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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thinks. good day. low humidity. whatever you want. exactly. that's where i was going, andrea. thanks for plaifing along -- playing along. the winds will be up. hopefully not up too much. we're talking temperatures which will be near the 90- degree mark but without the humidity it's not going to feel bad. 58 degrees at noon. sun-- 85 degrees at noon. sunrise at 6:23. setting just after 8:00 p.m. right now all clear this morning and nice, real nice. we're 71 but manassas 63. culpeper, winchester 61. luray 59. it's 71 in southern maryland and also cambridge and la plata. enjoying a fine 65. quick look at highs today. upper 80s to around 90, 91. a good looking thursday weather wise. traffic wise? thank you, good looking. >> thank you, monika.
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it's amazing today. it's unusual but we ve two separate problems on 95 right now so early in the morning as well. first one is northbound 95 right before aquia harbor. an accident blocks the two left lanes. crews are on the scene. you need to scoot over the right to get around that once beyond that, take a look at springfield on the northbound side of i-95. this is final. no problems here -- fine. no problems here till you get to 395. an accident on the southbound side of 395, the ramp to westbound duke street on our traffic land camera or vdot camera, on the southbound side of 395, right here on the ramp to westbound duke street, the activity remains from an overnight accident and they tell me it's going to be about an hour before the ramp reopens. a quick look on the north side of town, no problems to report as you head south on i-270 over to the american legion bridge. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:09. back to you. >> thanks, monika. f.b.i. agents and local police are
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investigating the background of the suspect in the family research council shooting. >> a security guard at the council's office in northwest office was shot before he and some others subdued the gunman. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live at the shooting scene. she has the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. boat the f.b.i. and d.c. police chief cathy lanier are calling this security guard a hero for what he did here yesterday morning. he was shot in the arm. he's still recovering. as for the shooter, we now know that his name is floyd lee corkins. he's 28 years old from herndon, virginia. and this morning he is in f.b.i. custody charged with assault with a deadly weapon and more charges could be coming. this all started just before 11:00 yesterday morning. corkins allegedly walked into the main entrance of the family research council where he was confronted by the security guard leo johnson. law enforcement officials say corkins then made some kind of negative reference about what
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the council does. it's a very conservative christian lobbying group, very against same-sex marriage. without warning he allegedly shot the security guard. the guard then tackled corkins to the ground with the help of a few other people that were standing by in the lobby. they were able to hold him there on the ground until the f.b.i. could take him into custody. >> the security guard was a hero in this case and he does an comment job in stopping the gunman from getting any further into the building and from anyone else getting injured or shot by him. >> reporter: neither police nor the f.b.i. will say anything about motive. they say that's all still part of this ongoing investigation which continues today. but we now know for the last six months, corkins had been a volunteer at the d.c. center for the lgbt community. it's raising a lot of questions this morning. was this a hate crime? was it an act of domestic terrorism? or was it something else
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entirely different? we just don't know at this point. again the f.b.i. says that's all still part of this ongoing investigation. but what we are starting to learn a bit more about is who was this alleged shooter, who was corkins. coming up, we've got some interviews with a few of his neighbors and some of his colleagues about what kind of a person he was perceived to be before this incident took place. that's coming up at 5:30. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. that's kristin fisher with that update live from northwest d.c. a guilty verdict in the murder of a 12-year-old gaithersburg girl. a jury found 43-year-old david hang guilty of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his stepdaughter. police found jessica nguyen's body in the basement of her family's home in may 2011. prosecutors say hang was involved in a sham marriage with nguyen's mother and that he killed her daughter when he had trouble getting out of the relationship. a police officer testified the town square market in d.c. was a feeding frenzy for
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teenagers who wanted to buy booze illegally. yesterday the owner face ad- libbing core commission for see if he could -- faced a liquor commission to see if he could keep his liquor license. now the board gets to deliberate the case and members have 90 days to make their decision. verizon present add new emergency backup system to local government officials wednesday after a failure during the derecho storm. during that storm, verizon didn't know their system was down till fairfax county alerted them. there were also issues with 911 calls in arlington county and other spots. company officials acknowledged their mistakes. they say they're working to fix them and that an audit of backup systems throughout the region is under way. it's 5:05 now. the funky music means it's time for the latest your money report. >> jessica with her own theme song is here with today's headlines. >> good morning. everybody needs a theme song in life, right? it's got to go in your head.
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as for wall street, at least we're focused on our own economy this morning. that's kind of a nice change. the labor department releases its weekly job figures, an indication where layoffs stand. stocks turned in a mixed performance. the dow stands this morning at 13,164, dropped 7 points in trading on the date. nasdaq, the big winner, up about 14 points and the s&p 500 was better by one and a half. speaking of jobs, we have a job fair to tell you about that starts today. target plans to hire 400 people for its new store in mayorfield, virginia. the fair runs today through saturday at the crowne plaza hotel in mclean. the store is scheduled to open this october. he's back. priceline bringing back william shatner in a new television ad. believe it or not, seven months ago the travel site killed off his character in a bus crash ad. there it goes right there.
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you see it right there on the screen. the new spot starts today. it shows shatner on a beach in a business suit with the legs rolled up and holding a surf board. >> you still have it. >> i'll always have it. >> this is it? >> we'll see where the waves take me. >> william shatner, he will always have it. >> i'm thinking a hologram of him like on "star trek." >> captain kirk. he still has it going on. >> what do you have going on for us in the next half-hour? >> all the designer -- all the style of a designer pair of glasses for a fraction of the price. we'll explain that coming up. >> after i just bought a really expensive pair. a controversial voter i.d. law will not be struck down before the november election. that story is coming up. >> plus, there could be some dramatic new developments today
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in the fight over extraditing wikileaks founder julie assange. >> there have been three perfect games in a single season. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:09. a fine morning. humidity levels have dropped behind the front that went through yesterday producing the strong storms south of town. we're in for a fine day. sunshine this morning. this afternoon. it's going to be all day long. midday temps about 85. look for a high today close to
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90. problems though as we head toward the weekend. those details coming up. here's monika with timesaver traffic. an accident on the northbound side of 95 near courthouse road. only the right lane is getting by. watch your step there. once you're here in dumfries, everything is fine up to springfield. i'll be back with more on that accident at 5:17. here's what's making news now at 5:10. a firefight at a pakistani air base is over. now nine people are dead. the base was ambushed overnight by eight men with rocket- propelled grenades and automatic weapons. all eight of them were eventually killed. one person on the base also died. pennsylvania's controversial voter i.d. law will be in place for the november election. a judge denied motions seeking to halt the measure. that law will force voters to show valid photo identification. critics say it will now be more difficult for the elderly, disabled, poor and young adults to vote. we're expecting an announcement any time now about
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the state of julia asaing. his government has made the decision when it comes to asylum for the founder of wikileaks. next week marks the one- year anniversary of that huge earthquake in our area. at 5:32, officials at virginia's nuclear plant are showing off the safety improvements they've made. the 2012 season hasn't started yet but a major injury for maryland football has fans losing hope already. more on that at 5:22. >> next at 5:15, howard has a few hints of fall in his seven- day forecast. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 this thursday morning. a touch of fall in your forecast? >> maybe. >> anything feels like fall compared to 95 and really humid. >> that will be tomorrow's forecast. today we get a break. 9 on. not so -- 90, not so humid. today will be final. the humidity and heat tomorrow could bring strong storms later today and tomorrow night. date night friday night may be marred with a few showers and storms around. if you're going out, keep that in mind. the weekend is going to be cooler. >> just pick a movie. >> huddle under a big umbrella. >> maybe a small umbrella. plan it. weather wise, going to be in a good range.
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lunch time 85 degrees. a little bit of a breeze. northwesterly 5, 10 miles an hour. we'll approach 90 this afternoon for the high. but the key today will be the humidity levels will be a lot lower than they've been the last couple of days. so it will be rather comfortable. you can see the results of a lower humidity in gaithersburg and lovettsville. down to 63 right now. still 70 in alexandria. arlington is 68 this morning. it's 68 in upper marlboro. laurel 67 along with college park and in fairfax county, 66 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, great visibility. clear skies. feels great out there. 71. north, northwesterly winds at 9 miles an hour. our humidity 73 purposes. the next thing we're going to watch weather wise is up here southern canada, the northern mississippi valley. this storm system, low pressure trailing cold front back through iowa, this is going to bring us a cooler weekend. but the question mark that i have or the question very for the weekend is whether or not this front is going to end up down here or down here.
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if it's down in virginia as opposed to north carolina, going to be too close for comfort. that means some clouds and maybe a couple of showers will linger. here's the future cast. no problems today. it really looks like it's going to be a very fine thursday across the region. we'll get into tonight. skies generally clear. then our attention turns to the northwest ahead of that front in ohio and western new york by tomorrow morning. winds southwesterly ahead of it. that's going to pump temps tomorrow 90 to 95. so a hot friday. noon will be okay but look what happens in the afternoon. by 5:00 frederick, watch out. winchester coming through hagerstown. this line of strong, maybe severe storms. this will continue south and east. still with us at midnight and getting south and east of us saturday morning. hopefully continuing south and east but if you're going to be at the beaches, some of the showers could linger. we may see something close to us again over the weekend depending on exactly where the front ends up. a good day today, 90, hot, not too humid. tomorrow 94 degrees. the afternoon storms and the
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evening storms that were yellow alert day, storms potentially start, we'll keep it yellow for now but look at temp, 84. sunday cooler, 81. still a chance after shower on monday, 82. i think it's still looking nice for the commute this morning. >> not too bad. we still have the two issues i've been telling you about. on northbound side of 95 and 395. northbound near 630, the accident with only one lane getting through. it may cause a bit of a slowdown, even this early in the morning. let's take a live look in springfield. that's fine. no problems to report here. just the tiny bit of volume forming as you approach the beltway. we'll go to our next live camera shot and show you what it looks like on 395. this is on the southbound side, that ramp to westbound duke street where an overnight accident is still being investigated and crews tell me and authorities tell me it may still be a while, maybe another half an hour before they reopen that ramp there. so be aware of that southbound 395 ramp to westbound duke
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street. another look at our maps. no problems to report as you come in from the west on the dulles toll road and 66 to the beltway. all lanes are open. i'll be back at 5:24 with more traffic. back to you. >> thank you, monika. the third perfect game of the season was thrown yesterday on the west coast. >> but it wasn't stephen strasburg. we'll have highlights ahead in sports. let's take another look at the question of the day this morning. the average person will accidentally do this five times in their life. is it a, run out of gas, b, run a red light, or c, lock their keys in the car. >> daughter-in-law, one of our facebook friends writes, the key thing, well, let's see now, i've probably done that about five times. the red light? well, i just can't count that high. post your answers on our facebook fan page. we'll reveal the correct answer in our 6:00 a.m. hour. we'll be back. release me, momigus!
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5:21 on this thursday more. you like to workout outside, weather will not be a problem. you want a cookout this evening? go for it. we have temperatures in the 60s, even 50s well west of town. sunshine all day. by lunch time we'll warm quickly. 85 in d.c. near 80 in the shenandoah valley with highs this afternoon approaching the 90-degree mark. the terps suffer a big blow in the football -- and the football season hasn't even
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started yet. >> he may be about finished for the season but stephen strasburg wrapped up the nationals road trip with a win. kristen berset has our morning sports. while most are looking ahead to the post-season and wondering whether or not stephen strasburg will still be a part of the nationals rotation. the manager davey johnson says he's just focused on today and tomorrow, getting the best out of his ace while he can. he got six more solid innings from strasburg last night. a matinee rubber match in san francisco. we pick it up in the top of the 3rd. game tied till danny espinoza rockets one to the deepest part of the park, his 13th of the year. nats take a lead. strasburg helped keep it that way. he gave up just four hits striking out seven batters. he picks up his 14th win of the season. nats take this one 6-4. >> for the first time in major league baseball, three pitchers have thrown a perfect game in one season. the latest one comes from
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seattle's felix hernandez. he was a king yesterday delivering a perfect game complete with 12 strikeouts against the tampa bay rays. it's the first ever perfect game for the seattle franchise. >> university of maryland suffers a major injury. quarterback cj brown who finished last season as the starter will miss the entire season after tearing his acl. this is a big blow to the terps hopes of improving on a two-win season. brown racked up the second most yards of the team, including five rushing touchdowns. now the terps must groom two freshmen who haven't seen any playing time to lead this squad. they have a big task ahead of them. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great thursday. the unselfish action of a security guard may have prevented a massacre at a d.c. office building. more on that story coming up next.
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>> in the next your money report, a spicy newcomer tries to gouge his way into the competitive eye glass market. >> on the southbound side of 395 on the ramp to westbound duke street, you can see the accident activity still ongoing here. that ramp will remain blocked for about another half an hour. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:29. you're watching 9news now.
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kids, do you know what it is that makes this country great?
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the constitution our forefathers wrote? our unified belief in the american dream? yes! those are some of the great things i was thinking of. celebrate america with the tour of america. only at denny's. good morning. welcome back to nine fine now. im-- nine fine now. i'm -- 9news now. i'm andrea roane. what are you having for breakfast? >> food again. >> good morning. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. what are you having for breakfast? >> i would like to have a big breakfast like pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon. >> i'm just grazing on some fruit and cereal. i'm a grazer. i don't have just one meal. >> she does traffic. he does weather and we drink
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coffee. >> lots and lots of coffee over there. a great day. sunrise not till 6:21. it's going to be a beautiful day today in the sense it's august, it's not going to be too humid. even though highs will be around 90, it's going to feel pretty good. by lunch time, mike, if you want to go outside and run or maybe eat breakfast and lunch -- eat lunch outside on the patio, 85 degrees. 89 by 5:00 with a high right around 90. maybe 91. but it's going to feel good. big storms yesterday hit south of town. this morning they're all gone. once again up toward new england seeing some showers and thunderstorms. we're left with clear skies, lower humidity levels and a fine start with temperatures upper 50s luray, cumberland. 61 frederick this morning. 68 to the south in fredericksburg. baltimore 67. annapolis 71. la plata, you are enjoying a nice morning, 65. here's our forecast highs for this afternoon. mid- to upper 80s shenandoah
5:29 am
valley. we'll be around 90 here in d.c. it is 5:28. almost 5:29. monika's got her coffee this morning. >> i do. that's actually what's for breakfast. if you're planning to head around northbound i-95, i want to let you know about an accident right before route 6 30 and only the right lane is getting through. apparently we're hearing from authorities there's a four-mile backup on the northbound side of i-95 trying to get past that accident scene before route 630 so keep that in mind for your travel plans. let's go a little further north where we've been telling you about an accident since early this morning. the ongoing investigation continues here. it's the southbound side of 395 ramp to westbound duke street. so keep that in mind for your travel plans as well. i think it will be about another half an hour or so before they reopen that ramp. let's go to the other side of town. no problems to report on the beltway between bethesda and college park. 95, 270 both look good as well. we'll end with a live look here
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on the beltway at kenilworth avenue. all of that overnight construction was moved off to the side. i'll be back with more on that accident on 95 at 5:39. back to you guys. medicare is the new hot topic in campaign 2012. >> sure is. mitt romney's newly named running mate wisconsin congressman paul ryan heard the protests at his campaign events. he launched an attack on the obama administration claiming the white house raided medicare's coffers to help fund its reform care act. >> the president took $716 billion from the medicare program, he raided it to pay for obama care. >> it was estimated that governor romney's running mate, his original plan would force seniors to pay an take $6400 a year. >> the president countered by saying mr. ryan proposed a plan to turn medicare into a voucher system. however, both the ryan plan and president obama's budget proposal contained the same $716 billion cap on medicare. it could have been deadly.
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a security guard stopped a shooting inside a d.c. office building, even though he had already been wounded. the shooting happened at the headquarters of a conservative christian lobbying group. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live outside that building with more. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. the big question this morning is still motive. why would a 28-year-old walk into the lobby of the family research council and just open fire, shooting the security guard? both the f.b.i. and d.c. police say that is all still part of this ongoing investigation. it's an investigation that started here yesterday morning when this all happened around 10:45 and continued very late until the night up in herndon which is where this alleged gunman is believed to have lived. f.b.i. agents took several hours yesterday searching for clues at the suspect's home. his name floyd lee corkins. from what we've been able to dig up, he doesn't seem to have
5:32 am
too much of a criminal history but he did volunteer at the d.c. center for the lgbt community for the last six months. that's very important because the family research council is well known for being very conservative, very against same- sex marriage. neighbors describe the family as being nice, good neighbors, low key, but they didn't seem to know too much about the suspected gunman himself. >> i don't know. i can't imagine anything really going on. it's -- they're a nice family. >> we have girl scout troops and boy scout troops and now apparently we have northbound on the news. -- >> we have somebody on the news. >> reporter: yesterday an f.b.i. agent escorted corkins' mother away from the home. her son now in f.b.i. custody charged with assault with a deadly weapon but more charges could definitely be coming. as for the security guard, leo johnson, he is truly the hero in this story. he was shot in the arm by this gunman. he then wrestled him to the
5:33 am
ground, held him there till police could arrive. d.c. police, the f.b.i., they're all calling him a hero this morning. i'm happy to report that he is now recovering. he's expected to be just fine. back to you. >> kristin fisher reporting live from outside the family research council in northwest. this morning members of the transgender community plan to protest outside d.c. mayor gray's office. they say despite antidiscrimination laws, transgendered individuals still have a hard time finding places to work and live. a spokesperson tells 9news terrible things are happening to transgender people because of a lack of housing. it leaves them vulnerable. next thursday, august 23, is the one-year anniversary of a major earthquake here. emergency alarms sounded yesterday at dominion virginia's power plant n. time it was just a test. power company officials took reporters on a tour of the plant. last year's tremors shut down both plant's reactors for three
5:34 am
months. dominion says they are prepared for any natural disaster. >> no matter what event occurs, that we are able to have water, electrical power and a means to keep the fuel cool. then we know we are keeping our people safe. >> dominion says it spent $21 million on improvements to the north anna plant including installing seismic monitors right around the property. dominion hopes to get approval to build a third reactor on the same site in 2015. it is 5:34. time for another your money report. >> jessica can see clearly now. >> it's so easy to drop three, four, maybe $500 on a pair of really good looking glasses. but now you have a new option for a fraction of the cost. and you can get your new specks without even leaving the comfort of your own home. >> reporter: it's a david versus goliath business model. small start-up taking on the
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big eyeglasses companies with hip designs and low prices. >> i could essentially have had five pairs of warby parker for the price of one pair of kind of designer glasses. >> reporter: all glasses are a flat $95. that includes the frames, the lenses, and antireflective and antiscratch coatings. >> it didn't make sense to us that a pair of glasses should cost us an iphone. >> reporter: the brand was a hit right from the get go. >> we started warby parker in 2010 when we were full-time graduate students. the company just shot off like a rocket ship. we were featured in vogue and gw and within three weeks hit our first year's sales target. within four weeks sold out of our top 15 styles. >> reporter: here's how the process works. you go to and check out which frames you might potentially like for yourself. then the company sends you a box of eyeglasses to try on at home. here's the fun part, trying on
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the glasses. kind of cute. these are a little hipster for me. a little gray frame. i love the mat frame on these. these are the keepers. and they even do sunglasses. once you've selected your frames, the company will even call your optometrist for your prescription. there's a 30-day no questions asked free return policy too. there may even be a brick and mortar store coming to the area. >> hopefully we'll be down and be able to welcome everybody into sort of a physical store. >> i think to understand what kind of styles are in. they really market towards that. >> reporter: with its trendy designs, low price point and focus on the customer, it's easy to see why warby parker is catching on. >> the exoa even has -- the company even has a social mission with its buy a pair,
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give a pair program. for every pair of glasses sold, warby parker buys a pair of glasses for someone in need. $95. and they ok great. look at you guys. >> here we are in the ones we picked out, we thought looked good on our faces. hi there. >> you look cool. you look really cool. >> i'm going to the beach. >> look at mike. >> mike's glasses sore minimal, i'm not used to wearing something so very substantial. >> those are fantastic. >> look at howard. >> got the waldo look here. >> you guys look beautiful. >> these are neat. i like these. >> jess was saying before, these glasses, when you go out to buy them, so many companies are owned by one major company that prices can go sky high. so do have a lower cost option is pretty neat. >> thank you. ahead on 9news, thousands
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of illegal immigrants are taking advantage of a new program to stay here with the government's approval. that story is coming up. plus, why the already bad wildfire situation in the pacific northwest could get even worse today. we'll explain.
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a beautiful morning. 5:40. nice air has moved in. drier, less humid air and that's feeling good this morning. we'll feel good all day. your day planner this thursday, calling for sunshine. temperatures by noon about 85 degrees. 89 at 3:00. we're going to be around 90 for the high. humidity comes back tomorrow along with storms. right now monika with timesaver traffic. accident activity southbound 39 a on the amp -- 395 on the ramp to duke street. also an accident northbound 95 before route 630 blocking all but one lane causing several
5:41 am
miles of delay. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:48. making news now at 5:41, wildfires burning in four states in the pacific northwest have forced hundreds of people to flee their homes. an exhaustive firefighting crew could have more problems today because temperatures are on the rise and humidity levels are dropping. thousands of illegal immigrants are lining up around the nation to take advantage of a new policy by the white house when it comes to immigration. people under 31 years old who came to this country before they were 16 can apply for legal work status if they're in school or graduated or served in the u.s. military. one ticket was sold for last night's $337 million power ball jackpot. it happened at a store in michigan. the winning numbers are 6, 27, 46, 51, 56. and the power ball is 21. one ticket sold in virginia matched everything but the power ball so that person will
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win $1 million. and just in case you weren't the power ballwiner which we believe that's the case, we have daily deals to save you some money. young people are in the kitchen to show their parents how to make school lunches for just $1. before we go, let's check out the birthday list today. she attended high school in bowie, maryland. kathy lee gifford is 59. her husband frank is 82. oscar nominated actress angela bassett is 54. madonna is 54. oscar winning actor timothy hutton is 52. he played the 40-year-old virgin and he's in hope springs, actor steve corel is 50 -- steve carell is 50. we'll be right back.
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good morning.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:45. what do we have in store? >> today looks great. tomorrow we could potentially have strong storms in the evening. it will be hot. the weekend cooler. temperatures maybe only in the low 80s in spots. we'll take that for sure. it's thursday morning. we're almost there. we're making progress. looking at the day planner. it is going to be a fine, fine day here. i believe some schools actually start next week in spots in virginia. so enjoy this one. 85. louisa county started yesterday i'm being told. back to school. 85 at noon. we'll get the bus stop forecast going for you next week. 89 at 4:00 p.m. with a high today around 90 and an evening temperature at 8:00 85. winds will turn southwest after being northwesterly. luray 60. 59 cumberland. 63 hagerstown and gaithersburg. low 70s in town. by the bay even. areas away from the water, even
5:47 am
in southern maryland we're seeing some readings this morning in the mid- to upper 60s. we've got 66 in fauquier county. 71 degrees under clear skies. dew point in the low 60s. this has dropped a bit. humidity 73%. a fine, comfortable start to the day. a stronger front is coming tomorrow night. warm 70s and 80s ahead of it this morning with 50s and 60s behind it. i just want to point out in great falls, montana, that's got to feel g. 46 degrees this morning. casper down to 55. that front is coming through areas in the upper plains and the western lakes here. low pressure spinning in southern canada with a trailing cold front. look at the storms on the southern half of this front across iowa this morning, across eastern wisconsin, down toward milwaukee. they're getting hit pretty good. that's the front that will be arriving here tomorrow night. ahead of it today, high pressure is over us. we've got a great day in store after a few storms yesterday
5:48 am
with sunshine all day long. highs about 90. humidity levels in a good place. we dip into the 60s and low
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