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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: until more severe symptoms started showing up. >> i started having seizures and went into a coma. >> reporter: he spent two months in a coma and four months learning to walk again and still uses a cane. >> this is about as far up as i can go. >> reporter: despite the bite he has no ill feelings. >> i love insects. they're just so fascinating. >> reporter: the west nile virus is spreading faster than ever before because of the mild winter and rainy spring. while there are no human cases of west nile in northern virginia, there are plenty of cases of infected mosquitoes. >> we started collecting in week 22 and week 202 we had -- 22 we had positives and thought maybe it was a fluke. week 23 we had some samples and week 24 we had positives and now we're up to 19 mosquitoes per 1,000 are infected. >> reporter: dr. arias adds the mosquitoes killed in texas where they're doing aerial spraying are not the same species as the ones here.
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>> it's never come this way. i don't know why, but i am very glad. >> reporter: now if you do use these mosquito dunks, make sure if they are in a pool. >> one is using it. dr. arias says those mosquitoes in texas west of the mississippi will bite anything, but the ones here, they prefer birds. so he says that's one thing with us. 80% of the people don't even have any symptoms. back to you. >> lot to know, a lot to do that we can to protect ourselves. thanks. most people infected with west nile virus will not even get sick, but about one in 150 will develop severe symptoms and they include headache, high fever, neck stiffness, disorientation which can even go to coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness and paralysis. another big concern this summer, swine flu and today we've learned about five children and 1 adult who are fighting the illness in queen anne county maryland. the maryland department of
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agriculture says all six fell ill after coming into contact with pigs on farms in that county. it's important to point this out. this is not the same strain as the h1n1 virus which was also dubbed the swine flu. this is different and you get this only from pigs. fortunately none of these people have symptoms serious enough to require going to the hospital. symptoms of swine flu include a fever, are so throat and cough. it is much like the season -- sore throat and cough. it is much like the seasonal flu. a herndon teenager could soon be headed to prison for splashing animals at a popular fairfax county park. the 17-year-old was convicted of three felony counts yesterday after slashing three horses in april. it happened at frying pan farm park. police say the teen cut other animals at the kidwell barn a month later. all the animals are expected to make a full recovery. the return of the humidity brings the risk of storms with it. so the 9 weather team is declaring a code yellow alert.
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anny is in the weather center with more. >> we could see some showers and storms arriving this evening. we did have severe warnings earlier way out west for shenandoah, but now no imagines are in effect. here's a look at -- no warnings are in effect. here's a look at the live doppler 9000. live showers near leesburg, hagerstown and this is coming closer to the d.c. metro area. if you have dinner plans, you may want to bring the umbrellas just in case. here's a look at the doppler where we had a couple lightning strikes with the storms out to the west and decent down pours along interstate 81, but now it's mostly showers and rain. temperatures are in the lower 90s downtown but cooler to the west. we've got your full forecast coming up a little bit later. a community alert tonight, police in takoma park are looking for a man trying to shoot video up women's skirts.
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bruce leshan is live at the takoma metro station with some creepy details. >> reporter: this has left a whole lot of women feeling vulnerable. >> i'm quite nervous. i don't think i'll wear a dress going on the metro any time. >> reporter: anger at the metro station as well react to a man who twice followed a woman and tried to shoot video up her skirt. >> we got to get him. >> reporter: it started at the takoma metro tuesday, the 18 to 25-year-old man pretending he wanted directions, but continually brushing his book bag against the woman's leg. she tried to get away, but he followed her. >> it would not end well for him, probably me, too but definitely wouldn't end well for him. he wouldn't have a camera no more. >> reporter: on wednesday just a few blocks away on eastern avenue the same guy, the same woman, the same ruse, directions, this time to college park. the book bag again pushed up
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against her leg. she looked down and saw a cell phone camera looking back up at her through a hole in the bag. >> i can just imagine what it would be like to have that violation being done to me, horrible. >> reporter: she tried to wrestle the bag way from the man, but it ripped. he grabbed it and got away. this kind of thing is shockingly common. search upskirt on google and you will come up with more than 68 million hits. pictures, video, websites, some of them are making money by invading the privacy of women. >> you're sick. you're a sick individual and you need help seriously and i would call 911. >> it's scary to think we live around this and this is going on in my community. >> reporter: takoma park police detectives believe this same guy has done this to at least one other woman and
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possibly more. they're doing their best to catch him, but all they have at this point is a pretty vague description. they put out this community alert in hopes of getting someone to come forward with more information so that they can get this guy and make women feel a little bit safer. >> bruce, let's hope they catch him soon. thank you. take a good look at the man in these photos. if you recognize them, you should call d.c. police now. they are suspected of breaking into the vinatecha wine bar three times in the last 10 days around 11th and u streets northwest. the owner says somebody working with the first burglar committed the third one. the owner is now working with police to try to catch them. members of an all female punk rock band in russian sentenced to two years of jail time today. as drew levinson reports, they captured international attention after singing and protesting inside a moscow cathedral. >> reporter: this provocative
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performance inside moscow's main cathedral in february got the band pussy riot the attention they were after. the three women wore ski masks as they called on the virgin mary to throw russian president vladimir putin out of office. friday a judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred. band members were sentenced to two years in prison as they stood in a glass cage guarded by security officers and dogs. their lawyer says he suspects putin wrote the ruling himself. putin, a former kgb officer, has close ties to the orthodox church. opposition leaders say he's cracking down on dissent and free speech. though this happened in russia, it is getting worldwide attention. protests like this one here in times square in new york are popping up all over the world. from london to sydney to san
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francisco demonstrators danced like the band members and performed to show their support. >> this is a good way to open people's eyes to the unfair incarceration of people all over the world. >> reporter: celebrities including paul mccartney and madonna have called on putin to free the band members. the u.s. state department called the sentence disproportion nately harsh. the husband of one of the band members says the title of the song they just released said it all. putin is lighting the fires of revolution. >> their defense team said they would appeal the verdict, but they vettle hope it will be overturned and they say under no circumstances do the women want to ask for a pardon. what i you're looking at now is not a scene -- what you're looking at now is not a scene from a movie. this is after a car accident where a driver lost control after climbing a colorado mountainside and the two people in that car survived. it happened during the pike's peak international hill climb. it's a 12-mile race to the summit near colorado springs and just last year another car
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ran off the roadway in the exact same spot. >> the moment i knew it was all over for success kind of when we started to get toward the gravel flying off the edge. i had a slight delayed reaction, but pretty much after that it was tumble, touch, try to hang on -- tumble, try to hang on and hope for it to stop as soon as possible. >> when asked if the driver and his passenger will ever race again, they said only time will tell. perhaps you found yourself caught in traffic around 14th street and constitution avenue this afternoon. that is because there was a suspicious envelope found inside the commerce department headquarters. 14th street was shut down between constitution and pennsylvania avenues for about two hours during the investigation. that powder turned out to be harmless. still to come tonight children catching a wave and helping make a connection. >> then later the government makes another big push to keep kids safe when the mercury rises.
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coming to virginia today, peggy fox live in springfield where congressman paul ryan just wrapped up a rally. peggy? >> reporter: there was a huge turnout here, about 3,000 people came out to see paul ryan speak here at the west
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springfield high school gymnasium and there was even an overflow room. about 3,400 people bought tickets to hear him speak. paul ryan did not disappoint. >> do we want to stay on the path that president obama has placed us upon? i take that as a no. it's a path that is putting us deeper in debt, further in doubt and more in decline. if we get this right, we can turn things around and get us back on the path to prosperity and reignite the american idea. >> reporter: now he said that president obama did inherit a bad situation but that he made matters worse. he said his message of hope and change has turned into a message of attack and blame. at 6:00 we'll have the counter to that and talk to some democrats who were here, but this also became a who's who of
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all the republican leaders in the area. frank wolf was there, congressman frank wolf, two of haves in fairfax county, republican -- supervisors in fairfax county and also virginia's attorney general ken cuccinelli helped introduce paul ryan. also arturo davis who is now a republican was on stage with paul ryan as well. we'll have more of what went on. we did have one protester who was booed and was escorted out. i'll have more on all of it coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> the campaign is heating up. thanks, peggy. of course, the presidential race will be the hot topic on face the nation this weekend. bob schieffer is here with a preview now. you just heard peggy fox reporting on paul ryan in our neck of the woods in virginia, got a rousing reception. what's your take on his addition to the republican ticket? >> well, i tell you, you know, he has just delighted the
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conservatives and republicans, especially the more conservative republican, but democrats are delighted about it, too because they think some of his positions on medicare and on, you know, some of the social programs reducing them, they think that will help their side. so we'll find out what his impact is going to be, but it's the first time in a long time i've seen an announcement made that seemed to please boat sides. that's the interesting thing to -- both sides. that's the interesting thing to me. >> that's real interesting given how polarized everything seems to be as we talk about politics now. the country is so polarized. what do you think about whether there are any other voters out there still for grabs? do you sense most of the country has made up their mind about who they want? >> i think most of the country has. i mean every poll that you look at suggests that there are only 5 to 8% of voters out there who are truly undecided who could still change their minds.
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that's going to break down to about 5% of the voters in these 11 battleground states. so yup, you're absolutely right, lesli. the country is about as polarized as i can ever remember it being and this election in the end is going to be decided by a very small number of people. i think it just increases the pressure on everyone to vote. if ever there were a year when your vote is going to count, this is one of them, i'll tell you for sure. >> who is coming on this sunday before you go? >> well, we've got a power packed show, one hour on face the nation. rudy giuliani, dick durbin, he'll be with us. we're also going to have grover norquist, that no taxes guy, the one who gets these politicians to sign the pledge not to raise taxes. one of the most interesting people in american politics, we'll hear from him and from some who don't necessarily agree with him, of course, but
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i think it will be a very interesting conversation. >> i wonder how you'll get it all in in even an hour, bob. we'll be watching to see. >> we need an hour and a half. >> you need more time. see you sunday. meantime we have some new and disturbing findings out about disparities in dental care. we're looking at virginia. a new study finds many people there don't have access to dental care due to the cost and lack of dentists. two university of virginia economists did the research and found those least likely to visit a dentist are low income residents without insurance. they did make a key recommendation to improve access allowing dental hygienists to do those flouride treatments and routine treening without supervision of a dentist. a new debate is brewing over whether people with certain disabilities or ailments should be allowed to receive organ transplants. in pennsylvania karen corby said her 3-year-old son was
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passed over for a new heart because he was autistic. she said he needs the same rights to medical care as others his age and has started an online petition. the university of pennsylvania health system denied the transplant. it says it cannot discuss individual patient cases because of confidentiality. now for some autistic children surfing the waves of ocean city has a healing element, more than 200 autistic kids participating in a surfers healing camp in oc. professional surfers are helping the kids like 8-year- old aiden cassady of mount airy. >> it's amazing. for him he'll be talking about it forever. i mean he will just go on and on about. it he was already saying he's a surfer dude before he came out here. >> the man behind the nonprofit program started himself after he discovered he could connect more completely with his own autistic son through surfing. what a fantastic story and boy, to be at a beach on a day like this, right? >> yes. i think today we're looking at
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some showers and storms arriving from the north and west. this weekend beach weather, a little iffy because it looks to be a bit unsettled, but the good thing for us if you're around the dmv and the city, we're looking at much cooler conditions and lower humidity. we all like that. we're watching a line of showers and storms on the doppler radar where you can see they're around the leesburg area, 1 chester, front royal head -- winchester, front royal heading into warrenton. this is basically ahead of a cold front that will come through and eventually we'll get drier and cooler air. i want to zoom in and this is mostly light stuff. more of the heavier rain and storms are up toward cumberland. you can see right around leesburg, charlestown, light shower activity. the showers today, maybe a couple could become strong to severe, but the threat for severe weather very minimal. look on the radar. you can see we've got still some showers coming in from the north and west and again some light rain. so if you go out for dinner
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tonight, bring out the umbrellas just in case. right now lower 90s under cloudy conditions. dew points are in the mid-50s. winds are southwest at 18 miles per hour. looks like temperatures are cooling down, especially north and west of town, 70 in hagerstown, 73 winchester, 91 downtown, 87 degrees in gaithersburg. satellite and radar showing us here's that front. you can see it's coming in and we'll probably see more showers and potentially storms even overnight possibly unsettled into tomorrow morning as well. so unsettled and cooler. showers and storms for tonight, saturday morning showers also possible. afternoon we should start to clear out a little bit, see the sun with a mixture of clouds and then we'll be much cooler and less humid for not just tomorrow, but also through sunday. check out your 9 futurecast. some scattered showers and storms tonight, then out toward the eastern shore you'll be wet overnight into tomorrow morning. saturday afternoon around the dmv and into basically the beltway we're looking at drying
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out, but out toward the east and the coast they're still looking at unsettled weather. sunday also potentially could be unsettled. so if you're looking at some beach weather, you want to plan for that, bring the umbrella. it may be a little wet. next three days, saturday, morning showers possible, highs around 83, sunday, less humid, high around 84, monday 83 degrees. we'll stay cool. nice through tuesday, wednesday mid-80s, chance for showers and storms the next few days here. the nats are in town and looks like baseball weather is looking like tonight. maybe we'll get some showers. so bring the umbrella just in case, still warm out there and this weekend, wow, it's going to feel like fall, mid-80s. low 80s will feel cool to us. >> especially after today near mid-90s. >> all in the summer. we're signing up for it. still ahead more than a year after devastating flooding in georgetown two local restaurants are set to reopen. >> if you ride the red line,
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it's your turn to deal with delays as metro rehabs some tracks this weekend, details up next.
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get ready for another weekend of delays if you're planning to use metro. that is because of track work on the red, orange, blue and green lines. buses will be replacing the trains between silver spring and gallaudet university stations. three red line stations will be closed, tacoma, brookland and rhode island avenue. ft. totten will be open for green and yellow line service only. give yourself 50 minutes additional travel time. the fbi is investigating kickback allegations involving a vre contract according to the washington post. a virginia railway express spokesman says the investigation involves a subcontractor hired to do landscaping and maintenance work. the paper says the company owned by a former vre worker received a $3,000 payment from the subcontractor. the payment was allegedly for consulting services. vre says it is fully cooperating with the investigation. one of the a man runways at
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-- the main runways at bwi thurgood airport is closing the next two months for repairs and upgrade. the closing shouldn't affect travelers unless weather conditions are bad. people living around bwi might notice a change in airline flight patterns. the airport's other major runway will remain open during the work. transportation secretary ray lahood announced a man today he said could create thousands of -- aman today he said could create thousands of job -- aman today he said could create thousands of -- a plan today he said could create thousands of jobs. president obama said the money was earmarked between 2003 and 2006 but the funs were unspent until now. -- funds were unspent until now. still to come i guess it was a craving he couldn't find. you'll find out what -- fight. you'll find out what one burglar did after breaking into a maryland home. >> our look at health code vitals at restaurants actually takes -- violations at restaurants actually takes to us a local hospital.
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>> but first kids and hot cars are always a bad combination. there is a new push now to capital it from happening up next. -- keep it from happening up next.
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in tonight's consumer alert kids and hot cars, experts say on an 80-degree day the temperatures can rise deadly levels inside a vehicle in just 10 minutes. we've done this story now three times this summer, but it's important because 23 children have died from heatstroke just this year, eight of them just last week.
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today there was yet another very big push to get all of to us do more to keep this from happening. they were snapped into car seats and carted away to places with the people who love them most, then the unthinkable happened. all of them died when they were accidentally left behind in a hot parked car. >> i opened the backdoor of my suv to put my laptop down and that's the exact moment i will never forget. >> reporter: reggie mckenen found his 17-month-old daughter payton dead in her car seat at the end of a long busy day on the job. >> it was the last thing i remember. i heard someone screaming. it was me. >> reporter: he'd forgotten to drop her off at daycare after a doctor's appointment and says he is still troubled by one heartwrenching and unanswered question. >> how did i forget my child? >> reporter: baby payton was one of at least 49 children who died back in 2010, the worst year on record for children who
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succombed to the deadly combination of searing heat and being left alone in a car. heatstroke occurs when the body can't cool itself fast enough and children's bodies heat up four to five times faster than adults. >> today we're focusing on a danger that is 100% preventible, 100% preventible. >> reporter: the department of transportation and health and human officers are teaming up to try and spread the message to parents and other caregivers to look before you lock. as you can see from this demonstration, when it's 94 degrees outside, it's 124 degrees inside a car. reggie mckenen said he plans to share his story in hopes it spares another family before it's too late. >> i made a promise to my sweet payton that i would do everything i could to prevent this horror from ever happening to another innocent child. >> here's what you can do. you can quickly connect with a
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parent or caregiver if a child doesn't show up as expected. you make sure that you never ever leave a child in a car alone not even for a minute. put something in the back seat or front seat that reminds you a child is in the car, a purse or cell phone in the back seat, even a child's toy in your front passenger seat and if you see a child alone in a parked car, call 911. you might just save a life. there could be a defect in the air bags on tens of thousands of nissan versas. the air bags in the 2012 models must not inflate during a crash due to a damaged cable assembly. there's been no recall, but the national highway traffic safety administration says it opened an investigation after getting some data from nissan. two popular restaurants on the georgetown water front are back open. tony and joe's seafood palace and nick's riverside grill were flooded by over 10 feet of water after a storm in april of
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2011, that after the company that manages the waterfront complex failed to raise the floodgates. both restaurants held a soft reopening today. in tonight's food alert we're tracking a health department suspension inside a d.c. hospital along with restaurant closures for montgomery county to eastern market. investigative reporter russ ptacek details the suspensions. >> reporter: one of the reasons cities require eateries to be licensed is so they know someone there is trained in food safety and inspectors can monitor the place to keep it safe. that's why when you're operating without a license, without a safety manager even if you're in a hospital, they shut you down. it was inside sibley hospital inspectors cited nine violations at an au bon pain kiosk including chicken salad and grilled chicken out of safe temperature range, no proof on workers' transmittible disease status and operating without a manager in food safety.
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all things have been rectified said a contractor spokeswoman pointing out that was not the reason for the closing stating the suspension was due to lack of business license and not due to sanitation or food issues. on tunnicliff at seventh street southeast inspectors cited workers with barehanded food touching, roaches and mice. here in eastern market the manager at tunnicliff's wouldn't speak on camera but did invite me inside showing me behind the bar and into the kitchen emphasizing they keep it clean. we spotted no signs of mice. we identified no violations. in logan circle at this coffee shop the health department cited roaches and eight other violations closing caribou coffee on 14th street northwest. at yummy donuts on muncaster mill road in montgomery county, when we arrived customers were praising the taste and wiping crumbs from their face. >> crumbs from the donuts. >> reporter: the reason we're here is because they were closed down by the health department. >> oh. >> what? >> reporter: we showed
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customers the inspection report. >> there's also fly infestation in the kitchen. >> oh, god. >> reporter: inspectors cuted roaches in the donut -- cited roaches in the donut equipment, mouse feces on the floor and walls. >> they were pretty good in hindsight. >> reporter: yummy's owner yanny bender said workers missed health department deadlines because they took extra days to clean. the health department doesn't want donut stores open with mice droppings and roaches. >> definitely. >> reporter: but they found this a second time? >> well, we have to work more on that. that's why when they say we are going to open five days we take an extra few days to complete with the rules, regulations. >> reporter: she says they are making changes and improving, but that was too late to prevent the closure or these customers from going to the competition. >> it's your call, matt. >> dunkin' donuts. >> reporter: yummy's passed reinspection as did the others and near all back in business.
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you -- they're all back in business. you can follow me and you'll know who gets closed first and why. for 9 wants to know i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, 9 news now. >> for a closing in adams morgan and two other goes to russ' story on if you -- others, go to russ' story on if you know of any, e-mail russ at tips at now to a salisbury man in hot water for cooking up a burglary scheme literally. he broke into a house, stripped to his underwear and cooked a chicken pot pie. this happened late wednesday night. when police got there, they found russell knapp sitting in a living room chair holding a remote control and the pot pie was in the kitchen. >> we found the individual in question quite comfortable in this homeowner's leather recliner only in his underwear clicking on the remote control
5:36 pm
waiting for a chicken pot pie he found in the freezer to be done out of the microwave. >> clicking the remote control. mr. knapp now faces burglary charges. >> apparently when you go and do all this work to rob somebody, you get really hungry and really tired. >> you make yourself at home. is that how this works? >> i don't know. >> it all sounds a little crazy. that would be the operative word. >> as you can imagine, this one is getting a whole lot of reaction tonight. the yummy pot pie and the delicious remote control. join the conversation. tell us what you think at, our facebook page. i guess eating pot pie just won't be the same anymore. a veteran and his family get a gift from their community in appreciation for his service. anne? >> we're watching showers and storms entering the -- anny? >> we're watching showers and storms entering the area tonight. showers are leaving front royal
5:37 pm
and warrenton. i've got your forecast including a much cooler weekend coming up. >> but they may be born in the usa, but do they have what it takes to be the boss? we'll be back.
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here's how drooling over bruce springsteen could put 500 bucks in your important. >> but it's only drooling kids, all right? they -- in your pocket. >> but it's only drooling kids, all right? they're the only ones eligible to compete for the prize. they have to be up to 6 years old. there's a bruce springsteen look alike contest for babies. they got to do their best impression and bring it with the costume. the contest will be held next week in freehold where the boss grew up. a wounded serviceman who finished serving his country is now getting something back from the community. it's a new house and it's thanks to operation home front. jonathan albrecht and his family will move into this house, mortgage free in ft. washington, maryland. the albrechts got a tour of the house today complete with a walk-in closet that is bigger than jonathan albrecht's bedroom overseas. >> it will be a little easier on us. we won't have to tell them stop
5:41 pm
running on the floors, just let them to be able to go in their rooms and it's a big difference coming from an apartment to a 3,100 square foot home. >> the house features all new appliances including a new fridge, microwave, washer and drier. >> we salute him and his family. still to come he's won super bowl rings. now he's trying to help local football players. we'll introduce you to willy williams. >> a new study shows an alarming spike in kidney failure, the group most at risk next.
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in tonight's health alert rising rates of kidney failure, a new study from canada finds more cases especially for the elderly. researchers followed almost 3 million people and found one in 40 men and one in 60 women will develop kidney failure if they live to their 90s. several conditions can lead to that including heart disease and some infections and kidney
5:45 pm
failure can go undetected for a long time. tomorrow the kidney fund is holding free kidney health screening in our area from 9 a.m. till 1:30 at the prince george's sports and learning complex in landover. there are a variety of other free health screenings such as fitness demos. you can even win prizes. the kidney action day is free and open to everybody. monday first lady michelle obama will host the first kids state dinner celebrating the winners of a healthy lunch recipe challenge mrs. obama launched across the nation. the idea is to encourage kids and their families to overhaul how they eat and a young author joined me in our studio kitchen recently to talk about how he did it and why. >> i was being bullied and i snapped one day. i said you know what? i'm done with it. >> we were pretty much eating anything possible out of a box or fast food, $5 fizz as. >> but alex reed -- pizzas. >> but alex reed didn't realize how bad that diet was affecting
5:46 pm
her son until he came to her with this novel idea, to execute the opposite of the movie supersize me in which the a man character eats nothing but fast food for a many -- the main character eats nothing but fast food for a month. marshal's plea portion size me turned into a youtube video and a book. >> i lost 36 pounds. >> from their kitchen in north carolina the reeds demonstrate how easy it is to get kids involved in cooking, for instance, new healthy lunches to take to school this fall. >> reporter: this is really fun. >> yeah. >> reporter: marshall gets a thumbs up for coolness in the cafeteria when he pulls out this bento box. in knees compartments sweet bell peppers, tuna and almonds. -- in these compartments sweet bell peppers, tuna and almonds. >> in this compartment we have something chew y and perfect portions. >> reporter: he said the move
5:47 pm
away from pastry in the morning was tough at burst, but not now, this sweet parfait with mango and granola. you're just finding a better balance. >> first two or three days i didn't like it because i couldn't eat what i wanted and how much i wanted, but day four, day five i felt great. ly more energy. i could focus better -- i had more energy. i could focus better. i did better in school. so much happened positive from the few changes that i had to make. >> way to go, marshall. the portion sizing idea has been so well received marshall was asked to be a judge for the kids state dinner recipe competition and he will introduce the first lady on monday. >> we're proud of him! all right! >> it is warm, a little dense, a little thick. >> the humidity rised a little bit today. you can feel it. the clouds have also moved in, lesli. if you've got dinner plans tonight, brung the umbrella because we do see some showers
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and maybe a -- bring the umbrella because we do see some showers and maybe a couple thunderstorms also. you can see leesburg, front royal and warrenton looking at some showers. north and west of town we have more moderate rainfall. we don't have any severe warnings right now. we did have some earlier around shenandoah but right now just looking at light rain because of the cold front coming through. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, the white house, a hazy day, air quality was code orange. right now it's cloudy, temperature 91 degrees, dew points in the 50s. it does feel a little heavy out there with the humidity. currently it's 90 in manassas, 77 leesburg, where it's rained cooling down into the 70s, fredericksburg at 91 degrees. we've got some changes coming this week. it will be unsettled and cooler, shower and storms possible tonight. saturday morning showers are also possible. for the afternoon we start to clear things out a little bit seeing sun with some clouds and this will be much cooler, less
5:49 pm
humid not just saturday but sunday into the next couple days into next week. check out your 9 futurecast. 7:00 we'll see more showers north and west of town. it's going to be kind of scattered throughout the evening hours and then by saturday early morning most of the showers will be out farther east out toward the northern neck and eastern shore. saturday afternoon we start to clear out and dry out. looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. sunday we could see maybe an area of 11 forming again giving us a possibility of some -- low pressure forming again giving us a possibility of showers sunday, but not a complete washout by any means. tonight partly cloudy, showers, thunderstorms, better chances south and west of town, lows in the lower 60s to lower 70s, downtown cooling to around 72 and 66 for gaithersburg. the nats are playing tonight, so baseball weather, it's kind of warm out there, temperatures in the mid-80s for the first pitch at 7:05 playing the mets. bring the umbrella just in case. you could encounter a shower or
5:50 pm
maybe a thunderstorm. so here's your forecast for saturday. 9 weather alert code tomorrow is yellow because of the chance for morning showers, high 83. sunday i made it a code green, less humid, partly cloudy, high 84, only a chance for a shower. check out your next seven days. monday potentially still unsettled, but still on the cooler side, 83 degrees. tuesday also maybe a shower storm is possible, but temperatures will be in the mid- 80s through the middle of the week and friday we're back into just the upper 80s. so this weekend does feel like we'll get a little hint of fall early on and i would say enjoy that cooler weather because summer is not over just yet. take it while you can. back to you guys. >> we are going to see a resurgence i'm going to bet. the honors aren't finished for gold medal winner katie ledecky. >> next friday the chamber of commerce will hold a ceremony for her and two other bethesda natives who competed in the london games.
5:51 pm
it's scheduled for 5:30 at bethesda metro central plaza. congressman chris van holland and roger berliner will be there to congratulate them. normally we're focusing our attention on the redskins. they don't play until tomorrow. >> we decided to see if dave owens would check in on the ravens north in baltimore. how are they doing, dave? >> reporter: what's going on, ladies? we've got 10 ravens football games on wusa9 this year, so we're pretty excited about. that still a couple hours away, ravens taking on the lions preseason game no. 2. i guess if there's one predominant theme here in the charm city, high expectations, baltimore thinking super bowl. at least that's what the fans are thinking. we've been out and about throughout the afternoon. this was the scene with some of the fans around m&t bank stadium, the purple and black nation reveling already including one guy who has that ravens tattoo on his back. they are certainly dedicated.
5:52 pm
anticipating this first home preseason game, i'm sure we will see many more of those fans out and about as we go throughout the evening. much more ravens talk coming up in a second. of course, this is also the time we talk about our weekly high school profile. this week we've got a professional football tie as well. kristen berset introduces us to a former player who is now making his mark in montgomery county. take a look. >> reporter: as a senior at churchill high domonique williams is attracting attention from collegiate programs around the country. >> how you feel about the college process? >> i like the college process now. >> reporter: guiding him through it all is his dad willie who happens to be a two time super bowl champ. for 13 seasons willie wreaked havoc on the nfl as quarterback for the pittsburgh steelers and seattle seahawks. >> i looked up to him all my life and when i watched him on tv, it just gave me dreams and aspirations to play where he is. >> reporter: these days he's using that experience to groom the next generation of players as an assistant coach to the
5:53 pm
bulldogs. >> you want to may a long time, you have to put the work in. it's not going to play easy. i think that's what we can bring to the high school guys playing at this level. >> he's a popular guy. a lot of guys want to play because they have an opportunity to get trained by him. we feel we have one of the best coaches in the county. the kids feel the same way. >> it's nice to have the experience to hear it from a pro or former pro. prepare aside from the cool factor, having an ex-nfl player as a coach provides a high school team with some added insight that their opponents wouldn't necessarily have access to. >> he'll call dick lebeau up and ask him about some different defenses and how to i guess dummy them down for lack of better word for high school. >> reporter: not bad advice to give. now domonique and willie just hope all that leads to one thing, a state championship. kristen berset, 9 sports now. >> reporter: thanks for that, k.b. a lot of football talk in our
5:54 pm
6:00 hour coming up. lady, much more ravens talk, redskins talk as well and how about those red hot nats back from that 8-2 road trip. for now live at m&t bank stadium in baltimore, back to you in the studio. >> good to be talking about some winners, thanks. still to come paul ryan wraps up another campaign rally in northern virginia. we'll have a live report on what he told the virginia voters there. >> plus a d.c. council member filed paperwork that could delay the new smart meters in taxis. >> but first designer glasses can cost you hundreds of bucks, but we'll show you how to be fashionable for cheap up next.
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5:57 pm
it is easy to drop 3, 4, even $500 on a good looking pair of glasses, but now you have a new option for a fraction of the cost. check this out. >> as jessica doyle reports, you can get your new specs without leaving the comfort of your home. >> reporter: it's a david versus goliath business model. small start up warby parker is taking on the big eye glass companies with him designs and low prices. >> i could have had five designs for the price of one pair of kind of designer glasses. >> reporter: all glasses are a flat $95. that includes the frames, the lenses and anti-reflective and
5:58 pm
anti-scratch coatings. >> it didn't make sense to us a pair of glasses should cost as much as an iphone. >> reporter: founder neil blumenthal said the brand was a hit from the get-go. >> we started in 2010 when we were full-time graduate students and the company just shot off like a rocket ship. we were featured in vogue and gq and within three weeks hit our first year's sales target and within four weeks sold out of our top 15 style. >> reporter: here's how it works. you go to warby and check out which frames you might potentially like for yourself. then the company sends you a box of eyeglasses to try on at home. here's the fun part, trying on the glasses. kind of cute. these are a little hipster for me, a little gray frame. i love the mat frame on these. these are the keepers.
5:59 pm
and they even do sunglasses. once you've selected your frames, the company will even call your optometrist for your prescription. there's a 30 day no question. s asked free return policy, too. there may even be a bricks and mortar store coming to the area. >> hopefully we'll be down and be able to welcome everybody into sort of a physical store. >> i think they understand kind of what styles are in right now and they really kind of market towards that. >> reporter: with its trendy designs, low price point and focus on the customer, it's easy to see why warby parker is catching on. jessica doyle, 9 news now. >> the company apparently even has a social mission with its buy a pair, give a pair program. for every pair of glasses sold warby parker provides a pair of glasses to somebody in need. this is 9 news now. police in takoma park are on the hunt for a creep. they say a guy is shooting video up women's skirts


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