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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 9, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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and did lay down two inches and an inch in springfield and two inches in clinton. everything is now across the bay into the eastern shore headed for the resorts. a little bit of snow possible tonight in places like bethany. temperatures are key. right now they're 34 downtown. 34 in gaithersburg. 32 in manassas. 32 at andrews. that is a little concerning, because we're going to see slick spots late tonight and very early tomorrow morning. in fact, here's the forecast. clearing late, snow's over. chilly. slick spots are over. lows 28 to 34. winds west/southwest at 10. we're not looking at a flash freeze of all the moisture. i am concerned about potential slick spots tomorrow morning for the commuters. we'll talk about that coming back. >> if you're concerned, we'reconcerned, topp. thank you for that. police believe it was a violent robbery for a pair of shoes that left a 19-year-old
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dead in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the shooting occurred in the 5700 block of foot street northeast early sunday morning. the victim lived across town on sixth street and northwest. >> himself and another person were the victims of a robbery. the other person escaped unharmed. mr. robinson's shoes were taken. >> the identical shoe he had on. >> reporter: this is what the shoes looked like. nike that cost over $200. >> every time it's a sneaker come out, jordans or nike's for $200-something, some young person is getting killed. >> reporter: some of david lee robinson's friends did not want to be identified but they're angry and agreed to talk with us about the senseless robbery. >> instead of getting out here and trying to get a job or whatever, they want to take it. they would take and put it on their feet or take it and sell it. >> reporter: he leaves a
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girlfriend carrying his unborn child. >> just help us find who did this to him. >> reporter: vincent gray recently cited the shooting during a public address. >> come on, ladies and gentlemen. it is time for us to be able to end this kind of tragic violence in our society. >> reporter: police tell 9 news now that robinson and or hisassociates were also armed on foot street. a lots of shots were exchanged. tonight they're looking for a car with a lot of bullet holes in it. a $25,000 reward for information in this case. this is bruce johnson reporting for 9 news now from southwest washington. >> thanks a lot, bruce. meantime, police believe or should i say a laurel man is in federal custody tonight charged with attempting to provide assistance to a terror group. a 24-year-old named craig boxman was arrested in kenya. he was on his way to somalia, which the u.s. government describes as a violent militia
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trying to overthrow somalia's government. he was in the army for four years before he got out last summer. he's being held without bail. police in montgomery county are battling an uptick in home burglaries in some of the county's most prosperous neighborhoods. they hit chevy chase nearly 50 times in november and december. they hit one near bethesda and chevy chase high school nine times in a single night. >> any time you have an increase in any category of crime, burglaries up for the year, it's a concern for us. it's something we want to be able to solve for the residents here. >> reporter: montgomery county police are offering one-on-one consults on how you can keep burglars out of your home. virginia's lawmakers are headed to richmond for the 2012 session. it all gets started on wednesday. transportation funds will be a key part of that conversation. the state's road maintenance
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budget has a $500 million shortfall and every year it siphons money from the construction money. the main source of funding currently for transportation is the gas tax, 17 and a half cents, and hasn't been raised in 20-something years. some democrats are hoping to change that. >> the purchasing hower of that today is 7 1/2 cents because inflation has gone up. it costs more for concrete, steel and labor. >> to the extent we don't tax the usage of out of state users we're allowing them a free ride. >> governor bob mcdonnell proposed increases in the transportation funding by shifting money from the general fund. democrats say that's taking money from k-12 education. they plan to fight that idea. a utah doctor waived an extradition hearing and will be heading to mary land where she faces felony murder charges
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connected to a late-term abortion. she's charged with murder stemming from an abortion in 2010 that injured a teenage mom 21 weeks pregnant. this all happened at a clinic in maryland. the 46-year-old doctor is the first charged under the fetal mom cited law in a case involving a medical procedure. she had her medical license suspended in maryland. many will never forget the day a gunman stormed into the discovery building back in september of 2010. it was the first time in the country that a suicide bomber had taken hostages. now a montgomery county police officer who helped take down that suspect and bring those hostages out safely is getting an award for his courage. he has his story from rockville. >> reporter: the ceremony was held here at the training academy because it was the officer's training that allowed him to act with such bravery and save lives. >> it was close. >> reporter: it wasn't until after the chaos, the evacuations and the fear that
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officer edward payton realized he had risked his life to save others. >> none of us got hurt. only the bad guy did. >> reporter: he was off duty and had just finished a long swim when he heard the call. a gunman stormed into the discovery building, and he was taking hostages. without a second thought, the officer ran in to help. >> while ed's doing all this, the jelly fish stings are starting to swell up. so if for no other reason, that alone should get you some sort of recognition. >> reporter: they all can laugh now, because they survivid the horrifying or deal, emergency responders and hostages alike. >> nothing can prepare you for when somebody's standing there with a gun in your face or tell you they have a bomb triggered to detonate any second. >> reporter: the 15-year veteran was awarded the congressional badge of bravery awarded for the first time this year, created in 2008.
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>> due to his instinctive response, he saved lives. >> folks, may i ask, where are the heroes, the leaders today. i think i've got an answer. they're right over here. >> reporter: 19 other officers from around the country also received the award. officer payton, the only recipient here in maryland. still to come, a child's homework assignment now sparking controversy. why a simple math problem has some parents outraged. but first, a major drug recall after a bit of amedication mix-up. what you ought to be looking for. i will have the story in a few minutes. stay with us.
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of excedrin, buff erin and no- dose off the shelves because the pills may contain straight tablets from other products. the recall is a result of a major manufacturing mix-up at a facility in nebraska which had to be shut down after fda inspectors found the problems. >> you need to definitely be concerned about the side effects, if the drugs were mixed. so some of the drugs that could have been mixed cause a lot more drowsiness than just your
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excedrin or bufferin. a new study providing more evidence that people who are at higher risk for heart attacks and strokes should be taking aspirin. researchers looked to several studies involving more than 100,000 people without prior heart disease. while they had fewer heart attacks, taking aspirin did not lower death rates. doctors say patients have to consider the side effects. aspirin can increase the risk of bleeding in the stomach and intestine. coming up after the break, could more of the white stuff be on the way? topper is back with your full 9 news now forecast. first, controversy over a homework assignment. why parents are getting a little upset, even though it just looks like a simple math problem. we'll explain why after this. ♪
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>> in georgia, controversy tonight over a math homework assignment. parents pretty upset after the elementary school used examples of slavery and beatings to teach arithmetic. one math problem read this way. each tree had 58 oranges. if eight slaves picked them equally, how much would each slave pick. here's another one. if frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in a week? parents angered over the assignment quickly went to the school looking for some answers. >> i'm having to explain to my
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8-year-old why slavery or beatings are in a math problem. >> you don't put that into the homework of any source. >> a spokesperson for the school explained that third grade teachers were attempting to cross occur rick curriculum, but the problem is there is no historical context for them. the school acknowledged its mistake and it has shredded the assignment. an explosive weekend in houston, texas. maybe we should have called it implease sieve, as in an implosion that brought down the former life insurance building. it was torn down to make way for new buildings. the skyscraper on the current texas medical center campus opened in 1952. young athletes tend to dream big. stacy manello of new york is no
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exception despite some limitations. we have more on this talented and quite bold teenager. >> reporter: it's a beautiful thing seeing her ski. >> i started skiing with like two instructors. there was like a bamboo pole and one instructor would be on one side and one on the other side and i was in the middle. my parents thought i would be like that the rest of my life. but then i just started getting better and better. and now i'm where i am. >> reporter: where she is now, her racing bibs say it best. partially sighted, wicked fast. the 15-year-old new jersey native is legally blind, only able to see three feet in front of her. >> i've never had vision, so it's normal for me to ski without vision. >> reporter: she trains at the place she got her start as a 4- year-old with the adaptive sports foundation at windham mountain. >> she came for a few lessons, got hooked. in the time she was in third or fourth grade she started scaring her instructors, because she wanted to go so fast or in the half pipe, and
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they would come in and go, i can't go out with her anymore. >> sometimes i crash and sometimes i run into things, but i don't know, it's just part of it. every racing has crashes. >> stacy follows the coach down the mountain while she calls out commands via headsets. stacy has to have complete trust. >> she's my hero, because i can't imagine doing it from her perspective. >> reporter: stacy's goals go far beyond this mountain. she's hoping to compete in the 2014 para olympics in russia. >> when i put my mind to something, it's kind of bad, because i'm really stubborn. i'm like i will do that thing. there is no options. it will happen. >> her potential is to be on the podium in 2014. >> the next stop is the national championships next week in new hampshire. >> thanks for that story.
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wow, you go, girl. >> you ski, i ski. imagine doing that? >> no. she said impaired skiers have crashes. people with vision have crashes. we're looking at the end of the snow. it was a conversational snow. it did not check mark for my snow this season. this is prince william county. actually south of town is where it snowed the hardest. about two inches in clinton and two inches in dunn dock in northern calvert county. so came down pretty fast and furious for a while. the problem is the temperatures were above freezing. all right, we'll look now at the live camera, the weather cam brought to you by michael and son. the snow stopped. 34 degrees. dew point 31. that's an important number, actually, because that is the number that the temperature could actually fall to tonight downtown which means it's going to be around freezing downtown. which means we won't have any
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we'd spread problems. i -- widespread problems. i am concerned about slick spots. there's the system rolling through. we're looking at everything gone. it's moved through pretty quickly across del mar. we have clouds still. we're not going to clear that fast either, which is good and bad. it holds the moisture in, but also keeps the temperature up a little bit. temps haven't budged much in the last couple of hours. 33 bethesda. 32, arlington. 34 college park. 34 bellsville. even out to the west, it's still above freezing. 33 sterling. 34 out toward leesburg. so here's the deal. we're looking at snow over. clearing late tonight. roads just wet this evening. but some slick spots are possible tomorrow morning early in the morning. grab your umbrella on wednesday. and winter comes back here with a vengeance by the end of the week. all right, for tonight. clearing late and chilly. slick spots possible. low temperatures 28 to 34. winds west/southwest at about 10. so downtown, we're talking about temps right around
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freezing, either side. 31, 33. but you get out towards gaithersburg 29. 30 in bowie. even these temperatures are enough to cause problems on overpasses. 30 in reston. 28 leesburg. 28 in manassas. so talk about black ice. early in the morning, it's possible. a road may look wet, but it's actually frozen. that's what we call black ice. slow down. give a little extra distance between you and your friend in front of you. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and chilly. temps in the 30s and 40s. by afternoon, a very nice day. mostly sunny and milder. just a light jacket needed. low 50s. winds light out of the northwest at about 10. let's break it down for you. early in the morning, temps in the 30s. slick spots are possible. then milder and then nice by noon. temperatures 46 to 51. 49 to 54, milder by evening. next three days, we get a break tomorrow. more rain comes back on
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wednesday. pretty good soaker, too. probably about an inch. upper 40s for a high on wednesday. mild again on thursday and breezy. maybe a leftover shower in the morning. temps around 50. look what happens. next seven days. the low temperature thursday night, going to be the high on friday, 36. maybe even snow flurries on friday. good news for the ski resorts friday. a lot of snow will fall west of the divide like it did early last week. we're looking at a cold weekend. next monday there will be another storm we'll be watching. there's more cold air available. it will have been cold a few days. perhaps a little more serious. rain or snow possible. upper 30s. >> we will watch and wait, sir, all right. to our weird news file tonight because in order to be good at most video games, sosome believe you have to have cat-like reflexes. now there is proof to the u.k. where a cat has mastered an ipad game known as fruit ninja. check out the lightning fast hands or paws. he can swap all the fruit
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before it lands, and he also avoids the bomb. this is not exactly modern warfare on your xbox or even madden, but it does seem to require quick reflexes. our feline friend certainly seems to have them. when you think about it, he's racking up the points and doesn't even have fingers or thumbs. just imagine how he would do with something that really got his attention like angry birds, for example. and he would really kill at three-card monty. >> i guess he was doing that, he has no paws. >> or if a person doesn't care what happens to their ipad.
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in the mailbag tonight, politics. first up, some reaction to a story from last week on the group known as americans elect which wants to get the name of a serious presidential contender, not necessarily beholden to any major problem on the ballot in all 50 states. michelle from hyattsville is a fan. people should be allowed to crossover voting regardless of registered party so they can vote candidates instead of party like americans elect recommends. more people would vote in the primaries instead of staying home to protest the two-party system. then there was this on that loyalty oath.
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virginia republicans are getting gop primary voters to sign which basically pledges them to support the party nominee regardless of who it turns out to be. barbara in arlington is skeptical. while it may keep republicans from stopping the democrats primary ballot box with the weakest candidate, i doubt it. jet stream only partied loyalists show up in the primary. remember, folks, only one democratic candidate this time around. but i get your tonight point. david says the whole thing is a bunch of nonsense. a lot ofs can happen that a person should be able to change their mind. but the main reason this oath doesn't make sense is it can't be enforced. as a person's vote is private, how would anyone know who they voted for. this has the smell of desperation on it. instead of trying to make people sign an oath they should put their efforts into finding a candidate people want to vote for, oath or no oath. david, i couldn't have said that any better, so i wouldn't try. however everyone else is welcome to give it a shot.
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my address is please don't forget to include your name and where you are writing us from. or you can just join the conversation over on the 9 news now facebook page. that is our report for this evening. i'll be back at 11:00 along with anita brikman. thieves stealing gas from your car while you sleep. we'll have the story for you. don't forget to log on any time to we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. the word is swapportunity.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. brad pitt on a cane. >> what's going on with the cane? are you all right? >> little slip over new year's eve. >> "e.t." broke the story. now our take on his injury. >> i was carrying my daughter down the slope and i slipped. it was me or her. >> angelina and the new rumors. >> i heard it yesterday. george and stacey. teasing brad backstage with mary hart. >> now he's trying to get the sympathy vote. have you noticed? beyonce's miscarriage before her new baby. the startling news about the pregnancy she lost. what happened inside the hospital when she gave birth to her baby girl? >> welcome to earth, baby blue. i'm talking religion and politics with the queen and dolly parton. new steven tyler on his engagement. >> it's a perfect time, perfect moment.


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