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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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berggren rebound and a quick foul given. it was as if he thought the shot clock was winding down. >> mike: maybe no outlet on the play. but that was very early. >> tim: yeah. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> tim: 72% from the line. >> mike: and he has stepped up not only on the offensive end but defending sullinger on the other end. he really got torched in wisconsin but he has risen to the challenge. >> tim: and he has played a very intelligent game. craft needs a quick hoop. and a time-out. lost his dribble, picked up by thomas. and that one does not go. smith trying to keep it alive, time winding down, craft can't
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contact and craft near the buzzer and a foul committed .3 left. and this one should be in the books for the badgers. what a huge road wen this will be for wisconsin. -- win this will be for wisconsin. do you make the first? >> mike: no way you can make the play if you just plan on missing the first. because you get the tip, no way to get a 3 out of it. >> tim: unless they can get added time on the clock and i don't think they will. lo okfoin. k back then he had something more important to do h hse wan'cut cu sed n fuhis future. but fortunel somebody elseas t at usaa we provide reetirement planning fouor our military, veters ndir their filil s. now more than ever, it's importanto figeficinanalal ae dvice from people wha s yhare your military value. f for our freesa a retimeuint guide, call 877-242-usaa.
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>> tim: tonight on cbs, begins with a special edition of "60 minutes" and then "the amazing race" and "the mentalist" and ""csi miami"." and they do want to look at the time remaining with the foul. with .3, no time to make a first and then hope to miss the second and get the tap-out for 3 and a 4-point sequence. >> mike: but they will look right here and a good job by wisconsin of batting the ball around. 1.2. it depends on the whistle. >> tim: i think it's .5 or.6. that's when you spot the clock. you have to allow for the time that the official has in
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identifying. and you see him at the bottom of your screen. watch when his arm goes up, at.6. which would be enough. >> mike: you would have to have an awfully long miss because if you tip it out, the clock starts. >> tim: i would agree. it would be highly unlikely they could pull it off. meanwhile, wisconsin has a chance for a road win over a top 10 big ten team for the first time since january 26 of 1980. i believe clark kellogg, our colleague was playing. >> mike: i was playing. that's how long ago that was. >> tim: a long time ago. craft has to make this one and does. and i think bo wants to talk about it. understanding, of course, that it's gonna take a lot for ohio state to pull it off. we'll be back.
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>> tim: wisconsin leading by 3. and this could be the most bizarre -- how do you get one to bounce out to 24 feet? >> mike: throw a rocket off the front of the rim. >> tim: because if it were tipped, the clock starts. so the iron better be downright rude on this. not rude enough. game over. wisconsin pulls it off, moves to 10-6 in the big ten, their first win over a top 10 big ten
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opponent in a long while, since 1980. tonight on cbs, a special edition of "60 minutes." closed captioning provided by cbs sports division captioned by captionmax >> tim: so long from columbus. this has been a presentation of cbs sports on our "road to the final four." in new orleans. [ male announcer ] applebee's brand new 2 for $20 menu is a total slam dunk. hey guys. how's everything going? yes! enjoying your bourbon street chicken & shrimp?
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enjoy the game and a great deal, only at applebee's. >> jeff: tonight two days to go, mitt romney and rick santorum battle to win tuesday's crucial michigan primary. it appears too close to call. dean reynolds and john dickerson look at the
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stakes. should the u.s. help to arm the syrian rebels? wyatt andrews puts that question to secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i am incredibly sympathetic to the call that somebody do something. >> thank you, jesus! >> jeff: and in chicago an answered prayer for a pastor braving winter temperatures to fight gang violence. michelle miller was at his church today. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor, the unpredictable republican primary season reaches what could be another turning point on tuesday with contests in arizona and also michigan. mitt romney's boyhood home. michigan was once thought to be a lock for romney, not any more. dean reynolds is in traverse city tonight, dean, good evening. >> reporter: jeff, in just two days mitt romney gets another chance to show he can win over rank and file
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republicans. but the polls here in michigan at least suggest he will have a difficult time doing it. romney chartered a jet from michigan to florida for the daytona 500 where a trackside man of the people photo opportunity awaited the candidate with four cars of his own. his enthusiasm was not diminished by rain that postpone odd the race or the stock car emblazoned with the name of his rival. after all, romney had earlier won the backing of governor jan brewer of arizona where romney appears headed for a clear-cut victory in two days. >> that he has that probusiness background and he has that political history that i think that he would serve america the best of all the candidates. >> reporter: but his probusiness background has also greatly enriched romney with a fortune estimated at $250 million. critics say he lacks a common touch because of that wealth. a complaint he addressed during an interview. >> i can't be perfect.
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i am just am who i am. if people think there's something wrong with being successful in america, than they better vote for the other guy. >> reporter: that other guy would be rick santorum. >> we don't need someone to better manage washington, we need a fundamental change in washington that gets power back to the people in this country. >> reporter: polls show santorum with his emphasis on reviving manufacturing in this country could win tuesday's other race, the one here in michigan, where romney was born and raised. >> here we are being badly outspent again, by his super pac and his big dollar friends. and we're hanging in there, holding our own. >> reporter: the consequences of a loss in michigan would be awful for romney. piercing the idea that his nomination is inevitable, and possibly setting off an 11th hour search for an alternative acceptable to the party establishment. but santorum with his repeated rhetorical detours into sensitive social issues does not necessarily fit that bill.
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now the stakes are unquestionably high and new jersey governor chris chris-year one of romney's more prominent national backers told bob schieffer on face the nation today that if romney loses michigan a brokered conventions, this august in tampa is a possibility. jeff? >> jeff: dean reynolds, thank you. cbs news political director john dickerson is also in traverse city tonight. john, good evening to you. what's your sense on the ground now? >> it feels very close here, jeff. coming in to this vote mitt romney has some of the momentum after that last debate where rick santorum didn't do so well. when you talk to voters at his rallies they say they like mitt romney because they think can beat barack obama, can turn around the economy. but when you go to a santorum rally they rch more enthusiastic. voters are responding to santorum when he talks on stage and draws that clear contrast between his policies and barack obamas. so the enthusiasm feels like it's with santorum, though romney has the advantage in
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money, organization and ties to the state. >> jeff: john, what happens to mitt romney if he loses mitch itch-- michigan? >> it would be a near fatal blow. his campaign would be in critical condition. because he has so many advantages in michigan. he has money, his family lived here, he grew up here. he has been playing on all of those ties. so if he lost, when you talk to republican strategists they say there would be this search for somebody because they're worried that rick santorum is too conservative to win in a general election. but who would they go looking for, jeb bush the former governor of florida or indiana's governor mitch daniels have been talked about but those men say they don't want to run. so mitt romney's best chance in the end if there is a search is that there will be no one else and that he will still have to stay in the race and fight it out all the way to tampa where the convention will be held. >> jeff: john, thank you. the pentagon today identified one of the victims of yesterday's interior ministry shooting in afghanistan as 44-year-old lieutenant corner joll lottus of
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kentucky. meanwhile at a u.s. base today the fury over the accidental burnings of koran lead to another attack on american service members. mandy clark is in kabul. >> reporter: afghans took to the streets for a six day expressing their rage over the koran burning by u.s. soldiers at bagram air base last week. protestors in northern afghanistan threw a hand grenade into a u.s. base injuring seven american special forces on a training mission there. and a manhunt continues for the afghan policeman who shot and killed two american officers at the interior ministry where they worked as advisors. the alleged gunman is 25-year-old abdul saboor, police have detained his family members and now all foreign military and civilian advisors have been pulled back from their posts across afghanistan. the move puts american's
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mission into question. but u.s. ambar does ryan crocker is talking tough. >> this is not the time to desaid that we're done here. we have got to redouble our efforts. we've got to create a situation in which al qaeda is not coming back. >> reporter: militants are trying to use this anti-american sentiment to their own advantage. encouraging more afghan soldiers to turn their guns on their mentors. there is a danger that any gains that nato forces made over the last ten years could be lost by this once serious breach of cultural understanding. afghan president hamid karzai urged the public for calm. the stakes are high. the afghan-- afghans need foreign help if there is any hope for this country to stand on its own. the americans can't afford to walk away early and hand victory to the insurgents. mandy clark, cbs news, kabul. >> jeff: thousands of deming straighters held hands to frm a 10 mile human rick
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around the senator of moscow today. the protests likely return of vladimir putin in elections next week. protestor demanded more democracy, more transparency and less corruption. nelson mandela was released from the hospital today after being kpanled for a chronic abdominal problem. south african president jacob zuma found nothing seriously wrong with mandela. in canada a passenger train derailed today killing at these at least three people and injuring many others in burlington, on tarrio, about 40 miles west of toronto. 75 people were on that train. police say several passengers remain trapped tonight. they have not said what caused that derailment. still to come here, secretary of state clinton [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power, with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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and hello to "whoa, yum." use campbell's cream of chicken soup to make easy enchiladas, cheesy chicken & rice, and other chicken dishes that are campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> jeff: syrians today began vote on a referendum on a new constitution. president bashar assad and his waive were shown on state tv casting their
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ballots. opponents call it a sham. at least 31 people were killed today in the government's crackdown on dissent. secretary of state hillar hillary-- hillary clintoned slammed the voting in syria as a ploy by the assad regime. she spoke in morocco on a tour in north africa and wyatt andrews is traveling with the secretary. >> reporter: with the violence continuing in syria and assad refusing to allow medicine to reach the injured, secretary of state hillary clinton in an interview with cbs news argues the united states is doing what it can but within limits. >> i am incredibly sympathetic to the calls that somebody do something. but it is also important to stop and ask what that is and who's going to do it. >> reporter: what to do about assad was supposed to be answered last friday when a global conference called friends of syria again demanded that assad step aside. but several arab countries
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starting with the saudis argued for action to arm the syrian resistance. the obama administration is resisting that. >> the u.s. has repeatedly said that it's reluctant to support the direct army of the dissidents y? >> first of all, we really don't know who it is that would be armed. >> reporter: specifically, the administration fears that arms will wind up in the hands of terrorists including al qaeda. >> we know al qaeda, zawahiri is supporting the opposition in syria. are we supporting al qaeda in syria? hamas is now supporting the opposition, are we supporting hamas in syria? so i think, wyatt, you know despite the great pleas that we hear from those people who are being ruthlessly assaulted by assad, if you are a military planner or if you are a secretary of state and you're trying to figure out do you have the elements of an opposition that is actually viable, we don't
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see that. >> reporter: earlier this week the administration rhetorically ramped up the threat to assad. >> we don't rule out additional measures. >> we may have to consider additional measures. >> reporter: the secretary would not discuss what those additional measures might be. but without excluding weapons, said anything the arab nations might want to send into syria, the u.s. might help with logistics. wyatt andrews, cbs news, rabat, morocco. >> jeff: in egypt the trial of several pro-democracy activists was adjourned today until april. they were shown in a metal cage while protestors disrupted the proceedings. essential seven of the 16 americans charged remain in the country, including the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. none were in the courtroom. >> still ahead, a chicago pastor ends his vigil for nonviolence after tyler perry presents him with a check
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>> jeff: the federal trial over the "deepwater horizon" oil disa as ter was supposed to start tomorrow in new orleans but was delayed for at least a week allowing bp
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and other companies involved to potentially reach a settlement out of court, bp face up to $52 billion in fines. blowing snow is blamed for triggering two huge pileups on interstates in pennsylvania. three people were killed when at least 20 cars and trucks slid or skidded out of control during a whiteout on i-80 yesterday. similar conditions on i-79 caused a 30 vehicle crash. >> finally tonight, a pastor in chicago has ended his long and unusual vigil. his protest against violence after a sudden gift from a media mo gull. michelle miller explains what this pastor was doing and who is helping. >> reporter: for the first sunday in three months, pastor cory brooks is back home. in the pulpit at new beginnings baptist church on chicago's south side. >> you got to forgive me. i haven't been to church in a long time. >> reporter: he spent the last 94 days across the street in a tent on the roof of a derelict motel, a place more familiar to drug
6:27 pm
dealers and prostitutes. >> we are living in a killing field. we're living in a place where you can just be walking it to the store, the conditioner store, going to get a drij, going to get something for your kids and you can be 1409 and killed. >> reporter: brooks believes desperate times call for desperate measures so he took to the rooftop and vowed not to company down until he raised enough money to buy the building, knock it down, and build a community centre. what did you endure up there? >> i was a little terrified because i thought the tent is going to fly off this motel and i'm going to die in a tent on top of an abandoned motel. >> what did you learn? >> people have great hearts. and if you can somehow be creative enough to bring it to their attention and their awareness about what ising going on, that people will rise to the occasion. >> reporter: sometimes even famous people. on friday 94 brooks became the subject of a syndicated radio talk show, while promoting his new film good deeds, filmmaker tyler perry
6:28 pm
was inspired to perform his own. >> i will give him the $90,000. >> also all right, pastor brooks come on down. >> i said i wasn't going to cry, but after 94 days, i keep crying. and i'm grateful for every single gift that we've gotten. >> it's just a start. brooks next goal, to raise $15 million to build the new community centre michelle miller, cbs news, chicago. >> jeff: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes." i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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