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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 14, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EST

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geoff: it's g.p. and the fergs , epilogue. [laughter] craig: well, kristen went and she's gone. took all that stuff she brought as well. dax's ball, that little organ, everything. geoff: yeah, she's so cute with her hair and her skin. craig: i won't lie to you, geoff, she's -- she's very attractive. [laughter] craig: but i don't want you to think that our partnership is in danger. i -- i care for kristen very deeply. but geoff, you, well, i could just turn you off. geoff: craig, that's so sweet. it means very much to me. craig: anyway, what she did leave is she left your croissant pen or baguette pen.
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she covered the pen with actual baguette. it's almost as if she's had practice covering something with an area so that it wouldn't get on her dress. geoff: sounds like that clinton expose. craig: yeah, the documentary. you going to watch that? geoff: definitely. craig: what if i unplug you? geoff: then ooh i'm not watching craig: what if i unplug you? geoff: then ooh i'm not watching -- uh-oh -- e shoes are amazing. really? she was married for like three hours. well, she's efficient. look at that color. wait a minute. didn't she name her kid hawaii? maui! yeah... she built a yacht for her pug. actually, it was a lakehouse. yeah, he's right. this heel is so fabulous. mine. look at that. cute. she was here once. what? she had toes like a sloth. really? ew.
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when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. rundown. the show starts now. change it or else. the d.c. memorial to martin luther king needs a do over. >> plus, topper is tracking that arctic air to see if it moves out for the weekend. >> but first, a frightening spree of local home invasions claims another victim. >> this is 9news now. >> three home invasions in
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just four days. the latest taking place on a street called berkeley around 6:00 in the morning. >> a woman was sexually assaulted as members of her family were tied up. gary is live in temple hills where police think the series of home invasions may have been committed by the same man. >> this most recent case happened at 6:00 this morning as a woman left her home to warm up her car. when she returned to her house, a gunman forced his way inside and sexually assaulted her police canvassed the neighborhood looking for clues. the gunman used black plastic zip ties to handcuff five family members. a family member's cell phone rang and the woman who was sexually assaulted said don't call again, there's trouble here. the intruder confiscated his victim's cell phones. the caller was alarm and active. a neighbor was called to check on the house. she held her baby in her arms.
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are you okay, he said? yes, everything is fine. the neighbor was skeptical. the woman pointed to the crack in the door where the neighbor could see the gunman. i'm calling police, he said, at that point the gunman stepped forward and said if the police are called, i'm going to shoot your little girl. the neighbor carefully backed away and went to his home, called police, and on his mobile phone, went to his front window to see his neighbor's car racing up the hill. moments later, the neighbor came out and handed her the phone and gave her story to police. >> at about 7:00 tonight, police found the car here several blocks away and took it for forensic investigation to a county garage. earlier this week, a gunman forced his way into a wheaten home. listen to reporter bruce leshan's description. >> friends say that the victim here in wheaten was actually holding her little baby. the gunman was so cold he actually pointed the weapon right at the child. which is why the woman did
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exactly what he told them. >> and also this week, a home invasion in bethesda. the woman sexually assaulted. sound familiar? >> the fact that property was taken, how the incident occurred, the time of day. those factors, there appear to be similarities. >> police are looking for a black male, 25 to 30. 170-pounds with a chipped tooth. a very similar description to the intruder in montgomery county. >> remember the call that took place during the home invasion? the caller who said don't call again here? that call prompted family members to call prince georges county police at 8:36 this morning. police needed an interpreter to understand what was going on. 12 minutes later, the interpreter done his or her work. police understood and dispatched an officer at 8:48. only three minutes before the neighbor phoned at 8:51, 15 minutes after that original call and moments before the suspect drove away in his
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victim's car. we talked to members of the family that went through that ordeal today, but were told they have been instructed by prince georges county police not to talk about the case. derek and anita. >> what a terrible morning. all right gary, thank you. history is oftentimes told through words, so you can just imagine what could happen if those words are wrong. ken explains why a top u.s. official is calling for the new martin luther king jr. memorial to set the record straight. >> this is the quote in question. now u.s. secretary says it's wrong, should have never gone up that way and giving the park service 30 days to get it right. the words on the north side of the memorial read, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness. the words are not in quotation marks, that isn't exactly what the civil rights leader said. the message was even pointed out by political satire. his website contains a clip with the original words.
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>> i was a drum major. say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness. >> if you want to deem him a drum major for justice, if you want to call him a drum major for justice, then so be it. >> but not having the words if and you in what was paraphrased distorts what dr. king was trying to say. >> it gives you the impression that he was being arrogant. >> i think it's crazy they built this whole thing and got the quote wrong. >> visitors were fast to react to the controversy. many are glad it will be changed, others are siding with cober. >> everybody please calm down. this is a memorial. it's about how we remember dr. king no matter what he may have actually said. >> kent salazar told the
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washington post he put a 30 day order to change, because according to him, things only happen when you put a deadline on it. ken, 9news now. it is unclear how much it will cost to fix this despite our request, neither the national park service would comment on that price tag. again, the martin king foundation as well as the king family have 30 days to come up with plans for a suitable alternative. she was only 13 years old when he murdered his teacher at the youth facility in prince georges county. now brian could spend the next 85 years in prison for that deadly crime. back in february of 2010, police found 65-year-old hanah wheeling half naked, raped, and beaten to death outside her classroom. police say they found watson's dna on her body and clothes. the crime scene helped link them to another home invasion where he tried to stab a woman to death in her sleep. >> we have no answer to why a
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13-year-old boy is capable, would be capable of killing and raping in the manner that he did. >> today in court, that was a young man who did not exhibit an awful lot of remorse for human life. i think the brutality of the crime really speaks for itself. >> he pleaded guilty to brought crimes. a judge sentenced him to three, 85 year prison terms who were served simultaneously. he will spend 42 years in prison before he is eligible for parole. and by that time, he'll be 57 years old. today marks the 30 year anniversary of that tragic plane crash on the 14th street bridge. more than 70 people died and only five made it out. >> the aftermath played out live on televisions across our area as emergency crews made efforts to get to those victims. lindsey mastis joins us live from the satellite center with more on this harrowing anniversary. >> derek, this is a story that news veterans still talk about
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today. the chaos, the cold, and the heroism. for those of us that weren't there, it would be hard to imagine what it was like, but we can see how everyone came together when it seemed like the world was coming apart. >> just 30 seconds after taking off from washington national airport, flight 90 hit the 14th street bridge and plunged into the potomac river. >> all of a sudden this plane come dropping out of the sky, right at you. >> the day began with a snowstorm so bad that the airport was temporarily closedded and the federal government let its employees leave early. that meant traffic on the bridge was at a standstill. emergency crews had trouble getting through the gridlock. on the bridge, four motorists were killed. in the freezing water, few survivors emerged. it took the effort of heros to save five people. bystanders pulled people from the water. roger jumped in to help. >> it was an intensely
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emotional experience. the whole thing. >> lenny dove into the icy water to help percilla. >> to hear the helicopter and feel a cold sensation. i just relive the whole thing. >> arlind. williams jr. sacrificed his own life by passing a rescue line from a helicopter to those struggling to survive. he eventually drowned. the 14th street bridge was renamed in his honor. it may surprise you to know that this woman, flight attendant, kelly duncan went back to work for the airline. she was the only crew member to survive. 74 passengers and crew died. it took emergency responders days to recover all the bodies. >> the moment that i remember the most was the last day. they discovered the body of the baby that they were looking for. i shed tears. >> the crash was the result of a series of mistakes.
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the heating system was never turned on. the plane was not properly deiced. this crash led to reforms, including the way planes are deiced today. derek, back to you. >> thank you, lindsey. one of the most interesting things is that the plane crash was not the only tragedy to hit washington that day 30 years ago. it also marked the first ever deadly metro accident in history. two women and a man were killed when a train derailed between the federal triangle and smithsonian stations. up to 20 people were injured. victims trapped say they had to wait up to 45 minutes in the dark before the rescuers got there to guide them to safety. tonight president obama is waiting for the green light from congress to streamline the federal government. the president wants to smash half a dozen economic agencies into one as a way to eliminating bureaucratic duplication. the plan is expected to save $3 billion over ten years. the commerce department would be among the agencies that would cease to exist.
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and it is too bad, so sad for some of the gop presidential hopefuls today. a federal judge rejected a lawsuit to add rick perry, rick santorum and john huntsman to virginia's primary ballot. all four filed a lawsuit after they failed to get enough signatures. a brief in court saying virginia had violated the candidates rights when it prohibited them from using out of state petition circumstanceulators to collect the signatures they needed to get on the ballot. >> gathering petitions is a right of free speech under the first amendment. so this should not be any residency requirement for anyone who wants to gather petitions for a political candidate. >> but the judge didn't quite see it that way. now only mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot march 6. tonight another plea of guilty in the corruption case that already brought down former d.c. council member, harry thomas. this time it's marshall banks. a howard university professor and founder of a youth
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organization. according to court documents, thomas steered $400,000 through banks nonprofit. more than 300,000 was kicked back to thomas for personal gain. that money was supposed to be used for a baseball program for kids. we have o 9news now update for you. the protest group occupy d.c. says it's not going anywhere. as we reported last night, the mayor called on the national park service to move the demonstrators from mcpherson square to the encampment. the reasons, public health conditions. tonight occupy d.c. says it won't cave in to what it calls the mayor's political posturing but it will work with the city. topper. >> the arctic air is here. the winds thankfully diminished somewhat. here's your wakeup weather. temperatures are going to be in the 20s. generally clear skies, 8:00, 24 to 30 and by 10:00, 20 to 34. still breezy in the morning.
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not windy tomorrow morning, but breezy. we will come back and tell you if the arctic air lasts through the holiday weekend and if we'll see any flakes fly by monday. still ahead tonight, a double dose of celebrity for one local schools. why the first lady and hollywood stars paid a visit. also caught on tape, an officer puts a beat down on a mentally challenged woman. that is coming u
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ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of a soldier killed in afghanistan. army specialist, ronald of woodsburro was buried today. the 30-year-old frederick county native was killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan. caught on tape, a los angeles sheriff deputy striking a mentally challenged woman.
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someone called the sheriff's office because this woman was acting aggressively towards passengers. they tried to remove the woman from the bus and she refused to go. you can literally see her fall over. the department is investigating the incident. >> also caught on tape, an attack in an apartment lobby. hoping they can stir up some leads, but it also might be instructive on whatnot to do when you're the victim of an assault. that man is grabbing a teenager from behind, reaches for her cell phone. punches her, doesn't let him have the phone, which is what you aught to do. she fights back. not once, not twice, but three times and in the process, she gets punched over and over and over again and the attack was still gets to leave with her phone. well some first dates end with a kiss. this ends with a head on collision. a date that two high school kids will probably never forget. out on the town in virginia
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suddenly another car slams into theirs and climbs up over the passenger side. cyrus pushes the broken windshield away from his date and gets both of them out. the driver's blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. not every day hollywood stars drop by your high school, let alone with the first lady. today the cast of icarly and michelle obama made a visit to hayfield secondary school in alexandria. it was to debut the episode in which the first lady brings a cameo bringing awareness on how tough it can be for kids. hayfield was the perfect venue. it has one of the highest concentrations of military families in the nation. 8th grader has both her parents in the military. >> we moved around a lot. had to go to a couple different schools. >> it's not easy changing schools every two years and keeping your brains up and knowing that your dad is away
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serving in another part of the world, right? >> the icarly episode featuring the first lady will air this monday on nickelodeon. there are about a zillion sports stories going on right now. from the nfl to the national hockey league. this weekend there's only one name on the lips of sports fans and that's tim tebow. tonight, derek figures who will join the crowd. >> honestly, anita, what is it about this single football player that gets everybody so worked up? guys like deon sanders or joe montana had all the hype, but these guys also had supernatural talent. no this is something very different. tebow is equivalent of brussel sprouts. no middle ground. but the haters have been lining up for another bite of tebow. denver's playoff win over the pittsburgh steelers got 42 million viewers. that's the most to watch a wild
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card playoff game ever. and who knows how many more will be tuning in tomorrow night when tebow's broncos travel into tom brady country. there's no mystery for rooting for tebow. what's not to like about a guy who seems genuinely humble, loves what he's doing, and leaves no doubt it's not all about him. on the other side, i think tim tebow has so many haters in part because well, he is so unhateable. he has to be faking it, right? nobody is that nice and that if he does pull it off tomorrow, all of us who thought denver was stupid to draft tebow so high and that tebow would never amount to anything in the nfl, all of us will be plain wrong. anita. okay. lesson learned. >> okay. we'll see what happens. an awful lot of viewers watching. >> i was one of them. yeah. i'll be one of them this weekend, too. denver game. all right, let's talk about the
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winds. it calmed down a bit. the arctic air is here and it will stay here through the weekend. let's check out the weather cam brought to you by michael and son. a live shot of the capital. the flags are not flapping like crazy right now and temperatures, one of those crazy nights where the high was 51 just after midnight today and the low right now is 31. that's the current temperature. it's a weird day if you look in the books, 51 and 31 and it didn't feel like that because the temperatures dropped all day. winds have calmed down. humidity at 47%. let's talk about what is going to happen here. breezy in the morning tomorrow. not windy, but breezy in the morning. cold, maybe an evening flurry, especially south of town. the mountains will keep going with the snow machine through saturday. a bit colder for sunday. and good news for the holiday, milder for martin luther king day. in fact, temperatures should make it into the low, possibly
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mid 40s with sunshine and just late clouds. overnight, clear to partly cloudy. a 2 to 3 blanket night. winds westerly. occasionally 10 to 15. drives windchills in the teens. mostly sunny, breezy and cold. actual temperatures 20s to 30s, but again, we'll have a west northwest wind. breezy, but not windy. by afternoon, partly cloudy and cold. got to keep a chance of a -- all right, here's the zone forecast. maybe 16 tomorrow in oakland if you are lucky. if we had windchills today, 10 below. 28 in cumberland and you'll find some more snow west of the divide tomorrow. low to mid 30s, hagerstown to winchester. upper 30s in culpeper and mid 30s in warrenton, leesburg, 35 in manassas and 35 or 36 in
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fairfax. downtown, 37. upper 30s into southern maryland. almost 30 by the bay and just enough wind to require a small craft advisory for the bay and title potomac for all of saturday. we'll break it down. 20s to start. by noon, it's cold. maybe a snow flurry late. 35 to about 39. but you're going to need sunglasses primarily. the next three days, well 34 on sunday. a tad bit colder. on monday, great. temperatures in the mid 40s. some clouds will come in very late. next seven dais, after that looking at light rain or showers on tuesday. go back in the 50s and chilly on wednesday, back in the low 40s next thursday and maybe a flurry next friday and cold again. >> all right topper shutt, thank you, sir. >> dave owens is
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and now, 9sports with dave owens. the best sports in town.
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>> the caps petition the league, currently tied with philly for the most wins. away from the booth is where they've had their problems. good at home, bad away. they were at home tonight. that's good stuff. alex ovechkin. look at him going all denzel washington. his sixth in his last seven games. that power play doing it well. doorstep love, derek. 2-0 caps. he scored in the first, the second, and the third. maybe maicing making all men take off their hats. quit running a little there. this was harlem globetrotter. up by 24 in this game. 4th quarter, running down the court. turn around.
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kodak moment. philly wins by 31. same two teams tomorrow at the verison center. the redskins should put on an ad. help wanted, desperately seeking quarterback. applicants should be tall so they can see over the line and be able to carry a team on his back. peyton manning could fit that description and his name was linked to the redskins all day today. bram wienstein, one of the people's opinion that i trust the most, payton plus saturday, that's jeff saturday to the redskins is very likely. i have to warm up to it. manning is a shoe in hall of famer. almost 400 touchdown passes. and that super bowl bling. but he's been rehabbing his neck after offseason surgery. didn't play a single down this year. what to make of all this? dave giving us his take. >> from peyton manning's perspective, if he's going to come back and play for a winning team with a good offensive line. trent williams is one failed drug test away from a
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suspension. bringing it hard. the first chinese basketball team to visit the united states was in d.c. today. they visited georgetown. did some sightseeing and took on field school in northwest d.c. the chinese team defeated 55-44. 19,000 of you voted, so you can't be wrong. largo ladies and the largo ladies getting pumped up for our game of the week. good name here, guys. pink shoes and going glad. she had 18. but let us get a reading from the gospel of genesis. let there be jumpers and let there be nylon. she had a game high 22. yellow jackets win it 77-50 in our game of the week, 19,000 of you can't be wrong. >> no. >> thank you,


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