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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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arrest preparing for his preliminary hearing at the center county courthouse. victim number one will be among at least five alleged victims to testify. this is his attorney. >> obviously this is a nerve- racking situation for any witness, especially a teenager who's got to get up in front of hundreds of people and talk about an issue not a pleasant one to talk about. >> reporter: sandusky allegedly performed oral sex on the boy at least 20 times when the child was 11 or 12 years old and at least one time had the boy perform oral sex on him. >> reporter: i think this young man was taken advantage of by jerry sandusky. he robbed this young man of his innocence and his youth. >> reporter: bruce leshan, 9 news now. fired head football coach joe paterno is not likely to attend the preliminary hearing. he's in the hospital after breaking his pelvis again and being diagnosed with lung cancer. hundreds gathered on the virginia tech campus in blacksburg today for the
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funeral of campus officer dereik crouse. law enforcement officials, lots of them, honored their fallen brother killed in the line of duty on thursday. his colleagues spoke about him as a loving husband, father and a diehard pittsburgh steelers fans. virginia governor bob mcdonnell praised his commitment to being a lifelong public servant. >> without these sacrifices that derrick was willing to make, they're idle words on parchment and our freedoms are shallow. so thank you to the crouse family for this amazing sacrifice of love that you have given to your fellow 8 million virginians. >> crouse was making a traffic stop when a 22-year-old student at a nearby college walked up to his cruiser and shot him. the shooter, 22-year-old ross ashley then killed himself. crouse was also an iraq veteran and he survived by his wife, his five children and stepchildren. president barack obama and
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iraq's prime minister promise to cooperate as the u.s. prepares to withdraw the last fighting forces from iraq this month. the two stood side by side at arlington national cemetery, laying a wreath in honor of the nearly 4,500 american military members who died fighting the war in iraq. he visited washington as the u.s. prepares for the withdrawal. some u.s. officials are concerned neighboring iran will step up its influence on iraq once american forces leave. but president obama is confident that will not be a problem. >> i have absolutely no doubt that these decisions are being made based on what prime minister believes is best for iraq. not based on considerations of what iran would like to see. >> at the joint news conference, the president and prime minister praised the relationship between the u.s. and iraq, and all about 1 million american troops have served in iraq since the war
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began. there are 6,000 left inside iraq, and the president says they'll all be home by new year's day. a follow-up on a story we first brought you in july. a local woman whose car was towed and booted and sold at auction all while she was in the hospital in a coma. the department of public works justified its actions saying she had three unpaid tickets. monique jenkins insists there was just one. andrea mccarren brings us the update. >> when she said it was sold, i just burst out in tears. >> reporter: we met monique jenkins in july when she'd just been released from the hospital. while she fought for her life in a 12-day coma, her car, parked right in front of her northeast washington home, was booted, towed away, put on the auction block and sold. >> i started crying and then i said how can this happen? there has to be some law to protect people who are in the hospital. >> reporter: as of today, according to the department of motor vehicles, her 2005 dodge
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magnum had accrued more than $4,900 in storage fees from the blue plains impound lot. if her car had been sold, how could it still be subject to ongoing fines? tonight, the department of public works says it wants to apologize for its sloppy record keeping. the car jenkins bought for $13,000 in 2008 was sold at auction for $4,300. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> they may have issued an apology for its record keeping but not for selling her only means of transportation. jenkins has been in and out of the hospital since the incident and she tells us the stress of not having her car is not helping things. the frederick county health department says anyone downstream from a raw sewage spill should avoid coming into contact with water from carroll creek. the spill happened after the city of frederick waste water plant lost power 9 hours last
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night. around 3 1/2 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into carroll creek during that time and power from a generator stopped a leak around 3:00 a.m. the city says drinking water is not affected. $16 million. this is how much work zone mobile speed cameras have brought into the state of maryland this year. aaa mid-atlantic has just released the official it willy of citations handed out by the cameras on maryland highways and interstates. overall the speed cameras issued more than 399,600 from january to october. at $40 a pop, $16 million. all of the mobile cameras are located in construction zones, on interstates or highways and anyone caught going 12 miles an hour over the limit gets a ticket. all right, do you spend your morning and your evening commute stuck in gridlock on i- 95? if so, you're going to now be able to place a number on your frustration level. that's because the virginia
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department of transportation unveiled new electronic message boards along 95 today. three northbound and four southbound signs will show you your estimated drive time and the other traffic information between fredericksburg and d.c. now, a commuter alert for drivers who say canal road here in the district. the national parks service is scheduled to close down that road between arizona avenue and foxhole road for part of this week. so you wouldn't be able to get through from about 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. each day through wednesday. crews are closing the road for maintenance. it is a freezing start to the week. you're going to definitely want to break out the blankets tonight. the question is how many will we need? >> i would say two tonight, leslie. not quite as cold as last night, but plenty cold. we're talking 20s and 30s. look at the current temps right now. downtown, low 30s. 34 in gaithersburg. 34 in leesburg. 36 in manassas.
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already freezing toward hagerstown. the temperatures are falling not quite as fast as last night but heading down plenty fast. partly cloudy, two blanket night. low temperatures 24 to 34 with light winds. now, we'll come back and talk about temperatures going up. we'll tell you just how mild it's going to get and if it gets mild, does that mean we're going to have to have rain? we'll talk about that prospect as well. >> okay, topper. if you enjoy chocolate and hot cocoa during the holidays, that craving could soon cost you a lot more. we'll tell you why. but first, the occupy protest takes and grinds work at a halt. some say that may hurt their cause. that's coming up next.
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>> today, the occupy protesters turned their attention to seaport southwest. they disrupted operations at ports from alaska to southern california. in oakland, hundreds of protesters blocked trucks from entering the terminal. portman engineers say their operations there supply about 73,000 jobs in the region and a blockade hurts the whole community. >> these are good jobs held by real working people and working families. disrupting the port hurts them. >> we think this is about labor across the board, about
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outsourcing the jobs, about dignified jobs. >> demonstrators say the ports have become economic engines for the elite 1%. a california lawmaker is considering a boycott of lowes home improvement store and possible legislative action against the company. he's upset lowes pulled its adds from tlc all american muslim. the company made the decision after a complaint from the florida family association. the christian group said the show was propaganda to hide what it calls islam's quote, clear and present danger to american liberties and traditional values. lowes issued a statement apologizing for making some people very unhappy but says it stands by its decision. a cold, chilly monday after a cold, chilly weekend. so any chance for a warmup? our hopes lie in topper's forecast, and that is coming up. first, high-tech holy card. aps that make it possible to
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mail your holiday greetings without a trip to the post office, next.
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my chocolate lovers out there, this con summer alert is for you. there's a cocoa shortage out there that could make it more expensive for us to buy chocolate. one of the three largest suppliers of cocoa says production could fall short of demand by 100,000 metric tons this year. trade magazine con effect insurance says that will either send the prices soaring or lead to more chocolate filled with nuts or fruit to reduce how much cocoa is used. holiday shopping procrastinators, pay attention. you've got another chance to grab some great deals. today is when online retailers call green monday. that's because the second monday in december is when online shopping peaks and retailers rake in the green. many stores are offering big online discounts and free shipping and consumer analysts predict that shoppers will spend more than $1 billion just today. wow.
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a lot of websites are also making it easier than ever to send out your holiday card. but you don't have to ditch the real deal. karen shows us some aps for smart phones and tablets that take care of the stamping and mailing your greetings of joy. >> struggling financially as more people correspond electronically, the post office gave americans a little reminder this holiday season. >> they have a nice holiday, remember, mail plenty of holiday cards. we could certainly use them. >> reporter: for many, even the most clever ecard isn't the same as a card to tear out of an envelope and hang on the mantle. a new ap eliminates the holiday pilgrimage to the post office with 97 million other americans. the red stamp ap for iphone and ipad has stamps to customize. add a photo and message and choose a delivery message. facebook or twitter or u.s.
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mail. keep track of friends and family with a checklist. the sincerely inc. holiday card ap has options for a family photo or a festive illustration and allows you to choose colors, designs and add a message. users can send their card directly from the tablet for just $1.99, that includes printing on heavyweight postcards and the postage. they'll arrive in about a week. similarly, apple cards aps lets users design and create a card for $2.99 including postage. they can choose from 15 templates, add their own effect and photo or add a message. >> or you can take your cards to the post office like i did. if you're sending out cards, you've got over a week to get them finished. the postal service says mail them by next tuesday to make sure they get where they're going by christmas. all right, if you've got a neighbor who just puts up so many christmas lights it seems pointless to put up your own,
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you can relate to courtney clark in beaverton, oregon. she put up a sign on her house that says, ditto with an arrow pointing to the elaborate lights next door. >> you just can't compete with that. i mean, how could you? their display is so magnificent and everybody in the neighborhood absolutely loves them and they come from all over to see it. >> so funny. you could stand next to your neighbor's lights and take a picture and go, yeah, see, that's near my house. >> right. >> courtney says the ditto sign is meant as a compliment. by the way, the neighbors love all those outdoor decorations and many of them are made by hand. >> any time i see something like that, i think of christmas vacation by chevy chase. >> it is gorgeous. i think two or three blocks in baltimore where you see all these lights up and down the street. >> yep. >> pretty amazing what some people are willing to do for the holidays. they've certainly got the weather for it. it is cold. >> really do. we were looking at a little stretch of cold weather. it's going to get mild again,
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as we get into not so much tomorrow but wednesday and thursday. we're talking 50s. that's pretty good for december. let's start with the satellite picture and the radar combined. we'll zoom out to the southwest. pretty big storm out here. looking at snowfall, probably one to two feet in the mountains of arizona and new mexico. up about 5,000 feet. up to a foot in the mountains of southern california. southern california above about 2,500 feet. tremendous amounts of rain along the coast. one more miserable day, certainly tonight and through tomorrow. this storm will eventually lift out. going to take awhile to get to us. we'll get moisture from it. for the most part, high clouds to the north and south. we'll call it partly cloudy tonight, it won't affect the temperature too much. it's not going to be quite as cold. chilly though. 37 in bethesda. 39 arlington. 36 college park and bellsville. 41 officially at national. 34 in great falls. 32 in remembers son stonn. also in sterling.
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34 out in leesburg. temps will be mod stating through the week. cold again through the night. cold start tomorrow. bundle the kids up. you need sunglasses. milder on wednesday. and also on thursday. probably the mildest day on thursday. but with that milder air many come the chance for showers. tonight, partly cloudy cold again. a two blanket night. a 24 to 34. winds will be light. now, downtown i think you might just stay above freezing tonight. it was 29 this morning at national. that's as cold as they've been so far this year, or this season rather. 32 in arlington tonight. 33 at national. the 20s in the suburbs. mid-20s out toward leesburg and middleburgh and manassas. tuesday morning, partly cloudy, a little breezy with a cold start. 20s and 30s. by afternoon, partly cloudy, will be a pleasant day. remember, it's going to be breezy. you still need a jacket. high temperatures around 50. a breeze with temps around 50 is cooler than like today where we had no breeze.
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the temps were only in the mid- 40s. pretty nice today with no winds at all. we'll break it down. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, 40s by noon, partly cloudy. 47 to 52 by evening, all under partly cloudy skies. next three days, it gets milder each day. low 50s on wednesday. mid-50s on thursday. with that will come the chance for showers and rain late thursday and thursday night. next seven days, get a brief respite early friday, then another system tries to get in here friday night, early on saturday. that may be shunted to our south. we'll keep you posted on that. it will be briefly colder in the wake of that on sunday. temperatures low 40s. but then we're back up to 50 with partly cloudy skies next monday. so if you're looking for real winter and snow, i don't see it right now. >> i know you're working on that. >> i'm working. >> you're churning up, trying to make something happen. >> i'm trying. >> i'm glad it hasn't happened yet. thanks, topp.
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letters to santa have a different feel this year. you're going to meet the group trying to make the wishes come true when we come back.
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all right, now, this is a traffic cop who's in the spirit. this is a traffic cop who has become famous for his dancing
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while directing. now, he's got a little santa help for the holidays. he borrows lots of moves from the late michael jackson and also practices at home in front of his children. commuters say the dancing cop lightens the mood and makes sitting in the traffic there a little less burdensome. it's a longstanding tradition in d.c. children write letters to santa and local volunteers play old st. nick. but this year instead of toys, many families are asking for basic necessities, like food for the table. dehlia tells us how our neighbors are answering the call. >> reporter: christmas is a time of giving. and at brentwood post office. >> dear, santa. i'm writing this to make my kids christmas merry. >> reporter: that's exactly what folks are doing. >> i've been here for 11 years and never seen this many letters. >> it's a program we can't afford to stop doing.
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>> reporter: serita bush helped sort through hundreds of letters addressed to santa and play santa. but this year, instead of lavish gifts, many are just asking for basic necessities. >> we're getting a lot of requests for food. the children are not just asking for gifts for themselves, they're asking for gifts for their parents. they're actually asking for coats, gloves, hats, pajamas, underwear. >> i always have to sell my food stamps to pay bills. then i go find food to feed my kids. >> reporter: postal workers say the need is the most severe they've seen in the 20-plus years of the program. >> i've been putting in for jobs. no one has called me yet. >> reporter: another reason why playing santa this year means much more than just putting a few presents under the tree. >> please help us. please. >> reporter: the program wraps up december 21st.
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postal workers will deliver your package christmas eve. in northeast, 9 news now. >> let's hope lots of people give this year. that's our report. i'll be right back here at 11:00 with anita brikman. don't forget, you can log on any time to bundle up. see you later. have a great night. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> baldwin, alec's cameo. >> mr. baldwin is an american treasure. >> is he funny or plain arrogant? the new backlash tonight. >> the american association of flight attendants is asking for a public apology. >> i didn't want to go back. >> sandra bullock's big screen comeback with baby louis on the set. >> it was a great experience for me and my son. >> candy spelling's tearful good-bye to her mansion. >> i walked out of the mansion for the last time. >> her private tour before moving out. inside brittany spear's estate. why she's moving in with her boyfriend. the bachelor by the numbers. 405 contestants, 14 break-ups, eight proposals and one wedding. how will the new bachelorettes


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