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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 14, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [applause] >> shh. shh. quiet. [laughter] we have run very as long there is no time for jocularity or fun. there wasn't much time for it during the show. good night, everybody. whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans.
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no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. . tonight we hear for the first time from convicted killer brittany norwood. >> last year norwood was videotaped talking to investigators. those videotapes were released and matt jablow was the first to
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take a look. >> do you have any time to hit me in the head. >> reporter: sitting in the same interrogation room where brittany norwood went from being a victim to a suspect, they recall their first impressions. >> she was very likable. she cried at appropriate times. >> reporter: in videotapes released today for the first time, norwood can be seen and heard telling detective rubin and his partner sometimes while choking back what we now know were crocodile tears. >> she didn't give a reason why. >> reporter: that two men sexually assault ed her and jayna murray in the bethesda lululemon store before beating murray to death. >> tired of him sexually assaulting me. >> reporter: despite hours of questioning conducted over several days, norwood stuck to her story. >> one of them punched me in the head. >> reporter: even being
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confronted as the story began unravelling. even now it's hard to believe that the skinny, soft spoken young woman who was being interrogated was capable of the incredible rage as for the intricate web of lies. >> he cut my stomach and chest and i was trying to fight him. >> reporter: rubin says he now believes that those were the work of a sociopath. >> she just kept insisting that her story was true. >> reporter: brittany norwood was convicted f first degree murder back in november. late last month sheefz sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> anita. we had a death in our family ♪ and i will always love you ♪ ♪ i will always love you >> what a voice. turning now to the latest on the investigation into whitney houston's death. the grammy winner's body has
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been taken from the la county coroner's office and is now on the way to the singer's home state of new jersey. a member of her ent roj group found her in the bathtub. there are no indications of foul play. no obvious signs of trauma. but they did find prescription drugs in the room. it could be weeks for final toxicology results to come back. her long time struggle with addiction, especially cocaine, has gotten extensive media coverage. she had tried rehab at least three times. during her career, houston made a few trips to dc, including a performance at constitution hall in 1997. all of the proceeds from the televised show went to the children's defense fund, a non-profit that helps poor and disabled kids. our own jc hayward had a chance to interview houston before the show. >> they had nobody to speak for them but us, you know. >> and now that you have a child, what is it that you're
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trying to impart? >> to be a blessing. be blessed. give back. be a blessing to those who may not have. it's about making the difference in one person's life. you know, because that one person will reach 10 million others, you know. and that makes it all worthwhile. it does. >> when that interview took place, houston was also wrapping up her third film the preacher's wife. back in november, she did an interview where she talked about her role in the upcoming movie sparkle. >> we are putting our hearts and our souls into this project. and as it progresses, it's bigger than we thought just on what we're experiencing as a vibe and a feeling than we even expected ♪ the greatest love of all ♪ >> sparkle could be released in august in theaters. for a look back at the life and career of whitney houston, you
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can go to click on top stories. plus check out the reactions to the grammy tribute for whitney. well, they know they will not get it, but two women both retired naval officers plan to celebrate their valentine's day tomorrow by asking the fairfax county clerk for a marriage license. gary nurenberg checked in with them and reports it's really an effort to bring attention to the issues of same sex marriage. >> we can make it go back. >> sure. >> get the whip cream. >> reporter: they have been together for more than 26 years. met while they both served in the navy. >> we served under don't ask, don't tell. and that was a very unusual experience. because we could not acknowledge each other as being part of our family. and we are a family. and i think that's one reason we want a marriage license and a
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marriage ceremony to express that to everybody. but we want people to know that we are family and we're like them and we're good citizens. we're good neighbors. we're good members of a congregation. and we would like to simply be like they are. >> reporter: but they know they'll be denied that license and plan to leave the courthouse and walk into a demonstration of supporters who plan a candlelight vigil there tuesday afternoon. >> and part of it is the awareness. part of the awareness that there are same sex couples in every single neighborhood that they live in. so we'll have our banners. we're going to be handing out valentine's to people. it's a referent demonstration. >> reporter: it's banned by the washington constitution. 43% of virginians opposed, 27% in favor. >> the scales are tipping. and we just don't want virginia to be the last of all of the
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states to recognize marriage equality. the scales are really tipping all over the country. >> reporter: well, bottom line, virginia amed ed the constitution in 2006 to ban same sex marriage, so they won't get the license but they will draw some attention tomorrow with that valentine's day courthouse demonstration. largely, derek, the point. >> thank you, gary. well, tonight new hope for legislation that would keep putting a few extra dollars in your paycheck. it's all about that cut in withholding tax. that is allowing the extra wage earner to take home 80 bucks a both. democrats want to extend it, so do republicans. but now top republicans have dropped their demand to pay for that benefit with more spending cuts. potentially lethal injuries and signs of struggling. that is how a forensic pathologist describes yeardley
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love's injuries. the former university lacrosse player accused of beating her to death. they conducted the autopsy on the suburban baltimore woman and described a series of bruises on her body, face and neck. he grabbed and shook her but never hit her. a dispute over an unpaid bill gets a maryland police officer shot and killed. prosecutors say cornelius brown through him out of an am bees. he was off -- applebee's. he was off duty. after being tossed out, he drove to a friend's home, picked up a gun and drove back to the restaurant where he shot and killed brown. but there is no dna, forensic evidence or confession linking williams to the killing. the small community of gore, virginia is in shock tonight over a volunteer firefighter
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killed by accident in the line of duty. 21-year-old zack whittaker died overnight when the fire truck he was riding in slipped and behind the wheel of his truck, his own dad. >> it just adds a whole other layer of sadness to the whole event. i mean, i can't imagine how it would feel being the father. >> that is page whitacre speaking on behalf of the company. the truck rolled over. it looks like dozens of teachers in prince george's county are taking a paid from the occupy dc play book. come together, they plan on staging a sit in during a board of supervisor's meeting protesting the superintendent's plan for no raises until 2016. today a small group of teachers walked out in unison as soon as the school day was done wearing
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work to rule buttons on black clothing. most days they stay late to help trucked students or lead activities, but they will only work as long as their contracts demonstrate until their demands are met. police took a handful of people into custody after two of them propelled off the memorial bridge to hang a sign. others were arrested at the bottom. all of this happened at 10:00 a.m. today. as you might imagine, it created a mess with traffic. hundreds marched down washington avenue. the protest of what they describe as chinese police brutality against tibatins. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. temperatures 50 today and not as cold as it has been. here is your wake yip weather. i don't think -- wakeup weather. i don't think you're going to need an umbrella. 26-34 at 7:00 and up near 40 by
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9:00. we'll come back and let you know how much activity rolls in in the afternoon, if the evening commute is going to be wet and look ahead to
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it is part of our nation's painful past. attacks against people simply for who they are or how they dress. and it's still happening even right now. >> advocates say one group of victims is transgender women, men would have chosen to live their lives as women. in fact, just this past friday, dc police arrested a man in a stabbing death of a transgender woman at a northeast bus stop. that attack happened february 2nd. tonight delia gongalves gives us an inside look at a transgender life, the struggle for acceptance and the danger that sometimes follows. >> reporter: they fled their native nicaragua for a new life in america. >> you have to be happy with who you are. >> reporter: but finding happiness would put the family through one of its biggest challenges yet. young carlos wanted to become a girl. >> spanish has a problem with,
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you know, gays. >> reporter: the main obstacle was getting acceptance from dad. after all, carlos was his only son. >> there wasn't a connection. >> it was hard. >> reporter: carlos now consuela loves her father but it was her mother who first embraced her. >> i had one shirt that my mother bought me and the first time that she was like, you know, if you're going to be a girl, be a pretty girl. >> reporter: it's been 20 years. >> i still have it in my closet. i'm never going to throw it away. >> reporter: she transitioned with some plastic surgery at 17. starting hormone therapy at 18. we met with her and her relatives over several visits. >> who is this person? >> who is this person. >> reporter: family gatherings. >> amen. >> reporter: and small. >> seeing what she went through in the 80s and 90s, i told my
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mom i was like we're lucky to have her. >> reporter: she was attacked twice, once by an unknown man that broke her jaw and then here at a known prostitution strip where a group of transgendered girls slashed her with a knife. the only people like her were hookers. many cast away to the streets, disowned by their families. >> a lot of us would go hang out to be with like people. >> reporter: but she has lost many friends who never had the same support. >> there is say lot of girls out there who don't tell guys that they're transgender and they go out on dates and then the guys find out and they get violent. >> reporter: or it can happen when men find a transgender woman attractive but are ashamed. >> thank you. i love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: still, she knows not everyone is comfortable around transgenders. so she is on a qwest to raise awareness and hopes that if you take the time to meet her and her family, you'll give girls like her a chance.
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>> this was like $100. >> seeing that she has been my rock when i was weak and i think i've been her rock when she's been weak. that's my sister. i can't do more than that to accept who she is. >> i like it. >> reporter: in frederick, delia gongalves, 9news now. >> so how did her father eventually accept his son was now her daughter? she has more on that tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. as she follows her to work and find out why she chose to become a woman. caught on tape. a speeding driver bold enough to tangle with the law but not quite bold enough to tangle with a train. now, this is dash-cam video from a patrol car in virginia. the deputy is changing a driver clocked at about 105 miles an hour. this chase goes all over the place. finally the driver goes down the road. the gate is down. that warns a train is coming. and the driver thinks to himself i'm dumb but not that dumb.
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he stops. chase over. arrest made. regis burgess found her name on our claim your cash list. so could state treasuries have money in their vaults you don't know anything about it? the answer is yes if i read out your name. >> all of you have money or valuables coming to you from your state or city treasury. now, if you didn't hear me read your name, you know the drill. you still want to run over to our claim your cash website. thousands of names we just don't have enough time to read them all tonight. some of them are scrolling on the bottom of your television screen even as we speak. okay. and topper is here looking ahead to the weather forecast. >> yes. some milder air coming in. i did some research today. 44 days since january 1. we've only been below freezing for low temperatures 14 of those days. >> i went in the back of your
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office and i saw the brett ometer. it's rusty. >> not even super cold temperatures. >> no. we're looking at a couple snowflakes north and west of town. nothing to get excited about. that's about it. let's start with a live shot. this is our live weather cam brought to you by mike will and son. there is the capital -- michael and son. there is the capitol. there is some activity west of 81. but that is not reaching the ground just yet. down to 40 at national. dew point is steadily rising at 26. winds calm and the pressure steady at 30.10 inches of mercury. we'll kind of zoom in. this looks like a pretty healthy storm. we have big thunderstorms around montgomery and south of huntsville and pretty good rains. even some convection up into portions of tennessee into nashville. but as this thing moves eastward, it's going to move its punch. and right now we have some light activity out in the mountains. an, again, a pretty good chance of seeing some light snow or snow flurries around cumberland
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and hagerstown early tomorrow morning. if you're commuting down to dc, not a problem. here is the deal, mainly clouds tomorrow. not much bite to the bark. we're looking at dry commutes. some roads can be damp. but for the most part a dry am commute and pm commute. we'll salvage a pretty nice day on wednesday. another day around 50. the next storm comes in on thursday, and that's a much stronger storm. more moisture. healthier. i would locate the umbrella by thursday. i don't think you need it by tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, what do you see? gray. that is just clouds. no precipitation. we'll put it into motion. a couple of flakes went by cumberland early in the morning and in the afternoon a few showers. but really nothing very heavy. and then by the evening tomorrow, maybe a couple sprinkles in hagerstown and martinsburg and frederick and middletown. that's it. this is just not a power pack system. maybe a sprinkle late tomorrow night. and then we begin to clear.
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this is early morning on wednesday. just a few residual clouds in montgomery county and up towards frederick. but everybody will return partly cloudy on wednesday. in fact, end up with a pretty nice day on wednesday. it will be a little breezy, though. overnight looks like this. mostly cloudy. not as cold. a one, maybe two blanket night. 26-34. no teens tonight. a lot of folks were in the teens this morning with light winds. by morning mostly cloudy and cold. no umbrella required. temperatures in the 20s and 30s and still light winds. by afternoon, mostly cloudy. mild. a few showers are possible. again, i don't think you need your umbrella. you need a light coat. high temperatures near 50. winds out of the south at 10. friends you might hold at 48 or 49 because of the clouds. but still it's a pretty mild day for february. all right. we'll break it down. 28-36. clouds to start at noon. maybe a sprinkle. 48-50. mostly cloudy by evening. maybe a sprinkle. 48-53. still a pretty good deal.
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now, the next three days, a very nice day on wednesday. back up to about 51. here are the showers and light rain on thursday. mild temperatures around 52. now, the next seven days, we're going to finish friday on a nice note. in fact, lots of sunshine and low 50s. a little colder air filtering into the metro area over the weekend. got a cold front pushing in. we have areas of low pressure trying to develop off the southeast coast. i'll tuck a flake in there sunday morning. a flurry. snow shower. that's about it. president's day looks good. >> it looks great. >> it is a holiday. >> can you do that again. >> again. yes. [ laughing ] >> okay. all right. so should we get excited about the caps or not? >> not the way they're playing right now. >> okay. >> not -- they've lost three straight now. three straight. that doesn't help the playoff. it was a rough night at the verizon center. the is that correct takes a bite out of -- the shark takes a bite
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> as much as the caps struggle on the road, they need every point they can muster at home to stay in the playoff hunt. but let's just say tonight their performance elicited a thunderstorm of jeers from the fans. not too happy. hopey gets to start in net tonight. but he couldn't do much with the sharks. patrick marlow gets it up. and then once again we put the sharks up 5-1. >> in the third caps do try for the late come back. hammerlich gets the scoop. and then schultz nice little bounce but it was too little too late. caps fall 5-3 to san josi. >> it's home games that you have to take advantage of your home
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night and tonight special teams wasn't good. it's one of those games where goals make a difference in the game. >> to the nationals, ryan zimmerman self imposed spring training deadline extends it to six days away, but not much progress has been made to lock him up. if the nats can't lock him up, he's the face of the franchise. negotiations will have to wait until next season. to maryland terrapins they got the 31st best recruiting class. but all of that has been overshadowed with the fact that 24 players have left the practice since the coach took over one year ago. they announced the release of danny o'brien, the 2010 acc rookie was benched midway through the 2-10 season. on top of all of the players leaving, the defensive and offensive coordinators are both gone as well. so does etsel feel like he's on the hot seat? >> not at all.
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not at all. and i think that we know we have say lot to prove here in 2012. we have a plan in place. we're going to work the plan. and i think that everybody just needs to get behind this program. >> all right. on the hardwood, howard hosting clemson. a close one. alfonso learyes's howard loses 73-67. time now to reveal our game of the week poll. four choices for you on the hardwood this week. among them potomac at murray and then churchville and woods hill. and it's that time of year the westminster kindle club dog show. this dog is from maryland. nice one there. and then this little one is martha stewart's dog
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