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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the afternoon may feature some showers and storms. could be early afternoon in cumberland. got a pretty sky over tysons corner looking to the east this morning with just a few high clouds. in a couple of minutes, go to facebook and twitter. i just saw it. gorgeous picture from the national park service web cam over d.c. temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 80s this afternoon. but we also have a threat for some afternoon thunderstorms. so a yellow alert day today. some of those storms are going to be on the strong to severe side. like yesterday evening, had a couple of severe ones. those are now in new england. a disturbance coming out of ohio, kentucky and tennessee. we'll throw a few clouds out this morning and a threat for storms this afternoon. temps low to mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. cumberland 64. we're 74 going up into the 80s. 6:00 a.m., monika samtani, tell us about the commute. it's mott so great unfortunately -- it's not so great unfortunately. >> then don't tell us about it. >> i have to tell you everything. if you're planning to head over on to metro, the orange line is single tracking between foggy bottom and childrennen don. watch -- and childrennen don.
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watch -- clarendon. watch out for delays. before you get to the beltway in springfield, some major delays. i'll show what you it looks like from our sky 9. you can see traffic is just squeezing by the accident scene with equipment and cones and flares set up on the northbound side of i-95. let's take a look now from our camera showing the delay. you want to give yourself extra time to deal with it. in maryland things looking good. college bark to bethesda, no -- park to bethesda, no issued to report on 270. more at 6:11. back to you. maryland lawmakers approved expanding gambling in the state and it could mean a full-scale casino in prince george's county. >> but it's not a done deal
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just yet. kristin fisher is live with developments that are new this morning. that's one of the places where that casino could be going, at national harbor. >> reporter: the house of delegates didn't vote till just before midnight. the senate voted around 1:00 this morning. now governor martin o'malley is expected to sign this bill around 10:00 this morning. here's a look at what this bill would do if it is approved by voters this november. the bill would essentially green light a sixth casino to be built probably right here at national harbor. it would allow table games with live dealers at all state casinos and it would cut tax rates on slots at all currently open casinos and planned casinos except for the one at rocky gap. the last provision is designed to offset the economic impact that the future sixth casino could potentially have, the one that will likely be built here at national harbor. prince george's county executive and the delegates
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that voted for the bill believe this could bring in some very big business for prince george's county. >> this is big legislation. we're talking about providing economic development for prince george's county and for the washington, d.c. region. we have 40 million visitors annually come to the d.c. area. it's about capturing some of that in a resort style gaming facility that could create 4,000 jobs under one roof. >> reporter: that is delegate justin rock, a delegate from prince george's county. he voted for the bill. but six other democratic delegates from thiscounty voted against it, essentially voted against this casino coming here to national harbor. i'll let you know who those delegates are coming up at 6:30. >> we'll see you then. kristin fisher live at national harbor this morning. expanded gambling is just one of four of big ballot issues marylanders will vote on this november. the one getting the national attention is the same-sex marriage issue. voters will decide whether it's
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legalized beginning january 1. there will be a vote on the so- called dream act as well. it would give in state tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants who went to maryland high schools and whose parents paid their taxes. and voters will decide whether or thought to approve a congressional redistricting map as well. that was passed by state lawmakers last october. two women are accused of running an identity scam on police in atlanta, georgia. sources tell 9 news they tried to do the same thing on arlington county police. the two women are accused of posing as aflec insurance rengttives and -- representatives and offering benefits to police officers. they were charged in atlanta. the women met with arlington officers and those officers are being told to watch their fianciers for any suspicious activity. the women were arrested after an atlanta officer noticed something strange. >> the female i spoke with, she had on some rather tight clothing and that's not normal for somebody coming to do
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business with the city of atlanta. >> arlington county police say none of their officers were scammed and the department believes the two women were legitimate. atlanta police, though, stand by their decision and aflec says the two women do not work for the company. police across the nation are cracking down on drunk driving now. the highway transportation safety administration kicked off the annual drive sober or get pulled over campaign. the agency also released some new statistics on drunk driving deaths. while the report shows the number dropped from 2009 to 2010, drivers who are drinking are increasingly more intoxicated. >> new agency statistics released today show that 70% of deaths in drunk driving crashes in 2010 involved drivers with a blood alcohol level that was nearly twice the .08 legal limit. >> the stepped up enforcement runs now through labor day. 6:05. jessica is back with a special
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your money report. >> like a lot of us, the credit card companies are starting to tip the toe into social media surfing on facebook, even playing some of your favorite games could give you cash to spend. >> reporter: credit card companies want to hook their customers young. so they're tapping into social media to attract a new generation of consumers. they're creating deals with facebook, living social, even farmville. >> the banks are using kind of the names and websites that young people like to promote their brands and increase spending. >> reporter: citibank has an application that allows customers to pool their rewards points toward extravagant perks. american express will even link your card with your facebook to offer personalized results. >> you can link your credit card account to your facebook account and browse online deals that merchants put on facebook. you can claim those deals online. when you go and make a purchase, you automatically get the corresponding discount. >> reporter: other cards are
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partnering with popular online brands. d.c.-based living social is offering a credit card through chase. you can earn special benefits on the daily deals site. there's even a credit card that will pay out your rewards in farmville money, but it's easy to get into debt. so customers should explore their options before falling for a card just for the perks. >> the major credit cards are still testing the waters of social media. in the future it's expected billions of dollars will shift from direct mail orders to media campaigns. direct mail is producing fewer and fewer results through the years so they're looking for other avenues. social media came along. the card act is out there. this presented the perfect opportunity for them to expand and to think about these things. >> going to be interesting to see if it works because people are questioning whether social media works as an advertising media. >> you're not signing up for the farmville card any time? >> i can't stand those games. i can't do them. >> not a farmville person
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myself. >> i used to pick cards whether they were cute or not. it's coming up on 6:08. in five minutes, hear the controversial remarks the vice president made at a campaign stop in virginia and get reaction to what he said. >> can credit cards be cute? >> the lady bug card. >> another day in the 80s. we could see some more storms later today. your forecast straight ahead. >> new york city is the number one vacation spot to celebrate the end of summer. the travel site looked at recent bookings to rank the top hot spots for 2012. they say the second most popular vacation spot chicago. >> las vegas came in third. hot-wire says the gambling city is in its off-season so the deals there are pretty darn good. fourth place boston. washington, d.c. made the list of labor day hot spots too. that came in at number 9.
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it's a quiet start this
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wednesday morning. we will see the clouds increase a little bit by midday. this afternoon once again could be a couple of strong thunderstorms around with highs mid- to upper 80s. we've got one major hot spot right now on the northbound side of i-95. a live look from our sky 9 heading into springfield where the right lane is still blocked. delays begin in woodbridge heading northbound on i-95. i'll be back with more traffic and that accident at 6:18. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. it is 6:12 on this wednesday morning. here's a check of some of the things making news this morning. americans' approval of congress, surprise. eight at an all-time low. just so% approve of -- just 10% approve of the job both sides are doing. approval of democrats, one point higher than republicans. a wildfire has forced more than 400 people out of their homes in washington state. in 24 hours, the fire covered 44 mile. it's already destroyed 70
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homes. it may have begun as an accident at a construction site. it means the cattle are dying. >> the actor best known for playing arnold horshack on "welcome back cotter "-- kotter" has died. ron palillo died of a heart attack at 63. statements made by vice president biden had some racialover tones. the whole thing went down in danville, virginia. we have more on all the reaction he's getting. >> reporter: vice president joe biden sparked controversial from the campaign trail when he told supporters, including hundreds of african-americans that mitt romney wanted to cut back on wall street regulations. >> unchain wall street.
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they're going to put you all back in chains. >> reporter: that sparked a war of words between the two campaigns. romney says biden disgraced the office of the president. >> another outrageous charge. this came just a few hours ago in virginia and the white house sinks a little bit lower. >> i've got a message for him. if you want to know what's outrageous, it's their policies. >> reporter: biden says he was talking about how the republican policies wrecked the economy and put the middle class in shackles. >> this is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. >> reporter: the sharpest words in this campaign have come from tv and web ads. both sides accuse the other of running only negative commercials. >> you notice their ads generally don't tell you what it is that they're going to do. >> this is an election in which we should be talking about the path ahead. but you don't hear any answers coming from president obama's reelection campaign. >> reporter: the latest romney ad blames president obama for cuts to medicare. >> obama has cut $716 billion
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from medicare. why? to pay for obama care. >> reporter: the obama camp says the cuts are part of a cap on medicare spending and that new vice presidential candidate paul ryan advocated those same caps in his budget proposal. drew levinson, 9news now. >> our partners at cbs this morning will be talking with mitt romney live from the campaign trail and they'll ask him about the vice president's remarks and about his new running made congressman paul ryan. you can see that right here on channel 9. before we get to weather, we want to show you a photo sent in by one of our facebook friends. >> this is from jean kushner. it's a sunrise over southeast washington. she says her fiance works in one of the big cranes renovating the water facility and this is his view at work. >> what a view. >> we don't have anything like that out our window, do we? >> but i've got another picture i want to share with you guys. the national park service has a web cam out in arlington.
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about half-hour, 45 minutes before sunrise, i just peeked at it. i posted this on facebook and twitter. check this one out here. what a pretty city we live in with the beautiful sky this morning. some of the high clouds. just a great start. we thank the folks at the park service for sharing that for everybody. it's on the web. if you go to my facebook or twitter pages, you can get the links right there. here's a look at our day planner on this wednesday. we're going to have a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures will be running into the mid, even upper 80s this afternoon but there's also going to be a threat for some strong thunderstorms before the day is out. 4:00 temperature 86. 8:00 p.m. temperature 79. temps this morning we've got mid-60s out in loudoun county, leesburg, lovettsville at 65. sterling 68. it's 69 in rockville. 68 over in laurel.
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bw69. upper marlboro 72. andrews 68. scott, thanks for watching us every morning, 69 there in springfield. outside on our michael & son weather camera in northwest d.c., we're looking to the southwest this morning. there are some of those high clouds in the distance. 74. dew points in the 60s so it's drier than it was yesterday morning with the wind north, northwest at 5. the front has moved through texas bringing a break to the heat. they've had a very hot summer but storms this morning. the clouds are moving to the southeast. out ahead of this, we've got to zeal with this disturbance this afternoon. a -- deal with this disash bans this afternoon. a nice day tomorrow. today 87, 88, somewhere in that range. a yellow alert day because some of the storms this afternoon strong to severe could impact your plans and commute home. tonight about 7 0. tomorrow 90. going to be a fine day. not too humid. friday could be strong storms again late in the day, in the
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afternoon and evening hours, 94. some of the showers and storms friday night into saturday. much cooler though. saturday 83. sunday 84 and monday still looking good. stretch out your weekend if you can. high 84. 6:17. here comes monika. she's got timesaver traffic. unfortunately i don't have such good news. on the northbound side of i-95, the accident on the northbound side before the beltway was moved over to the shoulder but take a look at your delay on the northbound side of 95. it's pretty much continuous now as you head up from woodbridge, lorton, newington to that point. i'm going to step out and show what you it looks like from our sky 9 camera. flashing lights at the top side of the screen zooming out and showing you the long, slow delay. we're pretty spoiled this august. we've had easy traffic up until today. i'm sorry about that. but at least you can see the accident is in the gore area and the lanes have been reopened. let's go back over to the map. this time southbound i-270, the long slow stretch about 16 miles an hour as you head
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southbound leaving route 109 heading toward 121 and germantown. once you're beyond that, you'll be fine to the beltway. take a look at the beltway now. outer loop at colesville road is fine. the accident on the outer loop at new hampshire was moved to the shoulder. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:25. back to you. >> thank you, monika. it is now 6:19. next in sports, the nats get ready to end their epic road trip while the orioles are thinking playoffs. >> right now we're thinking about the question of the morning. we'd like you to do so, too. which of these things does the average single man do once a month while the average single lady does once a week. is it a, clean out the car, b, wash the bed sheets, or c, balance the checkbook? >> facebook friend claudette writes everyone picked b but i don't see the average man waiting a whole months before changing his sheets. yeah, right. that's just nasty. so i choose c, balance the checkbook. >> keep your guesses coming.
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coming up on 6:23. your weather first. check out this beautiful shot this morning. we're looking at national harbor. a nice morning to be out on the water with temps in the 70s, light winds. we do have a couple of clouds out there. we'll see the clouds mix with sunshine. as we get into the afternoon hours, temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 80s but we also have a threat for some more strong, potentially severe thunderstorms. so a yellow alert day. i'll have the full seven-day forecast a little bit later. andrea? >> thank you, howard. some sports the nationals wrap up their ten-game road trip today. >> afternoon game against the giants in san francisco. first pitch 3:45. >> last night jordan zimmerman took the mound for the nationals but left in the 6th after brandon hit an rbi single. they were enough for the giants. that's because starter madison bungardner through a-one run complete game. the braves won so the division lead is back to four and a half games.
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if the season ended today, the orioles would be one of the american league wild card teams. they began a series with the red sox last night with a bang. mark reynolds homered twice for the os. baltimore topped boston 7-1. the redskins will be out of chris neild. his campaign is over. he injured his acl. the skins and d.c. united hung out at redskins park. bill hammond is from annandale and loves the skins and rg3. >> it's been a while since the city has had this much faith in a quarterback and, you know, the positive energy that we've got right now is looking good for the season. >> above energy. redskins play the beers on saturday in chicago. d.c. united hosting philly this sunday. coming up on 6:25, still to come the latest internet stock chinese isn't doing so -- stock
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which isn't doing so well on wall street. >> the fallout of 911 service after june's derecho. verizon is detailing what they think went wrong. >> monika is telling us what's wrong on the roadways. >> an accident before the beltway is on the shoulder. look at this delay. it's continuous from woodbridge all the way to the beltway. i'll have more on traffic coming up in my next report. ir' watching 9news now -- you're watching 9news now.
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we are back. we have breaking news. police are investigating a
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deadly shooting in forrestville just off pennsylvania avenue. the county police tweeted out a 23-year-old man was shot and killed around 2:00 this morning. at this point that's about all we know. we'll bring you updates later on this morning on thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. details of a yellow alert day. good morning. howard. good morning. this morning is final. it's quiet. no problems weather wise getting to work. it will be the afternoon hours that will feature potentially strong thunderstorms once again. a beautiful morning. check this sunrise out from sky 9. a pretty morning. a little bit of haze out there but all in all a very fine start to this wednesday. let's talk about this wednesday. showing you the day planner. another view here from northwest d.c. looking southwest. a few high clouds in the distance. we've got a pretty start. 74, mostly sunny at reagan national. 84 by noon. this afternoon mid- to upper 80s but also that threat really here in the metro probably 3:00, 4:00 and beyond for some
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potentially strong to severe thunderstorms once again. had a few of them yesterday evening. caused problems up in the baltimore area. even a flood warning for a little while overnight. this morning we've got some high clouds trying to stream in from the west. looks like the disturbance in kentucky will get us this afternoon with the showers and storms. leesburg 66. 73 on the bay in annapolis. 64 in hagerstown and 68 in fredricksburg. going to mid- to upper 80s. i'll be back in a few minutes and talk about a cooldown for the weekend. here's monika with timesaver traffic. i've been telling you about this accident on the northbound side of i-95 right before the beltway. for a while now. the good news is it's on the shoulder. the bad news is all that red which is your delay caused by that earlier accident coming up from the occoquan river, lorton, newington springfield. again the lanes are open but the damage is double. we'll take a live "owe is double. -- done. we'll take a live look. flashing lights still there but at least the good news is the
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lanes are open. let's go back over to our maps and this time to southern maryland, route 4, 5, 301, everything looks great heading up to the beltway, andrews air force buys through oxon hill -- base through oxon hill. no delays heading for the wilson bridge. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:42. back to you. >> thanks, monika. this morning our partners at cbs this morning are talking with presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney and there are a lot of questions for him. >> plenty after yesterday. gail king joins us live now from new york -- gayle king joins us live now from new york with a preview. >> i'll say. there's a lot to discuss. anxieties only on cbs this morning -- and only on cbs this morning. mitt romney's first solo interview since choosing paul ryan as his running mate. we'll talk about that pick. vice president biden's chain comment and why romney calls obama's campaign angry and desperate. those stories and more at 7:00. >> i dare say the interview is going to be a little bit
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interesting. >> i think so. >> we'll be watching. have a good morning. maryland lawmakers approve a plan to bring table games and a sixth casino to the state and the governor is wasting no time when it comes to signing off on it. >> kristin fisher is live at national harbor. that's where prince george's county lawmaker want that casino to be built. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. well, you know, this was a very close vote. the house of delegates voted to approve the bill just before midnight. without a vote to spare. they needed a 71-vote majority and that is exactly what they got. 58 delegates voted against it. 36 republicans and 22 democrats. and those 22 democrats include six delegates from prince george's county, all democrats. these are six delegates have voted against the casino being built in their own county. that's a look at names there. one prince george's county county official who is very excited about this bill's passage is the county executive
6:33 am
rushern baker. he released a statement this morning that says the passage of this bill enabled the voters ever the state and county have the final say on this important issue. it's important because the expansion of gaming into prince george's county is about the thousands of new jobs, the millions of dollars in revenue. statewide these casinos are expected to generate an additional $174 million a year once this is fully implemented in 2017. but remember, this all hinges on whether or not it's approved by voters in november. if approved, the bill would allow a sixth casino to be built likely here at the national harbor. it would allow table games with live dealers at casinos -- all casinos in the state and finally it would cut tax rates on slots at all current, open and planned casinos except for the casino planned at rocky gap. this bill is now expected to be signed by the governor around 10:00 this morning. i want to leave you with this. "the baltimore sun" is reporting that late last night
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as governor martin o'malley was waiting to find out if his bill will be approved, he talked about having some buttons printed up that say he's so sick of this issue. i think everybody here is just kind of breathing sigh of relief this morning that now finally this issue is in the hands of maryland voters. back to you. >> kristin fisher live at national harbor this morning. in just a few hours, verizon will release its report into the massive 911 outage in june. it came right after the derecho. it left hundreds of thousands of wireless customers in northern virginia without a way to report an emergency. the report to the council of governments finds verizon didn't know about the outage till fairfax county told them. it says drained batteries, faulty generators and failure
6:35 am
of staff contributed to the problem. verizon says it mistakenly treated the problem as a service complaint rather than a large-scale outage. 6:35 now. students at six louisa county, virginia schools start class today but they will still be in modular buildings. their schools were destroyed by the 5.8 magnitude earthquake last egg and -- last august and the superintendent says construction at all six schools is under way now but not ready for the school year. washington national cathedral will mark the quake and anniversary next week at 1:53 thursday afternoon. it will rirng the cathedral's bells. the stone work on the cathedral was significantly damaged by last year's tum letter. repairs -- tumbler. repairs could take more than a decade. jess come doyle is here with another your money report. >> first it was facebook. now we're learning another internet stock is taking a real beating. >> at angie's list to the number of stocks that are now trading below their ipo prices. the consumer review website broke through that barrier
6:36 am
yesterday. investors are worried about a potential wave of shelling by shareholders. facebook stock down 46% from its ipo. others trading below their ipo prices include groupon, zinga, and pandora. how easy is it to read the credit card applications to know what you're signing up for? hard hub is out with the rated best online -- card hub is out with its eighthings. -- ratings. if you want to head to the caribbean, you don't have a ton of choices for direct flights but you're getting a new one. next thursday jet blue starts direct service to puerto rico from reagan national airport. and it just so happens the airline is running a sale as the service kicks off. you can book a trip to san juan for as low as $204 round trip but you have to act fast.
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the sale ends today. you can travel through november. this is my little gift to you this morning. $204. >> wow. >> i'm going to make a phone call right after this newscast. >> very affordable. it's easy for a quick trip over the weekend. you can do that. >> all right. you hear that? 6:37. in nine minutes we go into the kitchen for our latest round on d.c. restaurant week. we'll be joined by the folks from bethesda. >> we could see storms once again this afternoon. highs will be in the mid-80s. coming up we look ahead at the weekend, too. we'll be right back.
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6:41. 71 degrees. wasn't to hear this one because it's unusual for august at least on the northbound side of
6:42 am
95 to have such a long delay coming up from woodbridge. it's going to be spotty off and on lorton, newington and springfield. the earlier accident was cleared to the shoulder. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of i-95 where you can see the activity. just the police vehicle left on the shoulder. otherwise the lanes are open but take a look at the backup. this is what it looks like in newington at backlick road. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the west side of town. looking good across the american legion bridge into tysons, toll road, 66. everything is final. a live look at -- is fine. a live look at our sunshine. no problems other than that on the beltway north of town. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:58. back to you. well, their approval rating may not be so good, but, boy, their house sure looks beautiful. as we look at the u.s. capitol this morning. temperature about 74. >> yeah, pretty morning out there. we have some great pictures all over the place. we thank the viewers for sending those to us on facebook. we love interacting with you
6:43 am
guys in the morning so keep that up. weather wise we're in for a good start. maybe not so good a finish as we've got a yellow alert. you like to run. this is good running weather. temperatures starting in the 60s and 70s. got a threat for some strong thunderstorms afternoon. even by mid afternoon, we'll see the storms moving from west to east. some of those could last into the evening. highs mid- to upper 80s. 6:00 we're back down to 82 with the wind out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. we're down to 64 win chester, hagerstown and call betterland this morning while fredricksburg is 68. 66 up in cross junction. steve told me he had about 8500ths of an inch yesterday. baltimore 69. had some flood warnings. it's 72 in easton and 75 in southern maryland. outside northwest d.c. here on our michael & son weather camera, a pretty morning. couple of high clouds, 74 degrees. humidity 79%. wind light. only about 5 miles an hour.
6:44 am
one disturbance yesterday gave us strong storms. you see how that has moved into new england. boston may get hit pretty hard with the morning showers and thunderstorms. got another area we're watching in kentucky and tennessee. that's throwing some clouds our way. as that energy gets here later this afternoon with the daytime heating, well, the threat for some more storms will be with us. if fact, the storm prediction center out of norman, oklahoma has much of the eastern seaboard under the slight risk of severe weather. you can see west of d.c. you're not in it but east of d.c. and the metro itself, damaging wind gusts. large hail will be the main threat from the strong thunderstorms this afternoon. as you look at the fought cast -- futurecast, we're okay through noon. showers approaching shenandoah valley towards the lunch hour. as we get into the mid afternoon, now we have the showers and storms overspreading the region. here's 5:00. you get the idea. some of the ride home is going to be impacted. you get outdoor -- you've got outdoor plans going o maybe you want to get to the pool still while it's opening, it may be a little bit of a chl length.
6:45 am
but as we -- challenge. but as we head toward the nighttime, things will settle down. tomorrow looks like a fine day. highs around 90 degrees. a few showers possible toward the mountains out west. here comes a front. this is friday morning. the front gets here later friday afternoon. hot out ahead of it. we're looking at temperatures friday low, maybe mid-90s. the showers will be around friday night into saturday as well. but much cooler behind the front. that's the key. today 87, 88. the yellow alert for the afternoon storms. some of them strong so severe. tonight about 70. that's in d.c. some low to mid- 60s north and west. a nice, hot, dry thursday, 90. friday the afternoon storms. so again a yellow alert. by saturday could be some showers and storms lingering, 83. sunday, monday look real good, high temperature about 84. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, howard. we're nearly halfway through restaurant week. we're joined by executive chef miguel from bethesda. good to have you here, chef. just owe incident dally --
6:46 am
coincidentally. my husband and i were at your restaurant and i didn't know i was going to do this interview. i started my meal with a wonderful salad and you're preparing us a wonderful salad. >> it's an italian bread and tomato salad. we incorporate local tomato from virginia, fresh heirloom tomatoes. >> a simple salad but you were talking about local, seasonal, fresh. that's one of the hallmarks of your restaurant. you like to get your vegetables and things from the local region. >> i do. everything is fresh. it's more in contact with the growers and the farmers and they bring everything to us directly. it's a product superior to most others. >> redwood has been involved in d.c. restaurant week and also the bethesda-chevy chase restaurant week. what does that do for business? do you get a lot of new faces? >> we love the new faces.
6:47 am
it increases business. it increases awareness of the local and seasonal fresh products we have at the restaurant and brings people from all over the metropolitan area. >> the prices for the restaurant are $20.12 for lunch and $35.12 for dinner. talk about the dinner menu because i can tell you, it was delicious last night. >> we offer a three-course meal. pretty much you can choose whatever salad, entree, dessert you would like. we offer the entire menu, not a selection. >> it's a really good deal. what else do you have to do to finish the salad? >> we have some local heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh onions. we have local baby eggplant. i'm just going to toss a little bit of the stuff in here. >> what's the favorite of people who come in during restaurant week? what do they like? >> most is our fresh seafood
6:48 am
and fresh produce that we have. we highlight everything that's local and fresh. >> how long have you been with redwood? >> i've been with redwood for four and a half years. >> what's your favorite dish to prepare? >> right now this salad. it's beautiful, colorful, delicious. >> and it's healthy. >> definitely healthy. it's comfort food that we have. and we're ready to go. >> we also have some tuna here. >> we do. we have some beautifully seared oregano crusted tuna which i've already presliced for us and our beautiful salad. >> there it is. >> on the morning shift, there's no such thing as morning food. i know people will enjoy tasting this. miguel with redwood restaurant and bar from bethesda. again, they're participating in d.c. restaurant week. it's located at 7121 bethesda lane in bethesda. again, the menu is delicious and we had a great time there last night. i know you will, too.
6:49 am
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it 16:53. we've got sunshine and high clouds out there now. 84 by noon. watch out this afternoon. mid- to late afternoon, we could be looking at a couple strong storms. highs in the mid- to upper 80s. glad you're us with this wednesday, august 15. here's the news before you go this morning. a maryland court ruling on pit bulls will stand. people suing over pit bull attacks do not have to show a history of violence by the animals. that's different from other breeds. maryland lawmakers tried to amend that ruling but failed in a special session last night.
6:54 am
feeling lucky? tonight's lottery jackpot is up to $320 million. of course, though, your odds of matching all six numbers correctly are more than 175 million to one. san francisco giants starter madison bumgardner stifled the nationals last night throwing a complete gape, allows just five hits. nats lose 6-1. they wrap up their road trip with a matinee today in san francisco. we want to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. which of these things does the average single man do about once a month while the average single woman does once a week. is it a, clean out the car, b, wash bed sheets, or c, balance the checkbook? >> b. come on, guys, wash your bed sheets more than once a month. that's gross. we'll have one more check on traffic and weather right here on 9news now.
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one more thing before we go. in the wake of the penn state scandal and all the other bad things you hear about college sports, we have a neat story this morning out of vanderbilt, university. a fullback there is a walk-on which means he played his way on to the team, no scholarship money for four years. his hard work paid off. take a listen. >> that's i am' so proud -- that's why i'm so proud to let him know he's got a full scholarship. [ applause ] >> he kept his head down, worked hard, was a great teammate, deserved the scholarship. this was posted by vanderbilt university on youtube. it has over 200,000 hits. you see him hug the coach there. just a great story. his team was completely
6:59 am
supportive. >> when the coach was talking about why this person, this individual was such an important part of the team, the camera swung back to the player. it was almost like is he talking about me? he didn't even think it was about him. >> well done. >> congratulations. weather wise, we would see a couple of strong storms again this afternoon. 87, 88. 90 tomorrow, dry. maybe some storms late friday before the weekend cooldown. taking a live look around town first of all from our sky 9 on the outer loop. a little slow in silver spring. a quick look live on northbound 395 heavy and steady through landmark. wall deet is -- wall street is waiting on some new economic data. we'll keep our fingers crossed. on cbs this morning, mitt romney and team u.s.a. basketball. we'll be back with a live update on traffic and weather. we're not far. go to on our laptop, desk top, or mobile device. see you


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