system. gary: yes. verne: we asked you to come up with maybe an alternative plan. and we'll get to it right after this. gary: i don't know if it's better. it's different. verne: i like it, though. gary: you and our producer craig silver said come up with something. verne: what have you got in mind? gary: i'm going to put six teams in the playoff. the top six. and we're top. and you're going to choose this from a selection committee. i want people who are accountable to make their decisions. the top two seeds have to be champions of their conference. verne: and we'll continue after this play. gary: we must make these championships mean something. verne: right.
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third down. third and 3. that will be a first down for georgia. and back to your idea. gary: and just like the nfl, what do those top conference champions get? they get home games or a bye. that's what the top two seeds get in my formula, a bye. if everything held with the chalk. l.s.u. is the best team. oklahoma state, if they win, they'll be conference champions. they'll get the two seed. under consideration are all the champions and the at-large teams. this year alabama is in the conference with another team, they have to make it as an at-large team. verne: so you had a list of possibly -- possible other teams. gary: yes. if the chalk held this is the way it would go. alabama would be the top at-large team. they would face off against
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oregon. the winner of that would play oklahoma state in the final four. stanford and virginia tech would play the winner of that game, would play l.s.u. we'd have a final four and people would play their way to a championship and we would have had 30 teams alive two weengs left in the season instead of three teams alive. just an idea. verne: i like it. gary: i feel like paul ryan, congressman. throwing something out there and letting everybody attack it. verne: well, under five to go now. remember this moment at the alabama game at home last year? tracy wolfson saw this, les miles eating grass from tiger stadium's turf. well, you think that's a setup for something that's going to
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follow? could be. third down hoar. murray. intercepted! picked off by morris claiborne. heads to the 5, in for the heads to the 5, in for the touchdown! might be the best cornerback in the league. gary: that's what people say. verne: 45-yard return for the touchdown. gary: well, when you're throwing all the time -- we said a little earlier they're going to start squatting on those throws. everybody is look for a gamble. aaron murray is going to get
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ready for next year. he had a nice run this year. go back and study it, get stronger, get better and bring your team back next year. verne: this 10-game win streak is going to end for the is going to end for the bulldogs.
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verne: 42-10. morris claiborne getting the congratulations on the bench. let's check in with tracy mcgrady. tracy: guys, you mentioned when les miles tasteed that grass and you're thinking this is artificial grass, there's no way he had a taste of it. but you're wrong. since the first game of the year, les has brought with him tiger stadium grass on the road. it remains in his pocket during the game and has become a good luck charm, guys. gary: is it like the red auerbach's cigar? verne: that may be it. that may be all the. 42 unanswered points by l.s.u. georgia at one point led 10-0. and now this has taken on a reminiscence of the win over arkansas last friday. gary: you better be balanced to beat these guys. you know, you have to be like -- you know, alabama is built
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like u.s.c. is built. they're ineligible this year. you have to have offense and defense. you can't be tilted in one direction. they'll embarrass you. verne: hairston plants it for the touchback. hutson mays season going to come on now. t-bob hebert. petit bofpblet he's t.-bob herbert iii. he's got a younger brother bo. you'd think bo, right? for his 16th birthday he asked his mother to let him go to court and change his name, which he did. so now his name is now beaux, bo.
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t-bob's father, of course, bobby, played for both the falcons and the saints and t. bob group here in the atlanta area. and for aaron murray. offensive ouch. 16-40. 1 3, one touchdown and two interceptions in this one. gary: yeah, five dropped balls, though, that would bring it to 50%. verne: chris conley, number 31. gary: they're really very high on this guy. they really feel he's a gunslinger. i asked if hutson had to play what would you do? they said we'd throw. he's a great thrower. verne: from marietta, georgia, one of the suburbs of atlanta. and he'll one run it and slides baseball like.
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second down. gary: keep those cameras on les. looks like he's already chewing to me there. verne: well, look at what he has done now. he's in his seventh year, about to win his 75th game. gary: he's averaging 10 wins a year. verne: amazing. and the -- another drop. remember when they used -- even the fans of l.s.u. would say well, he's only winning with saban's guys. that talk haseneded. gary: they're going to have another great recruiting class. alabama is, georgia is. the s.e.c. is not going to take a drop here. and i've been telling people for five years these guys can play in this league. the danger of this current system is if you lose one game in this conference against the tough competition and somebody else goes undefeated, you could have the best conference in the country not having a guy in the
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playoff. that's what doesn't make sense to me, and why they need to expand it right now -- you can't have your marquee conference have a champion -- let's say it's l.s.u. again next year with one loss and they're out of the playoffs because two teams from a lesser conference are on the field. that makes no sense to me. verne: well, the gatorade bath has been prepared and will be delivered shortly. 2:25 to go. mason back. deep left side. conley with a comeback. makes a catch. claiborne with a tackle. gary: claiborne is not feeling well. he's hurt. les got the gatorade splash, huh? ouch. whoo! claiborne wants off the field. i don't know if he's gotten a ankle sprain or whatever but he's twice tried to get out of there. nobody's watching. everybody's watching les.


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