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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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unhealthy for sensitive groups. visibility is problem down south and southwest of town. manassas zero. warrenton a half-mile along with stafford right now. those are the real trouble spots. even frederick is down to a three-quarters. a couple showers in pennsylvania. this one near hancock may sneak in toward areas near washington county near the border. watch out for that hagerstown region. otherwise 70s and sticky. let's check in with beverly farmer. not up to speed on metro. still single tracking trains, sharing trains. blue and yellow line between braddock road and reagan national. that's been about the past 45 minutes. yellow and blue line customers experiencing delays. here's i-270 experiencing delay to get past 109. police have gone to check for the crash south of the truck scales but before 121 clarksburg. they're also checking southbound 270 near germantown for a crash there. 95 not so eventful in virginia.
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northbound 95 lanes open as you make your way toward quantico with building volume. beg past dale city and the prince william parkway, heavy volume merging on to the hov lanes. the pace into springfield is still good. 66 traffic building volumes for folks into centreville, fair oaks and inside the beltway getting through falls church towards rosslyn. lanes open and a good pace past the metro. your next check of tame saver traffic at 6 -- timesaver traffic at 6:10. a 15-year-old is in critical condition after a house fire. that same fire took the life of a 5-year-old girl. >> it all began yesterday afternoon along carrington court in capitol heights, maryland. delia goncalves is live in washington hospital center where the 15-year-old is being treated. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. a really tragic story and really touched firefighters and paramedics at the deep of their core because they work so hard to get these kids back up to
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life after they were pulled from that fire unconscious and without any pulse. sadly they ended up losing that 5-year-old little girl. the 15-year-old uncle is fighting for his life at this hour here at the hospital in the burn unit. the 24-year-old father is also in the burn unit. they both suffered severe smoke inhalation besides their burns as well. the flames broke out in capitol heights duplex around 4:30 yesterday evening. when firefighters arrived to the 6300 block of carrington court, they found the dad in the front yard. he was telling crews that those two children were trapped inside the home. both kids were rescued from the fire via the second floor window and were unconscious. i said they had no pulse but paramedics were able to revive them. sadly, though, they found out about six hours later the 5- year-old didn't make it. she passed later on. >> good people, family, three
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kids. i mean, just an average american family. just to come home to this? this is too much. i need to find my family. >> i had walked outside to go to the store and fire was coming from the side of the house. so i started screaming "help!" >> reporter: just listening to the panic in their voices you can imagine what family members were going through. coming up at 6:30, we'll hear from one relative and how he heard the shocking and terrible news about his family. back to you, andrea. >> thank you, delia goncalves reporting live from outside washington hospital center in northwest this morning. arlington police are calling the deaths of two men homicides. it's the county's third and fourth homicides in the last three weeks after none in two years. 59-year-old keafe spriggs and 31 yearldz carl moten were found inside spriggs apartment on north culpeper street
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tuesday. authorities are not saying how the men died. at 6:04, a follow-up on a story we first brought you with our partners at "u.s.a. today." only one d.c. public school will be investigated as part of a standardized test cheating scandal. that school is the education campus. the principal resigned after a "u.s.a. today" investigation last year. it found a high number of erasures on tests which were supposedly done by the teachers. the school's chancellor says there's no evidence of widespread cheating at other schools. people across our region are remembering the members of the sikh temple who were gunned down last weekend. over here to my left you can see people were outside the white house last night. they condemned not only that shooting but all hate crimes. to my right, there was a candlelight vigil here, this one in silver spring. montgomery county's police chief as well as representatives of the governor's office were there last night. the tragedy we are learning about two children who may have saved some lives at the
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wisconsin temple. >> reporter: an 11-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister were outside the temple when it all began. >> we found this purple taxi, a four-door sedan. a white man had come out and he -- first, me and my sister thought maybe he needed the directions or needed help. but when he was halfway there, he got both of his pistols and he just started shooting randomly. he was shooting those two people. and then we ran as fast as we could inside to warn everybody. >> i feel like a hero. >> reporter: their mother says her son lived up to his name. >> my husband named him a name that means fearless. >> reporter: a vigil near the white house drew about 200 people wednesday and the f.b.i. said it appears the gunman wade michael page died from a self-
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inflicted gunshot wound to the head, although a gunshot to his stomach from a responding officer was potentially fatal. authorities say they've conducted more than a hundred interviews nationwide, including page's family members, associates and neighbors as they try to nail down a motive. i'm ed payne for 9news now. a wake and visitation for the victims are scheduled to tomorrow morning. flags across the country will remain lowered till sunset tomorrow to honor the victims. maryland governor martin o'malley is asking the federal government for some drought relief. the aid would go to 13 counties which have experienced widespread crop damage because of the drought. the list includes prince george's county, calvert and charles counties. the state estimates some farmers have lost 30% of their drops or more, especially on the eastern shore. time 6:06. in four minutes the ups and downs of elevator etiquette. learn what we think is the most annoying thing people do in the
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elevator. maybe you're doing one of them. >> who me? howard says the heat is on again today. learn how hot it's going to get and when relief will finally be on its way. >> first, someone left the dogs out. the american veterinarian medical association says only 66% of homes have a pet -- 56% of homes have a pet. that's a decline of 2.4% of six years ago. 2.8 million homes have become pet free, the first declines since 1991. >> it isn't the same when it comes to cats and dogs. there's 7.6 million fewer cats while the number of dogs has dropped to just 2 million.
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looks like we're in for a sunny and hot day. a little more sunshine. highs between 90 and 95. 90 by lunch time. there will be a chance for an isolated afternoon thunderstorm. looks like better chances for storms on friday. those details are just ahead. checking timesaver traffic, a crash on 270 southbound after the exit for 109 but before 121 clarksburg. i believe it's been moved out of the roadway. the pace although slow at 109
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hardly bumper to bumper so that's encounting news. it will just cost you extra time to get toward germantown. your next check of traffic at 6:17. andrea, jessica, miss manners? good morning. couldn't hear very well. left the news studio to come in on the elevator because most of us are like -- we do this. we take the elevator to work every day. this is how i get into the newsroom. i'm here with jessica about some news about a survey about some of the things that get under our skin about elevator etiquette. >> that's right. when you go to work today and you step into the elevator, you'll be thinking about this one when you push that button. career builder is out with a new survey and talks about the things we find the most annoying when it comes to elevator etiquette at work. we'll give you some of these routes here. the biggest pet peeves. the number one thing that
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really bugs people at work at 35%, talking too loudly on the cell phone. that's right. 33%, you've seen this happen. you come into work and somebody doesn't hold the door for you when you're racing to get into that elevator. at 32%, standing a little too close, violating that personal space. a tie here also at 32%, squeezing in. you know there's an elevator right next door. you can jump into that one but you squeeze in. >> at number five, not letting people out on their chosen floor. those are really, really big pet peeves. we've got a couple other odd behaviors, though, that came up in the survey. career builder asked people what are some of the weirdest things you've ever seen. panting a co-worker, that's when you pull a wo worker --
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coworkers's pants down. also clipping fingernails in the elevator. somebody saw someone changing a baby's diaper in the elevator at work. >> they were on the floor? >> on the floor apparently. that was what was going on. someone showing a rash and asking for a diagnosis. these are the types of things that came up in the survey. for you you were saying also when the elevator doesn't show up and you need to get somewhere. >> the other thing is when you're outside, they always say stand back and let the people get off and there are people who just won't do that. never me. i never have done that. >> that's your biggest one. >> that's the biggest one. let us get off the elevator. >> we were going to take the elevator out here but it won't show up. in the meantime, we'll send it back to mike. >> we're coming back, mike. we promise. here's what's going on this thursday morning. a check of what's making news.
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president obama is speaking out against the boy scout ban on gay members. in a statement he called it discrimination, but he did call the scouts a very valuable organization for america's youth. a mission is under way to rescue an american from antarctica. the scientist needs emergency service. flights to the south pole are rare this time of year because it's winter there. new pictures this morning from mars. check out the images of the red planet, the martian landscape right there, these pictures being sent by by the mars rover. scientists expect to learn a lot and they're going to have a full color, 360-degree picture. >> the good stuff is yet to come, michael. >> the amazing thing is it takes 14 minutes to ship them back? >> i think it's seven minutes but they send a signal to get
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it back. >> can't wait to see the stuff. >> the planet is a few million miles away so it takes some time. hopefully everything will work. i know they said two years is the commission length but given the fact they have a juke yar reactor power -- nuclear reactor powering than and they've had success with smaller rovers, hopefully it will be many, many years. we'll see a change by the weekend for the better but this morning it is another steamy, sticky morning out there. looking at the day planner, we've got a little bit of patchy fog now. we're going to be 90 by lunch time. 93 at 3:00. later this afternoon, early this evening, there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm with the highs about 94, 95. it is going to be a tough day. winds picking up out of the south at 10 miles an hour. visibilities this morning zero in manassas, a half mile stafford toward warrenton. we have three-quarters in frederick. we have patchy dense fog, areas in prince george's county and howard and montgomery counties as well as well as rural areas
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in loudoun even though leesburg reporting seven miles and leonardtown coming in with less than two in the haze. lower eastern shore, a couple of them right down here, that's not a problem but closer to home had a shower that popped up. this one was north of cumberland and redeveloped northeast of hancock with lightning and thunder there and north of the border but a new little shower there, east of 522 toward berkley springs has popped up as well in the panhandle. temps in the upper 60s in reston to 73 in arlington. 68 also in fort belvoir. off to the east 71 upper marlboro and 70 rockville. outside our michael & son weather camera, we're in tysons corner. haze out there. 76 degrees with cloudy skies being reported at reagan national with a dew point way up so the humidity sticky, 94%. future cast today moist air is in place but not too much of a trigger so other than than an isolated storm, we're not seeing too much today. some showers maybe late tonight toward tomorrow morning. then scattered showers and storms on friday ahead of the
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cold front. that will bring us some better weather, more comfortable stuff later saturday into sunday. here's the forecast. today 94, boarderline yellow alert for the isolated storm. tonight mid-70s for lows, showers and storms, especially toward tomorrow morning. scattered showers and storms, maybe a few strong ones, # 9. over by the beach could linger much of the day with the showers. sunday looks real good with highs in the upper 80s. 6:17. beverly farmer, we've got problems on the metro. what about the roads? >> metrorail blue and yellow lines still single tracking trains. they're sharing tracks between braddock and reagan national for better part of an hour impacking yellow and blue customers. in lorton no obstacles making your way to springfield. there's a crash northbound on telegraph road franconia springfield road. police dealing with that right now. if you are making the drive on 66, volume delays are brief to get east of manassas to
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centreville, into fair oaks as you make your way inside the beltway to falls church. going to see more volume the left side of the screen is the eastbound traffic sliding out of the hov rules. maryland beltway, outer loop delays forming to get into silver spring but with all lanes open there. 270 the crash had been southbound after you pass 109 before clarksburg but out of the roadway with just volume delays around that. your next check of timesaver traffic, 6:25. andrea, mike, back to you. >> thank you, beverly. if is now 6:18 -- it is now 6:18. are you ready for some football? we have a preview of tonight's preseason kick yuf for the redskins-- >> kickoff for the redskins. >> let's get another check of the question. which one of these things outsells an ipod. is it a, an iphone, b, hearing aids or c, flat screen televisions. >> one facebook friend said b, hearing aids from using those ipods. keep the guesses coming. we have the correct answer at 6:54.
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6:21. your weather first on this sticky morning. patchy fog early. a good deal of sunshine on a hot day. we're going to quickly climb into the upper 80s here this morning. even 90 by noon with lower 90s early afternoon. winds picking up out of the south at 10 miles an hour. late this afternoon it could be an isolated thunderstorm. looks like the best chance of that will be in the mountains. andrea? >> thanks, howard. football fans, the season is definitely off and running. the redskins have the first pre- game tonight. >> indeed they do. 7:00 p.m. kickoff against the buffalo bills. >> in buffalo. all eyes will be on robert griffin iii in his first chance to show what he's made of. he won't be playing too much in the first game. everybody says watch early. but defensive coordinator kyle shanahan is hoping to make the most of it. >> we know it's going to be tough. we're trying to put him in all these tough situations so he is prepared and putting a lot of pressure on all the other guys knowing they've got to take
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that pressure off them. guys will have to step up and make it easier for them. >> i'll be ready to goap. i think the team will be ready to go. eight goings to be fun -- it's going to be fun. >> kristen berset is on her way to buffalo. we'll have team coverage tonight on 9 news now at 11:00. big games today in london for the american women. our soccer team goes for the gold this afternoon against japan. it's a rematch of last year's world cup final so that should be awesome. the women's basketball team goes against australia in the semifinal match in that sport and make it three gold medals in a row for misty trainer and kerry jennings. they won the women's beach volleyball finals. american men's basketball continues its dominance moving to the semifinals. kobe bryant took 20 points in the second half. u.s. beat australia 119-96. team u.s.a. faces argentina next. when those two teams met earlier this week, the u.s. won
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by 29 points. here's a look at medal count this morning. team u.s.a. is on top now with 81 total medals. 34 are gold. china falls to second but has two more golds than the americans. russia is in third. they're golden. the nationals are going for a four-game sweep of the astros tonight in houston. last night's win was all about one guy, gio gonzalez. the game was decided one in the 2nd inning. he got his first career home run. namtions take the lead 3 -- nationals tat lead 3-1. gonzalez said he wanted to give the team a night off. he pitched a second complete game of the season escaping a jam in the 9th. drk's lead in the division -- d.c.'s lead in the division stays at four games. it's 6:24. still ahead, a preview of today's special session in annapolis. lawmakers talking gambling.
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>> a local soldier's struggle with ptsd after coming home. >> i would really just want treatment. i just want to get my mind back right. i just want to be normal again. >> we're there as this vet wrap who went awol turns himself in. >> right now before we head to break, beverly farm we are a check on the commute. >> outer loop of the beltway as you try to get through springfield into alexandria, a vehicle is broken down near eisenhower avenue on the outer loop passing van dorn street, not much of a delay thanks to the extra lanes. you're watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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good thursday morning. 6:29. we're back. this is the place you can always get your weather first. good morning, olney. this is what it looks like outside your window this morning. temperatures in itself -- in the 70s. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. how is the humidity? >> i must be getting used to it. maybe over a while we get acclimated to certain things. it's sticky, muggy once again. dew points in itself 70s. humidity 80%, 90% range for many of us. patchy dense fog as well with the high humidity, especially south of d.c. we're starting with a view of tysons corner this morning. some hazy sunshine there. 90 by noon. we'll have a high about 94 with 5:00 p.m. 93. air quality is code orange.
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it's unhealthy for sensitive groups and sunrise occurred at 6:17. the fog i'm talking about manassas over to warrenton and stafford reporting zero visibility. leonardtown down to one-quarter of a mile. areas that seemed to get heavier rain yesterday afternoon dealing with the fog. a little bit of a shower, thundershower trying to get going in the hancock area. had one earlier north of cumberland. you see it there north of the border. temps in the 70s going into the 90s with an isolated storm later. beverly? better news on metro although still experiencing residual delays. blue and yellow line customers, the problem near reagan national has been resolved. on the roadways a crash out of the roadway. there were two of them on 270. one south of 109 here before you get to clarksburg and one near 118 germantown. still sluggish coming out of urban that to this point. then again approaching germantown with lanes open. virginia 66 travelers, eastbound delays forming east of manassas and stretches toward centreville, then getting into fair oaks making your way into i ven that we're
6:31 am
below speed past the metro and inside the beltway more volume because of the hov rules kick in in falls church to get in toward the roosevelt bridge. not a bad pace at 29 centreville. i-95 delays getting into woodbridge, getting into newington, 395 through landmark. but everything open as you make your way from fredricksburg into springfield. clearing up a crash on northbound telegraph road, franconia springfield parkway that had been tying up a portion of the roadway. your next check of traffic at 6:43. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. you probably have so much on your mind this morning, you don't have time to think about the safety of the roads you drive. but it might be time to think about it. >> our partners at cbs this morning are on that story. charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. we're looking at why there's so much concern about the safety of thousands of bridges across the country, including many in d.c., virginia and maryland. and we have this remarkable video from inside the cockpit as a small plane crashes in the
6:32 am
mountains. everyone survived. the cameras kept rolling after the crash and you'll see what happened. plus, we hear from those who were on board. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> all right, charlie. we'll be watching. thank you. in just a few hours, lawmakers in annapolis will begin their second special session. this one is about gambling. governor martin o'malley is pushing for table games to be allowed in the state and he wants a sixth casino to be built in prince george's county. the governor realizes this may be a tough fight and it could include tax breaks for the existing slots parlors. >> there is some adjustment to the existing sites in order to make sure that they're sustainable and that they continue to produce dollars for the state. >> if lawmakers approve table games and adding a came season know to prince george's county, it would go on a statewide referendum which would be voted on this november. maryland is under pressure because three of its neighbors have casinos with table games now.
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in 2010 delaware, pennsylvania and west virginia allowed their slots parlors to operate table games like blackjack, roulette and poker. a 5-year-old girl is dead and a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after a house fire. it began yesterday afternoon. the fire happened at a home along carrington court. that's just off martin luther king, jr. highway in capitol heights. delia goncalves is live at washington hospital center where the 15-year-old is being treated right now. delia, do we know what his condition is? >> reporter: we know he is fighting for his life. he is the uncle of that 5-year- old little girl who passed. we've been contacted prince george's county fire spokesman mark brady. haven't heard an update as of yet but we know he was in very, very tough shape overnight. so he's still being treated here in the burn unit. the 24-year-old father of that 5-year-old girl is also in the burn unit here. we're told he suffered burns over 50% of his body. when firefighters arrived to that duplex in capitol heights
6:34 am
yesterday evening, flames were shooting out of the second floor windows. the dad was in the front yard we're told. he quickly told crews that the children were trapped indoors and he could not get them out. both kids were rescued from that second floor window where neighbors report seeing flames shooting from that window. paramedics revived both of the kids but later lost that 5-year- old little girl. >> just want my cousin to be all right. talking to my phone on -- my mom on the phone, seeing how hirs ter cal she was -- hysterical she was and she couldn't drive, it was just eating me up. the girl is 5 years old, just as sweet, my cousin, 15-year- old, a happy, go lucky kid. >> reporter: neighbors even describe that little girl as being very sweet and often seeing her riding her bike in the neighborhood and really talking to her community
6:35 am
members and neighbors and saying hello. just really a tragic situation and everyone was really shocked at what was happening and the developments and really hoping for the best for the victims who are here in the hospital. we're expecting investigators to return to the scene a little later today as they continue to search for an exact cause of this tragic house fire. andrea, back to you. >> delia goncalves live outside washington hospital center in northwest washington this morning. we're still also waiting to learn the identity of the 40- year-old man found dead inside of a home in prince george's county. police were called to that home on kenilworth avenue in riverdale, yesterday afternoon. after a few knocks and no answer, police knocked down the door to get in. they found the man dead from an apparent gunshot wound. police are looking for the gunman. the fairfax county school system is making a push for healthier school lunches. the system hired a health consultant to revamp the fall
6:36 am
menus. the parent-led group real food for kids is behind the movement. they want it to go beyond the federal lunch school regulations and they're hoping to remove food with artificial ingredients and additives and taking them off the menu. a grout used to protect the steel support cables on the wilson bridge may be weakening the bridge. that's because the ground is contaminated with high lefts of chloride which would accelerate ruing. a dozen -- rusting. a dozen bridges in 21 states including maryland may have used this grout. the fha says the presence of chloride doesn't necessarily mean croargs is -- corrosion is imminent but it's still important to mention it. a soldier who went awol two years ago has decided to turn himself in. he said he's living with post- traumatic stress disorder as well as depression. he was there at walter reed -- surae chainn was there when he surrendered. >> reporter: he has emerged from hiding in his mother's
6:37 am
basement. >> it's a nightmare. >> reporter: he fell into a dark place after a 15-month deployment as a combat medic in iraq. >> i have nightmare abouts stuff i've seen over there. >> reporter: he furthered spiraled into mental illness when he learned he would be deployed to afghanistan. >> i was fearful of my personal demons getting in the way of how i would treat a fellow battle buddy. >> reporter: he sought help but says the military solution only masks the problem. >> medication, medication, medication. >> he's serving in a u.s. army hospital, the principle hospital in this country and the caregivers there aren't able to respond to what he needs. >> reporter: reports reveal a staggering 300,000 troops have served in ie rook and afghanistan -- in iraq and afghanistan suffer from symptoms of ptsd. he faces a court marshal, five years in prison and loss of benefits but he wants to convince others to come forward and get help. he was escorted by officers.
6:38 am
he's fearful but has resolve. >> even if i do have to do jail time, whatever, i really just want treatment. i just want to get my mind back right. i just want to be normal again. >> reporter: his fate is now in the hands of the military. he'll be staying here at walter reid at the barracks for days if not weeks until the military legal system decides what to do with him. surae chainn, 9news now. if someone you know is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, there is way to get help. visit we'll have information about resources. also find surae's story under our military page and learn more about the resources there. time 6:38. in just a few weeks college students are going to be moving into their dorms. in nine minutes you can get some advice on how to decorate your dorm without spending a lot. howard says the heat is making a comeback today. highs in the mid 90s.
6:39 am
and a weekend forecast we think you're going to like.
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welcome back to 9news now. thursday morning edition at 6:42. 76 muggy degrees. monika is out. i'm beverly farmer. looking at the ride on i-95, we're going to check that out but first i do want to remind but metrorail with blue and yellow residual lines after an earlier track problem near national airport was resolved. still experiencing some delays. now to commuters. we get to 95 northbound which has been heavy. stretches into dale city. north of the prince william parkway to get past lorton into newington. the left side of the screen is the lineup for northbound travelers. not too bad there, just volume delays. if you're making the trip on 395, that delay heading into a little sun glare and volume is northbound through landmark. by the time you get to seminary road you're back up to speed and only brief delays at the 14th street bridge. earlier broken down vehicle on the outer loop at eisenhower avenue moved to the shoulder with only brief delays. clearing up a crash on
6:44 am
northbound telegraph road. maryland drivers with delays on the outer loop heading west of college park, off and on through the work zone, after new hampshire near university boulevard. the pace improves by the time you get to georgia avenue. an earlier crash sup on 270, south of 109. moved off to the shoulder. your next check of traffic at 6:58. back to you. >> thanks, bev. see you in a bit. so many people ask us how we get up in the middle of the night, how difficult it is. you know, here's how we do it. >> coffee. >> man, am i thirsty. >> let's have another cup of coffee. can you believe this mug? enough for this and we can put the other eight cups that mike usually drinks inside of this. >> i'm only at six. >> we thank this unnamed company for sending this in. if you just want to dunk a donut into that, you can do that. or a piece of toast or something. >> quite a mystery there. weather wise we've got a lot of humidity this morning. patchy dense fog.
6:45 am
maybe the double hold hair spray with the frizz factor going off the charts with the humidity. the day planner, we have some temperatures today which are going to be hot. it's going to be sticky. 90 by noon. 90 by noon. i don't think you'll be eating lunch outside unless our' diehard for it with south winds at 10 miles an hour. there will be an isolated thunderstorm possible this afternoon. high about 94, 95. still 93 degrees at 4:00. there's that isolated evening storm, 87 degrees at 8:00 p.m. better chance of storms overnight toward tomorrow morning and especially on friday. here's the fog situation. that fan sas, stafford -- manassas, stafford zero visibility. in prince george's county, andrews zero. leonardtown, parts of st. mary's and calvert. we've seen patchy, dense fog north of d.c. as well. we also have had some isolated showers. this thunderstorm here pushing toward green castle, maybe passing just south of
6:46 am
chambersburg. 98% of this stays in pennsylvania. just kind of straddling the maryland-pennsylvania border. cumberland 68. 69 in fredricksburg at this hour. culpeper 66 as i said and 75 here in washington. here's our michael & son weather camera. you see the sunshine through the hazy sun in tysons this morning with 75 degrees. but the humidity 94% and with calm winds, it is a sticky, steamy morning. the moist air is in place on the futurecast . all we'll see today is isolated afternoon and evening storms. overnight watch what happens. looks like the showers will be coming in from the southwest. we could have some wet weather tomorrow morning. scattered showers and storms during the day on friday. ahead of that cold front some of these could actually turn strong to severe. we'll see that front finally clear us saturday morning. going to the beach, i'm going to tell you now saturday, those showers may hinge gear -- linger much of the day. 94 today. borderline yellow alert for the
6:47 am
isolated thunderstorms. tonight a few showers, 75. 89 tomorrow, scattered showers and storms. some of them could be on the strong side. saturday an early shower. they may linger a little bit longer east of town. look at highs. mid-80s saturday. upper 80s on sunday. then 90 again on monday. jessica? college dorm rooms can be pretty boring. so it's time to liven them up. we have brought in interior designer dana tiedings to help us with that. dana, you've come in and you're going to share your bright, colorful wisdom with us this morning. >> thank you. yes, we are. every year as students go off to college, they receive in their freshman orientation packages these dorm room packages and we thought that with a little bit of discount shopping, we could get better style and better quality. >> i love this concept. you went out and put together a dorm package for a college girl
6:48 am
moving in. her first place by herself. show us what you've got. >> starting over here, we take a shower curtain rod which is basically a tension rod and a shower curtain and we've clipped it so you can use that in the window. most college rooms have those tragic shades or mini blinds so we thought we could do that. the dorm room packages usually come with a very standard lamp. we thought why not have something with great style that can transpose to an apartment when they move out of the dorm rooms. >> you've done some really nice things with the fabrications here. >> yes. well, imtea not a big fan of the comforters. they're hard to wash. they're scratchy. we like duvet covers which are basically sheets and inside you can put a duvet inside as well as good 300-thread count
6:49 am
sheets. you found them at a bargain which is fantastic. situp pillows for a dorm room are a must but instead of the basic situp pillow we got this which can double as an on theman or situp pillow. >> you have some other options here, too. >> we do. a rug between the beds for those cold mornings and lastly, we have some great, wonderful towels. we've put them inside a laundry basket and a pad for the desk chair. >> you've used sort of the bohemian sheik still. tell us about the price tag. >> the dorm room packages are not cheap. they can range anywhere from a low of about $150 all the way up to $350. we were able to pull this entire room together for right around $225. >> that's fantastic. you did this at home goods. >> we did this at home goods,
6:50 am
pier one, target, any of your discount stores, tj maxx, marshals. they're all out there. you just have to know what to look for. and remember, everything does go with everything. >> it's beautiful. we appreciate you coming in and doing this for you. we're going to talk about houses at some point in the future, too. coming up, we have so much here. you are watching nine nine now. -- 9news now.
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yoo-hoo! mom? i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you. grab a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich today. america runs on dunkin'. today is thursday, august 9. here's a check of the news before you go this morning. we just heard from prince george's county fire department that yesterday's deadly fire in capitol heights was caused by some sort of electrical accident. the fire killed a 5-year-old girl. her 15-year-old uncle is hospitalized in critical condition. the mother of cal ripken, jr. doesn't want to talk about
6:54 am
her abduction, at least not yet. "the baltimore sun" reports violet ripken is attending games regularly at the minor league ballpark in aberdeen, maryland. police are still looking for the man who took her two weeks ago. what else can a guy do to win a ballgame? gio gonzalez hit a two-run home run, pitch add complete game for the nationals -- pitched a deplete game for the nationals. they go for the sweep tonight in houston. time to answer our question of the morning. again the question is statistics from tech world today show which of these things outsells the ipod? is it a, the iphone, b, hearing aids, or c, flat screen tvs. >> what do you think? the answer is b, a hearing aid. that was my guess. >> baby boomers. >> baby boomers are headed toward hearing aid age and whatever they do changes the landscape. we have one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9news now. stay with us.
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one more thing before we go. we have a five-game lead, the washington nationals do. excuse me, a four-game league. the best record in baseball. but with the n.f.l. preseason getting under way, some people think baseball might be forten very quickly -- forgotten very quickly, even with preseason. why is that? >> i don't know but i hope we can get tickets if they make it to the playoffs. i'm a big football fan but i love baseball as well. it's so exciting to see how far the nationals have come. it's great. >> we definitely need to support our home team. >> we still love them no matter what. >> we'll rock the red not just for the capitals but the
6:59 am
nationals. weather wise, a couple of showers this evening in buffalo. about 80 for the preseason game. 94 today. just an isolated storm. got some patchy dense fog. watch out for that. tomorrow a better chance of showers and storms 89. 86 saturday with some early showers. then sunday looks real nice, upper 80s. beverly? no big drama on the roadway today. we can be grateful for that. 270 a couple of minor accidents southbound near clarksburg and near 118 germantown. they've been out of the way. just slow as you make your way south of urbana past hyattstown to the scales. briefly germantown. inbound lanes to 50, slow in cheverly before 202 to get down toward kennel worth and new york avenues. new york avenue the sing natural light delays to get into the tunnel. that's it. as for wall street we're actually looking lower right now but we've got some jobs data coming out so we'll see how that affects the market. cbs this morning is coming up next. a new york city mayor, former mayor rudy giuliani is there. seal you back


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