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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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83 degrees. good day to eat lunch outside, take a midday walk. just don't forget the sunscreen or big brimmed hat. 87 by 5:00. highs today about 88, 89. but it's not going to feel bad because the humidity levels are down. by the way the air quality is moderate. we call that code yellow. looking at the satellite and radar from yesterday at 5:00, big big storm south and west of town. had a couple that came through frederick and northern montgomery county before falling apart this morning. that's all gone. a couple of big storms well into southwestern virginia, eastern tennessee and western north carolina. temps this morning in the 50s in the mountains. many areas to the west in garrett county specifically. many areas in the higher elevations are in the 60s. 70 in gaithersburg and manassas. 68 la plate ta. 73 in fredricksburg this morning and 70 in bowie. 74 here in washington. let's go to monika now at 5:00 a.m. she's got some pretty good news on the traffic front as well. i do, actually. it's nice and light. there are no major incidents to report. all your overnight construction
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is cleared up. what could be better. if you're planning to head over to the north side of town, no problems on 270 out of frederick and mount airy. we're looking good all the way down the line through germantown down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll take a live look outside right now. if you're planning to head here, no problems on the beltway throughout prince george's county. this is near kenilworth avenue between 95 and the wilson bridge it pretty much looks like this. back over to our maps this time heading in from the west. no problems as you travel in from sterling on the dulles toll road or 66 in manassas. all lanes are open. one last look outside. here's what it looks like inside the beltway 66 in falls church heading for the roosevelt bridge. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:10. >> thanks, monika. 5:01 now. nearly 70 residents are waking up with a need for a place to live. a pj caught -- a prince george's county apartment building caught fire. >> the fire burned for a while unnoticed and they were forced out of their homes.
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it broke out last night near silver hill road in district heights, maryland. delia goncalves joins us live with more on the situation. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. here we are nine hours after this fire broke out. you can see crews are still here on the scene working to board up the windows of this apartment building that was nearly gutted out by last night's fire. when firefighters arrived just before 8:00 p.m., the building was fully engulfed in flames. about 75 firefighters from throughout the county worked to get the blaze under control. we're told that a couple of firefighters suffered heat exhaustion but after some treatment they were fine and were able to continue their work to get the blaze under control. all residents in the 22 apartments here were able to escape with their lives but unfortunately a homeowner's dog died in the fire. >> my girlfriend and i, we were
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sitting, talking in my living room. then we kept on hearing somebody just yelling the same thing. so leona got up to go to the balcony. once we got on the balcony, we looked right and the whole building looked like it was in flames. the worst part is there was a dog on the balcony and the dog got burnt up and it made me so nervous. the dog was just like -- [ inaudible ] i just told her, look, we've got to get out of here. we've got to go. it looked like it was coming. >> as you can hear if those residents last night here on the scene, it was a frightening ordeal for a lot of these folks who never knew that the apartment building was on fire until they got a knock on their door. so who banged on these residents' doors to get them out safely? we'll let you know coming up at 5:30. back to you, jessica, mike. >> thank you, delia.
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tough situation for the people living in that apartment building. delia goncalves live this morning. we should know later this morning the identities of two people found dead in an arlington apartment. investigators say it appears to be a murder-suicide. a relative made this discovery inside one of the units at the park shirlington apartment complex on south 31st street. it happened yesterday. investigators say the young man and woman were involved in an intimate relationship. we are told this is arlington's first homicide in more than two years. later today, prince george's county police are expected to release the name of a drowning victim from overnight. first responders pulled the teenager out of a pond in laurel last night. authorities say the victim was found at the bottom of a pond at willow lake apartment complex. emergency crews performed cpr but it was too late to save the young man's live. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. later today thousands are expected to pack into a church in colorado for one of the victims of last week's movie
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theater shooting. 51-year-old gordon chowden was one of the 12 people killed during the rampage of the showing of the new batman movie. 24-year-old james holmes is expected to be formally charged next week. yesterday his lawyers returned to the movie theater looking for evidence to build their defense. actor christian bale made a surprise visit to see 15 victims still in the hospital. issues on the campaign trail shift from the economy to foreign policy. that comes as mitt romney prepares for his international swing through england, israel and poland. romney took some shots at the president and his record as commander in chief. he questioned the president's leadership for publicizing the details about military operations in iraq and afghanistan. >> what kind of white house would reveal classified material for political gain? i'll tell you right now.
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mine will not. >> there are those who argued against a timeline for this war or against talking about it publicly. but that's not a plan for america's security either. >> president obama wrapped up his west coast fund raising trip and now he's headed to the big easy in new orleans. 5:06. i am watching your money and your stock portfolio which hasn't been looking all that great the last three sessions on wall street. one good thing about yesterday, stocks closed off at their worst levels of the day and this comes after a "wall street journal" report says the federal reserve is moving towards steps to jump start the economy. the main problem for traders that spooked investors, europe's ongoing debt crisis and profit warnings from ups and dupont. the dow standing at 12,617, ended the day down 104 points. nasdaq fell by 27 and the s&p 500 was off by 12. japanese auto giant toyota says it sold more than five
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million vehicles globally for the first six months of this year. the company says it is poised to regain its title as the world's top automaker. right now general motors is still top. g.m. plans to release its sales report later this week or rather later next week. toyota sales slumped after a series of safety-related recalls in 2010. tires made of soybean oil? good year is testing them out. the company says soybean oil reduces reliance on costly petroleum. and it extends the life of the tire. seems like a good deal. researchers have found the trade on tires made partially with soybean oil can last 10% longer. >> interesting. >> you can grow them so you're not pulling oil out of the ground. >> you can grow them just about anywhere. sherman hemsley, the actor who made the character george jefferson famous in the tv hit "the jeffersons" has died. he passed away at his home in el paso, texas. he's a philadelphia native and he broke into acting after
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joining the ensemble company in new york. from there he landed one of his first television gigs in "all in the family" and he was hysterical on that too. that led to "the jeffersons." after a long break in television, he returned in the 1980s in "amen." he was 74 years old. >> such a loss. a lot of us grew up with him. time right now is 5:08. ferril cats taking over one neighborhood. find out why residents think the plan to get rid of them may be a bad idea. >> sit back and you'll hear a tale of a maiden voyage without a soul on board. we'll tell you why coming up.
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. it is 10 after ak on this wednesday morning. -- after 5:00 on this wednesday morning. temperatures are going to be gorgeous of the here's the day planner. this morning we actually have 60s in spots. still in the low 70s in the metro. 77 by 9:00. noon 83, sunny, dry and highs today in the upper 80s. we will see some high heat returning tomorrow. details on that forecast in five minutes. right now monika with timesaver traffic. a nice look at route 50 here coming off the bay bridge. there are no issues heading for annapolis and the beltway and
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inside the beltway through cheverly into the northeast corridor. route 50 is incident free. more traffic at 5:19. the. a council member in prince george's county has temporarily withdrawn a bill. it's aimed at saving many feral cats from being put down. >> under the bill, a feral cat would be trapped, taken to a vet, spade or neutered, vaccinated and then released once again but a public meeting yesterday, several residents spoke out loudly about her proposal. >> the neighborhood kids are using them for target practice or they're getting in our garbage. they're killing our birds, pooping in our gardens. >> another resident she was badly bitten by a feral cat. another person complained about 30 cats in one neighborhood. but despite that, the legislation will be brought back this fall. coming up, highlights from
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the kastles finale. details after new gadget for the new beltway express lanes in virginia. >> howard has your seven-day forecast coming up next. another gorge us a day headed your way -- gorgeous day aheaded your way. we'll be right back.
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we finally are going to get to see the sun. i am so excited about today. >> we saw some sunshine yesterday but today is going to be a good day. >> it was great where i was.
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>> weg' going to -- we're going to see sun all day long. humidity levels will be in check. they've dropped significantly. a perfect day just for jessica doyle. >> thank you, howard. >> let's show you what's happening today. this is one of those mid summer days that you just say thank you, thank you, thank you. 75 by 8:00. by noon 83. so just a great lunch hour. humidity levels are going to be nice and comfortable. you follow the dew points, they're dropping into the 50s. that's just a great place to be this time of year, sign of the drier air that's with us. as we get into the middle of the afternoon, upper 80s but that's where we should be for the middle and latter parts of july. upper 80s to near 90. by 8:00 we're down to 83. so a good looking evening. the winds will start to turn toward the southwest and south tonight. that's going to bring back the humidity a little bit tonight and tomorrow. the heat surges back here in a big way. this morning storms well out to our southwest and far western virginia, western north
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carolina and eastern tennessee up toward bristol and kings port. johnson city over there. around here we've got 60s. mid-60s in gaithersburg. reston 67 this morning. college park 69. it's still 73 up in baltimore. 72 in fort belvoir this morning. 72 in prince frederick in calvert county. 70 in leesburg. a very comfortable morning. clear skies, great visibility as you're looking at the capitol dome. 74 reagan national. humidity 64% and there's the key for us. northerly winds, drier air there at 9 miles an hour. they'll be north, northwest much of the day 5 to 10. we have high pressure once again covering the middle of the country. been like this a lot this summer. that's why they've had the terrible drought and the terrible heat. places like st. louis, kansas city over a hundred once again. big storms in the northern plains. these storms are forced up and over. yes, more rain up in minnesota, the dakotas, these storms come
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around the ridge. yesterday we got some of those. this morning, though, that boundary is going to be off to our west. so we've got no problem. in fact, behind this boundary, the cooler, drier air is swept down toward us. that's why we're in for such a gorgeous wednesday around here. we'll show you the future cast. all is quiet now. tonight and tomorrow we're watching west virginia. we may get some showers to form here as we get into thursday morning. some of those could sneak toward us during the day on thursday. near 100 tomorrow but the isolated thunderstorms. on friday probably a better chance we'll get some thunderstorms to pop here in the afternoon before we cool it down a little bit over the weekend. here's the forecast. today beautiful, 88 degrees. winds northwesterly becoming southwest late 5, 10 miles an hour. tomorrow we're in the low 70s in town. upper 60s north and west. tomorrow here comes the heat. 100. a couple of afternoon storms. but with the heat probably a heat advisory. a yellow alert for the heat
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tomorrow. yellow alert for the storms on friday. friday's highs still in the mid- 90s. saturday low 90s with a few storms. sunday looks pretty nice, 90ish. next tuesday could really be unsettled 85. monika, it's 5:17. how is timesaver traffic looking? not bad at all. no problems to report early this wednesday morning. if you're planning to head in from the downtown area, no problems to report across the potomac and anacostia river crossings. 395 looks great. it's very light between the beltway and 14th street bridge. we'll go there live on the northbound side of 395. you can see traffic moving really well into downtown. all the anacostia river crossings pretty much the same story. we'll go back over to our maps this time to the north side. on the beltway lanes are open between 270 and i-95. all of your major corridors in from the north out of aspen hill, wheaton and college park look final. one last look outside to the american legion bridge. west side of town. this is what it looks like basically between tysons and bethesda. i'll be back with more traffic
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at 5:25. mike and jess? >> all right, thanks, monika. this is a neat story, sort of interesting. a fishing boat called the queen bee has crossed the ocean and has one heck of an adventure. >> too bad nobody was on board. scott douglas and his brother- in-law went fishing off of nantucket back in august of 2008. a storm came up and they were tossed overboard. they swam to shore and thought they'd never see the queen bee ever again but she found her way to the coast of northern spain. a trip of more than 3,000 miles. the coast guard figures the boat drifted towards canada, got swept into the gulf stream, then crossed the atlantic to spaing. the company -- to spain. the company that made the boat is beaming with pride. >> we always knew we built a good boat, but to go through what this boat has gone through in the atlantic for three and a half years is just unbelievable. >> would you like to see the queen bee? she's in baltimore now and will be appearing at boat shows across the country. cool. this sounds like a movie
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and not necessarily a good thing to happen in real life. a drunken night with friends lands a man in the hospital. and their disturbing escapade was caught on tape. investigators see what you're seeing as surveillance video, someone dowsing a man -- dousing a man on fire with rum. a knucklehead friend sparks a lighter, sends the 36-year-old running for water. his head catches fire, second degree burns. he is expected to make a full recovery. police say they don't plan any charges but i guess the pain is enough. >> oh, man. that is stupid. let's take another look at our question of the day. according to a new study, there's no scientific proof men can't help doing what? >> leaving the toilet seat up, b, falling asleep after sex, or c, hogging the remote. >> our facebook friend tina thinks the answer is c. it starts at a young age. my 10-year-old is a remott hogger. -- remote hogger. what do you think? put your answers on our facebook page and we'll have
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the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back. olympic tes bob and mike bryan
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a good wednesday morning. howard bernstein with you. beautiful out there in spots. we've got 60s this morning. the drier air is moving in. you can probably open the windows and enjoy it. still going to be nice as we approach 9:00. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. lunch of sunshine. even 60s in the mountains. lunch time that's looking great, too. 80 in annapolis.
5:24 am
79 gaithersburg. 83 manassas and mid-afternoon, mid and upper 80s for highs. we're going to stay sunny all day long. enjoy. good morning, everybody. got to give that man credit. gio gone disol les described his last start terrible and he's right. he made the all-star team and you had to figure the odds were in his favor for a turn around last night. up in new york. there's gonzalez taking a deep breath. melts hitters should have taken a deep breath. shift justice. shut out baseball for seven innings and he got all the help he would need from adam laroche, the difference maker. there he goes. two-run shot off of r.a. dicky. they take it 5-2. good news for the nats.
5:25 am
better news throughout the day. we don't know for sure until the team tells us but some are speculating the nats may pitch stephen strasburg beyond the 160 innings limit. it could get as high as 180 which would be about three more starts than originally thought. that's good news. late last night kastles mommy finale down on the boardwalk. a festive scene going on down there. no venus no serena. both on their way to london for the olympics. the rest of the crew had to struggle to keep the streak alive but they do. kastles come back to win late. 27 straight wins. that's a quick look at sports. i'm dave owens. have a great wednesday. we're going to be live at redskins park for rg3 and the beginning of redskins training camp. >> thank you so much, dave. here's a live look at the northbound side of i-95 in springfield. traffic volumes are increasing leaving route 644 to the beltway. both the main and hov lanes but
5:26 am
all lanes are open and it does remain incident free. i'll have more on traffic coming up once again in my next report. you're waffing 9news -- you're watching 9news now. stay with us. let's take a paint project from "that looks hard"
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welcome back. almost 5:30 on this wednesday morning. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> commercial breaks are a lot of fun. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. here's the lovely monika samtani already ready for vacation. >> i'm going somewhere nice, yes. >> palm beach. >> she'll have traffic momentarily. we've got a great day. sunshine. jessica is a big fan of sunshine. >> i am. >> it's going to be a good day for you and everybody who has outdoor activities planned for this wednesday. not only are we going to be sunny. temperatures will be down a bit
5:30 am
and humidity levels have dropped significantly so it's much more comfortable than it has been. here's our day planner. we're just a half-hour or so from the sunrise. maybe 35 minutes or so. 83 by noon. low humidity levels. a great day to have an outdoor lunch. the highs upper 80s of the maybe tickling the 90-degree mark today. enjoy it because we're going to be hotter, much hotter come tomorrow. had some big storms yesterday south and southwest of d.c. for the most part. a few went through areas like frederick and montgomery county in the early evening, late afternoon. this morning we've cleared out nicely. big storms well to the south and west and eastern tennessee and western north carolina. temperatures, they're good. real good. 64 in winchester. cumberland and petersburg. 50s in garrett county. still 74 here and a warmer 78 on the bay. but a good start to what's going to be a great weather day. traffic wise. monika samtani stepping in at 5:30 to let you know how good those conditions are. everything is doing great. i have a couple of delays on
5:31 am
marc brunswick line 870, 8 to 10 minutes late. 890 is 15 to 20 minutes late. things look great on the beltway east side of town. no problems here through cheverly on route 50, the bw parkway. everything is looking fine. we'll go over to the other maps first and show you what it looks like on the inbound side of i-66. on the inbound side no problems to report here. as cow in from centreville on 66 all the way to the beltway you're going to be fine. now let's take another live look outside on the other side of town if you're planning to head in on 95, the bw parkway, route 50 as i said. things are great. this is in landover inside the beltway. i'll be back with more traffic coming up once again at 5:38. >> thank you, monika. the red cross has taken in nearly 70 residents left without a place to live after a fire ripped through their prince george's county apartment building. >> the flames broke out just before 8:00 last night in a three-story apartment building on rochelle avenue near silver
5:32 am
hill road. delia goncalves has more on the rescue efforts. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike, jessica. it is going to be some time but it is slowly progressing here in this area. people are trying to get a handle as to what happened exactly last night. though it could have been a whole lot worse because we're told this fire went unnoticed for a long time before anyone escaped the house or firefighters even arrived on the scene. here we are more than nine hours after the fire first broke out and you can see crews are still here working to board up this building. 75 firefighters from throughout the county fought to get the blaze under control but crews tell us the building was fully engulfed when they arrived because the fire burned spoke some time before a police officer on patrol saw smoke. that officer immediately called 911. >> he got out of his cruiser
5:33 am
and started knocking on doors, evacuating the building because people weren't aware. it looks like the fire started in an apartment on the ground floor level, rear side of the building and started extending upwards. because of that location and there's nothing else behind this building, it probably resulted in no one being able to see it and calling 911 sooner. >> reporter: thanks to that officer, everyone in the 22 apartments were able to escape with their lives. however, unfortunately we are told that a dog did die in the fire. the red cross and the apartment management helping to get residents back on their feet at least for now with temporary housing until they can figure out a permanent solution and perhaps move back in to their homes. there is no cause to the fire. mike, back to you. >> thanks, delia live in district heights, maryland this morning. thousands of people are expected to pack a church in colorado to honor one of the victims of last week's movie
5:34 am
theater shooting. 51-year-old gordon cowden was one of the 12 people killed during the shooting rampage. 24-year-old james holmes is expected to be formally charged in the shooting next week. yesterday his lawyers returned to the movie theater looking for some sort of evidence trying to build their defense. also yesterday, batman star christian bale made a surprise visit to see 15 victims who are still in the hospital. we also have an update on a man in maine who may have been planning a copycat attack in the wake of those aurora attacks. timothy cortoir is being held on $50,000 bail after entering a not guilty plea. he was clocked going 112 miles an hour on the maine turnpike and officers when they stopped him found a stockpile of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his car. he told them he was going to kill his former boss after he saw the dark knight movie. it's one of at least three incidents since friday's shootings that are relating to the film. a movie theater in new jersey
5:35 am
was evacuated monday night after someone opened an emergency exit door during the showing. and in arizona 50 people fled the theater after a man who was apparently drunk got into a confrontation with police inside the theater. the time right now is 5:35. i am watching your money and apple, you don't see that that much if at all, a rare miss from apple. stock is down about 5% before the opening bell. the company posted earnings that are up just over 20%. while that may be a good thing for most companies, it was considered meager by apple's standards and didn't meet analysts' predictions. this was the slowest growth for apple in more than two years. the reason for the so-called drop more consumers are buying the least expensive iphones and ipads. apple is also lowering its earnings outlook for this next quarter. according to a "u.s.a. today" report, the sale of smartphones is expected to go above the 200 billion mark for
5:36 am
the first time. the consumer electronics association says the sale of smartphones and tablets will make up about 30% of all electronics revenue this year. spending on gadgets overall is expected to account for $7.9 billion in revenue and that's up by 25%. >> wow. 25%. that's a lot. >> a little computer in your pocket. time 5:36. the man many believed to be the first person cured of aids spoke at national conference in d.c. >> find out why his case is met with such skepticism. that's next.
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5:38 am
it is 5:38 on this very pleasant morning. humidity down and temps in the 60s in some spots. great day ahead. sunshine. get the sun block ready and wide brim hat if you're going to be outside. it's going to be gorgeous. north, northwest winds 5 to 10
5:39 am
miles an hour. 1:00 84. we're going into the upper 80s to near 90. nice today but getting hot tomorrow. full details in about six minutes. right now monika with timesaver traffic. thank you so much. on the inbound side of i-66 all lanes are open. no big delays to report as you come in from centreville toward vienna and the beltway. 95 northbound is beginning to slow down lorton to springfield. i'll have more on virginia roads coming up once again in my next report at 5:48. >> thank you, monika. protest marches aimed to coincide with the international aids conference here in d.c. led to 13 arrests yesterday. the activists say they wanted to send a message to the white house and the world. the aids pandemic can be brought to an end. and that's -- [indiscernible] the protests were sponsored by we can and aids. the man to be the first ever cured of the aids virus
5:40 am
came to the international conference to address skepticism about his cure. >> timothy ray brown was known for years as the better lane patient because that's where the treatment took place. he was treated for leukemia in 2006 with a unique stem cell treatment. and it came from a donor whose blood cells had a mutation that makes them immune to h.i.v. well, he has been off the antiviral drug ever since and the disease has not made a resurgence. >> my case, my history is proof that h.i.v. can be cured. >> brown has allowed researchers to access tissues and some scientists have presented new evidence there are still traces of aids in his body. he says those cells are not replicating and he no longer has the disease. here are some of my
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it is birthday time. super model iman is 57. matt leblanc is 45. robert zoellick is 59. if today is your birthday, happy birthday as well.
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5:44 am
5:45 am
5:45. we should have been doing in outside, howard. >> we still can. we have another 75 minutes to go in this broadcast. >> it's stunning. >> it is. it's been great out there. we'll get out there a little later this morning. i advise you to take advantage of the gorgeousness while we have it because we're going to have it today. we're not going to have it tomorrow. here's a look at the day
5:46 am
planner. it is beautiful out there this morning. we've got some areas in the 60s. it's in the 50s in garrett county. we'll be in the low 90s by lunch time. only getting into the upper 80s today. maybe 90 in one or two spots but it's really going to be a comfortable day as the humidity levels have dropped off tremendously as opposed to the last couple of mornings. winds west, northwest most of the day 5 to 10 miles an hour. we'll really be liking that. the boundary that came in yesterday well south of us now. you see some storms into the carolinas and eastern tennessee but nothing near us. there's the cool stuff in the mountains, garrett county. winchester and culpeper in the mid-60s this morning. gaithersburg a beautiful 63. even baltimore at 73. better than it has been. still some upper 70s along the bay naval academy down to the pax river naval air station. 77. bill down to 69 and clear in the northern neck. we have clear skies. 74 degrees with that humidity right now at 64%. and a northerly wind.
5:47 am
we like that this time of year. northerly wind at 9 miles an hour. there's tremendous heat once again. look at all the areas in the whitish shade. that's a hundred degrees or hotter. places just west of chicago. madison, wisconsin today triple digits. back through areas in des moines over to kansas city, st. louis, oklahoma city. and that heat, at least a little chunk of it is going to break off and be with us tomorrow and even into friday but i think tomorrow will be the worst of the heat we're going to see. you can clearly see this big ridge of high pressure with the clouds, the showers, storms, all going around that ridge of high pressure and very hot temperatures underneath it. now, for us we had a storm go through the northeast and parts of canada. that dragged a front. that's why we've got the northerly winds bringing in the milder air, at least for a day or so but we'll take it. we get a day like this in july, we're going to take it and love t. by noon sunny and delightful. we get into the afternoon sunny and delightful. tonight clear to partly cloudy. toward tomorrow morning we could see some showers popping in the mountains here well out
5:48 am
to our west and northwest. then in the afternoon an isolated storm can't be ruled out here or there but it looks like we'll have a better chance for some showers and storms as we head into the day on friday. still another hot day friday. there's some of the storms friday popping here. friday we'll look at temperatures into the mid-90s as opposed to tomorrow where we're going to be around 100. today 88, great day. tonight we'll be in the low 70s in town. a few spots may still dip into the upper 60s. then the heat surges here tomorrow around 100. isolated afternoon storms. i think there will be heat advisories. yellow alert tomorrow. storms on friday, yellow alert, temperatures in the mid-90s. a few storms possible saturday in the low 90s. right now i think sunday is the better day of the weekend, sunny, 90. a few more storms monday and especially tuesday. the 85 tuesday may be too warm but we'll continue to watch it. it's still a long ways away. 5:48, monika samtani is in with timesaver traffic. the volume is picking up and so are incidents. now we have an accident
5:49 am
southbound route 8 a at route 355 -- 85 at route 355 in frederick that one is blocking the right lane with crews on the scene. here's what it looks like on the northbound side of 95. a couple of slow stretches traveling into woodbridge and then the stretch lorton into springfield. let's go outside live right now. if you're planning to head over to the northbound side or southbound side of i-270, no problems to report. it's just that slow traffic in hyattstown now coming out of frederick. as i said that accident southbound 85 at route 355 does block the right lane. let's go back over to our maps. this time we're going to head over to the other side of town. no problems to report 066 or the dulles toll road. if you're planning to head in from manassas to centreville, you've got the slow traffic now with the lanes open. then it's going to be heavy again about route 50 to 123. the toll road looks okay out of sterling toward tysons corner. all the overnight construction in the tysons area looks okay. everything was cleared up by about 5:00 this morning.
5:50 am
so no problems to report there as well. we'll take one last live look outside and if you're planning to head over here on the inbound side of route 550 at route 202 in landover, the lanes are open. back to you. >> thanks, monika. now to a disturbing story that started out pretty awful. it seemed to be headed toward a happy ending though. >> as matt jablow tells us, a 9- month-old puppy is on the mend after being terribly abused by its owner. >> reporter: you would never know from his sweet face. >> he's very, very sweet. >> reporter: and apparently gentle disposition that hershey, a 9-month-old pit bull mix was the victim of a terribly abusive owner. >> hershey was found on a roadside. >> reporter: but he was according to dr. katz who is now nursing him back to health at his clinic. >> his initial owner was driving down the road, threw him out inside a garbage bag on
5:51 am
top of the road. this good samaritan was coming by, saw hershey trying to get out of the bag. >> reporter: dr. katz said hershey suffered only minor injuries. >> he had a couple of scrapes. >> reporter: and came to gaiftersburg in montgomery county because prince george's county animal control does not take pit bulls. >> pit bulls overall i don't think should be called dangerous dogs. >> reporter: the next step is finding a permanent home for hershey which should not be that difficult. >> he's incredibly nice. he's very scared. >> reporter: but dr. katz points out pit bull mixes like hershey would likely have an extremely difficult time getting adopted if a ruling by maryland's high court that pit bulls are dangerous dogs is not turned over on appeal. >> it could affect caring for them. it could affect ownership. it's going to affect a lot of things going across the board for not just the pit but a lot of other dogs that are sort of similar to this. >> reporter: if you have any information about the person who tossed hershey out of a car last week, you're asked to call the prince george's county animal management division at
5:52 am
301-780-7241. the humane society is now offering a $2500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. matt jablow, 9news now. let's take another look at the question of the day. according to a new study, there's now scientific proof men really can't help from doing what thing? a, leaving the toilet seat up, b, falling asleep after sex, or c, hogging the remote. >> our facebook friend patty foster says she has proof she has the correct answer. when my man is home, i can't do anything with the tv. do you think? -- what do you think? put your answer on our facebook page and we'll have the answer in about an hour from now. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:55 on this beautiful wednesday morning. drier air moved in behind the storms yesterday afternoon. we're enjoying a fine morning. we're down in the 60s, even 50s in garrett county this morning. this dry air is going to be with us all day. if you have outdoor plans, today is the day to get them double. we're talking about anything you need to do. you've got to get the driveway sealed, today is the day because tomorrow it's going to turn burning out. 75 in manassas. still in the 60s in luray. off to the east annapolis 77.
5:56 am
pax river, you're warmer this morning so you're probably already 80 by 9:00. noon still nothing headed our way. 83 for d.c. hagerstown 78. we'll be looking at low 80s in fredricksburg and cambridge. even in the mountains looks nice, 70s and 80s in cumberland for lunch time. been to the queen city creamery out there, good ice cream. 86 in washington at 3:00 p.m. 84 in annapolis. winchester 81 and culpeper 87. you see a stray shower in the mountains, that's well south and west of town. that's going to stay there. even for the evening hours, we're now at 6:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. you like taking that walk or jog outside, this morning's delightful. it won't be bad, just a little bit warm this afternoon but i think you can do it this morning. you're really going to enjoy it. today upper 80s. tomorrow around 100. so please take advantage of this great weather while we've got it. jess and mike, over to you. >> thanks, howard. stars of the hit comedy modern family file a lawsuit.
5:57 am
>> edward lawrence has more on that and the rest of the day's entertainment news right now. >> reporter: a judge in chicago sentenced william balfour to life in prison without parole for the shooting deaths of jennifer hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. balfour who was married to hudson's sister killed the family in a jealous rage in 2008. the academy award winner was in court for the sentencing but did not speak. stars of the modern family sitcom filed a lawsuit saying their contracts are illegal because california lou doesn't allow personal contracts to last more than seven years. the lawsuit represents five cast members. >> the only rule is never let your target escape even if your target is you. >> the time trammer thriller "looper" opens this year's toronto film festival. it stars bruce lewis as a hit man who sets off to kill his
5:58 am
futureself. >> there is the best bad idea we have, sir, by far. >> and ben afleck's latest film will be presented as well. chuck berry is getting a big honor. the rock 'n' roll hall of fame selected him as part of its american music master series. the week long celebration in october will be capped off with an all-star tribute concert to the legend. that's your eye on entertainment. i'm edward lawrence for cbs news. good morning. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle. andrea is off today. >> i'm mike hydeck. welcome to wednesday. we're glad you're with us. good morning, monika samtani. >> good morning. >> traffic momentarily. i'm doing well. she said things are heating up a little bit. >> talking about heating up, howard bernstein has his weather forecast. >> that's tomorrow. today delightful. this is going to be a great mid summer day as across the mid- atlantic. >> you can feel it already. it's a lot drier. >> excellent observation because behind the storms yesterday, the drier air started to pour in and the humidity levels are down and
5:59 am
are going to stay that all day long. what time is the tee time? >> i'm just going to walk on today. just going to walk in. when you go by yourself, it's not bad. >> maybe you can find a threesome, make it a foursome. good day today. by lunch time we'll be in the low 80s. beautiful out there. north to northwest winds 5 to 10. they'll turn southerly. 86 by 3:00 thank. i know somebody's lawn is going to take a trim this afternoon. by 5:00 87. with the humidity levels down, it's just going to feel really, really comfortable out thrcht let's show you the picture outside this morning. a beautiful, beautiful looking morning. we've got the showers and storms yesterday. they really hit areas south much harder than here in the metro. we had a couple of strong thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. this morning western north carolina is getting in on the be. those storms coming out of southwestern virginia. temperatures in many areas now actually in the mid- to upper 60s. it's 67 in la plata. 66 in frederick


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