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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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before he was sent there back in 2010, he attempted to kill a neighbor here at this apartment complex in laurel. brian lee watson just 15 years old and headed to prison for 85 years. for the murder and rape of his english teacher. she was found half naked, raped and beaten to death outside her classroom at the facility for youth offenders february of 2010. she had been left alone with the 13-year-old late in the day. his dna was found on her body and clothes. dna that led investigators to a surprise. it solved a chilling home invasion here in laurel where he admitted to climbing to the third floor balcony of a neighbor and trying to stab the sleeping woman to death. he was two months past his 13th birthday at the time and burglarized a number of apartments in the complex. >> are you serious? >> current residents are stunned. >> how old is he now? >> 15 now.
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>> wow. are you serious? >> it's a tremendous tragedy. >> today, prosecutors accepted three 85 year prison sentences in exchange for his plea of guilty to the murder, rape, and attempted murder. >> you know what? there's no answer for why a 13- year-old boy is capable of killing and raping in the manner that he did. >> today in court, that was a young man who did not exhibit remorse for human life. i think the brutality of the crime really speaks for itself. >> he will spend at least 42 years in prison before he is eligible for parole. by then, he'll be 57 years old. in laurel, scott broom, 9news now. talk about a cold and windy day out there. topper, this arctic blast of falling temperatures will stick around for a bit. what do you say? >> hard to believe this time yesterday, we were in the upper 50s. let's start with the wind gust.
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the good news, winds will die down tonight and the wind advisory has been canceled. the bad news is, the winds are going to drive a pretty good windchill. we're looking at winds 23 miles at national, 18-mile per hour wind gusts in gaithersburg and so we are looking at not 50- mile an hour winds, but strong enough to produce windchill. if you're going outside, look at the wind gust in oakland. if you're going outside, you need to dress for the windchill. so it feels like it's 28 in leesburg. 21 in frederick. teens up in hagerstown. look at oakland, it's only 12 degrees. 6 below with the wind. so, here's the deal. tonight partly cloudy, breezy and cold. winds will die down somewhat. 2 to 3 blanket night. winds out of the west 10 to 15. we will come back. i will fix my hair and let you know if the arctic air sticks around all weekend. 30 years ago today, flight crashed into the bridge. the caws of that accident was
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improper deicing and pilot error. 78 people died that day. 74 of the plane's passengers, four on the bridge. the aftermath playing out live on tv screens all over the area. for those who were witness to that tragedy, it haunts them. we all became involved with the people. the survivors, and the heros of that day. >> national airport had been closed on and off all afternoon because of the heavy snow. but at 3:30, the runways were reopened and 15 minutes later, air florida flight 90 took off. the plan began its steep climb and suddenly plunged toward the 15th street bridge. >> the plane come dropping out of the sky. >> lloyd was in his car on that bridge. >> all i did was scream. its nose was up, its tail was down. the tail section hit the bridge. >> the plane sheered the cars and trucks in its path, killing four people as they sat in bumper to bumper traffic with no way to save themselves.
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flight 90 continued to cross the bridge, through a guardrail, and into the potomac. a 34-year-old sheet metal worker was the first in the water that day telling survivors help is on the way, long before help really was on the way. >> i met two of the survivors in person. hamilton and joe styley. >> joe styley was the most seriously injured of the survivors with 60 broken bones. today, he is building a bed and breakfast and lives in mexico. he became a motivational speaker, but since passed away. patricia, the last to be rescued is no longer alive either. kelly duncan was the only surviving crew member after recovering from her injuries, she returned to her old job as a flight attendant. >> i guess those are the kind of decisions that show what you are really made of. >> percilla who lost her
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husband and child is the most memorable. she was drowning and hundreds of people stood by helpless. a cure your by the name of lenny propelled himself into the icy waters to save her. she lives in florida today. he remains a camera shy man doing few interviews, but shortly after his action 30 years ago, he talked with 9news about attending president reagan's state of the union address where he was honored. >> i couldn't believe it. just being invited was one thing, and getting the ovation i did, it put me on cloud nine. >> i can still hear the helicopter. i think about it. i hear the helicopter and kind of feel the cold sensation. i just kind of relive the whole thing. >> we can still see you,
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lenny. so much courage. there were other heros that day. the pilot and jean who were in the park police helicopter plucking those survivors out of the water. both of them have since retired. then there's arlin williams jr. he was on the plane. the chopper came back to get him, he was gone. the 14th street bridge, which you see right here was renamed in his honor in 1983. this is also the 30th anniversary of the first deadly accident in metro history. two women and a man were killed when a packed rush hour train derailed between the federal triangle and smithsonian stations. 20 people were injured. people were trapped in the wreckage and they had to wait up to 45 minutes in the dark before rescuers could get there to guide them out safely. one week after former ward 5 councilman, thomas pled
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guilty. another man pleads guilty in connection with this corruption scandal and the fallout involves a howard university professor and founder of a youth organization. surae chin is here with the details and this expands yet again. >> we're talking about a man, 71 years old, marshall banks. a phd professor. he's been on staff for 30 years and found the foundation for children. it is this organization that dc funds were kicked back to harry thomas. >> marshall banks holds on to his hat on a windy day, walking out of federal court after pleading guilty for his part in the harry thomas corruption scandal. on this friday the 13th, he pleaded guilty to u.s. code section 666. one count of knowing about the embezzling scheme and failing to report it. jamison is bank's attorney. >> this is a tragic situation and the citizens of the
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district of columbia are hurt by this and understandably so. >> according to court documents, excouncilman, harry thomas steered $400,000 through bank's nonprofit organization. more than $300,000 was kicked back to thomas for personal gain. the money was supposed to be used for the youth baseball program. the u.s. attorney won't comment if other people will be prosecuted, but the plea deal is contingent. according to court documents, that codefendant is jimmie garvin. a progolfer. he was inducted into the african american golfer hall of fame in 2006 and now faces federal charges. >> the appropriate steps will be done. so that confidence can be restored and that the children can continue to be served. >> as for professor banks,
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according to his website, he's a faculty member at howard university. now banks faces a maximum three years, but he could get probation. harry thomas faces three to four years. banks signed the plea agreement well before thomas was indicted, lesli. >> this is a tough case all the way around. surae, thanks. anita. >> police are asking for your help in finding armed suspect who robbed a mcdonald's. it was held up wednesday night and police are hoping somebody recognizes the suspect in those surveillance pictures you see right there. a cash reward of $1,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. sentencing was handed down today for three north carolina men. they are accused of plotting to attack the quantico. hassan was ordered to spend the next 15 years behind bars.
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they stockpiled weapons and trained attacks against enemies of islam. also today, van der sloot got a 28 year sentence for murdering a woman he met at a casino in peru. he was ordered to pay $75,000 to the family of that victim, stephanie flores. van der sloot is the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway. her family is hoping to have him prosecuted in the u.s. just as redskins fans were settling down for another long winter's nap, comes mind blowing news that if true, could change everything. bram weinstein of espn tweeted and i quote, one of the people whose opinion at espn i trust the most says payton and saturday to redskins is likely, so i have to warm up to it. that's payton, as in peyton manning, the all world indianapolis quarterback and
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saturday is a probowl lineman. could this happen? and should it ever happen? our redskins insider is here, i presume to be the voice of reason. so again, the question, could this ever really happen? >> first of all, bram and i go back a long way. he used to cover the redskins. however, this may be the janitor if the information pretty accurate here. i don't see this happening on either side. number one, they tried this with donovan mcnabb. younger and healthier. it blew up, it didn't work. a serious neck injury, he may never play again. number two, mike shanahan are control freaks. they would be clashing like crazy. have you ever seen a quarterback call more audible than peyton manning? they don't want to change anything from the line of scrimmage. plus, he wants to play for a winning team. if he's going to come back, the redskins left tackle is one failed drug test away from a yearlong suspension. they are not a winning team.
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what makes sense to me is san francisco. they have a great left tackle, a good runningback and a great defense. that makes sense. this makes no sense. >> all right, you didn't mention the salary cap issue, that payton is due another $28 million. let's put all that aside for a moment and go on the other side of this thing. how could this be made to happen? >> the salary part of it is that the colts have to pick that money up if they have him on the roster by march 13. they aren't going to keep him on the roster and cut him. so redskins don't have to worry about the $28 million. but payton will have a good salary wherever he goes. it could happen because the redskins need a quarterback. wants to sell jerseys and that thing. folks want to get excited about the redskins. he hasn't played in a year. it doesn't make any sense. >> we put the weinstein tweet on our facebook page and here's
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the reaction. jeremy writes, and i quote. of course schneider will never learn the right move is to draft and develop rg3. this team is nowhere close to a contender, even with manning. build through the draft like the smart franchises do. i couldn't have said it better myself. >> exactly. and you know, the redskins want to get rg3. what i wrote last year was write matt flynn from tampa bay. if you can get rg3, great. no guarantee. >> we appreciate the insight, we got excited for just a moment and we like that. >> sorry to dampen your enthusiasm. lesli. >> still ahead, riots break out at beijing's flag ship apple store after hundreds turn out for the iphone release that wasn't. but up next, the growing list of people who could face charges for the marine video sparking controversy across the world. we'll talk live with cbs's bob shaefer.
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new information tonight on the u.s. marines accused of urinating on the corpses of taliban fighters. learned three of the four marines shown in that video have hired legal defense. military investigators have interviewed two of them and they were reluctant to talk. the pentagon says everyone who is in this video who helped make the video, and even who watched it after the battalion
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returned from afghanistan could face punishment. >> these guys know it's not acceptable. they know it's a stupid thing. it's the kind of thing you would expect to do when they are out drunk. >> this is shocking video. it is ground for un-americanism within taliban or in other places. >> the u.s. military has condemned the video, but has not filed any charges. the marine corps appointed a three star general to decide which disciplinary action is warranted. bob shaefer joins us live. bob, this incident is tarnishing the image of forces. this morning lara logan called this a gift for the taliban. >> i think that's exactly right. because what this does is it just gives taliban a believable propaganda. they couldn't do a better job of running down the united states and then to have these
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pictures. but you know, i got to say, anita, after seeing this, what this underlines is how careful we have to be to properly train our people before we send them into combat. combat is not a good place. people away from home, many of them for the first times in their lives. their grandmother is not there. their mother and fathers are not there. the people that tell them what is right and wrong and the people they have to be afraid of. we have to be so careful to train people to what the, you know, the temptations of combat will bring and how to combat that. that's as important as training them to use their weapons. i mean, i feel very sorry for these kids. there's no excuse for what they did, but they are young people in a combat zone who are under incredible pressure. i hope somehow that's factored in as well. >> we heard that from some of our viewers. feelings of support and sadness
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for them. this is a combat zone. reactions to the enemy, all those things playing in. let's talk about moving forward. what happens with the afghan taliban peace process and where does the u.s. factor in all of this? >> well, i don't know that this is going to stop it or start it or have that much of an impact. but it will have the immediate impact of the taliban being able to say look, these people are brutes. these people don't care about us. this is the kind of people they are, and that's what really hurts here. i mean, when something like this surfaces. they are putting the lives of their own comrades in danger by doing things like this. and they -- again, i go back to the training. it has to be drummed into their heads. this is why you don't do this and this is why it's bad. and it's unfortunate that things like this happen. >> bob, you are so right. with video cameras everywhere. this image can get multiplied and sent out so quickly.
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thanks for your insights. we appreciate it. >> okay. >> the park service plans to respond next week to mayor vincent gray's request to remove occupy d.c. protesters from mcpherson square. a park service spokesman gave no other details on what could happen to protesters who set up their tents. mayor gray wants the protesters moved because of health and sanitary concern. including an on going rat infestation program. tonight, protesters tell us they plan to fight any attempt to move them and both locations are park service land and so this is really under their jurisdiction. >> you know if you don't like cold weather, this is not the weekend for you. >> . >> especially coming off the mild stuff we had. >> you're going to be in for sure. do you melt in the cold. >> more like freeze. >> topper is here to take a look at the arctic air for us. top. >> in some ways, we got off easy. we have clear skies right now.
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a live weather cam, courtesy of michael and son. let's go to chicago. a little different story there. in fact, chicago and south bend got hammered. chicago got a fair amount of snow. warm air, too, and then got cold and snow and looking at anywhere from 4 to 6 inches as they dig out. south bend could see a foot before it's all said and done. and our mountains could see a foot also before all said and done. it's cold, but not shoveling just yet. let's talk about temperatures outside. it's 40. dew point is 15. and the humidity is 36%. so we have a very dry air mass. when the winds die down, temperatures will be able to fall. looking at temperatures 35 in bethesda. 35 in rockville. 36 in great fall. 38 in springfield. 36 in beltsville. now the real important figure is the windchill. we still have strong winds. wind advisory has been canceled, but feels like it's
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24 in gaithersburg. 28 in leesburg and teens up in hagerstown and martinsburg. that's what you need to dress for. all right, cold through sunday. winds will diminish somewhat tonight. they'll be in the 10 to 15 range. windchills in the teens. cold saturday and sunday. milder though for martin luther king day. we should go back into the 40s with some sunshine. pretty nice. for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy cold. two to three blanket night. winds westerly at about 10 to 15. for tomorrow morning, well a cold start, mostly sunny. that's the good news. breezy, windchills in the teens and 20s. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. winds west, northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly cloudy and cold. chance of a flurry in tomorrow. high temperatures 35 to 39 and winds out of the northwest at about 10. all right, next seven days. it stays cold sunday. in fact, a tad colder on sunday. very nice on monday. and low 50s on tuesday with some sunshine and then we're
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looking at temperatures getting cold again behind the next system. not a big storm on tuesday. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s on wednesday. 42 on thursday. maybe a flurry on friday. temperatures in the low 30s. not bad. >> good to see you back here. >> winter has finally gotten here. >> not really a punch, you know. >> not until we get the snow. you know what he wants. coming up, the ironic twist that caused riots to break out at the iphone 4s launch.
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china has long had a love affair with apple. >> yeah, but those fond feelings turned sour earlier on friday. >> especially in one place, angry crowds erupted in violence at a flag ship apple store after the long awaited release of iphone 4s didn't happen. apple will stop selling 4s for the time being to protect the safety of customers and employees. sam grant was there when the scuffle started. >> it wasn't supposed to be
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like this. eggs pelted at the apple store. people furious. then reaching boiling points. angry, potential apple customers viciously attacking security. >> security are running down and the mob is continuing to follow them. is this what happened when they didn't open the apple store. the crowd getting angrier and angrier. punches have been thrown. they are following security. look over here. >> well hundreds waited in the freezing cold overnight for the release that never came. no official explanation was ever given. but many suspect chinese authorities were afraid a stampede would ensue.
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the iphone 4s was being sold elsewhere in china. thousands of fans lined up outside that apple store. but some customers left there empty handed because that store wasn't accepting credit cards. >> serious glitches there. >> yeah. >> still ahead, the infant sleep disorder symptom says most parents don't recognize. >> but up next, remembering the deadly air florida crash 30 years ago today from one of the reporters who covered it firsthand.
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returning to our coof rack of the air florida crash 30 years ago today. former channel 9 reporter was a radio traffic reporter back in 1982 when he heard the crash on a police scanner. i sat down with him today to discuss memories of that day and how emergency response in our area has changed since that crash. >> i hear national airport fire saying, we have a plane down. up near the 14th street bridge. i worked my way through the back roads of pentagon city and crystal city and pulled up at the twin bridges marriott just off the 14th street bridge. that hotel no longer exists. got up into a 5th floor hotel room. somebody had the door open, someone was on the balcony. i said can i come in? can i use your phone?
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i called wtop and gave them their first reports and i could see what was going on. no one could believe that a plane of this size was in the river between the spans of the bridges. that was my first impression. where's the plane? it has to be a small plane. four people were killed on the bridge. went right into the water between the inbound span and the hov span which is further up river. i shook a little thinking the lives lost there, the impact of the whole thing, got to think about this. how many of us drove in and out of the 14th street bridge daily? it's the main road from virginia into the district of columbia. it's the route i traveled. any of us could have been on that bridge. when flight 90 came overhead. if you listen to the survivors, they will tell you, they saw roger, a man who said i have to do something, jumped into the icy river and swam out there. he could have been a victim himself. that gave them hope. the other, of course, is arlin
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williams. i couldn't see him, but to hear that story, he kept passing the life raft, and now it is named after him. >> the disaster response could have been disastrous, given the fact that nobody could talk to each other. >> not just talk to each other, there was no real strong disaster response plan for the region back in 1982. and that was an issue. they did a good job, but arlington and d.c. weren't sure who was in charge. they were both saying we were in charge. they acted some progressive thinkers and came up with a strong mutual aide plan. just what a third a mile away at the pentagon. >> do you think about this every time you go across the 14th street bridge? >> i always think back to that day when i see arlin williams name. >> it led to improved communications in the cockpit.
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back then the pilot was in charge and didn't listen to those beneath him. input from the co-pilot and others are impacted before others are made. ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of a maryland soldier. army soldier of woodsborrow was buried with full military honors. the 30-year-old frederick county native was killed by a roadside bomb in the kunar province. and a hero's welcome for an army chaplain who just came home from afghanistan. that's up in rockville. the church just offals road was reverend gaskin's first parish assignment. he came back to the united states after being deployed last february. screaming, dancing, hollywood stars and most unusual school day for students at hey field secondary school. they got to meet the first lady and cast of icarly.
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kristin fisher explains why the white house and nickelodeon are teaming up for a good cause. >> it feels more like a rock concert than an event for the first lady. >> these kids have been screaming and dancing for over an hour now. how excited are you to see mrs. obama in the cast of icarly? >> when they finally took the stage -- >> they were really loud. >> the loudest crowd we have had. >> piercing. >> the cast of icarly is here to debut a special episode featuring michelle obama. she did the episode to bring awareness how tough it is for kids who have parents in the military. in hey field secondary school has one of the highest concentrations of military families in the country. >> it was really rough. 12k3w4r-8th grader has two parents in the military. >> we moved around a lot.
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had to go to a couple different schools. >> it's not easy changing schools every two years and know your dad is away serving in another part of the world, right? >> to get support from the first lady and encouragement from the stars of her favorite tv show. >> it was the best experience ever. it was just amazing. >> in alexandria, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> icarly episode will air this monday on nickelodeon. >> the first lady and the president are hosting movie night. they welcome airmen along with the cast and crew members of the movie, red tail. they'll get a private viewing of the film about the fighter pilots during world war ii. derek. >> anita, kindles, nooks, ipads, reading is going high- tech at the high school. today marks the grand opening of the ben carson reading room at the school. it will be accessible to
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students during class breaks and after school and teachers will be using it to give kids unique assignments and this is the first high school reading room of its kind in the entire nation. >> remember this? the one that broke out between the georgetown hoyas during an exhibition game? china? well today the two teams had a much calmer meeting. that story is just next. >> could be radioactive. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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here's something you don't want in your bathroom. a radioactive tissue holder. that's on the list you don't want, but bed, bath, and beyond is recalling the boutique holders because they contain radioactive material. now a spokesperson from the nuclear regulatory regulation said there is little risk to your health. the largest dyi retailer said they want something you might want. home depot plans to hire 70 ,000 temporary and part-time workers in anticipation of a busy spring season. good news for job seekers is
5:40 pm
those positions could become permanent and you can apply online or at your local home depot store. and devoted gamers yearn for the most popular video game, but our partners report the group says sales of games were down more than a billion dollars in 2011. according to the marketing research firm, shoppers spent $17 billion on games and consoles last year compared to $18 billion in 2010. >> a new outlet mall could be coming to prince georges county. >> the county planning board unanimously gave the preliminary okay to the plan to build a 460,000 square foot complex near national harbor. pending full approval, the mall could be open by summer 2013. but some residents are opposed, saying it could lead to more traffic and create an eyesore near the man manner. >> it is a world of wonder. the international motorcycle show is what we're talking
5:41 pm
about and it opened moments ago. this thing features the latest in street bikes, dirt bikes, and very slick motorcycle gear. local bike builders competing for a piece of a cash prize, the motorcycle show runs through 5:00 p.m. on sunday. nice looking bike. >> absolutely. still to come, how air travel safety changed radically since the airport of plane crash 30 years ago. topper. >> the good news, the winds are dying down, but if you're headed out, you have to dress for the windchills. temperatures themselves are still 40 downtown. primarily in the 30s in the suburbs. come back and give you the windchill and take you through the weekend and into next week. state of the art surgery comes to prince georges county and that robot plays a really big role. we'll be right back with the health alert.
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prince georges county residents can now get state of the art minimally invasive surgery in their own neighborhood. doctors community hospital is the first hospital in prince georges to use a robotic
5:45 pm
surgery system called di vinci. smaller incisions, less blood loss and a much quicker recovery for patients. neurologist says the robotic arms that mimic his hands allow more precision on the job. >> because the instruments are half an inch long or quarter of an inch in size and because the magnification of the robot is five or ten times normal size, you can see every little thing inside the body that you sometimes couldn't see or frequently couldn't see when you were doing standard surgery. >> the system is used to treat a variety of conditions, we're talking bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. also removal of uterine fibroids. >> does your baby have trouble falling asleep? most parents think they will soon pass. a new study shows it will be
5:46 pm
more serious when it sticks around. >> kristen hasn't had a good night sleep in years. her two-year-old daniel still has trouble sleeping through the night. >> only got maybe four hours of sleep. he would be tossing and turning and whining. >> kristen is not alone. an ohio research team found 10% of infants and toddlers have lasting sleep troubles. including staying in their own beds or having nightmares. by age 3, 21% of children were still not getting a good night's rest. >> if you had a child who has six months of age, they were three times as likely to have a persistent sleep problem. >> their study finds 12% of young children snore, but surprisingly, many parents didn't consider that something to be concerned about. >> a lot of people snoring, getting a good quality sleep, but there's turbulence in the way that child breathes. >> it turns out that was
5:47 pm
daniel's problem. >> the snoring would wake him up. >> he was suffering from sleep apnea. he now has ear tubes so he can breathe and rest easier. >> he seems more energized, he can go more hours without being cranky. >> pediatricians say any big changes in your child's behavior or trouble with learning, mood swings, that can be a sign of sleep issues at night and needs to be checked out. >> more hours without getting cranky. that's what i like to hear right there. >> didn't get enough sleep as a child, derek, especially when it's cold, right? >> cranky, me? >> yeah. crankalicious. it's just being cranky. >> we understood. >> okay. just making sure. >> we may be guys, but we did get that. it's going to be cold all weekend. the winds are dying down. wind advisory has been canceled, but it's still going to be cold if you head outside
5:48 pm
tonight. let's start with our live weather cam. nice shot of the capital. most of the suburbs in the 30s. dew point 15. relative humidity 36%. winds westerly and winds out of the west can actually compress as they come down the mountains and warm up the atmosphere. had it been a northwest wind, wouldn't have made it back to 40. temperatures in the suburbs, in the 30s. 34 up in bethesda. and also rockville. 32 in gaithersburg. 34 in leesburg. and looking at 38 in andrews and 36 in beltsville. so we'll look at the windchill. feels like ins the 20s. 25 in gaithersburg. 24 in frederick. i know i harp on this a lot, but a different world when you cross the divide here. it's 12 right now in oakland. you factor in the windchill, it's 8 below. that's the bad news. good news is, it will be a good weekend for skiing. cold through sunday. winds diminish. windchills in the teens. cold saturday and sunday and
5:49 pm
actually a little milder for martin luther king day. should make it back into the 40s with plenty of sunshine. for tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, cold. call it a two to three blanket night. winds still out of the west at 10 to 15. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and cold. windchills in the teens and 20s. temperatures themselves 20s and 30s and by afternoon, partly cloudy, cold, a slight chance of a passing flurry. high temperatures generally in the mid to upper 30s. winds not a factor. winds out of the northwest at 10. next seven days, very nice on monday. really, we're looking at a great holiday. temperature in the mid 40s and a little system comes at us tuesday. it's not a strong storm. temperatures in the low 50s and then behind the storm, we have temperatures in the 30s on wednesday. low 40s on thursday. and back in the low 30s on friday. but if you are a snow lover, there's nothing to get excited about in the next seven to possibly 12 days. i know you guys are crying about that.
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back to you. >> we're getting cranky. >> i know you're having trouble with that. >> i'm cranky. >> meantime, the redskin season is over, but the ravens have their first playoff game this season. but the players won't be the only ones taking the field in baltimore. >> set has a sample of this team's unique cheering squad. >> since 1996, when the ravens began in baltimore, they have been the only football team in the nfl with a coed cheerleading squad. so unique that the news organization followed them for an entire year. and shot the footage. it is a strene ewous balancing act. these guys say the audience is just waiting for them to drop one of the women. >> that hurt. >> it has happened before. you hear that crowd. they're like, oh. it's bad. >> while there may not be
5:51 pm
fortunes, it is just $100 a game. there is something that for these guys is just as valuable. >> while the game is going on, you are seeing everything firsthand. the best seats in the house. >> man, i kind of like that. that was looking pretty nice. >> you like the close up seats, right? >> that's exactly what you're looking at. you're looking at how close you are to the action. dave gets to get close to the action. >> no comment on that one, guys. well we are certainly used to big events here in the district, but tonight something that has never been done before. and approximately 10 minutes, a basketball game will be played involving two basketball teams. one making a historic journey. it's a story you'll only see here on channel 9. >> high school was doing something never done before. first time a chinese high school basketball team toured the united states to play
5:52 pm
exhibitions. before tip time tonight, a quick stop by georgetown university. >> his team is number 11 in u.s. this year. >> that's joe coolly, an american, he lived in shanghai for five years and he has been a driving force in making this trip happen. and what a trip it's been. 14 1/2 hours. from china then to buffalo then to pennsylvania and williams port. last night they landed in d.c. >> u.s.a. is a great country. a lot of people like basketball. >> get a chance to experience and learn different things about different people and different cultures. and that's it for me. it's a growth process for all of us. >> what an ironic meeting when you consider the hoyas ugly brawl this past summer. the visit wasn't specifically an attempt to smooth over relations stemming from that incident. it's huge. the chinese embassy is planning on sending a large contingent. >> this is where they're going
5:53 pm
to play tonight. small private institution right here in northwest. it's small. that gym gymnasium only holds 400 people. >> i think it's a cool opportunity for our kids to sort of expand the diversity angle and the lens they see the world through. >> a great cultural exchange. the visit has been in the works since november. after tonight's game, the chinese team will get on a plane and head to morristown, new jersey. thus far, the united states hasn't been gracious hosts. the team has been winless on the tour. >> still ahead, police think they have a break in the case of several local church burglaries. then a little later, streamlining the way the government works, we'll share president obama's plan. >> it can be a day of horror or a day of luck depending on your perspective. a welcome at some of the origins of the series about friday the 13th. that's coming up next.
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if you're the superstitious type, you might be on edge. >> it is friday the 13th and as people hate it or love this date. >> for most of us, friday the 13th is just another day. for others, it's a day to
5:57 pm
dread. friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of friday the 13th. friggatriskaidekaphobia, a fear of the number 13. we'll see three friday the 13's, the most possible in a single calendar year. >> the superstition about friday, friday being an unlucky day is quite old. >> psychology professor, stewart has studied the origins of superstitions. >> somewhere in the 13th century, probably in england, 13 got associated with friday and you got a double whammy of bad luck. >> 13 first got its bad rap around 1500b.c. according to mythology, 12 gods gathered for a dinner. when the god of mischief crashed the party, making himself the 13th guest, all hell broke loose. and the god bulger ended up dead. and does this look familiar? jesus and his 12 12 sat at a
5:58 pm
table. leaving to christ's arrest and eventual crucifixion which took place on a friday. we see the superstition all around us. actually, it's what we don't see. elevators rarely stop at the 13th floor. most airport terminals skip gate 13 all together. but diabolical date has shown up at the multiplex. over and over and over again. but while this day is a horror to some. >> it is good luck. >> others actually embrace the day. country music superstar, taylor swift is a big fan of the number 13. as she told lesli stall in an interview for f 0 minutes. >> what's that? >> that's a 13. i put it on my hand every
5:59 pm
single night. i draw it with a sharpie. >> it's always 13? >> it's good luck. it's my lucky number. it's come up so many times in my life. i was born on the 13th. i turned 13 on friday the 13th. my first album went platinum in 13 minutes. >> taylor swift likes friday the 13th. who knew. some good luck superstitions can be good for you. like a rabbit's foot, but no benefit in believing in the bad ones. this is 9news now. >> three home invasions in the last four days and tonight police tell us they may all be related. the most recent case came early this morning in temple hills. scott broom is live at police headquarters with more on this developing investigation. scott, what do you know? >> this one happened in prince georges county and police are concerned they may be connected to the


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