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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  August 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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former county executive jack johnson is gone. he opposed gambling to keep the county's powerful religious constituency on his side. now jackson is in jail and baker is a gambling supporter. number three, the voters like it. a statewide referendum that approved slots in maryland, a majority of prince george's county voters were in favor even though their leaders at the time were not. number two, the competition got tougher. neighbors in west virginia, pennsylvania and delaware have all gone for vegas style table games like roulette and blackjack while maryland is left behind with just slots. number one, governor martin o'malley. the gambling issue was used to hold the state budget hostage in the legislature, an embearsing meltdown -- embarrassing meltdown for a governor aspiring higher office. he has vowed never again.
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there you have it the top five reasons things have changed. if this thing does move through the legislature and the voters approve it in a statewide referendum in november, there could be a vegas style casino up on that hill now occupied by cirque du soleil overlooking national harbor by 2016. at national harbor, scott broom, 9news now. in prince george's county right now, police are looking for a missing 12-year-old girl. she was last seen yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon at 4900 mckinley street in temple hills. she was wearing a black t- shirt, blue jeans, shorts and black shoes. they also answered to the name kisha. you're asked to call prince george's county police department at 301-868-8773. fighting in afghanistan has taken the life of a northern
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virginia man. sergeant ryan jeschke died. he was a special operations battalion out of camp pendleton, california. a young woman is dead after a fire in her prince george's county apartment. firefighters were called to the complex at 6321 landover road in cheverly yesterday afternoon. someone made the call hearing the smoke alarm. the 21-year-old woman was found unconscious. she was rushed to the hospital with burns and died there. the name of the victim has not been released. residents living in three other amounts were displaced. a police officer is recovering after a crash on franconia road. we told you about this deadly crash yesterday morning. police say the driver of an infinity veered into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into the officer's cruiser and burst into flames. police say the driver of the infinity was killed instantly. the officer was able to call for help.
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investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what led to this accident. 4:32 now. montgomery county police are hoping the sketch of an alleged rapist looks familiar to someone. police released this composite sketch, a 21-year-old man says a man fitting this description was armed with a knife last month when he sexually assaulted her at the lake at green farm conservation park in gaithersburg. the suspect is described as an hispanic male between 5'5" and 5'7" weighing between 130 and 150 pounds. if you have any information, please call police. one year ago warren weinstein of rockville, maryland was abducted in pakistan. since then his wife has been pleading for her husband's safe return. the 71-year-old aide worker was kidnapped by gunman from his home last august. ing a could i d.a. released a video -- al qaeda released a video of him in may threatening his life but no news since then. volunteer fire and rescue
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association originally opposed and now are backing off a position for fees. if you have insurance, your provider will get the bee. for not, you will be billed. the money will go they say to fire and rescue improvements and resources. the new fees start january 1. two years ago when this proposal came up in a referendum, it was struck down. farmers suffering because of the drought will get government aid. the department of agriculture says it plans on buying $170 million worth of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish. the government says the purchases will go to food nutrition assistance programs like food banks. a white house official calls it a win-win idea with farmers receiving the opportunity to sell more of their products at a critical time and taxpayers receiving a better price on food that would have been purchased later.
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he repeatedly says i am not running for president. well, new jersey governor chris newkumetty however will get the -- chris krissy however will get the keynote address. mitt romney and president obama continue to try to leave their mark on 11 states identified as swing states. drew levinson reports on the seven on their two-day list. >> reporter: president obama tried to cool off with a snow cone while campaigning in iowa. >> this is outstanding right here. >> reporter: the persistent heat has caused a drought there. and the president told voters he could help. but he says paul ryan and his fellow republicans in the house are holding up his farm bill. >> if you happen to see congressman ryan, tell him how important this farm bill is to iowa and our rural communities. >> reporter: ryan is also in iowa. the new vice presidential candidate got his first taste of poll sicks when he got heckled. a new "u.s.a. today" gallop poll shows not
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everyone is thrilled with the choice. 31% say the selection was excellent or pretty good. 45% rate it as only fair or poor. 16% have no opinion. iowa is one of the swing states that will decide this election. and like president obama, mitt romney, too, is touring those states on a bus. he'll be in ohio today where he's sure to talk more about the economy like he did on monday. >> i think it's immoral to cut our kids' future. >> reporter: even the first the first lady is trying to win over voters. during an appearance on the tonight show, she told jay leno the president's health reform is what she's most proud of during his first term. drew levinson, cbs news, washington. >> looking at that "u.s.a. today" gallop poll, it shows paul ryan's numbers are the
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worst for a new vice president since dan quail back in 1988. it is 4:37. here's a look at some of the other stories making news now this morning. a gunmen and two other people are dead after a shootout not far from texas a&m university. the gunman was being served an eviction notice when somebody opened fire from inside the home shooting the officer. a second man was also killed. two others injured. the shooting happened just a few blocks away from the campus at texas a&m which is in college station. representative jesse jackson, jr. is being treated for bipolar. he took a hush leave of absence two months ago only to say he was being treated for a mood disorder. he is responding well to treatment and regaining his strength. the republican run house wants to -- wants the federal government to force attorney general eric holder to hand over the records related to that botched fast and furious operation. house oversight government
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reform committee led by republican representative daryl issa of california has filed a civil concept of congress lawsuit against holder. the suit wants the court to reject a claim by president obama asserting executive privilege. in june holder was held in civil and criminal contempt. investigators are trying to figure out how a man was able to make it past the multimillion dollar security system at new york's j.f.k. airport. investigators say daniel casio was riding his jet ski with frenchedzs when he ran out of gas. he scaled an 8-foot barbed wire fence and he walked across a runway past security cameras and motion detectors without anyone noticing. he was arrested and charged with criminal trespass. >> wow. an elderly australian man drove the wrong way down a street for nearly eight miles and apparently there was plenty of traffic. he's in his 80s. he has since had his license
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taken away. his lawyer says this was his client's first driving offense in 30 years. he says the man was suffering some sort of health issues. in the market for a new tablet? one company is cutting its price. jessica will have details in your money at 4:42. a former komen executive has a new career. we'll have that story coming up at 4:51. keep it here.
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4:41 on this tuesday morning. we've got some wet weather moving in. it's raining west and southwest of town. going to mess up our morning commute more than likely. another chance for some showers and storms later today as well. some of those could be on the strong side this afternoon with highs inching up into the upper 80s. i'll have the seven-day forecast for you coming up in five. here's monika with timesaver
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traffic. we're going to take a live look at the 14th street bridge heading into downtown. everything is moving smotly along -- smoothly along 395. want to let you know about a traffic shift on kenilworth over the beltway. you want to slow down in that work zone. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:47. 4:42. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> here's the lovely jessica doyle. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. i'm sad to say it's over. it's over, people. losses on wall street have broken the s&p 500's longest winning streak since september 2010. a long time. it had been up for six days in a row but new evidence of a global slowdown in asia led to losses around the world. the dow stands this morning above 13,000, 13,169. nasdaq rose by a point and a half and the s&p 500 was down by about a point and a half. google is cutting about 4,000 jobs at its motorola
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unit. this comes just after three months after buying the struggling cell phone pioneer. motorola cells have been plummeting for the last three years. these cuts equal to about 20% of the company's work force. it signals that google doesn't send to drag motorola along as a money losing venture. most of the job cuts will happen outside of the u.s. barnes and noble dropping the price of its nook tablet. it's reducing the 8 gig version by 20 bucks to $179. this makes the nook cheaper than the rival the extendle fire -- kindle fire sold by amazon. a new line of kindles will be coming out. meantime mercedes-benz is recalling the all season accessory floor mats for its 2012 and 2013ml vehicles. a problem with these mats can actually cause your gas pedal to get stuck. if you have these mats in the 2012 or 2013 ml vehicle, you
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want to remove them and her day disease benz is saying -- and mercedes-benz says they'll replace them with new ones. >> seems like you could put velcro on them. >> the latest version. are we fatter or are we thinner? we are going to tell you where the obesity rates are bigger and smaller and we'll include d.c. >> howard will have your weather forecast. you'll need rain gear. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news, 4:46. we had a couple of nice days but now soggy wet gler some showers moving -- weather. >> some showers moving in. there is a threat we could get some strong thunderstorms later today. lots going on for this tuesday. it will require some patience
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on the roads. first, we start with the day planner this tuesday morning. go have some showers around now. a lot of that is going to be moving away from us, even by 9:00 i believe. so maybe something isolated here through midday as well. 85 by noon. then a chance under partly to mostly cloudy skies of seeing stronger thunderstorms late this afternoon with a high in the upper 80s. maybe near 90. but the thunderstorm threat with us right through the evening showers as well. you can see the moisture that's moved in here during the overnight period. that has been moving in from west to east. everything moving from south to north. going to switch it over to live doppler 9000hd and get the clicker for that. you'll see the rain that we're definitely looking at here. some of it is on the moderate side. even heavier showers off to our south and west. want to zoom in and show you on the east side of town, it's all quiet. some light sprinkles in montgomery county. but up in frederick county and washington county, we've been watching some heavier showers. a little bit of lightning with
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this. up north smithsburg, this is tracking into pennsylvania. also notice caroll county. heavier sewers west of myersville -- showers west of myersville. let's take you to fauquier county, western spotsylvania toward goldvein. this is lifting to prince william. you guys in another 20, 30 minutes, the rains are really going to pick up. we might get a little bit of lightning out of that. right now not seeing anything on the lightning detectors. in the shenandoah valley still. some moderate showers. temps range in the upper 60s to the west no the northern then down ya valleys to the upper 70s in on -- northern then down ya valleys to the up err 70s -- upper 70s near town. the muggies are back in a big way after enjoying a nice break here for the last couple. here's the bigger picture. we've got one batch of rain showers this morning. there's a lot of energy still out to the west.
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that's going to come through for the afternoon and even the evening hours. so we can't rule out not just a morning shower around here but the threat will be for some afternoon showers. see how quickly by noon most of that morning activity is in eastern pennsylvania sort of falling apart. then this afternoon we'll pop some scattered showers and storms. get a little heating. the energy is there. some of these could be strong to severe with us for the first part of the evening. quieter overnight and then we're going to pop a few more showers and storms tomorrow afternoon as well. i don't think it will be as widespread tomorrow afternoon. as we look at the forecast, we've got the yellow alert for the scattered storms. some of them could be heavy or locally severe this afternoon. 89. tonight back in the low 70s in town. upper 60s north and west. i'm thinking isolated storms tomorrow so code green. if it looks like it's going to be more tomorrow, maybe a yellow day, 88. thursday looks like a good day, sunny and hot, not too humid, around 90. the hottest day we'll see will be friday, 94. could be some storms late
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friday if not friday night. then a big change over the weekend. saturday unsettled, 83. sunday 84. monday could be a late storm 84. so we like those temperatures. 4:49. monika, rain is moving in. if you get an early start, it's a good idea. if you are headed out the door right now, you may hit some construction zones and one of them on the inbound side of i- 66 between nutley street and the beltway had only one lane getting by. an accident occurred in the construction zone. it was just moved to the shoulder before the beltway so just be aware of that. it may squeeze things even a little more now until they clear that up at 5:00 this morning. so keep that in mind for your travel plans. on the inbound side of i-66 there in very enna. let's take a live look -- in vienna. let's take a live look outside. looks like everything is okay here as you head for 495. this time we'll head over to the north side of town. southbound 270, the lanes are open out of frederick into clarksburg and the point where the lanes divide.
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no issues to report on 355 or great seneca highway. we'll end with a live look on 270 at old georgetown road. both directions look great here in bethesda. i'll be back with more traffic at 4:555. more concerns over listeria mean another recall. this time birch farms is recalling honey due melons. they were sold -- dew melons. they were sold across the country. listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infexes. since there's no label on the money due melons to let you know -- dew melons to let you know whether it should be thrown out, you have to call the store to see if it's part of the recall. there's a new test that could quickly detect whether or not a person is having a heart attack. swiss researchers say they have now developed an algorithm that computes the results of tests quickly to determine if the patient is having a heart attack. 77% of patients were able to be diagnosed quickly. others still needed further
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objection. more study -- further observation. further research is needed. 2011 state-by-state obesity data was released. the south has the highest number of people who are too heavy. mississippi has the highest obesity rate in the country with 34.9% who are 30 pounds or heavier. colorado has the lowest rate. the district also has a low obesity rate. 22.7%. virginia was 14th heaviest. maryland was 22nd heaviest. the cdc says overall obesity remains high and the results show more needs to be done to make healthier options available for everyone when it comes to eating. the former susan g. komen executive at the heart of the organization's decision to cut funding to planned parenthood which impacted regular breast screenings is releasing a book. karen handle resigned from her
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position in february after the funding controversy. now howard books says it's releasing her book called "planned bullihood." it comes out september 11. the woman who changed the face of comes poll ton gag -- comes pal tan magazine has died. helen gurley brown. for 32 years she was at the helm of the successful publication and its racy headlines. she advocated feminism, powerful women and women's sexual freedom. she died after a brief illness. she was 90. the first quintuplets born in the u.s. this year are from dallas. carrie and gavin jones wanted to give their son a brother or sister. the little boy didn't just get one. he got five siblings. now he's a big brother to three boys and two boys.
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-- three boys and two girls. the babies were born at 27 weeks. they're receiving round the clock hospital care and so far so good. it is 4:54. time to take our first look at the question of the morning. according to a harris poll, 50% of people admit to watching these types of shows very often. is it a, cartoons, b, cooking shows, or c, shows about zombies. >> log on to our facebook fan page. share what you think. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. as we head to break, you're looking at a live picture of national harbor in prince george's county. >> that's the area where the proposed prince george's county casino would be built if the measure makes it all the way through the legislative process. >> at 5:00 a.m., kristin fisher will be live there with all the details on that. we'll be right back.
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be ready for some wet weather at times today. not all day rain but we have a batch of showers this morning. we'll have consume more this afternoon -- we'll have a couple more this afternoon. this afternoon they could be on the strong to severe side. highs near 90. if you're planning to head on the inbound side of i-66, the work zone is in its clearing stages between nutley street and the beltway. inbound 66 and an earlier accident moved to the shoulder. i'll be back with more traffic in just a couple minutes. back to you guys. nasa scientists who successfully landed the curiosity rover on mars got a call from the president yesterday. in a phone conference with the president and the team, he congratulated them and even joked about possibly copying a certain member's hairstyle. >> you know, i have thought about getting a mohawk myself.
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my -- it does sound like nasa has come a long way from the dark shirt, dark rimmed glasses. >> a lot of the comedians joked all those guys look like they're from best buy. the president added he's already been asked about martians and he wants nasa to let him know if they see anything. the rover has been on mars just over a week's name now. ocean city, maryland will be the site of a new movie. an independent film will begin shooting there next more. it stars susan sarandon and john hanna. the movie takes place during the 1980s and is based on actually's annual vacations. production could lead to the hiring of 90 local crew members or renting of goods and sfs from about 1 -- services from about 140 maryland businesses. going back to mars rover, the guy responsible for the precision landing of curiosity on mars, a high school dropout.
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>> yes, and then he found himself. >> found himself, went back. amazing story. unbelievable story. >> if you want to see it, that story is on >> i heard him talking on npr. so funny. really great. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. curious? tuning us in? good morning. i'm andrea roane. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani will have your traffic. howard bernstein has some wet weather. >> yes, it may slow you down on the morning commute. throughout the day we may have a couple of showers or thunderstorm or two. this afternoon some of the storms could be on the strong side. yeah, unsettled and active. a couple of good adjectives for today. your day planner this tuesday morning. quite dark for another 80 minutes or so. is it 6:21 on the sunrise? just after 8:00 on the sunset. by noon 85. by then we'll have a lot less activity. we'll see a lot of


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