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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sunset, they have scooted out of here. you notice the clear skies overhead. with the light winds, the clear skies, the dry air. we're down to 21 in manassas. 18 in frederick. mid-20s for la plata and fredericksburg. even bill in newland, it was 26 degrees. checking in down there on the northern neck. 29 from cambridge. we will see sunshine, a few clouds today and slightly warmer than yesterday. yesterday, we got a high of 46. today, we're looking at a high around 50. 53 in fredericksburg. still holding in the mid to upper 40s in the shenandoah valley. monika samtani, happy tuesday! >> happy tuesday to you, too. if you were planning to head outside early on this tuesday morning, 5:00, things are looking great. we're going to zoom in first over to 95 and the bw parkway coming in from baltimore, you'll be ok. no problems on route 50 from annapolis. the beltway is looking fine as well. all the way around toward rockville. let's take a live look into rockville. no problems to report here. 355 at nicholson lane.
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let's go over to the american legion bridge. whether you're leaving bethesda or tysons corner, i think you'll be fine early on this morning. we'll take a last live look on the south side of town at route 4, pennsylvania avenue. we're looking good here as well. coming up from southern maryland, route 5, route 301 into the wilson bridge and alexandria this morning. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia at 5:10. andrea and mike? >> some witnesses say d.c. police went too far when they confronted a suspect last night in northeast washington. >> the officers ended up shooting and killing the man who were reportedly high on pcp at the time. surae chinn is live at police headquarters in northwest with more on the story this morning. surae, good morning. >> good morning to you. police are expected to release the identity of the victim involved in this shooting. according to 911 calls, witnesses say this man was high on pcp and firing his gun at homes. it happened around 7:00 last night. and here is some video from
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last night. a very active scene starting from 7:00 all the way until about 4:00 this morning. bullets started flying when police say the man refused to drop his weapon. again, just before 7:00 last night on clay terrace near division avenue and northeast. check out this video, the evidence markers show they found quite a lot of shell casings. cathy lanier, chief of police says as many as three to four police officers opened fire on the man with a gun who was acting erratic. >> they hear the gunshots, the subject with a gun. he's given commands to drop the weapon. he does not. officers at some point in trying to engage the suspect opened fire and the suspect was struck. the officers who engaged in fire with the suspect immediately went over to him and began to perform cpr. he looked like he was in pretty bad shape. >> reporter: in fact, the man died at the hospital. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk to a man who says he's known this victim --
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suspect-turned-victim for quite awhile. we'll hear from him and what he has to say about the whole situation. back to you, mike, andrea? >> thanks, surae. >> the virginia tech police officer gunned down on campus last week has been laid to rest. deriek crouse was remembered as a loving husband and father and dedicated public servant as well as a loyal pittsburgh steelers fan. investigators say 22-year-old ross ashley killed crouse during a traffic stop and then later committed suicide. the 39-year-old crouse is survived by his wife and five children. fairfax county police are looking for three suspects in a deadly shooting in reston. police found a man shot in the 1500 block of cameron crescent drive in reston yesterday afternoon. he died at the hospital. the victim's name has not been released. police do say the three suspects are not a threat to the general public. but if you have any information, please call fairfax county police. two montgomery county
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legislators are proposing a new state law to crack down on the flash mobs that are happening lately after two cases in which a large group of young people suddenly showed up at local convenience stores and started taking stuff off shelves and walking out of the store. under the bill, each violator would be responsible for the whole amount stolen by everybody, not just what he or she stole. which could lead to much harsher sentences. it is 5:04. time for the latest your money romp the morning. jessica doyle is off this week and some investors may wish they weren't around either. markets in asia were down this morning however the major european exchanges appear poised for some gains as trading gets underway there. here at home, the dow dropped nearly 163 points yesterday to close at 12,021. nasdaq slipped 34 points and the s&p 500 fell element 9 points to 1236. an american company under pressure over decision whether
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to pull its advertising dollars. loes has removed its ads from a reality tv show about american muslims. our ken molestina explains the why and the angry reaction. the new tlc reality show is called all-american muslim. it features american muslims living in a dearborn, michigan area. but now, the lowe's company, a massive home improvement retailer across the country, has decided it doesn't want any part in the show. >> that show should be supported, should not be boycotted as lowe's has done. >> the national executive director for the council on american islamic relations based here in washington. he's sounding off over lowe's decision to pull all of their ads from the show. he says the reason they did it is giving way to more hatred toward muslim americans. >> lowe's has succumbed to the pressure. >> lowe's pulled the ads after the florida family association e-mailed the company asking them to do so claiming the show
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was islamic propaganda hurting american values. lowe's is standing by their decision, saying they did it after the show became a lightning rod for people to voice complaints from political, social and otherwise. >> our community is complicated. even within our own families, we don't always agree. >> a spokeswoman for the show said the viewership is more than a million per week. awad has written a letter calling for the company to amend their position. he said he's yet to hear back. >> lowe's, i believe, made a bad decision. >> i called lowe's several time and left a message. i was told a spokeswoman did get back to me. as of last check, lowe's is standing strong behind their position to pull the ads. i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> the federal deficit may be heading in the right direction. we'll tell you why coming up next. >> the occupy protestors succeed in slowing operations at some of the nation's busiest ports. >> plus, a man many hoped would
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run for president picks his favorite among republican hopefuls. that man right there. we'll be right back.
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>> another frosty morning out there. scraping the windshields. that's what we got with temperatures down in the 20s in most areas. today will be a day with sunshine and a few high clouds. i think a few more this afternoon. mid-40s at noon. highs today around 50 with the northwesterly winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. i'll be back in five minutes talking about the upcoming weekend. right now, monika is in with timesaver traffic.
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>> i've been looking at the camera in landmark on the northbound side of i-395 here at duke street. i saw them pick up all of the cones and construction from this area. all lanes open up to the 14th street bridge on 39 with 5. coming up, another look into virginia at 5:16. andrea, back to you. occupy wall street protestors cause major disruptions at one of the stories making news now at 5:09. while the demonstrations caused delays in some places, in oakland and portland, operations were shut down at two port terminals. at those spots, the longshoreman's union sent workers home. >> the federal deficit appears to be shrinking according to congressional estimates, the government is on track to run a deficit below a trillion dollars for the first time in four years. but those numbers could change if congress extends the payroll tax cut and long-term unemployment benefits coming up this month. >> new jersey governor chris christie hosted a fund-raiser for republican presidential
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hopeful mitt romney last night. earlier in new hampshire, romney traded barbs with newt gingrich, each challenging the others to return millions of dollars made in the private sector. >> today, congress takes up an issue that could keep some money in your paycheck. but the bill could extend the payroll tax cut isn't expected to make it to the white house for the president's signature. we'll tell you why at 5:34. >> at 5:24, the nats have a long night as they work to beat a contract deadline. >> howard has some raindrops in the seven-day forecast. but no snowflakes. we'll be right back.
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5:13 on this tuesday morning. howard is here. it is another cold morning for us. >> a lot of frosty mornings out here. while it has been cold in the mornings, it has been milder in the day. the good thing about the cold at night, the ski areas, those guys are out there all night making snow. it is going to open. because this should be the weekend. >> go there and show us what they're doing. >> i'm hoping! >> fantastic idea! >> what do you think? >> it could happen. >> maybe bring a camera with
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me. >> weatherwise around here, cold start. a few more clouds. for december, not bad at all. here is your bus stop forecast. mainly clear. it is frosty. maybe they'll let me make snow, too, with the snow gun. that would be fun! temperatures are running in the upper teens, upper teens to the low 30s. warm spot being right along the bay this morning at sunrise at 7:18. our day planner, we'll have sunshine. then a few more clouds, probably high, thin clouds here this afternoon. temperatures near 50 for a high with a northwesterly wind. unlike yesterday where the winds were almost dead calm all day. northwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. by 6:00, we're back in the mid- 40s. tonight should be just a little bit warmer than this morning. where temps are running in the 20s. low 20s at manassas. 23 in reston. up in frederick, upper teens right now. 30 in arlington. 26 in alexandria and crofton. 26 in baden this morning while laurel is 25.
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and a 28 degree reading in rockville. officially though in washington, 32 at reagan national with winds, well, no winds, dead calm. dew point is 29. that barometer slowly, slowly dropping off. yesterday, closer to 30.6. now, we have 30.45. low pressure attacking the folks in the southwestern u.s., throwing rain and snow from los angeles out into areas near st. louis. we've got the broken showers and mountain snows. so, there is a lot of active weather in the southwest. and in the southeast, well, there is a ridge of high pressure which keeps it all nice and quiet. some of the moisture in the form of clouds will get here later today. as far as any rain, it doesn't look like we'll see much of anything. potentially thursday. high pressure in the ohio valley this morning. we're on the east side. so, a northwesterly flow. as this rain comes into the high, we'll have a tough time surviving, some of the clouds will, especially out west of the mountains for tonight into
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tomorrow. a few rain showers into west virginia tomorrow morning. but really can't survive the trip over the mountains. we'll see some clouds with that tomorrow. we're going to sit high and dry. boy, wish i had a cup of water. have that frog in my throat now. i hate when that happens when you're on tv. 50 degrees today. tonight, we're back in the 30s. 52 tomorrow. on thursday, mid 50s with late showers possible. could be some into thursday night. friday, 52. also some showers friday night into saturday morning possible. and then chillier for the weekend. monika, good morning. >> go get a hot drink, howard. i think you need a hot drink. you'll feel better. >> if you're planning to head around town, theoverall big picture isn't that at all. no problems to report on the beltway. we'll head over to the south side. look at the speed limits right now headed to 66, you're fine. no problems to report. this is only slow down because of the construction picked up at duke street. actually, the lanes are open. that speed limit should be picking up right now. no problems to report as well
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on 295 heading up to the 11th street bridge. let's take a live look around town. route one in alexandria, no problems here between 95 and the wilson bridge. we'll head further north over to route 50, arlington boulevard. looking good between 95, 66 and up toward the american legion bridge. we'll go over to 66 on centreville. all lanes are open coming in from route 29 as we head all the way toward fairfax, the beltway and the roosevelt bridge. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 5:24. the caps new head coach is going on the record about his first few weeks leading the team. >> plus why redskins coach mike shanahan says despite putting forward a better effort in recent weeks, cooler heads need to prevail. >> let's take another look at the question of the day. between the ages of 2 and 5, the average child does this roughly 400,000 times. is it a, says no. b, asks a question or c, starts
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crying. >> this response was posted on the by scott who wrote a, says no. it is the easiest word for the human brain to learn. >> log on to our facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 a.m. hour. >> they learned it well on capitol hill. o [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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howard bernstein with you here. we got a lot of frost on the ground speaking of charlie in catlett. the way it is going this winter, it may be the only way to get the ground white. 18 in frederick with 30 or so here in town early. by 9:00, temperatures running in the 30s everywhere. should have a good deal of sunshine. as we go through the day, still sunshine, high clouds, mid-40s at noon in town. hagerstown, 41. 48 for cambridge and also in fredericksburg. this afternoon, notice by 2:45, 3:00, 50 in manassas, 49
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leesburg and 49 also at andrews, the high for today. somewhere around the 50 degree mark. by 6:00, we're back in the mid- 40s with high clouds around. should be a decent but cool day for december. andrea and mike, over to you. thank you, howard. it may be the off-season but the nationals had a big deadline to meet overnight. >> coach shanahan talks about keeping cool in the midst of a 4-9 season. here's dave owns with your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. in the nfl you do not get points for almost winning. there's no such thing as a half win because you played hard. 'skins are 4-9. they haven't been able to figure out how to win close games. another 3m from sunday's game, bad calls and frustrated players. fletcher went ballistic after getting called for this roughing the passer call on tom brady. it wasn't. hall chucked a flag after being called for interference. coach shanahan understanding the frustration but says you gotta keep your cool. >> everybody makes mistakes.
5:23 am
you gotta keep your cool and keep your poise. you can't hit back. ing that's putting your team number one. you number two. >> the caps play the flyers tonight. before that, kristin berset sitting down with dale hunter asking him a myriad of topics from alex ovechkin to coaching the franchise he once played for. you can see the interview at 5:00. baseball, of course, they had a lot of complicated rules. as of midnight last night, they had to tender contracts to all of the 2012 nonfree agents. cut them loose. they did that. tendering a contract to mike morris who had a breakout year. they also offered contracts to jordan zimmermann, john lennon, clifford, tom and jesus. have a great tuesday, everybody! >> thank you, dave. in one of this year's most
5:24 am
disturbing sports-related stories, former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will face his accusers later today. that story after the break. >> plus, today the house is expected to try to extend our payroll tax cuts even though the bill is never expected to make it to the president's desk. quick check of traffic now, monica. >> mike, we'll take a look at new york avenue at ninth street coming in from cheverly. all lanes are open into this corridor. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look into virginia at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be back in two minutes. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so...
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>> i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck.
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monika samtani has traffic. >> good morning, my friend. >> lots of scraping going on on the windshields again. for those of you like when the ground is white, look out early. that's about the only chance we have. snowfall is lacking. chances for snow coming up look pretty low. for some people, who are pretty happy about that as well. >> sure am. >> it is all or nothing. >> i like it on the mountains and on the ski slopes. >> from afar. >> on my lawn. >> it is december. >> i don't like shoveling. >> that's why you have children. >> that's right. >> coming in super early. >> let's get you going here this tuesday morning with our day planner because once again, we're dealing with sunshine. some clouds mixing in. especially this afternoon. mid-40s at noon. we'll warm up all right and then around 50 for the high. yesterday, we did manage to squeak up to 46 degrees. we'll do a little bit better than that. a little bit better than that tomorrow. clear skies overhead. you see some of the clouds across west virginia,
5:29 am
southwestern virginia, ohio. this is all moving in from the west to the east. that's why i think a little bit later today, we could get into some of the clouds. temperatures cold. frosty. 21 now in manassas. there is the cold stuff, frederick up to new york. upper teens there with 28 in fredericksburg. 29 in cambridge. and in readville, just spoke to jan on the northern neck. frost yet. big temperatures still in the low to mid-40s. they'll see temperatures today low 50s down there. we'll be around 50 for a high. in a few spots north and northwest of town will hold with temperatures staying in the 40s. but not too bad a day at all. monika samtani, we're building some volume here as we approach 5:30. >> we're building volume. normal for this time of the morning. things are looking fine on the beltway. we'll zoom into the northside where there are no troubles to report in silver spring leaving college park and into bethesda. we'll take a live look first in college park whether you're heading over to the west side on the outer loop or south on the inner loop, you can see even that is running on time
5:30 am
all the way down toward new carrollton and oxon hill. we'll take a look at route 50 as you come in from annapolis. no issues to report. all the way to the beltway and inside as well. through cheverly, you will be ok on this corridor. and now, over to the trains. if you're planning to use public transportation this morning, metro, marc, vre, everything is running on time. coming up, we'll go into virginia at 5:38. andrea and mike? >> today, up to ten men who have accused jerry sandusky of sexually abusing them wills at a him in court. >> the judge at his preliminary hearing will decide whether or not there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial. the former penn state defensive coordinator is charged with more than 50 counts of child sex abuse. he is publicly denying the charges. >> members of his family and friends who are going to listen to some of the young men say horrific things occurred between them and jerry. >> he's unequivocal in knowing what happened to him.
5:31 am
suffering the unspeakable crimes committed against him. >> former coach mike mcqueary may be called to testify in what he witnessed in a shower on the penn state campus. 9news now, bruce leshan will be the only local tv reporter in the courtroom. we'll have his reports coming up tonight starting at 5:00 p.m. an internal affairs investigation is underway after d.c. police shot and killed a man last night in northeast washington. so far, police are saying the man refused to obey their orders to drop his weapon. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live at police headquarters with more from one of the suspects' friends. surae? >> well, detectives had been out at the scene all night long. in fact, they left about an hour ago, returned here to headquarters. this was a police-involved shooting. the suspect turned victim, actually died. he was shot to death by police. and the police chief, cathy lanier came out to the scene to talk about what happened.
5:32 am
it was on the 5300 block of clay terrace in northeast off division avenue northeast to talk about what happened around 7:00 last night. she says that witnesses found a man who was high on drugs shooting at homes and refused to put down his gun. that's when police arrived. they demanded him to take down the gun. he would not. that's when police opened fire, shooting the man. well, we did talk to napoleon sullivan. he said he's known the man for seven years. he believe the police actions were excessive. >> as far as i know, he was shot over maybe 15 times by the police. good guy. into sports. we played video games together. the situation, this event, it don't have his name on it. it is not his curse. >> police have not released this person's name. the friend says his first name
5:33 am
is mike. we are expected to hear much more later on this morning. police are waiting to notify next of kin. we'll have much more coming up at noon about this investigation. so far, police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. back to you. >> all right, surae chinn reporting live from d.c. police headquarters. >> a recent federal audit says maryland's department of natural resources is threatening public safety because of improper tracking of weapons used for hunter education. the department of the interior report found that out of more than 900 guns issued to volunteers, maryland's dnr did not properly account for 761 of them. most of the guns are reportedly kept at the homes of volunteers or at gun clubs, however, natural resources secretary john given told "the baltimore sun" the department has never had a gun stolen or used in a crime. well, the good news is that metro has been making an aggressive push to repair its aging rail tracks. bad news is riders have noticed
5:34 am
and they're staying away on weekends when most of the work takes place from july to november, ridership fell 6.4% compared to the same time last year. down from more than 608,000 trips to 569,000. that's the lowest ridership level in four years. it is time for another "your money" report. jessica doyle has the day off. that's not the case on capitol hill. >> today, the house is expected to vote on a bill to extend the payroll tax cuts and unemployment insurance but as susan mcginnis reports, the bill is doomed in the senate. >> speaker john boehner says he's confident the house will renew the payroll tax cut for millions of americans. >> the house is going to do its job and it is time for the senate then to do its job. >> this morning, members are expected to vote on a $180 billion measure that would continue the tax breaks. it would also end long-term jobless benefits but for a shorter period than the white
5:35 am
house wants. both provisions expire at the end of the month. still, this latest plan faces a dead end in the senate. >> republicans proposed our plan to pay for the legislation. it is a tiny surtax on a tiny fraction of america's highest earners. >> reporter: democratic leaders want tax hikes on the wealthy to help pay for the bill but their biggest problem is the house provision that would clear the way for a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama is threatening to veto any measure that includes a fast track plan for the pipeline. he says lawmakers should vote on that measure separately. >> boehner defended the provision monday night, insisting it would create jobs. >> the american people want jobs. this is as close to a shovel- ready project as you're ever going to see. >> reporter: congress is scheduled to break for its holiday recess on friday but could stay longer if lawmakers don't reach a deal. susan mcinnis for cbs news, washington. coming up in about 30 minutes, a white house correspondent from reuters news
5:36 am
service will join us in studio with more on today's payroll tax cut debate. still ahead, today's hero central profiles a local organization that is still going strong after decades of helping thousands of people find work.
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>> it is chilly. bundle up! i've got the 180s on, the gloves, the jacket. winds are fairly light. many of the reporting stations reporting calm winds. the day planner today, you can expect another frosty start. we'll see temperatures by midday into the mid-40s. sunshine, a few high clouds mixing in. that would be the case this afternoon. highs around 50. northwest winds 5 to 10. we're still back in the mid-40s at 5:00 p.m. our turn in 5 minutes.
5:39 am
right now, to monica. >> arlington boulevard west of this on gallows road between route 29 and route 50, an accident in merrifield with authorities on the scene. more on that and other virginia roadways coming up in my next report at 5:48. andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. we want to take another look at the question of the day. between the ages of 2 and 5, the average child does this roughly 400,000 times! is it a, say no. b, ask a question or c, start crying? >> here's a look at your response. one of the responses you left on our facebook fan page. i think the answer is wet their pants. >> changing those diapers. log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. we want to share a little insider celebration here at 9news now. >> that's right. >> one of our behind the scenes folks, you see her right there recently marked an important
5:40 am
anniversary. sandy tucker has been working at channel 9 for 40 years! that's her on the left right there. her name wasn't tucker. >> this is her live. >> that's her live in the control room. >> since she's been here, she's gotten married, has two beautiful girls all in their 20s all while surviving the brutally early schedule. >> sandy was behind the cameras at one time then always in the director's booth. making sure we were on the right camera. and look at her. she looks almost exactly the same as she did from that time in 1971. >> to give you a little perspective, the number one hit on the billboard charts when she started was the theme from shaft. richard nixon was president and that week he called for 45,000 troops to withdraw from vietnam. that's how long ago. >> when i talk about this -- she's been eating so much on vacation. remember they said dieting or asking directions, obviously
5:41 am
she needed to diet. no! but everyone says 40 years! is she retiring? i said no. 40 years and going strong! she needs the money. happy anniversary, sandy. we are proud to be your colleagues. >> we love you, sandy. she had no idea that was coming. >> very good. >> a local program which helps at-risk youth is inviting you to enjoy some good music for their great cause. >> plus, the pope announces plans to make stops in the caribbean and central america early next year. >> let's see who's celebrating a birthday today before we head to break. actor dick van dyke is 86. oscar nominated actor christopher plummer is 82. rocker ted nugent is 63. agriculture secretary tom vilsack is 61. >> fed chairman ben bernanke is 58. he stars in hbo's boardwalk
5:42 am
empire, steve buscemi is 54. jamie foxx is 44 and country singing superstar, taylor swift turns 22 today.
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>> i like the fact that the winds are pretty light still. dealing with the wind chill when temperatures are down in the 20s, not fun at all. it is cold enough without it and frosty enough as well. your bus stop forecast, mainly clear and frosty out there. you driving this morning outside, not in the garage, you will be scraping the window once again. it has been the routine all week. 18 cold spot toward frederick and in northern areas to 32 near the bay with the sunrise
5:46 am
not until 7:18 this morning. our day planner, sunshine. it will mix with high clouds, especially this afternoon. mid-40s by noon. northwest winds 5 to 10. just a little bit of a breeze today with high temperatures near the 50 degree mark. we'll be back in the low 40s by 8:00. shouldn't be as cold tonight. maybe a few degrees warmer. i'm expecting more clouds. they tend to act like a blanket and hold the heat in. this morning with clear skies down to 21 in culpepper. mid-20s from winchester. gaithersburg is 25 to bowie which is about 26 this morning. easton, 28. 31 at the pax river and naval air station. we're looking at temperatures across the country down in the teens. as i pointed out yesterday, there's no arctic air. you don't see anything zero or 10 below. this is pretty good for this time of year. and we've got the 40s and 50s down south. houston this morning at 60 degrees. the big weather problem in the country is in the southwestern u.s. big dip has allowed a pretty good storm to move
5:47 am
onshore. rains coming into san diego toward los angeles, rain and then mountain snows here from utah and colorado back to new mexico and arizona. all of that means great stuff for the skiers but a lot of rain in the southwest. when you've got the storm parche dipping deep in the southwest, you can get a ridge in the east and the southwest. for us, that means benign weather. a front will try to slide through late thursday. high pressure is in control. that's pretty good for us. happy weather as i tell the kids. when i do the school talk with highs nearby. winds will be light. rain trying to move in from the west. tomorrow, we'll have a tough time. maybe by thursday late, we'll see the line of showers and storms here get closer to us. we'll have a chance to give us a few showers there. late thursday, thursday night and that front may give a second wave late friday, friday night. looking at the forecast, 50 degrees today. tonight, we're back in the 30s, tomorrow, 52 with more clouds.
5:48 am
mid-50s thursday with some showers. friday, another wave may give us some late showers, might see a wet flake mix in. nothing to write home about. we'll cool down into the 40s for the weekend. monika samtani, your list is growing. i don't like to see that. >> it is growing. we'll take a live look from sky 9 on the inner loop of the beltway heading for old georgetown road. we don't have that shot right now. just be aware on the inner loop, at old georgetown road, there is some utility work with some water in the roadway north on the beltway right here in bethesda, be aware of it with that right side of the roadway blocked as you come up through bethesda. we'll have the shot for you in our next report. in the meantime, the beltway around town besides that point is looking ok. we're zooming into 270 right now. slow traffic to look out for. we'll take a live look. if you're planning to head southbound on 270, overall, your delays will be out of frederick toward clarksburg and in toward germantown.
5:49 am
no problems to report here at 121. let's take a live look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue. no problems to report there. here's what it looks like in silver spring on georgia avenue at 16th street inside the beltway. we're look good as you head down into the district using this corridor. coming up, i'll update one the beltway incident at 6:00. back to you, mike. >> making news now at 5:49, united nations officials are upping their estimates for the death toll in syria. they now believe government attacks on pro democracy protestors have killed nearly 5,000 people. in the city of homes, people risk coming underfire each time they venture out of their house. >> the third richest man in russia announced he's running for president there. zillionaire tycoon mikhail, the owner of the nets wants to run for office. the contest pits him against vladimir putin who held leadership positions for a dozen years. pope benedict xvi announced plans to visit central america
5:50 am
early next year. the pontiff plans to make stops in cuba and mexico shortly before easter. cuba closed off papal visits for decades until john paul ii traveled there in 1998. tonight, you can enjoy a musical performance while helping at-risk youth. sasha is holding its third annual benefit concert. here to tell us more about the program and tonight's event are spy development director jim beck and jasmine williams who's gotten help from the program as well as tonight's celebrated performer. thank you for being here so early with us this morning. jim, i've been in the area for about 30 years. i heard about sasha bruce. what are the services you provide? >> an drea, thank you for having us. we've been around for over three days providing shelter or run away and homeless kids and positive youth development services. these are poor kids, many have been accused. and during this recession, it is really critical time for us.
5:51 am
we're very happy to be having a wonderful performer tonight and to help people understand our mission and to help us help young people that have nowhere else to turn. >> jasmine, was that where you were, nowhere else to turn until you found out about sasha bruce? >> absolutely. i came to them in 2009 after experiencing four years of sexual abuse at the hands of my stepfather and since joining the agency, things have been a complete turnaround. i was a high school dropout. i'm college-bound in january. i'm employed, getting all of the necessary skills to move into my own apartment next year. thanks to the agency, i'm in a good place right now. >> thanks to people who have made the donations. they need to raise more money so they can help more young people like jasmine. you have a concert tonight. this is your third year of doing this. why are you so committed to sasha bruce youth work? >> i believe everyone deserves a chance. i'm familiar with the power of performance and what it can do at a nonverbal level.
5:52 am
it can provide memories that people can refer back to and inspirational moments people can refer back to. when they're in the hard, challenging moments that seed that i plant with the music, with the inspiration with what i give on a nonverbal level which is what music is all about. >> we're look at you in performance, where will the concert be? >> the hoffman house. >> there are still tickets left? >> there are. you can show up at 6:30. 3400 prospect street northwest. go to our web site if you would like to get a ticket in advance. >> the tickets are in various levels up to $1,000 or more if you would like to give a donation. for people under 30, you're considering the economic times. you have tickets for that level. do come out and help support this wonderful organization. elu, thank you for being here with us. you'll have a great show with him tonight.
5:53 am
jasmine, good luck going off to college in january. jim, thanks. congratulations and continued success with sasha bruce. a white house correspondent joins us to preview today's expected vote on extending payroll tax cuts. plus, today's hero central looks at a local company which helps find work for people with disabilities. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
a frosty morning out there. 5:55. give yourself a little bit of extra time. some upper teens. by 9:00, we're holding in the 30s to near 40 in annapolis. midday, there will be a few high clouds, not showing up as well on the future cast. high clouds mixing in with afternoon temperatures approaching that 50 degree mark. mike and andrea back to you. >> 50 years ago, a group of parents started an organization to create meaningful job opportunities for their children. at the time, people with severe disabilities had very limited work and living options. >> today, limited resources is still thriving. jchayward recently visited their headquarters in arlington, virginia and she has this hero central story. >> each year, linden resources employs and provides vocational services for more than 250
5:57 am
people with disabilities. they own two successful commercial businesses. a full-service printing company and a warehousing facility. >> while we're happy to provide paychecks and help people ensure that they're able to meet their financial obligations, we really enjoy all of those other aspects that come along with employment. >> for people with disabilities, a job is a means to pry and greater independence. limited resources serves the needs of people with severe intellectual and physical disabilities including wounded warrior veterans. 28-year-old megan greenwood served four years in the air force as a medic. when she returned from iraq, she suffered from post- traumatic stress. >> i am considered a disabled vet because of ptsd and depression and migraines as well. and they do hinder me from
5:58 am
working sometimes. >> linden is strongly committed to employment needs of students. they work with local school systems, the virginia department of rehabilitation services and local community service board. >> it is absolutely satisfying to see someone come in with low sense of self-esteem or a low self-confidence to be able to gain some skills in any one of our main lines of business and then have an opportunity go out and to work. >> megan is a great example of someone who has transitioned due to the help of limited resources. today, she's studying healthcare administration at george mason university. >> i met a person from linden and he initiated contact with me and he kept pressing me to come and see him for help to find a job. and it was really good.
5:59 am
i was like ok! hook me up. >> if you know a veteran or someone else who has a disability and is having difficulty finding work, go to for more information about limited resources. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> bundle up as you head out. i'm mike hydeck. >> here's monika samtani. >> she'll have traffic. >> howard bernstein will tell us why we have to bundle up this morning. he has weather first. >> temps down in the teens. most of us in the 20s this morning. another very frosty morning out there. except for readville, northern neck still waiting for the first freeze of the year. that's about the only -- bay temperatures still in the low 40s. right on the bay. today we're looking at sunshine mixed in with high clouds. we'll be in the 30s at 9:00. mid-40s at noon. again at 5:00 with a high temperature of early to mid afternoon right around the 50 trying mark. a slight breeze out of the northwest. look how the clear skies are moved in


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