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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the opportunity for late day showers and storms. some of the lower 60s to the north and west. overall a mild day and below average temperatures for highs later on this afternoon. today up to 82 two reagan national airport. then we'll see partly sunny skies tomorrow, temperatures will slowly inch into the middle 80s and lower areas. the 7-day forecast is going to feature a warm-up. our overnight low should be comfortable in the 60s. i'm happy to say it is still very light, especially for a monday morning. coming in on 66, looks great. all the way in toward fairfax. i think this is left over from overnight construction, really outbound 66 should be fine. if you are planning to head over here on route 50 at 4:10, no
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issues to report as you head through the area and down over to the northeast corner. back over to our map and taking a look first of all at the beltway. going to zoom in if you are planni to head over on the southbound side of 270. one more last live look outside. here's what it looks like at the roosevelt bridge. back with more traffic at 5:09. back to you guys. thank you monika. tens of thousands of area students are heading back to school this morning. >> prince george's county starts the 2012-2013 school year today. >> reporter: it was nearly a standing room only crowd at the showplace arena. as thousands of students and parents attended the prince george's county back to school
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fair. >> what is going to be your favorite thing at school? >> my teacher. >> really, you like your teacher. >> the early birds got free backpacks full of school supplies. >> we came for the backpacks. they are gone. >> bags or no bags, students were jumping for joy and seemed ready for their abcs. >> reporter: what is one plus one? >> two. >> reporter: four plus four? >> eight. >> reporter: wow. school officials and volunteers have plenty of information on everything parents and kids need for know for a successful school year. >> we are actually going to go out to a mechanic shop and show them how to change tires, change the brake pads, change the oil. it is practical things that men should know. >> reporter: can i get in on that? i don't know how to change brake pads, so i'm going to learn
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too. >> basically learn how to be a better grown man when i get older. >> reporter: remember all these students and their parents will be doing the same, so give yourself some extra time and remember they will be on school buses, riding cars, walking or riding their buy cycles -- their bicycles. a speck is recovering after a police involved shooting. prince georges county police got a call for a suspicious person in oxen hill just before 10:30 last night. when officers got to barn by lane they spotted a man with blood on him. the suspect was shot once when police say he charged the officers. authorities believe the man was high on pc p. two officers suffered minor injuries. a capitol hill man is fighting for his life in a
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coma. thomas mas lin was walking home after attending the nationals game friday nigh. the assault has the normally safe neighborhood on edge. police are trying to identify possible suspects. another issue with united airlines and a child and an escort. they are going to refund a child escort fee to a local father. fortunately 12-year-old charlotte gilbreath managed to find her way through chicago's huge airport and got to her connecting flight to reagan national. we talked about a case last week because an escort was a no show. united says the chaperone declined the escort service and did not fill out the proper paperwork. coming up it is time for
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your latest your money report in the morning. >> good morning jessica doyle. >> we are going to be focused in on a fed meeting which starts tomorrow. investors are hoping the rally continues this week. stocks are having their sixth winning week in a row. the dow stands at 13275. added 20 points friday. nasdaq up 14. new numbers are out from the labor department and they show unemployment rates rise not guilty 44 states in -- rising in 4 states in july. unemployment in the area picked up to 7%. dc's unemployment rate fell to 8.9% last month. gas prices continue to
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climb. the average price for a gallon of regular gas $3.72. that is 5 cents more than a week ago. 29 cents more than a month ago. 14 cents more than this time last year. locally aaa says gas prices are averaging $3.71 a gallon. why is it important we are higher than a year ago? it is the highest price on record, a year ago. if you total it up over the year, last year was the most expensive year ever. >> looks like we are going to get to the $5 a gallon thing there. >> guess who is thinking of a hybrid. next time i buy a car i'm going to buy something fuel efficient. >> what do you have? >> we are talking about keeping people safer on the road going forward. some drivers in particular. nasa's curiosity rover is doing some blasting on mars. plus thousands of people
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ordered to evacuate as the wildfires out west, at least one of them, explodes. and ahead in sports, the more dangerous foe awaits tonight.
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welcome back. it is back to school time. that means kids are headed out to the bus stops in parts of our arrearage. temperatures have settled into the 60s for most of us. we will be about the upper 60s
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to lower 70s by about the time the kids head on out. the forecast today will feature the opportunity for late day showers and storms. most of the patchy fog should lift out of here by late morning. highs today should make it to the upper 70s in town. this is what it looks like in springfield. 35 and up to the 14eth street bridge. -- 395 and up to the 14th street bridge. the syrian president assad showed up sunday at a mosque for prayers . this is his first public appearance since a bombing in damascus last month that killed four of his
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security officials. there is mixed news from the wildfire battle out west. firefighters have contained the bridge fire in washington state. the ponderosa fire has destroyed at least seven homes and is threatening thousands more. nasa's curiosity rover has sapped its first margs -- rock. curiosity will collect the debris and analyze exactly what materials are in the surface. they were together in virginia for the big announcement day but mitt romney and paul ryan have campaigned apart since then. coming up at 5:30, why that is changing today. and at 5:23 the nationals aren't the only local team in a playoff hunt. so is dc united? and next at 5:15, enjoy this
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cooler weather while you can. guess what, it is heating up in the 7-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:13. we have been talking about the first day of school. you start early, you get out early and you ease into it and we ease into maybe fall weather
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like today? >> reporter: it is feeling like a different season out there. i know we have had a pretty hot summer, for the most part. but the last couple of days it has been a little bit below average. we are going to continue the trend through the middle of the week. getting out this morning, we are picking up on a few showers just on our doppler radar. overall we are going to have a fairly mild forecast at least the next two or three days. satellite and radar a little bit active toward the east. fairly comfortable. we have dropped into the 60s region wide and we are definitely seeing some of those lower 60s off toward the north and toward the west. in all though, the day planner is going to feature a lot of cloud cover. as we get to the 9:00 hour, we'll start sliding through the 70s. later on this afternoon, we should top out right around 82 degrees at reagan national
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airport. once the rain arrives in the afternoon, then temperatures will start to drop down dramatically. visibility is still a little bit. we have improvement, reagan national airport has gone back up to 10-mile visibility and just a little bit of fog. in all today, we will mix out some of the fog for the next several hours, i would say by 9:00 or 10:00, everyone should be in the clear. we could see some late day showers and even a thunderstorm pass on through with locally heavy rain in some locations where the cells are larger. you want your umbrella at hand, especially around the 2:00, or 3:00 hour as we move in the moisture and then by tuesday, we could even see more showers move on through. doppler radar only picking up a few showers, north and west of
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fredericksburg, that is going to continue to slide to the east. bands of moisture are going to come through, throughout the day for us. we are sitting in the 60s comfortably, futurecast keeps a lot of cloud cover around all day long. spotty showers are possible, particular pli midday and early in the afternoon. steady rain moves some, the mountain areas are at risk for seeing heavier rain. the forecast for today upper 70s, lower 80s in town. 81 to 82 at reagan national airport. middle to upper 60s, code yellow today. that means late day showers and storms possible. mild temperatures last through midweek and a slight warm up. wednesday we get back into the middle yaitle. but by thursday friday and saturday we are getting awfully close to the upper 80s and
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lower 90s. northbound 95 a big accident. in springfield. in fact let's take a live look at it right now where i believe there could be several vehicles involved here and no traffic is getting through northbound 95. this traffic is exiting to the beltway. northbound 95 near route 644 you can see all the activity there. it is causing a major back-up early, early this morning. let's get another perspective, you can kind of see from the other side north of the accident people are getting through here and trying to exit over to the beltway. the accident is just up here on the top side of your screen. as soon as we find out the situation in terms of how many vehicles are involved and how long it may take to open up lanes. i'll be back with more traffic in a few minutes.
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back to you andrea and mike. the nationals aren't the only team with a playoff push. >> we'll have highlights coming up in sports. the question of the day. here it is. 42% of women say they would never want their mothers to know this. is it what the inside of their refrigerator looks like, their real weight, or who they are dating. >> jean wrote on our facebook fan page a. we just clean you had out our old fridge before we moved. now i know how penicillin was discovered and my mom would be so disappointed. >> we will have the answer in our 6:00 show
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mainly calm winds, we have mostly cloudy skies, cloud cover is going to stick around throughout the day. highs around 82 degrees at reagan national airport. dc united stays in the playoff chase. >> and the nationals won their series against a division rival. >> reporter: good morning everybody. you know there isn't much negative you can say about the
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nationals these days. that is a good thing considering they are about to host their division rivals, the atlanta braves, for a serieston. before that they needed to get past new york this weekend. nats looking to take the series from the mets. danny espinoza along one to the left. just over the wall. puts the nats up first, 2-0. >> good for a triple. jayson werth scores, it is now 3-0 nats. all right bottom of the fifth bryce harper again, this time he gets it to go out of the park right centerfield. second homer of the weekend. twelfth of the year. nats win this one 5-2. orioles down 5-0. they rally in the second. two outs, two on.
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helps the birds pull away. next batter adam jones, gets ahold of one single to the right. orioles complete a stellar come back to win this one 7-5. the philadelphia union taking on dc united. the union scored early, held off united until the 71st minute. now dwayne derosario called back for encroachment. this is his second. it sailed over the crossbar. a tough break for united. dc united in fifth place. remember nats host the braves tonight at nationals park. have a great monday. further tests show starting
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linebacker brian arapahoe's shoulder is not as serious as first feared. he could be ready for the regular season opener at home september 16th. still ahead. there is a bunch of recall information when it comes to cars, coming up next in your money report. plus why the republican presidential ticket is going to present a united front today in new hampshire. here's monika with the traffic update. i just got off the phone with virginia state police. north of route 644 here on north 395 a blockage of a lane with an accident. you are watching 9news now. me noce] intae st en guse csere.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now.
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i'm andrea roane. oh, prince george's county, i'm sorry you have to go to school early. >> i'm mike haiduk good morning monika samtani. what about today and those kids who do have to go out to the bus stop? >> actually comfortable for them this morning. mid pal -- middle to upper 60s. i think the bulk of this rain is going to hold off until later on this afternoon and evening. but make sure they have that rain gear. they might need it on the commute home doppler ray dar picking up on a few showers near southern portions of virginia. these are bands of moisture coming in from the east. not too gusty. showers and storms there could be a poke of heavy rain from time to time but in all i think
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temperatures will have the opportunity to reach those upper 70s, lower 80s in town and code yellow for today because of the storm. temperatures slowly inch through the middle 80s, by thursday and friday pushing the upper 80s, much warmer by the weekend. only 5:28 in the morning and we already have a pretty big problem on northbound i-95. let me show what you it looks like live. it is a single vehicle accident, i was on the phone with virginia state police and they tell me, although it is just one vehicle involved, all lanes are blocked. no traffic getting here. before the beltway, if you just see under the sign here, this is the traffic on the left side of the roadway being diverted to the outer loop of the beltway. northbound 95 north of route 644. in fact i can see the police
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vehicle here blocking traffic. it is sideways here. you can see the traffic already slowing down. newington into springfield, 59:30 in the morning. we'll go north of the accident scene, this is where it is blocked traffic here exiting to the outer loop of the beltway. i'll keep you posted on this situation at 5:38. back to you guys. the mitt romney campaign is trying something new today. >> of a week -- after a week of campaigning on their own, mitt romney and paul ryan will team up in new hampshire. it appears campaign insiders believe the wisconsin congressman helped shore up some of romney's weaknesses. >> he has has struggled throughout the whole year -- has struggled throughout the whole year. one of the things you do is
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make a candidate more likable. that is what ryan does. >> the republican presidential convention starts next week in tampa. students in one of maryland's biggest school systems are getting back to their routines today. that is because classes begin in a couple of hours at prince george's county public schools. 9news now reporter peggy fox is live now with the story. good morning peg. you know there are 123,000 school children in prince george's county, getting up early this morning, heading back to school. take a look over the weekend. many families came out to a back to school fair to get ready for the big day. the lucky ones who got their early got a free backpack. this year will bring a big change in leadership.
5:32 am
the prince george's county school board says had brought accountability over his six year tenure. we are planning to speak to him a little bit later this morning but first, hear from rob malone who leads a mentoring program in middle school and high school here. >> this year we'll have a toast master's component. life skills we are going to go out to a mechanic shop, show them how to change tires, change the brake pads, change the oil. it is practical things men should know. >> things a lot of us should know. it is great they are teaching those life skills, teaching people how to be good citizens as well. everybody needs to know, driving in prince george's county today, go slower, remember there is kids out there heading to
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school. remember there are speed cameras being flipped on today. you don't want to be caught by one of those. i'm peggy fox, reporting live back to you. two men broke into one car and stole another in silver spring, maryland. luckily the entire thing was caught on tape. it could help get the family's car back. the family says they were shocked when they realized their suv was stolen from their front yard this weekend. the car owner says the entire incident has them feeling much more vulnerable. one of the main runways at bwi airport is closing today and it will stay closed for the next two months so crews can make repairs and up grids. the closing should not affect travelers, except in bad weather. people might notice a change in airline flight patterns. the other major runway will remain open ring the work.
5:34 am
jessica doyle is back with information to keep you safe on the road. >> reporter: yes there are a lot of recalls to tell you about this morning. we are going to dig in and start with general motors and isuzu, they are recalling 24,000 suvs because the window and door locks can cause fires. this covers the suvs from the 2006 and 2007 model years. the suvs registered in 20 states and the districts where salt and other chemicals are used to clear roads in the wintertime. gmc says it can cause a circuit board to short. meanwhile there could be a defect in the airbags in 2012 models that might not inflate
5:35 am
during a crash. there have been no recalls so far but the national transportation will review it after getting data from nissan. a recall for nissan. the company says wires behind the dashboard can heat up and melt part of the wiring assembly. that can cause high beams to fail which can increase the risk of a crash. lots of problems potentially out there. students at one elementary school have a really good excuse for not being there today. their building could soon be swallowed up. coming up apparently the expendables are actually the essentials when it comes to box office profit.
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looking very calm right now. a few showers west of town and south of town, but the forecast will continue with cloudy skies throughout the day. a little muggy as we slip through the 60s and 70s, could see a late day shower or thunderstorm possible as the rain starts to taper off overnight. good news, traffic is set free on the northbound side of i-95 here just south of beltway. single vehicle accident all in the gore area, the damage is done, traffic delays and i'll be back with more at 5:48. a sad story, the family of director tony scott has asked for privacy following his suicide yesterday. the 68-year-old climbed a fence on the los angeles bridge and jumped. he had directed popular movies like top gun and beverly hills
5:39 am
cop 2. he was currently producing with his brother ridly the cbs drama the good life. 5:39. now let's check out the weekend box office results. sill vessel store stallone and his buddies aren't too old to muscle in to the charts. stallone joined by arnold schwarzenegger, bruce willis and the bourn legacy dropped into second place. will ferrell's comedy the campaign and whitney houston's final film sparkle round out the top five.
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passes. mike and andrea, over to you. remember that snow you didn't have to shovel raft winter? the mild conditions may be causing an explosion of bugs. we are heading interest the kitchen for an expert chef's idea on how to work more farmer's market finds into your meals. journalist connie chung turns 66 today, robert plan is 64. al revoker is 58. amy adams is 38, andrew garfield is 29 and singer actress demi love vogt tow -- turns 28 today.
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below average for the next three days and by the end of the week it will return to more normal average conditions for us. right now a little bit on the sticky and steamy side. temperatures overnight haven't dropped too much. we are down in the middle range 60s for most of us. satellite radar is going to keep the showers and a little bit of the cloud cover around headed into midday and early afternoon we could see some showers and thunderstorms begin to develop late in the day. the bus stop forecast is not so bad. by the 9:00 hour things will be off and on with these showers as we move through the day.
5:46 am
day planner breaks it down like there -- like this. most of us should stay in the upper 70s, however in the city center for baltimore annapolis and even toward reagan national, we should hit about 82 degrees by 4:00 to 5:00. visibility is an issue in a few spots this morning. seeing a lot of fog out toward the west. patchy fog in portions of west virginia and virginia. visibility fine from baltimore down through the i-95 corridor to dc. we'll see a few showers possible off and on throughout the day. they are going to be hit or miss. although the unsettled pattern is definitely going to stick around, if you want your umbrella today, you'll also need your umbrella tomorrow as we
5:47 am
have an tub for late day showers and storms in the extended forecast. doppler radar is quieting down quite a bit. a few pockets of heavy downpours, from time to time. temperatures are continue -- temperatures are comfortable. 63 across winchester. cloud cover, as i mentioned will be a factor all day long. scattered showers should pop around noon time. steadier rain comes in from the west and that could produce a thunderstorm, highs today should be around 81, 82 degrees for reagan national. we'll see 70s up to the north and the west and will definitely keep our winds fairly light. temperatures into the 60s for overnight lows and even your 50s to the north. code yellow today and tomorrow as well with the late day showers and storms.
5:48 am
we are in the clear, come the wednesday forecast. friday a warm-up is underway. olga, a good news bad news situation. the accident i have been telling you about on the northbound side i have 95 clear to the gore area. here's the bad news. 8 miles per hour. trying to get up from springfield with all that activity in the safety zone, it is still attracting attention. let's first take a look right at the accident scene. as i said, everything is right here on the safety zone northbound side of i-95. still got the arrow board pushing you off to the outer loop of the beltway. now let's look at the back-up in our traffic land camera. it is going to be below the speed limit into springfield where the lanes are open. this time to the west side of
5:49 am
town, if you are planning to head into town, using the gw parkway, that is absolutely fine. no problems to report on the dulles toll road headling to the roosevelt bridge on the west side of town, looking great between bethesda and tyson. back to you guys. making news now at 5:49, the mild winter on the east coast may lead to more problems with crops. farmers in vermont say stink bugs are out in far greater numbers than in previous years. they have resorted to drowning juvenile stink bugs before they can fly. 300 students in tennessee have a really good excuse for not going to school today. a huge sinkhole started in the playground near the school. it reaches 40 feet across and almost 70 feet deep
5:50 am
diana nigh ad has made it through choppy surf and endured jellyfish stings. she is swimming from cuba to florida. she could reach florida early this morning. 42% of women say they would never want their moms to know this. is it what the inside of the fridge looks like, their real weight, or who we are dating. >> jenny summer wrote on our facebook fan page, i think i choose b. my mom has always been way upset -- obsessed with weight. >> log on to our facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll have the response in about an hour. the author of the wicked, prince george's county schools are starting this morning. a lot of the families are
5:51 am
getting ready to send their kids off with the first lunch of the new school year. you know that, you have a six and seven-year-old? >> six and eight-year-old. >> you have another week to go. you are a personal chef and you are a mom, and it is different in preparing for your clients and preparing for your own kids. >> it is very different it is i pretty much have all day for my clients. with my kids, i have about ten minutes i can't you are interested in doing the fresh produce along with your week night weapons? >> they are real foods, but you can swap them in and out. you are cooking with all natural fresh ingredients. >> how are you making the combination work? >> today what i have prepared here,. >> this is the finished product. i used peppers that i stuffed
5:52 am
with potatoes. all you have to do is solution it in half -- slice it in half. i have one adult -- one daughter who will eat it, one who will not. this is one of my week night weapons, my favorite one. a product called simply potatoes. >> it is real potatoes. they are fresh, never frozen. >> real butter, real half and half. >> exactly again. it is already done for me. i don't have to peel and boil and mash it all. then i take my fresh zuccini, i
5:53 am
take fresh corn off the cobb. >> we have about 30 seconds. >> i mix it up, stuff it in the pepper, pour in my salsa. after this is stuffed, i set that down in the pan for about 30 minutes. there you go, you have a beautiful dish that tastes fabulous. >> and a great dinner and then lunch the next day. christie is at the wicked you can see some of her great recipes, she has been doing this for a lightning time and you can benefit from her expertise. thanks for being here with us and enjoy your we can before you have to worry about lunches for the kids. thanks guys. it may seem early, but thousands of students are headed back to school this morning. more on that, coming up. plus we also have a young
5:54 am
man headed to the white house today, all because of the successful portion size plan when it comes to eating healthy and losing weight. we are helping your higher education to go farther. coming up the college majors that lead to the big bucks. you are watching 9news now.
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5:56 am
welcome back. we are definitely seeing overcast skies today and our futurecast has bands of
5:57 am
moisture moving on through. we'll see a pop of that a little bit later around noon time today. by 11:00ton we are going to clear out nicely. looks like the forecast is going to stay code yellow for today, code yellow for tomorrow and code green for wednesday. mike, andrea? today first lady michelle obama is hosting the first ever kids state dinner at the white house. >> anita brickman caught up with marshall to see what motivated him to eat healthy. >> i snapped one day. i said i'm done with it. >> we were pretty much eating anything possible out of a box, or fast food. $5 pizzas. > >> reporter: alex reid didn't realize how badly hurt that diet was affecting her son until he came to her with the novel idea. to execute the opposite of the
5:58 am
movie super size me in which the character ate nothing but fast food for a month. portion size me turned into two video and his a book and changed his life dramatically. from their coach inc. then north carolina the reids demonstrate how easy it is to get kids involved in cooking. for instance new healthy lunches kids can take this fall. marshall gets a thumbs up for coolness when he pulls out this box. in these compartments, sweet bell peppers, tuna and almonds. >> in this one we have dried apricots, and portions which are perfectly portions of cheese. >> alex says the move away from sugary cereal was tough at first, but not now.
5:59 am
>> yogurt and granola. >> you are finding a better balance instead of a whole plate of something that is super sweet. >> first two or three days i didn't like it. but day four or day five, i felt great. you know, i had more energy, i could focus better, i did better in school. so much happened positive from the few changes that i had to make. >> reporter: anita brickman, 9news now. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. monika samtani is right over here with us. olga breese is in for howard. >> reporter: talking about weather, talking about back to school forecast. looks like the patchy fog is starting to lift in some areas. there are some areas still


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