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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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leesburg and manassas. you factor in what it feels like, it's 14 outside. 12 in gaithersburg. 13 in manassas. 8 in hagerstown. and our friends in oakland, feels like it's 4 below in oakland. we'll come back and talk about how long this arctic air laveses and we have a couple snow flakes added to the seven- day. we'll explain that as well. >> first race of the 2012 presidential election takes place tonight. >> tonight, iowans will caucus to pick the republicans they want to challenge president barack obama in november. >> the candidates use the final hours to rally supporters and sway undecided votes. danielle nottingham is in des moines with the very latest. >> anita, time is winding down for candidates to make their case to iowa voters. with the race so tight, the gop field was out shaking hands and giving speeches, hoping for a last minute boost. >> front runner, mitt romney, kept his fire trained on president obama at his last rally before the caucuses.
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>> there's a bit of failed presidency. >> he is focused on taking back the white house for the gop. >> i'm hoping the undecided will take a look at who can beat barack obama. who will be effective on bringing our case to the american people. >> at a debate, ron paul fired up his supporters. >> ron paul has been the same. he's the same dude. he's preaching the same thing and that's really important. he has an ideal america that he sees. >> polls show paul and rick santorum are romney's biggest threat in iowa. >> you need to focus in on who is that candidate who has the vision for america. >> tonight, republicans across the state are meeting in schools, churches, and community centers. most will hear one last speech on each candidate before they cast their vote. rick perry rallied his volunteers, comparing the caucuses to war. >> this is going up a hill.
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the battle is worse. >> perry, michele bachmann, and gingrich flipped to the become of the pack. the former house speaker hammered romney today, calling him a liar. >> i thought he aught to be honest to the american people and try to win as the mitt romney. consultant guided version. >> all the candidates vowed to fight on, but there are usually casualties after this first test. >> michele bachmann and rick perry say they will travel to south carolina after tonight's caucuses to begin campaigning there instead of heading straight to new hampshire. in des moines, iowa, danielle nottingham, now back to you, anita. >> thank you. the caucuses begin tonight at 8:00 eastern time. the process takes about two hours. >> joining us now live from des moines, iowa, is cbs chief washington correspondent, bob shaefer who covered many of these iowa caucuses. and bob, nearly every republican candidate has been
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at the top of the polls at some point. what makes this year so different and why do you think just two hours ago there's still so many people unsure of who they will support tonight? >> well, because there's no really overwelming favorite, mitt romney has been at 20 to 25 percent through all of this. that means there's a large number of people that are not always excited about them. the candidates has gone up to the top and then gone right back down. newt gingrich was the most recent leader out here. but then the romney campaign, which has more money than anybody else, just loaded up the air waves with negative ads about him and he went down as fast as he had gone up. it really got testy out here this morning. you know, we had newt gingrich on the morning show this morning and he just said flat out that he thought mitt romney was a liar. you just don't hear that much, you know, that kind of an
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accusation in politics. but i think tonight the weather is good. i think they'll probably have a pretty good size turnout and i think that would probably favor again mitt romney. a lot of people said if we had a big snowstorm, that might help ron paul because his people are so committed. we had a late surge by rick santorum. i think he is going to finish toward the top. but more and more people out here are saying it will probably be mitt romney who will wind up winning, but not by very much. >> let's give this whole thing some perspective here. why is the iowa caucus so important to deciding elections in this country? >> you know, i think, lesli, it is important because it's first. somebody has to be first and so this is the place where you get the first real take on who the candidates are. you find out about them. you see how they are responding to questions. beyond that, i mean, i don't think it's not all that much of
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an indicator who is going to wind up with a nomination. other than incumbent presidents, we never had two republicans that won iowa and new hampshire. but it's just a good place to kind of see them roll out their campaigns and see where it goes from there. it is not a representative state. i mean, if you were going to go through the demographics of this. but i think when you come back to it, it's first and so that's what makes it important and that's why the people in iowa fight so hard to keep it first. >> i was going to ask you about predictions. but you think romney is out on who is going to drop out of the race after today? >> probably nobody, but i think this is -- i think some of them will go directly to south carolina, like rick perry, rick santorum is planning to campaign some in new hampshire. but romney is going to be an overwelming favorite down there. if he does win here and then
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also wins in new hampshire, i think he's going to be very difficult to beat after that. >> everybody is already looking forward to new hampshire next week. all right bob, thanks for that. we'll see more of you tonight for sure. >> all right, so how exactly does a caucus work? coming up at 5:30, we're going to walk you through the process and set up one right here in our newsroom. police in montgomery county released foe toes photos of a much unusual bandit. police warn look, don't let the smooth look fool you. he's a dangerous character and he is willing to do just about anything to get oxycontin. what we found out about this very strange robber today. scott. >> you take a look at the pictures of this guy and it looks like some kind of bad halloween costume, like a mummy or zombie. but police said this is no joke. >> montgomery county police
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released this video today of the bandage bandit heading into this cvs in montgomery village. his head completely covered and his arm in a sling, customers saw the pictures today said all might make sense for a pharmacy. >> maybe somebody had an accident and came out from the hospital. >> indeed the bandage bandit headed straight for the pharmacy counter where he passed a note threatening he has a gun and demanded drugs, according to police. >> he was looking for prescription medication. anyone implies they have a weapon seen or not is a threat. >> i think that's very scary and crazy. >> i think that's shocking and very clever and scary. >> but not the first criminal to think this up. in atlanta, this guy tried a similar get up to rob a wells fargo bank and in tampa, here's one who hit another bank. but montgomery county's bandage bandit wanted drugs and police are concerned he might try this
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again. they think under all the wrappings, he's a tall white man in his 20s wearing blue jeans and a blue sweatshirt and they do believe he has a gun. >> all right, so the bandaged bandit wants drugs, not money. this store here in montgomery village has also been hit twice since november by another bandit wheeling a shotgun. he was after money, not drugs. a lot of bad luck for this cvs store and the police want to put a stop to it. reporting live in montgomery village, 9news now. >> the big fear is that this story is not over. scott, we thank you. tonight, a new ad campaign in georgia targets childhood obesity. you think that would be a good thing, but it is getting fire and criticism from across the country. peggy fox was here to tell us why. what's the deal with this? >> you would think a campaign designed to teach parents to feed their children healthier food would be a good thing. in this case, it also shocks and embarrasses.
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>> an overweight boy sits on a folder chair fags his mother and asks -- >> mom? why am i fat? >> mom who is also overweight sighs. in another ad, an overweight ad talks about her obese daughter. >> i never thought what we eat made her sick. i always thought she was thick like her mama. >> the ad targets parents and ends with the line. stop sugar coating it, georgia. they are using blunt messages and billboards with images of overweight kids. it's hard to be a little girl if you're not one. >> nobody is paying attention to it. we thought it would take drastic measures. >> we couldn't find anyone who thought the ads were a good idea. >> i think that's very harsh and i think there has to be an alternative way to do it. >> director of the national center of weight and wellness says he is repulsed by the ads, which could be
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counterproductive. >> huge self-esteem issues, body image issues. all sorts of mental health issues that could occur from it. but at the core, with or without that, it's inhumane. it's wrong. >> dr. cohn says if the country wants to make a difference in curbing obesity, it needs to do the same thing we did with cigarette smoking. hit them in the pocketbooks. he says shame and blame campaigns never work. he says only a multifaceted approach with education, marketing, and price incentives will make the difference. >> but on the flip side of that, we have a health crisis in this country. in georgia, they have the second highest rate of childhood obesity. 40% of the kids there are overweight and the people who are writing this campaign say we need a wakeup call. 40% overweight. you talk about that and look at health issues like diabetes that are talked about, those are valid issues. we'll see if it works. maybe it will. >> there's a will the of
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divide. thanks peggy. back to you. >> coming up, the fully staffed mark center opened to workers for the first time today. we'll tell you whether those predictions of traffic nightmares came true. top. >> well, the winds are still howling. windchills in the teens. let me show you the temperatures. these are cold, too. we're talking 20s. 23 in gaithersburg and 27 in manassas. only 10 out in oakland. we'll come back and let you know when the arctic air leaves and if we don't see more snow showers tomorrow. >> the reserve deputy who captures the hollywood arsonist. that story is coming up.
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new york city police say a man has confessed to a string of attacks at this house, an islamic cultural center. the house in the video is used for min due hindu worship.
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he is in custody. no one was hurt in those attacks. in california, new details emerging about the suspect in that series of car arsons. >> as edward lawrence tells us, the deputy who caught him is being hailed a hero. >> arson suspect, harry burkett is behind bars. >> i'm happy that law enforcement gets to shine a little bit. >> areas of full-time attorney who makes $1 a year. he was on duty early monday morning when he spotted a minivan belonging to birkheart. >> i take a lot of pride in the city. i take a lot of pride in the department. >> he lives in this unassuming apartment building. it sits in the middle of where all the fires were set. the 24-year-old is suspected of starting more than 50 fires. there have been no reports of suspicious fires since he was arrested. police won't discuss a motive, but he was in a dispute over his mother's immigration
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status. an official involved in the woman's case was the one who recognized him on a surveillance tape. >> literally thousands of officials had information when they needed to have it and that's what led to this arrest. >> police believe he acted alone, but are still investigating. edward lawrence for cbs news, west hollywood. >> damage estimates now top $3 million. montgomery county executive is stopped by a safeway store today, but he wasn't there to shop. he was there to hand out several hundred free reusable bags to shoppers. the goal is to help county residents get used to the brand- new bag tax law. free reusable bags were also handed out in stores and germantown. a number of stores, giant, and root have donated reusable bags for distribution. most of the bags are going to low income residents. >> commuters in northern virginia had some extra company out on the roads this morning. the 6400 federal workers began moving into the brand-new mark
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center. right off 395 at seminary road. delia has a look at their first day of work. >> you wouldn't think michael humphries would say that considering the big smile on his face. >> i have to catch the bus from loudoun county to the pentagon and from the pentagon to here. it is consistently an hour and a half. >> but you have a smile on your face. can't be that bad. >> i'm happy to have a job. >> humphries is among the latest to move into the new mark center as part of the 2005 realignment program. >> there wasn't a nightmare this morning. >> some commuters were lucky, thinking many folks are yet to return from their holiday break. >> 20, 25 minutes at best. >> another main concern is that the massive high-rise is open for business years before any improvements to the roads can be made. including a ramp directly to seminary road from the hov
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lanes. that project won't be complete until 2016. congress put a 2,000 limit to the army's parking lot, forcing many to take shuttle buses until road improvements are complete. there is no metro access to the building. >> is there an up side? i'm wondering maybe you can read the newspaper on the way in. fun to think of a way to end this interview on a happy note. >> i organized all my e-mails. all my personal e-mail accounts. that kind of thing. >> can't beat that. >> in alexandria, 9news now. >> got to be a good side to everything. this building is expected to be at full capacity come next september. it's cold out there. that's all we got. not even an argument from the kids. put on the scarf. >> that's good. >> i went outside today on the way to work. car covered with snow. what the heck was going on? >> you know what else we saw? derek came in with that hat.
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>> he pulled that out? >> i bought a new one over the weekend. >> is it still as goofy looking? the flaps? >> yeah. >> you go with this hair style for a while. see if your hat situation stays the same. >> all right, we are looking at good news, bad news. the arctic air is here, but it goes out quickly. let's start with live doppler. a couple showers on the map. one just to the west of winchester on the west side of i-81. all of these are moving to the southeast. another one well up to the north of baltimore and another one just south of warrenton. as you go south of 66. so, just a couple snow showers left. these will give way to clear to partly skies overnight. temperatures, these are actual temperatures. 25 bethesda. 25 in arlington. 28 downtown. and we're looking at 23 in latensville and 25 in sterling. you factor in the wind, it feels like it's in the teens. 14 downtown and we're talking
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low teens in gaithersburg and manassas and leesburg. feels like it's 8 in hagerstown and 4 below zero in oakland. at least they had some snow. west of the divide, they had a lot of snow. winds diminish tonight. early flurries will be ending. colder tonight with temperatures because when the winds die down, temperatures are allowed to fall further south. still cold tomorrow. and really just chilly on thursday. in fact, temperatures on thursday, even a shade above average. early flurries tonight. and then partly cloudy and cold. lows 14 to 24 and winds becoming northwest at 10. but not until after midnight. winds are going to be a factor through the evening and early nighttime hours. 22 downtown. 17 in reston. 17 in fairfax. could be our coldest night so far. tomorrow morning, looking at partly cloudy skies, very cold. sunglasses. teens and 20s. good news is, winds light and the southwest, which is a milder direction. and by afternoon, partly cloudy, still cold. maybe a flurry.
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high temperatures around 35. winds southwest at 10 to 15. now the next seven days, really thursday is very nice. mid 40s no problem. milder on friday and saturday. we're back in the 50s. we talk about some showers saturday night. system looks more potent saturday into sunday. could see some rain, maybe ending snow on sunday. we'll keep you posted on that. and chilly on sunday and monday and back in the low 50s on tuesday. speaking of tuesday, it is tuesday and this is your best shot. very nice. this is from inwood at the sunrise in inwood, west virginia, taken december 30. and if you don't know where inwood is, it's south of martinsburg. and i tell you what, kim has been a loyal viewer for many years. you did everything right. there's a template of how things should be done. go to our website, click on our weather tab and then be sure to include your name, location, and a description. >> all right. with all the holiday spending
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sprees over, how much credit card debt do you have? coming up, we're going to take a look at the numbers and three easy fixes to get your financial house in order. but up next, don't look now, starbucks prices are going up again in d.c.
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everything costs more these days and starting soon, your trip to starbucks will, too. the seattle coffee chain is raising prices by 1% in the northeast and the sun belt. that means your tall coffee is going to go up by 10 cents. if you're a grande fan, your prices will stay the same. tough competition and the need to pay more for ingredients is behind those price hikes. the new year brings an opportunity to get your finances back on track. money experts say paying down your credit card debt is a good starting point in 2012. >> the day left you with a
5:25 pm
thin wallet, the average american card holder will carry $5400 in outstanding credit card debt this year. according to the u.s. census bureau. experts recommend you pay twice the amount of the monthly minimum payment. just a few extra bucks can help. >> if you only have enough money to pay even just $20 or $30 extra a month, that can make a huge dent over time. >> and with new year's resolutions like dieting and more exercise, too many drastic changes in your habits may make you frustrated. so offers three simple steps. first, keep tabs on your credit report. second, track all your spending to see how it fits into your debt payment plan. and third, look for balanced transfer offers if a card's interest rate is too high. >> what this means is you can transfer your large credit card debt that you have on a high interest card. you can transfer that to a new card that is offering a 0% apr
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for a certain amount of time. >> it will keep your interest payments low while you pay down your balance. >> also recommends that you compare those card offers when you consider a balance transfer. so here's the bottom line, make sure you are getting the best deal for your financial need and your credit score. still ahead, a murder mystery at the queens royal vacation estate. >> also ahead, we are now one step closer to finding out the local winner of this year's virginia lottery millionaire raffle. >> if your child attends a high school in the district, he or she may be able to take the sat and act before he or she graduates. and who picked up the tab? that answer is coming up. but first, what is a caucus? we'll take you into our newsroom caucus as our staff decides which they prefer. coffee, soda, milk, or water.
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it is caucus day in the state of iowa. it's a grass roots political event that can provide momentum to presidential candidates and perhaps catapult an unknown into the national spotlight. at 7:00 iowa time, that's 8:00 for us, registered voters all across the state of iowa will head out to their neighborhood gathering across the state to participate in those caucuses and our own andrea mccarren hosted our own caucus here in the newsroom. there wasn't any to elect a candidate, but shows how it works. >> caucuses are held at churches, schools, even living rooms. the focus is on the contested republican race. so to demonstrate just how a caucus works, just how the gop caucus might work, in fact, we held one of our own right here
5:30 pm
in the newsroom. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> all caucuses begin with a pledge of allegiance. and then representatives for each candidate get a few minutes to make their pitch to win the hearts and votes of caucus goers. so it's not to cross the journalistic line in politics, our voting is for beverages. manny santis represents the coffee candidate. hopes voters quench their thirst with soda. elizabeth is here to extol the virtues of milk and renee, the purity of water. >> we can have it cold. we can have it warm. it's for summer, winter, spring, and fall. >> soda tickles your throat. it makes you smile. >> you want someone who cares about your health work for you day and night. milk is your winner. [ applause ] >> i don't need extra water.
5:31 pm
i don't need cream if i don't want it. and i definitely don't need that sugar drink that rots my kids brains and has them bouncing around. >> i don't need coffee to make my breath stink. i don't need milk to give me gas. water, well let's face it, water is boring. >> milk gets yourself up in the morning by building consensus with wholesome cereal. not only does milk give you strong bones and teeth, it is the most stylish mustache for men and women. >> it will never let you down. water is always with you. a vote for water is a vote for spiritual cleansing that our country needs after the last four years that we've had. >> after the speeches, each of our caucus members is handed blank sheet of paper. to write down their beverage of choice. the votes are tallied. the winner announced and called
5:32 pm
in to the state party. the winner was milk with 17 votes. by the way, derek, we did speak with the soda candidate after her resounding defeat. she said she was not worried about this caucus. never anticipated doing well here and it is strictly focused on next week's new hampshire primary. >> i got to say, i'm with the anybody but milk caucus. that stuff is -- >> well, you are not with the winner on this one. but on a serious note, caucuses are the first step in a multistep process to elect delegates across the state who will ultimately attend the state's national republican convention. >> fascinating stuff. i think a will the of us wanted to know how it works. thank you andrea. back to you. >> it was a fun moment in the middle of the newsroom. thanks so much. every year about 43% of d.c. high school students actually graduate and so tonight, the chair of the d.c. council is set to introduce some new legislation that he hopes is going to address this problem.
5:33 pm
>> so what he's proposing is not without controversy. ahman doe trull joins us with a closer look. armando. >> what he is introducing is going to cost a little bit of money. but kwame brown says it's better to spend this money on creating opportunity for kids than putting them in jail. the proposed law would create a mandatory workshop that would teach students how to apply for post secondary institutions and get federal financial aid. for those provide relevant materials, the parents can help their kids go through that process. >> it's amazing how many young folks don't go because no one showed them how to fill out an application. >> the law would require every high school student to take the sat or act test before graduation. and that every high school student apply to at least one technical school, vocational school, college or university before graduation. >> we are going to do everything we can to ensure
5:34 pm
they have the option if they want to go to college. if they don't, then we'll do everything we can to get them ready for employment. >> manned noir nature of the college preparation act is not sitting well with some parents. >> it's a disadvantage because now you are dictating to us what our child should be. >> the money could be better spent. >> and as far as the money, mr. brown's office is still crunching the numbers, but they tell me they estimate that between 3500 and 4,000 students every year would be eligible and the cost for the act or sat test will be $50. they are looking at $200,000 for the expense of paying for those tests. they think that the actual application cost for schools or vocational schools will vary. they are looking at $100,000 to $200,000. that will come out. reporting live, i'm armando trull. back to you. >> we have more school news. it is moving day tomorrow for
5:35 pm
some montgomery county public school students. garrett park elementary and 7 loss elementary are moving back to their schools. tomorrow the county school superintendent along with ike and other local leaders will gather at garrett park elementary to celebrate the opening in montgomery county's public school system. we do have a winner. the local winner of the virginia lottery's new year's millionaire raffle has come forward, but his name has not been released yet. the ticket was bought at the 7- eleven. it was one of three million dollar top prizes and the owner says at first he didn't believe it. >> at first i thought somebody must be staying with me. calling me and playing a prank on me. then i found out it is true. somebody, one of the three million dollar raffles. >> congratulations and that store owner does say he knows who the person is and he added
5:36 pm
that the winner is what he calls a regular. a special presentation is planned at the 7-eleven. that will be on thursday. >> all right, well the new year got off to an unpleasant start for britain's royal family. coming up, police investigate a murder mystery at the queens estate. but up next, caught on tape, one dog looks on as a firefighter ventures out on to thin ice to save his friends. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a golden retriever pulled from a frozen lake. it happened yesterday in colorado springs. a woman who was out walking her dog says two golden retrievers were chasing the birds on the ice when one of them jumped right into the freezing water. when she realized the dog
5:39 pm
couldn't get out, she called for help. firefighters used ropes and a ladder to get to that golden retriever. it took 20 to 30 minutes, but eventually they were able to pull the dog to safety. my heart just leapt with joy. i was pretty scared. i was pretty worried about that poor dog. it was a beautiful ending to a heroing story. heroing event. >> well said. boo and another dog got out of their backyard and happy to have them both back in that really cold temperature. >> boo is her boo. a seven-year-old girl is talking about how she survived a vicious attack by a wild kangaroo on new year's day. >> you don't think of kangaroo's being dangerous, but they were on vacation in australia and she was playing near a pack of kangaroos. one of them decided to go for her. the animal pinned her to the ground and began violently
5:40 pm
kicking and scratching her. >> very, very scared. i thought i was going to die. >> as i upped out to get rid of the kangaroo, she was laying face down on the ground. her shirt was ripped and her back was cut. i thought the worst. >> honestly, i thought she was dead. she didn't make any noise. she didn't scream for help. >> oh my goodness. my kayla's step dad fought that kangaroo off and her parents rushed her to the hospital. she was treated for lacerations. >> let this be a lesson what goes up does not always come down. a 66-year-old parachuter was left out on a limb in maine. police say the man was hanging more than 60 feet above the ground before being rescued. crews had to drop the power lines and the tree to get the parachute out, but other than just a few bumps or bruises, that parachuter in a glider was
5:41 pm
okay. top. >> lucky indeed. winds still howling. we'll show you the temperatures. i mean straight temperatures still in the 20s. we'll come back. we'll tell you what that translates into. we'll explain that as well. >> also ahead, murder at the queens estate. british authorities investigate the death of a woman at the same place where the royal family celebrated the new year. >> but up next, local connection of a murdered mt. rainier park ranger, friends of margaret anderson reflecting after her tragic death.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
9news now has learned the ranger killed in mt. rainier national park has deep ties to the d.c. area. >> they worked in virginia for several years and matt jablow reports, those whose lives she deeply touched are very much struggling with her tragic death. >> search for some kind of
5:45 pm
meaning. >> inside the 200-year-old 00- year-old sanctuary. >> it's a close congregation. >> the pastor was remembering a former con grow congregant. >> taken far too soon. >> her name was margaret anderson and we were devastated. >> she was shot to death yesterday, allegedly by this man. 24-year-old benjamin barnes. a suspect in the previous quadruple shooting. >> a body has been spotted from the air. >> national park service says barnes died of hypothermia. >> he was not equipped to make it a night or two in the winter conditions. >> his body found earlier today face down in a creek about a mile and half from the spot where he allegedly killed margaret anderson. >> there's nothing she could have done. that guy had high powered weapons. no one was going to win that
5:46 pm
gunfight. >> a national park ranger moved to the state of washington in 2008. after several years in virginia. >> margaret had been assigned to harper's ferry. >> she loved her work. very much. >> loved her life. and will be profoundly missed. >> you expect life to be better. and when it's not, it's painful. >> in addition to her husband, margaret anderson leaves behind her two daughters, ages 3 and 1. matt jablow, 9news now. >> the shooting in mt. rainier prompted park rangers to hold more than 100 people at the visitor center before evacuating them in the middle of the night for their safety. anita. >> van der sloot is set to stand trial on monday. he confessed to killing stephanie flores. he met the 21-year-old student at a poker tournament, but insists it was a crime of
5:47 pm
passion. van der sloot killed flores in an argument after she found material about natalie holloway on his laptop. holloway is the alabama teenager who vanished on a graduation trip to aruba in 2005. van der sloot was questioned in her disappearance, but never charged. police are now calling the discovery of a body on queen elizabeth vacation estate a murder. an autopsy is now being done on that woman. a citizen found her body on the estate where the royal family sent part of their holiday season. investigators believe the body had been there for some time now. they are checking to see if any missing persons reports around the country could be connected. >> a plane skidded off a runway and got stuck. from st. petersburg, florida, had 150 on board, a spokesperson says the plane went into the grass after it landed, possibly after taking a turn that was just a little too wide. nobody hurt. passengers did have to be bussed to the terminal. >> my buddy -- i think we're
5:48 pm
in the mud. >> explain to us what was going on. how soon it would be. they are doing everything. the captain came back and talked to us. they were absolutely fabulous. >> lifting and stuck, never words you want to hear. they were waiting, they were stranded. they were offered refunds for the night. >> miserable. >> at least they are safe. >> yes. >> good point. >> winds die down tonight. it is still cold tomorrow, but we're looking at 50s by friday. >> short lived. >> short and sweet. let's not go crazy. i have seen abazillion robins in my yard. >> they aren't feeling winter. >> let's take you to kalamazoo, michigan. these folks are feeling winter. they had good snow. they were part of the lake effect snow. anywhere from 6 to 8 inches
5:49 pm
fell. plenty cold up there to cause problems with the roads. and slowing folks down. it is awfully pretty, isn't it? i don't know. maybe that's just me. look at live doppler 9,000. you can access this on our website. also a meteor shower tonight and if you follow me on twitter, i sent you links for information and also a live camera. little bit of a snow shower south of winchester. inbetween winchester and front royal and tracking this one, which is south of warrenton, headed towards fredericksburg. a couple snow showers through the evening hours and they will dry up. look at the windchill. it's 14 downtown and also in gaithersburg. 13 in manassas. so, we talked about this yesterday. when you go out, these are the temperatures you need to dress for in the teens. all right, winds diminish tonight. that's good. early flurries ending. colder tonight temperature wise. still cold on wednesday. but just chilly on thursday. in fact, thursday looks nice with temperatures back into the 40s. tonight, early flurries
5:50 pm
possible and partly cloudy, very cold. 14 to 24. winds will become northwest at 10 after midnight. even inside the beltway, some areas in the upper teens, college park, 18 or so. rockville 17. 21 in arlington. 22 downtown. and plenty of teens in reston, fairfax, probably 16 or 17. now tomorrow morning, we're looking at partly cloudy skies, very cold. grab a coat and sunglasses. teens and 20s to start. thankfully winds southwest at 10. and then by afternoon, partly cloudy, still cold. maybe a flurry or snow shower. high it happens around 35. winds pick up southwest 10 to 15. that's milder wind. next seven days, we're in the 40s on thursday. that's a good deal. look at that, 50s on friday and saturday. we are still watching a system that will try to develop to the south of us. maybe bring us light rain or showers. could end as snow on saturday. 40 on sunday and monday and back in the low os on tuesday. so it will not stay cold for very long, which won't bother
5:51 pm
you all. >> we get a lot from a little. >> okay. >> now, 9sports with kristen burset. the best sports in town. >> the redskins season has come and gone. they fin issued a measly 5-11. now that the park is empty, it's time to start looking forward to next season. and fixing some of those holes. joining me now to discuss what they should do in the draft in going forward is our redskins insider. david, another rough year for the redskins. we want to start with the first obvious issue. quarterback. rex grossman a free agent. what do they do with him? >> he wants to start. he's going to find out he's not a starter. he's going to come back here and be a backup. >> if he comes back as a backup, they have free agency. we talked about matt flynn, back up to aaron rogers and looking ahead to the draft. you have robert griffin, what move do you think they should
5:52 pm
make? >> move up to get rg3. maybe they make a run at him and if they sign him, it doesn't procollude from getting rj3. cleveland is picking ahead of them. the browns, they have a stronger package than the redskins. we'll see how much they are willing to give up. >> obviously, what happens in the draft will be predicted by if they get matt flynn, if they don't then obviously i would think a quarterback would be a top choice. >> big time. >> all right, now with the 5- 11 record, mike shanahan has one more loss than jim zorn. this is his worst record as a head coach. we haven't heard a lot about mike shanahan. do you see him staig around? >> for sure. i have never wanted to defend dan schneider, but he hasn't fired many coaches later. he fired jim zorn. spurriers, he resigned. it's been a while since he made a lot of coaching changes.
5:53 pm
he's not as crazy as he used to be. what could happen is mike shanahan could have a new quarterback, i need to come back for year four. mike shanahan is here in 2014, bank on it. >> and the redskins free agents. the most important one. we both agree is london fletcher. why is he so important? >> he is the inspirational leader. he runs that defense. he is 36 years old and he has all the leverage in contract negotiations. i wish we were all that lucky. >> and le'ron landry. >> most physical player on defense. he has been hurt the last two years. he wants big money. they don't want to give him big money. they may need to compromise on a one-year deal. and fred davis had a great year and got suspended for drug tests. he comes back. the contract has to be written. he doesn't get paid. so it's a real deal with him, but he's going to have interest around the league, because he has been healthy. >> they have free agent moves of their own.
5:54 pm
thanks so much, he's our redskins insider. back to you in the studio. >> well the seconds continue to tick away until the start of the iowa caucuses. joins us from the hawkeye state. plus a few predictions. and popular iphone app from the store because of bullies. i'm lindsey mastis in germantown, that story is coming up. but first, trying to lose some pounds after the holidays? a look at the good and bad that protein plays in your diet. a health alert next. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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any of us made new year's resolutions to take off some of the excess pounds we accumulated, or maybe over the holiday. tonight there's a reminder if you try high protein, low fat, or other diet plans, calories are what really count. a study in the journal of the american medical association followed three groups of high protein, average, and low protein plan. the low protein group lost lean body mass even as they added pounds. >> your protein intake is low, you'll lose body mass, even though you are eating an excess amount of calories. >> the doctor says calories are the most important weight loss barometer and adding extra protein won't help you avoid
5:58 pm
weight gain as some people believe. it is an important part of the diet. here's a connection many parents wouldn't make. diabetes and sleep problems? new research from the university of arizona on kids with type 1 diabetes finds those with sleep disturbances have higher blood sugar levels. they also tend to have more trouble in school. the scientists say addressing the sleep apnia helped them control their disease and doctors should be asking patients with diabetes how well do you sleep at night? finally tonight, there's an on going debate about whether women need thyroid testing when they get pregnant. only a quarter of pregnant women get these blood tests, and 15% of them come back as having an under active thyroid gland. the concern s an under active thyroid can increase a woman's risk of a miscarriage. this is 9news now. >> it was a bitterly cold and
5:59 pm
surprisingly snowy welcome back to work for many people in the d.c. area today. temperatures never got out of the 30s. and the coldest air has yet to come. all right top, how low can we go tonight? >> it's going to be colder tonight than it was last night. the winds will diminish. let's start with the radar. still a couple snow showers and snow flurries around. coming down 270 and essentially they are moving from northwest to southeast. we are still looking at a couple snow showers or flurries possible for the next few hours. that too will eventually dispate. we'll look at the wind. still strong. 25-mile per hour wind gust downtown. 23-mile per hour wind gusts up in frederick. the good news is, they will die down after midnight. you factor in the winds and the temperatures feels like it's 14 outside. feels like it's 11 in gaithersburg, 12 in leesburg. feels like it's 20 in fredericksburg. we will come back and talk about when the arct


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