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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  February 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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temperatures topping out in the low 50s. right now national is at 35 with partly cloudy skies. you see some of the high clouds which have come across the region during the overnight. some areas still clear. that's where temperatures have gone the coldest. around 19, 20, 21 degrees for southern fauquier toward prince william and manassas and culpeper. mid-20s in the shenandoah valley. 30 in hagerstown. frederick is 21. we're 35 here. mid-20s across the bay. even 23 at pax river naval air station. they'll have a high this afternoon around 52. our high around 53. it's 6:00 a.m. monika santami, things still moving pretty well. i think people are sleeping in because of mardi gras and fat tuesday. where is everybody? we're going to take a live look from sky 9. university boulevard. it's so light leaving 95 at this point in silver spring. that's good news if you do have to go to work. we're going to go over to our maps and take a look overall. you have tons of green all around the beltway.
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a little bit of yellow here as you head into the district. we're going into zoom into frederick. no problems on i-70 out of damascus on 270. looking great into germantown. we'll take a live look closer to falls just bumping up here as you head down to the point where the lanes divide but really not that bad. we'll go back to the map and this time to the south side of town here on 95. looking great crossing the occoquan river into springfield. bunching up right in this area. we'll take a live look at 395 at duke street. again not bad at all through landmark toward seminary road and the 14 rght vote bridge -- 14th street bridge. more at 6:12. a bizarre car crash turns deadly in prince george's county. a bmw goes sailing through the air and then slams into a fast food restaurant. >> one person died in this crash. it all began last night at the kfc on martin luther king, jr. highway at sheriff road in landover. delia goncalves is there live with the latest on the investigation. what do we know?
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>> reporter: this crash pretty incredible. police were here into the wee hours of this morning investigating what happened. still a lot of unanswered questions. take a look at the damage. we know the car started going airborne, careening in the air, flipping over at the citgo. take a look at this fence. it tore completely through a fence that was separating the citgo and the gas station and the restaurant. you can see that cloapting bin completely turned over -- clothing bin completely turned over. that's just some of the things it hit and careened into before it crashed into the kfc. the female driver was thrown from the burning car. amazingly police are telling us her passenger survived. the speeding car crashed into a parked suv. that driver was hurt but will be okay we're told. police say the car was traveling down mlk highway at more than 100 miles an hour when that driver lost control. thankfully, though, only four people were hurt.
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that's pretty amazing considering this crash happened around dinner time. 6:30 yesterday perhaps because it was a holiday there weren't as many people as usual inside the kfc at that hour but you can imagine 6:30, dinner time, a very busy time for fast food chains and for restaurants in the area. so it could have been much, much worse. i want to show you that the windows are now boarded up with plywood. take a look. you can see the damage up there. believe it or not, that is where portions of the wheel from the speeding car flew and pierced the side of the building embedding itself into the building. so you can imagine if that happened, wow, it was quite a scene and that car was going pretty fast. coming up in a half-hour, i'll have more on the police investigation and their theory as to why this car was traveling more than a hundred miles an hour down mlk.
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andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves, live in landover, maryland this morning. 9news has learn add woman is dead after an apartment fire in the district. it began last night in a basement level apartment and spread to other units. this happened along good hope road near 23rd street in fort stanton park in southeast. several other people were treated for smoke inhalation. anacostia high school will be back open to students and teachers this morning. this is what it looked like friday, though. a big fire burned on the roof. it happened in an area that was under construction. luckily no one was hurt. crews worked over the holiday weekend to finish repairs. the debate over virginia's antiabortion bills is starting to make some national headlines now. hundreds of people opposed to the bills marched outside the state capitol in richmond monday. one bill would define human life beginning at conception. another would require women seeking an abortion to undergo
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an ultrasound. >> we need to get back to the respect for life we used to have in this country that's been lost. >> this is an overreach by the state, by the government. this is a slippery slope and eventually the goal of the personhood movement is to ensure that birth control is illegal. 52% of those asked oppose the so-called personhood bill. police on the caribbean island of nevitz have arrested a man that mugged supreme court justice steven meyer with a machete. he made off with a thousand dollars. they don't think he intentionally targeted the justice. the associate justice, his wife and two others were robbed near their vacation home february 9. no one was hurt. it could take until friday before everyone in southwestern virginia gets their power back on following sunday's store.
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it was a nonevent here but brought several inches of snow to the roanoke area. about 22,000 customers are without electricity. most of those are in roanoke county, virginia and mercer county, west virginia. 6:06. jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> a new hot spot in downtown washington. >> that's right. when you tend to think of daily deals companies, you think of discounted oil changes or discounted lunches, maybe some housecleaning. but one big local deal provider is evolving its business in a big way with a little help from a famous face. >> reporter: local celebrity chef mike isabella is hoping a new restaurant called band layer a -- bandelera this spring. the timing was perfect when he was offered a temporary space to create a new pop-up restaurant. he got to try out recipes. >> probably about 15 of the dishes might make it to the menu. >> he has an opportunity to
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help train the servers and staff that will be working at bandolero. >> reporter: in just hours, living social sold out of the pop-up restaurant deal with the former top chef contestant. >> i wanted to give people a preview of what i'm doing because of the anticipation. living social wanted to do something with me and i think it's actually perfect timing for both of us. >> reporter: the deal helped launch living social's new 28,000 square foot flexible events space. the company that's known for selling deals is now hosting events as well in three flexible spaces. >> yoga instructor can teach a great class. we can teach painting classes. >> reporter: there's an intimate concert space, more pop-up restaurant events on the calendar. there's also a 36-person space for cooking classes. >> everyone -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: this could be the first of more event spaces to
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come. >> we're testing here. our hope is you'll see similar spaces from living social throughout the country. >> not everyone is thrilled with living social launching this live events center. michael clements from painting instructor art jams tells me he wants to see more mom and pop businesses, not what he calls the wal-martization of events and classes under the same roof. i got to check out the building, six stories high. they've put in a tremendous amount of money retaining the historic value of this building. it's really spectacular. >> i was just in the neighborhood this weekend and saw the signs living social. >> it's an interesting evolution for the company to go from virtual deals to actually hosting in a bricks and mortar kind of place. >> thank you. better eating through science. scientists in netherlands are growing beef in a test tube. yup. they're using stem cells to make a hamburger. they say the firstburger will be ready to eat by this fall.
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it sounds gross and looks kind of gross, too, but researchers say the test tubeburger will reduce the environmental impacts on farming. no dollar menuburger here. the work will cost about $330,000 but if it's successful, who knows. we heard from jess earlier that beef is one of the few things going up really high this season. time now 6:09. gas prices at your local station have gone up a lot and even more just since you went to bed. check out this station in northwest. $4.49 a gallon. shop around. it pays. where the prices are this morning and just how high they may go. howard says it's going to be a nice, mild week for most of the week. his tuesday forecast is next. stay with 9news now.
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a cold start out there this morning. temps in the 20s and 30s. we'll have a nice afternoon. more clouds, a little breezy. highs between 50 and 55. i'll be back in 20 minutes talking about warmer temperatures heading our way. here is a look from the sky 9 live at the 270 spur. five into tysons corner. coming up, more on maryland roadways at 6:18. $170 billion, that's how much greece is going to get in  its second bailout. >> that's one of the stories making news now at 6:12. sources tell the associated
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press the details of the deal are still being worked out at a meeting in brussels. the money will bring down greece's debt. they could face a default next month. financial problems are leading to protests in spain as well. police made ten arrests yesterday during a rally in valencia. spain is dealing with its own measures as well as unemployment around 20%. arizona senator john mccain thinks the u.s. should be supplying weapons to rebels in syria. they're buckling under a deadly crackdown by the syrian government. that crackdown by the president has left thousands dead. this morning gas prices in the d.c. metro area are 52 cents a gallon higher than they were a year ago. >> we're not even close yet to the peak summer driving season. so prices are only going to go up. >> this morning aaa says a regular grade of gas in our region averages about $3.66 a gallon. that's up 21 cents in the last
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month alone. nation wild the prices are up to $3.57 a gallon which is a jump of 18 cents per month. not helping with the rising gas prices, tensions in iran. >> we report on those tensions and how they could drive gas prices even higher. >> reporter: cuts in iranian oil exports are raising fears that the already rising price of gas could go up higher than first expected. oil prices surged after iran announced it's cutting exports to britain and france. >> this is largely a symbolic move because britain hasn't been buying oil from iran in over a year. france buys only a modest amount. the reason they spike is there's so little capacity in global oil markets that oil prices spike on the smallest headline. >> reporter: iran's decision was made in retaliation against new sanctions over its nuclear program. most of the ilthe u.s. imports comes from canada, saudi arabia and mexico, but because oil is an internationally traded
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commodity, iran's decision is increasing prices everywhere. senator chuck schumer of new york says the u.s. needs to take steps now to prevent the rising cost of oil from affecting gas prices. >> the saudis and the gulf states ought to pump more oil immediately and that's what our government ought to do. it ought to tell the suddies we're trying to keep iran in line by squeezing them economically but they ought to pump more oil so the price doesn't go up. >> reporter: already some states are seeing gas prices above four bucks a gallon. >> it is what it is. you have to keep working harder and hopefully it will go down and fluctuate as it does yearly. >> reporter: analysts say the price of gas too rise on average more than 50 cent as gallon by this summer. that means some states could be looking at as high as $5 a gallon of gas. first maryland wants to raise its gas tax. now virginia is on board. democrats in the state senate there are pushing a plan to raise the gasoline tax along with the rate of inflation.
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the money they say would pay for road projects. right now the commonwealth adds about 20 cents in state taxes to each gallon of gas. 6:16 this tuesday morning. one way to the jurisdictions have been saving money is they haven't been expending it on snow removal. >> we use natural gas here but in the northeast, there's so much heating oil so a lot of people saved a lot of money this winter. just looking at the snow totals, dulles with 3.8 leads the pack. 2.0 at national and 1.8 up in baltimore. that's the big snow race this winter. let's get you going at the bus stop this morning. another way to save some gas, take the bus. we've got temperatures down in the 20s and 30s. mostly clear this morning. some high clouds are out there but cold. 6:52 on that sunrise. it sets at 5:52. i think we'll see more clouds, especially for the middle of the day as temperatures climb to about 46 at noon. winds are also going to pick up out of the south at 10 to 15
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miles an hour. it will be breezy at times. 4:00 temperature 52. forecasting a high at reagan national 53 today. even this evening south winds at 11 at 8:00. not as cold tonight as it is this morning. so our weather headlines, a cold, sunny start to your tuesday. but a milder day tomorrow. i think tomorrow we could get toward the 60-degree mark but there will be some showers in the afternoon into tomorrow night. maybe even thursday morning, especially north and northwest of washington. better chance south of d.c. and also warm -- almost warm on thursday. highs on thursday in the mid- 60s with potentially only around 60 on friday. this will be a little bit wetter then. fredricksburg is 26. culpeper 21. 30 in hagueerstown. we're in the mid-30s in washington. college park 27 with columbia 25. so a very cold morning. manassas taking the prize down to 19. we have generally clear to
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partly cloudy skies. look at this picture. real pretty sky here. about a half-hour or so before sunrise and a temperature at reagan national 35 with calm winds. so our forecast today we are looking at a high around 53. a few more clouds middle of the day. afternoon breezy. 30s north and west. tomorrow mild. an afternoon shower or two especially northwest of town. 60 degrees. for thursday an early shower, mid-60s. 66. but by friday that looks like the wettest period, 60 degrees. then turning colder saturday. maybe some flurries, only in the lower 40s. 6:18. monika is in now time saver traffic. are we still rolling along? >> we really are i'm happy to say. you see that little bit of yellow as you head in toward the district. that's really all you're dealing with and a little bit 066 as well. coming -- bit on 66 as well coming in from manassas from centreville, no problems on the toll road as you head for the beltway. across the american legion bridge. let's go outside live on the
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northbound side of 95. off and on delays leaving dale city. it's going to look like this as you head towards springfield. the lanes are open both in the main and the hov lanes here. we'll go back over to the maps. if you're plan to head in from -- planning to head in from southern maryland, still looking good. no problems on 301. a live look at route 4, pennsylvania avenue and the beltway near andrews air force base heading for oxon hill and the wilson bridge, all lanes are open and there are no delays. we'll go into maryland next time around at 6:25. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:19. next in sports, the capitals try to stop their latest skid while the boys of summer show up for spring training. first, though, another check on the question of the morning. the average person does one of these things for 25 minutes a day. is it a, read something, b, spend that much time in the bathroom, or c, complains. >> our facebook friends get first crack at the question every day. laura writes it has to be c, complains. with today's economy,
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especially the gas prices. >> keep posting your gases on -- our guesses on our facebook page. the answer coming up at 6:53.
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welcome back. 6237 on this wednesday morning -- 6:23 on this wednesday morning. just a couple of high clouds and the red glow from the sunrise here. still about a half-hour away or so. a good looking morning. today we'll see sunshine but we'll also see a few more clouds, especially as we head to the mid and early afternoon. 46 at noon. highs today between 50 and 55. at 6:00 p.m. still about 50. good morning, everybody. you know, the only consistency the caps have found since the all-star break is that of losing games. it's been over a month since they've been able to muster any kind of winning streak dropping seven of the last ten. the look on hunter's face last night, it speaks volumes. you
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take a look at your captain and it pretty much sums it up right there. an awful performance by the caps as they get shut out 5-0. randy whitman and gang looking to end a two-game skid. wiz down 4. john wall back to trevor booker slamming it down. they would eventually take a one-point lead but the suns go on a 31-6 run to end the 3rd quarter as they crush the wizards 104-88. of course this time of year with spring training opening, everyone is optimistic about their own team but with the return after healthy jordan zimmerman and steven straussburg saying his arm feels better than it ever has, it's kind of hard not to be excited about the nationals. they have a pretty solid
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pitching rotation. of course position players report next weekend. that's going to do it for your morning sports. have a great day. 6:25 now. still ahead, why some new federal workers will be paying more for social security than people who work for uncle sam for a while. we'll make a run for the boarder. wait until you hear about the new menu item coming to taco bell. monika has a quick check of the traffic drive-thru style. good morning. 395 in chirlington, initial -- shirlington, initial delays. here moving at the speed limit to the 14th street bridge. more on virginia roadways coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. there's more to come. stay with us.
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good morning. this is the place you can always get your weather first. make sure you stay with us every morning. here's a live look at the washington monument. you can see it on the right hand side. 35 degrees right now. it was on this date in 1885 the monument was formally dedicated. 37 years after the construction started. >> we can't complain about some of the road projects and other things around here. thank you for starting your tuesday with us. good morning. i'm andrea roane. they apparently had good luck back then. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. it's cold out here. temperatures in the 30s in northwest. a touch of a breeze. some areas off to our west and southwest are closer to 20 than 30. but we've got a decent warm-up
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ahead the next few days. here's a look at your day planner. sunshine this morning. just a couple of high clouds giving a real pretty sunrise. i think we'll be mostly cloudy midday, 46 at noon. 5:00 p.m. 51 degrees with highs between 50 and 55. clear last night but you can see how some of these clouds have been moving in west to east. rain in the ohio valley. expect that to move off to our northwest. manassas 19. 21 in frederick. 25 in la plata and easton across the bay. this afternoon with partly to mostly cloudy skies, we'll make low 50s here in town. some spots in the shenandoah valley will stay in the upper 40s. been a good commute so far. are we still doing it? we are still doing it. here's a live look at the beltway, american legion bridge. the headlights are the inner loop of the beltway heading northbound to 270. there are really no problems. everything moving at or below the speed limit. across our maps, look at that,
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all that green all around town means you're going to go if you're just heading to school or work, no problems. all the main corridors in bethesda looking good including route 355. let's go to the other side of the beltway near route 50. no problems as you head through the glen arden area. the entire east side of the beltway between 95 and the wilson bridge are doing final. let's go back -- doing final. let's go back -- doing fine. let's go back over to the maps. looking good as you head southbound here, route 29 as well and last live look at the beltway near georgia avenue on the outer loop heading for the mormon temple still looking pretty good. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia at 6:42. a wild scene interrupted dinner at a kfc restaurant in prince george's county last night. a bmw came flying through the front windows. >> the driver of the car was killed. this all happened along martin luther king, jr. highway near sheriff road in landover. delia goncalves is live there
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with more on the bizarre story. we can only imagine how loud this was for the people sitting inside. >> reporter: you can imagine. some of those folks were probably injured when lots of shows shards of glass just came flying through the window. amazing scene. what's more spectacular is more people weren't hurt. this crash happened around dinner time, 6:30 yesterday. and only four people were injured. of course there was a fatality in this accident and that is the sad part of this story. it is an incredible scene. the windows now are boarded up. this is where that car ended but let me show you where the car started. police say the car started its collision course about a hundred feet away. it knocked over and flipped over this clothing bin and tore through a fence. it actually started over here at this citgo where the car hit a curb, went air born, and flipped over. the female driver of the
6:33 am
speeding bmw we're told was thrown from the car. she died on the scene but her passenger survived that fiery wreck. the car also collided into a red suv in the kfc lot. that driver was hurt but is expected to be okay. two other people suffered some injuries but they're expected to recover as well. that car responsible for all the damage. police tell us traveling at over 100 miles an hour. >> we've ruled out definitively there were no pursuits at the time. neither prince george's county nor the district of columbia was engaged in a pursuit at the time. we're still working on other details outside of that. >> reporter: take a look at the damage up there. that's where the damage in the building, that is where a portion of the wheel of the car actually punctured that building and embedded itself into the building. police are looking at several different avenues as to why
6:34 am
this happened, including whether alcohol also played a factor. we tried calling kfc to see if they had any comment. we haven't heard back. no word yet if the restaurant will reopen today. mike, an dry ya, back to you -- andrea, back to you. >> a lot of repairs ahead. delia goncalves live in landover, maryland this morning. the trial of five district men charged with unleashing a wild shooting on south capital street begins today. that trial does. prosecutors say the five men are responsible for an eight- day wave of violence that culminated with the march 2010 drive-by shooting. four teens were killed as they left a funeral. a fifth person was murdered days later supposedly over a stolen bracelet. all five men will go on trial at the same time. the defendants are facing life in prison wowpt the possibility of parole. -- without the possibility of parole. a man trapped inside his burning home in a wheelchair makes a desperate plea for help and his neighbors come to the
6:35 am
rescue. >> help! help! >> 911 recordings also picked up his cries as his home on beaumont street in temple hills, maryland became engulfed in fliems. neighbors -- flames. neighbors gene ward heard the cries for help. he and another man went in the building. [indiscernible] >> authorities say he would have likely died if neighbors didn't intervene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> in just a few hours, a committee in the maryland state senate is expected to approve a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. it could then move on to the entire senate later this week. last friday the house approved the measure by a five-vote margin. opponents vow to get enough signatures to hold a vote of referendum on the issue.
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the obama administration wants to increase the amount of money the district gets for next year's presidential inauguration ceremonies. it wants to make sure the city gets $25 million. that sounds like a lot, right? the problem, though, 2009's inauguration cost $49 billion. the inauguration bill for the city has gone up 800% since 2001. security is one of the biggest costs. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton says the feds are still underbudgeting once again. the pound daition named after a -- foundation named after a d.c. developer is writing a big check to restore the national mall. many areas on the mall have become rundown from overuse and the developer john akridge established a foundation to help raise funds. 6:36. jessica doyle is watching your money and your food. >> [ foreign language ]
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>> wow. >> [ foreign language ?cht [ . >> that's gorgeous. we are salivating this morning with this latest story. you have just 16 more days to wait for this new one from taco bell. among the new offerings, a line of tacos. they're made entirely from doritos. our partners at "u.s.a. today" reports there is already industry chatter that it could be one of the nation's top products this year. taco bell is still recovering from a lawsuit that falsely accused the company of lacing its beef with filler. changes are coming from some new government workers that they'll feel in the wallet. new hires will have to contribute about 3% of their salaries toward retirement instead of the nearly 1% paid by those on the federal payroll. it's one way congress will pay for extending unemployment benefits and in his budget, the. wants all federal workers to start picking up more of their
6:38 am
pension costs. rental cars are about to get safer. hertz could strike a deal with its partners for safety measures. it will help ensure all recalled cars get fixed before rented to consumers. safety advocates have accused the industry of renting cars that were recalled but never repaired. it's amazing to think that this is not under anybody's umbrella right now making this happen. >> i'm sorry, i'm still odor eat toes. >> moderation. -- still on doritos. >> moderation. >> once you start, you can't stop with the doritos. >> got me through college. 6:38, our time is. the academy awards are this weekend. they're all going to go home with a bag of free stuff. a gift made from right here in washington will be included fl we'll talk about the crater of the swag in the bag -- the
6:39 am
creator of the swag in the bag. highs in the mid-50s today. it's only going to get warmer later in the week. howard bernstein's forecast straight ahead on 9 news now. lighting up channel 9, dr. j.c. hayward. >> j.c., happy anniversary. when i lived in washington in the '80s, you were a huge star then. you continue to be a huge star. so happy anniversary. look at all this stuff for coffee.
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oh there's tons. french presses, espresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it though. i mean shipping is a hassle.
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not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships, anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $5.15, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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it's 6:43. 35 degrees. monika with your time saver traffic. we're going to take a live look from sky 9. that's the outer loop of the beltway approaching i-66. there's nothing stopped in the roadway. just a bit of slow traffic through the stretch. i think you're pretty much used to this at 6:43 in the morning. we'll go over to the maps no problems to report other than that as you head inbound on i- 66 you're just going to find your normal slow stuff as well. going slowly from manassas to centreville. then about 23 miles an hour here at route 50 as you approach route 123 on 66 with
6:44 am
the lanes open. we'll go back outside live on the northbound side of i-95. initial delays begin in dale city. i'm going to call it off and on into springfield as you head for the beltway. then the pace improves on to 395. that's slow from landmark in towards seminary road. back to the maps this time to maryland. bw parkway and route 50. insides the beltway looking fine through sheverly. just a bit of slow traffic as you approach northeast. over to the beltway on the north side of town, utter loop delays from -- outer loop delays from 95 to georgia avenue. weatherweather now with howard bernstein -- weather now with howard bernstein. cold this morning. we've got some mild air coming in for the next several days. i'm going to show you that in just a moment. this morning bundle up. if you're going to be outside, take your gloves because we have temps well in the 20s. here's a look at the bus stop forecast with 20s and some 30s
6:45 am
out there. 35 at reagan national with mainly clear skies although we're going to see high and mid- level clouds roll in the next few hours that will dim the sunshine sm. by the middle of the day expect temperatures in the mid up toker 40s around lunch time. mostly -- mid- to upper 40s around lunch time. mostly gusty. we'll be breezy this afternoon. with some luck we'll be able to shoo these clouds out of here. temperatures in the lower 50s for the drive home. we've got the low 20s in culpeper. gaithersburg 27. it's 25 in easton. lots of cold stuff, even up at cross junction about 26. that's north of winchester. a pretty sky on our michael & son weather camera this morning with 35 degrees. partly sunny out there. winds calm or at least will be in a few minutes when the sun rises and the barometer dropping slowly 30.30. want to show you the temperatures down in nashville and down toward new orleans. 40s and 50s are shooting up in toward the tennessee valley.
6:46 am
eventually the ohio valley thanks to this storm system here which is bringing snow to chicago and areas north and west of chicago. ahead of it we're turning the southerly winds and that's going to bring us our warm-up the next few days. in fact today 50 to 55 but we'll be pushing 60 tomorrow. by thursday well in the 60s the way it looks now and here some of those clouds for the middle of the day with any precip staying well to our north. the forecast we're looking at about 53 this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy, breezy. tonight not nearly as cold. 36 to 41. tomorrow around 60. could be some showers in the afternoon north and west into tomorrow night and early thursday. thursday mild. still partly to mostly cloudy. middle 60s. by friday a better chance of rain, 60 ahead of that next front which drops us into the low 450s by saturday -- low 40s by saturday with a chance of flurries and mountain snow showers. mike, over you to. this is a lot of fun. they are unrolling the red carpet this weekend at the kodak theater for the 84th annual academy awards.
6:47 am
after the cost cars are given -- after the oscars are given out, a lot of guests will be waking up with a treat from d.c. lee lambert from naughty bits brownies, that would be the treat. she's from d.c. you got inside the swag bag this year. how did you do that? >> i was doing a social media promotion site. the firm that puts it together distinct of assets saw me and saw the brand and they loved it and they gave me a call. >> you are going in the bag. >> yes. >> what are they going to get? there are six flavors. >> they're going to get six of our full flavors. the man catcher, our original living in sin, the geisha girl and also the starlet which was created specifically for the oscars. >> this is the starlet. check out the label. i'll hold it up. it actually has a little oscar statuette on there. you can choose or is that this what they're going to find in the bag. >> my point is there aren't any limits or rules when you do
6:48 am
brownies. people need permission to take a chance. >> let me try this. what are these? >> you're daring. >> yeah, what are they? jalapenos? >> they're wausabi covered. we have chocolate covered pretzels. we have nerds for mardi gras. good color for today. and feel free to mix some healthier things in. cranberries, crushed almonds. the naughty bits that we're going -- the starlet that's going to the oscars is topped with chocolate covered pop rocks with ed dib gold. -- with edible gold. it fizzes in your mouth like chocolate champagne. >> we'll sample all of these coming up. thank you for coming in from she does them online. we'll link you to the website
6:49 am the oscars are coming up this sunday so make sure you watch. here is jess. >> i'm salivating. thank you. time to save you some money with a look at some of our favorite daily deals. since we're hitting the 60s in the temperatures this week, how about some spring cleaning but you don't have to take the vacuum out of the closet yourself. kgb deals is offering a daily deal with maid easy. 55 bucks they're going to clean a studio, one bedroom or two- bedroom apartment. normally $135. for $99 you can get cleaning service for a three bedroom, three bath home normally $190. heading over to, their deal of the day is a gate wie all in one computer, $349.99, a savings of 80 dollars today. is the last day to take advantage of the president's day big sale at sears. they're offering 30% off some appliances, 50% off some tools, 60% off some mattresses and 40%
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off some spring apparel. if you have an offer you've seen or a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. check on the news before you go. that is up next.
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at 6:53 we have mostly cloudy skies but not really. just a few high clouds out there. pretty morning. 39 at 9:00. mid day 46, mostly cloudy and breezy this afternoon with highs between 50 and 55. mike? >> thank you, howard. today is tuesday, february 21. here's a check of the news before you go. a bmw hit a fence, flipped into the air and then went through some trees before smashing into a kfc restaurant in landover, maryland last night. the woman driving the car died in this accident. to other people were hurt. the investigation is ongoing.
6:54 am
a hunger strike at the university of virginia is entering its fourth day. there are about two dozen people taking part. they want the school to provide what they call a living wage of $13 an hour to workers. uva says minimum starting pay is already $14.55 an hour. the capitals are hoping to get carolina off their minds. the coops get blanked 5-0. 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. the average person does which of these things for 25 minutes a day? is it a, read something, b, spend time in the bathroom, or c, complain. the answer is a, read something. i would bet the internet has a lot to do with that. >> let's hope so one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9news now. stay with us.
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gldz we have one more thing for you. this is tuesday, fat tuesday, mardi gras. we're continuing with our naughty bits. and this is a traditional king cake from new orleans. this one is a little different. instead of just being the twisted dough with the sugar and colors purple, green and gold, the symbols of mardi gras, it's stuffed with cream cheese. >> i can smell it. >> they're all different. you can do strawberry, german chocolate filling. it's all about being a little naughty and nice. >> speaking of naughty, there's lots of beads. >> lots of beads here. >> you'll have to earn yours, mike. weather wise chilly this morning. it's cold. temps in the 20s now but in many areas we'll be to 50 to 55 this afternoon with a few more clouds. tomorrow we're near 60. maybe a late shower north and
6:59 am
west and then again by thursday mid-60s. nothing wrong with that. we're going to take a live look from scief 9 on the -- sky 9 on the inbound side of 66. it's going to be slow from route 50 to 123. 270 as you head southbound, it's going to be father hurley boulevard down to montrose road and the outer loop is 95 to georgia avenue. wall street is looking higher thanks to the greek bailout deal. cbs morning is coming up next. they're going to talk about newt gingrich's claims that he can bring gas down to $2.50 a gallon and revealing some advice. we'll back with more on today's traffic and weather updates. follow us on the go. download our free news and weather apps. thank you for being with us. we'll see you again tomorrow starting at 4:25. bye-bye.


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