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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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he finally said, i'm ready to go play. he shows good speed, good size, great future. jim: here again, tebow has good chemistry with thomas as you saw last week. thomas with four grabs for 204 yards, a denver postseason record, 14 more and a first. you'll have plenty to talk about on wednesday night. for 30 year the show the pros watch. "inside the nfl." jeremiah johnson here. ihedigbo at the 44. phil: do you think i like ever have to search for something to talk about in jim: i know better than that. phil: it's a lot of fun. i don't know if there'll be
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much debate about this game, that's for sure. jim: brady, his night might be complete with 9:00 to go. will it be houston or will it be baltimore they face next week? the texans, of course, in their first ever postseason, a win over cincinnati last week, baltimore had the week off. that's tomorrow, 1:00, with the noon special edition of "the nfl today," j.b. and the crew. phil: you know what we saw here today, we saw a rested patriots team, eager, wanted to play, knew this was another chance to finally do what they want and i see the same thing when i look at the baltimore ravens.
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finally, a home playoff game. jim: thomas. incomplete. arrington out there covering him. mccourty sliding over from safety. a.f.c. championship preview, as far as matchups against the ravens that postseason loss two years ago, right here, rice ran wild, two and one all doctor 2-1 all time against houston. they lost their last meeting in the last week of the regular season 2009, welker went out with injury at houston. fourth down here for the broncos. tebow stays behind the line. finds his man. it's thomas who spins away from the patriot defenders and takes it all down to the 2.
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phil: we said early in the game, jim, sometimes the worst thing you can do to tim tebow is flush him out of the pocket. then he becomes instinctive, throws the football, it's always to his left, if you notice. he'll find a way to break left and probably the best thing he does this early in his career, throwing the football on the run. jim: what a block by lance ball. that's the biggest play of the night for denver, 41 yards. football is at the 3. first and goal. a time-out by denver. 7:39 to play in this one. ♪ [ piano chords ] [ man announcing ] what we created here. what we achieved here. what we learned here. and what we pioneered here.
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jim: looking in on the owners' -- owner's box, robert kraft, senator kerry is back there, along with bon jovi. first and goal, an empty back feel. fires it, incomplete, in the
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area of rosario. phil: i guess i could talk about that play now. i've been watching them practice it for five weeks. they're down inside, of course it's not going to have the same effect. they're faking the power run. you see the right guard pulling out for the patriots, all over man-to-man defense. jim: i remind everybody, the stat we talked about in the first half, all season long, tebow, inside the 10, two completions, but both for touchdowns. this one is incomplete again. this time mark anderson got a paw on it. phil: it's a unique formation they have here. four receivers to tebow's right, one to the left. the defense goes to the four receivers, he has one-on-one. but a good job knocking it down by anderson.
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jim: anderson has really come on this year for them. former bear. lost andre carter, that was a big loss for them in the game out of denver, in fact. phil: he played very well. jim: two sacks, forced fumble. phil: big key tonight, part of stopping that option all night long. jim: third and goal. ball shifts into the backfield. tebow keeps, tebow is chased, tebow desperate to throw it away. again, it was mark anderson who was creating that for the patriots' defense. phil: i think this is a run all the way. he's going to run it inside. they're going to fake the give to the left, he's going to go right, there's nowhere to go. put, none of the offensive linemen really, maybe it was a fake. i didn't see any of them fire off and try to get a black down the field. jim: one more time. -- try.
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already keblingted on one fourth down to move it on this series. can they do it here, fourth and goal? no, they do not sack him. that ellis taking a stab at it. now tee poe throws, it's incomplete. a wild chase that ends in an incompletion. the series ends at the 3-yard line. it was ellis, ninkovich, chasing after tebow. after all that, 75 yards in all to thomas. love bats it down and the broncos do not score from 3 broncos do not score from 3 yards away.
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] jim: belichick, once the season is over, there's time for a few primaries. phil: i just want to see him in a debate that would be interesting. jim: man of few words. phil: haven't you asked that question before? jim: running for president?
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phil: that's what he'd say. we've heard that question, we answered that yesterday. we discussed that. let's move on. jim: i think we talked about that policy. next question. phil: i know the score you look at this game, i'll guarantee you, they'll find things in it that he was unhappy with. he'll preach it to his team and they'll march on. it will not be sit back and look at what we did. they'll be back to work tomorrow thinking about the next opponent. jim: brady remains in, second and 12 from the end zone. he's got deion branch. was that a facemask? rahim moore. horse collar, i believe is what it was. phil: i'm guessing the he grabbed the back of the helmet. referee: horse collar foul, 15-yard penalty.
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jim: gained 14, plus 15 more. phil: you're right, jim, good eyes. when a player in the open field and you grab him like that, and you pull him down, that is going to be the horse collar. good call, good example of it. it is very dangerous. you can see why they call it a penalty. you pull that runner as he's going full speed, pull him down from behind like that, there's a good chance of injury. jim: tom brady, 363 yards now, a career high for the postseason. green-ellis, patient enough to pick up yardage. his best run of the night. fighting for a 10-yard gain, this will be about 9 1/2. phil: i think as we look at this, 5:00 to go, bill belichick, you know, it's the
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old school approach, we just play. play the whole game. so he's not taking tom brady out yet, still throwing the football. jim: moore is down. another bronco. injured in the game. six years ago tonight, partner, we were doing this exact same matchup. on january 14, 2006, it was new england at denver. that was the champ bailey 100-yard return game where he was chased down at the end of the field by benjamin watson. brady came into that game having never lost in the postseason and the broncos handed him his first ever playoff loss, and bailey made the play. here they are still on the field six years later this one is going the other way in a very decisive manner. that's good for a first down.
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here's the play. phil: here it comes. ben watson. hustled down the field, made that tackle. on champ bailey. phil: one of five giveaways -- jim: one of five giveaways on the fight for new england. polite, picks up the first down a late-season pickup from the cowboys. phil: you talk about tom brady being in and all that junk. a lot of times you keep this, you keep mixing it up, here's the reason why. if you're on the offensive side and you just announce we're going to run the clock out, that defense is going to come
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flying up there and you've got a greater chance for injury. you make them play honest by giving them a little diversion and throwing the football every once in a while and it's safer for your team. jim: when they had that season that looked like it was going the perfect season after beating san diego in the a.f.c. title game, their last playoff win before tonight, they won a lot of games by blowout margins and brady never came out of those games in the 2007 season. phil: that was a good example right there. they ran the football, that defense, everybody just teed off and -- jim: here's a few of the records that have been set or tied this evening. the points scored, patriot record, total yards. brady is of course with the six, gronkowski with the three.
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they call a time-out. phil: good time-out. they were going to blitz, didn't want to take the chance. jim: coming up, the "subway post-game show." james brown, dan marino, shannon sharpe, boomer esiason and coach cowher, a wrapup of today's action plus the latest playoff news, and a look at the texans and ravens, coming up on the post-game show. so, san francisco advances to the n.f.c. title game and will play the winner of green bay and the new york giants. san francisco, that was brady's childhood team. he used to go watch them play as a kid. he was in the stands for the catch game. phil: how about that job by alex smith today, coming, everything, the way he played, late in the game, those two
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final scores, we got a chance to watch him just before we came on the air. all the doubt in his career. jim: how about the fact we got six teams still alive now after tonight and two harbaughs still in the mix of. look at this. brady. he's going to love this. quick kick by the quarterback. we got a skirmish going on here. ayers and white. and others. belichick is in the mix there. trying to separate everyone. phil: sure, he doesn't want one of his players to get suspended or something happen that can affect your game next week.
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jim: champ bailey was one of the last on the ground. the last on the ground. robert ayers. jim: that will start it right there. they said, what are you doing? now waters comes over. three, four of the offensive linemen there for the patriots. phil: i'll tell you this, miller might have started it but it didn't end well. he took a lot of big shots. that was bad. that was terrible on his part. referee: after the foul, two receiving team, 91, declined, also personal foul receiving
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team number 58, penalty is half the distance to the goal, first and 10. jim: he is a good ref, he is decisive and he is in control of the game. there was a little sportsmanship at the other end. phil: i like this punt. don't put your quarterback in jeopardy. third down, don't let him get hit on the blitz. we've seen this quick kick from brady before. jim: d.j. williams. phil: there you go. brady got a chuckle out of that. jim: another negative play. this time fletcher comes up to make the stick. houston and baltimore, arian foster, ray rice, that houston defense, wide phillips has
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sculpted into a good up with this year. phil: everything they've done in houston, gary kubiak, that organization, they have built a team that's going to be, it's deep and i think they'll be around for the next five years. jim: ball out to the 12. tom brady and bill belichick. this is their 15th win in the postseason. the most all time by a coach-quarterback tandem, came in tied all-time with morgan-bradshaw but they set morgan-bradshaw but they set the record tonight. impossible. ♪ yes. yes. yes. noooooooo! [ male announcer ] yep, subway broke the 200-calorie breakfast barrier with delicious subway fresh fit breakfast sandwiches.
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jim: coming up, the is the subway post-game show," final word on today's divisional playoff action. third down and 3. the pile is moved by lance ball for a first down. for those of you, the doubters out there, and there are quite a few of you, who just have been waiting to seize a moment like this when tebow and the broncos would fall flat, let me caution you. this is a kid that's been through this kind of adversity, beat the doubters many times, whether it was in high school when he played for coach craig howard, a downtrodden high school football program with no history and led them to a state championship. or he came to florida and people said he couldn't get it done but he did with a couple of national championships. just a first year starter. denver in the postseason for
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the first time in a long time. phil: that's right. no matter what you say, he's the biggest reason, the main reason the broncos turned their football season around. and we talked about it. he can't wait for the off-season. and i think everybody is going to sit back and judge him one more time by how much improvement they see when preseason comes around next year. jim: that's jeremiah johnson. this denver bunch will be coming back to new england next year. the opponents' schedule is out, not the dates of the games next year, but denver will be here next year to play new england in the regular season. and that is going to close it out. a game that was over at halftime. last two-minute stretch of the first half put it away. brady with the five first half touchdown throws, adding
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another one in the second half. tebow ends up with 26 for 136 yards. when he met brady at midfield four yeeks ago, brady said, we're going to meet again, i've got this feeling. what he didn't tell him at the time is, i'm going to be at my very best when i see you next time. phil: no doubt about it. tom brady made some of the -- as good throws as we've ever seen him make. very sharp throwing the football. the offense clicked at so many levels. the diversity, all the different plays, aaron hernandez at running back, it was a tough day to try to defend this offense. jim: mike mccoy, the offensive coordinator for the broncos.
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spikes with a hug with tebow on a night where it came together, the two of them saying long ago that there's going to be a stage sometime, there's going to come a time when we're going to have a matchup in the nfl. ninkovich who had a huge start to this game too. let's go down to steve tasker. steve: i'm standing here with gronkowski and tom brady. people have been criticizing the patriots, you haven't won a playoff game since 2007. what does it feel like to come out and hang 45 points up, three for six touchdowns and 300 yards? >> we had a great day, there was good execution, i think there's things we could have done better but it's good to get a win. they've been hot, they've been playing well, we came in and we started fast. and it was a big win for us.
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steve: how does this set you up for the rest of the way? i know you've got one goal in mind, the championship, how does this set you up for next week's game? >> it's a one-fame season. it's all about next week. whoever we play, they will have earned it, they'll be a great team and we'll have to play our best. steve: phil simms said he's never seen you throw it better. how does the arm feel? >> feels great. i appreciate that from phil, he's one of my favorites. steve: let me talk to the big guy here. three big touchdowns, a couple of big after catches. >> it is a big game. it's a one-game season. we were playing complementry football, everyone played good, including the whole line. steve: you played this team in week 15. how did that game set you up to have success tonight? >> we watched that game and
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stuff, it's a whole new game, we knew we had to come out and execute, we knew we had to play all four quarters, that's what you've got to do. steve: there's a game tomorrow in the a.f.c., are you cheering for the ravepes or the texans? >> not really. whoever wins, wins, that's who our opponent will be. steve: your compatriot over there, hernandez came out with a bit of a head injury. talk about how you play off each other, he was carrying the ball out of the backfield tonight, how is he feeling? >> he's feeling great. he's a beast, i love playing with him, just cant wait to get out there and practice together and get back out there together this week. steve: good luck, thanks for being here. jim: he calls hernandez a beast. and he's not the only one. gronkowski with those crazy numbers tonight, 10 catches, three touchdowns. the patriots are heading to the a.f.c. title game. they'll take on the ravens or the texans.
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it'll be the sixth a.f.c. title game for the brady-belichick combination. 45-10 is your final score. coming up next, the "subway post-game show." so long from foxborough, you've been watching the nfl on cbs. james brown in new york is james brown in new york is next.
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james: welcome back to our new york studios and the "subway post-game show." we'll be back tomorrow at our regular time, noon eastern, with another special edition of "the nfl today" leading up to the a.f.c. divisional playoff game between the texans and ravens. then the road to the final four continues at 4:30 eastern on cbs. with seventh-ranked indiana taking on number five ohio state. all right, going back to football, let's take a look at the a.f.c. playoff picture. boomer: that was a clinic tonight by a hall of fame bound quarterbacking without question. you could see the intensity ramped up on the offensive side of the ball. to me, the most impressive part of tonight outside of the six touchdown passes had to be the new england defense who came in with a lot of questions. next week a much different test for this offense no matter who they play, houston oor the ravens, two of the best defenses in the a.f.c. bill: the bye week helped the ravens. this is their opportunity to seize this. the road is open for them.
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the best defenses left in the tournament. i look for them to win, it would be a great matchup in new england. dan: san francisco come back up, alex smith played a great game. the way they're playing defense, running the football the way they played today, they could beat green bay or the giants. shannon: two former super bowl m.v.p.'s going head-to-head for a chance to advance. you know this is former players, watch what other great players did before you played. aaron rodgers watched tom brady, alex smith put on a clinic, i expect to see both of them play tomorrow. james: boomer is normally up about 4:00 a.m., do you want to do this in about an hour? we'll see you tomorrow here on do this in about an hour? we'll see you tomorrow here on cbs. merely 7 grams of fat. better for you and irresistible, too. subway. the official training restaurant... of athletes everywhere.
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