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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we'll get some cloud cover later on today. some sprinkles, showers moving on through. it's the cold front that's coming in our direction. the day planner is going to start out as i said on the positive so you want the sunglasses getting out this morning. by midday i think you're great, even through lunch time as we hit the upper 80s, lower 90s early afternoon. it will be mostly cloudy by 4:00. that means come 5:00, 6:00, showers and thunderstorms will start to develop west to east as we top out into the lower 90s. that gives us that instability and allows some of these storms to really pop. so we're watching for the potential for maybe a severe cell or two to move on through. overall, though, for today our forecast is quiet this morning as temperatures are in the 70s and we'll definitely see the opportunity for those late day showers and storms. monika is here with a look at traffic. >> thank you so much, olga. on the beltway close into washington, things are looking great. no issues to report right now other than some slow traffic forming around town. but the big issue right now is
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on the northbound side of i-95 headed toward baltimore. we're going to take a live look from our sky 9 northbound 95. this is where it's blocked with the early morning accident at i- 195. you see traffic being diverted there along the left side to the inner loop of the baltimore beltway west side there. so that's going to cause some delays. the arrow board is set up. you can see equipment on the scene. i think the investigation and cleanup will take some time so keep that in mind, emily if you're headed out for a three- day weekend early this morning. it's going to add some time to your commute. let's go back over to the maps. this time we'll head over to the other side of town. no issues to report luckily northbound i-95 unlike yesterday. things are looking great from dale city into springfield. no issues right now. you can see all the green. in fact, let's take a live look there on our camera. northbound 95 looks great in spring field. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:11. >> thanks, monika. for the second time since being named the republican vice
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presidential candidate, paul ryan is visiting northern virginia. he'll northbound springfield today. >> that's in less than a week. it's a sign just how big of a key role the commonwealth will play in the presidential election this year. kristin fisher is following the latest joining us live from springfield. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. you know you're living in a swing state when the new v.p. pick is campaigning in your state for the second time in less than a week. paul ryan is going to be starting the day in glen alan. then we'll be here at west springfield high scal this afternoon. ryan -- high school this afternoon. ryan is already making quite an impact on this race. a new cnn poll shows in a week aft wisconsin congressman was named romney's running mate, his state has gone from leaning obama to a trues to yup. the president's lead in wisconsin is just four points n. virginia it's about seven points. expect ryan to talk a lot about the economy today, about health care which is what mitt romney was trying to talk about at a campaign event yesterday. he even pulled out the old dry
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erase board for a lesson on the differences between his medicare plan and the president's medicare plan but all the reporters wanted to talk about was the issue, the same issue that has been dodging romney for months, taxes. why won't he release more than two years of his income tax returns? here's how romney responded. >> i just have to say given the challenges that america faces, 23 million people out of work, iran about to become nuclear, one out of six americans in poverty, the fascination with taxes i paid i find to be very small minded compared to the broad issues that we face. but i did go back and look at my taxes and over the past ten years, i never paid less than 13%. >> reporter: after romney made those remarks, the obama campaign issued a stainlt that says, quote -- statement that says, quote, since there is substantial reason to doubt his claims, we have a simple message for him. prove it. >> thank you, kristin. she's live on the campaign
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trail in springfield, virginia. neither the obama campaign or the romney campaign are responding now to an open letter regarding the virginia tech shootings. dozens of relatives of people who were killed or wounded in the 2007 shooting rampage sent a letter to both candidates. they want some answers on how to improve background checks when it comes to guns and neither campaign is giving a direct answer at this point. part of the letter wrote, quote, now is the time to fix our nation's broken gun laws. but we need our nation's leaders to tell us the specific steps you will take to prevent more bloodshed. 32 people died in the tech shootings. it's led to changes in how college campuses handle emergencies but again they want some gun issues taken care of. the mother of a man who stop add gunman inside a d.c. office building even after he was shot agrees with everyone who calls her son a hero. >> i know he saved a whole lot of lives yesterday. i'm very proud of him. i could be no prouder than i am. i thank got for everything. i thank god for him, too,
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because so many people could have been gone away from here today. >> 46-year-old leonardo johnson is a building manager at the frc. he didn't have a weapon when he tackled the accused gunman. >> corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the southern poverty law center that have been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy. >> corkins is being held without bond. leundergo a mental hill -- he will undergo a mental health evaluation. nearly 18 months after that devastating flood at a popular georgetown restaurant, it is finally going to reopen. it will be open today. check out what it looked like in april 2011. the whole region suffered massive flooding. there was a problem with the flood walls on the georgetown
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waterfront and the potomac river came rushing in the restaurant there that day. here's a bold crook. a man in salisbury, maryland broke into a home, stripped down and cooked a chicken pot pie in the kitchen. the homeowner was home at the time. called 911. police say when they got there, they found a 22-year-old sitting in the living room chair licking the television remote. he's now being held in jail. >> oh, goodness gracious. at 6:06, jessica doyle is watching your money and your cybersecurity. >> what is wrong with people? >> i can't even do my own report. chicken pot pie, licking the remote? we've got problems here, people. >> lock your doors. we're going to talk about cybersecurity but i think the chicken pot pie is more interesting. big debate right now. do you change your passwords all the time? we can't remember our passwords. it's tough. everybody is getting hacked. particularly since people are
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getting hacked more and more -- [indiscernible] -- zappos suffer add major security breach. it affected 24 million customers. to protect yourself from future attacks, there are a few simple things you can do like making sure your security updates are current and contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to regularly change your passwords. >> academics pretty much feel that by having people rotate their passwords frequently, it forces them to choose shorter and shorter passwords, things that are actually intentionally weaker over time because people don't have that long-term memory. come up with a memorable password. once you get in the habit of using something like that you will not be using the same password on multiple websites. >> if you discover you're the victim of a security breach or even if you suspect it, you need to change your password
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immediately. if you use the same password on a lot of sites, you need to change your passwords on those sites as well. hackers are likely to try toe use stolen passwords in multiple online locations. that security breach at yahoo recently revealed some of the most popular passwords. do not, i repeat do not use these passwords. 1123456, pass word, welcome, ninja, abc123. princess and sunshine. i recommend chicken pot pie. >> there it is. >> >> i want to meet this guy and ask why. coming up on 6:09. this summer has been the worst for west nile virus in nearly a
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decade. in five minutes the latest case in our region and where in the country the disease is really bad. >> it's going to be a sunny start to friday. not bad. clouds may be starting. a little rain this afternoon, too. your weather first is straight ahead. >> but first, we love our technology, not enough to lick the remote though. 3% of americans feel positively about the computer industry. also on the top of the list is the restaurant industry. >> pot pie. >> it's 59% positive. the retail sector came in number 3 where you can buy that chicken pot pie. >> the gallop poll also looked at industries we like the least. 61% of us have a negative impression of the oil and gas friday industry. right behind the federal government and the banking industry.
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plenty of sunshine today but afternoon clouds will be moving on in. we'll see late day showers and thunderstorms. highs today in the 80s. tomorrow much cooler but we're looking at a dry forecast for saturday. rain returns on sunday. on the northbound side of i- 95 in springfield, no irks to report as you head out frup dale city to route 644 and the beltway and on to 395.
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i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. a second confirmed case of west nile virus has been reported in maryland. >> this is the latest case found in our region. the disease is usually transmitted through mosquitoes. >> the entire country is seeing the biggest spike in west nile since 2004. it's turned deadly in texas. >> reporter: the federal government counts nearly 700 cases of the west nile virus which is spread by infected mosquitoes in 32 states this year. of those 26 people have died. texas is the hardest hit state with at least 16 deaths. the mayor of dallas declared a state of emergency wednesday, a week after dallas county and in a controversial move to fight the spread of the virus, airplanes began spraying pesticide over the dallas area thursday night. that hasn't happened there since 1966. a teen in arlington, texas has a rare strand of the virus that affects her brain. at any moment she could lose
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consciousness or control of her limbs. her mother is thankful she recognized the signs that something was seriously wrong. >> if a parent is not connected to their child, your child could die on your sofa. you may not know it because it just seemed like she was just taking a nap and not waking up. >> reporter: in north carolina public health officials say an 84-year-old man is the first person to die from the virus in the state in at least seven years. his wife of 65 years knew something was off when he fell asleep during a nascar race, something he had never done before. >> he sat in this chair one afternoon and slept through the whole nascar race and he was an avid race car fan. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with the virus on his second trip to the hospital. i'm andrew spencer for 9news now. >> the symptoms of west nile include fever, body aches, vomiting and a rash. people with mild forms generally recover on their own but people with serious cases can land in the hospital. prevention steps include using insect repellent, staying out of wooded areas, especially
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around sunrise and sunset, and there are no medications to treat west nile. we are going to have some rain in our area. >> we are eventually. but right now it's really gorgeous outside. i'm waiting for my next chance to get out there on that weather terrace because sunrise is in progress. so things are starting to look good. let's pop in the michael & son camera. over at the white house we're seeing a little bit of a haze. there is some mugginess, moisture. a tiny bit of humidity but it's not too bad. we basically have winds out of the southwest and that will continue ahead of the front. it's 73 degrees at reagan national so we have dropped down a degree or so over the last couple of hours. we will continue with warm conditions, almost hot by later on this afternoon. sunshine should stick around through your lunch break but around 4:00 or 5:00 the showers and thunderstorms will start to develop and we could see some heavy downpours at times. satellite and radar shows you exactly where the front is. it's well off to our west.
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it's expected to slide in toward the east. that's going to stir up our shower and storm opportunity later on this afternoon. some of that may linger into the late night, early morning saturday hours because the front is expected to move very, very slowly off towards the east. overall today, grab the sunglasses. stepping out this morning, you're going to need it as you head on in toward the afternoon. then we'll see that pop of moisture with the showers and storms developing. some of those could be a little bit heavy at times but behind it, much cooler temps as we shift our winds out of the north and northwest. so it won't be quite as humid as well. we'll scour out some of that mugginess. the temperatures scan this morning have been sitting in the 60s for the most part this morning. outside of the beltway we have 66 up toward the college park area. 73 at reagan national and only 68 down toward annual drews air force base. -- andrews air force base. it's definitely going to be sunny through midday. futurecast is trying to work on this timing. every run is giving it more opportunity for the rain to cross on over the mountains. after 5:00, 6:00, good bet that
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your evening plans will be impacted by a few showers and storms. some of this down across the southern zones could be heavy at times and with gusty winds as well. moips tur slow to move -- moisture slow to move out because we're expecting the front to slow down during the early morning hours and then push on out. highs today make it to 92 for reagan national. we should see about 92 for culpeper. out on the eastern shore into the lower 90s as well but the humidity will be much, much relieved over the next couple of days. you see that in the numbers. code green forecast for saturday as we only hit 82 degrees. we'll stick near 80 for sunday. look at monday and tuesday. the rain moves on out but by tuesday, wednesday and into thursday, we start to get back to normal with temperatures in the middle pushing upper 80s. just getting word of an accident in the leesburg area on route 15 at whites ferry road. route 15 at whites ferry road. let's take a look on the northbound side -- northbound side of i-95.
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there's an accident just after lorton and it's sitting on the right shoulder. now we're reaching really the main part of the rush hour. that means it's going to slow you down on the northbound side of i-95 getting past that accident although your lanes are open. let's take a live look a little further north on 395. once you're beyond all of that mess, things are great at the 14th street bridge. all the poteau pack and anacostia -- potomac and anacostia crossings look like this. taking a look at the bw parkway and route 50 inside the beltway through cheverly. everything is fine. northbound on new hampshire avenue right before the beltway, an accident at oakview drive. let's take a look at new york avenue at bladensburg road heading through the northeast corridor. lanes are open. i'll be back with traffic at 6:25. >> thank you, monika. coming up on 6:19 now, next in sports, we're going to catch up on rookie bryce harper. >> right now time for another check of our question of the morning. a new survey finds women are more likely to give men their phone number if they are approached in which of these
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places. is it a, a bakery, b, the dry cleaners or c, the car wash? >> our facebook friend keith is weighing in for the guys on this one. i think a, the bakery because fresh donuts make people weak. >> keep those guesses coming. we'll reveal the correct answer at 6:54. [ male announcer ] on one corner, one pharmacist started it all: charles walgreen had a mission to help people be happy and healthy. from inventing the first chocolate malt... to creating a nonprofit pharmacy for our troops... to the first child safety caps. walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years. and we're just getting started. with more and more ways to be well every day. here at the corner of happy and healthy.
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time is 6:22 on this mild friday mortgage. we're starting -- friday morning. we're start off with sunshine. we'll fee sur sunshine through -- feature sunshine through midday. this afternoon will feature showers and storms. some of the storms could be quite heavy. after a long trip out west, the nationals are back home tonight. they start a six-game home stand. >> the mets are in town this weekend. in the standings the nats have a four-game lead over the braves. >> bryce harper spent his thursday at the baseball pro camp in fairfax. it was for little leaguers ages
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6 to 14. at 14 some of them are not much younger than the 19-year-old harper. he says he's happy to give back and build the nats young fan base. >> when i was back home, i loved going out and seeing little leaguers play and being around and really doing things for the community. i think, you know, coming into d.c. and really trying to do things for this town, the city, the kids and stuff like that, i think it's always a lot of fun. i have a blast out here with everybody. >> a big fan of the hat. the orioles went for the sweep against the red sox last night. one hit out to baltimore's manny but he can't handle it. baltimore and detroit tonight. while the orioles visit detroit, detroit's football team is in baltimore. the ravens host the lions tonight. kickoff is at 8:00. the redskins are in chicago. they'll take on the bears tomorrow night at 8:00. some thursday night football last night between the browns and packers. in the 3rd, the brown's david
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simms makes an amazing catch for an interception. he returned it for a touchdown. cleveland upsets the packers 35- 10. in the other games the bengals beat the dirty birds 24-19. ah, too bad. >> always makes me left when you say the dirty bird falcons. she does not care for atlanta. 6:24. still ahead, new calls for putting power lines underground again all to avoid future outages. >> plus, what bizarre thing e- bay won't let you sell and learn why. but first, here's monika with a quick check on traffic. >> look at this. looking great on 270 from route 109 down to 121 and the point where the lanes divide. i'll have more on traffic coming up in my next report. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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we are back. coming up 06:29. -- on 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. looking down pennsylvania avenue, northwest washington. there you see the washington uponment. olga -- monument. cool ga was talk -- olga was talking about a nice sunrise
6:29 am
happening right now. >> we're glad you're starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. howard is off today. olga breese is live on our weather terrace with two sides to the forecast today. >> that's right. right now it's perfect out here. we have a gentle wind. temperatures are comfortable. 70s in towfnlt up -- in town. upper 60s outside the beltway. i'm tracking a cold front that could affect you if you're heading out to the nats game later this evening. day planner, a lot of sunshine. grab the sunglasses. we're good through lunch break. by late afternoon, 2:00, 3:00 clouds start to fill in and by 4:00 we could see the showers and storms arrive. should could be strong. 134n could be steady. temperature -- some could be steady. temperatures will make it in the lower 90s ahead of that front. we'll take a look from our sky 9. this has been an ongoing accident with investigation and cleanup continuing. northbound 95 at i-195 at the baltimore beltway. that traffic you see on the
6:30 am
right side of your screen is being diverted to baltimore's inner loop west side of their beltway. so keep that in mind. it is slowing things down a bit more than usual early on a friday morning northbound on i- 95 with the cones set up. i think it's going to be there for a while. let's go over to our maps. if you're planning to head over to our beltway, no issues to report. you see all take green. that means traffic is moving really, really well, even at this point in the rush hour. no problems to report on the dulles toll road or 66 heading for the beltway and inside the beltway as well toward the roosevelt bridge you're going to be just final. let's take a live look as you travel in the downtown area. a great example of what it looks like. i'm going to step out. so pretty. no problems on pennsylvania avenue near the willard hotel. back over to our maps. this time we'll head to the south side of town. looking good on route 4, route 5, 301 and 210 out of accokeek up toward oxon hill. a live look there right now as you travel on the beltway at 210 traveling to the wilson bridge you're okay. this is new york avenue at
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bladensburg road in northeast d.c. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:42. they were talking about it this morning. of course you can't turn on espn or sports radio these days without hearing about the nationals, especially the decision to shut down stephen strasburg. >> our partners in new york are focusing on a team other than the yankees for once. anthony mason of cbs this morning are talking nats today. good morning. >> hold on a second, mike and andrea. i'm a mets fan so i'm doing all the suffering around here. good morning. a lot of people are talking about those first place nationals and stephen strasburg. we'll talk to the national g.m. mike rizzo about his decision to pull strasburg off the mound even though it will hurt the team's chance at the world series. also the disappearing flaishiers of montana's glacier national park. we'll show you how warmer temperatures are melting the glaciers threatening wildlife and the water supply when we see you at 7:00. >> i hope you'll be tuning in because your mets are down here in the capital city this weekend. >> be kind to us, please.
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>> i think it will be a sweep. maybe not 11-1. >> come on. give us a game. >> i like the positive approach. it's going to hurt them pulling stref ten strasburg -- stephen strasburg when they're in the world series. today the presidential campaign lands in fairfax county. it's another virginia stop for vice presidential candidate paul ryan. >> kristin fisher is live in springfield this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the candidates are really showing just how important the state of virginia is in this race. mitt romney chose this state as the place to announce his running mate last weekend. now paul ryan has campaigned here twice in the last week. he'll be here at west springfield high school this afternoon. on the democratic side vice president biden has spent the last two days stumping in the state. just yesterday he held a rally in danville where he created quite a bit of controversy. he told a predominantly african-
6:33 am
american audience that mitt romney would unchain wall street and, quote, put you all back in chains." chains. the romney campaign has called biden's remarks a new low but so far the white house has not apologized for those comments. yesterday the president spent time rallying his troops in virginia where he's currently holding a seven-point lead over his opponent according to a new "washington post" poll. earlier in the week he was campaigning in iowa where his main focus was the economy, health care and distinguishing his medicare ran from his opponent's -- plan from his opponent's plan. >> our plan extends medicare by nearly a decade. their plan ends medicare as we know it. >> reporter: mitt romney also tried to talk medicare at a campaign event yesterday but all reporters wanted to talk about was taxes and why he won't release more than two years worth of his income tax returns. so today expect his running mate paul ryan to once again try to set apart the romney medicare plan from the obama
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medicare plan. the event here at west springfield high school is going to get started at 3:30. but that's when the program starts. if you want to be here, you want to get a good seat, doors open at 1:15. you can see it's pretty quiet right now. school is not in session just yet. no secret service out here for an event like this. really completely empty. but that's going to be completely different by around 1:15 when doors open. 3:15 when the event actually gets under way. mike, andrea? >> thank you, kristin. she's live on the campaign trail in springfield, virginia. dat white house is going to make -- today the white house is going to make $470 million available for road and bridge projects. the money was allocated for these projects seven years ago but it was never used. we want to update you on a situation on interstate 95. a man is facing criminal charges after a crash which killed a passenger in his car. it happened early yesterday morning on 395 at little river turnpike. it took several hours for
6:35 am
police to clear the scene. police say the driver was drunk and speeding when he ran off the road. the car spun around, hit a tree and split in two. of course we'll have more on this from monika. a human skeleton was found behind a home in manassas, virginia. it was discovered wednesday night near miniville road. police say they can only confirm the remains are that of an adult. investigators haven't determined for foul play is suspected. details like sex, race and time of death are also unknown. d.c. mayor vincent gray's task force looking into burying power lines will hold its first meeting next thursday. it's made up of city leaders, pepco executives and community leaders from warmeds that typically see the highest outages -- wards that typically see the highest outages after storms. the goal is to create a long- term plan in the wake of june's derecho's storm. residents are invited to
6:36 am
comment at next week's meeting. jessica doyle is watching your money and a search for a new job. >> she says there's an odd job that can make you successful and that is what? >> being single. >> that makes you successful? >> in these job searches. that's what we're finding. single people are finding jobs faster by a long shot as the economy recovers. here are the numbers to back that up. single men and women lost about five million jobs during the financial crisis. they've gained back 90% of those. married people make up a slightly larger part of the population. they lost six million jobs and only recouped about 22% of that. some people are subjecting married people, dual income, they've been able to take more time, be pickier selecting a job since their spouse is still bringing in income. yesterday morning we told you this might happen. facebook stock got slammed. early investors, some top executives got their first chance to sell as the so-called lockout period expired. facebook closed just under $20
6:37 am
a share, that's about half of its ipo price. investors have concerns about facebook's plans to reof course -- to produce revenue. e-bay is banning the sale of magic services as part of a new policy update. that means you can't buy agreeings, -- blessings, prayers, hexes. apparently when there are complaints about these types of products, they're very hard to reconcile with the customer and the seller. i did a little search for you on e-bay for black magic. these are among the items where returns are not accepted. the most powerful black magic love spell for $25. ultimate black magic spells from experienced maggots.
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i don't know what that is. here's one for mike. >> i can't pronounce it. what is that? >> i don't know. >> something to do with dead bodies? >> seems like it. >> it's $175 gl. so at least i know what i'm doing for christmas presents. >> pretty hard to reconcile that one. >> the remote control, baking chicken pot pie. >> there is no chicken pot pie but there are recipes. d.c. restaurant week wraps up this weekend. in nine minutes we'll get a taste of what chef jeff in tysons corner is cooking up. a sunny start to the day but storms could be rolling through. straight ahead, we have details on a weekend cooldown and just how long that is going to last.
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welcome back.
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it's 6:42 and 73 degrees. monika here with your timesaver traffic. a live look from our sky 9. there was an accident here all morning long on the northbound side of i-95 at 195. you can see that the
6:44 am
the weather terrace. >> we had the winds. we're starting to see them pick up a little bit. right now we are looking great. mainly sunny skies. temperatures in the 70s in town. we're looking at the 60s outside the beltway. we'll continue with sunshine through midday and early afternoon. i think you're going to be just fine as far as it comes to dining outside for your lunch break. but late afternoon, 2:00 to 3:00, the clouds are really going to take over and we'll definitely see showers and storms start to pop by that 6:00 hour. satellite and radar looking good for us so far right now. but you can see that cold front off toward our west. it's going to continue to move on through. we expect this to be a slow moving front so the moisture will linger around as we head into early saturday morning.
6:45 am
headlines for today looking good. sunglasses in the morning. a slight opportunity for showers and storms later on today. some of those could be quite steady in pockets. strong winds as well. much cooler behind the front. fairly comfortable as we head into the weekend and not a bad start to next week as well as the humidity will stay in check for the next couple of days. the forecast for today will start off with our near 70- degree temperatures in town. we'll pop in some sunshine for most of the afternoon. timing is a little bit iffy but at this point i'm expecting it to be about 2:00 to 4:00. mainly cloudy skies. moisture starts off west. some of this could be steady, particularly later on this evening and into the early morning hours we'll see some steady rain as the front moves on through and could even stall out just a little bit. highs today should pop into the lower range 90s. comfortable overnight tonight. as we get down to near 70 degrees in town, 60s outside the beltway. and tomorrow much cooler. forecast turns to cold green on
6:46 am
saturday afternoon and evening as we hit the lower 80s. on sunday as well. a little bit more cloud cover and the seven-day forecast looks fantastic. comfortable on sunday and monday. tuesday we inch up into the middle range 80s. we push those upper 80s late in the week. andrea? >> thank you, olga. d.c. restaurant week ends this weekend. one place taking part is chef jeff's in tysons corner. joining us from the restaurant is executive chef peter russo. thank you very much for being here with us. you've been participating all week. how has been the traffic? >> it's been extremely busy. it's been great. a lot of guests. >> a lot of people seeing and enjoying the food you prepare at chef jeff. what are you preparing for us today? >> today we're doing an air local tomato wild corn ris society toe with -- corn risotto with goat cheese. >> you say this is one of your favorite recipes you like to prepare. why? >> i enjoy the wholesomeness of
6:47 am
it. it's a good dish. people enjoy it and i enjoy preparing it. >> with this dish you were talking about the heirloom tomatoes. all the seasonal fruits and vegetables you're using in the recipe. with the drought how have things been for these types of fruits and vegetables? >> it's been okay. it goes throughout the season so up in new york state we've been getting tomatoes from there. it slowly moves down. >> let's tell people in case they don't know how lunch week works. lunch is $20.12. dinner is $35.12. you have a brunch and that is happening through sunday, $20.12 as well. is it special items that you can pick from or are we choosing from your regular chef geoff menu. >> we're choosing from the entire menu. there's no limitation. you can order a rib eye to a fisherman stew on the menu. we do the entire menu. >> choices are really good. what is this here? >> we have an heirloom
6:48 am
panzanell. just a grilled baguette, air local tomatoes diced up as drizzled with white balsamic reduction. >> you have desserts that are also available. what are some of the favorites on the menu? good the s'mores tart. >> it's like comfort food. >> it really is like comfort food from how we toast the marshmallow on top. it's hand made. people are really enjoying that. >> we love it when someone else cooks for us. so you can go to restaurant week, finish it up this weekend. again lunch today and tomorrow, $20.12. dinner tonight and tomorrow $35.12. brunch through sunday is $20.12. chef geoff tysons is at leesburg pike. this is the finished product. it looks delicious. we will be sampling. chef peter russo, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having us.
6:49 am
>> it's been busy but he loves it when it's busy. jess is busy, too. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites finding you discounts. here are some of my favorites on this friday. who needs a tv. has a westinghouse 40-inch, the price $279.99. that's going to save you $70 and there's free shipping. it is buy one get one free time at it's offering several women's dresses in this deal. what's going to happen is you'll pay $19.99 for one dress and you will get another one for free. and we here at wusa eat there all the time. now you can, too, at 50% off. google offers has a deal with cafe ole in upper northwest. ten bucks and you get $20 worth of mediterranean fare. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. a check of the news before you
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go is next.
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welcome back. at 6:53, we have a lot of sunshine in progress. it's going to abgood first half of your day. you'll need the sunglasses this morning anded umbrella later this afternoon as clouds fill in around 2:00 to 4:00. we'll see the showers and storms develop. it is 6:53. august 17 on a friday. here's a check of the news before you go. the man accused in wednesday's shooting at the family research council offices is undergoing a mental evaluation now. police say floyd corkins shot the building manager before that man actually took him down with a gunshot wound. corkins is going to be in court next week. the man who admits he killed and ate his roommate is not competent to stand trial.
6:54 am
alexander qinyua was arrested -- kiyyua was arrested earlier this year. expect to see plenty of motorcycles for thage 9/11 motorcycle ride. the caravan left shanksville, pennsylvania yesterday. it will visit arlington later today and it will end in new york city on sunday. it is 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. a new survey finds women are more likely to give men their phone number if they're approached in which of these places? is it a, the backry, -- bakery, b, the dry cleaners or c, the car wash. >> the answer is a, the bakery. one of our facebook friends is right. he says it makes people weak. that's why. >> it's the donuts. we'll have one more check of traffic and weather next right here on 9news now.
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i love the headline. it says go speed racer. if you've ever driven through the lincoln tunnel, it's usually at a crawl. but how about this? going through the lincoln tunnel in under 30 seconds. a formula one racer doing this in a formula one at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. no traffic in the tunnel so it was safe. >> it was a promossal -- promotional gig. >> 190 miles an hour. he wished he could have gone faster. the grand prix of america, that's what they're promoting. >> i've gone through that tunnel in about two hours. >> they closed it off. under 30 seconds. >> cool. we're looking good this morning. we're starting off with our sunshine. we'll build in some cloud cover but the rain holds off till
6:59 am
late afternoon, evening. could be a little wet and messy. behind the front, look at the lower 80s. much cooler. we're looking good into next week as we get back into the 80s but not too bad. a stopped truck, rock creek parkway at massachusetts avenue. now an accident on the southbound side of the bw parkway before route 450. a quick look northbound 95. you've got the delays, brake lights lorton to springfield and the pace improves on 395. the dow and s&p are just points away if four-year highs. we'll see if they get there today. d.c. public schools need your help. they're having their annual beautification day on august 27. today is the last day to sign up to help the schools look great. sign up on their website. cbs this morning is coming up next. they're talking about the nationals. that's pretty cool. olga and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. stay on top of everything at we'll see you again monday morning. have a great weekend.


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