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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is monday,january 9, 2012. welcome to the debut of "cbs this morning." here in studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. just one day to the new hampshire primary, we've got a brand new cbs poll this morning and we'll talk with newt gingrich. >> i'm gayle king. the white house fires back an explosive new book that pulls back the curtain on the first couple. plus, when i see you at 8:00, julianna margulies from the good wife will be here and guess who is turning the big 3-0? we'll going to london to celebrate the queen to be's milestone. i'm erin hill. stem cells, snake oil.
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scott pelley will be onset with his investigation. >> first, every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. captioning funded by cbs we're going to win this thing down the road. >> the republican field makes a final push. >> mitt romney had a difficult debate. >> if his record was so great as governor, kr didn't he run again. >> can we drop the pious baloney. >> more than half the voters have yet to settle on a favorite. >> here is your underdog. >> i'm a dangerous person and i admit it. >> with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> january 8, 2011 shall a gunman opened fire. a year after the tragedy in tucson, gabby giffords leads a vigil to remember those lost. >> those of us who survived were forever changed by that moment. >> sentenced to death and an
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iranian man charged. >> when someone tries do it, they have 60 minutes visit them. >> the obama is a tell-all. >> explores tense personal relationships among the first lady, the president, key white house advisers. >> words i think the first lady and her staff work very well with the west wing. >> celebrating her 30th birthday today. >> fans have been waiting for months for this. the superstar gave birth to a little girl. >> some incredible video out of after at that. a tourist went bungee jumping but the cord didn't work. >> on "cbs this morning." >> got him at the 40. it's thomas at the 50. to the 30, to the 20. thomas to the 10. going on. >> welcome to the first of what we hope will be many mornings
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here in our brand new studio. studio 57. joined every morning with erica hill. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. we begin where it's primary eve. mitt romney still has a double digit lead in the polls there. he leads all republican candidates nationwide in a cbs news poll just released this morning. 19% of gop primary voters support romney. he's ahead of newt gingrich, rick santorum and ron paul. santorum gained 11 points in the past month. >> the poll also shows about half of republican voters say romney has the best chance to beat president obama in november. at back-to-back debates over the weekend, all the candidates made final pitches to new hampshire voters. jan crawford is in nashua, new hampshire watching the back and forth on the trail and they're keeping you busy, jan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica, good morning charlie. it's about 24 hours now before voters start going to the polls. the clock is ticking.
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the candidates are making a last dash across the state. we're here for an event later this morning with mitt romney, but after the punches he took yesterday, he may be feeling beat up. emboldened by a bruising debate. >> i have some stuff on my sleeve after mitt romney. >> the candidates and their supporters went directly to the voters. they continued to hammer the front-runner with the page from a democratic playbook, blasting romney as a rich and ruthless businessman. >> those of us who believe in free markets find it hard to justify rich people finding out clever ways to leave 1700 families without a job. >> romney says he created jobs and understood what it is like to worry about losing one. unlike president obama who romney said never had one in the private sector. >> i know what it's like to worry about whether you're going to get fired. there were a couple time i
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wondered that. >> his challengers hit him hard raising questions about whether he could beat the president. >> could we drop the pious baloney. >> why didn't you run for reelection. >> romney deflected most of the blows. >> we've got to nominate a leader to replace someone who is not a leader. >> but his support slipped. since friday, he's down five points to 35%. followed by ron paul who also took some hits in the debate. >> sometimes the more vicious they are, the easier it is to dismiss them. i think i just mentioned it a short while ago that one of the ones that are supposed to tear me apart is that i'm a dangerous person. i admit it. >> the other candidates are slugging it out to be the romney alternative. one former front-runner already has packed up and left town. rick perry. at the bottom of polls in new hampshire, promised to fight in the next battleground, south carolina. >> i've never quit a day in my life. i have never quit in the face of
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adversity. i'm not about to quit on the future of america. >> now, rick perry may not be coming back here to new hampshire. almost anything else could happen. new hampshire voters are unpredictable and independent. if you need prove of that, ask president obama. on the eve of the 2008 democratic primary, he led by 13 points. he lost to hillary clinton. >> after winning in iowa. let's begin with the big question, which is if there had been some benefit from the attack on romney in the debates, can the super p.a.c. money do further damage? >> well, absolutely. newt gingrich is going to try his super p.a.c. -- the one that's supporting him is out with a new ad. it's devastating. it looks like an ad you would expect from barack obama, not a republican. accuses mitt romney of being a corporate raider. it interviews voters, i mean employees who say they lost their jobs because of mitt romney. it's devastating. it could have an effect. the boston herald headline says
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newt goes nuclear. attacks on romney could cost gop election. >> thank you, jan. >> we just heard newt gingrich accusing mitt romney of pious baloney last week. he called romney a liar. the former house speaker is in concord new hampshire. good morning, mr. speaker. thank you for joining us on our debut program. >> good morning, charlie. great to be with you. i know you're going to do a tremendous job. >> let me begin with what your super p.a.c. says it's going to do in south carolina. $3.4 million buy. what do you hope it accomplishes for you and your campaign? >> it all but communicates the difference clearly between a reagan conservative who has had a strong consistent conservatism going back to the 1960s and in massachusetts moderate who was an independent in the '80s who -- voted for paul song us, the most liberal democrat in 1992 when i was working for
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president george h.w. bush. ran to the left of teddy kennedy in 1994 and called himself a moderate in his campaign for governor a couple of years ago. there's a huge gap between where mitt romney is and where i am. i think that's what we hope to communicate clearly in south carolina. >> does that suggest you have got to gain momentum by tearing down mitt romney? >> well, it means i have to draw a sharp contrast. he is millions of dollars of negative and sometimes very false ads in iowa to stop the momentum. when we had a purely ideas oriented campaign, almost a charlie rose-style campaign, i was ahead by a very, very substantial margin. based on good ideas, people were beginning to coalesce and say newt gingrich would have better ways of solving jobs, creating jobs and getting economic growth and back to a balanced budget. we went through a period of enormous number of negative ads, many of them false. we had to find a way to balance that out. i any a straight, honest
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contrast campaign does that best. he raised taxes. i fought to lower them. it would be a simple example. i believe in the second amendment rights. he raised taxes on guns. there are a number of things we can draw a sharp distinction. that's all it is is a distinction on pom sis. >> pious baloney and those accusations. let me go to new hampshire. how will you do there? will you come out ahead of senator santorum? will you be in third place is. >> i hope in that zone. he focused just as rick santorum focused overwhelmingly on iowa, governor huntsman focused on new hampshire overwhelmingly. i've been building steadily a national campaign. we have county chairmen in every single county in florida, organized in south carolina in every county. we're prepared to go on and campaign across the whole country. i think i'll do well enough here tuesday night that in south carolina on wednesday morning, it will be very clear that the
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game is on between a reagan conservative and a massachusetts moderate. i think as a georgia conservative, south carolina will be a hospitable state. >> mr. speaker being thank you for joining us. all of us in the political community mourn the passing of tony blakely. >> thank you for saying that, charlie. he was a wonderful man. >> speaker gingrich in new hampshire. thank you. you saw rick santorum make a big move in the cbs news poll. when we asked republicans which candidate best represents their values. an sorm came out on top ahead of mitt romney. >> let's bring in correspond bent, bob schieffer. >> good morning charlie. >> tell me what impact this might have on the primary tomorrow? >> well, you know, i think right now mitt romney is going to win. in every poll that we have here
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suggests that he's going to win and win big. if he doesn't win in new hampshire by a good margin, which is the neighboring state to the state where he was governor, i would expect his campaign would be in big, big trouble. but a bunch of us were talking last night and this was early in the evening not toward the end of the evening when everybody gets really, really smart. >> exactly. that's what i want to know. we were talking and the question everybody had was when will conservative voters begin to coalesce around one candidate? until they do that, i think romney is going to stay head of the pack. he stays at about 20, 21%. look at the poll is that we have out this morning across the country. doesn't go up, doesn't go down. the others come and go as it were. but until they coalesce around one person, i think mitt romney is going to be in pretty good
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shape. right now, i'm not sure they will coalesce around one person. i don't see ron paul's people getting behind rick santorum. i don't see santorum's people getting behind ron paul. i think right now rom ney is in pretty good shape and elwin by a pretty good margin. >> is it your guess their coalescing behind one candidate maybe too late because romney will take him through florida? >> i guess what i'm thinking and i may be a minority in thinking this, i'm not sure it's possible for them to coalesce around one particular candidate. i just don't see that. what i'm thinking and what i'm hearing here is that we may actually see one of these candidates mount a third party effort before it's over. ron paul perhaps. some people were saying, i think -- that jon huntsman might run a third-party campaign. but if romney continues to hold steady, there's a large part of
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the republican party doesn't like him very much. but i think he's going to head toward the nomination coming out of here. >> thank you very much, bob. >> you bet. breaking news out of iran. an american was sentenced to death in a spying case. 28-year-old man a former u.s. marine was convicted of working for the cia. his family says he was visiting his grandmothers in iran when he was arrested last year. the they've demanded his release. turning now to arizona where a lot has happened in the year since a gunman opened fire on a line of people in tucson. 19 people were shot that morning, six died. at the center of it all was krog woman gabrielle giffords. she attended a ceremony to remember and reflect. here's ben tracy. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the -- >> in tucson sunday night,
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gabrielle giffords did what nobody would have thought possible a year ago. >> with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> giffords remarkable recovery was on full display. she will soon need to make a decision about her political future. >> her husband mark kelly says she will decide if she will seek reelection this fall well before the may 30th deadline. >> what does your gut tell you about whether today she would run or not? >> some daisy think she could do the job today. other days, i see she gets a little tired and she's really focused on her therapy. >> giffords staff says she has full comprehension even holding a weekly video conference with her washington office. if giffords had -- shocking congress by showing up to vote to raise the debt limit in august. >> there's been really only a handful of complaints that the congresswoman is not in office or not there anymore to be voting on the floor. she's working hard to recover. >> meanwhile, her fellow
7:15 am
democrats have raised nearly $1 million to stock her campaign war chest. >> would you want to run against her? >> it's difficult to run a campaign against her. >> i want to get back to work. representing arizona is my honor. >> kelly says her ability to communicate will determine if she runs. >> she's going to have to see if she can get to a point where she feels comfortable, that she's doing the job well enough. >> there's also speculation that mark kelly might run for her seat in november although he's dismissed that publicly. ben tracy, cbs news, tucson. now, let's take a look at a new book about president and mrs. obama causing a stir in washington. it reveals a reported rift between the first lady and some of the president's most senior advisers. we're pleased to have nora o'donnell obtain a copy and she has been talking with officials about it. we're pleased to have her here.
7:16 am
good morning. >> good morning. this is a pretty nice set. pretty fancy digs. congratulations to both of you. this is a big book that's just come out. i can tell you, there was a lot of disagreement in the white house about whether necessity should cooperate with this book. while some did speak to the author, the obama themselves did not grant an interview fearing it would end up in a gossipy details that might help sell books but not help their image. >> the most provocative passage of the obamas describes a white house staff meeting where former press secretary robert gibbs cursed the first lady. he was challenged over the handling of the fallout from a remark mrs. obama allegedly made to french first lady carla bruney that life in the white house was hell. former director was in the room when gibbs erupt. >> given what the white house faced and the close advisers to the president, it's no surprise that there were heated moments. >> the book reported over nearly
7:17 am
two years in the result of interviews with 33 white house staffers provides a more detailed picture of mrs. obama than previously known. we learned she clashed with her husband's top advisers, including former chiefs of staff rahm emanuel. she felt they were too insular and not strategic enough. at a press conference sunday emanuel denied any rift between him and the first lady. >> i have a great relationship with the president and the first lady. >> mrs. obama was also, very frustrated that so much of the strategy was president-driven. there was no consideration of how she fit into the broad obama narrative. >> every day is a tense working environment. you can have great cord at. it doesn't mean people have exchanges and words. >> then there were the unique pressures of being the nation's first african-american first lady. "because everyone was waiting for a black woman to make a
7:18 am
mistake." in an extremely candid moment in a speech in november, mrs. obama admitted it isn't always easy being first lady. >> this is scary. shoot, being married to barack obama, he's always pushing us beyond our comfort zone. i'm dragging along going what are we doing now? >> what do we learn about the very bright woman and her influence on policy and politics? >> she has shunned politics. but she has a great influence on policy. she was involved in the healthcare reform debate. the lily led better act meaning more equal pay for women. she's fiercely protective of her husband. a lot of first ladies have been controversial. she she is her role as mom in chief. she's his closest adviser. >> nora x thanks. we'll hear more from you in the 8:00 hour. also a programming note for you. first lady michelle obama will be our guest this wednesday only here on "cbs this morning."
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it is
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you may have seen the 60 minutes investigation into stem cell fraud. scott pelley is here with new details on how the heartbreaking scheme was uncovered. also, what do you get a future queen for her 30th birthday? we'll take you live to london to check in on kate middleton as she celebrates that major milestone. >> this from american royalty. beyonce and jay-z are feeling a little blue. the latest on their new baby as we bring you this morning's headlines. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> hi, i'm snuggle. look, i get towels fluffy... blankets cuddly...
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time to show some of the headlines from around the globe. >> we start off with an attention grabber from usa today. tsa finds more guns at airports. agents found more than 1200 guns at checkpoints last year. an average of nearly four per day. in the new york times this morning, just the ticket. the secretary of state hillary clinton should replace vice president joe biden as president obama's running mate. keller argues it's time to take the idea seriously. from london. british airways jet makes an emergency landing at heathrow. both pilots nearly passed out in flight. they had to put on oxygen masks before landing the plane. the detroit press reports on beyonce and jay-z's daughter.
7:26 am
it's a huge twitter copy. their twitter friends have been tweeting.
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people preyed upon by -- people who have a special child don't need any more expense, don't need any more heartache and don't need any more false promises. >> that is "60 minutes" exposing a stem cell racket last night. one man selling unproven treatments to families. desperate to find a cure for cerebral palsy. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> it turns out there is a huge illicit stem cell industry online making all kinds of claims about curing diseases, like autism and multiple sclerosis. scott pelley is here with us this morning with more on that. scott, nice to have you in the studio on day one. >> great to be here on day one.
7:31 am
congratulations. >> take a look at this investigation. how widespread, how many people have been abused by this fraud. >> charlie, and erica, this is a monstrous thing that we began investigating at "60 minutes" a couple of years ago. if someone gets a diagnosis, a terminal diagnosis, what do they do? they go home, go online, look up their disease. what do they find? hundreds of very sophisticated websites promising stem cell cures for their disease. every kind of cancer, alzheimer's disease, als, all these terrible diseases that there are no cures for. so we have been working for a couple of years on stories about these, what we call stem cell sharyl tons. one came to florida a few months ago to treat a young man named adam suser. that was the susers that you saw at the beginning of the segment. they worked with us on this investigation. adam has cerebral palsy, he's 11
7:32 am
years old. this doctor named gary he can lund agreed to treat him with an unproven stem cell therapy. here's a piece of what we showed last night on "60 minutes." >> doctor, i'm scott pelley with "60 minutes." >> oh, great. >> how are you today? >> i am fine. >> we have been working with the sussers on a story. i want you to know we're being recorded. i want to ask you about the treatment you propose for adam. what would that be? >> the treatment that he asked about was for stem cells. human stem cells. >> you think they're applicable for cerebral palsy? >> yes. i have seen them be effective in cases of cerebral palsy. >> how does that work exactly? >> well, stem cells contain --
7:33 am
excuse me. no one knows exactly, okay? but stem cells do contain and give off chemicals which cause other cells to repair themselves. >> in the letter that you sent the family, you described possible effects for adam, which could include improved ability to see, improved ability to speak, improved ability to move arms and legs. you believe those things are possible? >> i do. >> what is your training in stem cells? >> my training in stem cells is i studied for about six years in the literature. i started producing stem cells in my lab. >> you're self-educated, self-taught? >> uh-huh. >> what's amazing about this for me is why do they think they can
7:34 am
get away with it, number one? and secondly, what can be done about it? >> most of these places and dr.eck luns lab is off shore. it's illegal to import stem cells into the united states under the circumstances. it's illegal to make claims about a therapy that there is no evidence to support. it's illegal to transplant these stem cells under these circumstances in the united states. so the fda is really just beginning to wake up to this and two of the stem cell people we showed on "60 minutes" were arrested last week and charged with fraud. the grand jury said they made $1.5 million selling fraudulent stem cell therapies. >> the fact that there is fraud does not suggest, this is a question, that the possibility of stem cell having a huge impact on medicine is not a worthy objective to pursue? >> absolutely.
7:35 am
and billions of dollars are being spent around the world doing legitimate research into this area. one of the top scientists in the world on this told us she absolutely believed that there would be stem cell cures for many diseases, but they're probably about ten years away she said. the kinds of claims that are made on the internet today are just completely unfounded at this point. >> you laid out at least three places where what was happening with dr. ek und appears to be highly illegal. any charges he could face or he may already be facing? >> this went on the air last night. we'll see what happens with the food and drug administration and the federal authorities. the two that we exposed a couple of years ago on "60 minutes" have only been arrested in just the last week. >> takes a little while. >> scott, thank you very much. after scott leaves us, he'll be heading to new hampshire and covering that story tonight on the cbs evening news. college football will crown
7:36 am
a champion tonight. but for those left on the sidelines, they say the system is broken and needs desperately to be fixed. we'll see why even congress at this point is frustrated. speaking of the best, the good wife star, julianna margulies stops by studio 57 a little later. you're watching "cbs this morning." we're really excited about getting back to a healthy routine. thrilled. wait. we can have shakes? and boston cream pie. did you say pie? pie. she said pie. pie. [ male announcer ] get back on track with low prices on everything you need. backed by our ad match guarantee. walmart.
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broncos have been in three overtime games this yee. three to the 30, to the 20, thomas to the 10. they're going on to newening lapped. they win it in overtime. unbelievable. love the stiff arm. tim tebow and the broncos with a spectacular overtime win over the steelers in sunday's wildcard game. tonight in college football, lsu plays alabama for the national championship in new orleans. since 1998 college football has used the bcs to decide who plays for the title.
7:41 am
critics say the system is broken and leaves some of the best teams out. correspondent army ka dayian has the story. >> the streets of new orleans are in full swing. for a showdown between two schools rich in football tradition and talent. >> georgia ticket in there. >> an invitation only party that tony and ann marie thomas as diehard boise state fans as you're likely to find. >> we'll take it to our deathbed, that's for sure. >> in the last six seasons, their beloved broncos have won the highest winning percentage only to be repeatedly snubbed by the biggest and most lucrative bowl games, like last week's sugar bowl. >> executives from the sugar bowl say, they said well, you know, michigan and virginia tech, they bring the fans, they
7:42 am
travel. and they have tradition. you know what, we have tradition too. >> the source of so much frustration, a complex ranking system known as the bcs. short for bowl championship series. designed to deliver what executives call a five-game showcase highlighted by a national championship game. >> according to, i think, six at halftime. >> austin murphy covered college football for sports illustrated for more than 20 years. >> the great lie of the sports universe is the bcs slogan, every game counts. boise state goes 11-1 this year and they end up in a mediocre bowl. tell the broncos that every game counties. >> in fact since the creation in 1998, just four schools outside the top bcs conferences have played in the richest bcs games. featuring conference payouts in excess of $28 million this year. never for a national championship. >> an economic cartel.
7:43 am
>> last month congressman joe barton announced a caucus that will examine the bcs. >> the bcs has never worked. the reason it hasn't is because it wasn't designed to put the best teams in the championship game. it's designed to maximize revenue for the big bowls that run the bcs. >> the justice department is now looking into the bcs for possible anti-trust violations. >> the matchup in this year owes rose bowl. >> so far, those who oversee the bcs, top coaches and college commissioners resisted a growing call for a playoff, telling us it is impossible to create any arrangement for post-season college sports, be it the bcs or the old bowl system. >> they don't seem to care we can get a bigger pie or their slice of the pie would be generous. he they don't want to give up the knife. >> this is kellen's white jersey. >> for fans like tony and ann
7:44 am
marie thomas. >> shoes to go with it? >> all dressed up with really mo where to go. >> it's unjust. not american. it's makes us sick. >> all we want is a chance. >> good piece. >> this is not a new story but it seems even the president is on board. >> there's new momentum. down in the bcs in new orleans, there's talk of what's called a plus one playoff, two teams playing for the national championship. more momentum, charlie, i think for a four-team playoff. whatever happens, unless the justice department or congress gets involved, it will remain in hands and the control of the big bowls and those big-time conferences. >> are they likely to get involved? >> well, you know, i don't know right now. congress obviously has a lot on its plate. i think what's really going to happen and what's really interesting is a lot of the teams on the outside are now on the inside. boise state, smu, houston, central florida, even san diego state have gone to the big east. the reason they've gone to the big east is they have an
7:45 am
automatic qualifier to the bcs bowl games. if you can't beat them, you got to join them these days. >> i look forward to lsu and alabama. >> it's going to be a great this is a very important moment for britain's future queen. kate middleton turns 30 today. we'll show you how they're celebrating as we go live to london. a quiet flu season so far
7:46 am
president don't let your guard down, though. it could get worse. we'll tell you why. that's coming up in healthwatch. stay with us. you're watching "cbs this morning." when you need money, you shouldn't just get it fast, you should also get it for free. that's why at h&r block... you could get money that's both fast and free on an emerald card. just bring in your tax information and get a refund anticipation check... in 7-14 days, for up to $9,999. you pay nothing out of pocket. hurry. this offer ends february 4th. why pay for fast money when you can get it for free? call 1-800 to make an appointment. h&r block. never settle for less. it's real milk full of calcium and vitamin d. and tastes simply delicious. for those of us with lactose intolerance...
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if a bungee jump is on your bucket list, watch this video very carefully. watching an australian woman fall 364 feet and then the bungee cord snaps. she was jumping off of victoria falls bridge in southern africa. miraculously, she survived the fall and avoided the crocodiles in the river below. somehow got to safety. her feet were still tied together by the way. she ended up with a broken collarbo collarbone. at one point the rocks were caught in the river. had to go down to free the rope to make her way to the side. >> but no confrontation with a crocodile? >> didn't meet the crocodile, so there you go. a controversial new book claims michelle obama has been fighting with some of her husband's closest advisers. we'll hear what the obama administration is saying. also, here's a look at what's coming up this week on "cbs this morning." tomorrow mark wahlberg, on wednesday, we'll speak with first lady, michelle obama and
7:51 am
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7:55 am
i'm pleased to say that gayle king has a look at what's coming up in our next hour. gayle? >> thank you, charlie. did you see the good wife last night? fans of the show didn't see that twist coming. julianna margulies is here. jay-z and bee i don't know are thinking pink. they went in a totally different direction on her name. she's a breast cancer survivor, but that's not why she's here. melissa ethridge wanted to be here for our first day. are you excited as i am? >> completely. i love the energy. it feels great. >> i was up at:31. erica? we're looking forward to that, gayle. thanks. for a behind the scenes look at the new studio 57 home.
7:56 am
log on to cbs"cbs th
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's a big day for kate and prince william. she's turning 30. we'll see how she plans to celebrate. maybe a free scoop of ice cream at baskin and rob ins. okay. that's one way to go. we'll talk about how well she's playing her royal role so far. it's 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. >> welcome to you. i'm charlie rosa long with erica hill. we begin this hour with that explosive new book, the obamas reporting friction between the first lady and white house officials. bill plant is with us. bill? >> reporter: good morning. >> what's the white house reaction? >> they're pushing back aggressively. they're saying the book is
8:01 am
wildly overdramatized. they raise questions about the author's credibility. they say she has an intense relationship with the white house staffers. they scoff at that. they say the obamas couldn't pick the author out of a lineup. they point out she never interviewed the obamas for the book. on the other hand, they tell us hey, overall, this is a very positive book which shows two people with a really strong relationship. they don't deny that there were tensions between the first lady and the west wing staff. but they say that's always the case because any presidential wife's first priority is protecting her husband. so bottom line, they're dismissing the book. but they're also damming it with praise. >> good to see you, bill. >> chief white house correspondent norah o'donnell joins us. she's back with us with more about this book. i'm surprised that they're the least bit pushing back.
8:02 am
it seems to be overall very positive about the people in the most demanding fishbowl in the world. >> right. i think that if you read the entire bookt as n endearing nafr tiff about a difficult transition from being michelle obama, a mom in chicago to being the first lady. transitioning into the white house. like anything in books, there are gossipy details that may feed into people's impression of the first lady, that she was unhappy in the white house, didn't get along with the staff very well. she was guarded of her president -- of her president and her husband. and so i think it plays into that narrative to some degree. i don't think the white house is pushing back too hard other than saying the author didn't interview the obamas. but the author did interview them in 2009 when they talked about their marriage which is something most presidents don't agree to do. >> don't you think, though, it's pretty common for first ladies to clash with advisers if they see something that upsets them
8:03 am
or they think is not to their like. if you look at mrs. obama, harvard educated lawyer, a smart woman, has an opinion. is this uncommon nor a first lady to speak up? >> hillary clinton was extraordinary controversial. taking on a huge policy role. having an office within the west wing. normally they're in the east wing on the other side of the executive mansion. certainly, nancy reagan was known, of course, for being very involved and staffing decisions when inside the white house. >> and firing decisions. >> right. i don't think we should be surprised in the modern day that women and wives have a great deal of influence on their husbands. i think what are some anecdotes, she would e-mail the president's scheduler about things that came up. this person was stern and felt they were caught in between a marriage. look, there are difficult scheduling demands on a president and the first lady maybe didn't know about them and felt like she wanted her president's time with her
8:04 am
daughters. >> how much surprise is it that there were 33 former and current white house staffers that spoke to them for this book. it would seem, though, there's sort of this understanding, you don't talk about those things while you're in it. >> based on my reporting, i've done this for several months on this specific book. the white house including robert gibbs and valerie jarrett agreed to cooperate with this book much that's why jody cantore spoke with 33 aides. in the end, the obamas did not do an interview for the book although they spoke with the author previously. doesn't benefit the obamas to put them on the couch and start analyzing their marriage. whose marriage with stands scrutiny in a book? >> nobody i know. >> right. >> nobody i know. hello my name is gayle. i am not married. i'll be speaks with the first lady about the book and so much more on wednesday heading down to washington right after the show on "cbs this mor
8:05 am
some women don't like turning 30. who are those crazy people? if you've just become the future queen, it might soften the blow a tad. we'll have the latest on kate's big birthday. julianna margulies, can charlie and i be in the good wife 2? because erica was already there. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
8:06 am
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8:09 am
prince william's bride katherine turns the big 3-0 today. how do you celebrate your first
8:10 am
royal birthday? singing with 50 cent maybe. let's check in with mark phillips outside buckingham palace. have you heard any 50 cent songs playing from the palace today. >> reporter: no live music. not much of a party at all. you remember the days when turning 30 was a big deal. perhaps in the days before 50 was the new 30. never mine. it has become a milestone for the woman who may be the world's most famous 30-year-old. what does a duchess do on the last night of her 20s? when she's this duchess, the once kate middleton, now katherine, duchess of cambridge, she attend a film premiere with her husband and proves that sometimes people going to the movie can be bigger stars than the people in it. it's been just eight months since her weding to prince william but kate looks like she's been doing it all her life. waving into adoring crowds. meeting the ill and less
8:11 am
fortunate. going loco at the rodeo. there were high hopes that kate's looks, charm and level headedness with were exactly what the royal family needed and professional royal watchers, like ingrid sue ward say indicate has delivered. >> kate is like the golden ticket for this family. she's just what they needed. >> that's what everybody seemed to think during her first foreign trip, a demanding tour of canada. followed by a taste of hollywood celebrity. >> that's another clever thing about kate. she can be a cowgirl one day and hollywood star the next. still, she's got that wonderful smile. >> slipping seamlessly into the role as the poster girl, has invited the inevitable comparison to the previous person to fill that job. her husband's mother, princess diana. >> is it a fair comparison? >> it's inevitable that people will compare the two. they are generations apart.
8:12 am
circumstances are very different. times are different. >> there's another important distinction, family backing. what diana didn't have kate does. >> kate has huge support from her husband, which diana didn't have. i think that makes all the difference. >> like diana, though, the primary role of the wife of the future king is to be seen at his side, not heard. only once has kate been let near a microphone at a unicef children's aid function where she was clearly ill at ease. >> a huge amount still has to happen for hundreds of children still malnourished at the moment. >> turning 30 is a milestone in any life. but for a royal duchess, the biological clock seems to tick louder. the question is already being asked about when she'll perform the most important royal function, producing royal heirs. >> of course, the media will over time start increasingly asking questions. whatever state of life she's in,
8:13 am
they'll be asking questions. >> once turning 30 was considered to be old. for katherine, duchess of cambridge, though, it's just the beginning. >> one theory about the royal baby business, by the way, is that william and kate don't want to upstage the queen who this year is celebrating 60 years on the throne. the diamond jubilee. still, it would be a heck of an anniversary present. >> i'll say. i still think never good to upstage the queen. royal contributor victoria arbiter joins us. i have to ask you about ingrid cat. is that a british thing? it looked like a possum on her head. >> it's very cold. >> it's just a cold weather thing that she was doing. i'm thinking, what is that? every time she came on, i wanted to crack up. when i was looking at kate's piece a second ago, you very seldom hear her talk, victoria. with with why is that. >> she spent the last eight months getting a handle on how
8:14 am
to do the engagements. william has taken care of her. her she'll be pate tron off four charities. over the months we'll see her embark on this solo career and do more public address announcement. >> you hear her voice and the minute she said something, she looked at him like okay, now you say something. >> checking in with him. that's where william has been really supportive. >> the entire family has, wouldn't you say? from the moment they got engaged, there was such concern over how this would be perceive and how she would fit into the family. about her having classes to avoid things that happened to diana. >> making sure kate feels supported every step of the way. that's the way this will last. she's not been thrown to the wolves so to speak. she only did the public engagements with william last year. she filled in for prince charles in a safe environment. they're taking very good care of her. >> how does she top her 29th
8:15 am
birthday? i'm thinking 29 was a pretty good year for her, erica. she's got married, been embraced by everybody in britain and in america here. we're also smitten with her. how does she top her year 29? >> you're right, 29 was a spectacular year. as we move forward, we have the queen's diamond jubilee. she'll play a significant role. she's an official ambassador for the limb olympics. >> she's busy. >> she's busy. there's going to be a lot to look forward to. >> busy as only a duchess can be. >> there's a lot of talk about how to reinvigorate the royal family and changing the mayor tiff for the royal family. is there a bit of a shadow from her late mother-in-law, the woman that she never knew that hangs over her? >> it is -- i think it's going to be her cross to bear. how do you live up to that? unfortunately, as well, a lot of diana's popularity, it's tragic to say, it came posthumously.
8:16 am
when someone dies very young at the height of their life, they're so young and glamorous, the images of the boys in her funeral procession, she was revered. it's an impossible act to follow. kate is starting to carve out her own identity. she's popular and well-supported. just seeing the numbers at sandringham, they were largely there to support the queen, but they were there because they wanted a glimpse of kate. >> there's a book in england get buzz. for the first time the queen expressed that she had sadness over the divorce between prince charles and diana. for the most part, we thought the queen has a stiff upper lip. you don't think she was upset. for the first time we're hearing yeah, bothered her. i was glad to hear that actually. >> the queen does have a sensitive side and she was fond of diana. history repeating itself. she watched her uncle have to abdicate the throne to marry a divorcee. i think as a grandmother, her
8:17 am
concern was for the boys. >> they have a strong relationship. >> victoria, nice to have you here on day one. you look gorgeous. it is time now for your healthwatch. here's dr. halle phillips. >> good morning. in today's healthwatch, the flu. it may seem like the flu season is getting a late start this year. but don't be fooled. just like death and taxes, one thing is for sure, it will show up. right now the cdc finds surprisinglily flu activity throughout the u.s. and a new real time tracking system from google's flu trends shows half of the states still in the low category. but some, like kentucky and nevada are ranking high. one reason we may be seeing so little flu is that one-third of americans have already been vaccinated. the cdc recommends everyone over the age of six months get a flu shot, including pregnant women. what are other ways to prevent colds and flu? keep your hands away from your
8:18 am
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8:21 am
in an effort to deal with the growing number of obese americans dude ranches in the northern rockies are adding heavyweight horses and extra large saddles for overweight customers. if it gets worse, they'll have the horses ride the customers. don't try that at home. welcome back. our first day of "cbs this
8:22 am
morning." >> good -- just ahead, tv's good wife, the great actress julianna margulies will be with us in studio 57 when we return. >> also on hand, singer melissa ethridge is here to help us look at the birth of beyonce's baby girl. you're watching "cbs this morning." your local news is next. whatcha lookin' for hon?
8:23 am
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i happened to, as i was practicing going doing my speech, i was going to the white house correspondent's dinner and i saw rahm emanuel. he wrote a great speech. i was mortified. i thought i'll never follow in his footsteps. i went up to him and said you are such an --
8:31 am
a little slip of the lip with david letterman. welcome back to "cbs this morning." if you have seen her in the good wife, you know why she's a golden globe and screen actor's guild for her work. here's a moment from last night's episode. >> did you exploit your marital status to influence my client -- >> mrs. huntley asked me about my experiences. i shared those with her in an attempt to comfort. >> to your knowledge did david lee hire the stripper to seduce my client? >> no. >> you're under oath, mrs. flores. >> i recognize that. my answer is still no. >> this former emmy winning star of e.r. has a busy award season ahead of her. it's great to have you on this program on our first day. >> congratulations. i'm honored to be here. >> what does the season look like? >> this season is actually --
8:32 am
it's really coming to a full steam ahead decisions are going to have to be made and people are going to be changing jobs and there's a huge thing happening in our law firm where josh charles, his character, will gardner, gets indicted for something he did years ago, stealing money from a client's account. it's quite juicy. christine's character, you see her as the only person with her head on her shoulders in this law firm who is reining everybody in and saying let's grow up and be adults. it's a very compelling drama for anyone because there's so many facets that are interesting to watch. >> you guys always look so good doing it. do people stop you on the street and say where did you get that suit? not to knock a news anchor, but your suits always look so distinguished. not your typical eyewitness news, i'm anchoring the news suit. christine's outfits too. people stop you? >> yes. dan lawson who is our costume designer truly he has such
8:33 am
attention to detail. honestly, i think it's about aside from the fact that he can pick a good suit, it's about how anything fits. you can have a bad white shirt, but if you tailor it, it fits well. >> you actually don't know that much about where the season is going which is fascinating. i'm sure people say to you all the time, come on, give me a hint what's happening. because it's such an involved drama. yet, you only find out the day before, the morning of you start shoot the episode? >> maybe not that close. need a little time to prepare. now they just -- they have meetings with all of us and let us know where the character is going. for the most part, i ask them -- i don't want to know specifics because when you do television, it's just a train you're on. there's no beginning, middle and end. i can't form an arc for her. i have to keep every moment fresh and in the moment. i try not to know too much so i can form it in a real manner rather than have it too
8:34 am
practiced. >> two things i'm interested in. one, is you mentioned rahm im emanu emanuel, conversations with him back to being -- living in chicago and being the mayor. are you interested in politics? do you like politicians? >> do i like politicians. it depends. the good wife. >> i find politics to be fascinating to watch. i think it's one of those things where i don't know if i could ever enter the arena of politics. my father-in-law was in the clinton administration his last term. he said, it is -- it's a very difficult world to live in. >> father-in-law, doing what? >> now i'm going to get in trouble. >> that's okay. >> he's now at the brookings institute. >> very good place to be. >> i think it's a very difficult world and i think it's not a world i would want to be a part of. >> as part of the success of this program, the idea of a politician and his wife, part of this program also is michael
8:35 am
fox. >> michaelj fox. >> you also have been interested not in parkinson's but certainly -- but also in als. >> well, at a very young age a friend of mine and a whole group of us, she used to run naked angels, the theater company, jennifer estes. she was diagnosed with als. >> i interviewed her. i remember. >> her sisters really valerie and meredith took on this fight for stem cell research. i have been a part of it from the first year i was on e.r., which was 1995. they started these fundraisers and it was an amazing thing to watch. because, of course, at that time i was trying to get everyone i could to come to this fundraiser to raise monday r foi als. now i'm not even asked to speak anymore. the celebrities are so huge who are involved in it. they've raised over $30 million in private stem cell research. they're making strides. sadly, we lost jennifer a few years ago.
8:36 am
>> i remember that. >> her name lives on. i think it's an importantthing. like parkinson's which every single aspect of project als is lou gehrig's disease. what it stands for. it's such an important part for finding a cure for not just that, parkinson's, alzheimer's, my grandmother had alzheimer's. >> can i ask you about, you play the good wife on tv. i know from reliable sources your husband keith, you are a good wife. i am so -- i was reading about you. they wanted to shoot the show in another city and you said no, i want to stay here. i have a young son and a husband. i think that's great. you said i want to be here? >> i'm a new yorker anyway. i really want to bring my child up here. my parents are here. i wanted a sense of family. i think it's a tough pro tegs. >> you were willing to lose the part? >> i was willing to let it go. at the end of the day, who is
8:37 am
surrounding you in your dying days. not your job. i could have my family in my life. i thank cbs for moving us to new york. >> we're happy they worked it out for several reasons. great to have you with us. golden globes, you were nominated. best of luck. >> thank you. >> hope to see you win again. you can catch the good wife, i just had it with cable. it just got more frustrating and frustrating. a lot of times, the picture would break up. for the amount of money that i am paying,
8:38 am
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8:39 am
in other news this morning, beyonce and jay-z, cincinnati
8:40 am
right there, they're the proud parents of a daughter. blue ivy carter. a bouncing baby girl born over the weekend. there's a lawsuit by a 40-year-old actress that says that the imdb website ruined her career telling how old she was. what is it about singer adele that make people cry when they hear her music? >> here to talk about that is grammy winner melissa ethridge. >> did you notice the music that the -- melissa ethridge dvd. >> i love that. >> i'm so thrilled, this is what's so cool about you, melissa. you have nothing to promote. you wanted to skroin join in th kfrlgs. it's making national news. one of the things on twitter. beyonce had a baby girl over the weekend. there's all sorts of talk about how much was paid in the hospital and the security. you've had four children. >> i have. >> you understand the need for this type of security. >> as a celebrity, when you're
8:41 am
dealing with a pregnant woman, it's -- there's a lot of emotion, feeling and intensity. you want protection. we were able to in all three instances that have had a baby that we were able to have it safe enough. we didn't have to buy out the whole floor. but there are hospitals who are used to doing this. they have protocol in the things that they do. >> there is some talk, too, guys about whether they bought out the floor. you start hearing all these figures. they've not officially spoken. there was a father who said that he was denied access to his own children. i'm thinking beyonce and jay-z wouldn't want that. i would think it's up to the hospital. >> a lot of times what happens a celebrity can be blamed for choices that other people make. it's unfortunate. >> it is unfortunate. we don't want to keep anybody from their child, celebrity or not. we're happy for them.
8:42 am
an actress is suing imdb for millions of dollars that because they revealed her age, she lost out on parts. how prevalent is ageism in hollywood. >> is 40 a bad age? >> no. good lord i'm 50. i'm like, 40. you have many good years left to go. i don't think so. i've been the woman who has decided not to blame it on being a woman, not to blame it on being gay, mott to blame it on my age. you present the world with your talent. with what you do. you spend the time blaming, something else, that's where you'll be. you'll be the person who didn't get the part. be you should be the person who gets the part because of -- >> let's talk about adele. her voice, i'm amazed that she's 24, 25 and the song that drives everybody to tears is this one that we're playing now. i didn't realize this until i read it. it's one of the few songs that it's her voice and a piano.
8:43 am
you know, i had to listen to it again. i'm thinking there's no other instrument in this. just her voice and a piano. >> i loved it. when i heard this song. the song on the radio. i jump for joy. i said i love the people. even in 2011, 2012, we embrace the natural organic music. i think a human soul wants to hear a voice, a song an emotion with a piano. i love that that can still be the most popular music in the world today. >> you mentioned soul. she is so soulful. ep at such a young age. the songs she writes are an outpouring of emotion. in some ways it feels like music has jumped the shark. so much about the production. they were saying, i think that's one of the reasons she is so attractive to so many people. >> people are ready for this. even my children. i have teenagers. they know everything. >> you have teenagers. >> i do. >> what's the age range of your
8:44 am
kids. >> two five-year-olds, twins. i have 13 and soon to be 15 in a couple weeks. your health is good. >> wre. >> do you get tired of people asking about your health? >> no. they'll look at me and they want to know how i am. >> it's true. i want to know. >> i'm cancer-free. i'm healthier than i've ever ever been. >> that's where you want to be. >> thanks for coming. >> it looks great. >> come back again soon and visit. >> i will. my pleasure. melissaeth rinl will go out on tour next month again. all of the cbs morning hosts over the years, there's probably only one who starred in chitty, chitty bang bang. dick van dyke, we'll meet him when we return. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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it's time!
8:47 am
[ laughter ] >> honey. imperfectly -- rob, i am all right. i dropped the alarm clock. >> a lot of folks have made a home in this time slot over the years. many familiar faces. but you might not remember that dick van dyke was a host of the cbs morning news back in 1955. national correspondent lee cowan sat down with the newsman turn funny man. >> he remains a household name. even today. but long before this, that signature trip over that pesky ottoman and long before he swept chimneys in disney's mary poppins, dick van dyke had another job. right here at cbs news. >> i became the anchor man on
8:48 am
the cbs morning show. >> with? >> walter cronkite was my newsman. can you believe that? >> can you believe it? >> i was the worst. the worst. i just was no good at it at all. this was live television. things can go wrong. >> like what? >> i had a guy who drove a dog sled in the races and he brought his dogs and his sled and everything. >> into the studio? >> into the studio. i had them on. he said don't say mush. the first thing i did was clown around and said mush. they took off. took down the weather set and the cooking set. i mean, everything went. >> was that your last day anchoring in. >> no. >> now at 86, legendary song and dance man admits that his news career was probably over before it started. after all, his idols never sat at a desk.
8:49 am
they wore bowlers and bow ties instead. stan laurel, the famed laurel and hardy was a friend and mentor. an inspiration for almost everything dick van dyke did. >> put my hat on my head. >> in fact, van dyke paid homage to stan laurel on his own show. critics say his success was largely due to that kind of experiment. rewriting and frankly, just horsing around. >> everybody came to work every day looking for a party. that was what it was. because we were rambunctious bunch. >> rambunctious perhaps. but realistic too. with mary tyler moore at only 24 playing rob petry's beautiful wife. >> let's do what fighters do when a fight it over. >> that's the first show that showed people on television in real situations. it wasn't howdy dood i, it wasn't goofy.
8:50 am
it was people living a real life. >> milton berle. >> weem thought mary and i were married in real life. when i went out with my wife, they thought i was with a strange woman. >> it lasted for 158 episodes. until one day in 1966. >> there was a saddest when we finally ended it. we all cried. >> because you were really going out on top. >> oh, yeah. we sure were. >> but dick van dyke's film career was already well on it way once again, his performances seemed timeless. fans will be glad to know that hasn't changed. his hobby is a quartet called the fantastics. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm telling you, i'm having the greatest retirement. all my contemporaries are going out and playing golf. i'm about to marry a beautiful young lady. >> this is arlene silver.
8:51 am
my bee troeted. >> he's newly engaged. not surprisely to a woman with a healthy knowledge of classic tv trivia and a sense of humor. >> those were the days ♪ >> he's not shy about reliving the best years of his life. they went by too fast he says. >> can't believe it. i don't know where the time went. i still feel like a kid. >> you still look like a kid. >> he still sounds like one too. ♪ >> "cbs this morning," i'm lee cowan in malibu. >> ♪ >> it is nice to end our first day with you with dick van dyke. someone once said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. i'm pleased to take this first step with these two friends of mine >> me too. i'm thinking we're in good company with dick van dyke. it's like the first day of
8:52 am
school. i'm hoping we all get good grades. i wore my favorite color. i think that brings me good luck. >> good luck color. >> i think so. >> plenty of sunshine. it's an absolute pleasure and treat to share the set with you both every morning. i look forward to many, many dark and early mornings about both of you and with all of you at home. >> i'm proud that we have the cbs family here. great newsmen and women who came in to say, this is an important year for news. we will be there covering it. we have the resource at cbs news to do it. so it is a great journey that starts this morning. that does it for us now. for cbs news in the morning. your local news is next. -- captions by vitac --
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