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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 10, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the videotape tells the story, he just closed his restaurant when two men walked up and forced the victim back inside in order to rob him. hello, i'm bruce johnson. more on that story in just a moment. first breaking news at this hour. police are on the scene of a shooting involving one of their own. now, it happened just a short time ago. we're told officers were called to a gas station in the 6900 block of new hampshire avenue for a report of a stabbing. when they arrived, a suspect was seen fleeing the scene. police gave chase and they say the suspect was shot by an officer near the intersection of messerat and riggs road. the suspect's condition unknown at this time. lind say is live on the scene. what can you tell us? reporter: bruce, just as you
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said, we're hearing this all began a few miles away at the sunoco gas station and we're told it began with a cutting. police from takoma park chased the suspect to this location. this is at riggs road at mesarat road. i'll zoom in here. because it's a little tough to see because it is so dark. this is a vehicle upside down, wheels in the air. we're told this was the car that the suspect was driving. the crash occurred and then we're told that takoma park police shot the suspect. police on the scene are telling us that they believe the suspect has died. we are still trying to confirm that information with takoma park police. this is the latest on the scene and basically we have two crime scenes. what happened is takoma park police had to crash the line to get over here so there's also
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prince george's county police on the scene as well, but takoma takoma park police are the ones investigating. we're -- we are told it began with a cutting. we'll give more information when it becomes available. back to you, bruce. >> lindsay, thank you for that. tonight police are looking for suspects in a restaurant robbery in silver spring restaurant. the owner had closed the spring garden restaurant when two suspects walked up with a handgun. the suspects forced the man back inside. they took cash and personal items. we're learning new information this evening about the virginia tech shooting. the man authorities say killed a campus police officer before committing suicide had broken up with his girlfriend over the summer and vaguely mentioned some family issues. but he was loyal, never hinted his slant for violence according to friends and former classmates. the alleged virginia tech killer came from a small town. and amando truel reports, hi friends are stunned by all
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this. >> i have problems believing that somebody who was so nice and so personable could just turn into a killer like that, a cold-blooded killer, you know? reporter: the ross truett ashley that allegedly killed a virginia tech police officer and then shot himself is not the same young man that steven hook remembers from high school. >> if you engaged him in conversation, he was well spoken. when i knew him, he had a plan, he wanted to get into business and, you know, he had a plan for his life. reporter: ross truett ashley graduated from spotsalvaynia high school in 2007. he was a running back on the varsity high school football team. >> he was starting fullback that year and starting fullback for varsity. reporter: there were no answers for ashley's home in virginia where driveway signs discourage those wanting to pose questions. neighbors had little to add. >> he was a clean-cut young
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guy, but standoffish. reporter: more recent acquaintances from radford university were at a loss to reconcile the standoffish business student they knew with the suicidal killer ashley allegedly became. what could happen to a person to change in such a way? >> honestly, to me, a question like that is definitely for somebody who has much better understanding of the human psyche. reporter: in partlo,ar mando, truel, 9 news now. a fatal shooting in northeast washington leaves one person dead and a teenager wounded. it happened early this morning at the exxon station in the 4500 block of bening road. police say they found steffen wade of upper marlboro and a 16- year-old female inside the car. both had been shot. they were taken to the hospital where wade later died. we're told the 16-year-old is being treated for nonlife- threatening injuries. so far police have made no arrests in the case. republican presidential hopefuls will square off in
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iowa tonight in just about an hour. it's the first debate since herman cain suspended his campaign and the first with newt gingrich as the frontrunner. ron paul and mitt romney were next behind gingrich in iowa polls. earlier today gingrich released a statement saying he supports a negotiated peace agreement between israel and the palestinians, including a palestinian state, but palestinian leaders today condemned gingrich for calling palestinians "an invented people who are really arabs that want to destroy israel." drew levinson has more on the story. reporter: the new gop frontrunner newt gingrich spoke to iowa veterans this afternoon. he talked about peace in the middle east. >> when the president keeps talking about a peace process, well, hamas keeps firing missiles into israel? reporter: the former speaker of the house is in the middle of a controversy regarding comments he made on the palestinians on the jewish channel. >> there was no palestine of the state. it was part of the empire.
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i think we've invented palestinian people who are arabs. reporter: a spokesman for the palestinian authority criticized gingrich saying it is also obvious he needs a history lesson to know that the palestinian nation existed before even the american nation itself. in an interview this afternoon, gingrich didn't back down. >> i think it's a real argument because it goes to the heart of whether or not they have a right to return which they don't. there's no historic basis for the right of return and that's the heart of the argument because the right of return would mean the extinction of israel. reporter: gingrich now tops most national polls and that has rivals gunning for him. >> there are $37 million gingrich took from healthcare and industry groups. reporter: and an ad attacks gingrich's influence. he'll have a dirs debate tonight as the american frontrunner.
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army/navy squared off at fed exfield in a game that ended a short time ago. president barack obama tossed a coin at the beginning of the contest and sat with navy for the first half before crossing the field to cheer for army for the remainder of the game. dave owens who was not in full dress is here now to give the highlights of the game. dave. >> i should have gotten in full dress, bruce, that's for sure. what a treat for military folks. philly is halfway between west point and annapolis. but today for the first time ever the dmv hosting the game. what a scene. fed ex field normally the home of the redskins, transformed today. the great pageantry of the march-on of the cadets. as you say, bruce, president obama tossing the coin. army won the toss, by the way, this one was tight, 3rd quarter, this is navy quarterback chris proctor banging in. he had 97 yards on 32 brutal carries today.
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malcolm brown to tie it at 21. a couple of late field goals by navy kicker john t., he's been ma lined all year but came through tonight. the army needed a stop late in the game. they jump off side and navy gets the 27-21 victory. the midshipmen 10 in a row. >> yeah, just the sweet satisfaction of being army. we had a rough season, but they battled back. they won this one. >> it means so much that we got this win. >> 10 in a row, the longest streak in history, of course, of this rivalry. much more reaction coming up from this one, bruce and extended highlights coming your way in just a few minutes in our sports block. >> there you have it, the navy man. coming up some new lane closures from around the wilson bridge next week. we'll tell you what to expect. also occupy protestors in boston kicked out. we'll have the latest. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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watch out for lane closures and delays around the wilson bridge next week. construction work will close several lanes on the beltway. the closures will occur near telegraph road in alexandria. now, on monday and thursday from 9:30 in the morning until
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2:30 in the afternoon, the left lane of the inner loop will be closed between eisenhower avenue and telegraph road. we've got all of this information on our website, in boston police evicted protestors who had been camping out since september 30th as part of the occupy boston movement. 46 people were arrested early this morning. authorities dismantled the encampment in boston's dewey square. a newest conference later in the day, the mayor expressed support for the protestors who said it was necessary for them to leave. >> in the interest of public safety, ultimately we had to act. we did so with patience and respect. >> the city of boston had given protestors until midnight thursday to clear out, but they waited until early this morning to actually take action. just ahead, a very special holiday treat for some kids in
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the washington area. just how cold is it going to be for sunday? your latest forecast when we come back.
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merry christmas, everybody! >> santa and mrs. claus greeted children from eight area hospices today after a fantasy flight to the north pole. the annual event is put together by american airlines volunteers. after checking in at dulles airport the children boarded the 30- minute fantasy flight to visit
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santa and his elves. there were arts and crafts. transportation secretary ray lahood was there and several disney characters helped round out the fun day. kind of cold out there today. >> it was. you definitely feel that christmas is in the air. it feels like december now. temperatures only in the 40s. >> this is the way it's supposed to be, right? >> this is the way it's supposed to be. no more 60s and 70s. here's a look at video we got of the total leunar eclipse. a lot of folks got to see it first in sydney, australia. this is pretty cool stuff here. the next one in 2014 and we got to see it here in d.c. my friends in california got to see it. the next one will be in 2014, only visible in parts of asia and australia. this year's eclipse has a red, rusty tone to it due to dust. it was a pretty sight out
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there. i hope you got to see it early, early this morning, around 5:00, 6:00 this morning. i imagine a lot of folks were probably sleeping through the total lunar eclipse unless you're a big star gazer. we're talking about cold air settling into the area. a very cold night. already into the upper 30s around arlington, bethesda. temperatures will continue to fall. our satellite and radar picture showing us we've got clear skies and some lighter winds out there, coming out of the north and high pressure still in control. so we'll continue to see sunny skies. it is going to be cold. sunny but cold. very cold tonight. bundle up for tomorrow's redskins game. cold for sunday afternoon. monday same deal. sunny and cold. now for tonight, clear and very cold, two, even a three-blanket night. lows will get down into the 20s and 30s under light winds. so around town we're going with upper 20s, close to 30s in
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annapolis. in the suburbs we're down to the low 30s. orange, culpepper at 23, winchester at 23. cumberland 22. petersburg down to the teens. definitely a cold start for your sunday morning. clear and cold going out for church or running errands. you want your coat and your sunglasses. the winds will be light. at least that's a good thing. no major wind chill with these temperatures. afternoon looks sunny and still cold. it's a good day to dress for all those layers. highs will be 40 to 45 degrees with a light wind. so your high for sunday afternoon looks like this, a little bit below the average high of mid-40s. 44 in downtown, near mid-40s in buoy, things for baltimore, fairfax 43. leesburg and manassas down into the low 40s. so it's going to look pretty, may not just feel very pretty. here's your sin skin forecast, mostly sunny -- redskins forecast, mostly sunny and cold. i hope you're in the sun, that's going to help every bit
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to keep you warm as the patriots will be playing the redskins. temperatures near 45. the good news is the winds will be light. here's how your sunday breaks down, a cold start, 20s and 30s by 7:00 in the morning. at noon cold, 35 to 40 degrees. by 5:00 it's still cold, but clear skies. don't forget your coat, sunglasses and, of course, you always need your sunscreen, even when it's cold out there. here's your snrouk. tuesday 50 degrees -- here's your snrouk. increasing clouds wednesday into thursday. a couple of clouds are possible thursday, maybe more so on friday. we warm up upper 50s, friday mid-50s and saturday partly cloudy and back to seasonal temperatures in the mid-40s. so, again, we'll talk about the redskins game tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be sunny, but definitely get the kids to bundle up in a good sweater, bring out the jackets and even a blanket. if you can, i'm hoping you can sit in the sun. you were out for your bike
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ride. it's cold. >> we're in for a monsoon tomorrow. >> you're going to need it. about your hat. what is bruce johnson talking about? unlike years past, this army/navy game going down to the wire. a barn burner at fed ex field. we'll also talk about tom brady. he's going to play on that same field tomorrow. redskins good luck with that and john wall at training camp, once a rookie now mentoring young ones, we'll talk about all that coming up next.
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navy is much more special. >> that's what we were talking about. army is special too. >> they are. but, you know, hey, the last 10 years, we just call it a decade of dom nans in an low pressure
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lis. sum of the game like this 27- 10, that's the average score between the two in the last near decade. not hard to see why navy has swept nine straight games. what a scene. beautiful out there at fed exfield. the corps of cadets, president barack obama was there for the official toss. i don't know how army won the toss. that's about the last thing they got in this game. teach game back to score there. what can brown do for you. tie the ball game. brown, they review this play and it stood. 4th quarter, missed field goals, extra points, bangs in two, 27-21 midshipmen. army had a chance to get the ball back. on 3rd and short, they jump offsides. navy wins 27-21. navy winning their 10th consecutive game. >> what we've gone through as the senior class for the last five years, this season alone
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has been a trip. all those wounds hurting for a while now, it fixed them all. i'm so proud. >> he had a great game, 93 yards. heisman trophy coming up later tonight, but the academic heisman was given out on tuesday. army linebacker rodriguez winning 4.1gpa in mechanical engineering. wow! that's some brain power right there. the redskins' offense has scored 19 touchdowns this season total. tom brady has thrown 30 touchdowns all by himself. do the math, run the numbers, sunday's game, bruce, doesn't bode well for your burgundy and gold, especially when the redskin's secondary is banged up. brady arguably the best quarterback in the league and that guy right there on pace for 124 receptions. so hall, how do you stop these guys? >> amazing connection, they're
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able to find each other, they've been successful the last couple of years. >> kickoff tomorrow at yook. wizards made a move acquiring turnoff from the knicks. they also get second-round picks in 2012 and 2013. they only had to give up a second-round pick in 2009. to training camp, we talked about this a lot during the nfl lockout. how do you get your rookies caught up in a shortened training camp? they currently have seven new guys on the roster and they got to get to studying the playbook fast. >> it was great. >> you're the point guard, you know how to play and you can teach them things. that's what i'm here for. >> john wall the new guy. howard just too small today. henry sims dunk you very much. hoyas up 13 at the break. starks feeding the cookies to porter. georgetown winning it 62-48.
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they roll today at the verizon center. we got a big boxing match coming up tonight. it's been a big day around here in sports. army navy the big foir. what's it look like tonight? >> very cold, 20s and 30s. bundle up for the redskins game as well. only low- to mid-40s tomorrow. >> do we have a chance tomorrow? >> no. thank you for watching. get updates anytime at see you back here at 11:00. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit...
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with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.


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