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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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gunman who was led from the building in handcuffs. >> somebody going out on the stretcher with blood on them and the suspect in handcuffs, blood on his body. >> reporter: the security guard was seen sitting upright and talking after the shooting as he was being transported to a hospital. >> interviews are still ongoing with both of the victims, the security guard who was shot as well as witnesses and the employees that work in the building. >> reporter: police won't say what the suspect may have said before opening fire, but his words and actions did alarm them enough to involve the fbi. washington's field office fbi spokesperson jacqueline mcguire said domestic terrorism is one of their possible concerns which would elevate the shooter's charges to a federal level. now the fbi is not confirming the suspect's name. however, we doen that they were searching -- do know that they were searching for his vehicle. they may have found it at the east falls church metro
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station. peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> sounds like so many more could have been hurt. we do now know the name of that alleged shooter, surae chinn is live from the shooting scene with more on that. >> reporter: derek, we've just been able to confirm the shooter and his name. it is floyd corkin of herndon, 28 years old. that shooting happened in the lobby of the six-floor building you see right there. meanwhile the shooter again is in police custody as far as we know. the security guard who was shot is hailed a hero today, is in the hospital. family research council, a conservative christian lobby group, confirms leo johnson is the security guard who was shot and wrestled the shooter to the ground. he's worked here more than 10 years as a security manager. the group has been offering statements since this happened
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earlier this morning. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: it is no place for such violence and the family research council since -- [ audio difficulties ] republicans who advocates for gays and lesbians' rights, whatever our political agreements in this country, we use ballots, not bullets to address them. they say they are offering their prayers as well, but again we have confirmed the shooter 24-year-old floyd corkin of herndon. meanwhile the security guard is in the hospital expected to be okay, shot in the arm. people say he's a hero today. >> surae chinn, thank you. when he some technical difficulties, but you saw the -- we had some technical difficulties, but you saw the name. after about eight hours of
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deliberations a guilty verdict in the ial of a man accused of murdering his 12-year-old daughter, the verdict guilty. again the jury found 43-year- old david hang guilty of first degree murder this afternoon. jessica nguyen was found stabbed to death in the basement of her family's home in gaithersburg last may. prosecutors say hang killed her because he was angry over a drawn out divorce with her mother. one imagine is dead after shots rang out in forest -- man is dead after shots rang out in forestville in the middle of a night. a man forced his way into an apartment in the 6100 block of surry lane. after a struggle the 23-year- old resident was shot and killed. the gunman got away. tens of thousands of young immigrants brought here illegally as children began applying today for the first time to the right to stay in the u.s. openly and legally. the obama administration is implementing one of the most sweeping changes in immigration law in decades. bruce leshan is live in langley
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park where they're expecting a big crowd. >> reporter: a real big crowd. you can see the long lines. they are expecting over 1,000 people to apply for this. in order to qualify you have to have been brought here before age 16. you have to have finished high school, trade school, have a ged or have served in the military and you have to be free from any serious criminal convictions. critics call it backdoor amnesty and a new president could reverse it. tears of joy at scores of legal aid offices across the country. at the national immigration forum downtown 17-year-old natali montaia was beginning to believe it. her parents brought her to the u.s. at 6. >> that was how little i was. >> reporter: in constant fear of deportation she dedicated
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herself to school and in june was a valedictorian at washington lehigh in arlington. -- washington lee high in arlington. >> my dream medical school is harvard, but i want to be a heart surgeon. >> reporter: she cries when critics accuse her and her parents of stealing american jobs. >> my mom cleans toilets. it's like who would want to do that and it breaks my heart because they're here for me and no one is going to give them back those years. >> reporter: but critics say the obama administration's deferred immigration enforcement program is seen very differently. >> congress gets to decide who comes and under what terms. >> reporter: the federation for american immigration reform says deferred action will only make u.s. border problems worse. >> this sends the incredible wrong message all over the world that if you play by the rules, you're a big fat sucker. >> reporter: naftali says she
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is neither a sucker nor a rule breaker. she says she is just an american dreamer. >> i'm going to work really hard for my dream. >> reporter: at casa de maryland organizers say they'll be here every wednesday and saturday in hopes of registering some 10,000 applicants. critics say that they will work just as hard to get congress or a president romney to turn it around. >> in fact, on that note, bruce, what has romney said during the campaign about this issue? >> reporter: well, it's not 100% clear during the campaign, during the primaries he said he would veto the dream act but also expressed sympathy for immigrants who served in the u.s. military and after president obama announced this new policy romney did not offer a really definitive statement on what he would do about it. he said he would replace it. >> replace it, okay,
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interesting. bruce leshan. maryland paused its own investigation so-called dream act in 2011 -- passed its own version of the so-called dream act in 2011. it's on hold until voters make final decision on the law. it's up for referendum this november. vegas style table games and a sixth casino possibly at national harbor are one step closer to being reality as maryland governor martin o'malley signed the gambling expansion bill into law today, but the battle is only half over. voters will have the final say at the ballot in november. scott broom is live at national harbor with what's next. >> reporter: well, what's next is something like imagining sharks with blood in the water. there's a lot of money at stake here in prince george's county. there are other bidders who would like to take this casino away from national harbor and a lot of money will be spent trying to sway voters here in prince george's county one way or the other on this gambling issue now.
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>> casino special interests don't want maryland taxpayers to know they're being played. >> reporter: the advertising has already been hot and heavy. >> so vote yes on national harbor. >> these are good jobs. >> reporter: labor groups in favor, church groups opposed. >> and we are sick and tired of legislators that would try to foist a casino down our throats. >> reporter: and out of state casino owners aiming to protect their market from maryland competition with a possible interest in derailing the deal. yet at today's signing of the gambling bill governor martin o'malley seemed relieved. >> we are now able to put this issue behind us and move forward. >> reporter: well, not exactly. senate president mike miller has already complicated matters by suggesting there may be room for both national harbor and rosecroft raceway at prince george's county to share a so- called bifurcated license which would require yet another legislative battle. another group aims to redevelop
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the cap center in largo for a casino, a state gaming commission will decide. >> i feel good about what we're going to get. >> reporter: for his part prince george's county executive rushern baker is firmly behind the national harbor proposal with current partner mgm and convinced voters will clear the way. >> yeah. i'm for. it. >> reporter: by voting yes in the upcoming referendum. >> the opportunity to have 40 to $50 million come into the county and spur economic development, i think they'll look that the and make a decision to go forward with this. >> reporter: bottom line with this gambling issue here in maryland, now this bill is signed and assuming voters approve there will be more gambling which means there will be more money coming into state and county coffers and a lot more jobs created. that means a lot of money and people who want a piece of the pie and a lot of people trying to wield influence between now and that upcoming referendum
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election in november. scott broom, 9 news now. >> we will see what happens, scott. thank you. another issue maryland voters will have to decide, whether or not the state's law legalizing same sex marriage will remain a law. opponents successfully petitioned to get the issue to public vote and tonight members of maryland's african american church community are planning an anti-gay marriage prayer vigil. they hope to convince voters to strike the law down. an update on that propane tanker that crashed into a condo complex. this happened in port deposit, maryland. some of the people living there may not be able to get back into their homes until tomorrow. about 150 were forced from their homes this morning so that they could safely clean up the accident site. the crews expect to take at least 12 hours more. the truck crashed into the building yesterday after it lost its brakes coming down a hill. fortunately the propane did not spill. crews in kansas are trying to clean up a freight train derailment that sent some cars
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plunging off a bridge into the river. it happened in the middle of the night in miami county, kansas. a total of 22 cars full of grain jumped the track. look at the mess. luckily nobody was hurt. safety investigators are trying to find out why the train derailed. >> it's sort of been a theme for us this summer, heat, humidity, the threat for storms and a code yellow alert. >> we've actually got a severe thunderstorm watch south and east of town, lesli. i don't think the storms tonight will be as widespread compared to yesterday, but some of the storms could bubble up becoming strong to severe. here's a look at the severe thunderstorm watch in effect again south and east of town where temperatures are still not too bad, mid-80s around town and looks like temperatures will start to cool off, especially where it's raining already. so here's a look at some of the flood alerts way out west of town toward stan ton, virginia. we had some earlier in shenandoah county, virginia. live doppler 9000, around the
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beltway especially around green, madison and rockingham, virginia, generally heading east and southeast. we have to watch these storms accident look like warrenton getting light rain, but just basically west of culpeper and around madison we're getting some good storms. in fact, right around here we're looking at maybe a bit of a hail core as well. that's why we have that severe thunderstorm warning in effect. we also go to doppler to show you some of the lightning strikes associated with these storms west of town. these storms are heading generally east. so especially if you're south of town and also southeast of town, you could see pretty good storms coming through. right now we've got light rain falling around aldie just entering sterling. tonight a few storms south and east of town, lows in the lower 60s to lower 70s. we'll talk about the next chance for some storms coming
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this way, also a big cooldown. we'll talk more about that. still to come on 9news maryland lawmakers heading out of town after passing that gambling bill, but they don't do anything about the controversial court ruling on pitbulls. we'll have experts here to weigh in. >> plus looking for an extra few million? tonight's powerball jackpot just keeps growing and growing. >> but first that massive wildfire near seattle keeps growing and growing as well, the latest on the containment efforts.
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it was back to school today for students in louisa county, virginia, an area that was devastated by an earthquake one year ago, but it's not business as usual. classes are being held in modular buildings at some schools. that's because louisa county high and thomas jefferson elementary suffered some structural damage in the 5.8 magnitude quake. workers have been working all summer long to make repairs. the rebuilding continues. hot, dry, windy, sound great for flying a kite, not good for fighting wildfires, but that's what they're dealing with out west where a fire outside seattle burned through dozens of homes and is still on the move. theresa garcia has the latest from l.a. >> reporter: firefighters are starting to gain some ground on
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a massive wildfire burning in washington. crews are being helped by cooler temperatures and dying winds. >> we are feeling very optimistic where we are with this fire. >> reporter: officials say the fire started monday at a construction site and quickly spread out of control. the fire has scorched thousands of acres and burned through dozens of homes. >> everybody's house is gone. all my friends', my neighbors', people i care about, we'll have to move, rebuild, hug, she some tears and start over. >> reporter: -- shed some tears and start over. >> reporter: at least 900 people have evacuated. some farmers and ranchers were forced to leave behind their livestock in this rural area about 90 minutes outside seattle. authorities are blocking roads to keep people from returning to their homes. hotter, drier weather is expected to return thursday and officials are concerned that could fuel the flames. >> it'sen explosive dangerous situation. we're -- it's an explosive dangerous situation. we're doing our best to bring
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it under control. >> reporter: the washington fire is just one of dozens burning across western states. in northern california a wildfire forced hundreds to leave their homes. >> it came like a rolling ocean wave of flames. >> reporter: crews spent three days fighting the fire and have the upper hand now allowing some residents to return home. outside of los angeles firefighters are using a dc10 to douse a 3,000 acres brushfire in riverside county. that's helped crews gain some containment around the fire. theresa garcia. >> fires across california have affected some of the national parks with road and camp closures including lasten volcanic and joshua tree national park. verizon presented an emergency backup system in a meeting today. during last june's derecho verizon did not know their system was down in fairfax county until the county alerted they. there were also issues with 911
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calls made in arlington county. today the company acknowledged their mistakes and said they're working to fix it. >> we're not happy with what happened after the derecho. if a 911 call does not go through, that's one too many. so we're working to improve and working together with this committee and the council of governments and other bodies. we're going to do that. >> verizon says it's begun making the necessary changes to the system but the upgrades will take some time. seven morva 7 cities or counties can now apply -- more virginia cities or counties can now apply for federal help from the june'ser it rach open. they were added to the -- june's derecho. they were added to the list today. fema said it made the additions after doing some new damage assessments last week. 69 parts of virginia are now eligible for federal aid for the storm. you won't have to worry about any federal aid if you get the winning numbers in tonight's powerball lottery. it has grown to an estimated
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320 million bucks. that would be the fourth largest jackpot in powerball history. sales could send it higher before the drawing tonight. in virginia alone tickets are expected to number more than 2,000. that's 2,000 per minute, wow. >> makes you actually want to get a ticket. >> i'm over that. >> are you? >> i keep buying. i never win. >> just buy one. that's all. >> we'll do an office poll maybe. >> he might win. >> that's something where i want to keep my friends here. >> we're watching a couple storms tonight, not as active and widespread compared to yesterday. that's the good news, but for our friends around the northern neck and eastern shore we do look at the possibility for some severe storms to come through your area. we do have a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight highlighted in yellow, basically south and east of us. this includes st. mary's county, maryland and westmoreland county in
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virginia, so again toward the lower eastern shore and northern neck. check out your live doppler 9000 where we don't have any severe weather warnings now. we do have a flash flood warning for hocking happen county, virginia, to the west of -- rockingham county, virginia, to the west of us until 6:45. the storms have been very slow to move in this area, some pretty good rainfall rates coming down. here's a look at the radar. most of the storms are heading east, some southeast. we see some lightning associated with these storms entering into culpeper north of orange, looking at lighter showers for sterling, chantilly, aldie, leesburg, percival and they could be entering tysons corner and fairfax the next 30 minutes or so. our michael and son weather camera, cloudy skies, 84 degrees, dew points in the 60s,
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winds north, north west at 8 miles per hour. temperatures elsewhere in the lower 80s for leesburg thanks to the cloud cover for much of today, 82 manassas, culpeper down to 79 thanks to the rain coming through. so satellite and radar showing us we're seeing scattered showers and storms, most of the severe activity limited to the south and east of us again toward the northern neck and eastern shore. so isolated storms tonight, some strong or severe, but less humid for thursday. then friday looks to be hot with a much cooler weekend potentially unsettled. so for tonight you'll see most of the activity will be to the ease of us and south, but then by -- east of us and south, but then by late tonight and overnight clearing skies, a beautiful start to thursday. in the afternoon less humid, still warm, though, and then friday afternoon we're looking at another cold front to come through that could trigger more scattered showers and thunderstorms. then boy, do we cool things down for the weekend.
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for tonight a few storms possible, some strong or severe south and east of town, best chances, lows around 62 to 72 degrees. downtown lows will be in the low 70s, leesburg 64, frederick in the lower 60s. check out your next three days. our 9 weather alert code is green for thursday, less humid, really nice. for friday it's yellow because of the chance for storms, highs in the lower 90s. our next seven days, friday lots of baseball through wednesday, and you'll notice friday and saturday looking at unsettled weather. saturday we really cool things down into the weekend. look at that, lower 80s for saturday, still a chance of showers and storms, sunday maybe a chance for a shower, but 83 degrees and the next week, mid-80s, maybe getting a little hint of fall as early as this weekend. >> i don't think we'll know how to act. >> we have earned it, okay? coming up controversial new cigarette labels get the green light in australia despite
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protests from tobacco companies. >> but first another bombing rocked syria right near a hotel housing human workers, the investigation into who did it up next.
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a new study shows the nuclear power plant disaster in japan last year left low levels of radiation according to the washington post. after studying over 9,000 adults and children most were considered to be exposed to a safe level of radiation. another big explosion shook syria's capital today and this time near a hotel housing observers from the united nations. the bomb went off near several military buildings in damascus and blew a hole through the window where several observers are staying. syria's deputy foreign minister says terrorists struck too close this time and something must be done to stop them. >> we have seen once again to the united nations, to the security council to get united against terrorism. >> so far it's not clear what or who the bombers were
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targeting, but two militant groups claim responsibility on the web. today's attack comes four weeks after a bomb killed four of president bashar al assad's chief officials. still to come you won't believe the paycheck these meter maids get. >> but first the maryland pitbull debate, what the general assembly is failing to pass legislation means for dog owners and bite victims as well up next.
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the controversial maryland court of appeals ruling that pitbulls are inherently dangerous will stand for now. early this morning lawmakers wrapped up their specialing is without passing a dog bite liability -- special session without passing a dog bite bill. they couldn't find any middle ground, so now the ruling stands. that means that an animal's prior behavior does not have to be proven in civil lawsuits. joining me now to talk about the bill, state senator jamie raskin co-sponsor of the senate version and frank vantini, maryland voters for animals. what went wrong? >> i thought we had a deal. basically we had a task force look at this maryland court of appeals decision which said pitbulls are inherently dangerous and so owners are liable and that caused an uproar among pitbull owners.
5:31 pm
>> and dog lovers in general. >> they thought it was kind of a selective breed profiling decision and my sense was that we all agreed with that, that everybody should be liable for what their dogs do. i've got a very sweet english springer spaniel we adopted from a farm. we should be responsible. >> real quick what went wrong? >> basically we said all owners should be liable in the senate and the landlord should be liable if they didn't act reasonably to take precautions and they knew. they came back and said you're only liable for your dog if it's at large, not in the house out running and added something about contributory negligence which was a nonstarter with us to throw in the whole debate of contributory negligence into this discussion. >> what's happening now in animal shelters in the state and counties since that ruling came down and the law isn't passed? >> we have a crisis which started with the court ruling and it is continuing. in baltimore city we're told
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the shelter is taking in 20% more animals and adoptions have dropped 20% since the court ruling. in howard county i'm told it was difficult to adopt a pitbull before the ruling. now it's impossible. at maryland spca they're telling us they're approving pitbull adoptions and then the people bach and say i've got landlord issue -- back and say i've got landlord issues and insurance issues and we've heard in baltimore county dog trainers are refusing to work with pitbull-type dogs. they're taking a huge financial risk. the american pitbull terrier is the no. 2 registered dog breed in maryland. right now they're not working with the no. 2 registered dog breed, but i got to point out since this happened we've had a couple news reports, maybe more than two or three, where pitbulls or dogs identified as pits have attacked people. maybe they're a small minority and most pits are wonderful, but there does seem to be an issue here, doesn't there? >> there is a problem with
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that. what is a pitbull? there are actually seven recognized breeds. it's not defined, but we have a situation where people are looking for pitbulls. they're looking for pitbulls to do bad things and when you have that and this vague description of what a pitbull is, somebody gets bit, of course, it's a pitbull. >> let's talk quickly about what can be now and next month between the next general assembly. >> i'm hoping we can close the gap. the dog days of summer in the middle of august everybody wanted to get back to their summer vacation and the house adjourned before we had a chance to get back to them with any proposed -- >> now we're stuck with what we got. >> until we get back into january unless we go into another special sessions and they aren't so special anymore. >> maybe that's unlikely. thanks, guys. i appreciate your time. >> thanks for having us. there are some major changes coming to cigarette packaging going on in
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australia. their high court has ruled tobacco products must be displayed in drab uniform packages so they're less attractive and cartons have to display graphic health warnings. >> we have taken on big tobacco and we have won. >> the rule goes into effect down under in december. both the uk and new zealand are considering banning logos from cigarette packaging. could other nations follow suit? the campaign for the white house turned into the campaign of accusations today and it was mitt romney firing the shots on. cbs this morning the gop hopeful accused president obama of waging a campaign based on division and hatred. the president's campaign called romney unhinged. the president obama himself would not respond directly to the accusations as he wrapped up a bus tour through iowa. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama joined the president on the third and final day of his bus tour through iowa. >> president barack obama. >> reporter: president obama
5:35 pm
told supporters in the battleground state he will protect the middle class. >> four years ago i promised to cut middle class tax and that's exactly what i've done. >> reporter: the president said his healthcare reforms have strengthened medicare and argued rahm and his vp pick paul ryan -- mitt romney and his vp pick paul ryan want to turn it into avoucher plan. >> so they can give another tax cut to millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: governor romney headed south and launched his day with a sharp critique of the president's campaign. >> the president's campaign is all about division and attack and hatred. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidate is taking issue with obama campaign ads and remarks the vice president joe biden made to supporters in virginia tuesday. talking about gop plans for wall street deregulation, the vice president told a predominantly african american audience they would end up back in chains under a romney presidency.
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>> these personal attacks i think are demeaning to the office of the white house and the comments yesterday by the vice president i think just diminish the white house that much more. >> reporter: the obama campaign said the vice president used language similar to republicans in congress. randall pinkston, cbs news washington. >> while governor romney infers that vice president biden's comments were racially insensitive, the executive director of the virginia state naacp said had he no comment about the vice president's remarks. coming up on 9news credit cards ramp up the perks social media style. we'll talk about how using facebook and playing games with pay off. >> some big storms are possible tonight especially south and east of town where we've got a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. i've got your full forecast including a look at your weekend. >> but first men working in kilts? why this mechanic voluntarily ditched his pants up next. >> you know you all love.
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it don't forget, we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the choice on debt... mitt romney's plan: huge tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for oil companies and corporations that ship jobs overseas, adding trillions to the deficit. president obama's plan: a balanced approach that asks the wealthy to pay a little more, eliminates tax breaks for outsourcing and oil subsidies, cuts government spending, and reduces the deficit by four trillion. two plans. your choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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when you think six figure jobs, what comes to mind?
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doctor, lawyer? well in, hermosa beach, california, you can also add meter maid to that list, too. that's right. if you are handing out tickets, then you could make $100,000 plus the salary and the benefits and that has their mayor and some residents pretty mad. >> how does the market value of this job, is it worth $90,000 a year and the answer is to me now. >> absurd. what do they do to deserve that money besides cost me money for tickets i don't deserve? >> well, the police chief says the numbers are being inflated and that many of them actually make less than $50,000 a year. >> so we all know it's been a really, really hot, humid sticky summer and people stuck working outside without the ac, talk about some sweat. >> but some mechanics in oklahoma have come up with a fashionable solution and we're not talking gym shorts either. instead they're wearing kilts. these dudes work at o'brien
5:41 pm
automotive, a very irish kind of a place, so the guys decided to go irish, too, although i thought kilts were scottish. >> they are. >> they're donning kilts while they work. they say the new uni is a lot cooler than shorts, but it does require a little etiquette when you're working on cars. >> keep your knees down and feet crossed and everybody is happy and safe, then. >> yeah. but you're still scottish. david adds you need to be mindful of leather car seats in 100-degree weather, otherwise the backside could get blistered. he also says they may keep on wearing the kilts until october. it's got breeze. >> that it does. still to come tonight an experimental drug giving hope to men fighting prostate cancer. this drug works so well they stopped research early. >> this baby sheet can cause serious -- seat can cause serious injuries to your injuries. we'll tell you why it's being recalled after the break.
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we've got a consumer alert about a popular baby seat and if you sit your baby in one of these, you want to stop. this is the bumbo baby seat. about 23 little ones wiggled their way out of these seats, fell and fractured their skulls, in part because there's typically not anything holding them in there. consumer product safety commission has recalled 4 million of them, about one million first recalled back in 2007 and the children are coming out of these devices even when they're used the way they're intended on the floor. so bumbo will outfit this device with a free larns and belt that looks kind of like this intended -- harness and belt that looks kind of like this intended to keep your baby safe inside. newly released data shows the washington region is just the third place in the nation where home prices surpassed the highs set by the 2000 housing boom. the median price for a house in
5:46 pm
the district climbed nearly $500,000 up from a previous high of 450,000 in november of 2005. in arlington and alexandria home prices have soared to more than half a million dollars just in this year alone and get this. we found a row house listed in the district for $1.9 million. that is about the same amount as an entire island in british columbia, canada, that is also up for sale. well, they compete every day to get you into their stores and now some of the biggest names in retail, best buy, target, wal-mart and others, are teaming up to create a new company to give you another way to shop and that new company is hard at work on a mobile app for nearly all smartphones to cut costs and let you buy what you want when you want. if your cell phone doesn't work as a pay to pay, what about social media? credit card companies are exploring how surfing on facebook and even playing some of your favorite games could
5:47 pm
give you cash to spend. >> reporter: credit card companies want to hook their customers young, so they're tapping into social media to attract a new deal with consumers, facebook, living social and farmville. >> they're using names and websites young people like to promote their brands and create spending. >> reporter: citibank has an application that allows customers to pool their rewards points towards extravagant perks. american express will link your card to your facebook to off personalized results. >> you can link your credit card account to your facebook account and browse online deals merchants pout facebook and you can claim those deals online and when you go and make a purchase, you automatically get the corresponding discount. >> reporter: other cards are partnering with popular online brands. d.c.-based living social is offering a credit card through chase.
5:48 pm
you can earn special benefits on the daily deals site. there's even a credit card that will pay out your rewards in farmville money, but it's easy to get into debt. so customers should explore their options before falling for a card just for the perks. the major credit cards are still testing the waters of social media. in the future card hub expects them to shift billions of dollars from direct mail offers over to new media campaigns. jessica doyle, 9 news now. the british bank barclays launched what it calls a social media credit card in march. at the time it said it hoped the crowd sourcing model would have an impact on late fees and potentially return some of the profit back to customers. what do you guys think? >> i don't know. >> the jury is still out on that. >> what it's not out on is the fact it's going to be a lovely weekend. >> a little refreshing? >> i think we'll get that little hint of fall coming this weekend, got a couple storms we're watching out for tonight, especially for our friends in the northern neck and eastern
5:49 pm
shore. for our friends south and east of town we've got a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. we're not expecting widespread storms, but any storms that do come through have the potential to become strong to severe. here's a look at the severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00. again this clops st. mary's county in maryland -- includes st. mary's county in maryland, areas seen in yellow. this does not include the district and immediate beltway. live donor 9000 hd, pretty -- live donor 9000 hd, pretty quiet along the beltway and a flash flood warning out of rockingham county in virginia. culpeper is getting a pretty good cell, just south of you really heavy rain come down. some of these storms have lightning strikes associated with it especially the ones out to the west of us including culpeper into parts south of orange. you're seeing light rain
5:50 pm
impacting sterling, germantown, leesburg and also into chantilly, looks like even fairfax getting light rain as well, but not all of that could be hitting the ground. our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, cloudy skies, 84 degrees, cloud cover helping keep temperatures down, winds north, northwest around 8 miles per hour. currently it's 77 in leesburg, 82 in manassas, fredericksburg 83, annapolis around 87 degrees. we're looking at the system, isolated storms for tonight, some strong or severe, less humid for thursday. friday could potentially be hot in some locations and then the within we talked about, much cooler. check out your 9 futurecast. so tonight most of the big storms should be south of us and also east of us. overnight things clear out by tomorrow, lots of sunshine and then friday things change. it's like by friday morning we're starting out sunny, but then the clouds increase, another cold front comes through and you can see by friday afternoon into the evening more showers and storms
5:51 pm
are popping back in. tonight a few storms, again some strong or severe south and east of town, lows in the lower 70s in downtown to mid-60s outside the beltway. our next three days our 9 weather alert code is green. tomorrow is gorgeous, less humidity, high around 90. friday is yellow because of a chance of storms again in the afternoon and evening, highs in the lower 90s. check out your next seven days. the nats are playing starting friday through wednesday, pretty good baseball weather, especially for the weekend, saturday cooler, 82 degrees with some unsettled weather possible, sunday 83 and that will feel cool, maybe even refreshing. then check out monday, tuesday, wednesday, mid-80s. so fall is just around the corner. back to you guys. >> looking forward to it, thanks. back in 2005 he was the first ever all-star for what was d.c.'s brand-new baseball team. he was also the toast of town. >> the years since have not been so kind to chad cordero. kristen berset is here with more on the chief's comeback.
5:52 pm
>> that's right. cordero's baseball career was derailed because of injuries. then a comeback was halted by family tragedy, but he hasn't given up hope. recently cordero returned to nats park for the first time where dave owens caught up with him. >> reporter: it's the summer of 2005, for chad cordero, the glory days, 47th day all-star appearance a flat brim wearing fist pumping save machine. then it all ended. >> i knew i wasn't ready to retire. >> reporter: but s torn shoulder was and thus began an odyssey that would take him and his wife jamie to an unspeakable place. december, 2010 their daughter tea went to sleep and never woke up. >> it was the hardest thing we ever had to go through. >> reporter: doctors ruled the death a result of sudden infant
5:53 pm
death syndrome. >> as a mother, it's really difficult. >> reporter: still mourning chad threw himself back into baseball, minor league stints with among others toronto failed. his game wasn't ready and neither was his psyche. >> i think it was a blessing in disguise because he needed to be home with all of us to happen. >> reporter: he returned to nationals park for the first time, took a stroll down memory lane where a picture of a slightly larger version of himself still hangs in the bowels of the stadium. that day he also threw out the ceremonial first pitch. >> i got goose bumps on the mound. >> the best closer. >> reporter: he's on the comeback trail once again, fitter, stronger, happier. >> i want to show tea that daddy can do. it. >> reporter: good luck, chad. dave owens, 9 sports. >> now chad is only 30 years old, plans to start training again this offseason hoping he get another chance in the big
5:54 pm
leagues. derek, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead remembering the king 35 years after his death. >> then a little later rescuers make an unexpected discovery after a road collapses. >> and up next before you reach for that bottle of hand sanitizer a health alert about what a chemical in it could do to your muscles after the break.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we are back with a health alert that may have you think
5:57 pm
twice about using lots and lots of hand sanitizer. a new study from the universities of colorado and california day was finds one of the chemicals used in the product -- davis finds one of the chemicals used in the product can be breaking down muscle tissue. this chemical can be found in mouthwashes, toothpaste, deodorant, lipstick and trash bags. we contacted the american cleaning institute in the district. they say the test subjects in this study were overdosed and the maximum concentration of .3% in hand sanitizer was recently proven safe. on the cancer front a study published today shows an experimental drug can significantly extend life for men with advanced stage prostate cancer. the drug blocks testosterone from stimulating the prostate cancer cells that are already there. researchers stopped the study early and offered the drug to the men who were not getting it
5:58 pm
it worked so well. >> there was a four to five months increase in life in the men who got this drug versus the men who did not. >> the new findings out today in the new england journal of medicine released early because of the huge success of the clinical trials. the fda put out an urgent warning today about three deaths in children who received normal doses of codeine following tonsil or adenoid removal surgery. codeine is turned into morphine in the liver and some people metabolize it differently. in these cases the children suffered fatal overdoses. the fda says all kids should be watched carefully after surgery for any signs of trouble such as unusual sleepiness, grogginess or labored breathing. a heart study that measured the thickness of the carotid artery wall finds eating eggs too often could clog arteries as much as smoking. seems like all the cholesterol
5:59 pm
in the yolk is the problem and the worse the damage to the artery wall the longer you eat the yolks, so next time maybe aning he white omelet instead. prince philip was admitted to the hospital tonight. in june he was in the hospital for five days in june with a bladder infection. tomorrow marks 35 years, can you believe it, since elvis presley died. the king of rock and roll was 42 years old when he perished of heart trouble in memphis. every year crowds gather outside the graceland mansion paying tribute to the king. this year is expected to be no different. the candlelight vigil is expected to kick off the remembrances tonight and 75,000 people are expected to show up for the event during what they call elvis week. this is 9 news now. tonight we're learning more about the man accused of shooting a security guard in


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