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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but i don't see anything really troubling with these storms. the warning continues until 6:30 and it is a tornado warning. i'm going to do some -- see what we have going with winds and velocity. i don't see any kind of winds that are anything that really reflects or indicates that it is a tornado. we'll give you some wind speeds around 235, 12 miles an hour, i just don't see anything rotating. i don't really know why these came out, quite frankly, i was expecting a severe thunderstorm warning for the hail, or maybe a flash flood warning, but i just don't see any -- this is going to -- i don't see anything, folks. i will take it seriously. i'm going to give the weather service a call. i don't know if these came out accidentally or not. there's nothing going on in prince georges county. there are some storms in st. mary's county and calvert county, but not sure why all of
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these were triggered. we're going to get back to you. go ahead and take cover around leanardtown and st. mary's city. i don't see anything that indicates a tornado. some heavy rain, yes, some flash flooding perhaps. remember, don't cross a flooded street by foot or by car and we'll keep you posted. back to you. >> topper, thank you. a makeshift memorial has sprung up outside the temple where six people were shot and killed over the weekend. people brought teddy bears to lay beneath several wreaths. tonight, police say we may never know why 40-year-old wade michael page opened fire. what we do know is that the army veteran's case shed new light on a dark subculture of music. and as andrea mccarren is here to tell us, paige was an active member of a white so supremacyst music band. >> his music talks about killing jews, blacks, gays, and others he referred to as
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enemies. while his name was apparently on the radar of federal authorities, no one believed he posed an imminent threat. >> the lyrics are profane and inflammatory. >> the music scene is really a subculture of very extreme violence. >> it's the scene where alleged mass murder wade michael page craved attention. he played at festivals x including one in baltimore. >> he existed in a world of skin head concerts in which people are routinely beat up. sometimes killed. often merely for looking at someone's girlfriend the wrong way. >> page posted frequent comments on internet forums for skin heads. and made reference to the race war. >> we got a war. we got it. >> he urged others to join the
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movement and act. page did have a minor criminal history, including convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol. he was demoted and then discharged from the army in 1998 for being drunk on duty and absent without leave. he had been trained in psychological operation. >> i guess whether people knew it or not, this was clearly a disturbed man. >> yes, he was. >> andrea, thank you. derek. >> lesli, arlington county police are investigating the deaths of two men. that you are bodies were found by a maintenance worker along north culpeper street early this morning. 31-year-old carl was a chef at a restaurant in falls church and 59-year-old keith lived at the apartment. the men were friends and we are told they went to school together. police say they have no evidence as to say the men are murdered and called their deaths suspicious.
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there had been no murders in almost 2 1/2 years. in that last two weeks, there have been two. >> police are also investigating the suspicious death of a young mother whose body was found. scott broom, where we are learning more about 22-year-old shevon phillips. scott. >> reporter: well, this case is being treated as a homicide by investigators. phillips was last seen on video dropping one of her beloved children off at a daycare center and after that, investigators aren't exactly sure what happened. >> this is shevon phillips, age 22, a devoted mom to two kids. devotion you can see as she drops one of her children off at a northeast washington daycare center on july 30. these fleeting glimpses are the last known sightings of shevon before she simply vanished. friends immediately took to facebook to spread the word, but the site devoted to finding
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her has sadly morphed into an online memorial. police in prince georges county announced monday that a body found dumped near a creek bed off bremer drive august 1 was shevon. investigators are offering little information on the case. they are still waiting for an autopsy to confirm a cause of death. the case is being investigated as a homicide. shevon just completed training at a nursing school and recently been hired for a new job as a hotel housekeeper. her children were her devotion according to friends who shared their shock online. oh no, please don't let this be true. and so sad, rest in peace. phillips was 22 years old. >> and the memorializing moves from online to in person tomorrow night at that daycare center. family and friends are gathering tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. at the daycare center to
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remember shevon phillips. scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you, scott. >> a federal aviation administration is suspending a procedure that contributed to a near collision. the faa pins the trouble on miscommunication between air traffic controllers who were reversing the flow of runway traffic due to bad weather. the faa say it is will develop some new procedures to handle that. all right, top, you have clarification on that tornado warning in parts of our area. >> yeah, it was a waterspout essentially spotted by law enforcement. he called it in and they had to issue the tornado warning. it is actually sort of over the river. it is up here near a place called halloween point. all right, again it was seen by law enforcement. the reason all the counties are lit up, because it is at the con con confluence.
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over the river, they saw a waterspout, which is a tornado over water. it is moving, let's see, it's moving northwest at about 5 miles per hour. but i'm telling you, i can't find any hail. i can't find any strong winds. the waterspout may be no wider than 20 yards. we aren't going to pick it up. may have dispated. i'm not terribly concerned unless you know someone o a boat near benedict. then i would say hey, text them, give them a head's up that there is dangerous weather on the water. other than that, i think we are okay. we'll monitor the situation and keep you posted; but a waterspout sited on the river. back to you. >> thank you, top. 9news now learned that d.c. democrats have been told that they are planning on fundraisers for the obama campaign don't expect the president of first lady to show up. bruce johnson is here and learned the obama campaign is trying to keep its distance
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from d.c. elected officials and we shouldn't be surprised. >> we both have been around a long time. i don't think i have seen this happen. >> okay. >> even local democratic figures who were talking on background are saying they understand. the president is in a tough battle with republican mitt romney and can't afford to be seen closing it up to d.c. elected figures who are under federal investigation. the obama justice investigation is investigating a shadow campaign that helped get vincent gray elected mayor. three gray campaign staffers have already admitted sentencing. u.s. attorneys continuing his probe with more charges expected. mayor gray didn't know about the illegal campaign activity. but, local sources tell 9news now the obama national campaign in chicago put d.c. democrats on notice. campaign won't be making the president. first lady, or any of their surrogates available for fundraisers here in d.c. the
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cover story out of chicago is all resources are needed to do battle in these swing states, but local democrats who saw more clarification, have been told it's because of the federal investigation into d.c. corruption. one prominent democrat might be used against the president. we have a call in to obama campaign officials in chicago. the campaign returned. he is one of the key figures in this federal probe. >> the mayor, we know, is going to be leading the d.c. delegation to the democratic convention. how does this affect that? >> he's going, it will be interesting to see how he was treated. judy smith, the megastar of conflict manager. there have been reports that she has been missing with gray administration. we can confirm there was a meeting, but nothing has come of that. we don't know what was said. she's not working for what's left of the gray campaign, but
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that does not mean there might not be something to talk about later on. >> they could have used it a long time ago. >> coming up later tonight at 7:00 on 9news. racing or gambling? that could be the choice that maryland lawmakers will face at this week's special session as rose croft raceway ups its demands about getting a casino. we'll have the story for you at 7:00. >> we'll see you then. still to come in this half hour, things come to a halt on a metro escalator.
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five people were hurt, three seriously enough to go to the hospital where they were gashed by a sharp piece of metal that came apart from an escalator at the metro station today. >> i'm bruce leshan, metro spokesman suggests that when the woman's bag or clothing got caught in a gap here, she actually yanked the pes piece of metal off the side of the escalator, but a witness said the metal was hanging out over the steps, in fact, hanging out over a second escalator and she and everyone behind her were driven right into that sharp metal. >> a transit worker mopped up the blood left behind after the sharp nasty piece of side panel sprang all the way across the
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escalator steps. one escalator expert suggested that someone must have forgotten to screw down the panel. g metro needs to do better. >> it makes you wonder about your safety here on metro. >> two years ago, worn and oily brakes sent a heavily loaded escalator crashing toward the platform until an emergency system kicked in, bringing it to a sudden tumbling stop injuring a half dozen people. >> pile of bodies, a lot of screaming. a lot of panic running around. >> bruce leshan, 9news now. >> what do you expect when you ride metro? a smooth ride, problems? join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. we're back in just a moment with a check on some severe weather moving through the area.
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i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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time is running out for mitt romney to choose a running mate. some pun pundants think he will make his decision this week. >> governor bob mcdonnell continued to keep mum today about any possibility mitt romney would pick him to be his running mate. >> governor, a lot of people are rooting for you, what do you say? >> i would say that's up to mitt romney. we'll see. he will be here saturday and looking forward to campaigning with him. my job is to help him win
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virginia. >> romney's decision will be the biggest one yet. he may choose someone from one of his swing states like ohio, florida, north carolina, or virginia. >> i think governor mcdonnell will be an excellent choice. he would bring with him a swing state, a state that both parties need to win to pick up the presidency, and he is a good, strong conservative republican leader. >> romney begins a bus tour through swing states on saturday, beginning in virginia, where governor mcdonnell will be by his side. for quite a while, governor mcdonnell was a shoe in to be the vice presidential candidate. then some things happened in richmond that may have blown his chances. >> i like bob personally, but he would have a tough time on a national ticket, explaning some of the extreme measures that came out of his general assembly with his party in control this last session, including especially, assault of women productive rights. >> selecting mcdonnell would
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be a gift to the democratic party. he >> i will help mitt romney keep that promise. >> governor mcdonnell says he doesn't think mitt romney needs to release his tax returns because we know he pays his taxes, and he is very wealthy. mcdonnell says it's an issue by the democrat and it's not something that people care about. we do care about the weather and we do care about clearing up some confusion about potential tornado? >> all counties lit up because all these counties come together at the river. and again, law enforcement did see a waterspout, which is a tornado over water. the problem is, we can't find any velocity, any rotation, anything with the storm. again, i'm not that concerned about it. i would take cover if you're in the calvert county area.
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for the most part, around that area. >> it's not racing right now. >> no. my pulse is not racing. we'll start with live doppler and show you what we're talking about. you see all the red and that is usually like, oh my goodness, run for the hills. not so much the case this time. we'll zoom into this storm. this is right near benedict. it's right where all these counties come together. you have calvert, you have st. mary's, you have charles county. right around benedict. this is where the law enforcement officer saw the storm. again, i have analyzed that storm, there's no rotation in it, there's no gusty wind. oftentimes waterspouts will form and dispate very, very quickly. and so, you know, the warning continues. i think the danger is pretty much over. we'll move out over the radar. by and large, this is the heavier storm. this is the more dangerous storm at leanardtown and across the potomac. we'll put this into motion and tell you where these go.
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they move slowly back to the north and to the west. this storm sits and dispates. so, again, flash flooding is going to be a problem over the next hour into parts of southern maryland. and the northern neck. 90-degree day. we did it again today, we hit 90. that is 40 days since june 1. that is metrological summer. june, july, and august. average is 31. so last year, we did 47 and 2010, another hot summer, we did 52. we'll keep you posted on this. right now, live look outside. 86. dew point in the 70s. not so good. pressure fooling. temperature wise, you're looking, not bad. 84 vienna. 84 arlington. and 85 in college park. but humid and sticky out there. so, heating up a bit. isolated storms tonight. somewhat hot tomorrow. hot on thursday, and scattered storms continue wednesday, thursday, and friday, and some could be hefty. especially as we get into
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friday as a cold front approaches on friday. next three days, we're going to keep it code yellow. because of the storms, possible storms tomorrow, 91. big storms possible on friday. temperatures near 90. next seven days, we've had to hang on, the front will not go. it will be okay for sunday and monday with temperatures in the upper 80s and around 90 next tuesday. there you have it, no real concern with the tornado warnings. >> kristen berset is out at redskins park where the training camp is ending and the real stuff is about to begin. >> we are two days away. today they had fun. it was family day. they just got rid of the inflatable slide and the inflatable moon bounce. i didn't get to partake today. now they focus on what is at hand and that's thursday's preseason game. chris cooley making sot waves about what position he is going to be playing. we'll hear from him coming up
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next in sports. over the next four months, you have a choice to make. not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> welcome back. we are live in ashburn at redskins park. training camp is done for this week. the redskins get things going thursday night when they take on the buffalo bills. now they released their first depth chart of the season and there was one name that was really making some waves around
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here. his names did not start with an r or a g. it was chris cooley at the fullback position. now the coaches let cooley sit out of today's practice because he is going to be getting a will the of work thursday night. he is listed as the number two, but with young hurt, that is where cooley will be taking most of his snap, not at his usual tight end position. he said he's not too worried about it. >> we had derel. i'm looking forward to that. play wherever they want. >> and the baltimore ravens get their preseason going thursday as well. in atlanta, coming off a heartbreaker last season. once again, just missing out on a super bowl burst. the ravens are ready to go after it again, but this thursday, coach harbaugh says they're going to start out simple. >> game plan for atlanta, we don't have one. the plan will be to run our
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offense, defense, and special teams. pretty basic and evaluate guys and try to execute. >> and to the little leaguers, great falls keeps on rolling. last night they used three pitchers for four inning, no hitter, while striking out seven hitters. they took care of the rest as they score 13 runs. they play in the regional semis tomorrow at 6:00 against warner robyns. good luck to all of them. we are live at redskins park. lesli, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. and topper, you are back in, you have more details. >> the warnings have been canceled now. there was a waterspout right around benedict and on the river, but i think everything is okay now. the danger is passed, just some rains there. in fact, heavier rains in southern maryland. we're trying to get a picture of this and get it for you at 7:00. >> that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7:00 with topper. have a great night.
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