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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in downtown. temperatures for today, warming up into the upper to lower 50s for today. breezy, rain in the morning milder mid-50s. here's monika with your traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the got thing about working on a holiday, no hov restrictions. one heads up though. if you are traveling on roads that are normally one way, they will be two-way today. out into sterling where there is a fire blocking off westbound between 28 and the dulles greenway, take the dulles greenway on the westbound side if you need to head that way.
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two left lanes are blocked off with emergency equipment on the scene. no no problems with report. if you are heading over from 270, you are doing fine. a live look if you are planning to head into maryland on the beltway this is what it looks like on the north side of town. mike and andrea? we are following breaking news out of the district this morning. a baby found on the porch of a home are on a night where the temperatures dipped into the teens. >> we have been trying to work this story. i justify got off the phone. dc police confirm to me the baby did not make it.
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the bibby girl pronounced dead at children he hospital. after the girl was found on the steps of this home the white home with the block shutters. the homeowner did in the discover the baby. we don't even know if the baby was bun would at all. it was a very frigid night for that young child to be out here. unfortunately the child succumbed to her injuries. dc has a safe haven law where parents can drop off a child in a safe location, a hospital, fire or police station, and all
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those are very nearby, within a mile or two from this area. a sad end to this story. is that an eight-year-old is dead and ms. . mother is hospitalized after they were struck by a car. it happened yesterday afternoon near 395 in the landmark mall. investigators are trying to figure out why the 22-year-old driver suddenly went off the road and struck the boy and his mother. the child died at the scene. six people are now dead and a couple from minnesota is among the 16 missing after a cruise ship ran aground off the coast of italy.
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the costa concordia struck a rock friday. in the last few minutes the company which owns that ship cited human error saying the captain made several errors. the captain of the ship could be charged with manslaughter. we are days away from the next contest. jon huntsman is bowing out. a source inside the campaign says huntsman will endorse mitt romney. 37 percent of republican voters
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will back mitt romney. ron paul and rick santorum 16%. texas governor rick perry says he will appeal the decision keeping him off the primary ballot in virginia. friday a judge said the rules are unconstitutional. jessica doyle is watching your money personal information is at risk for an online retailer. zap poes. 24 million customers, their personal information has been hacked and the company is recommending to reset pass words. customer names, e-mail addresses, billing and shipping addresses phone numbers and the last four digits of consumer
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credit card numbers. can yours was compromised you should change the password for all the companies you do business with. there is a recall to tell but this morning for turbo charged mini coopers. the detroit news reports this recall affects 8000 mini cooper models from the 2007 and 2008 model years. this recall will fix a water pump that is supposed to cool the turbo charger. target is planning to bring more design and high-end brands to its store after its success. apple will tryout selling iphone , ipad and other products later this year.
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later this month jason woo will roll out for target. it is a limited collection by the designer who designed the gown the first lady wore. there are a series of desaner partnerships with small boutique business snooze whoa. it crashed the wait and they learned lessons from that. they are going to do small scale and let people know about it ahead of time. weather coming up next. keep it right here on 9news now.
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good morning. 6:10 on your monday morning. happy martin luther king day. bundle up if you are heading on you the door this morning. temperatures in the teens and 20s. by 9:00 only 31 degrees but lots of sunshine. breezy by this afternoon. temperatures topping out in the lower 40s. increasing clouds throughout the day. here's monika with your timesaver track. southbound side of 95, crews are making progress now at this tractor trailer accident. two left lanes have been
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blocked. northbound side the leans are open. back to you guys. i'm in the web center this morning checking out a website that shows interesting papers from dr. martin luther king's life. the site is called king center doing organize. more than 200,000 documents are posted. including things like a letter from president nixon to d r. king. king's academic record. you can click on each document, read it, zoom in. it is really. it gives great insight to the life of the civil rights leader. we have a link to that site on our site. go to features and click on the morning show. today fortifiers time in eight years a parade honoring dr. martin luther king jr. to talk about how this event
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made a comeback we are joined by the parade organizer. denise barnes. i know the people in the neighborhood are excited. take us back. what happened? >> all i can say is weather, that is it. al weather. some of us in the community continued to hold a peace walk, which is called an annual peace walk, we did that for five years. some thought the parade. january, you talk about how cold it is. >> this is a perfect example of that. some thought it would be better to move it to the month of april. we have a tremendous turnout of
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participants. the neighborhood not only wanted the parade again but were very enthusiastic in helping plan this. >> no question. 40 folks have been on this committee working since early in the summer to bring the parade back. talk about exactly where should people go getting the word out. >> actually this parade this year goes through congress heights, washington highlands and the bellevue community of southeast dc. we start at the gate number four at saint elizabeth's hospital.
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welt's proceed along martin luther king avenue, into southwest at machine ming and chesapeake. if anybody is coming, i would suggest you get out there before. if you take the metro in order to come up the hill, prior to 10:30. because the streets and everything are cut off at that point. have a wonderful martin luther king. are day. mike and nanny will tell us more about weather.
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seattle and eugene, oregon got snow too. cars slipping and sliding. kids having fun. they were sledding, taking advantage of it. now it is icy. it is the martin luther king holiday. a lot of kids are out of school. we have clear skies but no snow. 25 degrees, feels like 19 dealings. partly cloudy conditions.
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mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures popping out in the lower 40s. winds around 10 to 15 miles per hour. very cold this morning. a bit milder for the mlk. mild and wet for your tuesday. high pressure moving off the coast. feels like 19. definitely you want to bring out all the winter weather go. showers a wintry mix. around dc we are talking about rain. tomorrow morning's commute will be wet. lower 40s is where we should be it is average.
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43 in andrews air force base and 41 in kin chester. here's a look at your 7-day photograph. temperatures milder on tuesday. 55 tags. milder for the weekend. upper 40s on saturday. a snowflake there, maybe a flurry or passing snow shower. 60, mostly cloudy with a chance for a shower. no restrictions for worry about. traffic is very light. there are a couple of ipse dents i want to tell you about. first of all in sterling westbound on route 606 between 28 and the dulles greenway a structure fire has that stretch of roadway shut down.
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this i object one along standing. a live look where i know they have been making progress. this tractor trailer was sort of on its side there. up righted and now i think they are going to try and haul it out there. if you are planning to take metro this weekend, this holiday meant track work on metro. two stations on the blue and orange lines were closed. coming up in my next report. another look at 6:24. coming up on 6:19 now. next in sports a wild sunday in
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30s by 9:00. noon upper 30s. cloudy cons late in the day. highs lower 40s and breezy. andrea and mike, back to you. the nfl is down to its final four playoff team among them the baltimore ravens. sea of purple. baltimore hosting houston yesterday you saw the game right here on channel 9. early on joe flacco. bolden for the touchdown. baltimore was up after the first quarter. texans rallied back though. they trailed by a touchdown.
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yates lost. the hail mary. incomplete. ravens win 20-13. ed reed is hurt on the last play. he says though he is ready to go next sundays you'll see the game on channel 9 sunday 3:00 p.m. no to the nfc. giants taking on the top seeded packers. 330 passing yards, three touchdowns, including two to nick. giants's defense controlled aaron rodgers. new york beats green bay 37-20. the giants face the 49ers. san francisco is 4-3 against new york in the playoffs. what a weekend. on to hockey. stories of the cap's demise may
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have been premature. dc hosted carolina last night. it is a game winner goal. caps top the canams 2-1. after going scoreless in the first half hollis thompson scored 20 in the second half. georgetown wins 69-49. maryland hosted georgia tech. sean mosley scored 16 of his 18 points after halftime for the terrapins. they win it 61-5. maryland visits florida state tomorrow. time now, 6:25. ahead, even after a truly awful season, that he is little good news this january for the redskins. and we'll get more on our breaking news update. a baby died after being left
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out in the cold in washington. we have a quick check of the morning commute. southbound 95, a tractor trailer accident longstanding. work continues on this one in the left two lanes. coming up a report on this and other area roadways at 63:00. you are watching 9news now, we'll be right back. we're gonna erase breast cancer once and for all. walking 60 miles... in three days. (woman) we're united. (woman) a family. (woman) a coming together of thousands. so that one has to suffer the agony of a loss.
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good morning. a live look at the washington monument. clear skies. beautiful start. but it is just 25 degrees outside. so make sure you layer up. we were talking with denise barnes about the martin luther king parade. she said weather was one of the reasons why they had canceled. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. annie is in for howard. she has more on the chilly day. >> to put things in perspective it won't be in the 30s like this weekend. s not as cold, still cold
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though. 37 degrees. no rain until late tonight. that should hold off until closer to midnight. fields like 19 in downtown gaithersburg. it is definitely a cold start out there. here's a look at your forecast. breezy today. low 40s. clouds increasing on the afternoon. milder in midst 50s. then wednesday, cold again. 37 degrees, breeze and i partly cloudy conditions. here's monika with your traffic. everything outside on the roads mild as well. no restrictions. it is two-way traffic because of the holiday. here's what it looks like on the beltway north of town.
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no problems to report on the beltway through college park into silver spring. no problems on 66 or 956789 we'll take a live look on the noun side of 35. you don't see thisch. no delays to the 14th street bridge. coming up in my next report another look around the area at 6:45. we continue to follow breaking news. a baby, found abandoned on a porch in the district has died. >> the newborn girl was found near 31st street and northeast on channing street. delia, this is so sad. >> reporter: when you come out to a story like this and hear
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the news. your heart sinks a bit. sadly, we have a could be firm nation now that this baby girl was pronounced dead at children's hospital. this is the home where she was found on the steps of the white home. you can see lights in the home. hopefully we can talk to this person shortly. let's look at video taken a short time ago at the scene. neighbors discovered that baby. we don't know who dropped off the baby, why here and why the dc safe haven law wasn't followed in this case.
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certainly it allows a parent to drop off a baby at a hospital or police station or fire station without penalty. we don't know the relationship between the people inside the home and the baby, a quick peak inside, there appears to be a mother, father, and another young child there as well. each though it is harry potter breaking for us, you can imagine what the folks inside are feeling today. we will talk to folks and find out what happened this morning. we do know a young baby has lost her life. she was left on the steps outside here in the cold. >> police are looking for a motive in the first homicide in
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fairfax county of the year. 22-year-old rea leslie was killed inside her home along gunther court. her roommate 22-year-old benjamin walker -s charged with murder. another plea deal involving harry thomas jr. an attorney james garvin said his client will sign a plea keel. the can southern california resulted in thomas' resignation and he could face prison time. the ticket amnesty program in the district may not be bringing in the district the city would hope for. the goal $6 million right now it has only brought in $3 million. you have until january 27th to pay unpaid tickets without a
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penalty. the martin luther king holiday has turned into a nationwide day of service. there was a replaying yesterday on the memorial on the national mall and dr. consol energy center's son was there and also spoke to the crowd. the first family went to church sunday at a church that was founded by blacks whomy grated to the capital from virginia. jessica doyle is here helping you get hired. a new casino in maryland needs your help. >> this is a big deal. these are a lot of jobs. starting today, a new maryland casino slated to open this summer. owners have tons of jobs to
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pessimist but don't aim too high. it is easy to lose your will. if you pick too big of a ghost number two be careful with resolutions like i want a race this year. pick goals you can control. focus on areas that could lead to pay increases. continuing education, researching salary data to help make a case for a raise. and be specific. don't say get a new job in 2012. instayed break this down into action items. up tate yao ming resume. -- update your resume. it will stop you from being too vague, too bogged down and too stuck in that big goal. well a little bit of i good news for redskins fans. the team says it will freeze
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ticket prices for next season. the skins wit saying general admission tickets range from $29 to $99. maybe instead of peyton manning we go for mark sanchez. >> probably wouldn't have to pay him as much. an amazing story of a first responder whose first day on the job was the day martin luther king jr. was killed. ifrs enjoy one last dry day today before rain moves in. a look at the forecast for the
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week ahead and next, right here on 9news now. gary shapiro
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. our time this monday morning is 6:44. it is a holiday for many but a lot of people still have to go to work or are going to projects in honor of martin luther king day. annie has advice on how to dress. >> don't let her beautiful dress fool you. >> if you have ever watched us on inauguration day you know the big bear red coat. if it goes below 32, that is the coat i drag out. >> you'll need that the gloves the scarf. lots of sunshine. here's a look at your michael and son weather cam rachel
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feels like 19. 37 for noon. by 4:00 lower 40s to partly cloudy conditions. very cold this morning. bundle up for shower. highlander and wet for your tuesday. high pressure moving off to the eats. still lots of sunshine to start out your monday morning.
6:46 am
showers tonight. especially along the ridge and west of the give video. temperatures a little milder on tuesday. mid-50s with rain likely main any in the morning and cold and breezy for wednesday. we are going to look at the maps first. you have no big issues to report. here's what it looks like on 270. no restrictions all around the area southbound 95. springfield same story. a few people have to go to work but not enough to cause any
6:47 am
delays. another look at much of the same coming up. martin luther king's assassination triggered widespread violent protests across the nation, including the infamous dc riots. one man's ability to manage multiple emergency calls were put to the test. on that historic night in 1968. >> it was my baptism of firefighter on day one. >> reporter: a mere few hours into his first day on the job dc was going up in flames and steve suder was in charge of making live or death decisions. april 4 of 1968 is indelibly etched inmy mind. -- in my mind. news spread quickly that evening. grief and rage followed and within hours, clouds gathered in dc at the intersection of 14th
6:48 am
and u street. >> the anguish was was oh great the city was afire southeast, northeast, southeast and southwest. and i was on my first day on the radio on that particular event. >> crews didn't have the luxury of cell phones and gps technology. bill mold was one of the many firefighters called in to assist from neighboring counties. steve was known throughout the city as being one of the best if not the best dispatcher. he had a voice that was kind of booming and a great calming
6:49 am
voice. you knew you had somebody on the end of the radio who understood. >> reporter: by the at the same time the riots came to an end over 1000 buildings had been burned. but suder says those tragic days showed him, he found his niche in life. so he stuck with it for 51 years. >> today steve sudden soldier the director of one of the ten largest 911 centers in the country. i feel like these are the guys that were the unsung heroes of those few days when the city was ablizzard. >> i had never heard his story or anything like that before. >> we stumbled upon that i have to say and i said we need to tell it.
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good morning. time now 6:00 a54 on your monday morning. happy martin luther king day. temperatures cold this morning in the teens and 20 by this morning. at can, only in the lower 30s. hey lots of sunshine though. afternoon we'll see increasing clouds. temperatures topping out in the lower 40s. rain by late tonight. today is monday, january 16th. a newborn baby girl dead after she was found on a borech in northeast washington. no word how long the baby was outside in the freezing cold before she was found. a woman will be okay after
6:55 am
she fell into the canal sunday. montgomery county fire said she was walking her dog when she slipped and fell. she managed to pull herself out. the baltimore ravens are a win away from making it to the super bowl . the giants upset the packers. they'll play the 4ers no i have to buy wings and snacks. cbs this morning begins in just a few minutes with a closer look at the presidential race. before that one more check on traffic and weather when 9news now returns
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good morning, howard's off this week. i'm filling in. it is going to be a cold start out there, but then we are going to be a little milder this week, compared to the weekend. lower 40s to kickoff the week. breezy. mostly sunny skies with the martin luther king holiday. rain arriving but milder. mid-50s. i just got word of a car fire on the outer loop of the beltway near 450. only the left lane gets by. we are back in action tomorrow. cbs this morning is next. hear what people who were on the cruise ship in italy say when it ran aground. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes. download our knee news and weather apps


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