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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 15, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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closed. here's a look at what we're expecting for tomorrow. as you're waking up, generally mostly cloudy skies, still mild and muggy. temperatures bottoming out in the, around 69, 75 degrees. by 11:00, we're warm again into the 80s. we also have a better chance for strong, maybe even severe storms tomorrow and also getting hotter. we'll talk more about that a little later. bruce, back to you. >> thanks, anny. computer glitch brings metro rail service to a stop for a short time today. all five rail lines were affected. tonight, the transit authority still trying to figure out what caused that problem. every metro train was ordered out of service just after 2:00 this afternoon, when operators at the system's main control center suddenly could no longer see the exact locations of all the trains on the computer board. train operators above and below ground were ordered to move to the nearest station and stay put. a little over half an hour later, trains were allowed to resume service.
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but the midday shutdown caused delays for weekend passengers. >> i caught the tail end of it, so i wasn't stuck for more than 15 minutes, which you kind of expect that in most commutes. if it was longer than that, i would have considered taking the alternate routes next time, even driving. >> this is the second time trains were ordered to stop service. the first was last winter when the control center lost power. metro spokesman declined to talk with us live by phone at 6:00. we wanted to ask what if this had happened during the morning or evening rush. he did say metro apologizes for the inconvenience and they are looking for the root cause of this problem. a murder in langley park. tonight, police are asking for help in finding the killer. the victim, an adult male, was discovered in a hallway of an apartment building located in the 1400 block of conaway street. he had been shot to death. police have not released a name or motive. several people were in the area when the shooting occurred. it was a stabbing death in the same area of april of last year.
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president obama has wrapped up two days of campaigning in virginia. his last stop was the centreville high school just this afternoon. [ cheers & applause ] >> we understood that we had to bring about a change, because we understood that the economy works in this country when it works for everybody, not just for the few. [ cheers & applause ] >> the commonwealth is becoming more critical in the election for both candidates and it's become too close to call in the state. so why has virginia become so important? >> reporter: it's getting intensely exciting in virginia, for people watching the presidential race at this stage. experts say there are three hotly contested states, virginia, nevada and ohio. it appears the path to the white house means carrying virginia. >> virginia's just been ignored. this year, virginia is front page news.
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>> reporter: the candidates are fiercely campaigning in the state. the president was in virginia beach and roanoke yesterday and in richmond and centreville today. rival republican candidate mitt romney made stops in the state two weeks ago. george mason university professor jeremy mayor. >> virginia is so crucial this year, because it is going to be in the opinion of most, a very close election. also, very few paths to the white house for mitt romney that don't involve taking virginia. if obama can stop romney in virginia, it's tough to see how he gets to the white house. >> so how do you win virginia? the magic number to win is 270 electoral votes, 13 up for grabs in the commonwealth, a state with two sides, northern virginia and the rest of the state. we have tide water, south side, and roanoke with a strong republican base. mr. obama would have to win convincingly in northern virginia. >> he doesn't need to win northern virginia. he needs to crush romney in northern virginia. a simple win would be a victory
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for romney. romney wants to keep it close. obama has to destroy romney in the vote turnout in northern virginia. >> reporter: mayor says obama will carry black voters in virginia, but it will hinge on voter turnout. >> virginia is more of a necessary win for romney and a nice-to-have win for obama at this point. now, things could change. if republicans are serious about wisconsin and michigan and those numbers start to close, then it will be obama that is desperate to win virginia. >> reporter: president obama won virginia in 2008, the first democrat in 45 years and since lyndon johnson claimed a victory. since mayor says virginia has been in the back pocket of the republicans, this will be the first time we really see a full presidential race with political ads and so forth go head to head in the commonwealth. 9news now. mitt romney is taking a break from his campaign this weekend and spending time in new hampshire with his family. his next scheduled campaign appearance is tuesday in pennsylvania. well, if you are hitting the highways this weekend, listen
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up. police officers are three different departments teaming up to crack down on speeding and aggressive motorcyclists. they will focus on a 14-mile stretch of busy route 50. police say they are hoping an increased presence will be enough to keep drivers obeying traffic laws. maryland governor martin o'malley plans to meet next week with local officials to discuss a special legislative session to expand gambling in the state, presumably to national harbor and prince georges county. county executives and baltimore's mayor are set to meet with the governor on monday. after that, on tuesday, o'malley has a meeting with house and senate leaders. lawmakers have been unable to reach an agreement on how to expand gambling in the state. they are up against an august 20th deadline for putting the gambling proposal on the november ballot for voters to consider. coming up later tonight on 9news now, kobe and lebron. they are in town getting ready for a run for the gold.
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. >> just representing and showing support to all the u.s. athletes. i think that's very important, because we're all in it together. >> both men and women's teams shooting hoops with area wounded warriors. we'll have the story later tonight in sports. >> and a day of fishing turns into a terrifying ordeal for two men. we'll show you how the drama turns out. >> also, a tragic outcome this weekend when a toddler finds a gun and accidentally shoots his
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. a 3-year-old indiana boy accidentally shoots and kills his father. police say the father had brought a gun and his family to a job site where he was renovating a home in southern indiana. the gun apparently discharged when the 3-year-old picked it up. police are calling the case a tragic accident and a tragic mistake. >> loaded handguns and children don't mix. they are a very deadly combination. children are inquisitive. >> the victim was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders. in california, a dramatic river rescue during a fishing trip. take a look at this video. three men were fishing on the kern river near bakersfield when one of them flipped into the water and quickly found himself in trouble. his companions went in after him, but one of them got stuck also. rescue teams managed to pull one of the men to safety, but 53-year-old larry idow was swept away. he managed to grab onto rocks
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until rescuers could reach him. >> you're looking at 40,000 pounds of pressure in a small area pushing on your body. >> we could tell he was getting tired, fighting that water. it's real tough. so i reached out as far as i could and, you know, told him, grab my arm and we pulled him in. boat captain helped me and we pulled him into the boat. >> his life vest began to slip off and a rescue cable snapped just as they reached him. he was eventually pulled to safety. an egyptian who kidnapped two americans and their tour guide friday is threatening to take more hostages if his demands are not met. the family of a boston pastor abducted in egypt is appealing for his release tonight, saying the 61-year-old man is diabetic. the 39-year-old boston woman also kidnapped in broad daylight. drew levenson has the latest. >> reporter: security is tight in egypt's sinai peninsula, after two americans and their tour guide were kidnapped. pastor michelle lewis and lisaal
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fons of boston were part of a church mission, visiting biblical sites in israel and egypt when their tour bus was ambushed. the hostage taker, a bedwin tribesman told the associated press he wanted to exchange the two for his uncle, who is in prison. lewis' family in boston is confident he will be released, but they are concerned about his health. >> he is diabetic and the longer they hold him, i will assume it's not going to work in his favor. >> reporter: alfonz's friend describes her as a caring mother. >> she's always there for her kids and she's a really great mom and a great person. so it's not -- i'm -- i can't believe it. >> reporter: the ap was told more people from other countries will be abducted unless his demands are met. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in egypt to meet with the new president did not
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mention the kidnapping. the u.s. embassy says it is working closely with egyptian authorities who are doing everything to ensure the americans' safe release. drew levenson, cbs news. coming up on 9news now this saturday night, a tornado ripped through the eastern shore of virginia today. we'll show you what happened. . >> also, heavy rains in parts of the area tonight. what can we expect on sunday?
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. the national weather service says a twister touched down just after 1:00 this afternoon in virginia, causing only minor damage with some residents, tense moments. >> we were standing right here with the door shut. when i looked back, thought it was a clearing in the clouds, because it was dark on both sides. then i looked at it again and it was just, i could tell, it was swirling around, the tornado
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coming. >> i was getting pretty nervous. actually the neighbor evacuated his family and we were getting ready to do the same thing. >> the tornado uprooted several trees, caused some damage to buildings. got to be frightening. don't care how often you see that tape of a tornado coming at you. weather watches, warnings gone, everything? >> yeah, no more flood watches in effect tonight, bruce. we still see some areas of rain coming down, moderate rain. and that rain, not really moving. it's really been kind of hammering south of us into frederic and stafford counties in virginia. looking at hd, around the beltway, just cloudy skies, still muggy. to the south of us and also out to the west, we do have some showers and some pretty decent rain falling. here's a look at doppler 9000 hd. you can see some of those storms did have lightning as well and most of the areas west of town really got hammered more than
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the immediate metro area. let's zoom in closer to fredericksburg once again. you can see the yellow indicating moderate rainfall. some places getting 1 to 2 inches of rain just today. now, right now, you can see kind of a bit misty on our lens there. a live look at our weather camera, temperatures now in the upper 70s, mostly cloudy skies. the dewpoint also in the lower 70s. so it is muggy out there. elsewhere, temperatures at 75 in leesburg, lower 80s for annapolis. now, we're expecting a hot sunday with more storms. some storms could be strong tomorrow afternoon and evening. hotter and humid for monday and then we'll stay hot through the middle of the week before we get a real break from the heat. here's a look at your 9 future cast. keep your eye on the clock here. i'll put this into motion. overnight, should be fairly quiet. we could still see pop-up showers and storms. tomorrow morning, you see that gray. that is the cloudy conditions
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expected for tomorrow. those clouds might start to break up in the afternoon, but we do see more showers and thunderstorms arriving tomorrow afternoon and for the early evening hours. some of those storms, again, could be strong or severe. it will also be hotter tomorrow and through monday. overnight, as you're sleeping, cloudy and mild with showers and storms possible. also some areas of fog could develop. lows of 69 to 75 degrees. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and warm again. areas of fog. air quality is code yellow, moderate, so no major concerns. for the afternoon, don't forget umbrellas tomorrow, because we could see showers and storms. some will be strong or severe. highs will be 90 to 95. winds also could pick up a little bit southwest, 10 to 15 miles per hour. we start in western maryland for your forecast on sunday. oakland, lower 80s. cumberland, upper 80s. hagueers town, 88. leesburg, lower 90s. culpepper up to 93 degrees. in downtown, a few degrees above the average high of upper 80s.
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93 in downtown, 90 in annapolis. for the eastern shore, upper 80s, close to 90 degrees. next three days, 9 weather alerts yellow for tomorrow, monday and tuesday because of the heat. so we will probably see showers and storms tomorrow. monday is hot, 95. only isolated storm possible. tuesday, even hotter at 97 degrees. check out your next seven days. tuesday, hot and muggy for baseball. wednesday, front comes through, so better chance for scattered showers and storms. thursday, a break from the heat. 89 degrees. friday and saturday look pretty nice and comfortable for july, temperatures in the upper 80s. tomorrow, make sure you stay tuned to us or go to our website, to keep you posted on the latest weather conditions and if it turns severe where you live. all-star game is over with. real deal, what are they going to do? >> second half, nats getting to it, mr. gonzalez and a few hundred of his friends visiting south florida.
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i'll explain. gonzo, fantastic again, but why is he walking away unsatisfied? nats' miami vice drama in baltimore. and one of the most unheralded birds coming through and usa basketball in town preparing for a gold
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. gonzalez is a happy dude. in fact, his bright smile has become quite a story line around the clubhouse. safe to say mama is happy, too. according to masn, she bought 600 tickets before tonight's game for family and friends. gio is from south florida, so you know folks were happy.
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it's a lovefest. no hugs from miami. just heat from gonzo. strikes out the side in the 3rd. 5th inning, john buck with the broken bat single to right. 2-1, gonzalez touched up with 2 homeruns. that's all he need the. washington loses a tough one, 2-1. >> well, it was a shame. gio pitched a heck of a ball game. you know, we had many opportunities out there. we just couldn't get it. orioles-tigers, let's get to the extra innings. bottom of 13, tigers up 6-5. j.j. hardy, dynamite! ties the game at 6-6. that homerun broke an 0-for-28 slump. dramatics here. couple of batters later, taylor teagarden, activated from the d.l. right before the game, he says exit stage right, folks.
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2-run shot walkoff. orioles win in dramatic fashion 8-6. >> my mindset today was just try to get used to the ball park, get in the clubhouse, getting to see anyone. i really had no intentions of playing today, but it got tight there at the end and i was pretty amped up. my first big league at-bat in a while. dream team set the standard for usa hoops, of course, 20 years ago. this edition trying to live up to that standard this year. we're about to find out if they can live up to. kobe, lebron and durant, among others. the team is here in dc this weekend, tuning up for london. practices through the weekend, then exhibition on monday at the verizon center against bra si. the world is watching, though. watching these guys to see if nba superstars can coexist. that's the pressure of playing for the usa, and they know it. >> every competition that we enter, we want to win. that's the intention of the u.s. when you have usa on your chest, you have to go out there and do
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the best possible. >> we don't worry about what outside people say. we're focusing on the 12 guys we got in this group and we'll be fine. over at the montgomery aquatics center, the very talented u.s. olympic diving team, looking to add to a very prestigious heritage. earlier, we showed you a few first timers. tonight, we talk to a couple who, shall we say, have seen this rodeo before. >> it's exciting, but i'm trying to, like, i don't know, keep the excitement down a little bit, because that can get exhausting mentally. and this is my second time at the games, so i know what to expect. >> it's just like the first, second and third one, except for i have the experience and the knowledge of what i want to do versus what i can do. and change up the things that didn't go well and go into the competition with a positive mindset. >> good for them. hockey now, caps finished up their developmental camp today. new head coach adam oats, impressed with what he's seeing so far. also met newly acquired center
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mike robero for the first time, saying he looked a lot skinnier than i thought he was. he looked like a rapper! mc mike robero, i guess, acquired in a trade from dallas in late june in exchange for cody eeken. can he be the second line center they want him to be? he hopes so. here's what else he's looking to do. >> trying to make plays for my teammates and my intent is to win and if i can create for my teammates, that's my number one goal. >> mike assess good two-way centerman, very smart player, played in the league a long time and he's a point-producing guy, great for us down the middle. and he looks like a rapper. caps training camp begins in september. dates and high heights, open september 25th.
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. finally, back to that baltimore game, you saute lore teagarden earlier tonight hit the game winner. after will the game, just gotten into the game because he was on the d.l. with a bad back. after the game, you know it's coming. not one pie, not two pies, three pies! we'll call him mr. 9.42. pie is 3.14. multiply it by 3. 9.42. >> very impressive. >> who said this team was as good as the dream team? >> kobe said it! >> he's crazy. >> more storms tomorrow, low to mid-90s. >> kobe, lebron, durant, only ones who could make the dream team. >> maybe. see you tom news on tom and katie after the quickie divorce settlement. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm kevin frazier.
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>> speedy divorce settlement with katie homes. >> she hired three law firms in three states. >> they face cameras as headlines blare how katie beat tom. >> she had his own secret disposable cell phone that she used to plan this. >> why katie could be keeping silent. >> there's a major confidentiality agreement. >> has the media been manipulated by both sides. >> she's been showing off the bond. >> all of this has contributed to a very positive press reaction. >> plus, the stars on scientology. who says the church helped them? >> i came to study scientology. keeping me out of trouble. >> j. lo jumps ship. >> the time has come. we had an amazing run. >> is randy about to quit? >> the ratings for "idol" have fallen. they could look for a younger crowd. >> bieber calls 911 on the paparazzi. >> they will not stop following me. >> what's your name? >> justin.
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>> backstage with madonna, her boy toy and her son. the candid home videos on the road in star watch. >> as olympians and athletes dare to bear all. >> the wounded soldier turn eed paraolympian swimmer. >> robert blake confronted on tv about the murder of his wife. >> you got any idea why i was under arrest for four years, mr. research? look it up. what's the [ bleep ] matter with you? >> now from hollywood, the weekend insider is on. >> how did the divorce settlement get hammered out so quickly? >> tom cruise and katie homes call a truce. >> less than two weeks after
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holmes filed to end that marriage. >> katie in new york this week. all three generations of family snapped heading into the chelsey peers. >> tom snapped on the set of his new movie. >> a startling cover story how katie beat tom. >> we're hearing she had her own secret disposable cell phone she used to plan this. >> don't expect a holmes tell-all any time soon. >> i can speculate about a lot of things. there's one thing i'm positive about. there's a confidentiality agreement and you look at all levels of confidentiality from reality to social networking, no defamation against each one of them. >> katie appears to be moving on. >> reports are katie is returning to her catholic faith. it's very important that families in particular have a community where they can heal in. >> dr. paul was not involved in
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the settlement but says katie may find comfort in her latest venture as a fashion designer. >> she needs to have identity and purpose in her life. >> katie holmes brilliant in divorce strategy says ex-scientologist. news director of hollywood reporter on our set this week. >> matt, why do these former scientologists say she's been brilliant? >> i think what they are responding to is the fact from the beginning katie was on the offensive. she was not on the defensive. she was the first one to file. she sort of remained silent but media droppings that have come out everywhere about where she is. she's been out showing off the bond. all of this has contributed to a press reaction to katie. >> have we been manipulated? has the media been manipulated by both sides? >> i don't know if i would say manipulated. there's a strategy to control the message here. >> let me ask you this. how will this


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