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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hollering. >> fire and rescue officials say the most serious injury among the four victims is a broken femur. metropolitan police are investigating. witnesses say the woman wearing black was given a field sobriety test and appeared to pass it. the woman driving the suv was not alone. she had two small children, a little boy and a little girl inside. there were three adult women in the vehicle. the woman in black, a woman wearing shorts who appeared to be the children's mother and a woman with a cane who appeared to be blind. she was escorted away. they have seen the driver here before. >> give some kind of signal, some kind of thing that lets people know she is coming through. >> she comes anyway for the day, she just hit four people. >> in northwest, peggy fox, 9news now. >> the free food is distributed by change inc and its director says she is hoping the police department can slow down or even stop cars from
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driving through the alley on wednesdays when the food is given out. >> tonight, police say they know who they are looking for as they investigate the death of a prince georges county officer on the job. >> i'm surae chin? laurel, maryland, where police are asking for your help in searching for this man, 23-year- old kevon darnell neil. the second suspect in a police chase where prince georges county police lost one of their own. joey, the shell gas station manager is one of the last to see officer adrian morris alive. they were going through surveillance video when he says the crock crooks had returned to more. the officers gave chase. >> i saw the same exact car and that was it. >> joey has a good mind for remembering things and he remembered exact details about the car. and hetold them, that is the vehicle. >> police say the suspects in thstolen car were speeding down 95 and laurel and
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beltsville. crossing all lanes of traffic, putting other lives in danger. >> braking, changing lanes to avoid colliding. >> the chain reaction causes officer morris to lose control. his cruiser flipped several times before landing upright. in laurel, 9news now. >> a grand jury indictment today against the man accused of shooting a security guard at a conservative lobbying group last week. floyd was indicted on one federal weapons charge and two d.c. charges, including assault with intent to kill. he has been undergoing a mental evaluation since his arrest last wednesday. he is due back in court on friday. >> funeral services will be held at the end of the weekfor two young women killed when a train derailed in ellicott city on tuesday. while the cleanup continues, investigators still have no firm conclusions about what happened. scott broom is in ellicott city with the latest. scott. >> and ose funerals are scheduled for friday and saturday for the two young
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women who died in this mysterious accident. and they are already being memorialized here in unique fashion. from sky 9, stones in the shape of a heart appeared in the river overnight. near the railroad bridge, where rose mayr and elizabeth nass were killed by a derailing midnight coal train early tuesday. elsewhere, flowers and ribbons have been placed at spots near the tragedy. mayr's last tweets were phos. meanwhile, investigators said one new focus will be on the reconstruction of rails at the scene, in heart of this howard county railroad in mill town >> we will begin the recovery of the rail and put it together and reconstruct it, rebuild it. >> ntsa investigators say the train was traveling at 25 miles per hour. when an emergency brake system engaged automatically. as an air hope ruptures.
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a sign the train was derailing. >> when that happens, that, the reaction then from the system is to go towards the braking. >> trains are expected to be running by tomorrow. it will be another 48 hours to clear away wreckage to allow traffic in this small town. meanwhile, county executive, ken ailmen has promised a safety review of the security systems around the track. the fencing in all of that. to see about the ease of access that teens and train watchers have to an area that has clearly proven deadly. reporting live in ellicott city. former classmates of the girl held a vigil last night. nass and mayr graduated two years ago. grief counselors will be on hand when students head back to class. campaign 2012 came back to the battleground state of virginia today. republican running mate, paul
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ryan, was in roanoak this morning and at a rail lee, mitt romney is the leer. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> president obama sat down with a group of teachers at a north las vegas high school to talk about education. >> i know that you don't do it for the money. you are doing it because you really deeply care about these kids. >> the president is trying to portray his republican opponents as out of touch when it comes to the challenges teachers face in the classroom. at a rally in the school's gym, he said the gop's budget would cut teacher use jobs and children's programs like head start. >> i've got a question for governor romney. how many teachers jobs are worth another tax cut for millionaires and billionaires? >> a new associated press poll shows president obama and mitt romney neck and neck, both
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campaigns are focused in on a handful of battleground states to try to put together a win in november. >> mitt romney traveled to a factory in iowa wednesday where he had something to say about education. >> i hear the president say how he wants to invest in young people. let me tell you. if you want to invest in young people, let me tell you what you need to do. you need to make sure our k through 12 schools are getting better. >> and he kept hammering the president on the growing national debt. >> we have now had four years in a row with a president that has built trillion dollar deficits. it's bad economics, it's a wrong course for america. >> paul ryan will team up for a rally together in michigan friday as they work to build some momentum heading into their party's convention next week. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> president obama is planning to be in virginia next week during the republican convention. he is scheduled to be in charlottesville on wednesday. not enough campaign
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commercials on television for you? well, there's a new one out. >> i worked with both parties to cut virginia's budget by $5 billion. >> that in case you have been asleep for the past two years is tim kaine, who has been running for the senate seat. and kaine released his first television ad today. now kaine and allen are in a heat. meanwhile, president obama leads some polls by as much as 5 points in iniavirg why the big difference? that's what andrea roane asked mr. kaine this morning. >> i haven't been on tv yet until today. as you can see on the presidential side, there has been vigorous advertising on both sides. the other side in the senate race started running negative ads funded by out of state super packs and they run them off and on for nine months. >> we know. tim kaine never mentions george allen in his ad. the allen camp calls kaine's commercial an extreme makeover,
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recycling exaggerated claims. if you want to go over to and look under campaign 2012, we have a link and there you can check out the truthfulness of all the presidential and senate campaign commercials. we are just learning about a deadly super bug that killed six patients at the national institutes of health clinical center in bethesda. it happened last year when a lung transplant patient carrying an infection came into the hospital. it was resistant to almost all antibiotics. that patient was isolated and discharged in july of 2011. however, a few weeks later, the bug spread, sometimes through the plumbing, even in a ventilator and other patients died. over six months, 17 patients were infected by the super bug, six people died of bloodstream infections from it. now to some breaking news, u.s. park police are looking for a gunman. police say they received a report of a man dressed in black with a gun at the martin luther king memorial. now this has not been confirmed, but police are investigating and they are
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actively looking for this person. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it into our newsroom. derek. >> coming your way tonight at 7:00 on 9news, football or forest? virginia tech makes a final decision about a controversial new facility that would cut down some trees that are three centuries old. their story tonight on 9news at 7:00. >> see you then, but still to come in this half hour, honoring the god father of go- go on what would have been his 76th birthday. top. >> we are looking at as at ominous clouds. another storm around leesburg is going to go down 50, just north of chantilly. we'll track those for you and track isaac as well. : but first, that express lane project means roads closing along interstate 395. the work that starts tonight. we'll talk about it next.
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get ready for closures along interstate 395 tonight. the virginia department of transportation will be closing two of the southbound lanes between the turkey hov entrance. as part of the new work for the new express lanes project. that work will be done tonight and tomorrow through 10:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and then overnight friday between 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. >> you might remember that video that went viral on the web. middle school students in
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upstate new york, taunting a bus monitor. they donated $700,000 to that woman so she could get away from it for a while. now comes word kline is using some of that money to start an antibullying foundation. you'll find it on a website called give back. d.c. mayor, vincent gray says today is chuck brown day. he issued the proclamation on what would have been the god father of go-go's 76th birthday. he unveiled plans to transform part of landon park into a memorial honoring the local legend. that would include a statue or bus. you can see more of the rendering in a photo gallery at >> taking nasa's latest creation for a test drive.
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back on 9news, authorities in ecuador are evacuating dozens of families from their homes over concerns about this. a volcano that has been spewing molten rock, ash and lava since this past weekend. this same volcano has been active since 1999. back in 2006, eruptions there killed at least four people and forced thousands to flee the area. let's take this baby out for a test drive. that was the sentiment for nasa engineers working with the
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curiosity rover. that rover wiggled around before moving about ten feet. then it tweeted out a picture of the tracks it left in the soil. scientists say eventually they plan to drive curiosity to the base of a mountain where it will look for rocks or soil or any signs of life. all right. well, an influx of rain could throw a wrench in the plans for next week's republican national convention in tampa and as emily schmidt reports, all eyes are on tropical storm isaac. >> republicans really have set the stage in tampa. with a convention space nearly ready for the candidates on the trail that leads to it. >> this is the most important election in our lifetimes. >> make the difference, help this man and i become the next president and vice president with your help, we're going to get america back. >> roughly 50,000 people are expected to make the trip. such a big event, that even vice president joe biden plans to come to town, hoping to steal some of the publicity for
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democrats. >> and you're going to be in florida. >> now, tropical storm isaac could be there, too. it's churning through the atlantic ocean and isaac could reach hurricane strength thursday. it is too early to know isaac's past. puerto rico is preparing and some computer models bring it into the gulf of mexico. the convention will be called off if necessary. >> human safety trumps politics. the organizers recognize that. >> it happened before. in 2008, hurricane gustof. it was hundreds of miles away in minnesota. republicans hope they are not in for a sequel. preferring that the only winds of change that blow next week are political. i'm emily schmidt reporting. >> and you are also watching
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something in the tropics. >> we are. we have isaac. we also have something behind isaac that could become joyce. and you know, as emily mentioned, it is too early to tell. that said, it is, it's more confluent as the word goes after it. let's start with the tropical satellite and you see the system off to your right. that could become joyce. the tropical depression, winds right now are 30. 34 miles per hour. they have to get to 39 or higher to become a tropical storm. this is isaac. and hammering, just hammered martin. it is pushing further west. still moving to the west at 18. and it is about 365 miles east, southeast of san juan. it's going to pass south of san juan, but we talked about passing south, we're talking about the center of the storm and of course the storm extends. it will affect tropical storm warnings in effect. hurricane warning in effect for
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the dr and hurricane watch for haiti. here's the track by the national hurricane center. takes it just south of the dr and curves it back up to the northwest. takes it across cuba and it will weaken. because there are mountains and it goes along the west side of florida, which would put it near tampa by the time we get into monday evening. again, that is one computer model. there are four models that take it this side of florida and four models that take it that side of florida. again, only tropical storm with winds of 45 miles per hour. live look outside, we're still looking out to the south and the west. we still see a good dark cloud there. and there are storms to the south. in fact, look at national. they cooled down to 75 degrees. dew point 57. pressure rising 30.11 inches of mercury. live doppler 9,000. we'll zoom in and talk about these storms. one southeast of leesburg and one actually near town. just north of wood bridge. national airport and toward the stadium. we'll put this into motion. where is it going to go in the
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next hour? they will work their way slowly south and east. in fact, this one tries to work its way to the south and west. they weaken, bad news is, they are in no hurry to go anywhere. we could have another rain delay. 75 downtown. we have seen some rain showers and 73 in arlington. 83 in college park and 80 in vienna. the next three days, code green. isolated storm possible tomorrow. not enough to change your plans. upper 80s. maybe a shower friday, maybe a shower saturday. not enough to change your plans. temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days, near 90 on sunday. maybe a shower, but it's still going to be a nice weekend. i know it sounds weird. but it's true. near 90 on sunday, monday, a chance of a thunderstorm monday and tuesday. and then we're dry again on wednesday, upper 80s. so we have a long time to track isaac. you can down load our hurricane tracker. >> there was wet stuff going on. >> apparently rain delays go
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hand in hand. kristen berset is there. have they started in maybe not. >> not so much. the grounds crew is out here clearing the rain off the tarp. so it slowed down a little bit, but it is still raining right now. like you said, rain has been good luck. they won the last three games that have been rain delayed. we'll talk about what the nats need to do to keep on rolling. they have a big game here in nats park. plus, rg3, andrew luck this weekend. find out why neither of them think it's a very big deal. coming up next in sports.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> welcome back. i'm live here at nationals park. sitting in the dugout trying to get out of the rain, but owe know what? it lightened up quite a bit. maybe a short delay for tonight's game. when it gets underway. the nats have a great opportunity to not only sweep the braves, but go up eight games in the division. but there's a lot of baseball to be played after today. six weeks worth and this is a very young team with very little experience in this type of situation. jason worth is the only one with a world series ring. the nats need to keep the hammer down the rest of the season. masn says they are up to the challenge. >> it's a different animal. these are games that are a lot more meaningful than guys have played before. so it's another factor, they are ready for it. they've been preparing for it
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and treating every game like it's the same. >> gone on an eight-game losing streak and it takes all eight days to be back to even. bel before heading out, the nats had a special visitor in the clubhouse. a young kid named clark miller, he went around in the clubhouse, meeting and taking pictures with some of his favorite players, a big smile there for young clark. all right, to the football. nfl schedules are released, lots of buzz surrounding week three of the preseason. rg3 versus andrew luck. the top two quarterbacks taken in the nfl draft this year. that culminates this saturday night at fedexfield and may be preseason, but this is the game starters will play well into the third quarter. now interview this week, andrew luck tried to steer clear, saying this game is much more than either team's quarterback and rg3 shares the same feeling. >> trying to lead his team and help lead my team and i never
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will get to face andrew. that's the one thing i have always said. that's the one thing i'll continue to say and we have to look forward to playing the defense. >> and the maryland terrapins release their basketball schedule today. they'll play 18 conference games for the first time. conference play opens at home january 5 against virginia tech. all right, good news nats fans. the grounds crew getting ready for things before the game. the nats are going to honor brave third baseman, chipper jones. this will be his final game in d.c. we'll have highlights for you tonight at 11:00. live from nationals park, i'm kristen berset, ladies, back to you in the studio. >> saying good-bye to chipper and hello to a win. >> and thanks for not playing chipper. appreciate that. >> all right, that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and derek is back at 7:00 with our area's only local
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newscast. have a great night.
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