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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> and it's 1% gold in the middle. >> they get it in a foreign country, they should get the taxes back. hey, howard. >> hey. weather wise we're looking good this morning. ath bit on the muggy side. i'm just moving on. sometimes i'm smart about that. many times not. we are looking muggy this morning. 60s and low 70s. eight going to be a hot, -- it's going to be a hot, humid day with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. here's your day planner. expect it to warm up quickly. clear right now, 76 degrees. national reporting partly cloudy conditions. code orange air quality. that's not good today. that's unhealthy for sensitive groups, the young, the old, anybody with respiratory ailments. limit your same outside. a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 92 degrees. we did have a couple of big storms with a few warnings once again yesterday afternoon. this morning look how we've cleared out nicely. it is very quiet. warrenton has a touch of fog down below a half mile there. temperature about 70 for culpeper and manassas. mid-60s in the shenandoah
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valley. 65 up in frederick this morning. 68 for la plata. 71 in cambridge and here in d.c. we're 76. we're going up to 94. maybe holding around 90 right along the bay with the southerly winds. you look for tides a little higher there over the next few hours. they could be running about three quarter a foot above normal. manassas 95. 5:01. we go over to monika samtani, timesaver traffic. so far so good. so far so good. no problems to report i'm happy to say. fingers crossed it stays that way after the morning we had yesterday. no problems to report on the northbound side of 395 heading for the pentagon and the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open across the bridge span. we'll take a live look there. from the distance you'll see across the river everything is running smoothly inbound and outbound from the 14th street bridge. let's go back over to our maps to the other side of town in from the airport on the the dulles toll road or 66 in from manassas. everything is fine. no problems on the beltway through tysons corner. your construction is pretty
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much cleared up. we'll take a live look at the american legion bridge. all quiet on the west side of town. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. her don police are trying to -- herndon police are trying to piece together two events, one of them involves a fatal hit and run. >> we told you about the body involved found in a nearby creek. delia goncalves joins us from the neighborhood in herndon where police are searching for answers. good morning, delia. this is a very confusing story. >> reporter: andrea, it certainly is and it's a strange and really a tragic turn of events because at the end of the day it appears unfortunately that three young children may be orphaned at the end of the situation. police have already confirmed that their mother was killed right here behind me in this parking lot on center street. this is just steps away from the family home and now police believe they may have found their father's body. we first brought you this story as breaking news in yesterday morning's broadcast.
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police believe around midnight wednesday 32-year-old fitsum gebretatios hit and killed his wife in the parking lot of their apartment complex here in herndon on center street. then police say he sped off, slamming his black toyota car into several parked vehicles just down the block. more than 17 hours later police discovered a man's body in a nearby creek. >> the body is similar in description to the subject person of interest we were looking for we're still working that to find out what caused his death. >> there was smoke coming up. [indiscernible] >> reporter: that last sound bite you heard was from a witness, a man who saw the husband in this case speeding off down the street here on center street slamming into the four parked cars. he confirmed what police are telling us that the husband
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drove off at a very, very high rate of speed slamming into those vehicles. police believe he was injured as a result of that crash. they are still waiting to positively identify that body but it appears by all accounts it could all be linked and this could be the father of these children who are now without their mother and their father. back to you. >> delia goncalves with this very confusing story. she's working to sort it out. we'll have more later on. thank you, delia. he's accused of threatening to carry out an aurora, colorado style mass shooting at his former workplace but neil prescott was charged with just telephone misuse which is a misdemeanor. the prosecutor in the case is not happy about it. >> unfortunately maryland does not have a law that makes it expressly illegal for a person to communicate generalized
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threats over the telephone. >> attorney brooks is hoping to get the law changed. prescott faces no charges for his arsenal of 25 guns because they were purchased legally. if he's convicted on the telephone misuse charge, key get a maximum of three years in prison. maryland senate president is releasing some of the details on next week's special session. mike miller says the senate will convene next thursday at 11:30 in the morning and a bill to expand gambling in maryland will then go before a committee. miller expects the full senate to get the measure next friday before sending it to the house. several roads in leesburg will be closed later today for president obama's visit to loudoun county high school. the event starts around 7:30 but the closings begin at 2:30. shuttle buses will be provided to the high school from loudoun county fairgrounds. governor mitt romney is expected to be in virginia as part of a bus tour next week. it is 5:05. time for your latest money report now.
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>> jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> in life what you do matters a lot more than what you say you're going to do, right? and that works for the federal reserve as well. the central bank is indicating it's ready to take steps to boost the economy. if things get any worse, it took no action yesterday and that is not what the market was looking for. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 12,971. dropped more than 32 points on that fed decision yesterday. nasdaq lost 19 and the s&p 500 was down by 4. the house has passed a republican plan to keep the bush era tax cuts for all americans. more than a dozen democrats crossed the aisle to vote for this measure. house and senate versions are still very far apart. this congressional state mail over the tax cut -- stalemate over the tax cuts has come to symbolize inaction in washington. burger king is bringing in more people to try new menu
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items. income jumped 60% after it launched its menu expansion. you had your smoothies, specialty salads. they're also expanding overseas. in the past year it's opened new stars in europe, the middle east and africa and it's doing very, very well with that expanse. >> good idea. -- expansion. >> good idea. sounds like we've heard it before. >> what do you have for us later? >> we're going to talk about a brand new service that's out there. >> find out if you're in that group. thank you. 5:07. coming up next, the forecast, it is going to get into the 90s once again today. add humidity in for fun. monika is also keeping an eye on the roads this morning. >> it's coming as a shock to many of us. did you know that the olympians have to pay taxes on their
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winnings? even the medal? at least one lawmaker thinks that's not right. find out what he's doing about it. >> a warning for you lead footed drivers in the district. new speed cameras up and running. we'll give you a hint on where they are. we'll be right back.
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9 after 5:00 on this thursday morning. it's a warm, muggy morning. temps in the 60s and 70s a. hot afternoon. only a slight chance we'll see one or two thunderstorms pop up. here's your day planner. expect sunshine this morning. for much of the day, although mid afternoon i can't tell you
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we're not going to have one or two isolated thunderstorms. upper 80s by noon with a high about 94. we're driving home with 92. rain chances 20, maybe 30%. let's check in with monika. she'll tell us about that commute. things are looking great, howard. here's what it looks like on the beltway in landover near route 202. no problems literally on the beltway between 95 and the wilson bridge. the entire stretch in prince george's county. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:19. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. if your morning commute include as drive through the district, look out. this one goes after chef jeff. i think about him every time we do the speed cameras. 11 new speed cameras went live yesterday. as you can imagine some drivers aren't too happy about it. southbound in the 4200 block in texas southeast. the other in northeast. there are nine more. we have a map with the camera locations on our website
5:11 am it is 5:11. in this morning's health alert, insurance companies must now offer women eight new health care representation services at new cost. the most controversial service is the contraception mandate. that includes access to the morning after pill which some groups claim is the same thing as an abortion. >> to force women who are -- women of religious views and values and certainly pro-life to subsidize whether it's contraception or abortion inducing drugs is wrong on many levels. >> the other covered services arage well visits for women, breast feeding support and supplies, screening for gestational diabetes, counseling for domestic violence and screenings for std and hpv. the new regulations kick in when women renew their insurance plan. it is 5:11. what's the deal with the nationals? they've been in first place, have the best record in baseball but they're having a rough time for the phillies who are in last place. we have details in sports
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coming up at 5:22. college students looking for bargains, there's a new website just for you. jessica doyle is watching your money at 5:35. be ready for a round of storms that could be headed our way. howard is up next with the forecast. he'll detail it all for you.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. coming up on 5:15 this thursday morning. another hot day. getting hotter than even yesterday. >> we hit 91 yesterday.
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today 94, 95, somewhere in that range. more sunshine and fewer storms. only an isolated storm or to is what i'm expecting today. it's august. we'll have more heat and humidity for a few more days. september can't happen soon enough. we had seven 100-degree days in july so maybe the dog days are- - >> seven 100-degree days exactly exactly. it felt like 700 degree days. the radar is quiet. we start you off with the day planner. temperatures will rise pretty quickly. by lunch time we'll be in the upper 80s. low 90s by 3:00 with an isolated shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. winds will be fairly light out of the south at 5 miles an hour. by 6:00 we're back down to 90. so just the isolated storm or two is when i'm expecting -- what i'm expecting today. green, not a yellow alert
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today. the satellite and radar is nice and quiet. one of the big negatives, the air quality. it's code orange, unhealthy for sensitive groups. limit your time outside. the very old and very young could be suffering today. 68 in reston and over towards centreville this morning. leesburg also 68. we dropped to 65 in lovettsville. 71 in bethesda and criminal park this morning -- and college park this morning 69. 70 from prince frederick and 71 earlier at andrews. they dropped to 69. still very dark. sunrise isn't until 6:11 this morning. 76 degrees. national reporting just a couple clouds but we're mostly clear with calm winds and our humidity still way up there, 82%. so muggy out once again. unlike yesterday, just a little less energy. i don't think we'll pop as many thunderstorms. you can see that on the future cast. we'll see a few out toward the higher elevations, the ridgetops out to the west here
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this afternoon. we'll pop a couple as well but nothing terribly widespread the way it's looking. we'll get into the evening hours. things quiet down. tomorrow in the afternoon daytime heating, we're going to pop more showers and storms in the afternoon. we're going to do about the same on saturday. probably about the same on sunday. so today just an isolated storm or two, 94. tonight we'll dip into the mid and upper 70s in d.c. might fall to the upper 60s in the cooler spots. tomorrow, saturday, sunday, highs low to mid-90s all three days. the afternoon thunderstorms, the yellow alerts out for that. low temperatures generally in the 70s. we'll head through the weekend into next week. monday here comes a front so a few more showers and storms, 90. dry, warm tuesday 89. we could see a couple of storms return wednesday back to 93. 76 here at 5:17. monika samtani with timesaver traffic. looking pretty good so far this thursday morning. looking great this thursday
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morning. good morning, everybody. if you're just getting up and you want to see what's happening on the roads, you see all the green behind me. a enon 95 coming in from baltimore. right down the line as you head down to the beltway in college park and over into silver spring and bethesda. all the lanes are open. we'll take a live look outside and show what you it looks like first on the beltway at kenilworth avenue. you can see it's just a tiny bit of volume on the east side. really no issues to report yet. all the cones were set aside for the morning rush hour. in southern maryland route 4, route 5, 301, 210 heading from accokeek to oxon hill, no problems across the wilson bridge. we'll take a live look in alexandria at route 1. this is a good indication of what it looks like into springfield and up the line, 39 as well -- 395 as well. win a medal and pay your taxes. >> but not for long. florida senator marco rubio introduced a bill wednesday that would exempt olympic
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winners from paying taxes on their medals or the cash that goes along with them. medal winners take home between $10,000 and $25,000 in addition to their bling. u.s. winners in london will be taxed 95% this year. we've been looking it up and hear -- 35% this year. we've been looking it up and hearing from our fans on facebook telling us about this. it's obviously not new. >> right. we haven't heard this story before so it's interesting. one of our viewers says there's actually a $95,000 exemption. i'm tying to look it up right now-- >> i'm trying to look it up right now. we'll make sure. >> somebody subjects maybe this is just -- suggests maybe this is just politics bringing it up. it is 5:19 right now. let's look at the question of the day. recent survey suggests 60% of americans do not know how to do one of these things. is it a, jump start a car, b, drive a stick shift or c, program their dvr? >> jay wrote on our facebook fan page, what a great question, wusa9. thank you for saying that my
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answer is b, drive a stick shift. only a hunch. he welcomes me back. thank you. hope you had a great vacation. yes, i did. >> still hearing the great stories she did. we'd love to hear what you think on the question of the day. we'll be right back.
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5:22 on this thursday morning. pretty quiet out there. clear to partly cloudy skies. 60s and 70s as we get you going here this morning. by 9:00 we'll be around 80. look how warm we're going to be at lunch time, 88. just an isolated shower or storm is all we'll be popping this afternoon. here we are by 3:00. more activity toward the ridgetops. high temperatures 90 to 95 with the isolated storms. good morning, everybody. this season we've seen quite a role reversal in the national league east. the naptions are in first -- nationals are in first place two and a half games ahead of atlanta while the rivals the philadelphia phillies are deep in the basement. but the nationals strurgled to get past their -- struggled to get past their rivals. nats would get one more run
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that but that's it. jackson still on the mound. first batter gone. next batter gone. back-to-back homers for the phillies. they win this one as well 3-2 the final. nats look to avoid the sweep today. the talk of yesterday's rookie or trading camp, sorry, at redskins park was the rooky skip by cousins. he did a spot on impersonation of coach mike shannon. the looks, the clothes, the hair, the everything. it's a risky move but one that seemed to pay off. we got a standing ovation and had players literally falling out of their shares. >> he came out in his loafers and short little khaki shorts, hair slicked. it was great. >> you have to be careful when you rib the head coach but we had a lot of fun with it. >> when they were laughing the way we d i didn't know what to
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do -- we did, i didn't know what to do. >> we are yet to hear about rg3's performance. i'm kristen berset. that's a quick look at sports. have a great day. on the northbound side of i- 95 here's what it looks like in dale city. not too bad at all heading up to woodbridge, the occoquan river and springfield. i'll be back with more virginia roads coming up at 5:30. you're watching 9news now.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now on this thursday. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. good morning, monika samtani. how are you, my dear? >> i'm great. >> mr. howard bernstein, the heat switch is coming on. once again getting into the 90s right through the weekend. one thing about today, i don't think there will be too many thunderstorms but we'll still have a couple. the next few afternoons we'll
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be dealing with that right through monday the way it looks now before we get a little bit of a break. here's a look at your day planner this thursday morning. see a little bit of light out there. still 40 minutes plus from the sunrise. 88 degrees by noon. sunny skies today. isolated storms this afternoon. 5:00 p.m. temperature 91 after topping out at 94. the air quality, that's also a bit after problem. that's unhealthy for sensitive groups, code orange. some thunderstorms yesterday afternoon had some reports of some small hail in a few of the heavy downpours there. this morning nice and quiet. temperatures have dipped into the 60s in many areas. just got off the phone with charlie in catlett in fauquier county. he's 68. warrenton reporting a towft fog. fred -- a touch of fog. frederick down to 65. it's going to be a hot, humid day. high temperatures generally 90 to 95 degrees with just a couple of spotty storms for the
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afternoon. 5:29. monika samtani, you have been coming over with no notes. i worry what's going to happen when september rolls around. right now, though, things are great. we've got green all around. that means traffic is moving smoothly. if you're planning to head over in from 2730 in frederick, no -- 270 in frederick, no problems to report down to the point where the lanes divide. you'll be just fine. no delays right now. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like all the way over on the beltway on kenilworth avenue. no problems in prince george's county heading around into montgomery county leaving college park into silver spring. we'll go back over to our maps, this time head over to the other side in virginia. 66 no delays, manassas, centreville, fairfax and the beltway and a quick look live, light traffic in landmark. back to traffic again at 5:40. back to glue see you then. thanks. herndon police are trying to piece together two events, one of which involves a fatal
5:31 am
hit and run which left a woman dead. >> the other involves a body found in a nearby creek. delia goncalves joins us from the neighborhood in herndon where police are still searching for answers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is a confusing and strange chain of events. it appears to have a very tragic end. we saw some family members who arrived at the home where police were focusing their investigation, the home we believe belongs to the victim in this case. they were wailing and crying because we are now learning that the husband and wife could be dead. their three young children orphaned. follow along with me if you can. you may remember that we first brought you this story as breaking news during yesterday morning's broadcast. police believe 32-year-old fitsum gebretatios may have hit and killed his wife then sped off slamming his vehicle into four parked car abouts a block away -- cars about a block
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away. they say he bailed out of the car and police were searching for the man who owned this car, fitsum gebretatios. they were searching for him more than 17 hours. they finally, though, after that time found a body that they say matches the description of fitsum gebretatios in a nearby creek. we spoke to his boss at a local pizza shop. he says gebretatios never showed up for work. >> he always. my wife, talked about them. always picked up pizza for them, food for them. he was so nice to his family. >> reporter: now it appears the hit and run that happened here in the parking lot of this apartment complex where the family lived, the crash down the block and the body found in the creek are all connected. however, police have not made a positive connection at this point. we're still waiting for them to piece together all of the events that occurred here within just a couple of miles
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of each other. we're also waiting for police to identify positively that body in the creek and figure out how the man died. they are telling us they are not even sure if this is a domestic situation, even though it does involve apparently a husband and a wife. a very confusing story but at the end of the day tragic scene. it appears that three young children here in herndon now orphaned. back to you. >> just unbelievably sad. thanks, delia. the u.s. postal service is now in default on a $5.5 billion bill. it's the first time the agency failed to make a payment to the u.s. treasury but it may not be the last. the postal service says without some help from congress, it won't be able to make another $5.5 million payment due in september. a house committee grilled the deputy administrator of the transportation security administration yesterday about misconduct in its ranks. congressman mike rogers of alabama says the agency represents everything that's wrong with the federal
5:34 am
government. and tsa's john ha len i ask told the republican chair that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. >> if you have an organization of 60,000 people, that's like a city. you are always going to have crime in the city. you're always going to have people in a city that don't do things that are proper or make mistakes. i'm not saying we're any different from any other group of americans. i'm saying we're exactly like every other group of americans but we will hold them accountable when they do something wrong. >> in recent months we've heard reports of everything from tsa agents being accused of stealing laptops to accepting bribes and drinking while on duty. it is 5:35. time for another your money report now. >> jess today doyle is back and she's saving us -- jessica doyle is back and she's saving us money. >> i'm saving money for college students. a lot of the time that means saving money for mom and dad, too. a new company born on college campuses is bringing deep discounts to the quads.
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>> reporter: you my have heard of flash sale websites like gilt but the new kid on the block focuses on a neesh market -- niche market, university campuses. >> participate in exclusive sales up to 70% off. >> reporter: the site is the brainchild of three college students. jays gospel works as the company's chief financial officer when he's not working on his degree at columbia university. >> dorm stormer was originally thought up by me and my brother and my brother's roommate in college. we were thinking how could we combine what we enjoy and like using along with our knowledge of the college demographic and our access to it. >> reporter: gw student julia simon bought a couple of things on dorm stormer when the service launched last spring. in just six weeks dorm stormer racked up 10,000 members and sold $200,000 in merchandise. when it launches again in this academic year, the company on
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projects it will turn a profit after 120 days. there are two things about dorm stormer that really appeal to college students. one is the price point. the deep discounts help them stay on budget and two, the apparel is young and fresh. >> i get comments all the time whereas if i was wearing a dng t-shirt it's like, okay, old news. so this stuff on dorm stormer is up and coming. >> reporter: brands that have proven popular with the college crowd include creative rack, american apparel and sold bicycle. a new feature coming this fall, students can pick out what they want and then send the link home so mom and dad will pay. >> just like other flash sale websites, items are available for airportland time only. usually about 72 hours or until they sell out. affordability is key here. the average price point just $32. the girl i spoke with, julia, she actually bought those shoes for something along the line of nine bucks at the end of the
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day. >> that's pretty good. but still, they have to watch their buckets because -- their budgets because too pane sales -- too many sales-- >> it's a neat business tool. if you're not in a position to take advantage of some bargains we saw on dorm stormer, it's okay. jessica will be back a little late we are a list of daily deals. also ahead, a pack of coyotes attack a dog in northern virginia. now officers are warning people take precautions. we'll be right back.
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hey america, even though slisa rinna is wearing the new depend silhouette briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too. it is 5:39. warm and muggy but quiet. we don't have anything on radar this morning that's going to bother you as you head out the door this morning and get to where you're going. it is going to be a hot day. i want to caution you there. the air quality unhealthy for
5:40 am
sensitive groups. temperatures will be rising quickly. by noon we'll be 88 degrees. 92 by 3:00. could be an isolated storm then and by 6:00 we're looking at 90. let's go inside to monika and get your update on timesaver traffic. thank so you much. an accident just reported on the inner loop of the beltway near kenilworth avenue just out of this camera shot. also an accident connecticut avenue north of randolph road. i'll have details on that coming up in my next report. jess, back to you. i've been combing through the day's daily deals to find you some deep discounts. here are some of my favorites. if you like beer, crabs and live music, this may be the one for you. pay 45 bucks for a ticket to chesapeake crab and beer festival. this is saturday, august 18 at national harbor. you're going to get unlimited beer, a half dozen crabs, a t- shirt, live bands all for 40% off. you'll find this one on living social. the here's one for the gentlemen out there. pay $15 and get $30 you can use
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on products online at you're going to find this one on gilt city. who doesn't love a freebie. a viewer tipped me off to this one. all month long stylists at salons inside jcpenney stores are giving away free haircuts. the offer is good for kids entering kindergarten all the way through sixth grade. if you have an offer you've seen or a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. before we go to break, let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. actor mary luis parker. you see her on weeds. she turns 38 today. kevin smith is 42. actor peter o'toole turns 80. we'll be right back. happy birthday if it's your day, too.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:45 this thursday morning. the tropics are heating up just like our temperatures are heating up. >> that's right. this one we'll have to watch. sometime next week it could get toward the yucatan. it could get toward cuba, florida, maybe the gulf of mexico. we'll watch this. this is tropical depression number five way out there in the middle of the atlantic. in the next day and a half or so it will be pushing through the winward islands and the caribbean see over the weekend. want to -- sea over the weekend. want to start with the satellite and radar. the big blob of orange in the middle of the screen are thunderstorms around the center of this tropical depression. still a little bit of dry air around it so it's going to have a tough time getting going for the next few days but beyond that looks like conditions will be improving as it gets toward jamaica here. we are looking at a tropical depression with winds 35 miles an hour. so if it strengthens a little bit more, it will become
5:46 am
ernesto. the track to the west may be slightly north of west will continue for the next several days. by around lunch time tomorrow passing south of martinique through the islands there. it will get into the caribbean sea. a tropical storm ernest toe and a slowly strengthening tropical storm south of jamaica as we get into monday. by tuesday in the caribbean. does it get tarred the yucatan -- toward the yucatan? does it make a turn? too far out right now but we'll have to watch that. today we're watching heat and humidity and a slight chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. light winds becoming southerly at 5 miles an hour with a high around 94 and a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 91 degrees. mid-60s this morning out in the shenandoah valley. very, very nice. 76. say that one more time? oh, we've got to show you this. got a full moon going on. they're telling me they've got a great picture of it. had the full moon going on. saw this driving in. a beautiful shot of the clear skies for you this morning.
5:47 am
thanks for sharing that, control room. temperatures this morning in the 70s right now. outside a little different shot from our tower in northwest d.c. looking toward the north toward friend ship heights. that's bethesda in the distance. we'll have a nice start to the day. 76 in town with a dew point of 70. so the air is sticky. winds are calm and humidity at 82%. temperatures are soaring once again in the central and southern plains. well over 100. in fact, over 110. dallas 110. oklahoma city 112. st. louis 100. we'll keep the heat out in the south central part of the country for the next couple of days. for us we're going to heat up a little bit. we can handle low to mid-90s if they're dealing with 110-plus. scattered thunderstorms across the south, across the northern plains as well. some of that will start to get here over the next few days. today looks to be a quieter day with just the isolated storms popping up this afternoon, especially in the ridgetops, out to the west that's going to be our best chance going down
5:48 am
into the carolinas. you'll see some of that as well with afternoon thunderstorm chances increasing a little bit over the next few days. so a green day today. isolated storm. hot, 94. tonight we're dipping into the mid-70s in town. maybe upper 60s north and west. yellow alerts tomorrow and saturday and sunday likely too, with the afternoon thunderstorms. 95 tomorrow. 93 saturday. 94 on sunday. or 95 again on sunday, excuse me. by monday we're 90. tuesday and wednesday, well, a little bit cooler tuesday, 89. back to 93 wednesday. 5:48, monika samtani, anything cooking yet? >> yeah, actually. all of a sudden we have three accidents. we were starting off really, really well. but right now an accident on the inner loop of the beltway at kenilworth avenue as you leave college park before the bw parkway. you want to be aware of that we're just trying to get the lane information for you. also an accident on connecticut avenue north of randolph road. a car struck the signal light box. now the signal lights are out
5:49 am
at that intersection as well in wheaton. connecticut avenue north of randolph road. so another problem there, especially if you're coming in from the north heading south on connecticut avenue. so be aware of that as well. we'll take you outside live and show what you it looks like at kenilworth avenue. the accident i was telling but is just out of this camera shot. our sky 9 is hovering over the accident right now. i should have that for you in my next report. let's go back over to our maps this time southbound 270 coming in from gaithersburg down to the spur. you're going to be fine. we'll take another look outside at the american legion bridge on our traffic camera. no issues to report west side of town crossing the river. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:54. andrea? >> thanks, monika. fairfax city police are warning resident abouts a prowler but -- residents about a prowler but not the kind you usually think of. bruce leshan reports a pack of three coyotes attacked a woman's dog inflicting some nasty injuries. >> reporter: coyotes, foxes,
5:50 am
raccoons, possums, all wild scripters that have adopt -- critters that have adopted well to life in suburbia. as the population of coyotes grows around here, we may see more of these kinds of close encouttsers. monday -- encounters. monday a woman playing ball with her 6-year-old yellow lab. >> after a couple of tosses she heard a commotion which sounded like a fight between her dog and something else. she went to investigate and she noticed there were three coyotes fighting with her dog. >> reporter: the 85-pound dog was badly hurt but alive. now police are warning people to look out. >> had the dog been on its leash and they were on -- they stayed on the trail, there probably wouldn't have been this encounter. >> reporter: kevin larson is a little more protective of 10- year-old sadi now but he says there have been coyotes in daniel's run for years. >> when they have their pups on the other end of the park here, that's where they get protective. that's where you don't want
5:51 am
your dog to run around in there. >> are there coyotes in this area? >> reporter: aapparently three of them attacked a -- apparently three of them attacked a dog. attacks on humans are extremely rare. at a nearby playground, a group of moms talked about their own wild ones. >> safety in numbers. if you have enough kids to scare away any wild animal. >> reporter: but they were happy to hear the warnings about coyotes. >> it's good to be cautious. i'm not worried worried that the coyotes are there. >> reporter: coyotes are officially labeled a nuisance animal in virginia but they do do good things. experiments suspect they eat the eggs of the canada geese that have overpopulated the area. they also eat mice and rats. bruce less hahn, 9news now. >> police are urging people to leash their dogs, stay on the trail and at home to bring in your dog food and tie down your
5:52 am
garbage so as not to attract coyotes giving them food to eat. a bald eagle has been in distress for months but it's now soaring high once again. >> one, two, three. >> look at that. the wildlife center in virginia nursed the bird back to health and released it into the wild yesterday. that was in mount vernon where they did that. >> one of the most gratifying parts of our work in wildlife medicine is to take an animal that for whatever set of circumstances has lost its freedom and restore that freedom and restore this animal to the ecosystem. >> just beautiful. another bald egg that will was treated for an in-- bald eagle that was treated for an infection will also be released on the james river later today. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. it is a recent survey suggests 60% of americans do not know how to do this. is it a, jump start a car, b, drive a stick shift or c,
5:53 am
program their dvr. >> our facebook friend bonnie says i know how to jump start and drive a stick. program a dvr? never take the time to learn. i guess the correct answer depends on where you live. and oh, welcome back, andrea. >> thank you very much. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. a love-hate relationship with your alarm clock? an app looks to add more love to that relationship but does it work? we'll try it out at 6:07.
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5:56 am
it is 5 before 6:00 a.m. on this thursday morning. clear to partly cloudy skies out there. 60s and 70s. by 9:00 still partly sunny to mostly sunny. 70s, even low 80s starting to show up. well warm up -- we'll warm up quickly. by lunch time pushing the upper 80s. baltimore 90. frederick 90. isolated storms popping up this afternoon. mainly west. could be a couple east though. temperatures are going to make 90 to 95. so a hot day. again the isolated storms may just impact a couple of you for the later part of the afternoon. mike and andrea, back to you. the u.s. gold rush is not over yet. >> more american swimmers took top prizes at the summer games. >> reporter: america's nathan took the title of the world's
5:57 am
fastest man on the water. he got his fingers to the wall just a fraction of a second before this world champion. it's the closest race since the l.a. games in 1984. the women struck gold too. allison schmidt rallied the team to victory. she said she was too exhausted and emotional to talk to the press. the team triumph gave american teenager missy franklin her second gold medal of the games. the huge buzz of the olympics is bringing east london to life but business owners in the central of the capital are saying they're losing out because tourist numbers have dropped. tourist attractions seem to have lost their charm with lots of empty seats on buss. >> it hasn't been that crowded. that's true. >> reporter: some businesses blame london officials for scaring people away from the capital with talk of potential chaos. london's theater district is sell willing only -- selling only about a third of the tickets they usually do. >> people are interested in
5:58 am
sports. they're not interested in theaters, not necessarily interested in eating at restaurants are going to museums. they're here for the olympic games. >> reporter: britain got a morale boost when it badly crushed the competition in rowing and cycling. they're britain's first of the games. cbs news, london. >> sad to say the first olympic tragedy came last night when a 28-year-old cyclist was killed in a crash with an olympic shuttle bus. british police arrested a man on suspicion of dangerous driving. we will have in about 20 minutes the latest medal count coming up and at least bring some happier news to you on the the olympic games going on. we thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> thursday's here. we're glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika samtani. traffic momentarily. >> howard is here and he's talking about weather first. hot here. hot in the tropics. temperatures are heating up into the 90s the next few days.
5:59 am
we have tropical depression five which may becomer ernesto. we had ernesto visit about six years ago, caused some problems, was a tropical storm when it passed our neck of the woods but not enough problems to retire the name. we have partly sunny skies out there. a little haze. a little fog toward warrenton this morning. sunrise at 6:11. we are looking at 88 degrees by noon. 5:00 91 with a high today about 94. there will be some isolated storms this afternoon. didn't put them on the board but want to let you know isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. looking at it from last night, we had those isolated to scattered storms, some of them even put down agent hail in spots. this morning all is quiet across the board. temperatures are running in the 60s to mid-70s, the cool spots like martinsburg and winchester 64 degrees. but 07 from fredricksburg and cambridge across the bay. 70 also at andrews and baltimore and in d.c. this morn


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