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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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winds, isolated tornadoes, secure loose objects now, you have time in the immediate metro area. we'll come back, we'll update warnings for you and talk about what in terms the storms are going to do when they roll through later on tonight. >> thanks, topper. the story of young women who walked into an atlanta police department and allegedly scammed dozens of officers out of their personal information. sounds like a movie script. it could have happened here as well. our sources say those same two women charged in the identity theft scheme that targeted atlanta police and firefighters recently met with arlington county police officers as well. peggy fox has the story. >> police warn us about scams, but what happens when police themselves are scammed? >> anybody can be fooled. this is a good example. >> donetta underwood have been charged with multiple counts of identity theft and racketeering in atlanta. they allegedly posed as aflac
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representatives, and obtained personal information from 39 city employees, including police officers. but they didn't fool lieutenant, gary harper. >> female that i spoke with, she had on some tight clothing and it doesn't fit the norm of someone trying to did business. >> dressed in the same manner, at least one of those women recently gave a presentation to arlington county police. 9news now obtained this memo sent out yesterday. in it, lieutenant david jerow tells the staff that atlanta detectives learned the same suspects had been in their department and had possibly sold insurance to officers here. the e-mail said it seems that some officers gave these suspects personal information. the e-mail encourages everyone to check their accounts. the arlington police officer who gave us the me memo said fellow officers are furious. he said quote, the department let those people in and represented them as legitimate. they were scam artists.
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our people were set up and the department is liable. but arlington county police public information officer, dustin sternbeck says no one here was scammed. >> declined to do an interview and said they have confirmed the two women arrested in atlanta actually work for aflac and atlanta jumped the gun. but a sergeant in the atlanta police department says they didn't jump the gun and don't think the women work for aflac and put them in jail. in arlington county, peggy fox, 9news now. >> a little bit of confusion here. we contacted aflac, which confirmed the women arrested were not their representiat run airports and oversees its biggest construction project is coming under fire. local leaders are demanding some dramatic changes after reports of sweetheart deals and lavish trips by members of the metropolitan airport authority. bruce leshan brings us more from dulles. >> the airport board is
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running dulles and reagan national. and it is accused of all kinds of questionable deals. expensive overseas trips, no bid contracts, nepotism, now the secretary of transportation and all the region's leaders have fired off a letter to the board saying they are gravely concerned and outraged about the lack of accountability, the letter demands the board terminate no bid contracts with former employees. terminate former board members who have gotten jobs at the airport. the airport board responded with an e-mail to the media saying that it has already implemented many of these changes. >> those are easily fixed thing. they should have been done a long time ago. >> members of congress are already moving forward with changes to the law that created the board. >> this has nothing to do with republican and democratic. ethics and morality.
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it's making sure people are not traveling to worldwide places, charging liquor bills. >> charge or we will all be stuck with the bill. at dulles, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> a judge is denying a request to delay the sentencing of former uva lacrosse player, george huguely. huguely was convicted of second- degree murder. attorneys for the man had sought to delay his august 30 sentencing until october. and yet another development, attorneys are set to ask for a new trial. they claim the prosecution aired by not telling them that love's mother was planning to sue huguely. >> don't bet on it, at least not yet. negotiations to expand gambling in maryland look like they are back underway again after they hit a roadblock earlier in the day. scott broom is outside the state house in annapolis with the very latest. okay. what is going on, scott. >> right now, there's serious
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debate underway to amend this bill all kinds of ways. all kinds of special interests trying to get on board. here's one of the amendments that just passed. it will allow slot machines into vfw and american legion halls all around maryland. an unexpected further expansion of gambling, but that is the price that leaders are going to get what they want, which is a vegas style casino, preferably at national harbor. live table games, and a big tax break for the owners of the five other casinos to compensate them for all the new competition for prince georges. the deal is projected to bring hundreds of millions more, and create thousands of new jobs, but as you can see from the debate going on right now, the outcome is by no means a done deal. one thing that is a lot closer to being a done deal is that pit bull bill that you may have heard about, the house just
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voted on that bill. they have passed it through. the bill makes dog owners liable for the bites and attacks. their dogs apply to all breeds, whether it's a pit bull. that one has passed. the gambling debate continues to rage and is likely to rage up close to midnight tonight. reporting live at the state house, scott broom, 9news now. >> lots coming in in the 11th hour, thanks, scott. >> from one long journey to another. this is the campaign trail in the race for president. president obama and republican challenger, mitt romney, made their pitches to voters in important swing states. each one attacked each other's energy plan. president obama criticized romney for opposing tax breaks for renewable energy. in ohio, the governor accused the president of standing in the way of coal mining jobs. >> and let's keep on investing in the new home grown energy that is creating jobs right
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here in iowa. >> according to cbs news, president obama currently holds a slim advantage in eight of ten key battleground states. >> new jersey governor, chris cristie, has been tapped to deliver the keynote address at the republican national convention. members of the gop will gather in tampa, florida, later this month to officially nominate mitt romney for president. cristie did consider his own bid for the presidency, but after less than three years, could signal his future as a national star in his party. >> and coming up tonight at 7:00, fire fight. prince georges county takes action after issues between career and volunteer firefighters. create some serious problems at one fire station. the story at 9news now at 7:00. >> see you then, derek. still ahead right now on 9news, busted after a 9 wants you to know investigation, a china based website linked to fake id's over here is shut down. details ahead. >> plus, we'll tell you about the birth of a rare litter of
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sand kittens. those stories and more are just ahead.
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a wild fire is burning out of control in washington state. dozens of homes have been destroyed as the flames spread
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in a rural area outside of seattle. safety officials are telling people in the fire's path to get out of the way. helicopters are fighting the flames from the air, but there is no prediction when the wild fire will be under control. it is one of several fires that are burning now in the northwest. interstate 81 is open again following a collision between a bus and a tractor trailer near harrisburg, virginia. the 18 wheeler hit the passenger bus around 4:00 a.m. whilchanging lanes. seven people were hurt, six on the bus, and the bus driver. police say the bus was traveling from tennessee to new york city. the 29-year-old driver of the tractor trailer is from stanton, virginia, and charged with reckless driving. a zoo is displaying its recent success. four rare sand kittens born three weeks ago. zoo workers say they were stunned by the births of the cats considered extinct in israel. there were concerns mom couldn't carry all those kittens, but everything has turned out so far.
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sand cats mainly exist in the deserts of asia and africa and they are the only species of feline to live in a desert environment. >> they sure are cute. after nearly 40 years, what the price is right is now looking for in its next model. you might be surprised. we'll have that story when we return. you're watching 9news now at 6:00. >> for luxury cars, the new type of crash test raises serious questions about some models. we'll show you the result tonight on the cbs evening news.
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nchts we have a major development to report tonight on a story we first brought you last may. the china based website, id chief arguably the most popular fake id website has been shut down. andrea mccarren has more from capitol hill. >> i'm andrea mccarren on capitol hill where four u.s. senators sent a letter to china's ambassador asking that country to take immediate action against the fake id website known as id chief. >> their federal police are hard handed. and wouldn't take lightly being internationally embarrassed by this letter. >> a bizarre note remains posted on id chief's website, urging customers only to use their existing fake id's for buying beer in movies. the business goes on to explain it was only trying to help students have some fun. >> they were making $20 to $40
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a year. this is a big, big business. >> the wildly popular china based id chief has been producing fake id's that are so sophisticated they can pass through scanners designed to detect fraudulent cards and prevent minors from buying alcohol. >> they found 12 and 14-year- olds having successful in using products to buy liquor as liquor stores. >> andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> not only was there congressional concern about minors using the fake id's, also fear they could get into domestic and international terrorists. an iowa man's drunk driving arrest caught our attention. justin clark's blood alcohol level was a whopping .627. nearly eight times over the legal limit. police in north liberty say he was so intoxicated he couldn't get out of his car or walk without assistance. when he was asked what day it
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was, he answered 3, now it's 4. okay. >> come on down, the game show, the price is right, is looking for its first male model. for nearly 40 years, the prizes have almost always been displayed by women, but it will feature a male model. a casting call will be shown. verbal skills posing and the ability to showcase a product. then there's this guy, tim tebow. he is the cover boy on the new gentleman quarterly and today is tebow's 25th birthday. the magazine features a shirtless photograph of the new york jet quarterback. the photo was actually taken during tebow's days at florida university. starting jet quarterback, mark sanchez, was the gq cover boy exactly a year ago and i should correct myself in saying university of florida. that is where tim tebow went to school. >> lovely picture. >> may not be good luck though. because sanchez is not the
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quarterback anymore. he probably will end up the quarterback. >> all right, we have good news. no severe thunderstorm warnings for the time being. we have a flash flood warning in rockingham county until 7:45. we are still looking at the potential for thunderstorms. all right, let's start with live doppler 9,000. we're looking at a pretty clean sweep around the immediate metro area. we showed you this earlier. looks more intense. it is falling apart, but light rain headed toward damascus and moving away from clarksburg and away from 270. we'll go down to where the real action is south and west of town and some heavy activity west of new market. you're going to see that flood warning extended. another storm is going to roll in. where are these storms going to roll in the next hour? for the most part, these roll eastward, these storms go northeast ward toward romney. so again, most of the activity
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will be west of town, but we are going to keep the chance of thunderstorms in the immediate metro area until about, you know, 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. live look outside, it's our live weather cam and it is brought to you by michael and son. we hit 90 today. 85 right now. 71. the dew point popped up there. that's not good. it shows it's humid and the atmosphere is more moist and perhaps a little more unstable. temperature wise, 84 bethesda. 86 college park. 84 in bowie. the temperatures are nice. 87 in vienna. 83 out toward reston. so, we're looking at the pow ten potential storms. threats, hail, damaging wind. and maybe an isolated tornado. less and less concerned about that. especially west and north of town. secure your loose objects, though. go ahead and put your umbrellas down and get the small tables inside. tonight, thunderstorms, some heavy or severe. mostly cloudy, mild. low 68 to 74. winds out of the southeast at
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10. a little muggy inside the beltway. low to mid 70s there. a sprinkling of 60s, but not as comfortable as last night. 69 in sterling, but 72 in college park and 74 downtown. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm, maybe a late shower. the morning commute should be dry. 70s and 80s. notice the winds turn north, northwest at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. just an isolated thunderstorm. but those that develop could still be hefty. high temperatures in the upper 80s. winds westerly at 10. so, we'll break it down for you. 68 to 74 to start. left over clouds. by noon, just warm. 82 to 86. and then by evening, isolated storm, 85 to 89. next three days, we'll keep tomorrow code yellow because of isolated storms. hot, but not humid. 90. hot on friday, late storms. some could be hefty. temperatures back into the low 90s. the weekend, front goes through us, we are in good shape on saturday. back in the mid 80s.
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on sunday, i had to put showers in. we're still in a good range in terms of temperatures. mid 80s and lows in the 60s. nice on monday and tuesday. some of the cooler air we have seen in a while. got to keep some showers on sunday. >> have to. >> okay, all right. >> it's the dreaded i word. no. >> too early for this. come on. >> you can't avoid it and the redskins have been lucky, but not today. bittersweet day at redskins training camp. let's get to the good news first, camp is officially done. the bad news is the team loses a player for the year after he injures his knee. that's not good. also heat related injuries out there, too, and i have some statistical data to prove how remarkable the nats are, next.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. the best sports in town. >> people often ask me, dave, how remarkable is the nats turn around? just like that. i answer them, the turn around is remarkable because they are 16 games better than they were a year ago. 23 -- and a 32 game improvement over 2009. that a good enough answer? i think so. all right, their latest conquest may have been their most impressive of the year. after you went to bed, they tore san francisco to shreds.
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every nats starter drove in a run. this was supposed to be a showdown between divisional winners. >> a little different, you know, i ain't going to lie, but it's a nice feeling. i'm excited to be a part of this team and excited to be a part of this special thing we have going on. >> all right, last night's win, the nats are 20-42 on the road. geo won his 15th game of the season last night. that ties a nationals franchise record. all this talk about nats lack of offense, forget about it. they scored the most runs on any team. 107. wow. well the final official day of training camp, which simply means no more two-a-day practices. it also means real games aren't that far away. a scary sight today, leanard hankerson got carted off the field. the good news is, it was only heat related. he is going to be okay. that's the good news.
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also, josh morgan is coming to the heat as well. the d.c. native expected to return to action soon. meanwhile, the players relishing the fact no more two- a-days and they can see their families. players and coaches took extra time signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. there is brian with those fans. barry and mr. aracpo giving us a recap of the dawg days of summer. >> i think we have practices 99% of the time. he will let us know, but for the most part, he was happy. >> i think they have been working together as one. make sure we have a good season. >> chris will not have a good season and he won't have any season at all. the nose guard injured his knee yesterday in practice. mike shanahan told reporters after practice today, it is the dreaded acl. too bad for him. professional at professional athletes like to hang out with
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one another. from anondale, virginia. certainly knows football, but he halls always been a fan of redskins football. he loves rg3. >> it's been a while since the city has had this much faith in the quarterback and you know, the positive energy and vibe that we got right now is looking good for this season. >> finally, a cool story here. you remember steven who is coming back to american university. local fans will remember he was the eagles leading rebounder two years ago. took a year off to try professional baseball. it didn't work out, so he's back to play basketball. he said quote, being away for a year made me realize how much i miss basketball. so good for him. he's a god player. >> and it's a good thing he has the option. >> you can do that. >> fantastic. >> all right, no warnings, but we're going to watch it for you at 7:00. we're under the risk for severe weather. >> and that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back at 7:00 with
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your area's only local news. good night. [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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