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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have showers and storms across illinois moving into southern indiana, western kentucky. that disturbance is what we are going to see on tuesday. tomorrow not nearly as nice as what we are expecting this afternoon. cumberland 55, gorgeous out to our west. monika, started early with the problems this morning? and they are ongoing. route 644 between van dorn street and rose hill. watch out for the accident again in francona on route 644. 95 is not affected by this. you are looking fine. just a bit of slow traffic, of course. as you leave heading through springfield, let's take a live
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look out on to 35. the traffic is fine until you get to duke street. no issues on 270, a few brake lights off and on where the lanes divide. looking at university boulevard on the outer loop a bit of slow traffic into silver spring. more traffic coming up at 6:11. back to you andrea and jess. crus will remove dozens of trees. >> their hope is to prevent a freak accident like the -- crews will remove dozens of trees. >> their hope is to prevent a freak accident like the one that killed a man last week. >> reporter: over the next three weeks, crews are going to be
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removing 59 trees in the great falls area. these are trees that are dead or decaying, that pose a real danger to pedestrians or drivers. for those of you that live in the area, you know it has been needed for quite sometime. unfortunately, this took a tragic accident just up the road for this to finally happen. one month ago, 64-year-old carl ross was killed when a 40-ton oak tree fell on his car. 98% of the roots were rotten, turned out to be a tragic wake up call for people that live in the area. after the accident several residents alerted fairfax county and officials to other potentially dangerous trees. so a team of arborists spent several days inspecting trees all over great falls. ultimately they recommended 59
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trees need to be removed. >> i'm in agreement. i think they know what they are doing. you know, they need to, they need safe as a factor here. no doubt about it. you can see how heavily wooded great falls is. we all like those trees, but they can be a problem. >> reporter: these are the trees that will be taken down over the next three weeks. 15 on browns mill road. six on the georgetown pike. four on walker road. this is going to be impacting traffic over the next few weeks. crews are going to be out from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. there will be lane closures while these trees are taken down. just plan a little bit of extra time. when you have these big limbs
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and branches coming down, the crews need to be sure everyone is safe. prince george's county police say roommates fighting over food led to a deadly shooting over the weekend. police charged 19-year-old travis hoskins with the murder of his room mate. they -- of his ma'am roommate. the major party presidential tickets are now set for this november. mitt romney's running mate will be wisconsin congressman paul ryan. the gop ticket appeared on 60 minutes last night. ryan said there needs to be new leadership in the white house. >> the senate hasn't passed a budget law for three years.
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it is dysfunctional. president obama was in chicago sunday. here's what he had to say. >> congressman ryan is a decent man, he is a family man, he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it is a vision i fundamentally disagree with. >> the president begins a three day campaign bus tour later today in what what joining us this morning for a look at the romney ryan ticket and its impact on the election is edward wyckoff williams, he is a contributing editor for the huffington post. good to have you here with us and talking about the ryan impact we know it is a money deal $3.5 million raised in less than 4 hours? >> yes, it is a big deal. it shows how popular ryan is
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with the tea party crowd. the tea party is essentially what is driving this election on the conservative side. ryan is a darling of the tea party. paul ryan, even though he is being sold as a fresh new face has actually been in congress since 1998. he is far more aligned with bush and the legacy than most people would like to admit. ryan voted for the two wars in iraq and afghanistan, he voted for the bush tax cut. and all of that has added about $5 trillion to the u.s. deficit. ryan and romney are now attack being president obama -- attacking president obama, when in fact ryan is a part of the problem. republican voters, that is what they are interested in right now, you see the crowds coming up. ryan says we are going to tell the truth and people need to hear the truth.
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we'll find out whether the the elect trail believes in the truth because it looks like it is pitting seniors against young people, women against conservatives on certain social issues and the catholic vote when that will be an important block. >> i think it is an important block. a lot of the evangelical christians have been a bit reticent about romney's mormonnism. -- being mormon. i think ryan will assist, but i think the bigger issue here will be like you said, medicare and medicaid. all of this connects to the ryan budget, which essentially turns medicare into a voucher program. >> and two special elections, one in new york and colorado had the democrats winning based on who's going to save medicare.
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>> this is actually the central issue. his campaign released a statement just after they chose ryan, basically saying we are going to put our own budget out there. it is going to be very difficult for ryan to -- for romney to run away from the ryan budget. >> thank you very much for being here with us. we are going to look to see what the president is going to come up with as a response to that. thank you. and our time right now is 6:08. in five minutes a new program hoping to, jessica, i'm sorry. >> reporter: well this program is helping to get children education and technology lessons during the summer. and howard says it is going to be another nice day today, with lower humidity. your weather first is straight
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ahead. but first, this is international left handedness day. it isest nature 10% of the world's population is left handed. but four out of the last seven presidents have been left handed, that includes president obama. a study in 2006 found among people with a college education, left handed people earn 10 to 15% more than right handed people. 20% of means sa members are left handed and one of the most famous left handed musicians is the guy you hear right now, paul mccartney.
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we are going to be about 85 by noon, sunshine but not too humid. that will stay with us all day with highs upper 80s to around 90. a deadly accident now closes route 644. it happened overnight and the investigation continues. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report. back to you guys. there are a couple of weeks left in summer vacation.
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>> some kids don't have access to tablets computers and smartphones, so arlington based pbs is teaming up with the department of education to help them out. >> it looks like fun and game, but this is summer learning. at the st. francis learning center in baltimore. >> a lot of times kids don't engage in learning activities during the summer. when they get back to school, teachers have to spend like four weeks reteaching them. >> reporter: in the digital age there are more skills to keep up over summer break. this program funded by a department of education grant,ing mimics a child's -- grant, mimics a child's
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multi-media world. >> it is very important. because it is everywhere now. >> reporter: there are also items not every student can access when school is out, missing the opportunity to integrate them into their daily lives. consistent access is important for this generation. >> i don't think it is as important to learn the technology as it is to learn the technology to teach them vital skills they need. >> reporter: reading, spelling, math and now texting, things they will use during the school year and beyond. >> children who don't maintain their skills during summer vacation are at a disadvantage when school begins in the fall. 67-year-old michael pa pate
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junior wins a $1000 prize and in a spelling competition. the winning word was a type of imperfect fun gus that looks like this. okay. well he got it and he won. >> congratulations. >> is that a gentleman tablet? >> -- a vegetable? >> some sort of mushroom. today is going to be a good day. you got it right there. humidity levels are down, sunshine, a couple of high clouds mixing in. no excuses not to get out and even if you don't have outdoor plans, make some, because it is
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really, really nice out there this morning. here's a look at our day planner. we are going to enjoy a fine day today with sunshine, a couple of clouds. 85 by noon, highs in the upper 80s to around 90. all in all a great, great start. look at these temperatures, 66, out to the east a little milder with 67 in upper marlboro, andrews 69. upper 60s in springfield. reagan as fault, 69. -- reagan national, 69. winds light west-southwest at 5 miles per hour. looking good today. a beautiful start to the day. i'm going to call it a beautiful monday. unsettled tomorrow, scattered showers and storms.
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might be an isolated shower or storm lingering on wednesday as well in the afternoon. thursday looks nice gun and even friday looks pretty good. i'll show you what's happening across the country. areas of moisture in the southwest, this guy headed toward indiana and arkansas will be moving east. out ahead of it, clouds and a few sprinkles. i think we get a couple of clouds blowing off these showers and storms to our west today. other than that, a nice, quiet day. you may see showers out to the west late tonight. and tomorrow a better chance of showers and storms erupting, even by the middle of your tuesday forecast today around 90 degrees. these showers and storms could impact your plans and likely will and slow you down on the commute. 70s to start, 90s to finish. 88 on wednesday with an isolated afternoon storm or two.
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thursday looks good, '92. the weekend mix unsettled saturday and good on sunday. monika samtani, it is 6:17 and you are not a happy camper? >> no, it is unfortunate we have had this serious situation. a head-on collision involving a police vehicle. the investigation continues to block route 644 between van dorn street and rose hill. 95 is not affected by this and springfield heading up to 395-6789 we'll go live and show you where you begin to see brake lights north of this point, closer to duke street. let's go back over to our maps. this time heading out to the west side of town, no problems to report as you come in from sterling or centerville. beach drive is also closed
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right now. we'll take you live over to the beltway, old dominion drive looking good on the west side of town. more traffic coming up at 6:45. next in sports the final medal counsel from the summer olympics. the nationals winning streak. according to a survey, 71% of men say this is the first thing they look at, when judging another man's appearance. is it his fair, smile or clothes? >> keep those guesses coming, we are going to reveal the answer at 6:54. release me, momigus!
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monday morning. humidity levels are down. they will be in a comfortable range much of the day. here's a look at our day planner. a few clouds here and there but for a monday in august, this is pretty nice. highs will make a run toward 90 with winds turning to the south. the nationals are in san francisco to begin a three game set with the giants tonight. >> when the giants visited washington last month the nats swept them out of town. the nats finished their trip to arizona yesterday. paul goldsmith went two for four for the dbacks. he drove in three runs and scored twice. the nats trailed 7-0 by the fifth inning. arizona starter paul corbin went seven innings, striking out seven. nationals lose 7-4. that snapped their eight game winning streak but the braves lost so the lead remains at
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four and a half games. it was a record setting day at the pgactual championship in south carolina. the day belonged to rory mcilroy. he sank a long birdie putt to end sunday finishing at 14 under. he won the tournament by a record margin of eight strokes. this is his second career major. the 2012 summer olympics are officially over and this year it was all about the women for team usa, but the games ended with a big victory for the men. kevin durant led the basketball team to gold. durant had 30 points to lead the u.s. to a win over spain. the final was a close one though, 107-100. heir a a look at the -- here's a look at the final medal count. u.s. at the top, china, russia
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and great britain. and the countdown is already on for the next olympic games. 1453 days to go until rio. work is well underway on all facilities there. the winner olympics will be in 2014 in russia. the time right now is 6:25. still ahead, a local lawmaker speaking out against a commuter tax for people who work in the district. plus back to the traffic. 270 low as 80 down to 121. i'll have more on traffic issues on my next report, you are watching 9news now.
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good morning. it is 74 degrees out there this is a live look at just a lovely pick there. the river in the foreground, look at the clouds and the sky the color of the sky. >> absolutely beautiful. going to be a good day we think, too. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jessica doyle. >> and i'm andrea roane. howard is going to confirm our
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forecast. >> reporter: i don't mind being outside. temperatures are comfortable and it is going to be a very good day. it may be a couple of clouds, but it is august. not disgustingly gross and hot and sticky. here's a look at your day planner. it is a nice looking day. here's another image coming from northwest. 85 by noon. partly to mostly sunny skies with a 5á7 5:00 p.m. temperature with highs -- with a 5:00 p.m. temperature with highs around 90. today look at there. 59 in winchester, 55 in cumberland. gorgeous there while still 75 on the bay and 65 in la plata. let's go to monika samtani. it has been a tough morning so
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far? >> reporter: it has been a tough morning. route 644 blocked off in orthopedic directions because of a deadly accident and investigation that happened, i would say, at about 2:45 this morning. it is closed between van dorn street and rose hill. it was involving a police vehicle. the police officer is going to be okay but again a deadly accident here on route 644 closed between van dorn street and rose hill. in fact we'll take a live look at our map to give you a per suspecttive of where it is, east of i-95 and south of the beltway. 95 is fine into springfield, just a bit of slow traffic there. this time on the north side of town, no problems to report here in college park. i'll have more on traffic coming
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up at vi 43. break to you guys -- back to you guys. saturday paul ryan was announced as mitt romney's running mate. >> the wisconsin congressman told bob scheaffer last night his focus is on the economy. >> i have felt for awhile now our country is in a perilous position. i have done everything i could to try and make a difference to tackle this economic and fiscal challenge before it tackles us. >> of course our partners at cbs will be covering all the angles of this campaign story. good morning andrea and jessica. we'll talk with bob scheaffer about the interview with mitt romney and paul ryan. plus an in-depth look at the wisconsin congressman and his possible risks and rewards of putting them on the ticket. president obama's senior campaign ad vicar will be with us. we'll see you at 7:00.
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starting today, crews will begin cutting down dozens of trees around great falls. they want to prevent a deadly accident like the one that happened on georgetown pike last month. >> good morning, these are all very big trees that pose a direct threat to drivers. this is going to be impacting traffic over the next three weeks or so. you are going to see crews out and about and they are going to be working six days a week. i want to show you all exactly where these problem trees are located so you can plan your commute over the next few weeks. 59 trees in total over the next three weeks, 25 along river bend road. six on the george town pike, four on walker road. here's great falls resident and
6:34 am
arborist robert vickers, about why this tree removal now is so important. >> i know a lot of people are saying it is about time that they are doing this. because there was a lot of trees downed in that big storm, and we lost our electricity for six days. >> reporter: and yes, this will probably help prevent some power outages and for now this is more about safety. 64-year-old carl ross was killed when an oak tree fell on his car when he was driving on the georgetown pike. they recommended 59 trees be removed. one thing that has been a big issue for residents here in falls church are these two trees right at the intersection of walker road and the georgetown
6:35 am
pike. these trees are very big, very old. they have caused a lot of concerns. these trees were deemed not in any sort of imminent threat to drivers at this point in time. they are not included in the 59 trees that will be taken down over the next few weeks. however that could change. they are going to bring out another team of arbor resists to look at these trees because that deadly accident happened just about a half mile up the road. prince george's county police launched its transforming neighborhood initiative to clamp down on violence. over the weekend police began focusing on langley park, hillcrest heights and oxen hills. the extra enforcement is expected to last about two weekss. debate resumes this morning at the maryland legislature special session in annapolis. lawmakers are considering when to allow table games and when to
6:36 am
approve a sixth gaming license. the senate approved a bill friday by a 28-14 vote. the vote in the house delegates could come tomorrow. there are amenments which would be banning political donations by ca seen know owners and to protect the owners of maryland live. anything pass in annapolis must still be approved in a statewide referendum this november. a proposal to tax commuters who work in the district but work outside the city is meeting strong opposition from maryland congressman cummings. the democrats say it could lead to a tax turf war. the idea could come up for a debate after the election in november. in oak creek, wisconsin an important sign of healing for the community sunday. the temple where people were gunned down a week ago. six people died in that
6:37 am
shooting and four others were hurt. andrea mccarron was there. >> reporter: american flags clutch and waved amidst heartbreak over what has brought the community and the nation together. >> the same way everyone else did is how you grew up and people believe you don't have the same rights to be here. >> as americans people discriminate against you anywhere, anytime. >> the event was designed to remember those killed and wounded in the wisconsin massacre and victims of hate crimes everywhere. >> doesn't matter what they believe, their gender. we are all human, we are all equal. >> here as hundreds gathered, there was talk of solidarity, heat, and remarkably of
6:38 am
forgiveness. forgiving the mass murderer who brought the community such pain. >> we are forgiving, so we do forgive him i can't white supremacist michael page paid neo-nazi bands. this night was not about looking back, but moving forward, trying to ensure that future generations are free to worship in an environment untainted by hate. at lafayette park, andrea mccarron, 9news now. members of the temple in wisconsin were allowed back in thursday. members replaced carpets and repaired walls damaged by gunfire, but left a dime-sized bullet hole unrepaired in memory of those killed. you are liking the idea of keeping your vacation going forever. the money to live a life of
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leisure can be yours. nobody won saturday's powerball lottery drawing and that means wednesday's jackpot will be worth $305 million. of course the odds of winning are $175 million to one. but you could be the one. the time is 6:00 3-d. in nine minutes we are heading back into the kitchen. >> we will be talking to chef daniel thomas. he is going to tell us about how even people living with diabetes can eat some soul food. straight ahead, howard tells us just how long this nice spell is going to last. ♪
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welcome back. it is 6:43 and 74 degrees. we are taking a live look from our sky 89 at the scene of a very serious and deadly accident from overnight involving a police vehicle. the police officer will be fine. if you are planning to head in
6:44 am
this area, let's take another look from our live shot here. a ground shot at the scene of accident. 644 continues to be blocked and i think the investigation and clean up will still take awhile. up to choose alternate routes carefully. we'll cause heavy traffic south of the beltway. again, it is east of i-95, south of the beltway here. up to take manchester boulevard or the springfield parkway south of that.over to 95. 95 is not affected by this. route 644 blocked off in both directions between van dorn and rose hill. we'll keep you posted. once again back to you guys. we are out here on the weather terrace where howard just used perfect adjectives. very pleasant this morning.
6:45 am
a lovely morning a pretty good day ahead. >> i think for august anyway, no real complaints here. humidity levels are okay. temperatures will be in the upper 80s to around 90. average is 87. it should be a dry day. by lunch time, i think the winds will be comfortable, fairly light, less than 5 miles per hour. turning to the south this afternoon. highs in the 90-degree range with lunch time temperatures and 80s in the evening going out. temperatures in the 80s. with partly to mostly sunny skies. this morning 50s out to the west at cumberland and win chest and oakland. 65 in fredericksburg, up in baltimore 66. as we lack outside on our michael and son weather camera, looking north, you see a few
6:46 am
clouds in the background, but really a nice looking morning. 74 degrees at reagan national. all these showers out of the southwest, some in texas, nice break in the central part of the country and then in the midwest. this is the problem we are going to be dealing with tomorrow. all the showers coming in from wisconsin, down through illinois. all the way, in fact extending down into arkansas. it is the rain in chicago that may keep the windy city from getting to 70 today in august. for us in some clouds are coming across the region and some of the sprinkles in pennsylvania. patchy clouds here and there. got showers in southeastern west virginia this afternoon. for us we'll become mostly cloudy tonight and look at the showers by tomorrow morning, which could be out along and west of i 81 toward the morning.
6:47 am
then we are popping showers and thunderstorms, especially west of dc. the forecast up around 90, a good looking day. 73 tonight. tomorrow 90ish again but with scattered showers and storms we have a yellow alert posted. by thursday, looking good. saturday unsettled, sunday looks nice. let's go over to jess in the kitchen. thank you howard. this saturday is the victory over diabetes event. chef daniel thomas joins us this morning to talk about the event. he is the regional executive chef for the american diabetes association. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> at channel 9 here, we are official sponsors for the step out for the american diabetes association. >> we appreciate you guys for doing that as well. >> absolutely. and you are putting sexy back into healthy cooking. >> a the lot of people are diabetics and the doctors the
6:48 am
first thing they say is you can't eat this and you can't eat that. my job is to say you can, but with moderation and healthy eat asking not always the best thing in the word. >> what are you cooking for us? >> today i have done about four different items. i'm going to do a salad but we have done black eyed peas with onions, roasted corn, macaroni and cheese. low fat cheese and low fat milk and a wheat pasta as well i can't he knows what he is talking about. >> the vinaigrette? >> the first thing you need three parts to a vinaigrette. one is the mustard, you need
6:49 am
oil,. >> and you are using extra virgin olive oil? >> ev o o. >> and then i have roasted pepper blackberry vinegar. >> check that out. you have two events, we have a graphic for you. victory over diabetes saturday from northeast, so you are going to be there and what are you going to be doing there chefs? >> another cooking demo, showing people how to put the sexy back in healthy eating and showing people you can cook for your husbands and wives. we are going to first design your plate. first we are going to use
6:50 am
25-year-old balsamic reduction. >> just got about ten seconds left. >> look at this. this is beautiful. >> we had the stuff, you add the parsley, cherry tomatoes. >> gorgeous. look at you working. you could be on top chef. >> and you are helping us avoid diabetes. >> and you have it ladies and gentlemen, putting the sexy back in healthy eating. >> coming up we have more on 9news now this morning. keep it here and the chef is going to be back. >> we are
6:51 am
in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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patchy clouds out there. humidity level not too bad. highs upper 80s to near 90. andrea? it is monday, august 13th. here's a check on the news before you go. a live look police tell 9news a car collided with a police cruiser early this morning. the driver of the car was killed. the officer is being treated if minor injuries. one lane in each direction just reopened in the last few minutes. later this morning contractors will beginry moving -- begin removing nearly 60 trees in the area. the removal will take about three weeks. the nationals winning streak is over at eight games. ross detwiler whileler didn't make it out of the fifth inning, he wasn't feeling well. it is 6:54.
6:55 am
time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. one more time according to gq, 71% of men say this is what they look at first when judging another man's appearance. his hair, his smile or his clothes? >> the answer is to the mom's delight their hair. who knew? one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9news now coming up. stay with us.
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and we are looking at a pretty good day today. highs around 90. showers and storms again around 90 and an isolated storm on wednesday. upper 80s, monika? >> we have been talking about a serious and deadly accident all
6:59 am
morning long. route 644 one lane is now getting by in each direction between van dorn street and rose hill. keep that in mind for your travel plans. we want to thank our chef daniel thomas. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> of course we have the saturday event we talked about. monika had the details, i can't thursday at the national academy of public health, we have a lot of screenings and prizes and things like that. also cooking december mose on showing people -- demos, on how to put the sexy back in cooking. more reaction on congressman paul ryan's choice. and howard and i will be back in 25 minutes. >> we'll see you tomorrow at 4:25. bye bye.


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