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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  August 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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drew levinson, cbs news, washington. there was mixed reaction to mitt romney choosing paul ryan as his running mate. we spoke to jeremy mayer. he said while picking ryan may be a smart move, it may not help him win the battle state of virginia. >> ryan is not a national figure. he is not a rubio, he is not a governor, he is not mcdonell or eric cantor. i think the biggest impact we are going to see is what the pick of paul ryan says is. >> it is time to exercise restraint. >> what is your reaction? really? that was the best he could do? >> mayer says democrats are already get ago tack ads ready to combat ryan's budget, which would overhaul medicare. this morning if you are driving through one section of the great falls area, expect
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delays. >> dozens of decaying trees are being cut down. it took a tree falling on a and killing him to prompt the action. a total of 5 trees have been identified as a safety risk to drivers. traffic lanes will be closed for up to 15 minutes for crews to work during nonrush hours monday through saturday. it took a tragedy for the trees to come down. >> it is a dark spot among the beautiful flowers sprouting in great falls village. >> they really have to come down before the damage happens again. >> 64-year-old man died while he was stuck inial traffic. the base and the middle of the giant tree was empty with 98% of the roots rotten. it prompted arborists to survey dying trees in great falls and 
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also brought tree lovers the understanding that there comes a time when trees must come down when nature tells it to. >> i know most of the big trees in great falls. >> reporter: robert vickers loves large trees and even documents them. but even he knows a tree is not worth a life. >> i don't like to see healthy trees come down. but in this case, i wish it had been taken down earlier. it was a tragedy. >> reporter: the landscape is what gives great falls its charm. >> i think you you can probably understand, just by coming out here to great falls, why we love our trees. >> reporter: the work will take about three weeks. 25 trees will come down along river bend road, 15 on brownsville road, seven on beach mill road, six on georgetown pike, four on walker road. there are 22 million trees in fairfax county, too dawning for
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them to keep track of all of them they have to rely on residents to alert them of decaying trees. a 1-year-old man is behind bars this morning. travis everett hoskins shot oliver davis at their capital heights apartment. officers found davis' body saturday afternoon about a call -- after a call about a shooting. vandals struck a chick-fil- a restaurant in frederick, maryland. stickers promoting marriage equality and a gay pride flag were plastered on the windows. several homemade signs were also left at the restaurant. chick-fil-a has been at the center of controversy since the owner publicly announced he opposes gay marriage. the restaurant also received a boost in business from people who support the owner's position. it has been almost three
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years since morgan harrington was abducted, raped and murdered. her killer still has not been captured. the 20-year-old virginia tech student disappeared after attending a me talon ca concert in carl lotsville. now her parents have started a campaign called save the next girl, in hopes that someone will come forward with information. >> we want to save the next girl. we don't want another family to go through what dan and jill harrington are going through. until this guy is arrested, we are going to continue doing what we are doing. >> save the next girl has launched a social media campaign to try to find the killer. police have released a composite and say he may be connected to another abduction and assault case. there is a $150,000 reward.
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a campaign is underway for a church damaged in last year's earthquake. saint steven's episcopal church in culpepper sustained damage and wants to raise money for repairs that have been made. you can donate by going online to saintsteven'scullper saintsteven'scullperrerdotnet. people who survived twin earthquakes and 36 aftershocks in iran yesterday are describing the horrifying occurrence. 250 people were killed, 2000 were injured. nearly two dozen villages were leveled. evangelist billy graham remains hospitalized this morning. a spokesman says the 93-year-
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old graham is being treated for bronchitis. he was admitted late saturday for an infection in his lungs. last november graham was hospitalized with newman. his staff said his health had been good up until now. a dramatic end to the olympics. a fire ripped through a recycling plant in east london, eight miles from olympic park. it took 200 firefighters and this is the city's biggest fire in years. shoppers won't have to pay the 6% sales tax on clothes and shoes. $100 or less. accessories, jewelry, watches, school supplies are not included. 4:36. a recall of few sold in some of
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the most popular kids' meals. first you want a great deal on an iphone. all you have to do is ask. explain your money to you at 4:42.
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it is 43:00. a really fine morning out there. we have got lots of 60s and even 50s in west we were maryland. highs today upper 80s to around 90 with plenty of sunshine. we have got showers and storms on the way. i'll have all the details in about five. right now here's monika samtani with sometime saver traffic. howard all lanes are open coming in from frederick, down to the point where the lanes divide you should find it is
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all clear. jessica, back to you. thanks monika. this morning wall street hopes to build on friday's late rally. but this week investors will be focused in yet again on europe. there are more indications spain is drifting toward a full bailout. the dow stands this morning at 13207. nasdaq was up by two, s & p 9500 gained by over three points. wall street will also be keeping a close eye on the developing situation in the greek crisis. the nation will auction $3.8 million in theater term debt. it could keep the country asking for more emergency funding. the prices at the pump are another rise yet again. the average price for gas increased 18 cents over the past
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two weeks. nationally, a gallon of mid grade averages $3.84. premium $3.96. tucson has the nation's lowest price at $3.18. that is kind of a drive but if you want cheap gas. chicago is $4.23. if you drive a luxury vehicle, you may not be the only one who enjoys your ride. the fbi just released the list of the most stolen vehicles. volvo, audi, chrysler is he bring, and mercedes benz clclass. these stolen cars are usually shipped overseas and that is where thieves make a fortune. you want to pay less for an iphone? all you have to do is ask.
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apple stores are matching the $50 coupon sprint is offering. you could get one for $450. if you don't bring up the price match deal the folks at apple aren't planning on saying anything either. >> be sure to ask. well it is no secret, sitting too long at your desk can cause major health problems. >> just ahead simple ways to keep you moving throughout your day. also, howard is going to have your weather first, when we return. we'll be back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. coming up on 4:45 this monday morning, a good start to monday. hopefully, after a lovely time. >> we are going to stretch it one more day. we are not going to stretch it two more days, but we'll take today. >> going back into the high 90s again? >> no, i think the real
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horrible part of the summer is well behind us. >> fantastic. >> we'll have lower 90s here and there, but we can deal with that. average high down to 87 now, the nights are getting a little longer, the days shorter. here is your day planner on this monday morning. good looking day. we start in the 60s and 70s for most of us, although there are 50s well west of town in cumberland and petersburg, and garrett county. by lunch time, sunny and 85. winds start a little bit north northeast. highs up near 90. it is not going to be that humid today. temperatures right now, look at this, cumberland, 59, oakland 56. winchester a gorgeous 61. bowie 66 degrees with 70 at the river naval air station.
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looking outside at the michael and son weather camera, partly cloudy conditions at reagan national, calm winds and a temperature of 73 with a relative humidity of 71%. looks good along the gulf coast for a change and the east coast. we are going to watch not so much for today but for tomorrow it is going to be an area of disturbed weather coming in from the midwest. across illinois you had the storminess going on. any showers that might pop richmond, perhaps, perhaps colonial beach area that way. but the rest of us enjoying a fine monday. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, you'll notice a few showers. down toward roanoke. we'll get into tomorrow afternoon scattered showers and storms. midday through the afternoon.
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dc west and east for the afternoon. looks like the mountains and pennsylvania will be rather busy with showers and storms. tomorrow night as we lose the daytime heating, wednesday can't rule out isolated thunderstorms here. with highs on wednesday once again, upper 80s to 90s. a decent day around here. mid-80s in the shenandoah valley, 88 up in baltimore, fredericksburg, 8. here in dc around 90 this afternoon, and then tonight still another comfortable night. maybe not as cool as this morning. we'll be in the mid-60s in the cool spots, 76 in annapolis, 73 here in washington. looking at the forecast, today about 90, a good day, humidity is down. don't forget the sun block. by the way the air quality is moderate. tonight we are dipping into the 60s and 70s.
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scattered showers and storms, right now i'm going to keep wednesday green with isolated storms. we may change that to a yellow alert, i'll update that this afternoon. 88 degrees as we look at the rest of the 7-day forecast, friday hot, 92. the weekend looks mixed, saturday unsettled, 83. if all things work out, sunday will be good and comfortable with a high of 84. it is 4:48. monika samtani doing her best john travolta this morning. if you are planning to head around town, there is an accident at the bw parkway. coming in from southern maryland, no problems rough route 4, route 5, route 301. across the wilson bridge, we'll take a live look outside and show you what it looks like at
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the beltway eastern stretch of prince george's county between 95 and the wilson bridge. we'll go back over it our maps, this same coming up on 95 in virginia. by the way, there was an accident and a car fire on route 644. near van dorn street. you want to be aware of that a little further north here. no problems to report along 395. coming up again, in a few minutes at 4 -- at 4:55. crews will be working on the dulles corridor metro rail project. that means eastbound dulles connector road will be closed between 11:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the road also known as route 267 will be closed between 495 and route 123. back to you guys. there is a major recall on sliced apples.
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packages of ready pack apples were recalled because of possible listeria contamination. listeria was found on equipment used to produce the apple products. the apples have been sold at mcdonalds, burger king, and giant food stores. user dates are july 8th through august 20th. if you bought the product throw it away or return it to the restaurant or store. we told you time and time again how sitting too long at work is bad for your health. >> this morning we are offering solutions to get you up from sitting at your desk all day long. what some employees are doing. >> reporter: lisa christian has always tried to led a healthy life tile but often afinds life gets in the way. almost as soon as she gets up in the morning lisa finds herself
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sitting right back down. >> i sit all day at the office, i commute to and from work. with a two-year-old i have less time to get formal workouts. >> reporter: lisa found a way to do it at work. in the corner of her office lisa has a treadmill desk. doctors say lisa is bucking an unhealthy trend. >> we are sitting more and more and more. the average person went from standing 90% to now standing 35% of their day. >> reporter: at ohio state, the simple act of sitting leading to serious complications. >> excessive sitting increases your risk of heart disease by 30%. insulin works 40% less. excessive sitting may be to
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blame for a rise in lower back pain. the good news is walking five minutes each hour at work burns ten pounds a year. even if walking isn't possible, standing is preferable. >> we burn about 100 calories an hour. if we were just standing we would burn 150 calories. so 50% higher. >> reporter: doctors say being is he den try too long -- sed den try -- seated too long increases cholesterol. >> i want one. sign me up. sign me up for the question of the morning as well. according to a gq magazine survey, 71% of men say this is the first thing they look at when judging another man's appearance. their hair, smile or clothes?
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>> let us know what you think by going to our wusa facebook fan page. we'll share the answers later on.
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welcome back. your weather first on this monday morning. in a word, nice. we have a comfortable start to the day with low humidity levels. lots of 60s this morning. we are going to be warm, even almost hot. not too humid a really good start to the week. little tough on route 64 east of 95 both directions near van dorn street. avoid that. i'll keep you posted on that
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situation in my next report. chad johnson, formerly known as chad oh chow cinco, was released by the dolphins after he allegedly head butted his wife. johnson is free on $2500. his wife found a receipt for condoms. the summer olympics came to a close last night and there will be remembered as the first olympics. -- first olympics women were represented in every sport. >> kayla harrison is the first american woman or man to win
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gold in jude dough. this is the first time in history female athletes out numbered males. gabby douglas among those elite women, winning gold. the 16-year-old olympian holding her gold medal with a flag backdrop. it took the brothers four days to finish the mural on the outside wall of a sports bar. they said the idea came to them after seeing gabby on it v after a medals ceremony. i can't here's a look at the final medal round up. usa has the most overall medals with 104. we also had the most gold
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medals with 46. china came in with 87. twilight star robert pat tin son is coming out of hiding and gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> edward lawrence has more. >> actor robert pattinson is booked for the daily show and later walked the red carpet. kristen stewart won't be there, she has been banned from attending. hard rock bands motley crew and kiss are donating to the victims of the colorado shooting. they said in a written statement they hope their gesture will
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encourage others to give. legendary singer songwriter neal diamond gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> to thank los angeles for taking this kid from brooklyn to their hearts and being so wonderful to me. >> diamond has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide. diamond won a golden globe, he has 13 grammy nominations and is also in the rock of fame. bambi turns 70 years old today. in the 2008 poll the american film institute placed bambi third on its list of ten greatest animated films. i'm edward lawrence for


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