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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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mid-60s with the shenandoah valley. again 85 to 90. here comes monika samtani. >> reporter: considering we have had an easy couple of weeks. this morning has been a little different. look at all this red on the outer loop of the beltway. that is an accident right in the construction zone. i'm going to show you what it looks like live here right in the construction zone. it did involve a tractor trailer on the outer loop as well. looks like that has moved on and hopefully this should be cleared for you but expect residual delays because of the accident and the equipment there with the clean up. over to the maps again this time over to the northbound side of i-95, a couple of slow stretches we'll look at 395 live at duke street. you are good at the 14th street
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bridge. back to you guys. the top of the hour we get to a story happening today a hearing on the lavish spending at the general services mince vision. our 9 wants to know series has been tracking this 30 months and this morning we'll look into abuses by the gsa. in particular spending hounds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on awards ceremonies right here in our region. right now at, watch a new report on $30 million in gsa bonuses that were never reported. it should come up on the hill today as well. that story is on our front page. it is the first time in more than 200 years the post aal service -- postal service will default to uncle sam. it expects default on a peyton
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manning next month too. you won't see any interruption in your mail service though, and postal workers won't miss a paycheck. we are following breaking news out of fairfax county. a bomb is dead after she was involved in a hit and run incident. this is what it looks like live at center street near pride avenue in herndon. police say a woman's body was found there just after midnight and she had been hit about i a car in the road there. police found the car they believe killed a woman. police are looking for suspects right now. at this point they have not released the victim's name in this. now to calvert county, maryland. a lot of questions in a small community after police say a man killed his wife, their daughter and then took his own life. all this happened yesterday morning in the community of owens. the home is on candlelight court. delia has more.
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>> reporter: the good news at least out of a terrible story. the couple's 12-year-old son, frank iii managed to survive. he is in very huff shape this morning but he managed to survive with burns and slashes to his neck. however his 31-year-old mother, cynthia heyward and baby sister two-year-old natalie, weren't as lucky. police say they were killed and burned by husband and father 32-year-old frank heyward jr. this morning we discovered court documents in which cynthia alleged nearly a decade of physical and mental abuse, filing in 2007 but later filing against divorce. >> i have seep a few of my s.w.a.t. team days. these are the worst case scenarios. you wanted to do something to help. we were very fortunate i think to save frank heyward iii.
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you can be certain that the sheriff's department will continue to investigate, talking to neighbors and pouring through some of the court documents we have been able to uncover this morning in regards to some history the family may have had. cynthia's great aunt, who lives in the home as well, managed to escape unharmed. she is the one who called police frantically and had them rush to their house to try to save folks inside. coming up, one man says the family had marital and financial problems as well. mike, andrea? new health benefits go into effect today for an estimated 47 million women. it is a requirement of the healthcare reform law congress pass in 2010. among other things new health insurance plans are required to
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provide benefits for contraceptives, pap tests and prenatal care. mammograms in women over 40 are already in effect under the affordable care ac. not all women will have access. today people who support and oppose the political stance taken by chick-fil-a's ceo will protest outside the restaurant nationwide. dan cathy, the ceo says he supports marriage between only one man and one woman. today same sex marriage supporters will protest outside the restaurant while people who support the restaurant will grab a meal for what they are calling chick-fil-a appreciation day. >> jessica doyle is watching your money. what makes us unhay happy? >> people love to complain. >> there are a host of new
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scams out there. there are the tried and true things that get under our skin. we have got a lot of complaining. the consumer federation of america is out with its annual top ten complaints. this comes from 38 agencies nearly 290,000 complaints for 2011. >> the kinds of transactions that consumerseth make every day like problems with retail stores or problems involving enough money that it is worth complaining. >> reporter: here are the top five categories of consumer complaints. number one autos, customer shopping for cars or going in for repairs were sold lemons and were shown false advertising. number two, disputes over credit card billing and fees mortgage related fraud, predatory lending and abuse of debt collectors.
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number three we have home improvement and construction companies. that didn't finish the job or they performed shoddy work. those were followed by complaints about retail sales and utilities. word to the wise here. these are suggestions. pay by credit card, never pay up front and get everything in writing. >> good advice. top new anti-drunk driving laws take effect in the district. learn what they mean for you. another warm day headed your way. howard says we could see more storms too. first spend your golden years in provo, utah. a new study calls them the best big cities for aging. it takes into account housing, weather and social life. >> the number two spot is
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madison, wisconsin. number three, omaha, nebraska and bossston and new york round out the top five. washington, d.c. was ninth on the list. we'll be right back. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it?
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it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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warm and humid out there. showers and storms could be locally heavy. lunch time temperature of 84. highs this afternoon in the mid and upper 80s. a live look from our sky 9, there had been an accident on the outer loop of the beltway right here on university boulevard in the work zone. it looks like everything had been pulled to the center of the road. you are squeezing to the right and left with residual delays over. but the accident had been cleared luckily you are good to go. i'll be back with more traffic. first this summer we have all been finding different ways to get relief from the incredible heat. but if you are considering going out for a drink to go to cool off in dc, don't even consider getting behind the wheel. i'm joined by kurt erikson, to
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tell us about the tough new drunk driving laws in the district. >> six hours ago, in effect. >> if you are out right now, don't be drinking. >> right. a quarter of dc's traffic deaths are caused by drunk drivers. >> it is still a problem. 28% of all traffic fatalities that occur in the district right now are caused by drunk drivers. >> reporter: the city's police department will still not be used breath tests. i know that over a year ago they stopped using that because they were faulty. >> in addition to increasing penalties in terms of fines and jail time for persons convicted of dwi, it paves the way for that because it puts the breathalyzer program under the chief medical examiner's office. >> what will they use? >> breath liesers that will be going online in august through the end of the year. restoring the program. >> reporter: the blood alcohol level all jokes aside, we go into the district we can't even smell a drink without our blood
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alcohol level being too high. what is it right now? >> the limit in the district of columbia as well as all 50 states is .08. that is the legal limit to be charged with drunk driving. if you are charged with that and convicted that have now in the district of columbia, your maximum fines have actually been tripled. so now you can be looking at a thousand dollars fine even if it is your first offense and up to 180 days in jail. >> reporter: walk us through the fines and the jail time as well. >> right now the fines in the district of columbia if you are convicted of a dwi are 90 days or 3 you understand. that is going to be -- or $300. that is going to be tripled. you could be looking at $1000 or six months incarceration. god forbid if you are driving two and a half times the legal limit. even if it is your first offense you are looking at a mandatory five days incarceration or ten days incarceration, that just got doubled. >> if you are a first time offender, it doesn't matter,.
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>> god forbid with a child in the car. mandatory jail time. five days. not just five days flatly. it is five days per child in the car. if you have three children in the back seat a mandatory 15 days in jail. >> i want to thank you also for the great work that you do with your organization and sober ride. that is something you can use during the holidays? >> i think it is what people know us best from, this free cab ride service. it is something over 55,000 people have taken advantage of since we started it in '93. >> stive drink opinions a stiff fine. we'll have more information later on our website as well. back to you mike. thanks a lot monika. 6:14 and the air force believes a faulty valve is behind the oxygen problems on the f22 fighter jets. the vest is going to be
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redesigned by the end of the year is that author and play wright gore vid dale -- video dale is dead. he was best known for the play the best man. he was 86. the feds have announced another stopgap spending measure. both parties say it will keep uncle sam in business past election day. 6:15 this wednesday morning. we are more than halfway there to the weekend and it is just getting hotter and shotter. >> fewer and fewer storms after today and that means more sunshine and continues sequentially more heat. average high 8. we are going to be close to that this afternoon unless we get more clouds and earlier showers and storms. your day planner yeah we are looking at temperatures rising from the 60s and 70s pretty quickly into the lower 80s by noon if not mid-80s and highs 85 to 90 with a 3:00 temperature
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of 86. anything that pops could have locally heavy downpours. overnight we have been watching showers and storms coming out of the northern neck through southern maryland. now the heaviest store is on the eastern shore. locally here check this out. we get showers back in montgomery and howard county. lightning over ken island now approaching mcdaniel and easton with the heavier showers. you can pick up this one cell south of the bay bridge here headed toward queens town. got a report from sterling and boyd it has been raining up there for about the last 15 or 20 minutes. you see the light showers off to the east. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. comfortable out there.
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muggy, baltimore, 73. outside we have cloudy skies, 73 degrees here in washington with humidity of 81%. still sticky in the southwest at 6 miles per hour. through maine with the rain there. for us we have a trough in the upper levels of the atmosphere. what that means is the atmosphere is unsettled. so you heat is up a little bit. kind of like adding fuel to a fire. showers this morning they will be over toward maybe the delaware region, ocean city. by lunch time. they'll pop showers and storms for the afternoon and evening hours. some will need locally heavy downpours. drier air works its way toward uston. that means fewer storms the next couple of days and hotter temperatures. 88 this afternoon. keep the umbrella handy in case you get hit by one of the heavier downpours. low 70ston with 60s in the suburb. tomorrow and friday, isolated
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stray thunderstorm. 95 on friday. the weekend looks like highs again low to mid 90s. with a chance for storms. cooler temperatures on monday here's monika. thank you so much howard. eastbound on route 7 there was an accident yesterday afternoon that brought down wires and crews continue to deal with that situation there as well. on the outer loop north of town, there had been an accident near university boulevard that was cleared up. let's take a live look right now southbound 270, you have brake lights forming at route 10d. going to be continuous to 121 before that pace improves. i'm happy to say everything is great out of southern maryland to the beltway and a live look northbound on i-95. it is going to be just the volume you are dealing with
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into springfield. back to you guys. our time is coming up on 61:00. next in sports the marylander is the greatist olympic athlete ever. research suggests that 15% of us never use one of these things once we get them. is it prescription drugs, exercise equipment orr barbecue grills? >> facebook friend randy says it is the exercise equipment. you are so excited about getting it and having it at home and then you lose interest. >> keep posting on our facebook page. we'll have the correct answer at 6:48. ♪ i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception.
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and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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a couple of light showers in the metro. pulling away in the next couple of hours. but we are expecting more afternoon. keep the umbrella handy, not
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everybody is going to see the downpours but what does pop will have the potential to be heavy. 84 by 1:00. highs today 85, still in the mid-80s for the drive home. we don't have any spoilers here. the men's gymnastics all around finals are coming up this morning. maryland's own michael phelps is now the winningest olympic athlete ever. he was part of the american team which won gold in the 200 freestyle. that is medal 19 for phelps, the most in olympic history. check out these golden girls. that is the united states's women's team. team usa beat the russians by five points. it is the first u.s. women's team medal since 1996. and congratulations to them. here's a look at the medal
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count going into today's action. china and the u.s. are tied at the top with 23 medals each. japan is third, followed by france and south korea. the major league baseball trading deadline came and went and the nationals didn't make a move. nats began a three game series last night with the phillies. no score in the second. kevin franzen's first major league homerun in five years. it was a long night for stephen strasburg. in the fourth jimmy rollins takes strasburg deep to right. rollins gets an inside the park homerun. nationals lose 8-0. it is 6:24. straight ahead a look at the presidential race. new poll numbers are out from key swing states. and a big, new project to ease traffic on i-95 in
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virginia. get the green light. learn what it is and when it should be complete. right now monica takes a look at this morning's commute. who gets the green, red or yellow light for you? >> no problems to report across the bridge span into the downtown area. river crossings are just fine. back with more traffic, coming up in a few minutes. you are watching 9news now yoo-hoo! mom? i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you.
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grab a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich today. america runs on dunkin'.
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welcome back. got the umbrella with may. we are seeing heavier showers east of us, and the threat for more thunderstorms this afternoon will be with us. then we are going it dry out the next few days. looking outside cloudy skies, in the 70s, low 70s here in town. good air quality today, code green. 83, 84 by noon, a few thunderstorms will pop then. scattered showers and storms this afternoon, highs 85 to 90. thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening were big. this morning the big ones have been south and east of us. you can see them mainly on the eastern shore. a lot of lightning earlier. still seeing a little bit of lightning in a couple of spots. the rain at the bay bridge through salisbury and southwest delaware. 73 in town, 649 winchester and culpepper.
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i'll have the 7-day forecast, coming up next time, we'll talk next time to monika. >> reporter: things are calmer than they were earlier this morning. we had several separate accidents and one in hearn didn't on center street. watch out for that activity. inbound i 66 has been incident free, a couple of slow stretches out of manassas, centerville and fairfax. if you are planning to head inside the beltway, it is the usual slow stuff. as you leave duke street to seminary road it looks like this. i took a look at it and it is absolutely fine, heading into downtown. an earlier accident left slow traffic on the outer loop leaving college park to university boulevard. a live look at 270 southbound. it is going to be continuous to
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121. we focused on presidential campaign. mitt romney is back in the u.s. the romney campaign announced the pick for vice president will be announced through an app. the free app can be download today iphones and android devices. president obama leaves the white house for the campaign trail. today he will be in ohio. he will be campaigning tomorrow in please, virginia. a new look at key swing states in this presidential race. >> reporter: gail king joins us live. >> reporter: new cbs polls are out this morning and it seems to be good news for president obama. we'll show you what the voters are saying in the all important swing states and what it could mean for the candidates. we are using our votes to choose the next sam adams beer and the
6:32 am
next treat tow lay barbecue chip. we'll look at how researchers get their best social media who we see you at 7:00. we have breaking news from herndon, virginia where police are looking for the driver behind the fatal hit and run accident. joining us live is lieutenant ron of the police department. tell us where the accident happened and what more you know about the driver in this hit and run. >> reporter: at this point, we know very little about the driver. the accident occurred just after midnight in the 600 block of center street. an adult female was struck by a vehicle. justify a short distance from that scene a black toyota struck vehicles parked along roadway and the occupant or occupants of that vehicle fled the scene. when this happened, was
6:33 am
speed a factor obviously, was the woman in a crosswalk? how dark was it? could she not be seen? >> it is eye residential area, it is dark. it is lighted by street lights. we do not know if she wasn't seen, what exactly occurred. we are trying to identify her at this point. we have been identified her yet. when we are able to identify her, we will notify next of kin and then try to go her information out. >> lieutenant, how can the public help you in this case? >> at this point i don't have much in terms of information for the public to assist us. when i go that information, we'll get it out as soon as we can. >> all right that is lieutenant ron sun man of the herndon police testimony on the hit and run accident that happened this morning. they are looking for the driver in that case.
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a 12-year-old boy from calvert county, maryland is hospitalize this had morning. he survived an apparent murder suicide. >> police say the boy's father killed his little sister, his mom and then took his own life. this unfolded on candlelight core. delia has the latest on this and insight into what some of this may have happened. >> reporter: good morning mike. terrible story. frank iii the 12-year-old boy lucky to be alive this morning. he is certainly in very rough shape, has a long road to recovery, and he is suffering from serious burns and slashes to his neck. we have recovered these court documents that could indicate he grew up in a very abusive home his nothing, 31-year-old cynthia heyward, filed for divorce in 2011, citing years of abuse but decided to stay in the
6:35 am
marriage. now she and her two-year-old daughter natalie are dead. husband and father 32-year-old frank heyward jr. is accused of killing them and then burning their bodies before taking his own life. >> he goes i'm trying to keep it parkway. my wife and are going through trouble whatever you know. >> sad situation. terrible. absolutely horrible. >> to do this and take a two-year-old life makes no sense. >> it is a quiet, close knit neighborhood in that community there you can see homes are very beautiful and neighbors are just simply shocked. a lot of them actually said that the suspect seemed to be a very nice guy. the young boy, who is recovering, an ener jettic, happy child. cynthia's great on, we are told, lived in the home with the family she managed to escape
6:36 am
unharmed. she is the one who called police and had them try to rescue more folks there police recovered a couple of handguns inside the home they believe were used in the attack. mike, andrea, back to you. obviously a lot of answers still need to be had this morning. 55% of dc residents say pepco had a poor response to laugh some's epic storm. it is amazing that number is that low. a washington post survey finds 33% of dc residents lost power. one proposed solution to preventing downed power lines is to bury them underground. but the poll found little consensus on the issue. 35% are unwilling to pay extra to help fund that project. construction could begin in the next 30 days. it could be done as soon as 2014. governor bob mcdonald signed the
6:37 am
deal yesterday. it will create 29 miles of express toll lanes north to the beltway. the project will also create new commuter lots and expand the existing ones the price tag? $925 million. work is underway on our region's first bus rapid transit line. the buses will run in their own lanes along route one in arlington and in alexandria. the first step of the prowreck will be to widen part of route 1 and the buses could begin running about a year and a half from now. 6:38. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. if you have facebook stock you are not smiling. >> this has certainly not turned out to be the sure bet a lot were hoping for. facebook stock was down 43% from two months ago. things certainly looked a lot
6:38 am
brighter the first day of trading on may 18. last week facebook reported earnings for the first time and since then concerns about the growth potential and share evaluation keep hammering the stock. our partners at usa today report the worst may still be to come. later this month insiders company officers and employees can sell 268 million shares and later this year, they will be allowed a window to dump an additional 137 mill one shares. microsoft is parring ways with hot mail. the tech giant will invite hot mail users to test a new ben version of outlook. new users are going to have to choose an outlook domain name. and twitter users know about the hashtag. now there is the cash tag.
6:39 am
users can follow stocks by putting a dollar sign in front of the stock's ticker symbol and click on the symbol to see what the twitter verse is saying about your favorite stock. word of caution here, pump and dump strategy. you can put any rumor out there on twitter. it is good to know but you don't want to trade on this information, necessarily. >> you could do that with all social media. but twitter is that fast i can't right but now it is going to index it. it is a ripe ton for -- opportunity for scam artists. our time is 6:39. in nine minutes why the eighth street play house is moving. and find out where it is going. and the temperature today is going up, to the upper 80s, howard says expect storms too, straight ahead, we'll look at the weekend forecast a little early for you. keep it here. hi there.
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welcome back. it is 6:43 and 73 degrees monika here with timesaver traffic. i'm justify getting word of an overturned vehicle in laurel, southbound possibly involving a tractor trailer as well. keep that in mind in laurel. in the meantime in virginia northbound 95 we have slow stuff across the river. then heavy and steady, we'll take a live look, northbound 395 and typical delays as you head for seminary road. back over to our map, this time to the other side of town. on the beltway outer loop it had been an accident an hour ago in the work zone there. let's take a live look at
6:45 am
university boulevard. a quick lack live again on the beltway in prince george's county. no issues to report as you head down to the wilson bridge. i'll be back again with that accident. but first a follow-up to a story i told you about yesterday at this time. one of our senior producers learned about this new speed camera on westbound york avenue near south dakota cam rachel dc police said it is just collecting data about cars passing by. all that equipment is already there, just replace it and it will be a speed camera right? but right now it is not apparently. people are slamming on their brakes to avoid a tick. anytime you see one of those boxes now don't you feel that is a speed camera. >> or the police car with a camera on the dashboard this
6:46 am
morning. >> we'll have to breakdown that conversation. we have showers out there this morning. heavier ones toward delaware. we could see heavy downpours with some of the storms that pop up. isolate showers and storms over the next couple of hours. some sun mixes in. a few showers and storms will start to redevelop. some of these locally heavy, highs 85 to 90. 58 pm89, we may see an early shower or storm tout at the nats game tonight. a few new showers popping under the potomac highlands here. heavier stuff perhaps headed toward chester town. these other pop up showers from
6:47 am
around front royal up toward berryville, west of charlestown all moving off to the east. as we look at live doppler 9 hd, this is north of kent island moving off to the northeast. >> low to mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. mostly cloudy skies, humidity high at 81%. while we have a little piece of energy there there is more unsettledness. by tonight drier air moves in. so today the yellow alert sort of weather is going to impact your plans. 88. mid-60s to low 70s tonight.
6:48 am
tomorrow isolated storms at the most. 93 should be good for most of us. 95 going to be on the hot side temperatures in the low to mid 90s. andrea? hour time is 6:48. the eighth street play house needs a new name because it is moving off eighth street. it has been a pickture in newport east washington and employed a key role in reslight lizing the neighborhood. the owner hopes the curtain will go up by february 1. the documents some say turned the tide in the civil war goes on display today. it is lost orders of robert ele. -- robert, e, lee. the problem for the
6:49 am
confederates, it got lost and union troops found it and then came up with a the strategy to defeat lee. is that it is 64:00, it is time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. research suggests 15% of us never use these once we get them. is it prescription drugs, exercise equipment or barbecue grill? the answer is prescription drugs. we really thought about this question quite a bit this morning because of the 15% delineation. >> ben helped us to focus in on that. thank you, ben, you were right. now to jessica with today's daily deal. >> thank you. who doesn't love saving money? get a professionally done resume and cover letter for 85 bucks. the company bests a 99.4% satisfaction rate and you only have a day and a half left on this deal. from deal find all pro, car care is offering three oil
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before you go. a live look at center street in learn don, virginia. police are investigating a hit and run here that killed a woman. the victim's name has not been released. a woman in damascus, maryland is expected to survive after being shot in the head with an arrow. police say someone was practicing archery with a cross bow when the arrow ricocheted and struck the victim. ugly night on the mound for stephen strasburg. gave up six runs in eight hits. nats lead the nl east. we will be talking with people attending a concert by the who, 31 years after the original concert was canceled
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one more thing if you know me, i try never to leave home without it you know. ta bass cisco. >> this is called the 50 alarm burger at a chain in california. get this. one, the burger is huge. but it has a fire beef patty, sliced jalapenos, three alarm colby jack cheese, jalapeno propers, some sort of aged cream cheese stuffed with habaneros. >> and then the burger. >> just take the bun away and i'm ready for this one. >> andrea has no taste buds.
6:59 am
>> no i do. >> that is wicked hot. >> mike's a guy. he understands this. >> weatherwise, a couple of storms this afternoon. again locally heavy downpours, 88. fewer storms the next few days, we are going to heat up, mid 90s through the weekend. a front comes early next week. >> reporter: a quick look over at sky 9. an accident involving a tractor trailer in laurel near powder mill road avoid the area, if you can. cbs will have new presidential poll numbers and they are looking at the olympics. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a look at traffic and weather put a little spice in your life. we'll see you tomorrow starting at 4:25.


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