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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not. the second offer with him in the car is expected to survive but is at prince george's hospital center with multiple injuries. today's news is heartbreaking for fellow officers who say losing one of their own is like losing a family member. >> this is a very sad day for me, for my men and women who i represent, for the police department as a whole and i know that every 1 will keep us in their thoughts and -- everyone will keep us in their thoughts and prayers. >> it's tragic, but it just shows the courage and dedication of these officers. so very proud of them. >> reporter: dozens of men and women with the prince orge's county police department have been coming by prince george's hospital all day to show their support and pay their respects. as you can imagine, this is a very sad and challenging day for that department. now police are begging for help from witnesses who may have seen the crash or the suspects
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inside that acura tl. the color is silver. it had temporary tags. if you have any information, please call 1-866-411-tips. one last thing i want to mention, police chief magaw hopes to release the deceased officer's name later tonight once they contact all of his family members. we are live at prince george's hospital center in cheverly, anny hong, 9 news now. to embattled missouri congressman todd contain he apologized for remarks he made over the weekend involving rape victims and pregnancy. the republican candidate for the united states senate says he plans to stay in the race despite calls from several members of his own party to step aside, but the firestorm over his remarks may take a while to i do down. >> that's -- to die down. >> that's true.
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congressman akin's assertion that women who are "legitimately raped rarely get pregnant" has fanned political flames and a major public outcry. >> disgusting, revolting, medieval, time for him to go. >> reporter: that was reaction after republican congressman todd akin apologized for these controversial remarks. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down, but let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something. you know, i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child. >> no apology or retraction can change the fact that he's not fit for public service. >> reporter: not only is the missouri congressman a public servant, but a member of the congress ann science committee. >> rape is rape is -- congressional science committee. >> rape is rape is rape. everybody's pain is real. that trauma and pain to, minimize it is to minimize women. it's to minimize survivors.
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>> reporter: melinda coles is the director of community education at the d.c. rape crisis center. >> this is a matter of biology. a female body responds the same way during rape that it would during consensual sex in terms of reproduction. that does not change. rape is rape, period. >> reporter: even president obama at his daily white house briefing said the controversial comments underscore an important issue. >> we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making healthcare decisions on behalf of women. >> it's a crime that goes often unreported, but it is clear congressman akin's claim that rapes rarely lead to pregnancy is simply not true. a 2004 study reveals of the 64,000 rapes reported that year, 3,200 ended in pregnancy. >> andrea mccarren, thank you. the republican party is obviously concerned congressman
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akin's comments could cost him the u.s. senate race in month no to democratic incumbent -- to -- in missouri to democratic incumbent claire mccaskill. metropolitan police looking into a number of lead trying to solve a disturbing robbery that happened on capitol hill. the victim, a 29-year-old husband and father still in serious condition tonight after an early morning assault saturday near eastern market that almost killed him. scott broom is at eastern market now with more on what we know. >> reporter: well, this is the case of thomas maslin, the victim. his friends and family are completely shattered by what's happened to him and now we have some indications from a police report that became available today that gives us somewhat of a timeline about what may have happened that mysterious night between friday night and saturday morning and there has been a report that maslin's credit card may have been used in the hours after the attack. what's so upsetting about what
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happened to 29-year-old thomas c. maslin is how long he may have been injured before anyone found him. according to a police report, maslin was discovered by a passer-by on this porch in the 700 block of north carolina avenue at 8:30 in the morning saturday. so badly beaten and incoherent rescuers thought he was having a seizure. he was just a few blocks from home. according to a police report, maslin was last seen at the tune in bar and restaurant on pennsylvania avenue having drinks and food with friends after attending the nats game friday night. it was 12:45 a.m. he was walking distance from home. police don't know what happened after that, but clues include a neighbor who reported shouting near where maslin was found between 3:30 and 4 a.m. five hours before he was discovered on the porch. residents speculate he ended up there in a vain effort to find help. police searched for evidence at north carolina and independence avenue about a half block away. meanwhile maslin's wife
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reported his credit card may have been used about 5 p.m. the next day. police have drawn no firm conclusions. >> what we see in this case with this type of level of violence and with the time of the day that it occurred, this doesn't fit any pattern that we've had. >> reporter: residents of this section of capitol hill where people pride themselves on walking night and day are stunned and worried. >> it gives you pause for concern. so i mean i tell people to keep their eyes open and not walk around alone at night which should help your safety situation. >> reporter: so from here at eastern market where near maslin was found it's about 4 blocks away to the tune in and about another 4 blocks that way to maslin's house. police are also looking into the possibility there may be video at that bar and restaurant where maslin was last seen at 2:45 in the morning. reporting live at eastern
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market and capitol hill scott broom, 9 news now. >> we'll hope for mr. maslin's recovery. after a cloudy school morning the sun finally came out this -- cool morning the sun finally came out this afternoon but it's increasing our storm chances this evening. topper is on the terrace with our forecast. >> that's the deal this time of year. you get the sun, you get a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. let me show you live doppler 9000. we tweeted about this about a half hour ago. some heavy activity west of frederick, west of leesburg, west of warrenton accident no warnings, but you see the -- warrenton, no warnings, but you see the reds and the yellow. we'll zoom in a bit and start northwest. you see pretty good rains down frederick and urbana. once you're past clarkbsurg you'll have pretty good rain to deal with, also down toward waterford and just west of leesburg. south and west of that really pretty heavy activity particularly south of leesburg, south of ashburn down toward the culpeper area.
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that's where the heaviest activity is on the map now. we'll come back, tell you where this is headed and if it's going to impact the nats game, big series, braves in town. quite a scene in silver spring this morning, a ride on bus lost control and slammed into a house. two brothers were inside at the time. they are not hurt. we spoke with them, their parents and sister who was lucky not to be home at the time of the accident. >> bus was traveling. >> he lost his brakes. we were right there and i saw. it i looked behind us and see this bus coming and shooting by me sideways. >> my husband was right inside his car and it missed him. >> as it was coming i was about to come out of my car. i said is this guy not going to stop? so i went back into the car. boom! right in front of me. it just took it off. the guy came out and said he lost his break. >> sounded like the house was
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crashing in. >> i thought it was an earthquake at first. so when i seen the bus, i was completely -- i didn't see how this happened. >> i was making sure my brother was okay because it was just me and him in the house. >> if i was sleeping in there, my head is on the side right there. so that would have been me flying off my bed, but i'm grateful my class started early today. >> she would have been sleeping right there. she would have been there. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw a bus inside your house? >> how could this have happened? >> i'm very grateful. i'm glad i wasn't home. thank god. >> it's beyond imagination right now. i'm shocked. >> very scary, very scary. >> i'm lucky. i'm very, very lucky. >> a total of five people were treated for injuries. all were on the bus. none of the injuries are believed to be serious. several people on the scene told 9news the bus' brakes appeared to fail, but the cause of the crash is still under investigation. one more thing. thanks to google street view we can see what this house looked
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like before the crash and again, this is it today, clearly a lot of work to be done before the family can move back in. it is that time of year again. we're talking panda reproduction and national zoo officials say they're all worked up because this are increased hormone levels in mei xiang. that could mean she's carrying a panda cub or it could be just another panda pseudopregnancy fakeout. she was artificially inseminated back in april. mei xiang has had five consecutive false pregnancies since 2007. we should know the real deal in 40 to 50 days. come on, mei xiang. the first place washington nationals, that sounds great, take on their closest challengers tonight at nationals park. >> the atlanta braves are in town for game one. this is a crucial three-game series because we're going to beat them down. dave owens joins us live from nats park. fans are ready for it, right? >> reporter: yeah, guys. you'll hear from some of those fans in a second, but first has there been a bigger series
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since baseball returned from montreal? to be quite frank, i don't think i can think of one especially when you car numbers. 41 game -- consider numbers. 41 games remaining in regular seasons, nats up on the braves five games. washington will have to play very badly not to make the playoffs or at least snag a wildcard. atlanta is the only team standing in the way of the franchise's bid to win its first division crown since 1981 when they were the expos. if someone told you they saw this coming, they're lying, but hey, the bandwagon is open for business and there's room for just about anybody. >> it's going to be fun. it already has been fun. this is going to really exciting. >> it's also exciting for the fans. it will be a great experience for them to have some big time baseball here in d.c. >> reporter: it's 4:00 do. you know where your nats fans
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are? >> lets go! let's go nats! >> reporter: those fans have been here all afternoon. they were outside the gates at 4:00 this afternoon. you've seen countless stories about redskins burgundy and gold nation. what day natitude nation? well, it's here. >> they're the best team in the national league, so it's exciting to watch. >> feels fantastic just like we're living the dream, didn't expect it this year. it's absolutely surreal, but i'm just going to enjoy the ride, ride it right out. hopefully it goes all the way through october. >> reporter: enjoy the ride, that sound good. come up at 6:00 we'll delve into the atlanta braves. they're hot on the heels of the nats. for now here at nats park, back to you in the studio. >> enjoy the game, my friend. well, it's no longer just a boys club. coming up the prestigeous golf course that's now admitting the ladies. >> and your family may have another week or two, but tens
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of thousands of area students went back to school today. some of them are in a brand new building, though. they should be happy. >> reporter: i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up president obama defends his record on medicare and his campaign ads.
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mitt romney took paul ryan up to new hampshire today. the presumptive republican presidential ticket was on the attack trying to sway those undecided voters in the battleground state. >> that prompted president obama to enter up the daily white house briefing to defend his record. danielle nottingham has the latest on the presidential race. >> reporter: mitt romney and running mate paul ryan slammed president obama on medicare in front of thousands of supporters at a new hampshire town hall. >> medicare should not be a piggy bank for obamacare. it should be a guaranteed promise that our seniors can count on. >> reporter: the republican team is accusing the president of taking $716 billion from medicare to pay for its healthcare reform law. president obama took the podium at the daily white house briefing to defend his record. >> everybody who looked at this says what governor romney is saying is absolutely wrong. not only are his superpacs running millions of dollars worth of ads making this claim, governor romney himself is
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approving this. >> reporter: the president and his republican rival are also pointing fungs at one another over taxes -- fingers at one another over taxes each claiming the other would raise taxes on the middle class. romney assured new hampshire voters he has no plans to raise taxes and pushed back against the president's campaign ads. >> it seems that the first victim of an obama campaign is the truth. >> reporter: the president said his campaign is pointing out the differences between the two candidates. he argued nothing in his ads has been out of bounds including targeting romney's refusal to release more than two years of tax returns. >> that's a precedent that was set decades ago including by governor romney's father. >> reporter: president obama will be back on the campaign trail in nevada and ohio tuesday. romney heads to texas. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> while president obama stood by the campaign ads he's approved he did distance himself from one that an
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outside group supporting him is running. it suggests a connection between romney's former company bain capital and the death of a laid off steelworker's wife. legendary comedian phyllis diller has died. diller is credited with paving the way for today's female comics. she began her career in the early 1950s. she rose to fame with television specials alongside bob hope in the '60s. diller was a staple on the game show circuit. phyllis diller was born in 1917. she was 95 years old. one of the country's most acclaimed directors tony scott has committed suicide. he was 68 years old. tonight we've got reports scott was suffering from inoperable brain cancer when he jumped off the l.a. bring. scott directed such hollywood blockbusters as top gun and beverly hills cop part 2. his other works include man on fire and enemy of the state. they did find a suicide note in his office no, word what was on the note. scott was the younger brother
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of directly ridly scott who together produced -- the good wife. augusta national is admitting its first female members. the home of the masters invited former secretary of state condoleezza rice and darla moore to become the first women in green jackets. both women have accepted. this ended a 10 year controversy that began when the former club johnson said the club would not be pressured to change its all male membership. >> there you go. >> we have some thunderstorms out to the west, nothing severe yet, but some heavy activity. let's take you out to lake michigan over the weekend, waterspouts. that's just simply a tornado over water, okay? you'll see multiple waterspouts. see one there, one to the left, one to the left. that kind of cool? at one time this were three or four in one little area. it's not that uncommon.
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you can really see them there. i see four where you can see the water kicked up. that is a tornado on water and that is in michigan. all right. let's take a live look outside. this is brought to you by michael and son, got the camera pointed west where all the storms are. we could see a little line of storms roll through in the next three hours. 80 now. clouds did a great job keeping the temps down. dew point 62, very comfortable. pretty good deal. winds out of the southwest. here's live doppler 9000. around the beltway it's quiet. however, we'll go back up north and west, pretty good rains now just south of frederick down toward urbana and just north of clarkbsurg as you go up 270, heavier rains south of lovitzville and poolesville. we have heavy activity south of leesburg and percival. it's kind of a line that stretches back through the warrenton area moving eastward
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holding together fairly well. aldie is getting pretty big rain on the other side of 50, the a plans, back toward warrenton straddle -- the plains, back toward warrenton straddles 66. we've got a big game tonight, nats in town. everything moves off to the east and it holds together fairly well. originally we thought this was going to die down a little bit as it rolled to the east, but some of the showers will roll into gaithersburg shortly and chantilly in the next 30 minutes and i think it's going to roll through town by 8:00. so there could be a brief delay for the game. temperaturewise 80 degrees as we host the braves. if there were to be a delay, it would be between about 7:30 and 8:30. i couldn't think it will cancel, but could be a slight delay. 80 now downtown, but lots of 70s. 77 arlington, 76 bethesda, 78 vienna, 76 toward reston. a brief delay possible at nats game, some storms tonight
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primarily between 6:00 and 8:00 at the game. the storms end by 10:00 and then we're cool and comfortable tonight. futurecast, okay, right about now there's where the storms are. we'll put this into motion. they weaken a little bit moving eastward, but they're going to roll through the metro area. by 7:30 on the other side of 90 if you've and by 8:00 everything gets to the east -- 95 and by 8:00 everything gets to the east of baltimore, nothing severe, but heavy storms are possible in the next couple hours in the immediate metro area. next three days we got a chance for a shower or storm. we'll keep it code green tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 83 tomorrow, 85 wednesday, 84 thursday. next seven days temps stay in check, just a slight chance of shower again thursday, 84 and then maybe a sprinkle friday, saturday, not bad, mid-80s and look at this, upper 80s sunday and monday and nice really. so 90s are gone for now. >> nothing extreme, love that. coming up a man is
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recovering after being rescued from a concrete hole and he was stuck in there for almost 24 hours. >> but up next we'll tell you why one california farm is recalling cases of romaine lettuce up next.
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we want to alert you to several recalls tonight. if you've got romaine lettuce, you may need to throw this out. it could be tainted with e. coli bacteria. it was grown on a farm in california sold in plastic labeled tanimura & antle field fresh wrap, a abuse by date of august 19th is suspected. so far there -- a use by date of august 19th is suspected. so far there have been no reports of illness, but there are concerns of e. coli bacteria. two automakers issuing recalls, general motors saying a short circuit in a circuit board in certain 2006 to 2007 buick, gmc, chevy, saab and isuzu models of suv can cause the power windows and locks to fail. general motors says it's also a potential fire hazard. and a headlight defect prompted suzuki to recall nearly 102,000 subcompact cars covering the
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2004 to 2006 forenza and the '05 to '06 reno vehicles. wires in the headlight assembly can melt causing low and high beam lights to fail increasing the risk of crash. dealers will make free repairs. for female cyclists it is fashion meets function. check out the collar this woman is wearing. it is actually an ergonomic cycling helmet that's worn around the neck made by a swedish company. the device contains a folded up air bag to protect you in a crash, but it's 600 bucks. it's only three or four times more costly than your regular helmet. coming up the stolen bike and the sting operation that caught the suspected thief on camera. >> also ahead an injured hiker waiting to be rescued videotaped her entire or deal. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in prince george's county where kids are going back to school today. they are saying good-bye to their superintendent, but they had take lot to be proud of. i'll have the story coming up.
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man, does time fly when you're having fun and summer break done in prince george's county. back to school for more than 120,000 public school students today. >> you got some bad memories. >> it brings back all that, just comes right back. >> let's try to take it up a notch, as peggy fox reports, the day was even more special for those attending a brand-new school in greenbelt. >> have a great day. welcome. >> reporter: students heading
5:30 pm
back to class at greenbelt middle school seemed eager to see the brand-new building. it was officially opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony just before school started. >> i'm expect everything to be awesome and having a -- expecting everything to be awesome and having a great day. >> very excited. >> i'm expecting everything to be new. in the old school it was a little bit like messy and a little bit, you know, old. >> reporter: old. >> yeah. >> reporter: there's a lot of positive vibe going on thanks to the achievements made under the leadership of superintendent willi hite who is now leaving to run philadelphia school system. hite tells 9news positive change came from choosing and developing good leaders for each school. >> over the six years that i've been here more than 3/4 of the principals have been replaced and that's because of natural separations and retirements and individuals choosing to do other thongs and so that has been the key to a lot of our success. >> reporter: greenbelt middle
5:31 pm
school spent several years not making progress, but under the direction of their new principal appointed by superintendent hite they've made progress, gains in reading and math scores. >> the numbers are getting up where we met our amo which is the annual measured objectives and we were able to say that we met it -- formerly was ayp. we met all the targets. so we are a full proficient school. >> reporter: greenbelt middle school principal warren tweety said it won't be easy to replace dr. hite, but he's certain the school board will find someone just as qualified. while an interim superintendent takes the reins this year, the school board has until july 1st, 2013 to name a new leader. peggy fox, 9 news now. here's a look at when our area's other big school districts go back to class. next monday loudoun county, virginia, frederick and montgomery counties in maryland. tuesday after labor day is back to school in alexandria, arlington, fairfax and prince
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william counties. some charlottesville city council members want the music turned down. the council takes up a plan tonight that would drastically increase the penalty for violating the local noise ordinance. the daily progress reports the goal is to crack down on loud partying near the university of virginia. under the plan the maximum fine for violations would quadruple to 1,000 bucks for first time offenders. they could also get six months in jail. two students from colorado state just wanted to climb a mountain and watch a sun set, but then their hike took a very nasty turn. what came out of it was a captivating video showing courage and calm during a pretty extreme situation. dorrell brown has the story, but we have to warn you first, the video of one of the injuries is pretty graphic. >> reporter: eric henry and lexy deforest wanted to take in a mountain sunset atop the rock form formations in wyoming. the couple hoped to snap some scenic pictures along the way, but ended up capturing something much more gruesome.
5:33 pm
>> i don't know first aid for a foot that's not attached to your angle. >> reporter: that's deforest's mangled ankle, an injury she endured after climbing down the mountain after sunset. the couple came across this 6- foot wide trench. henry went first easily clearing the obstacle. deforest slipped shattering her angle. >> the pain has started. at first i didn't feel. it it was kind of funny. i didn't think it was real. >> reporter: henry ran for help leaving deforest with a backpack and a video camera. >> yeah. this is kind of really scary. oh, man. oh, man, oh, man. >> reporter: to keep her mind off the pain she kept talking. >> love colorado. >> reporter: and talking to her family. >> yeah. shout out to my fam. >> reporter: and about her fears of being stuck on the mountain. >> i'm not going to tell you how scared i am of bears right now. >> reporter: deforest stayed optimistic hoping henry would
5:34 pm
soon return. >> i'm going to flash again and let everyone know that i'm here and i'm in pain. >> reporter: an hour later eric henry arrived with help and lexi deforest was soon on her way to safety. >> eric! hey. you found me, eric. thanks. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, terrell brown, new york. >> now that's a story, all right. three spectators at the missouri state fair are in the hospital tonight after a really terrible crash involving a race car. this 1 went down last night. it was -- one went down last night. it was a charity race involving old cop cars. one came around the curve, drove through a fence and right into the pit. three people were hurt and hurt badly. two others suffered minor injuries of investigators are trying to figure out why did the car do that. a california man lucky to be alive after a dramatic rescue from a well. look at this poor guy. he was stuck there for 24 hours
5:35 pm
in the sweltering heat. investigators say he was just walking in the middle of a palmdale field when he dropped something down in the well. when he reached in, he fell 8 feet down, couldn't get out. some horseback riders nearby heard him crying out for help and firefighters were eventually age to get in there and pull him out, but as you can see, he was a bit worse for the wear. >> absolutely, yikes. coming up in tonight's hero central reading, writing and arithmetic, the local nonprofit helping meet those basic skills. >> there's a good line of showers and storms stretching from south of frederick towards leesburg down toward warrenton. it's moving east. we'll tell you what that means. >> but first the suspected drunken driver taking more than the cops on a wild ride. wait till you hear who was in the car with him. >> don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we'll be back in a minute.
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caught on tape a suspected drunk driver reaches speeds up to 115 miles an hour with his family in the car. this is police dashcam video
5:39 pm
from last wednesday of a utah highway patrol officer pulling robert hills over the first tomb. when the trooper turned his back hills -- time. when the trooper turned his back hills gets back in the car and the chase is on. police called off the chase for safety reasons but reengaged fearing someone else might get hurt. the cars tires were eventually spiked and when they approached, they discovered hills' wife and four children had been along for the ride. hills later admitted he panicked after being pulled over the first time because he has a criminal record. >> who knew a minivan could go that fast. an alleged bike thief caught red handed by the victims and his friends and the whole sting was recorded on tape. >> jake gillum of portland, oregon, had his expensive bike stolen a month earlier. so when it turned up in seattle on a craigslist ad, he and his friends hatched a sneaky plan. they created a fake online
5:40 pm
persona and then traveled 160 miles to confront the alleged bike napper in person. after alerting the cops gillum chased down the suspect. the suspect was charged with trafficking and stolen property. >> we had three goals with this thing. one was get home safe, keep it nonviolent, the second goal get my bike back and the third goal to get the guy arrested because we knew he was committing a felony. it was our goal to put him in jail. >> the three vigilantes posted their video on youtube, as of now racked up 1 million views in five days. >> everybody dreams of being able to do that, get it back. >> get the guy that took your stuff! still ahead willy nelson leaves the road to deal with some health issues. >> but first some smaller size participants are at a state dinner. that's next.
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5:43 pm
first lady michelle obama has made fighting childhood obesity in this country her
5:44 pm
mission. her let's move campaign champions physical fitness and heart pumping exercise. today she celebrated healthy eating from a child's perspective with some young and very excited budding chefs. >> look, just look around the room. this is all for you. look at it all, reporters from everywhere. they're just everywhere. they never show up like this for something we do. >> reporter: the first lady held a state dinner in the middle of the day in the east room of the white house. the elegant ceremony today was the first of its kind. it is the first ever kids state dinner, 54 children from all 50 states, three territories and the district were invited. they're winners of the healthy lunchtime challenge, a competition where these young chefs created nutrition packed new recipes. >> you came up with dishes that were packed with nutritious delicious ingredients, dishes that are good for you but more importantly, they taste good, too. >> my grandma taught me how to
5:45 pm
make tortillas. i put vegetables and other stuff in. it. >> reporter: eliana gonzalez from d.c. came up with a delightful dish using whole feet tortillas. she was thrilled to be sitting next to the first lady. >> we talked about growing up and eating healthy foods. >> her dad inspire her to cook and then she took classes these past couple years with common thread. soleal got to get in the kitchen and she's got -- she really got to get in the kitchen and she's got to meet chefs and learn techniques in the kitchen. >> i made a fish chowder with salad. >> reporter: 9-year-old madeline created a fish chowder recipe using low fat milk as one of the ingredients. >> i had to crash the party because i did not want to miss out on all the fun. >> reporter: to top off the event, a surprise visit from the president himself. >> we're very proud of you. we're very impressed with everything that you have done.
5:46 pm
>> more than 1,200 recipe ideas were submitted whittled down to just 54. they're all in this healthy lunchtime challenge cookbook which was distributed at the kids day dinner. this is also online for free at the epicurious online magazine. all the recipes are there. on the road again is the word from willie nelson. he is feeling better and plans to perform his next concert tomorrow in dallas, texas. the 79-year-old musician canceled one private concert last saturday, seems he was having trouble breathing, had to go to the hospital. a sleepy suburb of indianapolis is topping the list of cnn's best places to live. the network chose carmel, indiana, based on the number of job opportunities, low crime, quality healthcare, good schools. mckinney, texas, eden prairie, minnesota, newton, massachusetts and redmond, washington rounds out the top five. the highest ranked place around this neighborhood, columbia and ellicott city in howard county
5:47 pm
tie for eighth. centreville, virginia and waldorf, gaithersburg and germantown, maryland are also in the top 25. noting that my little town of silver spring is not on the list there. >> it is not. >> it's a little pricey around here. >> but we like to think all of the metro area is no. 1. >> we have a line of showers and storms, nothing severe, but heavy activity. they are going to affect the ballgame. let's start with live look outside. we have the camera pointing west from our rooftop here in northwest. you can see pretty ominous clouds looking to the west. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. the clouds are keeping the temps down, 80, pressure steady 29.86 inches of mercury, dew point 62 and that's pretty decent, comfortable for this time of day and for this time of year. radar, live doppler, here's a line of showers and storms steadily marching eastward and holding together a little better than i thought earlier.
5:48 pm
we still have pretty good reds and yellows near frederick and down towards warrenton. we'll zoom in. if you are south of frederick going up 270, you'll get pretty good rain, some pretty big rain from westminster to new windsor crossing 70 down towards damascus, urbana. everything is pushing off towards clarksville in the next 30 minutes. moving radar south and west, pretty good activity in virginia as we cross the river especially south of 66 down towards manassas in fauquier county. again the reds, rainfall rates 1 inch per hour. we got a fair amount of red still across parts of the metro area with this line. we'll widen out. there's mount airy, manassas. we'll put this in motion over the next hour or so. everything will move off to the east toward gaithersburg, rockville, fairfax, mclean and eventually toward the ballgame, but i think it will be a brief shower period. so you might have a brief
5:49 pm
delay. you're not going to have anything washed out by any means. you'll be okay, go to the game, big game it is, too with the braves in town. there's the activity pushing south and east headed toward columbia. by next hour it will be just west of 95, but also weakening a bit, which is good news. lightning not too much, just a few. remember, you hear thunder, get the kids inside. a little bit of lightning was found earlier west of leesburg and west of warrenton. we don't see much lightning at all with the storms, but still take lightning seriously, please. temps, 75 bethesda, 77 arlington, 79 college park, 78 bowie. to the west 79 in sterling, only 70 in leesburg, 70 in manassas. so here's the deal. brief delay possible at the nats game, some storms tonight especially between 6:00 and 8:00 around the game. storms end by 10:00 and then cool and comfortable for tonight. here's a look at the futurecast. we'll put this into motion,
5:50 pm
stop it at 7:00. still some storms around parts of the metro area up towards frederick, they weaken a bit and clear the metro area. so again a brief shower possible around the game and that is about. it the next three days we'll keep it code green tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, but storms are still possible, low to mid-80s across the board accident not enough to change your plans. we don't -- board, not enough to change your plans. we don't see anything severe. friday and saturday mid-80s, upper 80s sunday and monday with sunshine. look at that, no 90s on the seven-day. back to you guys. >> thank you, top. a federal judge in texas threw out a lawsuit filed by lance armstrong against the u.s. anti-doping agency. the lawsuit claimed the agency lacked jurisdiction regarding armstrong and violated his constitutional rights. today's decision means the anti- doping agency can keep on going with their case against armstrong claiming that he took steroids and blood boosters to win those seven tour de frances
5:51 pm
every year from 1999 to 2005. actually i think it's tours defrance. there's only one france. the washington redskins back to work today in ashburn. they've got a lot of work they need to do. >> robert griffin, iii was less impressive saturday night, but kristen berset is here with why we shouldn't worry, no panic yet. >> no panic, derek. it's a good thing it still is preseason, though, because the redskins have plenty of glaring problems to fix, but we're only two games in. so fans, don't start worrying just yet. the chicago bears defense was too much for the skins offense saturday night. rg3 was sacked three times, lost a fumble and the offense failed to score a touchdown in the 1st half. rg3 says he knows there's work to be done but feels things are progressing just fine. >> every pass rush that you'll face of week will be a good one. i trust my offense linemen no
5:52 pm
matter who the defensive linemen are. it's a tough thing to explain. you're never totally watching the rusher. you're always keeping your eyes downfield, but you do have to feel things in the pocket. >> when you're on the field, trash talk between players and coaches has been used as a form of motivation. a new redskins coach is taking full advantage of that to motivate his own players and no one is off limits. dave owens explains. >> hey, baby, we're going to be here all day! >> boy, that was the worst play in your playbook. >> at this point you got to be at least a little bit nervous. >> you talk smack you got to back it up. >> success is another man's failure in a football game. >> who dat? who dat going to beat those eagles? >> reporter: trash talking has been an the ungrass part of the nfl. the washington redskins -- an integral part of the nfl.
5:53 pm
the washington redskins say the defensive backs coach raheem morris. >> that's just rahim being rahim. he's upbeat of, loud. that's who he is. >> it's just -- upbeat, loud. that's who he is. >> it's just competitive nature. >> it makes us more competitive at practice. >> you're doing more talking than playing there. i like that kind of party, baby. >> give me a double snap on both side. >> rahim has always talked about action, you know, we got action at the point of contact, ready to wheel, ready to deal. >> reporter: and wheeling and dealing goes both ways, offense and defense. >> at the end of practice somebody is going to be unhappy. so i'd rather be the offense staff than the defensive staff. >> got to really block him out. he's more of my heckler. i've got to focus on what i'm calling and not get tied up in it, but it keeps it fun for all the other guys. >> he makes it fun to practice. this is the first time i've
5:54 pm
ever been around that had me want to go to practice. >> i got to tell you morris is definitely fun to watch during practice. we'll have more on the skins plus go back out live to nationals park coming up a little later in sports. >> i got some trash to talk. redskins offensive line, you can't block old lady johnson. >> oh. still ahead tonight the president makes an appearance for the daily white house briefing addressing some controversial comments by a member of congress about pregnancy and rape. >> up next helping kids with reading, writing and arithmetic in this week's hero central.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
in tonight's hero central helping students with their basic skills. about 20% of students in d.c. skills do not meet the basic math or reading skills. jc hayward introduces us to a local nonprofit working hard to change that. >> reporter: 10-year-old henry ortiz plays uno like a pro. in the meantime he's trying to master his math homework, so he gets free tutoring once a week at for love of children. >> all the tutors are caring for the children and everybody is nice to each other. >> reporter: working with a tutor has paid off. >> i've improved my division definitely and how to multiply and divide and add fractions. >> reporter: for love of children serves 600 low income
5:58 pm
students in the district and west virginia. their goal is to give every student a strong foundation in math and reading so they can go to college. >> if we can get a kid through to earn their college degree, they will break the cycle of poverty for their family. >> reporter: tiara king is a shining example of a program's influence. for love of children helped her get ready for her s.a.t. and gave her a scholarship for four years of college. >> floc has been the extra support that i've needed. i can never repay them for all the services that they've done for me. >> reporter: i'm jc hayward, 9 news now. >> king is about to complete volunteering with for love of children and she plans to pursue her mba in the fall. for information how to donate to the group or enroll a child, log onto this is 9 news now. a code yellow alert from the 9 weather team. let's get right to topper in the weather center, some storms, a long line of them as a matter of fact rolling our
5:59 pm
way. >> thus the code yellow. we'll show you the big picture first on live doppler 9000, still pretty heavy rain, nothing severe, but we see a pretty good batch of heavy activity in upper montgomery county and south of 66 just east of warrenton. everything is pushing east or northeast. we'll zoom into these storms up 270. once you get past gaithersburg you have some pretty heavy rain up toward clarkbsurg and also germantown. this activity is pushing off north and east headed toward laytonsville and going to cross interstate 70. i'll zoom back out, get your bearings. then we'll zoom back into these storms into prince william county and faquier county headed towards southern fairfax county, pretty heavy activity now in terms of rainfall. remember the red, a lot of it is red, about an inch of rain per hour, these are moving off to the east at about 20 miles an hour. so get ready in lorton, and woodbridge. we'll come back and tell you what those storms mean to the all important nats game in just a bit.


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