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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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if we win virginia, we will win this election. >> virginia still a buzz over president obama's leesburg speech. we have your front row seat. >> plus, topper is tracking trouble in the tropics and more dicey weather here. >> i really do cherish him as a father. >> and police say they now arrested a suspect in that jewelry store homicide. >> victim's family share
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memories of their dad. >> the fight for virginia's presidential electorial vote rolled into leesburg where president obama ended his long campaign. >> gary is live at loudoun county high school where the romney campaign was standing ready to strike back. gary. >> reporter: both campaigns campaigns understand that virginia is one of the swing states that will decide this year's election and either side is giving an itch. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> to get to this, the president supporters had to go through this, hours in 90 plus temperatures to get in. why is it worth it? >> president obama is the first black president of the united states and we want to make sure that he gets a chance to serve another term before he leaves. >> because he is black? >> well, yeah. >> i think he is here to
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support the middle class, to give us jobs. i do agree with obama care, healthcare for everyone and i agree with the tax on the rich. >> the president's differences with mitt romney over tax policy where he does want the rich to pay more. >> four years ago, i promised to cut middle class taxes and i kept that promise. by a total of $3600 for the typical family. so now i want to keep taxes exactly where they are on the first $250,000 of everybody's income. >> romney campaign had surrogates on hand. >> hit people all down the line and there are other taxes he didn't talk about. >> although the president has a tough economy working against him. >> i believe he has our best interest at heart, honestly. >> employment over 8%. housing is still under water. it's the slowest recovery we had in the history of the republic. >> that's true, but we are
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better than we were four years ago. >> he used loudoun county as an example. >> people coming from every corner of the globe looking for opportunity. >> romney version? >> we and the general assembly have done the exact opposite of what obama has done. we cut spending, that's why jobs come here. >> the obama team knows virginia is key this year. >> there's a will the of lot of work to be done. in particular in loudoun county. >> and so he asked for help. >> you goto make some phone calls with me, knock on some doors for me, recruit your friends and your neighbors with me. we won loudoun county last time and if we win loudoun county this time, we will win virginia and if we win virginia, we will win this election. >> but not without a fight. tonight was the president's
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11th trip to virginia. his 10th political event here just this year alone and the romney campaign is here with a romney bus tour on the state now on the drawing board. this cannot be said enough. this year, virginia is key. anita. >> clearly it is. gary, thank you. mitt romney spent part of his day in golden, colorado, hammering the president on the economy. the republican white house hopeful is working in the swing state where the unemployment rate 18.2%. he brought along his own report card. >> look at the results. and you look at the results and it's been a disappointment. his policies have not worked. they have not got america back to work again. my policies will work and i know that because they have worked in the past. >> now romney unveiled a new commercial today airing in florida, blasting the president for focusing on healthcare instead of the economy. both campaigns will be looking to key economic news that comes
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out friday. that's when the u.s. government announces the unemployment numbers for the month of july. >> federal officials trying to figure out why three u.s. airways regional jets got a little too close in the skies over reagan national. two u.s. airways commuter planes were ordered to take off toward the path of a third u.s. airways jet. investigators say two of the planes came within 12 seconds of each other before the control tower ordered the incoming plane to swerve away. >> heading 180. >> we cleared the river back there, what happened? >> stand by. >> at no point were these planes on a head to head collision course. in this instance, a very competent professional controller did her job. >> a storm approaching d.c. on tuesday caused the wind to shift and air traffic control decided to do a routine switch of the flight pattern. not everyone got the message.
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it's not clear why everybody didn't get the message. the three planes were carrying passengers and crew members. >> i spoke with aviation and homeland security consultant, mike weiss, and he talked about the level of danger in tuesday's incident and gave airline passengers reason to take a little comfort in all of this. >> any time you have the distance between the planes closing at that speed, it becomes a hazard and the situation could have gotten to be disastrous. so this never should have occurred. it should have been caught before it happened. fortunately, it was stopped before it became something else. >> does this kind of thing happen all the time and we don't hear about it? >> fortunately not. you know, it's a three dimensional world that aircraft operate in. we are aware of our situation and most of the time, almost all the time, air traffic controllers being as professional as they are,
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pilots, everybody realizes that. so it never really gets to this level. >> that is the good news. life goes on to say that he believes tuesday's was an isolated incident,. he may have murdered their father, but tonight, the children of an arlington jewelry store owner are still unsure whether to ask prosecutors to seek the death penalty. bruce leshan is here with reaction to the rest of a man who up to now, was a small-time crook. bruce. >> small-time crook up to now, anita, but tonight police are looking at james caroline and the armed robbery of a d.c. jewelry store a couple months earlier. >> the man that did this to my dad and our family can't do this to someone else. >> vivian and her brother relieved that james caroline is finally in jail. the d. c. man is accused so
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far only with violating probation, but expect to charge him soon in the murder of their dad. jeweler, tommy wong. >> leave my father alone. >> after the murder and robbery last friday at wong's capital jewelers, police released surveillance photos of a man in a safety vest, and ken stein ided him as the same guy that held him up on june 9 in this disturbing surveillance video. >> i was lucky that day. >> court records show caroline has a long history of crimes like credit card theft, identity theft, and forgery. in contrast, everyone remembers tommy wong as a kind and generous man who worked incredibly hard and had big dreams for his children. >> i would give everything that i have for my dad to be here today. >> his daughter always wears
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the blue topaz necklace he gave her in high school. >> i never take it off. >> and she promises to finish her premed studies at virginia tech in his honor. >> i want to strive and be the doctor he thought i would be. >> maybe save lives yourself. >> definitely. >> murder in the commission of an armed robbery is potentially a capital offense in virginia, punishable by death. wong's son and daughter say they have a hard time calling for anyone to be put to death, but they do say they want a full measure of justice. anita. >> such a senseless loss. all right bruce, thank you. two months into the atlantic hurricane season and things have been quiet so far. topper shutt joins us from the weather deck. there's something brewing out there in the tropics. >> it's not a danger to any land mass. it's 250 miles east of the islands. we'll go ahead and show you where it's headed. this is going to be the
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official track. some of the models take it further north, but there is some con nuance. it could become a hurricane late saturday, early sunday, and head toward cancun as we get into tuesday of next week. tuesday night of next week. so this is the track. again, south of jamaica, south of cuba, and south of the dr. we'll keep you posted. go to our website and track our hurricane tracking software. 70s by 7:00 and 76 to 84 by 9:00. really beginning to heat up tomorrow. we'll talk about the prospects of more thunderstorms and looking ahead to the weekend in just a bit. new information tonight on a sexual assault in georgetown waterfront area. this one happened july 7 right near m street and 31st in northwest. the suspect offered help the woman look for her friend. led the victim near the canal, pushed her down, and sexually
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assaulted her. suspect is a white male with a heavy australian accent. 5'9" and a little overweight. call the d.c. police if you have information. and take a look at the man in this surveillance video. he is the person of interest in the homicide of darryl sweet. sweet was found unconscious on the 3800 block of minnesota avenue northeast back on july 26. investigators say he died of some sort of blow to the head. your information could lead to a $25,000 reward. at least one person -- >> i felt like the bus was going to tip and the driver regained control. >> at least one person is dead, dozens more injured after a double decker bus smashed into a concrete bridge pillar. there may have been as many as 81 people on board. resigning in the wake of failed diplomatic efforts in syria. blamed the security council for his departure, the white house pointing his finger at russia
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and china for not coming down harder on syria. >> if your trip looks like a drive in movie than a restaurant, here's why. gay rights groups are promoting national same-sex kiss day at chick-fil-a locations. yesterday, opponents of gay marriage flooded the restaurant for appreciation day, arkansas governor organized that event. still ahead on 9news, tobacco trouble. >> in our health alert, we'll tell you why experts say certain cigars are posing a health problem in america as cigarettes. plus, this week's restaurant report, we turn our attention to your local grocery store. is it safe? the health violations we found at some places are not just unsightly, they are dangerous. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
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if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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the photos you're about to see may be disturbing. they are troubling to the neighbors who rely on the store as the only place within walking distance to buy food. >> tonight, we go beyond roaches and restaurants, although we have that, too. investigative reporter focuses on two grocery stores with food that could make you sick.
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>> we took our cameras inside. it was after inspectors closed the stores and reopened them saying they passed. well, we have pictures you can judge for yourself. >> at avenue supermarket on new hampshire avenue northwest. many residents need it as their only neighborhood market and hope it's clean. >> every time i go in there, somebody is cleaning something. >> no hot water and outdated meat, workers are worried when they saw our cameras. >> i hope you aren't shutting it down. >> we aren't the health department, but we are the news media. we found a lot of mouse droppings inside. >> the news? >> wow. >> the health department believes they resolve the problem and allow them to reopen back in business two days later. but just wait until you see the photos we just took inside. the fly on the bacon is just part of the problem. we found live and dead flies in the meat counter, dairy, and
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produce. we found mice droppings near the sugar and bread. the neighbor complained to d.c.'s department of health twice. >> the smell hits you when you walk in, of rodent urine. it's like kitty litter. >> inside anacostia warehouse supermarket on 14th street southeast. we took these photos of flies after the health department reopened it. siting flies, thawed frozen foods, and spoiled and molded condition. not even divine intervention could save saint's paradise from closure. the popular cafe at united house of prayer sited for insects and gross unsanitary conditions. and in adams morgan, inspectors reported 17 violations. health department violations indicate this wasn't the first time, officials found mouse droppings throughout the restaurant, including the shelves and where they wash the dishes. >> finally, roaches at mama's kitchen, a maple view place,
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among 23 violations leading to suspension there. >> restaurant and grocery stores pass reinspections and back in business. we'll let you know if inspectors return to those grocery stores after seeing what we saw. i'm russ, 9news now. on now to tonight's health alert. public health officials say smokers are switching from high priced cigarettes to dangerous small cigars. look at these numbers, cigarette consumption declined 33%. that's good, but the use of other kinds of tobacco grew by 123%. those cigars are nearly identical to cigarettes, except they are brown instead of white. and tax loopholes allow them to be sold at a fraction of the price. michael bush today, when they convene that special gambling session, they better be ready to talk about internet gambling as well. and tonight, derek says we should have all seen this coming. >> yeah, we should have, but
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let me run it down for those who didn't. the state of delaware got hooked on the cash from legal gaming years ago. they took in $250 million in 2011. but their revenues are plummeting lately. why? maryland and pennsylvania had jumped on the gravy train with their casinos. now, i can only imagine sometime back officials in delaware were about like prince georges executive, baker, for example, excited, at the thought of millions of dollars painlessly flowing into local wallets of gamblers. but like gambling itself, that money is addictive. delaware is just desperate enough to up the anti, to internet gambling. think about it. remember when maryland was going to have a few slot machines at the racetrack and now we're looking at table games and yup, even internet gambling? all of this to keep up with delaware, which is keeping up with pennsylvania, west virginia, who are all keeping
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up with atlantic city. let's be real, i like a good hand of blackjack as well as the next guy, this feels like a race to the bottom and if so, the only question left is, what do we get if we win? anita. >> thank you, derek. >> you know what's weird, there's not dealers in those new casinos. it's bizarre. >> kind of creepy. >> all right, no storms right now. we're looking at the potential for more storms tomorrow and another day in the mid 90s. let's look outside, it's brought to you by michael and son. 96 was our high. our 35th day since june 1 of 90- degree plus temperatures. 83 right now. that's refreshing. 71 is the dew point. pressure 29.29 inches of mercury and rising a little bit. satellite picture, radar combined. a good line of thunderstorms rolling across the ohio river. for us today, as opposed to yesterday, the storms were south and east of us.
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yesterday they were north and west of us. we had some pretty good storms down near the northern neck and southern maryland and across into the delmarva. this clump of thunderstorms out in illinois that is crossing the ohio river from indiana into kentucky will stay to the south of us for now, but tomorrow, the atmosphere is unstable. more showers and storms are possible. we're in good shape right now and we have a full moon out there. let's talk about what is ahead. hot finish to the week. you still need your shades during the day. it's not going to be cloudy. just when the storms develop. now more storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. some could be heavy. we aren't talking about widespread activity, but those that develop could be heavy. hot weekend ahead as well. temperatures will hold in the mid 90s right on through sunday. pretty much the same air mass. clear to partly cloudy. temperatures in the 70s. now tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, hot by lunchtime. talking about temperatures in the low 90s.
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air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups. if you have a respiratory ailment, limit your time outdoors. by afternoon, partly cloudy, hot with thunderstorms. some heavy, some severe. there will be a few of them. zone forecast, 80 in oakland. jump the divide, you're at 90. low 90s hagerstown, afternoon storms, 96 in culpeper. low to mid 90s warrenton, leesburg, and toward manassas and fairfax. 95 downtown. mid 90s in southern maryland and mid 90s up into frederick. not much wind. so no small craft advisory for the bay or title potomac. we're in the range by noon and 91 to 96, isolated thunderstorm by evening. we're going to keep it code yellow the next three days because of the heat and thunderstorms. 95 on friday, 95 again on
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sunday. bets chance will be monday. still around 90 tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, with afternoon storms. kristen will be back with nats highlights right after this. don't go away.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> it's been three long months
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for jason worth. he broke his wrist in early may and tonight made his return to the lineup, helping his team avoid the sweep. nationals in their series finale against philadelphia, still scoreless in the second, when adam laroche hits a 421- foot bomb to right center. it's his 20th of the season. nats up first. next up, jason worth, not a bad way to come back, 1 for 3 tonight with an rbi helping his team out. then in the next inning, laroche again. a shot to center. drives in ryan zimmerman, it's 2-0 nats and they get their revenge tonight. avoiding the sweep. afterwards, adam talked abou getting worth back with the team. >> it's nice to have jason back. that's huge. we've been missing him for a couple months. getting him going, we have a good chance. >> the nationals pitching accolades continue. jordan zimmerman has been named the pitcher of month.
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that's the third honor this season. that's a first for any team in 33 years. all right, we are only one week away from redskins first exhibition game of the season. they travel to buffalo, new york, next thursday to face the bills and the first opportunity to see how rg3 handles a pro game situation. yesterday, he threw his first interception of camp and today, he threw back to back picks. mike shanahan said he's not too worried. he's having the defense go really hard at rg3 saying it will get him ready faster for those upcoming games. shanahan layed out his preseason plan. >> at first came anywhere from 12 to 20 plays. the second game usually play a half. the third preseason game, i usually play a series into the third quarter. fourth game, they don't play. that's what i've done in the past and i probably won't be too far from it this year. >> and live from buffalo for
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that first game. the united states had its most successful day so far. the flying squirrel is now olympic champ. gabby douglas captured the gold in the individual all around. the third straight american and first african american to do so. speaking of three, michael phelps wins gold for his third straight olympics. ryan lochte won the silver. and marty fish sad advances into the quarter finals with ease, defending burankis. he will face xavier and americans also advance to the quarter finals today. >> big day at the olympics. >> we are ahead of china now. >> we'll be right back.
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bad mitten still trending. that's our broadcast. thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget, we're always online letterman is up next. good night, everybody. i got the chance to start my own business.
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