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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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debut campaigning at the sai state fair. >> as you see the president come through on his bus tour, you might ask him the same question that i'm getting asked from people all around america. that is, where are the jobs, mr. president? >> president obama is on a three-day bus tour in the same state, promising aid to drought ravaged farms and pushing for passage of a comprehensive farm bill. >> i am told that paul ryan might be around iowa the next few days. he is one of the leaders in congress standing in the way. >> joe biden, who congratulated the man he will have to debate in the fall clocked some campaign time in north carolina. >> i truly believe that the american people will reject romney and ryan for attempting to impose to the american people what the republican congress has been preaching. >> while the president hit seven iowa cities in the next three days, governor romney remains in the must-win state of florida. which also happens to be hosting the republican national
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convention later this month. stacey cohen, 9news now. >> the department of agriculture intends to buy $170 million worth of pork, chicken, and cat fish. the government says all of the purchases will go to food banks. a white house official calls it a win/win idea with farmers getting the opportunity to sell more products at a critical time and taxpayers receiving a better price on food that would have been purchased later. the president once saw paul ryan as a man he could work with and mitt romney says his running mate has a unique ability to reach across the aisle. but one of the democrats who knows ryan best blasts him as anything but a compromiser. >> hey, how are you? good to see you. >> maryland congressman, chris. >> i have gotten to know paul ryan pretty well. >> he is the ranking democrat on the house budget committee,
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chaired by paul ryan. >> he knows how to solve problems. >> and he's among the democrats who think that when romney picked ryan, it refocused the presidential race on a house republican budget that will turn off a lot of independent voters. >> there's a distinction between civility and congeniality and willingness to compromise. if you look at the ryan republican budget, it is a totally uncompromising document. >> ryan faced cheers from hecklers and cheers from supporters at the iowa state fair on his first day campaigning solo for vice president. >> president obama isn't making it here from council bluffs because he only knows left turns. >> romney told 60 minutes he picked ryan in part for his ability to reach out to people on his left. >> define people of different parties who are of a common purpose. >> he has yet to see that.
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he says ryan and the republicans refuse to accept even a single budget amendment proposed by committee democrats. >> it is our way or no way. >> the president once told ryan that there were things in his budget he agreed with and things he disagreed with. look for both parties over the next three months to focus on the disagreements. on capitol hill, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> romney also told 60 minutes that the gop is running on his budget plan, not ryan's. >> gabrielle giffords is back home 19 months after she was nearly killed during a mass shooting. her husband, retired astronaut, mark kelly, says the couple moved back to tucson on tuesday. she spent the last year and a half recoverying. she was one of 13 people injured. six others were killed. the gunman, jared lee lautner pled guilty to 19 charges related to that shooting.
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at least three people are dead following a shooting near the campus of texas a and m today. according to police, gunfire erupted when an officer attempted to serve an eviction notice. the location a couple blocks away in college station. the gunman and a law enforcement officer among those killed. a male civilian is dead and two other officer. the shootout prompted a campus wide alert. >> here at home, one man is dead and a police officer is in the hospital after a head on collision this morning. police say the driver of a 2006 infinity was headed westbound on frank franconia road when he veered into a fairfax county cruiser. that vehicle burst into flames. shortly after the accident around 3:00 this morning. >> that car caught on fire. the driver of that car was pronounced dead at the scene. the officer was transported to the hospital. >> we still don't know who the driver actually was. police say it is still unclear
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what caused the driver to go right into the path of the officer. >> we have a warning about our next story. it contains graphic images this may not be appropriate for young children if they are watching. two trucks plastered with graphic photos of aborted fetuses are driving around northern virginia this week. they traveled through springfield and leesburg. >> why would anybody want to drive around a truck displaying pictures of aborted pee fetuses. >> the experience led her to work for reform and antiabortion organization that uses graphic images. but some say the pictures are too disturbing for public display. on our wusa facebook page, amanda ray says she doesn't want her children seeing this. carrie underwood says it is sick, but some abortion
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opponents think the rolling billboard is a good idea. claire gardner say they are showing the truth. it is tough to explain to kids because it is the gruesome murder of an unborn baby. the bus tour is part of a voter education campaign in the swing state. >> we are focusing in four key states, virginia, florida, iowa, and colorado to educate voters about what abortion is. and to raise visibility about this important issue and the election. >> supporters of abortion rights agree that access to abortion needs to be asked of political candidates. but, the head of the women's clinic here in falls church questions the tactics. >> surprises me that you can go ahead and do a donation to this charitable organization, even though they are doing political activity, which is totally against the code. >> fletcher armstrong, the director of the southeast region tells 9news they don't
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support any political candidate and that their voter education campaign is perfectly legal. in springfield, peggy fox, 9news now. >> the cbr plans to have trucks with their graphic displays rolling around northern virginia through this friday. a virginia couple accused of burglary last month facing more charges tonight. police say they linked william griffin and alexandria bergmann to additional burglaries in the heritage hunt community. they were able to identify griffin because he left his wallet behind during a struggle. they are locked up. >> and tonight at 7:00, voters vetoed a new agreement keeps the public out of the conversation over montgomery county's new ambulance fee. stay with us. >> coming up in this half hour, lawmakers up the antiin a proposal to expand gambling in maryland. that story is straight ahead. top. >> it wasn't hot today. it wasn't humid, but we did hit
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90 for the furs time. here are the numbers. 90 and 72 go in the books. by the way, the average high is coming down in august. record high 101. record low 55. code green today, code yellow tomorrow. we'll explain why. plus, alleged corruption at the vatican. those stories and much more just ahead on 9news. i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people
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and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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billy graham remains in the hospital tonight. the 93-year-old is being treated for bronchitis. graham was admitted to the hospital on saturday night. he is listed in stable condition. he was treated for pneumonia. there's no firm date for his discharge, but doctors hope improving health means he can head home soon. pope benedict's former butler was ordered to stand trial for leaking documented connected to corruption in the vatican. he faces aggravated theft charges in the scandal that embarrassed the vet can. for the first time, we are learning a second person has been connected. a computer expert who is accused of helping gabrielle. detailed rivalries between cardinals over the running of the vatican bank. the pope could intervene at any time, but it's unclear whether that will happen. >> coming up on 9news now, a
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new city for women only. we're going to tell you why one country is considering the unusual move. [ male announcer ] the choice on debt...
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mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies, cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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a lot of eyes are on annapolis where a big debate over expanding gambling is underway. armando trull is tracking developments from the state house. >> reporter: i'm armando trull in annapolis where amendments are coming fast and furious as the house of delegates defines its version of a bill. >> the bill is all about what the splits are between the
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licenses and the state. >> i call it a doomsday casino because it's going to destroy economically the gaming industry and the state of maryland. >> delegates from counties where slots operate have been approved want to minimize the losses those counties and venues could suffer if a vegas style casino opens in prince georges county. prince georges delegates are eager to seal the deal. >> we'll hear both side of the debate and for the betterment of the state of maryland. >> give maryland live the state's largest slot operator an extra 5% of a take in compensation. it would also allow it and the other slot venues to add table games and operate 24/7. in annapolis, armando trull, 9news now. >> we have a health alert for older women diagnosed with breast cancer. a new study finds some older women may want radiation after removing a cancerous lump because it can prevent additional surgery later on. the age range of 70 to 79 who
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had lumpectomies. >> the majority of women that they looked at were benefited by radiation. it reduced the need for mastectomies. >> researchers found about 6% of the women who got radiation after having the lumpectomy did not require additional surgery within ten years time. half that number, 3%, still needed a full mastectomy. >> helen gurlly brown is being remembered this evening. the long time editor died today. her book of advice and opinion, sex and single girl, med her a celebrity at age 40. three years later, she was hired to turn around cosmo, which became a huge success. she died in new york. she was 90. >> officials in saudi arabia say they are building a new city for women only. the move is part of an effort to get around islamic law and get more women into the workplace. the government says there is
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space for 50 different businesses that could employ up to 5,000 women at the site in eastern saudi arabia. if the experiment works, leaders say they will try to replicate it. the remaining american olympic athletes are headed home from london with a will the of gold in their hands. team u.s.a. captured 104 medals. the athletes snapped photos and left thoughts of the o pledges at a memory tree. the olympic park was transformed into a cultural hub. in what will be called queen elizabeth's olympic park. this is national left hander's day. the left hander's club is encouraging them to rearrange their homes and prohibit the use of right hands. by the way, there have been eight left-handed president's. president barack obama is the
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most recent. >> no kidding? >> lefties get left out sometimes. everything is kind of tailored to the right-handed. >> and everybody trying to -- >> right, i know. although you feel right and bat left, that's good for baseball. >> that's true. my daughter is left-handed. i'm confessed. i'm left in some, right in others. >> a gorgeous day. it was not humid and a quiet, in terms of the radar. it's going to change by this time tomorrow. a live look outside. looking now from our tower down southwestward. down wisconsin avenue. and we're looking at a few clouds. 88 now. dew points are in the 50s. that is fantastic. pressure up a little bit. 29.95 inches of mercury and winds south at 7. we are looking at a nice evening. we do turn our attention to the west, back in eastern kentucky, and parts of the deep south. a little boundary that will
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roll through here and try to get close tomorrow. that will give us a chance for showers and storms. as i looked at new data. the atmosphere is unstable, i think we'll see some heavy thunderstorms at the very least and quite possibly, some severe storms. right now, partly cloudy skies. radar is quiet, a nice evening. in fact, temperatures reflect that. 84 in bethesda. 83 in fairfax. this is pretty nice, really. 86 in springfield. 86 in college park. and 85 over in bowie. so the headlines go like this. more storms tuesday. comfortable tonight. almost hot tomorrow. afternoon, evening storms on tuesday. some heavy, and some could be severe. the threats will be hail and strong, gusty winds from these storms. that's the main threat for these storms. tonight, no worries, partly cloudy, mild, open the windows. 66 to 74. winds out of the southwest at 10. inside the beltway,
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comfortable. low to mid 70s. 74 in arlington. 73 downtown. to north and west, 68 in rockville. 67 in gaithersburg. 68 in bowie. 68 in reston and fairfax, but 66 out toward leesburg and also manassas. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm. 70s and 80s. should be a dry commute. we can't rule out an isolated shower, but the main event is going to be in the afternoon. partly sunny, almost hot. scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90. next three days, we'll go code yellow tomorrow because of the big storms. 88. we'll go green on wednesday, an isolated storm. 88. and green on thursday, just an isolated storm, 90. nothing to worry about right now on wednesday and thursday. ne seven days, friday we will heat up a little bit. back in the low 90s. stronger cold front comes through friday night. that's actually good. that will give us storms friday night. but it will set the stage for a very nice weekend. saturday and sunday, we should be in the mid 80s for highs.
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in the 60s for lows and these are downtown temperatures and monday even nice. mid 80s, but maybe a sprinkle. >> just really okay. >> yeah, really. no problem. >> you didn't say 95, 98? >> potential for severe weather. >> well, dave is out. talking big name football player. >> rg3? what's going on, dave? >> some dude named rg3, i'll tell you what. he spoke to the media today. he heard all of the rave reviews, now he is ready to get to work talking about his continuing education as he gets set for chicago and tiger woods, a surprising admission. stick around, all that coming up next.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. the best sports in town. >> today the final two-a-day practice out at redskins park. for that, i am really thankful. tomorrow they'll get into their regular season routine and do just one practice a day. rg3, though, getting ready for another go round. chicago coming up on saturday. today looking pretty good during the early team drills. he threw a bullet down the middle between multiple defenders. one of his better throws. he is hoping to build off his solid start. he understands it was one preseason game, but it was a
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good start. >> the experience in the buffalo game kind of reassured myself, reassured everybody else. you know, why they brought me here, reassured me this is still football and it's still the game that we love and love to play. so if you trust your preparation, now that you can't be stopped, but you'll feel confident when you go out on the field and we felt confident out there. >> we know the skins are banged up on the offensive line. they got some help today signing chris campbell. that's him number 72 in white. campbell spent his time on the practice squad. chad johnson has been bounced out of miami. he was arrested over the weekend on charges of domestic assault after allegedly head butting his wife. now johnson had an offyear in new england. but he was sitting atop the depth charts in miami. let's switch gears and talk golf now. analysts wonder what is going on with tiger woods?
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it's a good question. winless in majors since 2008 and some are starting to hint that it might be up here. it might be the mental thing. it's a good argument. tiger was in contention after the first two rounds and three of four majors this season and then went in the tank. he shot a combined plus 15 over the weekend in majors. hard to imagine. after the tournament on sunday, tiger candidly said, his head wasn't in it. >> yesterday, i think i came out with the wrong attitude. i was too relaxed, trying to enjoy it and that's not how i play. i play, you know how i am. i'm pretty intense and i wasn't that way and it cost me. >> wow. all right, geo gonzalez will try to keep them on track. washington had their eight-game winning streak snapped. they own the best record by two games over cincinnati.
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guys, before i send it back to you, a couple quick injury notes. he didn't do team drills. he has that sore foot. roy, the runningback, has tendonitis. he's going to have an mri. for now, back to you in the studio. >> let's hope everybody stays healthy. >> that would be really nice. >> please. make sure that happens. >> here's a look at the seven- day. we're going to go code yellow because of the potential of big thunderstorms. the main threat, hail, and strong gusty winds. code green wednesday and thursday. right now, hot on friday, but then very nice over the upcoming weekend. mid 80s and mid 60s. >> we're going to enjoy that. >> exactly. >> all right. that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next. >> at 7:00, derek is here with our area's only local newscast. and don't forget to join mike and monica tomorrow morning. >> have a great night, everybody.
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