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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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today. slight, slight chance of a shower this afternoon with a high temperature in many areas south and east of town 60 or better. maybe staying in the mid- to upper 50s north and west. but this will be the last mild day for a while. you can see the rains pulling all off to the the north and the east. most of it is gone from us now but as we look at live doppler 9000 hd, here you can see a couple of lingering stragglers here in fairfax but heavier showers from northeastern areas and montgomery county on the border at the tridelphia dam and prince george's county now pulling out of calvert. you're done with this. this is moving up to 301 to baltimore. the temperatures this morning range from the upper 30s to the mid 50s in southern maryland. going to 60 later on. monika? hard to believe. 60. well, i'm looking forward to that. i love that. in the meantime you still have the wet road conditions to deal with and a long-standing accident right here on the inner loop of the beltway just after the i-95 interchange here in springfield. it was a truck accident truck
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facing the wrong way. and that's why it's taking so long. in fact they had a board set up here as well along the right side the beltway some be aware of that in springfield. otherwise the maps, the beltway all elsewhere looks great. no problems on 270 to the point where the lanes divide. college park like i said on the north side of town, things are fine. volumes are light. on the outer loop here as you head around into springfield. and over into bethesda. coming up in my next report, another look into springfield at 5:9. back to you guys. if you're taking metro to work this morning, something to think about. it may cost you more in the future. >> that's because a 5% rate hike is on the table. it's being proposed today. the board is going to start considering it. delia goncalves live outside dupont circle with the details on how much and when this could possibly happen. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning, i know i'm the bearing of bad news this morning. but we have some good news, but let's first take a look here at dupont circle and this is a
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good reason why the rate hikes are being proposed. take a look at the broken escalator. there are 90 escalators in the system that need complete replacement and much more that need repair. so that is where this money is coming from. for a few it's just going to be a couple of cents, for some a couple of dollars. and we could see some of the changes as early as this summer. let's take a look at the video we shot a short time ago. metro has $116 million shortfall to make up and while our local jurisdictions will provide about $50 million the rest will likely be coming out of your wallets. here's a breakdown of the proposed hikes. the biggest hits will come from paper fare cards as metro tries to encourage folks to use smart trip instead. there will be a flat rate of $4 for the paper fare card. $6 during rush hour. lots of tourists and infrequent users use the paper fare cards. the max a smart trip card holder will pay during rush hour goes up from $5 to $5.75.
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bus fares up a dime. parking 25 cents. >> i think there's going to be a big hit on tourists and the -- infrequent users of the metro. >> i think this is still prime location for tourists to come and visit. i think if they spend a little extra they know it's going into the community. >> i wouldn't necessarily mind paying a little bit more if the extra costs can be seen in service improvements. >> they need it for upgrades. i'd rather pay than not pay. >> i can understand where they're coming from. it's hard i guess sometimes when you're in the rush of an evening commute or morning commute and you can seescalators that are day after day broken. you wonder what you're getting the money to work for. >> reporter: that's a valid question but metro says if you want a better system we're going to have to pay for it and make the investment now for a better and safer system in the future. so i promised some goods news
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and here it is. a 20-cent extra peak of the peak rate that people have been paying and that's the most popular time that people have been traveling. that rate goes away under the plan. we'll have more from metro exactly what they're saying to justify the rate hikes, that's coming up in a half hour. mike, jessica back to you. >> thank you. delia goncalves live at metro at the -- >> dupont circle. the u.s. marine corps is promising to investigate a video that seems to show four marines urinating on the bodies of taliban fighters. 40 second clip posted online. marines are in uniforms apparently urinating on three dead bodies. the caption of the video indicates the men are members of a scout sniper team assigned to the third battalion second marines based in camp lejeune, north carolina. many people including the council on islamic american relations are condemning the video but one reporter
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following the reaction is noticing another sentiment as well. >> things get pretty tense there. they're under a lot of strain. and sort of seem to say well, you know you have to show some level of sympathy. that you don't maybe -- maybe you don't know exactly what they're going through. >> now a navy spokesman called the actions egregious behavior. a marine spokeswoman says an officer will be assigned to conduct an investigation once the identifies of the men in the video are verified. montgomery county police are searching for a man who's broken into two homes during the last two days. yesterday the man tied up a -- family members at a home in bethesda and sexually assaulted the family's housekeeper before taking the housekeeper's car and her bank card. tuesday, in wheaton, police say the same man attacked a woman in her garage. stealing her car and her debit card. that car has been recovered but the house keeper's gray 2005 ford expedition is still missing.
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investigators have released a photo at a cvs in l'enfant plaza. cold ail loan and crying, that's how -- alone and crying. that's how u.s. park police found a toddler at the occupy d. c. protest camp site at the mcpherson square. she was found inside a tent yesterday morning. police believe she was left alone for at least 30 minutes. a man claiming to be her father approached police who then arrested and charged him with attempted second degree cruelty to children. emergency crews checked out the little girl and they say she's in good condition. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is now at the halfway point in his term and last night he touted the economic development and job creation but the governor urged lawmakers to do more when it comes the funding higher -- to funding higher education. >> so now we have to put our money where our policy is. so i'm asking you this session to invest over $200 million in new funding for our colleges
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and universities. >> the governor also urged his fellow republicans to work with democrats across the aisle in the 2012 general assembly. for the first time in 11 years, one party the gop controls both halves of the legislature and the governor's mansion. in maryland the general assembly also set to take up pretty hotly debated issue theres. they include a measure to legalize same sex marriage and to expand slot machine gambling. the governor also added the critical issue of jobs to the slate. he's surprised some observers by floating an increase in the state's sales and gas taxes saying it would help address maryland's budget shortfall but the state senate president mike miller called that idea a nonstarter. and i am watcher your money. -- watching your money. the dow standing just below a six month high. stocks put in a mix performance yesterday as the euro hit a new 16 month low against the
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dollar. investors now worry that germany is slowing down. but balancing the bad. some good. the federal reserve is growing more upbeat about the u.s. economy. now checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 12,449. and that's after it dropped 13 points yesterday in trading. nasdaq up by 8 and s&p 500 finished basically flat on the day. the food and drug administration is leading an effort to test imported orange juice products coming into the u.s.. the fda says it has halted shipments from all over the world and will test each one for traces of a fungicide called carbendazim. it's already been found in some juice products imported from brazil though it's not believed to be a safety risk. that fungicide is not approved for use on citrus in the u.s.. over tests are underway and the fda could recall products already on the shelves if those tests come back positive. if you're looking for a job, target might be just the place for you. they're opening a new store in
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crofton, maryland and hiring 225 people. candidates are interviewing for all sorts of positions. they're looking for more people interested in working the 4:00 in the morning shift, we get that -- which can involve a little bit of sleep deprivation. just a little bit. >> why am i familiar with that? almost seven years after natalee holloway vanished in aruba, the long time suspect is headed to prison for a different crime. plus, amnesty international marks a 10 year anniversary with protests in front of the white house. and it's really early in the season, but it seems like a string of tornadoes causing a lot of damage. not too far south of here. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, 10 after
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5:00. it will be gone in the next hour and our day planner today calls for mix of sun and clouds. a mild day. very mild day. we'll have highs today in the upper 50s and even low 60s south and east of town but some cold air arrives tomorrow. more on that in the next four minutes. right now monika with timesaver traffic. 395 at duke street. nice and quiet in landmark to the 14th street bridge. earlier accident on the inner loop in springfield has been cleared. mike? sounds good, making news now this morning. the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba has now pleaded guilty in a different case. joran van der sloot admitted to killing a young peruvian woman in 2010. van der sloot murdered stephany flores five years to the day after natalee holloway disappeared. the judge will sentence van der sloot tomorrow. amnesty international helped lead a protest marking the 10 year anniversary. some of the protestors in
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downtown washington wore orange jump suits and black hoods representing the men still detained there. the national weather service is going to try to determine today if it was indeed tornadoes that hit parts of western north carolina last night which is a rarity in january. there's a lot of property damage, but no serious injuries were reported well, after the milder storms last night it's going to feel almost spring- like later today. but howard says keep your scarves and mittens handy. he's got the seven day forecast coming up at 5:16. at 5:23. highlights from a brilliant performance by the capitals' goalie and ahead at 5:31. a look at the big fare hike metro board members will discuss later today.
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5:15. we call this big weather because we have a big guy delivering it. howard is here with your weather first. >> wow, that's a buildup. thanks mike. good man. and jessica is a happy camper because she likes it when it's warm and today is going to be a very warm day for january. it's not going to be 80 but for january. we have some thermometers hitting 60 that's really warm. average high is only 43. looking at the bus stop forecast, i think you can leave the rain gear home.
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most of the rain just about done and we'll look at live doppler 9000 hd in just a moment. call it mostly cloudy and not that cold. cold spots in the upper 30s to near 40s. warm spots are already in the 50-degree mark. so 50-degree range. so yeah it a very mild start. sunrise 7:26. had some heavy rains overnight. some cares inch, inch and a half even but the bulk of that now is pulling away from us through philly, new york and new england. one last batch of rain showing up on live doppler 9000 hd, now just north and east of washington through central prince george's county anne arundel, howard, parts of montgomery. east first. upper marlboro, lingering sprinkles but this is coming down as a pretty good clip here through 50 and 97. but when you get to the beltway that's when you get out of it and things get lighter and give this another 20, 30 minutes it will be north of route 50.
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then clarksville and columbia. belksville you're starting to clear and laurel you'll be clearing in about 10 or 15 minutes. and one more stop, frederick county, maryland and expand the picture almost out of lovettsville and brunswick. the scattered lighter showers here as everything lifts away from the washington region for now. temperatures near 40 upper 30s from hagerstown and cumberland and winchester but you go east and that's where it's much warmer. salisbury right now 59 degrees why it's 56 at pax river. easton 54 and we have upper 40s here in washington with good visibility at the capitol here as the rain has ended. low clouds left on the michael and son weather camera and a temperature of 48 degrees. west winds at 6. reagan national still reporting light sprinkles at the top of the hour but just about done and dew point at 46 degrees. there's a lot of cold air out across the central and northern part of the country. 11 in minneapolis and 2 in bismarck and that will be sweeping the behind the some --
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behind the storm system on top of us now. pushing the st. louis right now, out ahead of it the big storm which brought us our rain. some heavy snows northern new england and the heavy rains and warmer air across us and we're going to watch this pull away. some sunshine today. so it's going to be a really decent day. behind it here comes the strong comfort that will be here tonight with -- cold front that will be here tonight with even some rain and snow showers and much colder air tomorrow. saturday and sunday. today, at degrees in town. rain and snow showers tonight and maybe a snow shower tomorrow. mountain snows continue on saturday. only 33 for a high. in fact, sunday, we may struggle to get the freezable with a couple of -- to freezing with a couple of flurries arnold here. some rain possible tuesday. timesaver traffic with monika samtani. >> enjoy today? >> you should always enjoy today. if you're traveling outside enjoy it as well because the
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rain is moving out and roads with wet but no big deals to report right now. we're going to travel first to the north side of town coming down on 95 from baltimore. the bw parkway as well. no problems to report at the beltway. we're going to take a live look right here at the beltway and i- 295. no problems to report here. bang to the map miss the time we'll head south to virginia on the northbound side of i-95 you will find the lanes open heading up to the occoquan river and right into springfield am live look here. that earlier accident for those of you who travel northbound 95. that's been cleared so you're good to go there. further north to the 14th street bridge. looking great. thumbs up on this one. no problems across the 14th street bridge and into the downtown area. more in my next report at 5:24. mike? all right, thanks monika. no change at the top on the way, but the redskins are running a coaching carousel with the assistant. if you're hoping the wizards would start a winning
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streak sorry you're out of luck for now. highlights coming up in sports. 
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it is 5:21. 48 degrees this morning in washington. we still have some upper 30s in the shenandoah valley but in the 50s in the south and east. as the last of to rains are pulling away, a mix of clouds and sunshine. still 51 at vwi. the temperatures at lunchtime. in the low 50s. some mid 50s south and east and then the afternoon, some areas like tappahannock could be 6 # at 6:00. we'll be around 58. strong cold front comes late but through the evening, looks like we're going to be mainly dry. rain and snow showers late tonight. jessica and mike over to you. the capitals win a very low scoring game. >> basically as low as it gets. the redskins hire a guy who's been a head coach for the past few seasons. he'll be an assistant now. kristen berset has the details in the morning sports. >> good morning everybody. the coaching carousel has started at redskins' park.
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we told you earlier this week that former buccaneers head coach raheem morris visited the back. now he'll be -- park. now he'll be staying permanently. morris is the defensive backs coach saying quote i just gave them the yes. end quote. the redskins parting ways with assistant steve jackson. morris joins the staff after three seasons head coaching the buccaneers, our insider also reporting the redskins parted ways with cardell after with years. all right, caps hosting the penguins last night the rivalry game. first period caps strike first. jason chimera with the goal. back of the net. 1-0 caps and then tomas vokoun a great night in the net for him. second shutout of the season for him. caps win 1-0. andray blatche out for last night's wizards game up in chicago. wizards make this one close early.
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john wall with the dunk up two and then to singleton for the dunk we are hue the bulls too much for the wizards down the stretch. wizards score 64 points, a franchise all-time low. that's going to do it for your morning sports, i'm kristen berset, have a great thursday. if you think the presidential candidates paying special attention to south carolina, there's a very good reason they so desperately want to win this one state. that's coming up. >> it's a trend in fact. plus, tragedy for sweet lovers everywhere. we'll have more on why hostess may be full of goodness but not cash. quick check of the commute. monika? a live look in bethesda. no big deals to worry about here or on 270 from frederick, a road closure due to high standing water in d. c.. i'll have that coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back, i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane this morning. >> she is and i'm mike hydeck, glad you're with us, here's monika samtani. traffic momentarily. mr. bernstein has the weather first. an inch and a half of rain across parts of fauquier county. that's a lot of rain. inch and a half of snow by the way on monday afternoon. that's the magic number for him. this morning, we are looking drier as the last of the rain pushing through the baltimore region parts of anne arun dell and howard counties and here's a look at the day plannerment looking good actually for this time of year way too warm. 48 degrees. so though jessica shaking her head at me saying no, no, it's fine. 48 degrees at national. >> more than fine. >> more than fine. >> so fine. >> 53 degrees at noon with a mix of sun can clouds and highs today from the upper 50s to even low 60s south and east. your sunrise 7:26. setting at 5:07. there's the rainstorms from last night actually there was some lightning and thunder at
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times in spots. there's the last little piece of rain coming through right now and you can see it on live doppler 9000 hd. still some heavy showers pushing in annapolis up into the northern part of the bay. columbia still wet but you go down 29 in montgomery county, out of howard county, looking a lot better. upper 30s to near 40 in the shenandoah valley. 43 for manassas and leesburg but look at this, mid 50s from pax river to cambridge and even to easton a very mild start. monika over to you. overall things have been looking good all around town. one little issue though with high standing water with the rain that came in overnight. right at south capitol street at the malcolm x. boulevard overpass. it's blocked there. what authorities are telling us is that you can use the service roadway to get around the issue here. it may affect 295 with people choosing to use that as an alternate route. let's take a look outside. planning to head on the
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northbound side of i-95. not looking too bad yet as you leave dale city. to the occoquan river you will be fine heading right up into springfield where it's getting heavier at the beltway. 395 a live look there. northbound side no problems to report as you head for the 14th street bridge. leaving duke street. and seminary road. looking good here as welt. and if you're planning to head to the american legion bridge, to the west side of town no problems between tyson's and bethesda. coming up in my next report, an update on the high standing water in southeast d. c. at 5:38. jessica and mike? thanks monika. today a judge will sentence the northern virginian who admitted putting up dry wall to barricade their children. >> last march a neighbor called police after the couple's oldest daughter who is 4 climbed over a sheet of dry wall and went for help. prince william county officers found her two younger sisters ages 1 and 2 covered in filth. as well as evidence the couple had passed out from using drugs. the children were put in the
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care of social services. you may be paying more for metro. this morning, a controversial fare hike on the table and while everyone stands to pay more, tourists may get hit the hardest, right now 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live at dupont circle with what you can expect. good morning delia. >> reporter: good morning jessica and unfortunately it's not good news for the folks who ride metro occasionally. so we're seeing that tourists and the occasional rider may see significant rate hikes. right to the numbers so you can take a look for yourself this morning. under the plan, paper fare cards get a $4 flat rate no matter where you're going. $6 during rush hour. smart trip cards, 80% of the riders in fact are smart trip card holders. will get about a 75% -- 75-cent increase rather to the maximum rush hour rate. bus fares go up a dime. parking 25 cents. on the positive side though, here's the silver lining.
5:32 am
the extra 20-cent peak of the peak fare goes away. metro has a $116 million shortfall and a laundry list of repairs they've told me that they've increased their number of escalator replacements from 12 to 90. >> the goal out of this proposal was to simplify the fare structure. the rail system today has more than 50,000 complications. better is not free and if we want metro to improve, then we have to make the investments now and sustain the investments. >> reporter: you know when dupont circle is a good example of the investments, take a look at the blue wall what's going on here? well, behind that wall, work is going on here. they will be replacing the escalators completely here later this year so it's a good example of the progress that metro has been talking about. they say they're making some headway a long way to go though. the gm presents this plan to
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the board later this morning. if they vote by may 1st we could see some changes july 1st, the paper fare cards though, likely after labor day. jessica, mike back to you. now to an update on the battle over church property in virginia. a judge has ruled against seven congregations who split from the episcopal church after it installed an openly gay bishop. this case started back in 2006. those churches wanted to keep their buildings and land after switching denominations but yesterday, the judge ruled the episcopal church should be restored as owner of all of the churches, that same judge initially sided with the seven congregations but the virginia supreme court disagreed and ordered a new trial. to campaign 2012 we go. the republican presidential hopefuls are zeroing in on south carolina. the primary there next saturday. mitt romney is leading the pack gong the gops. he admits knot going to be -- it's not going to be easy. just one of the candidates he's
5:34 am
trying to attract support all the other candidates are by attacking the person in the white house right now. >> going through tough times in part because of the failure of one man. that's why he's got to go. >> i'm not going to engage hypercharged political rhetoric. >> it's bad enough for barack obama to blame folks and business for -- for causing problems in the country. it's one other thing for republicans to join in on that. >> now if you're wondering why south carolina carries so much importance, it happens to be that the winner in south carolina in the primary has become the nominee every year since 1980 in every presidential election. political activists plan to take down -- d. c. mayor vincent gray and council chair kwame brown and at this point it's getting serious. frederick butler has now filed a notice of intent to recall gray and brown saying they both have betrayed the public trust. both have under federal investigation for their 2010 campaigns. they say they've done nothing
5:35 am
wrong. they have ten days to submit a formal response to that after that butler has 180 days to get signatures from 10% of the registered voters in d. c. glen ivy won't run for congress now. he's dropping out of the race because he was having trouble raising enough money for a competitive campaign. ivy was going to take on incumbent congresswoman donna edwards for the democratic nomination. the time right now are 5:35 and i'm watching your money. the federal reserve is feeling more upbeat about the economy. its latest survey shows consumers spent more freely. factories made more goods and americans traveled more late last year but the fed added that housing starts and sales remain weak. despite that december may be the strongest month of 2011. ford recalling more than 450,000 older model vehicles. the recall affects the 2004 and
5:36 am
2005 ford free star and mercury monterey minivans and the 2001 and 2002 ford escape compact suvs. they need to prepare a safety -- repair a safety defect that can cause the vehicles to catch fire or lose power. the company behind the twinkies you know and love is carrying too much debt around the middle and it seems we have changed the way we eat. skipping the white wonder bread and eating the whole grains instead. hostess the company known for its sweetness filed for bankruptcy but the company will still coop churning out your -- keep churning out your favorite treats. it is carrying some significant debt and needs to get a handle on the cash squeeze due in part to growing labor costs. >> i've never been a twinkie fan have you? but good luck. still ahead country superstar and a superstar team up for a major movie. that debate is underway in part of our area.
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5:38. you know the steady heavy rains have left but there's some lingering drizzle in the area and it is on the chilly side with temperatures in the 40s right now here in northwest. the day planner, litable bit of a breeze as well. we're going to get a mix of clouds and sunshine today. we'll be in the low 50s by noon and youer 50s at 3:00 with -- upper 50s at 3:00 be highs near 60 and by 6:00 back in the mid 50s. arctic air is on the way and i'll tell you about that and awe chances for snow -- our chances for snow when i return in the next five minutes. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. an accident in chantilly before pleasant valley road. only one lane gets by at paul cedars parkway. that's coming up at 5:49. is a low bird count a one time anormally or a sign of a trend around fort belvoir? wildlife officials are trying to find out so they have volunteers counting the birds
5:40 am
on the property at the bay wildlife refuge on new year's day. they counted nearly 5400 birds in 13 hours but the total is 2,000 birds below the average over the last six years. the national resource specialist kevin walters says with the warmer weather it may be that many birds haven't migrated yet. community leaders in arlington are considering whether to allow residents to raise chickens in their backyards. the arlington committee of 100 heard from supporters and opponents last night at a meeting, tom carter wants to raise chickens at his home. he says if fed properly they're healthier than what you find at the store. now darrell hobbs is against the idea, he says when a neighbor was illegally raising chickens there were more rodents, flies, noise and unpleasant odors in his neighborhood. current law requires that you have at least a half acre backyard if you want to raise chickens in your home. speaking of chickens --
5:41 am
kidding -- do you play angry birds? how one woman's phone game habit saved another life on a continent. plus, why the arrival of rain is making things worse for alaskans digging out from a record snowfall. happy mirth day today, who's celebrating -- birthday today, who's celebrating? we'll tell you --
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welcome back. weather first time now but before we head there, check this out. you would think some rain would be welcome in cordova, alaska where they've had 15 feet of snow since christmas? it's actually hurting the massive effort to dig out the town because it freezes overnight and then the snow is heavier and even harder to clear away and there's even more of it. they're waiting on a shipment of heavy duty shovels which are expected to arrive this weekend. a u.s. coast guard cutter is leading the way for a russian ship. look at the cool video. the cut receiver slowly breaking the ice so the --
5:45 am
cutter is slowly breaking the ice so the ship can dock in nome, alaska. it's loaded with fuel and nome is running out of gas. and heating oil. amazing too because it's such a big oil producer in that part of the country. >> now the condition that meteorological condition that's causing alaska to get so much snow and we are seeing none? >> if you're wondering why we're not having much of a winter, you can blame the arctic oscillation and the north atlantic oscillation. they've been in the positive phase. when we go negative, it's good. what happens is there's a lot of cold air up across the arctic and trapped up there. storm track has been bringing the storm right to southern alaska this year. last year when the arctic oscillation and north atlantic oscillation were negative the cold air tame down and you know there was a lot of snow in the northeast. and you know when you get the la nina it can go either way and it really betends on what's -- depends on what's happening up north and this year we have not been getting the benefit of
5:46 am
the cold air which has been a good thing. but the resorts, boy they're struggling. even out in the rockies there's been less snow than usual. and implications are that's the water supply for a lot of the west from the melting snow. over the spring into the summer. so they need to build up the snow pack as well. and it's not just that we're having a mild winter but there are long-term negative implications from this. let's talk about today. speaking of mild winters. you know our temperatures are already in the 40s and 50s in spots? just a look at the bus stop forecast, we'll be lookinged a ratings this afternoon -- at readings this afternoon in the 50s and 60s in spots. there's a little drizzle out there right now but i think just mostly cloudy not that cold. anywhere from the upper 30s to low 50s in southeast washington the morning. the sunrise at 7:26 and it will set at 5:07. your day planner, well, look for clouds this morning. breaking to some sunshine later today. winds south to southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour with that 56-
5:47 am
degree reading at 1:00. that's 13 degrees above average but we're not done yet. we're going into the upper 50s to around 60 for a high today. winds again south-southwest and breezy 10 to 15 and at 5:00, partly sunny and 57. strong, and i mean strong cold front comes tonight. that's going to change everything. overnight we have the rains and the heavy ones and that's left of it now. the baltimore yes john. ling and -- region. lightning and thunder and clouds you see some of the clouds back to the south and west. want to show you live doppler 9000 hd, because right along the coast here of anne arundel county,, showers weakening from annapolis to the bay bridge. as we look back to the west just a few light sprinkles now across oh columbia and ole cot city and even across southern montgomery county and up to frederick. that's it. some drizzle also out there which isn't being picked up but the half rains, they're gone. -- heavy rains, they're gone. 55 at pax river at the naval air station. culpeper you're 55 this
5:48 am
morning. it's 43 in gaithersburg and here in washington, we've got temperatures in the upper 40s in town and low 40s in rockville and fairfax at 42. lovettsville only 40 degrees and baden has cooled from 55 to 52. that is still way above normal. look at the low clouds on the michael and son weather camera. just outside or just on top of the capitol there. it's not blocking it like it was yesterday morning. with 48. some drizzle and a light rain. with a west wind now at 6 miles an hour and that temperature currently 48 degrees. big storm in the northeastern part of the country and in the middle of the country look at the snows in st. louis. this is going to arrive late tonight with some rain is snow showers, decent day here and then tonight ', 10:00, 11:00, some showers develop and by 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. we could be talking about the rain showers ending briefly as snow showers maybe just put a light coating down in spots.
5:49 am
north and west if it gets cold enough the streets could be slick by tomorrow morning. 59 today and 36 tomorrow. temperatures steady with the winds gusting over 30 miles an hour at times. saturday the mountain snows continue and maybe a flurry but a better chance for flurries on sunday. only 32 by mlk day. you're off going to be cooler. or cool i should stay. about 42 and little bit milder and wet on tuesday. temps in the mid 40s. monika? this is definitely growing howard, we've got a lot to contends with right now. on area roadways and especially in virginia. as you travel on the southbound side of i-95, there is an accident. it's right before you get to quantico and it's blocking the two left lanes now. the only good news is that it's southbound 95. beyond northbound you will be okay up into springfield. we'll take a live look there. where you have the volume from route 644 as you head for the beltway on the stat 50 camera on the northbound side of i-95 like i said just the volume here. let's go over to the northbound side of 395.
5:50 am
an accident. this one just came in authorities have already set up with the arrow boards and you're squeezing through the stent on the left -- accident on the left and right sides of the roadways. be aware of that at duke street and i know that it's getting very heavy to get there from edsall road already and that's going to grow quickly as the rush hour progresses. so i'll keep you posted on that situation. back oh to the maps, there's -- over to the maps, there's high standing water closing off south capitol street at malcolm x boulevard. the accident on the eastbound side of route 50. that one has been cleared. more on what's going on on 395 at 6:00. mike and jessica? thank you monika. making news now. after months of brutal unrest, the u.s. is cutting back its embassy staff in syria. a number of workers have been ordered to leave as soon as possible. the u. n. says at least 5,000 people have died since anti- government protests started ten months ago. north korea announced the body of its former leader kim
5:51 am
jong il will be permanent lie lying in state at the capitol which is the same place where his father has been lying since his death in 1994. kim jong il died last month. a missouri woman helped save the life of a man half a world away thanks to words with friends. beth was playing with australian when she mentioned her husband with you -- mentioned her husband was sick. her husband is a doctor. he read the symptoms and told him to go to the hospital. he had 99% blockage near his heart. you know that consumer electronics show is big when justin bieber shows up to pitch a product. >> each day more products are being unveiled that do things we haven't even thought of. five years ago. c net's kara tsuboi reports. >> reporter: at ces everyone expects to see the big names, microsoft, sony.
5:52 am
panasonic. but wander the depths and you'll real estate the majority of the -- realize the majority of the vendors are companies you never heard of and more often than not the goods on display are novel, bizarre or downright quirky. >> so awesome because everything is heated. >> it's very comfortable. it takes care of you. >> cases for smart phones that make it waterproof and dirt proof and snow proof. >> this is a my type bluetooth keyboard. keys here fold into the empty space here, when you fold it up the keys inner leaf. >> put the supershell on it and then -- >> that makes me nervous to watch. >> and it bounces. >> reporter: here's a product that you can actually imagine in universities or board rooms around the world. a digital white board. >> as i write it, this pen is going to read like different coordinates and that's going to send a bluetooth signal to the computer which is wired into the projector. that's how it's going to work. >> reporter: just when you think you've seen it all at
5:53 am
ces, you stumble upon something like that. a rechargeable vapor cig gash that's good for 1,000 puffs before the next charge. while a lot are just prototypes they could be coming soon. in las vegas, i'm kara tsuboi, for cbs news. >> now another look at the question of the day pleasure pleasure-- of the day -- >> you mean it's not oatmeal? here's one of responses -- that's what we buy -- one of the responses from the facebook fan page, jennifer says -- >> i agree with you. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response and we will reveal the answer in about an hour. dolly parton returns to a movie hole for the first time in 20 years and this time she's teaming up with a rapper. in today's cool schools, just a contest but boy it
5:54 am
turned into out of the world breaks, we'll let you know about this school from howard county. you won't want the miss this -- to miss this.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5 therein 56. we're in the upper 40s and still a little drizzle out here in washington but the bulk of the rain north and east and pulling away. temperatures upper 40s here
5:57 am
with still some temperatures near 40 in the valley. through the morning hours at 9:00, still a mix of clouds and some sunshine. but still i think mostly cloudy and near 50 southern maryland. 47 still in d. c. with 41 for martinsburg and winchester. midday sunshine and a couple of clouds. 53. this afternoon is going to be rather mild with partly sunny conditions and upper 50s by 3:00 to near 60 southeast of d. c.. and we'll drive home still dry temps in the 50s. jessica and mike over to you. two entertainment powerhouses joining forces in the new movie "joyful noise" which opens tomorrow. >> dolly parton and queen latifah play characters. alexis christoforous with a preview. ♪ >> reporter: it's been 20 years since we've seen dolly parton on the big screen. the woman many call the queen of country says there's a reason. >> i haven't had anything great come along. and when i read this script, i thoughts this perfect for me. this is an answer to a prayer
5:58 am
and i could not not do this. >> reporter: in "joyful noise" she plays a veteran singer in a church choir hoping to win a national competition. the director of the queen is another queen. queen latifah. the two divas are from different musical worlds but have discovered they're very much alike. >> we're very similar as far as our wit. our sense of humor and our craziness and our personality. we're both very outgoing. both very independent and -- >> yeah. >> it works somehow. i mean i just -- we're very kindred spirits i think. it is your -- >> reporter: but on screen, the two fight like cats and dogs as they clash over the choir's musical selection. queen latifah says the gospel music in the film will be familiar. >> it speaks to the modern day kids who sort of like to take secular songs and make them praise songs and worship songs which helps bring the youth
5:59 am
into it. ♪ >> reporter: the film's two stars hope this musical mashup will be a hit with audiences no matter what their taste in tunes. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. good morning, you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle. andrea is off today but back soon. >> uh-huh, how you doing? i'm mike hydeck, we're glad you're here, he's monika samtani, howard bernstein, good morning my friend. >> gotten rid of the heavy rain and an inch and a half. the rains are gone except for a little drizzle but a decent day. temperatures well up in the 50s and probably 15 degrees or so above average. the day planner, 47 by 9:00 and still mostly cloudy but 53 by noon and 57 at 5:00 with highs anywhere if the mid 50s to low 60s south and east of town. sunrise coming up at 6:27. big rains they're gone now and all lifting well to th


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